Indian Romeo and Juliet (1912) Movie Script

Romeo & Juliet
From the Shakespeare's drama
Romeo Montaigu falls in love with the blond juliet,
Capulet's daughter, sworn enemy of her family.
Slave of a passion growing in his heart,
Romeo can't resist to the desir to see Juliette again.
Desperately in love with Romeo,
the sweet Juliet refuse to betroth to Thybalt.
Romeo, decided to oppose
to the wedding of Juliet and Thybalt,
compe secretly to a masked ball
organized by Capulets.
Irritated of the affront made by Romeo,
Juliet's father and his supporters challenge
their centuries-old rivals, the Montaigus
"In order to prevent the return of the civil fights
that disturb the city,
"Us, Duke of Verona, will sentence to exile
"every one, from now on, who'll cross swords
against one of his citizens."
Romeo comes and begs Juliet
to consent to marry him.
Romeo, challenged by his rival, Thybalt,
Hurt this one in a duel.
"Exile penalty was pronounced against Romeo Montaigu,
"guilty to have infringed our edict on duel."
Romeo & Juliet
Act Second
before leaving in exile,
Romeo come to take his leave of Juliet.
Ignoring Juliet's secret wedding,
His father forces her to accept Thybalt as husband.
Brother Laurent gives Juliet an unexpected way
to avoid the union she is threatened.
This narcotic provokes a deep sleep,
Faithfull reflect of the death, which disappears the following day."
Tragic wedding
Informed by the public rumour,
Romeo, believing that Juliet is dead,
comes back in Verone to see a last time
his love.