Incredible Violence (2018) Movie Script


[Foreboding music]
Man: I was up a
couple of weeks ago
and the whole area
was flooded.
Couldn't even get in
past the gate.
You gotta be careful of the
weather up this way. Yeah.
About a week ago,
just north of here? Snow.
Everything covered
for four days.
And then it flooded down here.
So, like that, we'd have to
bring the truck in.
But I'm not supposed to be
doing that on my own.
Walking like this, these
conditions? No problem.
But, if I get stuck in here, now
with the truck or the ATV?
Maybe get hurt or something,
you know?
I'm in shit with the daughter.
Make sure, now, everybody
got the right clothing.
'Cause, you know, you'd catch
your death up here.
Yeah. Well, I don't think
I'll be that lucky.
What are you calling it, again?
Incredible Violence.
Well, there it is.
Full basement and three stories.
If we don't sell it
out from under you-
It's yours to use.
Looks good.
And no one is around?
Take a look.
You can scream blue
murder out here.
There's not a neighbour
around to hear you.
Sounds good.
How about inside?
She's stuck.
[Bang, bang]
After the flood,
she's all swollen.
So, is this happening, or...
Between the doors
and the windows, now.
I think you need a crowbar...
and a crooked woman
just to get into this house.
[Bang, bang]
Come on we go see
what's in the shed.
[From the shed] The
daughter's gonna be so excited
when she hears you're
making a horror movie
in her childhood home.
She's a real fan of that stuff.
I guess you'll
recognize the house
when it comes out
in the movie?
What are you calling it again?
Invisible Violence.
I'll have to write
that down now,
so I remember when
it comes out.
Who knows,
you might even come up with
a better name for it by then.
Are you looking for a couple
of dead people?
Myself and the daughter
would love to be a part of it.
Just to see how you
make it all happen.
I am a vessel.
-She'd be really pleased if you
could accommodate her.
-I'm not saying you got to.
-I am the vessel
-You can still have the house.
I'm not the sort of fella
who'd give something,
expecting something
in return, you know.
Now where did I put
that thing again, now?

[Electronic music]
There it is! Alright.
[Phone buzzes]
[Glass tips over]
[Phone buzzes]
I don't know.
I don't know what
I'm gonna do.
Man: How much was it for?
They gave me two hundred
and fifty k.
How much is left?
What did you spend it on?
-I don't know.
It went here and there.
-You spend a quarter of a
million dollars here and there?
-It was sitting in my bank
account for months.
I was supposed to make
the movie months ago.
I just put it off and I put
it off and I put it off.
It's gone now.
That's that.
-So what's gonna happen to you?
-I think it's fraud.
Isn't it?
-Yeah, Patrick.
It's major league fucking fraud.
Who lent you the money?
-I'm not real sure.
-You're not that sure.
-It's like... a group
of investors.
You know, like...
Like a group.
An organization.
-Like a legal organization?
Are you serious?
-Now that you mention it.
It was all very creepy.
-You're gonna die, man.
These people are gonna kill you.
-Makes sense.
I thought they'd do.
-Can you get people to
work on it for free?
-Actors, yes, absolutely.
Those people would
do anything for free.
Crew, though?
For a horror movie,
you need stunts, makeup.
Special effects.
Lights and sound, camera.
Wardrobe, makeup.
Free is not a
realistic option.
[Sighs] This is awful.
Do you know, I was
gonna be a lawyer?
I decided last year.
I was gonna write the exam.
Gonna be lawyer.
But I got that money.
I should have turned it down.

[Foreboding electronic music]
[Bed clunks up the stairs]
[Crunching chips]
[Tapping keyboard]
Man: You should do what that guy
in the mid South did.
-Did he go to law school?
'Cause that's what
I shoulda done.
No, he put an ad...
or like a notice online.
And was calling for
actors for his slasher film.
So this amateur actor guy
answers the call.
And the dude says, come on over.
We're shooting in my basement.
And this poor amateur dude
has never acted before.
So, he doesn't
think that's weird.
So, he goes on over.
And of course, the director
looks normal.
Oh, and before that,
the director -
He sends the actor guy some
footage, or stuff to look at.
And it looks legit.
So, he goes on over.
And of course, the director is
completely off his tits.
And the guy, the actor guy,
he doesn't know what hit him
Until he's tied to a chair.
And the director
is slicing him up.
Musta looked real, though.
Because it was real.
-I don't like actors.
Vile human beings.
What happened to the guy?
-Oh man. The police found
him almost immediately.
I'm pretty sure they killed him.
-Good advice.
-Well, pin it on somebody else.
I dunno. Where's your idea?
[Phone buzzes]
It's been every five
minutes for days now.
I'm dead.
-So what's wrong with
my idea then?
-What's wrong with your idea?
-Oh, does it go
against your ethical code?
It goes against my ethical code.
-I've seen your movies, man.
You don't have an ethical code.
Plus, with my idea,
you don't have to waste money
on make-up and effects.
-What about...
What about crew, cameras,
and all that?
-Jesus Patrick, I gotta come up
with all the answers for you?
I fucking hate movies.

[Deep bass electronic]

Female Announcer [British
accent]: The Milgram Group
proudly presents:
Celebrity Autopsy
The Milgram Group.
Let us entertain you.
Welcome to this week's episode
of "Celebrity Autopsy".
It's so great to see
you all again.
This week we have another
fantastic episode
in which we celebrate celebrity.
We will be performing a live,
in-studio autopsy
of a really famous celebrity.
He is an internet star.
A rapper.
And an international movie star.
He is "The Killa".
The rise from internet star
to star of the silver screen
came quickly for The Killa.
All that you've done for me.
You changed my life, truly.
This means so much more
to me this time.
I don't know why.
I think the first time
I hardly felt it.
Because it was so new.
I owe a lot to my players...
To the cast.
To Lindsay and John and Danny.
And Ed, and Amy.
And my little friends Jamie
and Yankton.
I owe a lot to my family.
For holding me together.
And loving me.
And having patience in
this obsession of mine.
But I want to say
thank you to you.
I haven't had an
orthodox career.
And I've wanted more than
anything to have your respect.
The first time I didn't feel it.
But this time, I feel it.
And I can't deny the fact
that you like me.
You really like me.
What are you doing?
Ginger: I don't have a light.
Do you?
-No, you know I don't.
-Then I'll have to
be resourceful.
Did I wake you?
-No, I was still up.
-That's very un-Grace.
Very ungraceful.
There's nothing in here
but booze.
You missed out tonight.
There was a closing party
for some play.
Nothing was free, obviously.
It was theatre.
But there were some
people there.
Apparently, there's new show
starting soon.
I might be able to get you in.
But the spots might be filled.
That's why you need
to come with me.
Oh, I'm doing ok.
What's going on here?
What do you mean?
I mean, it's past nine o'clock
on a school night.
And not only are you still up.
But you wanna drink?
Can't I just have a drink?
Hmmm. There's something
going on here.
I got cast in a movie!
What movie?
Um, the horror film I auditioned
for a few weeks back?
Incredible Vikings?
Incredible Violence.
Who's directing?
G. Patrick Condom.
Condom? I've never heard of him.
With and N.
What studio is producing it?
Why are you acting like this?
Because I'm an actor.
I'm sorry. It's a habit.
Seriously, though. What studio?
There is no studio.
It's not like that.
It's an art film.
[Laughing] It's an art film?
Sorry I got jealous.
What does that mean?
Let's just drop it, okay.
No. You can't just say
something like that,
and expect me to drop it.
-God, you're so dramatic.
I've never heard of this guy.
I bet you won't know any
of the actors in there.
And it's an independent
art movie.
I can't wait to console you
every night when you come home.
Well, you're not gonna
have to do that.
Because I'm to coming
home at the end of each night.
Not until we're done
filming, anyways.
Why is that?
Because we have to stay on set
through the duration of filming.
No. We're in a house.
A big, nice house. It's...
Stop laughing.
Are you even getting paid?
I think so. I didn't ask.
You have to see what's
gong on here.
It's some student film.
It's gonna be a shit show.
Then you should come with me.
-Not a chance.
I have real auditions
with real films.
Come on!
I was joking about
the real film thing.
I just wish you could
be happy for me.
This could be the
role of a lifetime.
This could change
everything for me.
-Dramatic and sensitive.
You're gonna make
one hell of an actor.
That director has no
idea what he's in for.
[Glasses clink]

[Knock, knock, knock]
[Knock, knock, knock]
[Bang, bang]
[Knock, knock, knock]
[Door squeaks open]
[Door opens]
Is anyone here?
Well, this must be
the right spot.
-Who are you?
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Did I just jump scare you?
That is the worst.
You must hate me now, don't you?
I'm... That's so cheap.
I shoulda made more noise
coming up the stairs.
No, um... I'm fine.
Are you sure you're
not gonna die?
-No. I'll survive.
And do you remember your name?
Yes. It's...
It's Grace.
I don't know if that's true or
not, because I just met you.
But I'll take your word for it.
I promise.
I'm Foster.
I'm acting in this movie.
And I'm guessing you are too.
Yeah, I am.
I'm an actress.
Then you'll fit right in.
Come on. I'll take you to
meet everyone else.

You're a quiet one, aren't you?
That's cool.
I get it.
When did you get here?
About an hour or so before you.
Did you get a script?
Everyone's in here?
Now, I know you're nervous.
But try not to be.
Because actors can smell fear.
This is Grace.
Hi Grace.
Let's get you a mask.
These were just in the house
when we got here.
I think it'll be fun if we dress
up and get to know each other.
Don't you find when you wear a
mask you can be more open?
Like on Halloween, how
you go out dressed up.
And you can be more yourself.
Or maybe you can be
who you're dressed up as.
Obviously you recognize
where these masks came from.
No, I don't.
Oh, somebody wasn't paying
attention in acting school.
I didn't go to acting school.
And you still got a
part in a movie?
That's so cool.
I've always
wanted to be an actress.
Women are called actors now,
just like the men.
But you didn't go
to acting school.
So you probably
wouldn't know that.
So don't worry about.
Ahhh, that's the chorus mask.
In Greek plays the chorus
the morality of the actions of
the characters in the play.
They sort of spoke
for the audience.
They're boring.
Pick something else.
Are you happy?
Or sad?
Okay everyone.
Let's go play.
Hey Pa.
It's me. Your boy.
You never really thought that
much of me, did ya?
You never really thought I was
much of a fighter either.
But you were wrong.
I been fighting my whole life.
And sometimes I think
there's no other way.
But time's past.
I'm a grown ass man now.
Tick tock. Tick tock.
You should know.
You wanna know what time it is?
It's beating the clock.
That's what time it is.
Grace: Dear Meryl
It's the first day of production
of my first movie.
And, I already feel like
I've grown so much,
as an artist and as a person.
I feel like this is going to be
a life changing experience.
And I'm going to emerge
a fully formed actor.
I never knew that acting
could be so fulfilling.
Also, did you know that
actresses are called actors now?
It's trailblazers like you that
made that happen.
I now know that this is
my true calling.
And I'm already sad that one day
that this movie will end.
And I'll have to go back home.
[Knock on door]
Audrey, hi.
Hi. I just wanted to check in
and see how you're doing.
Good, I'm good.
This must be pretty
foreign for you.
In acting class, we'd
always have courses on
what to expect when
you're on set, like a rhyme.
And of course we were always
paired with the film class
so we got some practice in.
But this must be pretty
hard for you.
I'm actually really
enjoying everything.
Yeah, but it's
overwhelming, right?
Here. Let me show you something.
An actor's job
is to enter the lives of people
who are different from us.
And let others feel
what that feels like.
And once we understand
the plight of others,
we can treat their journey
with respect, with empathy.
Actors have the most
important job in the world.
[Soft whispering]
[Printing sound]
I don't think we're safe
in this house.
I don't think we're safe
in this house.
I don't think we're safe
in this house.
I don't...
I don't think we're-

[Pounding party music]

Audrey: C'mon.
Get him in the chair.
[Laughing] Okay!
That's pretty tight.
Pretty good.
You like that, Elizabeth?

[Keyboard clicking]
[Printer sound]
Foster: What did it say?
Sophia: To show my tits.
[Door opens]
Grace. What's wrong?
I don't think we're
safe in this house.
Well, do it.
If the script said so...
Come on, do it.
Do it.
Do it.
Foster: Do it.
Come on. Do it!
-Do it!
Do it. Do it.
Do it.
[Shouting] Do it!
Foster: Come on! Do it!
Do it!
Do it!
C'mon do it!
[Door slams]
It's completely unprofessional.
That's a wrap.
Huh! Ha!
[Grunting sounds]
You've been cut.
You've been cut.
You've been cut, bitch!
[Water running]

[Deep bass music]

What are you wearing?
You look ridiculous.
That looks fake.
[Knife on skin sound]
[Gasping, gurgling]
[Body falling on the floor]
That's a wrap.
[Soft whispering]
[Door opening]
[Door closes]
[Water running]
[Alarm beeping]
[Sound paper ripping of printer]
I don't think we're safe
in this house.
Hey, Foster. Did you
get today's script?
Why are we doing
the same scene?
Is that normal?
It's not the same scene.
Yeah, it is.
No. Yesterday, I
was just being slapped.
And today, I'm being punched.

We'll do it again. Okay.
You ready?
My cigarette's not lighting.
-It's okay, we'll just use one
of the cigarettes there.
Yeah. You're right.
-Come one. Let's go.
-Let's do it. Okay!
-Go! Go!
-Alright, here.
Oh, shit.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, whatever.

Get him in the chair.
-Get him in the chair.
In the chair? Alright. Okay.
Get him in the chair.
[Door opens and closes]
You know,
just by tuning in,
you're doing a great-
And there's really
nothing more I could ask for.
But if I could ask
for something more -
It would be a small donation.
If the program means
that much to you.
These bodies, they aren't...
They aren't easy to find and
secure the rights to.
So please, if you like
what we do here.
If you enjoy the program.
if you feel that we are
providing you with a service-
It doesn't have to be
a thousand dollars.
We're not looking
to get rich here.
A hundred dollars is fine.
Every penny counts.
Audrey: Grace?
What's wrong?
Grace? What's wrong?
Grace? What's wrong?
Grace? What's wrong?
I don't think we're
safe in this house.
Grace. You ruined the take.
Where were you?
I'm not doing this again.
Audrey, can we talk?
[Door opens]
Can I come in?
Okay. Look.
I'm sorry about
earlier in the scene.
I -
I got distracted. And I
know it's not an excuse.
It's just what happened.
I wasn't even
embarrassed for you
when you said you didn't
go to acting school.
I should have been.
You're not an actor.
[Printer sound]
[Muffled sounds]
Is somebody there?
[Footsteps slowly approaching]
[Footsteps leaving]
[Footsteps running
up the stairs]
[Door slams]
[Heavy breathing]
[Whispering] It's Thursday.
It's Thursday. It's Thursday.
[Cartilage crunching]
No! Please!
[Bones crunching]
[Alarm clock beeping]
[Printer sound]
Foster: I think I'm being
pushed toward something.
By who?
I don't know what.
The slap. And then the punch.
They're antagonizing me.
Reminds me of this experiment
they did back in the 'fifties-
to try to figure out why
everyone in Germany
was so crazy and evil.
I don't know it.
Basically, a guy would
come into a room,
and there'd be a button.
Another guy, who was
dressed like a doctor-
He would tell him to
push the button.
And when he did,
he'd hear someone cry out
in agony in another room.
And then the doctor would tell
him to push the button again.
And the experiment
was to figure out
if he'd push the button
knowing that it would cause
someone he didn't know, pain.
I wouldn't push it.
I'd like to think so too.
Turns out, most people would.
They thought is was the
doctor's responsibility.
They were just doing
what they were told.
[Printer sound]

Stop. Stop!
Stop it.
Elizabeth, this isn't
in the script.
Stop it. It's not in the script.
Stop it.
It's not in your script.
What are you doing?
Stop it Elizabeth.
Stop it. Get me out of here.
What are you doing?
No. No.
No. I don't wanna
do this anymore.
No. Stop it. I don't wanna
do this anymore.
Please stop it.
I don't wanna do this Elizabeth.
Stop it!
Would you - Would you stop it!
Relax, big boy. I
can do all the work.
Whoa, whoa whoa, what the fuck?
What's that?
What's that? Elizabeth stop it!
Stop the take.
Grace! Grace, stop the take!
Grace: I don't think
we're safe in this house!
What was that about?
It was in the script.
So you were saying.
What if Grace didn't come
in that room?
What were you gonna do, huh?
No! You try something
like that again,
I swear to God, I will hurt you.
Yeah. You don't have to worry.
Your little girlfriend will
rush in and save you.
I mean it, Elizabeth.
What are you talking about?
[Printer sound]
I think we should leave.
I don't think this is
gonna end well.
We keep filming the
same scene over and over,
and it just gets move violent.
-C'mon Foster,
it's just a movie.
-It's not just a movie!
-We're gonna take care
of each other.
-Would you stop it!
Okay? You're not in that room.
You just come in. You
say your one fuckin' line.
And that's that.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I need you to promise
me something, okay?
I need you to
watch Elizabeth for me.
I don't trust her.
I can't be alone with her
in that room in that chair.
I need you to promise me that
you won't let her hurt me.
I promise.
When are you gonna eat?
I'm just gonna have
a glass of water.
I'm just gonna have
a glass of water.

[Edith Piaf]
You wanna know what I'm gonna
do if you can drink it all?
You wanna know what I'm
gonna do if you can't?
[Gurgling, choking]
Stop it. Stop it!
[whimpering] Stop.
I won't do this anymore.
I always said you
had nice teeth.
Now you're scaring me.
Stop it.
Do I look scary to you?
I don't wanna do this.
No! No!
[Screaming] Stop it!
Noo. I can't.
Grace! No! No! No!
[Printer sound]

[Piaf crescendos]
[Tooth cracking]
[Crying, coughing.]
Nooo. Stop!
[Crying] Stop!
[Whispering] It's Saturday.
It's Saturday. It's Saturday.
[Printer sound]
Leave me alone!
No! No!
Grace: You went too far.
Why didn't you stop me?
Foster: [Screaming]
Let me out!
Do we have to keep
him down there?
It's inhumane.
You know what he'd do to us.
He said so himself.
Coroner: And I want to feel
like Jesus in my heart
Death occurred due to
a cut across the neck.
And I don't want to be
like Judas in my heart
A freak accident which happened
during the production of a movie
He was in Rainmaker.
He was very good in that one.
In my heart
In my heart
Then he was in Time Robber.
He wasn't very good
in that one at all.
Tick tock. Tick Tock.
What's the time?
It's beating the clock.
Female Announcer:
Let us entertain you.
[Screaming] Foster!
Foster! Foster!
[Grace screams]
[Blood spurting]
Elizabeth: What is going on?
What did you do?
I woke up.
And he was unstrapping me from
the chair you left me in.
-Do you know who this is?
I've never seen him before.

[Mysterious music]
What is all this?
Was that guy up here
this entire time?
I found a phone.
-Foster: What?
-I found a phone
-Give me that.
It works.
It's ringing.
It took me at least an hour
to get here from the city.
Well, if we got time...
One more?
It's not the time, Foster.
Oh come on.
You owe me at least that.
I owe you for what?
You know.
Foster: Get down to
your underwear now!
Come on,
come on come one.
Just like that, right?
Feel familiar?
Does that feel familiar?
Elizabeth: Why are doing this?
Foster: This is just the
beginning for you girl.
Wait until I get you
in that chair.
C'mon and dance with me.
Dance like you did before.
Dance like you did last night.
You remember?
The grinding. Whispering.
You remember how it went?
Come on.
Come on. Put some heart into it,
Put some heart into it.
The cameras are still rolling.
[Foster screams]
[Elizabeth screams]
[Door slams]
Open the door!
Open this door. Grace!
[Bang, bang, bang]
Fuck! Grace!
[Banging on door]
[Knife coming
out of skin]
[Knife dropping to floor]
[Crying out in pain]
Oh god!
[Tape ripping off roll]
Grace: Sorry, sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
It's okay. Just go to the door.
Elizabeth: You
know, starting off-
This was my dream,
like yours.
I bet you have your best
actress speech memorized.
I do too.

[Classical music]
My first callback was
for an erotic role.
I thought that maybe it meant
I had to kiss someone.
Forty five minutes later
I find myself in a room
full of older men
with my boobs hanging out.
It was for a horror movie,
Didn't even get to
die on screen.
They just found my body, naked.
Tits and blood everywhere.
I got paid what the call
an honorarium.
Porn stars get paid more.
Maybe I should have
done that instead.
I heard about this porn star
once named Alex Jordan.
She fucked on screen
for a few years.
And then she tried to
live a normal life.
And she got a ski
shop in Colorado.
It didn't work out.
Her last interview was:
Alex Jordan's fucking on screen
and loving every minute of it.
She hung herself.
Elizabeth: Grace.
You have to go.
Grace! You have to go!
We're sitting ducks here.
You have to find a way out.
Are you gonna be okay?
And Grace?
You're a hell of an actor.
Foster: I am a vessel.
[Whispering] I am a vessel.
I am a vessel.
I am a vessel.
I'm a vessel.
I'm a vessel.
I'm a vessel.
I'm a vessel.
[Getting louder]
I'm a vessel.
[Growling] I'm a vessel!

[Music comes on with light]
Elizabeth: Get off of me!
Get off of me!
Get off me!
Stop it. Stop it! Foster no!
Look at me. Look at me!
Look at me. Look at me!
[Whispering] I know....
Just look at me please.
I know you're a good person.
Look at me, please!
[Screaming] Foster, look at me!
Look at me!
Stop it!
No! Look at me!
Look at me! No!
[Whispering] I know -
I know you're a good person.
I know you're a good person.
No please don't! No!
[Screaming] Grace!
Help me!
Grace! Where are you?
Please come back!
Come back!
Foster! I'm sorry!
I'm so sorry!
Grace! Come back!
Grace! Please!
[Grace and Elizabeth
whimpering in panic]
[Rope crashing at Grace's feet]
Pick it up.
You know why.
[Shouting] Pick it up!
I'm not doing this.
-Pick it up.
She's scared.
-She should be.
Now pick it up.
[Shouting] Don't look at her!
Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me!
Pick it up!
It's between you and her.
It's between you and her. Do
you think she'd think about it?
Don't talk to her!
Talk to me.
Talk to me.
Please, don't make me do this.
Please don't make me do this!
Don't make me do this!
-Do you need me to
write it down for you?
You need me to write it down?
Here's your fucking script.
Grace kills Elizabeth.
I'm sorry. Okay?
I'm sorry.
-It's too late.
It's too late.
No. Just stop. Just stop
for a minute.
Because I can't. And I
don't know what I'm doing.
And I need you to stop.
- You're falling apart.
-I just need a minute to think.
-Pick it up!
-Pick it up!
-No! I'm not gonna pick it up!
-Stop stalling and pick it up!
Pick it up! Pick it up!
-No! Stop!
Pick it up! Pick it up!
Pick it up! Pick it up!
Pick it up! Pick it up!
[Grace whimpers]
[Whispering] You can do it.
You can do it.
Pick it up. Go on.
Get up!
Take it!
Elizabeth: Grace please, don't.
Grace, no!
No, no, no.
Grace! Please no!
No! No! No! No!
-No! No! No! Grace!
You can do it.
You can do it.
You can do it.
You can do it!
You can do it!
[Screaming and crying]
You can do it!
[Screaming and crying]
[Tape coming off role]
[Shovel dragging on floor]
[Metal cracking]
[Door opens]
[Heavy breathing]
[Shoveling dirt]
[Foster heaves with effort]
[Water splashing]

Foster: Arrgh!
Ahhh! Arrrgh!
[Screaming] Grace!
[Grace muffles herself]
[Whispering continues]
[Heavy breathing]
[Banging on door]
Hello? Hello?
Is someone in there?
Please. Please! Please!
Come on. Turn on.
Please please please.

[Grunting. Screaming]
[Grunting, choking, screaming]
[Coughing, gurgling]
[Death sounds subside]
[Dvd loading]
Female Voice: Through the
failure of his late films,
public demand...
for The Killa was
at an all time low.
However, after his death,
as you can see from this chart,
his popularity rocketed
to an all-time high.
His agent, his manager,
his production company,
couldn't have been happier.
[DVD loading.]
Male Voice:
Okay. Let's begin.
You have pretty little eyes.
-Where'd you get them from?
I dunno.
-Okay. Are you
ready to audition?
-Do you have any questions?
Should I look at you, or...?
-No, deep into the
camera, sweetheart.
-You know about the project?
Yes, I do.
What do you know about our
It's a horror movie.
That's one way of putting it,
I guess. What else do you know?
You say we're gonna be in
the woods for a month?
No cell phone.
Are you worried about not
having a cell phone?
What about violence?
[Whimpering, grunting]
I fuckin' love movies.
[Door bangs open]

[Deep bass]
[Vehicle approaching]
[Car door opens and shuts]