Incredible Hulk, The (2008) Movie Script

Is it ready?
Hey! That's a great punch.
Fear no good.
So emotion and control.
Breathe. Breathe.
I can make it work for a while,
but you need...
Okay. Okay.
Shut that off! Turn it off!
Watch out!
That's not right.
Oh, you.
You see that? See that?
My ticket out of here.
Damn it!
Here's something
a bit more interesting.
It's a possible gamma sickness. Milwaukee.
A man drank one of those guarana sodas.
Guess it had a little more kick
than he was looking for.
- Where was it bottled?
- Porto Verde, Brazil.
Have our people look for a white man
at the bottling plant.
Tell them no contact!
If he even sees them, he's gone!
I got you who I could.
Short notice, but they're all quality.
And I pulled you one ace.
Emil Blonsky.
Born in Russia, raised in England.
And on loan to SOCOM
from the Royal Marines.
I know you
cashed in some chips for this, Joe.
Glad I could help. Just make it good.
This is the target and the location.
Snatch and grab, live capture.
You'll have your dart clips
and suppression ordnance,
but live fire is for backup only.
We got local out there,
but we want it tight and quiet.
Is he a fighter?
Your target is a fugitive
from the US government
who stole military secrets.
He is also implicated
in the deaths of two scientists,
a military officer, an Idaho state trooper
and possibly two Canadian hunters.
So don't wait to see if he's a fighter!
Tranq him and bring him back.
Oh, come on.
Here we go.
Get rid of the damn dog.
Take him!
Target's on the move.
Where is he?
He's on the ground.
- Let's go!
- Go!
Move, move!
Go, go, go!
Go! Go!
Clear everyone out!
Do not lose him!
Oh! No!
Get around behind him!
Target moving past mobile unit 0-9-0.
Oh, no.
You got to be kidding me.
- Where is he?
- Target acquired.
Let's go.
Please! No!
Not the computer!
Gimme that! No!
You bad angry, G?
I very bad angry.
Oh, no.
You don't understand! Something really bad
is about to happen here!
Anybody else seeing this?
We've got a bogey
of some kind. Please advice.
That is the target!
Use every tranq you've got!
Do it now!
Go live! Go live! Go live!
- Get out of the way!
It's behind us! Move! Move!
Get him!
Leave me alone.
No! No!
I knew something was different
before I got the shot off.
He had it on him when he bolted.
Is that a girlfriend? She helps him, maybe?
She is no longer a factor.
We closed that door to him a long time ago.
He's alone.
He wants to be alone.
But see if he's been talking to anybody.
Forgive me, sir?
Doesn't anybody want to talk
about what went down in there? 'Cause...
He didn't lose us.
And he was not alone, sir. We had him.
And then something hit us, something...
Something big hit us!
It threw a forklift truck like it was a softball!
It was the most powerful thing
I've ever seen.
Well, it's gone.
Well, if Banner knows what it is,
I'm gonna track him down,
I'm gonna put my foot on his throat
- and I'm gonna...
- That was Banner.
was Banner.
- You have to explain that statement, sir.
- No, I don't.
You've done a good job.
Pack up and get our men on a plane.
We're going home.
Where am I?
I've run into bad situations
on crap missions before.
I've seen good men go down
purely because someone didn't let us know
what we were walking into.
I've moved on to the next one,
because that's what we do, right?
I mean, that's the job.
But this?
This is a whole new level of weird.
And I don't feel inclined
to step away from it.
So if you're taking another crack at him,
I want in.
And, with respect, you should be looking
for a team that's prepped and ready to fight,
because if that thing shows up again,
you're gonna have a lot of professional
tough guys pissing in their pants.
Tienes ms stretchy?
Yeah. Perfecto.
Let me emphasise
that what I'm about to share with you
is tremendously sensitive,
both to me personally and the Army.
You're aware that we've got an
Infantry Weapons Development programme.
Well, in WWII, they initiated a subprogram
for Bio-Tech Force Enhancement.
Yeah, Super Soldier.
An oversimplification, but yes.
And I dusted it off, got 'em doing
serious work again, bold work.
Across the hall,
they were trying to arm you better.
We were tryin' to make you better.
Banner's work was very early phase.
It wasn't even weapons application.
He thought he was working
on radiation resistance.
I would never have told him
what the project really was.
But he was so sure of what he was onto,
that he tested it on himself.
And something went very wrong.
Or it went very right.
As far as I'm concerned, that man's
whole body is the property of the US Army.
You said he wasn't working
on weapons, right?
- No.
- But you were. You were, weren't you?
You were trying other things.
One serum we developed
was very promising.
- So why did he run?
- He's a scientist.
He is not one of us.
- Blonsky, how old are you? 45?
- 39.
- It takes a toll, doesn't it?
- Yes, it does.
So get out of the trenches.
You should be a Colonel by now,
with your record.
No, I'm a fighter.
I'll be one for as long as I can.
You know, if I could take what I know now,
put it in the body I had ten years ago,
that would be someone
I wouldn't want to fight.
I could probably arrange
something like that.
Take care, kids.
Stan, I give you my word,
whatever you've heard about me,
it's not true.
Oh, I know it. I always knew it.
I mean, you know how I felt about you two.
- Have you talked to her?
- No.
She doesn't know that I'm here.
- She's with somebody?
- Yeah, he's a head shrink.
They say he's one of the best.
But a really nice guy.
Good. That's good.
- Bruce, what can I do to help you?
- I could use a bed for a few nights.
- You can have the spare room upstairs.
- That'd be so great.
There is one other thing.
Excuse me. Pardon me.
Coming through.
Hey, pal. I got a delivery on five.
I don't think there's anybody up there.
Oh, man. I'm gonna catch hell
if I don't collect. You got to let me try.
I'll tell you what. I got an extra medium.
Take it on the house.
- You are the man.
- God bless you, brother.
All right.
We're pretty well closed here, folks.
I'm sorry.
Oh, come on, Stan. It's Friday night.
Oh, kids.
I got nothing but marinara now.
Oh, I got to have a Mister Pink, please.
She worked through dinner again,
of course.
And he... I go, "So, yeah,
I mean, where were you?
"I can't... I don't know
where you were, Cecil."
And he goes, "Not where you been at."
I thought, "Oh, my God." I just felt so awful.
Betty? What's going on?
Just tell me if I saw what I think I saw.
- I don't know what to say.
- Please, just tell me the truth.
Don't go. Don't go.
I want you to come with me now.
Please. Come with me.
It's our data.
I got in there before they carted it all away.
I hoped somewhere that it might tell us
something someday.
- Does the General know that you have this?
- No, I don't think so.
I haven't spoken to him in a couple of years.
You have to be sure.
Bruce, I don't understand why we can't
just go in there together and talk to him.
He told me what he wanted to do.
He wants it out of me.
He wants to dissect it
so that he can replicate it.
He wants to make it a weapon.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I thought you might want to...
- Thanks.
Listen, I should leave early,
as early as I can.
Really? You can't stay at all?
I want to,
but it's just not safe for me to be here.
- If I could borrow some cash...
- Of course.
I need to take a bus.
Well, at least let me walk you to the station.
- You have everything you need?
- Yeah.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I hope you get some rest.
We're giving you a very low dose only.
I need you sharp out there and disciplined.
First sign of any side effect,
we stop and you're off team
until you straighten out.
- Agreed?
- Agreed.
You'll get two separate infusions.
One into the deep muscle,
one into the bone marrow centres.
The bone ones are going to hurt.
Is everything okay?
I think so.
Come here.
- I just wanna do this.
- Oh.
- It's better like that.
- Yeah?
It feels too tight, huh?
- Yeah, a little.
- Okay.
- What?
- They're here.
- Betty, look at me, look at me!
- Bruce!
You have to go far away
from me as you can!
- Don't argue with me, just go. Go!
- Bruce!
Damn it! We'd have had snipers on target
in three more minutes.
I wanna know who jumped the gun.
He's heading 2-7-0.
Blonsky! Not yet!
Look alive. This could get interesting.
I got him!
Stop! Stop!
I know you're in there!
General, please!
- Dad, please don't do this.
- You can't see this clearly. Now, get inside.
There he is!
Target is in the overpass. We have a visual.
Do not engage! Repeat, do not engage!
He's locked in.
Put two canisters in there with him.
Get her back here!
Now she'll see.
Alpha team?
Let him have all of it.
Come on, light him up!
Where are the fifty cals? Move your asses!
Oh, my God!
Blonsky, now you're up!
Cover me.
Remember me?
My God, he's doing it.
Move him toward the cannons!
Hold your position!
Do it now!
Please, please, please, no!
- Please, please, please!
- Get her back!
You're killing him!
Stop! Get off of me!
Bruce! Bruce!
Where's the gunship?
Is that it?
Blonsky, pull back now.
Pull back!
Is that all you got?
- Fall back!
- Fall back! Let's go, let's go!
Find cover!
Fire, goddamn it!
Stop firing!
You did the right thing, calling us.
I need to know where they're going.
She'll be in incredible danger
as long as she's with him.
From who?
He protected her. You almost killed her.
I give you my word, her safety
is my main concern at this point.
You know, it's a point
of professional pride with me
that I can always tell
when somebody's lying.
And you are.
I don't know where he's going.
- I know she'll help him, if she can.
- Then she's aiding a fugitive.
And I can't help either one of them.
I used to wonder
why she never talked about you.
Now I know!
Where does she meet these guys?
It's okay. It's okay.
Come here. Come this way.
Watch your head.
We're okay.
It's okay.
It's just the rain.
Will he ever walk again?
Most of the bones in his body
look like crushed gravel right now.
I will say this for him.
He's got a heart like a machine.
Never seen anything like it,
outside of a racehorse.
Oh, hi.
Are you okay?
Yeah, actually, I feel a lot better.
- Good.
- I just had to get my data back.
You ate it?
Well, you know, the circumstances
called for a little improvisation.
Okay, so they didn't have a great selection,
but I got you some options.
First thing's first.
Oh, you're kidding me.
- No.
- They were the stretchiest pair they had.
I'll take my chances.
Rumours continue
to swirl about a violent clash
between forces of the US military
and an unknown adversary
on the campus of Culver University
earlier today.
Sophomores Jack McGhee and Jim Wilson
witnessed some of the battle.
It was so big.
- It was like this huge, like, hulk!
- Yeah.
McGhee, who happens
to be a reporter for the campus paper,
captured this on his cell phone.
Further search for the mysterious "hulk"
was postponed by powerful thunderstorms
in the Smoky Mountain National Forest.
Not too short back there.
I have done this before, you know.
I don't know how you've done this
on your own for all this time.
With clippers, usually.
- Wait, wait, wait. Wait.
- What? What?
We can't do this.
- It's okay. I want to.
- No.
I can't.
I can't get too excited.
Not even a little excited?
It's okay.
Sir, it's Blonsky.
Has anyone found out
if he has next of kin or family?
Ask him yourself.
- Good to see you back on your feet, soldier.
- Thank you, sir.
How do you feel?
Pissed off and ready for round three.
Basically, we can't use any of this,
because they can track all of it.
Well, my lip gloss? Can they track that?
- No. You can take your lip gloss.
- Thank you.
- Well, I need my glasses.
- Well, you can take
- your glasses and your watch, okay?
- Okay.
We can use most of it. We just can't use
the credit cards, the ID or the phone.
- Don't even turn that on.
- Okay.
And we'll take the cash, obviously.
How will we get where we need to go
on $40 and no credit cards?
Well, we could sell this.
No. No, that's the only thing
you have left from her. No.
Well, we'll have to try and get it back.
Federal is
already monitoring phones,
plastic and Dr Ross's web accounts,
and local PD have been placed on alert.
They'll pop up somewhere
and when they do, it comes straight to us.
They're not gonna just pop up.
He made it five years and got across borders
without making any mistakes.
He's not gonna use a damn credit card now.
If he was trying to escape,
he'd be long gone.
He's not trying to escape this time.
He's looking for help
and that's how we're gonna get him.
We know what they're after and we know
he's been talking to somebody.
You all have copies of the correspondence.
The aliases Mr Green and Mr Blue
have been added to the
SHIELD Operations Database.
If he comes up for air, we'll be waiting.
If he makes a peep, we'll hear him.
And when he slips up, we'll be ready.
What is it like?
When it happens, what do you experience?
Remember those experiments
we volunteered for at Harvard?
Those induced hallucinations?
It's a lot like that,
just a thousand times amplified.
It's like someone's poured
a litre of acid into my brain.
- Do you remember anything?
- Just fragments. Images.
There's too much noise.
I can never derive anything out of it.
- But then it's still you inside it.
- No. No, it's not.
I don't know.
In the cave, I really felt like it knew me.
Maybe your mind is in there,
it's just overcharged
and can't process what's happening.
I don't want to control it.
I want to get rid of it.
Are you ready?
Let's even the playing field a little.
Bruce, wake up.
There's something going on.
We got to go. Walk toward the back.
Just don't move too fast.
All right. Come.
It is a long way uptown.
I think the subway's probably quickest.
Me in a metal tube, deep underground,
with hundreds of people
in the most aggressive city in the world?
Right. Let's get a cab.
Come on, now! Let's go!
You're too slow! You drive like a woman!
- Very nice. You see her?
- Oh, my.
Very pretty. Watch out, you goat!
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Are you out of your mind?
- What is wrong with you?
- What's the matter, baby?
You don't like a good ride?
You know, I know a few
techniques could help you
- manage that anger very effectively.
- You zip it. We're walking.
Excuse me. Dr Sterns?
- Yes.
- I'm sorry to bother you. I'm Elizabeth Ross.
Oh! Dr Ross!
- I have someone who'd like to meet you.
- Okay.
It's Mr Blue, isn't it?
Mr Green?
I got to tell you,
I've been wondering if you were even real.
And if you were, what would it look like?
A person with that much
power lurking in him.
Nothing could have surprised me more
than this unassuming man
shaking my hand.
But, look. We're not strolling
into the park for a picnic, here.
Even if everything goes perfectly,
if we induce an episode,
if we get the dosage exactly right,
is that going to be a lasting cure
or just some antidote to suppress
that specific flare-up?
I don't know.
What I'm saying is that if we overshoot this
by even the smallest integer
we're dealing with concentrations
with extraordinary levels of toxicity.
- You mean it could kill him.
- Kill him? Yeah. I should say so.
You should know that there's
a flip side to this, too.
If we miss on the low side,
if we induce me and it fails,
this will be very dangerous for you.
Look. I've always been
more curious than cautious,
and that's served me pretty well.
So, are we going to do this?
How you feeling, man?
Like a monster.
Okay. On the table.
These will protect you from yourself
if you have a strong reaction.
You can tell me later
if you thought it was strong.
Oh, come on! Stupid graduate students.
You, you, you.
This will be a somewhat novel sensation.
We have begun.
The dialysis machine will mix the antidote
with your blood.
Except the antidote will only take hold
once we've achieved a full reaction.
Just relax.
Okay. We are comprehensive.
Here you go.
All right. We set to pop?
I'd take your hands off him.
Oh, my God!
Wait, wait! There's more! Wait!
- Now. Okay, now!
- Wait.
Now, do it! Do it!
Bruce! Bruce, look at me.
Stay with me. The antidote, now!
Sterns, do it now!
Bruce, look at me. Look in my eyes.
Please, look in my eyes.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me!
Oh, my God.
Bruce? Bruce, can you hear me?
It's okay. You're okay. You're okay.
You did it.
He's fine. This is fantastic.
It's over.
That was the most extraordinary thing
I have seen in my entire life!
Okay, you know what? Stop, please.
We need to go back and talk
about what just happened in there.
Absolutely. Okay. The gamma pulse
came from the amygdala.
- I think Dr Ross's primer...
- Are you okay?
...lets the cells absorb the energy
temporarily, and then it abates.
That's why you didn't die
of radiation sickness years ago!
Now, maybe we've neutralised
those cells permanently,
or maybe we just suppressed that event.
I'm inclined to think the latter,
but it's hard to know
because none of our
test subjects ever survived.
- Of course, they weren't getting the primer!
- Wait, wait.
- Wait, what did you just say?
- They weren't getting
- the myostatin primer...
- No, no, no. Test subjects?
What test subjects?
Come with me.
- What's the activity level?
- Snipers are covering Alpha sector.
We started on rats and mice,
but it just completely fried them,
so we had to go bigger.
And we still don't know which is more toxic,
the gamma or your blood.
- What do you mean, my blood?
- Bruce, this is all you.
You didn't send me much to work with,
so I had to concentrate it and make more.
With a little more trial and error,
there's no end to what we can do!
This is potentially Olympian!
This gamma technology
has limitless applications.
We'll unlock hundreds of cures.
We will make humans
impervious to disease!
No, no, we've got to destroy it.
- Wait, what?
- All of it.
Tonight. We're gonna incinerate it.
- Is this the whole supply?
- What...
We could get the Nobel for this!
You don't understand
the power of this thing.
It is too dangerous. It cannot be controlled.
At your discretion, shooter.
three of us!
This is Promethean fire!
It's just...
No shot.
Blonsky's going in.
Blonsky, stand down.
My daughter's in there!
We have the antidote now.
They don't want the antidote!
They want to make it a weapon!
And if we let it go, we will never get it back.
You don't know how powerful this thing is.
I hate the government
just as much as anyone,
but you're being a little paranoid,
don't you think?
Bruce! Bruce!
Get out.
Where is it? Come on, where is it?
Show him to me.
Take this.
If you took it from me, I'm gonna
put you in a hole for the rest of your life.
I will never forgive what you've done to him.
He's a fugitive.
You made him a fugitive
to cover your failures
and to protect your career.
Don't ever speak to me
as your daughter again.
It's only because you're my daughter
that you're not in handcuffs, too.
Are you telling me
you can make more like him?
No! Not yet. I sorted out a few pieces,
but it's not like I can put together
the same Humpty Dumpty,
if that's what you're asking.
He was a freak accident!
The goal is to do it better!
So Banner's the only...
- She's an annoying bitch.
- Why are you always hitting people?
Now what possibly could I have done
to deserve such aggression?
It's not what you've done.
It's what you're gonna do.
I want what you got out of Banner.
I want that.
You look like you've got a little
something in you already, don't you?
I want more.
You've seen what he becomes, right?
I have.
And it's beautiful.
Well, I want that.
I need that. Make me that.
I don't know what you've got
inside you already.
The mix could be
an abomination.
I didn't say I was unwilling.
I just need informed consent.
And you've given it.
This is what I was trying to explain.
I don't know what you've been
ladling into yourself.
But clearly it worked.
Let's assume you don't understand
a word I'm saying,
but if you'll just get back on the table,
I can fix this.
Shoot it!
- Hey!
Delta 4 to Leader.
They took out two of our guys,
two of our guys!
Blonsky and the Major are still inside!
Come on! Move, move, move, move!
It's over there!
Drop them!
What is that thing?
- Shoot it!
Okay. All right! You... You, drive!
Let's go! Move, move!
Delta 4 to Leader!
- Go, go, go, go, go!
Something big
just went off down here!
General, you should hear this!
The Hulk is in the street!
I repeat, the Hulk is in the street!
That's impossible.
You get a hold of yourself, young man.
You get it together. What is your position?
Turn us around.
We're going back. Why are we going back?
Damn it! Give me eyes down there!
Yes, sir!
What the hell was that?
Go, go, go!
One of yours?
Oh, my God. What have you done?
Fire at him, fire at him!
Do you think a rifle's gonna hurt that?
Come on!
Get out of there, soldier!
Give me a real fight!
Tell them to bring everything they've got
and head for Harlem.
It has to be me.
You have to take me back there.
What are you saying?
You think you can control it?
No, no, not control it,
but, I don't know, maybe aim it.
And what if you can't?
We made this thing.
All of us.
- Land us near it.
- No, no. No, keep us high.
Open the back door.
Bruce! Bruce, stop!
Stop! What are you doing?
Think about this!
You don't even know if you'll change!
You don't have to do this!
Please, this is insane!
Betty, I've got to try.
I'm sorry.
Oh, shit!
- Get her in here!
- Come on, miss.
There. Betty!
Come on!
Is that all you've got?
Use that thing, soldier! Give him some help!
Which one?
Help the green one, damn it!
Which one do you think?
Cut the other one in half!
Keep it on him!
Look, I got to put it down!
- Hang on!
Are you hurt? Let me help you.
I'm all right. Just find a way out.
You don't deserve this power!
Now watch her die!
Look out!
Any last words?
Hulk smash!
It's okay.
The smell of stale beer and defeat.
You know, I hate to say,
"I told you so," General,
but that Super Soldier programme
was put on ice for a reason.
I've always felt hardware was more reliable.
- Stark.
- General.
You always wear such nice suits.
- I hear you have an unusual problem.
- You should talk.
You should listen.
What if I told you we were
putting a team together?
Who's "we"?