Incredibles 2 (2018) Movie Script

Violation 2-712, Rick Dicker interrogating agent.
Please specify your name.
Uh... Tony.
Tony Rydinger.
Tell me about what happened.
Well there is this girl in my class.
I saw it on the track running.
You, Violet is not it?
That's me.
I know little about him, but he changed.
He was more relaxed, confident, cool, sweet.
I asked her to go to the cinema.
- So, Friday? Friday. - Friday.
And I went from there.
Not long after that, this incident occurred in the parking lot.
Meet the Underminer.
I was always under but nothing is beneath me.
And the situation is very strange and when I saw these boots.
- You two stay here. - Are we really going to do this?
It is still illegal, right?
They look like a super hero.
- They're going to lose him? - Oh okay.
One of you berjagalah on the perimeter, secure the people from here.
You have to keep Jack-jack.
- I think we are in this together. - You heard your mother.
Create a trampoline.
I guard the perimeter.
You can not go anywhere. Come back here!
I saw a chance to get out of there.
But I know the sound of one of the children.
The girl's voice. He was angry and threw his mask. And that's it!
Oh, Tony!
Hi. It's not what you think.
This is too weird I can not handle it, I fled.
I feel bad about it.
Maybe I should have said '' Hi '' or something.
Not because he Superhero illegal.
And is not I do not like girls who are stronger, I'm pretty confident.
Virility problems.
What is that?
Did you tell this to anyone else?
- Your parents? - No. They do not like to know anything.
You know what I mean?
- I know, son. - I like this girl, Mr. Dicker should I go with him Friday night.
And now would be a strange situation.
I wish I could say sorry to him.
You're going to say, son.
You're going to say it.
Come on!
Let's just say you've had in the blast from below!
- Underminer! We meet again. - What?
Oh, come on. Now he was trapped inside.
Introduce Jackhammer!
Feel this.
Until found!
No no no.
Everyone, back off, okay? Retreat.
Dash, do not make me keep the baby.
I tried to stop him, and Underminer escape.
Does it ever make you stop ... Bob, monorailnya!
Frozone! Already!
We have to stop this thing before it destroys the town hall.
I'll try to keep him away from the building.
Hey, lady.
Thank you very much, young man.
All stop!
Alert, father.
Violet, who's taking care of Jack-Jack?
- Dad in charge ... - Violet, take him.
This thing is headed to City Hall.
Mother needs help.
Look at this, this is our chance, follow them, follow Frozone.
Help me with this pillar.
Supposedly it can stop it.
Children, what are you doing? Get out of here!
It's going to explode!
There is no more time!
We did it!
Do not move, super hero!
Oh, what we've done.
Hey, wait, Mr. Zone?
Sorry, I should not be here.
That seems to be wrong, is not it?
Maybe you're interested in changing the law?
Superheroes including Frozone, Mr. lncredibles, and Elasticgirl ...
prevent further damage in the city.
The Underminer still unknown.
We did not start this conflict.
And you do not end well!
- You stop Underminer to destroy more? - No.
- Did you stop him rob a bank? - No.
- Did you catch it? - No.
The bank was already insured, we have the infrastructure to overcome this problem ...
if you did not do anything this is all still going to happen.
You would rather we did not do anything?
So true.
You did not help.
If you want to get out of the hole, you have to put the first shovel.
Wow it's awful.
Dad, maybe this is not the best time to tell you this, but ...
Something happened today.
A child, and my mask.
Okay, Rick, a friend of Violet, Tony, see it without using a mask.
- There are other info? - I do not know her last name Rydinger.
Tony Rydinger. I'll check it out.
Bob, Helen.
I want to talk if you do not mind.
The program is stopped.
Politicians do not understand people who do good things because it was the right move.
Make them nervous.
They target Superheroes many years ago, and today they need.
Anyway, I'm done.
I'm worried about two weeks at the motel was the best that I can do for you.
- It's not much. - You have a lot of help, Rick.
We will not forget it.
Well, an honor working with you guys, good people.
Thank you for everything. And good luck.
Yes, you too.
Did you wash your hands?
With the soap?
Is it dry?
What? Is this all the vegetables?
Who ordered this vegetable all?
I order it. It's good for you.
Are we going to talk about it?
- What? - elephant in this room.
What elephant?
I do not think so.
- You mean about today? - Yes.
What's with today?
We all make mistakes.
For example, you should keep children Jack-Jack.
Keeping the baby, while you do the things that are important.
We already talked about this.
You're not mature enough to decide this.
- We are old enough to help. - Yes!
Is not that what you say to us, dad?
Yes, well, help it can mean many things.
- But we have to help where there is a sense of trust. - Yes.
- Are you glad we help today? - I know. But...
- You said you were proud of us. - Well, I used to, I'm proud.
We want to fight criminals.
No, you can not.
You said different situation now.
And that is right. On the island.
But I do not mean that from now on ...
Now we do not use our strength back again.
- That's what makes me strong. - I did not say ... what?
Someone says.
Can we eat it. Dinner.
While still hot.
Are we doing something wrong?
- Yes. - No.
We did not do anything wrong.
Superhero illegal.
Whether it's fair or not, it's legal.
The law should be fair. That's why we teach it to our children.
- We follow the law. - Although the law to harass?
If it was unjust law is no law to replace it. Otherwise there will be chaos.
That's what happened today.
I thought this was cool.
As a crime against the family.
That's cool.
But that's over.
But this is happening in the world.
We have to adapt.
Is the situation worse now?
Fine state.
May I have permission?
How long are we at the motel, father?
Soon, dear.
What we will do?
I do not know.
- Maybe Dicker will find something. - Dicker is no longer there, Bob.
All our thoughts become Superheroes again, it was just wishful thinking.
One of us had to work.
One of us?
You do not stand working in an insurance company.
- I can not stand cheating them. - I know it's hard for you.
- Maybe it's my turn to work in the private sector and you keep ... - No, I did it.
I need to do this.
- Do you know where coat and my tie? - Burned when our house burned.
We can not depend on anyone else now, Bob.
There is only us.
We can not wait for ...
There were no guards manning pool.
Swim responsibility own risk.
Oh, where are you today?
I know you missed all the fun.
Do not get angry, because I do not come to your party.
I'm not as good as you, and besides I know the police will deliver you.
- Yes. That's the power of Bob. - Yes, yes.
I heard the program was discontinued.
How long are you in this motel?
2 weeks.
And you know the offer is still valid.
You are very good, and the five of us. We do not want to do that to your wife.
The door is always open.
You know the news is not always bad.
While you're on hold, I was approached by a man who represents a wealthy man.
Winston Deavor.
She wanted to talk to me and you both about the problem Superhero.
I've checked it, she was fine, wanted to recruit Dicker, he wanted to meet.
Oh, my goodness, the more problems Superhero?
We just got out of trouble.
We're coming.
Tonight, I'll go now.
Enjoy it, I do not want to get involved.
He wants us three.
Unfortunately, at least we hear first what was going on katakannya.
Do you have an address, I meet you there.
Superhero costumes go with us?
Yes. Wear your costume Superheroes long.
I sensed that he wanted.
You're going where?
- The air is very fresh tonight. - You know who the phone ...
I know what to dlakukan.
Security card to you.
Please come this way.
Sir, are you a fan I weigh, I'm a fan ... Right.
I Love Superheroes!
I understand your struggle.
Winston Deavor. You can call me Wins.
It was very nice to meet you. Frozone!
- Elasticgirl. - Nice to meet you.
- Mr. lncredibles.- Halo.
~ Mr. lncredibles, lncredibles, catch criminals, pow pow!
~ Who's the cat that got you ...
~ When survived virtually no chance ...
~ Frozone, Frozone.
~ Frozone!
I will tell you about what all of this, and this is ...
Oh, hello ... Superhero. I am sorry...
- It's strange sister, Evelyn. - I'm not weird, you do not need to be so, Winston.
My father was very proud that I know you from afar.
He used to call you, the last defense.
He is a staunch supporter of you.
He donated on behalf of the Superhero.
To raise funds to build a statue in the park Dynaguy Avery.
He knew many Superhero personally.
Even installed a phone with a direct line to Gazerbeam and Bionic for emergencies.
She loved it. He showed it to everyone.
He was disappointed once when you are forced to go into hiding.
My father believed the world a dangerous place without you.
You know he's right.
There was theft.
My dad called Gazerbeam, direct line ...
No answer.
She called Bionic.
No answer.
Superheroes just become illegal.
The thief was seeing my dad called, and shot him.
Definitely hard to ...
Especially for the mother.
He died a few months later.
Broken hearted.
If Superheroes are not forced to hide this will never happen.
Or the father could take the mother to a secure room so knew there was a robbery.
I totally disagree, but we do not do it now.
The point is no one thought we could run the company my father.
And Evelyn as a designer, and myself as the operator ...
Make us build Devtech become what it is today.
- the last communication company in the world. - Bigger than ever.
The right position to make justify the wrong thing.
Because it then there is this meeting.
Let me ask you guys something.
- What are the main causes you have to hide? - Ignorance.
Take for example today with Underminer. A difficult situation.
You are faced with many difficult decisions.
So true.
I can not.
Because I do not see it.
Likewise with other people.
So when you guys fight bad guys like today ...
people do not see fights or situations memukainya ...
They see what is desired by politicians ...
They see the destruction, and they see you.
So if you want people to change their perception about you guys the Heroes Super ...
We need you to share you with the world's perception.
How do we do it?
With the camera.
You share perceptions with the world.
How do we do it?
We put a small camera like that into your Super Hero costume.
Wow. Very small.
- And incredible shape. - Thank you.
I designed it myself.
We have the resources, lobbyists, connections across the world and a very important ...
- Insurance. - Insurance is the key.
What we need now is Superhero.
That means three of you, come help me make Superhero legal again.
It sounds great, let's get started, what our first task?
Enthusiastic was nice, keep it, but it's our first step, Elasticgirl our hero.
Better than me?
I mean, he's great, really, but you know ...
Do you know...
With all due respect, let's not rush, insurance paid for everything.
It's just the beginning, okay?
Wait, what say?
I'm a mess?
Evelyn analysis when you fight crime during the five years prior to hide.
Figures Elasticgirl can explain himself.
Gee was not a fair comparison.
All major problem, need big solutions.
Of course. We will solve all the problems together.
After a perfect launch with Elasticgirl.
- So, what do you think? - What do I think?
- I do not know. - What do you mean you do not know.
A few hours ago, you told us to be a super hero fantasy.
Now you get an offer of a lifetime and you do not know?
It's not that easy, Bob. I do not want troublesome children.
- I also. - From prison, Bob.
How did you do it? By rejecting the opportunity to change it.
Forcing them off as they are?
What happens with who they are? They're just kids.
Children with strength, which makes them super.
Between them they decided to use force or not.
- This is going to benefit them. - Listen, this is not a good time to go.
Dashiel have a problem with homework, Violet concerned with the man she loves.
- Tony. And Jack ... - Jack? What is up with her?
Well, nothing wrong with it. But normal baby needs attention.
- I'm not sure I can go. - Of course you can go.
You have to, so I, we ... Could stronger together again. So our children can have fun.
- So you have that option. - Well, yes. So I can have that choice.
And I will do a terrific job.
Although they say about me.
But they want you.
And you will be great. Actually.
That's really bad. Why can not you ...
That's good to want the glory, you know. But...
What are the options? One, Lucius right, well paid,
rather than being in the motel, and the kids better, including our children.
Or second, I'm looking for a job within two weeks and return.
You know it's crazy, is not it?
To help my family, I had to lie down on the shore, I must destroy ...
- You will be enormous. - I know I would.
But what about you? We have children.
I'll take care of children. No problem. Easy.
Easy, huh? You brag. If there are problems, I will cancel and go home.
You do not need to, I can, you just leave. Do it.
Just do it, I'll give you a bear.
- It Deavor. - It Elastigirl, I agree.
Mr. Deavor, is unusual. But you are too generous.
Nonsense. This is at least what we can do.
We are now colleagues. Can not have my partner stayed at the motel.
- Whose house? A house? - It's my house.
I have several. You live how long it takes.
I do not know what to say.
How to thank you?
- This is our new home? - I think so, take it easy, champ.
- It's ours. - Yes.
- Mother. - Look at this place.
Deavor buy from certain kolongmerat who like to come and go.
Without visible, so this house has some hidden place.
Things you will not be exposed. With one unknown.
This house has a spacious yard.
- This ... Is not it redundant. - Have the field.
- What do you prefer in the motel? - It's a pool.
- What exactly is the mother's new job? - Most importantly, we are out of the motel.
I love the new mother's job.
Wow, look at the water feature.
to live please.
- Oh no! - Stop it.
- Watch out! - Dad!
Log in to the pool. No!
I, nothing ...
Dark and antiques. I Elastigirl. I, you know ...
- Flexible. I mean ... No. - Are you designing this?
Of a man named Alexander Gawkin.
Glad it's you, not me, because you will have to do with this record.
- What? - Elastigirl, the vehicle is in the garage. Evelyn
- Motor new Elastic. - Elasticycle? I do not know you have a motor.
Hey, I got a Mohawk. There's a lot about me that you do not know.
Ya, Mohawk?
You did not miss anything.
- Oh, yes. This one electric. - What does it mean?
- Errors. Sorry. Should improve. - You will be enormous.
- I'll be great. And you too. - We'll both be great.
Goodbye My Love.
- Wait a minute, it Elastigirl? - Elastigirl.
Hei, Elastigirl.
Elastigirl tiba.
- You're right on time. - It spins five times.
Look at it. New place. You want to make the company's skyscrapers.
- You arrive in the city with the highest crime. - The strange thing, is not it? We're talking about.
It's like a playground superheroes.
Not much sugar in my custody.
- Where's the mother? - He's out. He was at his new job.
- Be a hero. - I think superheroes are still illegal.
They are illegal for now.
So mothers be paid for breaking the rules.
He did not violate ... He was in Africa for a super hero.
- It's a new job. - So, the mother went.
Illegally to tour why she should be illegal.
Hey Hey. Bus tiba.
Grab your things, Dash, go ...
Put your homework on the bag.
We will be fine. You do not ask the tough questions
Well, do not worry.
- What am I? - It's weird. Many crimes.
True, you're in the middle of the worst crime area of the city. It was perfect.
- This is a friend to play superheroes. - Friends playing superheroes, either.
No, when we were hiding. My husband always said alert.
Waiting for something to happen. And I'm angry with him for it.
- Uh, I almost forgot. Something happens. - The entire unit ...
I get the conversation about the disorder at the opening ceremony.
- Interference or a threat? - Both.
- Case 54. Ordered. - A threat.
Perfect. 54, after him. Come on, come on.
Vio, I want you back here at 10:30.
- Oh, after that? Okay, 10:30. - Done. 10:30.
Enjoy her movies.
In the ninth meeting Ark is, cutter, the ...
Everything is given to the loser sleep. Asleep.
What was discussed?
We will control the earth.
We can rule the world.
That's not the way to calculate it, dad. It's a way to do it.
I do not know how it is. Why did they change the math.
- It's okay, dad. - That's not math, it's math.
I'll wait for the mother to return.
What? He will not know more than me.
They called Linus.
Everything used, Turbor disturbed. While asleep, simply because they can not pursue.
Quasi asleep and snoring. Eyes are very heavy.
Surviving, in essence, everyone, everyone sitting in the hay.
Everyone was asleep, which they lack.
The mayor usually exaggerate about their city, and I'm no exception.
And I believe, you feel it.
Are you confident the police would be okay with this?
Of course, that's the easy part.
They have not forgiven us have made their lives easier.
I know the police chief, it would not be a problem.
With all due respect. If you are alone, it would be different.
I'm just saying it.
And I must admit, to our incredible launch bullet train.
It will take you where you need to go, with extraordinary speed.
The future is open officially.
Wait, stop the car.
The carriage drove in the wrong direction.
- It drove backwards. - I'm going after him.
The train was almost overtaken. 180 and still rising. How quickly created.
About 25 miles.
No one can stop this train and help.
It's okay. Do not go.
What it Elastigirl?
- Reset! - They block the system.
- We will fail to save. - Not enough time.
- Someone call? Who? - Hey, mom, I could not find socks,
And he could not find his toys. We'll call you again.
- So, calm down. - Do not call your mother.
Allright darling. Can not talk right now. But check under your bed, right?
- How much time? - Approximately 2 minutes.
There is a shortcut, cut to the front end.
I do not know if I can catch him.
Come on!
What the hell?
Everything is alright? There are people injured? Are you alright?
Nice story better!
- Hi? Hi? - What happened?
Welcome back, Elastigirl. Rapta-pantallas.
- Honey, why are you? - Do not say anything.
- It's dad. Are you alright? - I am fine.
- I do not want to talk about this. - You did not go?
- I do not want to talk about it. Father. - Oh dear.
Go away from here, not better. Leave me alone. Please.
That's my brother, this burger.
I feel you are more mature, Roy.
Because you're extraordinary.
Raise your hand, raise your hand. Put your hands behind your head.
You too, miss it. And come here.
Note the door.
And then I change ...
I'm telling you now.
Come on!
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no!
No, no, no! No, no! No, no!
You have the power! Yes! Baby, no injuries to you!
I thought you did not have, you have the power.
You can multiply and penetrate any hard.
Oh, my God.
- Hello. - Hi, dear. You'll call me?
I'm fine, do not. I mean, yes, yes. I just ... weird thing just happened in the yard.
- Sounded like he woke. - No, no, it's just, Jack-Jack.
He was in an accident, I know. I'm home now. I know.
No, no, no. There are no accidents. Remained there, it is your mission.
And you never, should, should, what? You do not think I could do it?
I'm sorry, I was overcharged.
- What do you need me to go home? - No, no. No. I was able to.
- Everything is fine. - What happened to Jack-Jack.
- No, he helps all. - That's good.
- What about Violet? Tonight, right? - Oh, yes. Yes. Good.
Everything was good, good. And Jack-Jack to sleep? Without any problems?
Okay, no problem.
And Dash finish homework?
- Everything is finished. - So it was not out of control when I go?
Exceptional as it looks, it's nice. In fact.
How about you?
I think it's incredible all!
That's fantastic. The mayor stuck in the car ...
In the opening ceremony, Elastigirl save the mayor ...
Activated, bla-bla-bla ... A few words and then the train began moving backwards,
- Then ... - new car crash tragedy ...
For Elastigirl, almost all superheroes.
There were no casualties.
Using a motor ...
And I pursue it, I tell dear, it was extraordinary.
That's unusual, unfortunately. On the first night of yours, dear.
- I'm so proud of you. Very. - I'm proud of you, honey.
I know you want to get out there, and you will soon, either. You will be enormous.
I could not do it if you do not take very good experts.
- Thank you to handle everything. - It is nothing.
I love you, dear. I'll be home soon.
- Sweet dream. - Sweet dreams, dear.
Oh, is completed. Please, dad. It is okay.
I'll wait for the mother.
In secret, I know ...
I can do the math.
Oh, not good at all.
Command weak, am I too weak?
It's not my fault they changed the math.
Get up, baby.
I do not like to disturb your sleep.
Do you still want to continue to sleep?
You have to remember it all.
Calculate the formula correctly.
You understand? You're terrific.
Oh. Hello.
Where is your house? I wrote a message in your locker.
With permanent ink.
Oh, what's that?
- Did you forget? - Forget?
That's funny.
Very funny. Oh, what for a strange costume?
Because there is, I'm in a hurry ...
and it was like Shakespeare, but not similar. The kids thought it was a super hero costume.
- Children love super heroes. - Yes.
You want to wear something, but too tight and could not.
Do I know you?
The topic of conversation these days is lncredibles.
Sorry, I do not really like to talk about it.
Maybe they did not.
I have not been putting on my face.
This is good, I train you on this momentum.
Get out and be yourself and answer appropriately.
Ms. Elastic Girl, they're ready for you.
Hey, folding legs.
- Hurry. - Wait ... wow!
You are Elastic Girl! I'm shook hands.
Oh, I was so sad when you disappeared.
I'm glad you're back!
With a great costume.
- It means a lot to me. - Good luck with your speech.
- I hope you're at peace. - Of course. Opponent crime!
Three, two ...
For more than 15 years, superheroes in hiding.
Forced to do so, because they lost the support.
That may soon change due to the movement to restore superheroes.
Here was present heroes who save the train and with a new look.
Pahlawan super, Elastic Girl.
- Welcome. - Hello, Jed.
All the attention was focused on you.
Correct. Did you know?
Of course.
- Hello. - What do I get perhartianmu?
Ya, Jed.
Of course, I appeared on your screen.
Read the words to say on the other screen.
Screens are everywhere and we controlled all of it.
And display control myself.
Human control screen.
- Hey! - I who control everything.
Angry reactions that occur in front of you.
- What about him? - The signals are hijacked!
- I'm going to close it. - Do not look at the monitor.
I just hijack the signal, they are fine.
I'm still at the top, right, Elastic Girl?
- Whoa! - Where is the window ...?
- What happened? - That Elastic Girl!
What is he doing?
- What are you doing here? - This place is dangerous. Caution!
Follow them on!
Get away from there! I'm going to jump!
Stop it! That Elastic Girl.
I'm saving your town, Mom!
We are under attack! Protect minister!
- Open the door! - That's dangerous!
You all, jump!
We're going to fall!
Are you okay, Mom?
I am alright...
Yours is not tasty cakes.
- Good morning. - You saw me in that costume ...
and pretend to know me.
I was just trying to protect you.
She really see you there.
That's up to you, I can not tell how many memories I have.
Someone knows the identity of your mother and me.
I see you! Did you tell them about Tony!
- Dear. - You're ruining my life!
I hate super hero!
And I'm not going to wear it again!
I'll tear it up!
What can I learn math?
It seems that yesterday's incident was terrible ... '' Elastic Girl save the minister. ''
there has been a strike yesterday to the minister.
What's up now? Why abounded.
They came to offer support.
Support? Support for what?
Support to you.
Come on out, we all support you!
Hello! Is.
Oh, thank you very much.
Hello. What is written there?
Oh, I see you! Ellen Wood.
Oh, now you're returning my calls about superheroes?
Oh, I have to call you back. My God, you're great.
Hold all the phone for me.
Hey! It worked!
Hey, ministers make great speeches about super heroes today.
You saved a lot of lives and she is very happy.
Who would expect it? I got a lot of calls.
Increased media attention 720/0
The urge to legalize the super hero into a global movement!
I had big plans for the next.
We will hold a press conference at sea.
We will use the ship and sail the sea while ...
It's true. I'm happy.
I'm happy to have saved the lives of people and the minister proud of me.
And I'm glad you're happy.
I heard that you were happy, but why I do not feel like it?
Because I did not catch it. He's still out there.
All I did was follow the game and win in this round.
He will want it again and when he plays, he always wins!
One thing I learned in business that is sniffing flowers.
Everything is in bloom and where would you put on a stone nisanmu?
- He's too worried? - OK.
Stop talking. Show him.
Wow! Elastic Girl. You are here.
- Hello. - I do not know what ... wow!
Come on, you can do it.
Hi! My name is Void,
I just want to thank you for being you.
And I ... I really want to ... Okay.
This is my abilities.
- Yes. - I am amazed.
That's very interdimensi.
I used were exiles. Previous.
But now, for you to be yourself. I feel...
I am so glad.
I bring it here, they are hiding.
Their strength, the secret identity, all transferred.
A pleasure to meet. I always thought the greatest.
Well, thank cation. You are so kind.
- I'm the Brick. - Nice to meet you, Brick.
- Where do you come from? - Winsconsin.
Oh, I think your strength is ...
You know, dropping objects electricity.
Assemble and unleash the power of lightning.
I Reflux. I can be anything you decide.
I know you're very excited.
- Just say it. - Oh, I'm not busy.
Forget it.
Yes, it was amazing. Come back.
Well, congratulations on this great day.
Good night all. See you tomorrow.
would have been nice.
- You're wearing the pants in this time? - Of course.
Well, it's been a while since you did ...
and even then you are under its shadow.
Yes, I feel differently.
I did not mean it. You're very successful and you're the star.
But you have to talk about it. This is your house.
- You need to fix your attitude. - What are you doing?
- You're not better. - I do not want his work.
I can not do that to you.
I'm asking you, the rooms where the most intense?
You never entered, it must be clean.
Beautiful scenery?
That will affect turnover as more and more buyers.
Whatever you are selling nothing. Who penging what people buy?
It's true. If I find the origin of the universe.
My sister will look for ways to approach it. Perhaps with foot massage.
So, what do they say?
They will tell you to get ready.
They will wait for permission and the preceding first.
- Looks like it was my brother. - What?
You sound like my brother.
Well, he's not wrong. We're not going to get a reaction.
- I know how! - My older brother?
What? Not! The movement!
Send him a message and I'll try to track it.
How fast can you get to the airport?
- OK. - We should get out of this town.
I will be prepared tomorrow morning at 5.
Insert it into the television. Jed!
I will make my brother do a live broadcast tomorrow ...
with a news event!
- We'll trap her! - He will not tell!
Movement of the hero will succeed!
- Who is this? - Yeah, hey Rick.
Do you remember the child who never told you?
Yes, what is up? He's a good kid.
Well, he also deals with my daughter.
Actually you harm my daughter.
Oh, shit. I did not know about that.
Rick, you have to help.
Violet hates me, you and superheroes.
I have to fix this. What do you know about Tony?
Not much. Looks like he's a good kid.
She loves music and sports. His parents happy.
These children work part-time.
Of Happy Platter?
Why are we the way here and eat at Happy Platter?
We would like to reserve a table is there.
Near the plant. Nice is not, close the plant.
This place does not look so fun.
The place is rather dull.
I thought you wanted to change our course.
- I like the food was outstanding. - That's not good.
That all diet foods and all vegetables.
Good evening, everybody.
- What is wrong with you? - Do not you anything?
- Let me help you ... - He was surprised.
Normally she was never like that.
- Do you want water, sir? - Yes.
A glass of water. This is my daughter, you know him?
- Halo.- Violet.
Halo, Violet.
Hey, say hi to the ...
- Do not be too pushy, father. - How are you?
This drink is delicious.
- Water What is this? - I do not know, the tap water.
- Very delicious. - Extraordinary.
Nice to meet you.
Where is he going?
Finding a place to go berserk?
Hi, we will conduct a special interview with Elastic Girl.
How are you, Jed? Do not you anything?
I am fine. Doctors have examined me.
I do not remember what happened.
I must tell you, strange to experience the event.
I do not remember.
I ask that everyone not to worry.
Where are you now?
I was in a cave that is very safe.
I want to talk to you, starting with a rescue train recording.
This is the original footage of the action beranimu.
We have to save him before the train crashed!
25 miles away. Guavaberry
I will do an important announcement at this event.
- He knows. - The mechanism worked.
- No need to look for the source. - Gotcha!
You will not be able to find it. I could not be found.
And when you are aware, I've been in a place far away.
Superheroes are creatures who must be destroyed.
They do not show their real face.
They're just pretending to be a hero,
every action they do to deceive you.
All their crimes hidden behind their masks.
As the disease in the human body.
You think they protect you, in fact you have been made weak.
I tell this so their cover blown.
And everything can be saved from their deceit.
The existing system has made a big mistake.
Destroy all of the existing system and try to stop me.
You're no longer in control. I who control everything.
I see you.
What happened?
You ruined my proof!
What is this? What do I do?
- You can not do this! - Right, just blame the system!
Jebakanmu succeed, you're a genius.
Oh, come on. I'm just a genius behind the genius.
The latest news today ...
Dad, what we will do this formula?
Come ask me.
Do not you ... Are not you tired?
Now we have to learn more.
A car driven by a super hero.
I bought it when the auction.
They said the car was destroyed.
Hey, the car in good condition.
You used to have that car?
They said the car was destroyed.
This famous car will be auctioned.
That is ... That's my car!
You're going to fill it with advanced equipment.
- Is it true? - I like this car.
But it will take a long time.
Wow! His car is on fire!
What are you doing? It's not a toy!
That is the rocket launcher!
Wait, we have to launch a rocket.
Hey, it's not your car.
It's also not a car.
That's my car. That's mine.
Why is that person who has it?
- He does not have it. - Launch a rocket.
Launch rocket!
We're not going to launch anything.
Do you think I want them to come to me now, when I try to not ...
So you're not going to steal your car back?
Jack-Jack has the power?
- Correct. - You know about this?
- Yes. - Why did not you tell us?
- I know. - We are your children. We are entitled to know.
- You tell mom? - No.
- Why not? - Your mother was not happy to hear it.
Why are we not going to tell her?
- What? - Because, it can not.
- Come on, man. - Why?
- Because ... - Really not cool.
Because I'm thinking about it. Okay?
I accepted the information and are currently processing it.
I tried to fix it and try to prevent the baby into a flaming monster.
How do I do that?
By accepting all the mischief, okay?
Because I'm Mr. lncredible, not Mr. Soap, or Mr. Milk.
Mr. lncredible.
No, I can handle it. There's no way I'm going to ...
I will contact Lucius.
Look normal to me. Since when did this happen?
Since Helen got the job.
I assume he knows it.
Are you kidding? I could not tell him about this.
Not as long as he did the work of heroes.
I must succeed so that he could succeed.
For us to succeed.
I understand, Bob. I understand.
When was the last time you slept?
No need to be exaggerated. I can handle this.
then you okay?
You can overcome this situation, is not it?
What ...
Okay, time for cake.
Delicious cake.
- You can not ... - Cake ...
He had just ...
Coming from another dimension. Correct.
It was really creepy. And it was not ...
Not good. I know.
Power will increase. And we can not control it.
So, what ... what do you succeed?
Yes. You think so, do not you?
Obviously, I can not keep giving her cakes.
But if I stop ...
I can not bite. I can not bite.
All right.
I think I need time for myself.
Then I'll be able to finish this.
You need more than just that, Bob.
You need plenty of time to finish this. Starting from this weird super baby.
You need to start thinking about something unusual.
You dare to appear in front of me like that without cleaning it first?
Clean yourself.
Bob, are you bringing anyone?
Only the baby alone.
I took my baby.
Really unusual.
You look absolutely terrible.
I ruined my car.
Then he hit me, and now he's changing.
I do not know what else to do.
I'm really tired.
If done correctly, being a parent is a heroic act.
If done properly.
And fortunately, you know me.
If you do not come to me, then you will be destroyed.
I've been designing clothes the hero, for your son.
Actually it was for Jack-Jack.
You also want me to make clothes for the baby?
I would not regard this as one of the emergency.
Well, you'll never know until I left it here for a while.
Leave it? Here?
I'm not a babysitter. I'm an artist.
I'm good at making clothes.
Did you see this?
Glad you came to this heavy task, because I like to challenge myself.
And I'll take care of it properly, so you will see the changes later.
Edna become parents?
Attention, attention.
I want to thank all the people who have come here tonight ...
in order to support these heroes and encourage them to return to society.
You who make all of this happen.
While I only intercede you desire to achieve this.
I think of him as someone special.
You love it, you miss him.
Meet Elastigirl.
Go on up here.
Better yet, show yourself here.
I want you to have this.
A keepsake.
Thank you, Winston, Evelyn, and all the people who are here.
I'm flattered.
And to all of you. It's thanks to you guys.
We only had a short time, which makes me want to announce something important.
Just now, the World Meeting led by hundreds of world leaders agreeing to be a hero ...
Look, all leaders on this earth are to hold a meeting on the ship.
If you permit, we would attend.
As ...
There is something to ask of you first.
How can you split time between being a hero and an ordinary person?
Oh, could you briefly delay?
Yes, see you again.
- Hey, baby. - Hey.
- Where is Jack-Jack? - He's staying at home ...
- Edna become a nanny? - True.
And you do not object to this?
Yes. I do not mind.
I want to tell you something.
Sorry about Tommy.
I do not think to erase his memory, you will pay the consequence ...
of choices you never do. That's not fair.
I know.
And then I made it worse in the restaurant with trying to ...
Whatever it is, whatever it is ...
Forgive me.
I always knew what the right thing to do.
But now, I'm not sure anymore.
I just want to be ...
a good father.
You're not a good father.
You're a super dad.
What heroes are allowed to drink while on duty?
I'm not on duty. Just ignore this costume.
I knew I should be up there, but I do not really like crowds.
You must be alone to keep the spirit. I know I am.
You're running from?
Well, you know, a problem the company.
But mostly my brother.
But you love him. You guys are the motor of this company. Yin and Yang.
Correct. I know it. He was great with communication.
Make them happy, welcome them, listen to what they want.
I never know what people want.
What do you want them?
Ease. People will redeem quality with ease, every time.
That might not be bad, but hey, it's easy.
I have no idea.
- You got a problem? - Yes, there is something.
That's too easy.
It's too easy?
- Anything?
What is that?
One monitor that it is a camera flashes.
Is not closed bersirkuit camera?
- Correct. - If so, how do they have it?
Maybe they meretasnya.
So security is really sophisticated, but the door was only locked simple?
Maybe he wants you to know.
He wants to get caught?
- He wants you to win. - That's absurd.
He's an intelligent man. There was no way he was not aware of such technology.
He's smart enough to do something with it.
People that we put people in jail is not arbitrary.
So? I see him as a loser
Look, you win. You've got ...
He must do to hypnotize someone
is to make their eyes fixed on the screen.
But what if the screen did not look like a screen?
What if...
He only person controlled by a person who is behind the scenes?
You are right.
I say let you sleep is a good thing.
Over the past 17 hours.
How do you feel?
I can not express how much I mernghargai Jack-Jack you cared for me, E.
Yes, I believe gratitude is very able to accept.
Do not ever ask me to do it again, my schedule is really solid.
I am kidding. I'm happy with it. I love your son.
Most of thy evil. As babies in general, he has unlimited potential.
As you know, this young man has so much expertise.
They, dear?
I understand the lack of sleep you can not judge something well.
That could be anything. And your son is the same.
Really has unlimited power potential.
I've made something for him.
You put him in ...
In a special room. Look what happened. And all would be fine.
- your challenge is to make the baby can control his power. - More or less.
I've worked in the field of music, and I know the baby responded to it well.
Mainly Mozart.
I make a special outfit for her.
And with this tablet you can monitor your baby.
Jeez ... what did he do?
Well, this is Mozart. Just accept it. The important thing you can monitor and anticipate changes.
Oh no. I had to take the cake.
Needless cake. I learned overnight. If he did not get a cake he would turn out to be evil.
Threatening danger. What does it mean?
This means that fire. I suggest you put out the fire.
And the use of other foods to disable it.
Delicious and can be eaten.
That's helpful.
Although I have to admit this is the greatest accomplishments overnight.
The tool has many functions we need to talk.
Thanks again, E. For everything.
How much do I owe you?
Stop basimu ado. The pay is that I will be forever on the family's clothes designer
until the end of time. But being a baby sitter, I do it for free.
I already know taunting to extend your hand.
Temperatures around here a little bit cold.
Try to lengthen your arms, you will be destroyed.
So you're Screenslaver?
True. And it's not.
Just tell me who created it. And spreading his message.
What Winston knows?
That I'm the Screenslaver? Certainly not.
Can you imagine what they would do with technology hipnotisku?
Worship what you do.
Hey, I'm using the technology to destroy the confidence of people.
As I take advantage of a super hero.
Who I was put into prison?
Only a courier. Useless. Aimless life.
I must say I give you a good role.
What does not make you disturbed an innocent man go to jail because of you?
He's a fool.
And he is stiff.
I trust you.
That is where you failed.
- What? - Why do you believe me?
Because I lend you bike?
Since my sister made a theme song for you?
We do not know each other.
But you can trust me.
It should be, is not it? Because you have the strength, and lavish costumes.
And we have to rely on and trust.
That's what my father believed.
When our house was robbed.
My mother wanted to hide. He begged my father to open the hidden room.
But my father insisted to call a friend of his hero.
He's dead. By useless.
Waiting for the hero to save us.
But why ... your sister ...
He was a child.
He remembers the days in which we have a hero.
So, like a child, Winston still stupid.
Mom and Dad ran for the heroes escape.
And we have to surrender to hang our fate in the hands of others.
Heroes make us weak.
What are you going to kill me?
Using you still better.
You're going to help to make it illegal hero forever.
Mata laser.
That's not how. Look at this.
Jack-Jack, are you ready?
Do not make this baby shot in the house. Do you understand?
It is interesting.
We're going to teach him how to control his power. Okay?
Display screen.
He disappeares.
That's really cool.
All right, good. Use it. Use. Press.
You see the radar, its shape. That office. Use it to track him down, so where is he?
OK. Exit. Time for cake.
- Jack-Jack. - Keren.
- Hello? - Elastigirl in trouble.
What? What happened to him?
Sorry, to tell you over the phone. Meet me on the plane Devtech.
Devtech plane. I would arrive in 15 minutes.
Lucius. Bob. Helen in trouble. I need someone to look after the children.
- Wear your costume. It would be strange. - I'll get there. 15 minutes.
I have to go. I'll be home soon. Lucius will arrive here.
Do not make him shoot in the house. Okay?
What happened with the plane in Devtech? And why are you wearing your super?
What is a super mom clothes?
He may need it. You never know.
What happened?
I do not know. But Father Lucius after getting the phone call about the mother and then go
I thought you did not like to be a superhero.
Yes, but I have to help my family. Wear.
Hello, little friend.
You are not safe.
Deborah sent us to take you.
Well, the father had just told me to keep them.
Because these children are safe.
I understand, it is sometimes confusing.
Go. You understand, right, Miss ...
Ninth Voyd.
Good night.
Happily, he asked us to take you too.
As ...
That will not hold them for long.
Quick save yourselves.
Come on!
To my car!
Vi, what happened?
It works.
lncredibile open the door.
Step into.
Turn on the navigation system.
- Frog fire. - Jack Rubber.
We must flee.
- What news? - Good news and bad news.
We find him, physically well but she was not aware of.
Strange house.
Helen, what are you ...
Helen, it's me.
lncredibile spinning.
We could not go, they all wear glasses.
They are under the influence of a person.
But how can we restore them?
Okay, the man was eyeing us, but with our power, this car ...
lncredibile continue the journey.
The boy fled but we caught Bob Parr.
Take him to the ship immediately.
We miss.
Ah, if lncredibile has fashion boat.
What are you doing?
- What are you doing? - I do nothing sodium absorption ratio.
He does what I say.
- We did not plan this, Ralph. - What do you mean? We are here, right?
Yes, we are here. We should be up there.
Okay, the ejection seat lncredibile.
What? No.
- Do not! - We go.
Come on.
Hello, glad you could come. Welcome aboard.
- Where's our star, the show was about to begin. - He can not appear.
He will join another time.
The attention of the audience.
This ship is the largest ship on the planet.
So, hold onto something because we will be moving quickly.
We must look for mom and dad. Stay here, I'll look for them.
Wait, who will oversee the back here?
Face it, I will not be long.
Wait! Wait!
This is important, they are in trouble, his fate is in our hands.
Make her laugh but do not be noisy.
- Jack-Jack. - They know we are here.
I found my father and mother ... Where is Jack-Jack?
What? Your job is only one.
Tracker. Use the tracer.
- He's up? - Is he moving?
Let's go.
Hey, little baby. You are very...
And here's their ... our super hero.
I told you they would be fine.
Hey, what do you make new glasses?
Yes, fashionable, good, right?
Simple and all can wear ... and we are airborne in ...
3, 2, 1.
This is a historical moment, we will all soon witness a very rare thing.
We agree with the outside world.
We agree to correct bad decisions
to ensure outstanding member of the gifted
will be treated fairly, inviting them once again,
so that they are beneficial to the world.
You all represent a commitment to superheroes.
Ambassador Salomon.
Yes, the harder she can not hear you.
- Thank you very much. - Thanks ambassador
to support krusialmu.
No more than you deserve for the first signature
in the Charter of the International Super Hero.
My goodness!
Put out the fire.
He is coming.
Is he okay?
I told you to take care of today ...
Give it to me cake.
Cake again?
- See you later. - Get back!
- Damn. - Through this way.
Once again the world is becoming a super back.
Looking ahead, come on. Next to everything.
March. Come on, line up.
Everything smile.
Continue Phase 2.
You always made it difficult, just to tidy up your carelessness.
Your body is weak, and you will receive a reward for it.
We no longer serve you. We only serve ourselves.
We wish the best survived.
That scene is very harmonious one.
And before advertising, be careful.
- Emergency ... - Let him call.
Superheroes take over the bridge by force.
- Repeat. - Now!
A little more ... stop.
What? Baby?
mother and father.
Jack-like, no!
Super baby? No, no.
No, no! Put him down.
Mother. Catch this.
- Hey, it's me. - Yes, that's what I thought last time.
You come for us?
- Do not be angry. - Oh dear.
How can I do that?
I am proud.
Not intend to ruin the atmosphere, but we are no where?
- What is the problem Devtech? - Evelyn Deavor, controlling ...
- Where the wheel? - Did I do that?
Phase 3, continue phase 3.
Why are children here? Do not you go home?
I went to the house, just ask them.
He's lying.
Okay, you should not ...
- Jack-Jack, had the power? - We'll talk later.
Mata laser.
Come on follow me.
- We're done? - You'll be safe here.
Secure? Safe from what?
- Diplomats, superheroes ... - They hypnotized.
What have you done?
Evelyn, he fled.
- Well, go after him. Complete your mission. - I can not just leave.
How are the kids? Jack-Jack?
Go, we can handle this.
Voyd, come with me.
- I'm going to turn off the engine. - I'm going to slow down the boat.
Wait, where the gun?
Sitting now!
- For the sake of good. - No!
- What is your plan? - Take me to the top of the jet.
Hey, you do this. Can you do it again?
- Do you want me back? - What?
- Can not do that? - No, I do not Protects crushed crusher.
Entry into the engine room. Forget, not enough time.
When you were asked to return to normal, what are you doing?
Welcome to the airlines Elastigirl, we reached cruising altitude.
For the sake of your safety wear seat belts, or silent and calm.
It's all about you.
- I can not enter the engine room. - We have to do something.
I've tried to slow down but to no avail.
Hey, how about reversing the boat?
That's not a good idea.
- That means, we will be outside. - Yes!
If we put the brakes on the reef and change kincirnya we can keep the ship from the city.
- It might work. - I'll divert the ship,
- you bend kincirnya. - Using the stairs?
It was under water, how? Oh, unbelievable.
- Come on, kids. - Dad!
I know this will work, but if it did not work when we crash,
shield will protect this ship.
I have to live here, along with Jack-Jack.
That's just my daughter.
Come on, steered to the right.
You know what's bad?
The work is not recognized in your life, by your good friend.
I wish I had ...
that ability.
The latest news, still no radio contact
The boat had changed direction and headed for the city at high speed.
- After I turn this boat, you press the button. - Okay, dad.
Now drop anchor ...
Reputation as a super hero is destroyed.
You'll never be legal.
- At all? - No.
Not at all?
Hypoxia, lack of oxygen in your brain.
You will feel weak and then you will die.
- I do not want to die. - No one wants to die.
Pity you.
Everything, we have to go to the back of the boat. Superheroes protect the ambassador.
He spent too long in the water.
- Pull him. - Wait, is too early.
- He's going to die. - Patience!
The ship turned. It worked.
- Now! - Ralph, now!
Let's open the parachute.
Open the chute.
Helen, use a parachute.
We're going to die!
I missed the first drama Jack-Jack?
Actually, you missed the first 17 years.
The fact you saved me does not make you right.
- But, that keep you alive. - And I'm grateful for that.
Sorry, but what I know you?
Sorry, he will not accept to be treated like that again.
First of all, Violet I like you.
And who knows the future? But I have a good feeling with you all.
A good feeling?
What should we worry?
You must.
I see what you did before, it was incredible.
And not everyone can do it.
My favorite car.
On extraordinary services they have done
With this super hero status restated legal.
- You do not know, right? - No, wait ...
- What do you girls who wear the mask? - I'm Violet.
I'm Tony.
- Tony, this is my mother. - Nice to meet you.
- It's my father. - We never met.
- This is embarrassing ... my brother Dash. - I'm short.
And baby Jack-Jack. I tried to reduce so one parent.
We're all going to watch a movie, honey.
Too early, we decided on the theater. Not like that?
He jokes, they just drove us to the theater. They have other business.
So, I think you guys close.
- I guess. - We can get closer.
Let us out.
Sorry, Tony. Buy popcorn, find a chair for me.
I was back before the preview ends.