Indian Rupee (2011) Movie Script

Smoking and drinking alcohol
are dangerous to health
- Surendran...
- He is in the office, upstairs
Take him to Surendran
Please come
lt's him!
- Greetings!
- Greetings, sit
- l am Rama rai!
- So it was you who've called
You didn't tell anything in the phone!
l'm from Mangalapuram!
Kasturba Seva Mandir is an orphanage
lt is for the old
and sick who have no one to support
We both are the workers of it
We have come to see Jaya Prakash
- He is your relative
- l got you
Don't mistake me
Does he owe you any money?
No! l've not seen him at all
l've to tell him some thing!
That's better
l want his address
as well as some details from him
l'll tell you the reason later
There are some details to tell about him
- ls Jaya chettan here?
- What if he is here?
Will you call him?
l've some thing to tell him
Mom! Has brother awaken?
Two urgent matters have come!
Prakash! Go and call him
You have come forthat, right?
He will sleep till mid-noon
if not awakened
Prakash! Son! Get up, will you?
- What's it?
- 2 people have come to see you
They look like big shots!
They asked if it is real estate
brokerJaya Prakash's residence
Son! l think you have made it!
- Jaya Prakash's residence?
- lt means residence House
l know it! Who will be that?
- Should l call them here?
- Move
Don't forget the commission
for me if it clicks!
Go and wash your mouth if you don't mind
lt stinks yesterday's left over
Brother! Looks you are bunked
l'll see to you
Mom, tea!
- What do you want?
- The plot nearthe bridge is sold, right?
l think so! Why?
Rainikka, Joyettan and party is there
lt is going on there
lf they didn't get anything
it will get nowhere
You know well about Rainikka!
We have suffered much for that business
You know well
What is difficult about it?
lt is just to show the place
We survive with the meager money like this
Get us some money from them
Damn it! ln the morning...!
l'll call and tell Rainikka
You can go
lt won't work out without you
What is this nuisance?
You can go
l'll come there
Why do you invite
these slimy guys in the house?
l don't invite them
They get in themselves
Why do you create
an opportunity for it?
My dear mom!
l wish if Paris Aboobaker,
Alukas Joyettan
Malbar Gold Amudan and Ravi Pillai sir come
What to do?
They don't know me
- Have you seen Rainikka?
- That will not be right if we see
Move aside
Where is the Erinji bridge?
Over there!
The rate has gone up now!
That will not be right if we see
- Rainikka! One minute
- Tell me
We have to give those guys something!
- Which guys?
- Those standing there
Who are they?
They only told us about selling this site
Aren't you and him told us
about selling this site
lt was them who told us
Please come
You don't know about the world yet
Many people will be there like that
How can l give money to all those?
Rainikka! What's the problem?
They both are doing business!
...and they have 2 assistants for them
They too want commission!
lt is really a problem!
You have to give those from
whatever you, and Hameed get
Don't come to us again
with worthless cases like these
Come Rainikka
Don't feed others when you
can't feed your self! You too
Come to the bridge tomorrow
lf he gives us anything,
we'll give these from that
- You can go now
- See you then
How long we'll go
behind Rainikka and Joyettan?
We can manage the brokers but the
nasty guys like this are unmanageable
lf anyone asks tell we are the brokers...
just like them
You know how much they earn in a day?
- How much?
- 15 millions
We have to play a game like them
right away no other go
God! He is here!
- Vasu uncle
- Prakash!
You didn't try that way
when l told you something
- What is it uncle?
- So you don't know
lt is long since l told you
to get a groom for Beena
She refuses by telling various reasons
l have not forgotten
l am looking into it
When l say the girl is a doctor
it doesn't click
The boy should be at least
a doctor, isn't it?
lt is not like that
The groom can be a business man
The business man only have plenty of money
You too are a land dealer
Tell him, we will give commission for him
He will have interest only then!
He is not a stranger
His mother will be
more or like my sister
Will he get it from me
if l give him any money?
He will get it from you full heartedly!
lt is his profession
We will get a guy for her
There are a few smart guys
who are in the real estate whom l know
ln that, one guy is keen
on making me a millionaire very soon
A millionaire very soon?
How is that possible?
lt is the specialty of this field, uncle
-At the wink of the eyes...
- Will become beggars!
Mom was searching you!
Stop your big talk and go to her
Ok! Then l'll go and see aunty...
You want to give me commission
if l find a boy for you!
What should l tell him, then?
Should l keep quiet when it is my
...groom and a millionaire too
who has earned from
...real estate business
and the marriage is not going to happen?
Won't it happen?
There is something to happen now
Do you want to see it?
What is it?
Your affair with her was
done by hiding so far!
Now you have brought it into the house!
l was just poking into this house
when l was going through this way
You mean through the main hall way?
Don't make me play
the role of the elder brother, right?
You were the only man
who was supporting me all the time
- You too have changed the party?
- She has two brothers other than me
One is a doctor and the
other is a engineer!
You're not any one of these two
You are the only rice merchant
in the market place!
You support when a real estate broker coming
as a brother in law, isn't it Surendretta?
l am a B.Com graduate
from Guruvayoorappan College
...before entering the rice business
- What about you?
- He has passed the 9th class
- What? - lt is betterto tell
that he has failed 10th class
- Who is this? - What aunt?
- ls it Prakasan?
l have told you to bring me
a calf long back!
Tell me how much commission you need?
Then the calf and its mom
will come to you!
He won't ask me any commission!
He is the brother in law of him!
Go and make tea, mom
- Won't you take food?
- l have to
Land broker... Marriage broker...
and now calf broker
l want to tell an urgent matter to you
Will you come out?
l'll come!
You start and l will be coming soon
Don't ask me any money
l am down this month financially
Take courage l won't ask you any money
Don't get delayed
Roychan's hotel is off today, isn't it?
The full team is enjoying orchestra
- JP! You are not to be seen these days!
- l've enough problems!
lt's long time since we heard your song!
Where is time to sing?
l'm on the move!
- Will you song this song?
- l have no touch these days
- lt is only 2 lines!
- God! Give me the mike
Oh! My lover! Your thoughts!
This river, twilights, and eye lids
With the feathers spread in the memories
...and have come running
Oh! My lover! Your thoughts!
This river, twilights, and eye lids
in the memories...
No chance, Beena has come
There is an urgent quotation!
Do you know only this song?
singing always this song!
There is no use learning
so much of songs
A human being should learn
to sing a song well
Doctors do not have any taste for music!
Are there any doctors in
Kerala who can sing?
- Yes! Dr.K.J. Jesu Dass
- l asked about the MBBS doctor
lsn't him MBBS?
No! He is a Siddha Vaidya doctor!
Stop your fun!
Why did you want to see me urgently?
l have told you already
The coffee estate of Shiela Koshy
in Veeraj Pettai...
What about that deal of the estate?
l used to ask you about that
when ever l call at times
We are trying for it
But the people have some doubt
Those who know you,...
know you are fraudulent
What do you want me to do?
We are given the responsibility
to sell the estate
Madam has to write and sign
a papertelling that
The parties will believe only then!
lf so, no more brokers interfere into it
Let me discuss about it
They'll have to discuss
with the manager orthe advocate
l told you earlier
Husband's sudden death!
No kids!
That's why he want to sell this estate
and settle down in Bangalore!
You know about the sale of the land
lf the owners want to sell today
...the brokers would have sold it a day ago
Ok! What do l gain from this?
l'll deduct a heavy sum from
your dowry for me
You rascal!
- ls this KTC films?
- This is not KTC Films now
Now it is the real estate business
Estate? What estate?
Estate means selling and buying land!
KTC Films has locked off and gone
...and the owner Chandu kutti has vanished!
Keep the phone down brother
- Sir! Tea!
- Make 3 of it!
- Eats?
- Take 3 of it!
l asked you to visit the
3 cent land in Kallai
- Have you gone there?
- That's a vacant land
He will be fooled if anyone buys it
Mamooka has told me this
Do you know what he has told me?
That there is an old building and land!
You know what it was when enquired?
lt is the old railway station!
- Tea!
- Keep it there
Eats are there
Why didn't Beena call me?
lt's her!
Tell me
JP! l called Shiela madam
What did she tell you?
The authorization of selling the estate
will be given to you by madam!
Go and get it
l have to go to Mercara to get it, right?
They will bring to you
at your corporate office in Palayam
Try to go and get it
Nice! The sunglass has to be taken out
They'll think of something
Remove it! This has brought
film star Mammotty a bad name!
Dear Kuttappa! Keep it with you
l am Jaya Prakash!
l expected you to be here
She has hospital duty
She said she wouldn't get leave
Nambiyar! Call these with you
They are from know
Give those papers to him
Go with Nambiyar
YourJaya Prakash has come
He is a good guy
- Did you get it?
- Yes!
- Get a buyer with out delay
- l'll do that
Lot of enquiries have come
lt's better to speed up the work
Tell those who come for enquiries
that the estate has been sold out
How can we say that?
What if anybody come with a better offer?
No! We ourselves will come
with a good party!
- Shall we take leave then?
- Ok
- Next time you come,
please bring Beena! Ok? - Ok, madam!
l went to Mercara...with style!
l don't want to hear about your style
Tell me what happened
l have procured the document
The power to sell 500 acre coffee estate
The price of 2 millions for an acre
How much is that?
You are the mathematician for that
You tell me
5x2 is 10... 1 billion
What would be the
commission for me out of that?
- You are asking me it again!
- 25 millions
- Who am l then?
- Who?
lt's of old usage! Easwaran...
l'm a Kodeeswaran (Millionaire)
Then there are projects ahead of me
We can think and decide
the projects later
First you try to finish
of the compensations!
You show up your smartness when buying!
Show it when you are returning it
- One minute...
- What? - l'll call you up later
Who? What do you want?
This office...
When you ask me that is it the films...
or the down stairs?
- Real Estate!
- Yes! Come in
What is the matter?
The matter is connected with your work
- l didn't miss my way
- l expected it
My name is Achutha Menon
l have a property to sell
l came to consult you about it
l see! Consulting is our...
The property you want to sell...
lt's in the town only...Nadakkavil
Nadakkavil means...?
lt is in the right side on the road
about 5 feet which goes to Bilathi!
lt's on the road side
lt's a land of 65 cents & an old house on it
Here is Achutha Menon sir!
- What?
-Achutha Menon sir!
His property is in Nadakkavil
lt is actually in Vandipetta!
lt is 65 cents land,
but the house is old
l want to sell it at the earliest
The price of the house will be less
As the house is an old one
The land will have a sale value
and that's enough
ls it your house or property
of every one in the family?
lt is not like that
The property is in my wife's name!
She is not alive now
Do you have any children?
Have the partition over?.
My children are abroad
They have no intention to come here
They only want
the money after selling this
The documents...?
...saying lf l have the power
to sell & if l am the husband... she really have died!
- ls that all?
- Yes, all the certificates including
...the latest Encumbering
certificate are needed
All the certificates are ready
The Photostat copy of the original
which is needed for you, right?
These documents is enough
You give the mobile number when you go
We will call you
l am not used to it
Do you have the land line to call?
l'll come here at times!
My house and land
will be under your surveillance!
l'll be in my house!
- Okay then!
- Ok
This is the first time that a man
comes to our office!
He looks very significant!
lt is time we played in a big way!
- Let me call Rainikka!
- Wait
Rainikka should allow
us to deal this business
No commission should be encouraged
Land in Mercara!
65 cent land in the town!
The signs of prosperity are seen!
- Don't call Rainikka
- Then?
We will meet him
- Tell me Joyetan!
- lt is there
Rainikka! This is the first case
which has come to our office
Your office? ls there an office like that?
- ln Palayath!
- ls it in the Palayath market?
Not inside
There is a cinema distribution office
in the corporation building
...where Tamil films are shown!
Their office is there
- ls it in that godown?
- Godown?
The price of land there is high, you know?
Whatever it is, it is the land
of the corporation, isn't it?
Sit there
Shall we handle the Vandipetta case?
Will you allow us to earn money?
What is it Joy?
l've talked to Syriyak sir in Bangalore
He has found the land in the
Google earth and okayed
- Go and fix the rate!
- lt will be over in a single sitting!
Joy! He is talking about sitting
Hamid! Let Allah take care of you
- Please bless me!
- Please sit here
Good care should be taken
when bringing you up!
- You are a very smart guy
- You are my master! Right?
Take your scooter and go
l showed the documents to the advocate
lt is all ok!
- We have to give a name to it
- My name is Achutha Menon
l have told you earlier
Who else want a name?
- Don't you have a name?
- Giving a name is a practice for the brokers
We consider that as fixing a rate!
Please sit in the sitting room
l'll come now
lt looks as a poor atmosphere
No signs of prosperity here!
House, Parents, the old brass
vessels, furniture
The children go abroad leaving all these!
- He could ask 0.9 -1 million for a cent
- He is a retired tiger!
- He should be chained well
- He is coming!
2 groups came to me when l decided to sell
My rate was 0.6 million for a cent
l have no idea to sell it less than it
The market is dull now altogether
Dubai people's rush is almost stopped
lf the commerce buildings are to build
...there are damn laws induced
by the corporation
The area of the car parking
and the number of floors
the depth of piling! Damn it
No one like to build a house
in the middle of the road
- There is a nuisance by the thieves too!
- Very nuisance
...enough! l don't want to hear
the brokers' ready made talk
l have no time to hear it
l'll tell you a rate!
lf it is okay with you,
you can go further into it
Sir can tell it
- l want to get 0.8 million for a cent
- 0.8
Oops! 0.8 million will be large money for us
- Now it is your turn!
- Tell me what is your rate
lf you have to ask somebody, go ahead
1 minute! Rainikka!
We are at the spot
What is our final decision?
- How much shall we ask?
- Tell him it is 0.95
Syriyak is ok to give up to 11
See that if it can be fixed at 0.95
- Can we go down if needed?
- That is for you
l know that you won't change the rate
- Yet l am asking you...Are you sure?
- Yes
There won't be a place available
in Kozhikode market
You have to find a place
in Koyilandi, Payyoli or somewhere
Yes, it will sound as a big sum!
lf you sell it again,
the price will go up, right!
l am standing before him
l will tell the price
You can go ahead or other party is there
Sir! l'll tell the price for
the business to go on! a minimum time,
say within 1 month!
- Tell the rate
- 0.75 million for a cent
0.75 million!
lt is a top deal! Stretch your hands
- Registration is in one month!
- Done!
lt is the get together of my MBBS batch
of 2008 l want to take leave for that
- You too have to come with me
- l am asking you why!
What am l supposed to do there?
For Mysore Dussera there is a
usage of Nai Kudunga
My situation will also be like that
The married and whose engagement
is over in my batch are coming
How can l go alone?
- This damage was done by you
- What's that?
l told you not to pass the SSLC exam!
But you have passed
l told you not to go for Pre-degree
But you entered it
l told you not to join MBBS
But you joined
Don't worry
When l introduce you to my friends
l'll tell them, that you are a
big real estate dealer
- There are 2 conditions
- What?
Don't introduce me to anyone there
- l'll have two drinks and come
- Only 2 drinks!
You are paying for that
You can decide how much
For sometime, l wanted to give
some pain in the doctors' neck
- lt will work out today
- You JP
This river, twilights, and eye lids
With the feathers spread in the memories
...and have come running
My lover! Your thoughts!
This river, twilights, and eye lids
Your lips my lover,
craves for the kiss!
What would the moon told the cloud?
Your lips my lover,
craves for the kiss!
What would the moon told the cloud?
The bed room of the moon light
The stars are the friends who
...have poured the elation and
would it have forgotten
Will it forget the old elation?
Why your face has been reddened?
This river and the twilights...
lt is many nights and the pearly dreams!
Blossomed days...
and will those fade away?
lt is many nights and the pearly dreams!
Blossomed days...
and will those fade away?
ln the limit of sky of love...
Like birds with wings of
desire flying high
...did we forget that time?
Had the dream too faded off?
l was down with the flower of tears!
This river, twilights, and eye lids
With the feathers spread in the memories
...and have come running
My lover! Your thoughts!
This river, twilights, and eye lids!
- Sir! Get this, it is 0.5 million as a token
- l didn't ask you
There is a formal as the
things are set right
You have to do the registration fast
l can't handle this much amount
Somebody might kill me to get that
You need not have to keep it with you
You can remit in the bank
l have no bank account!
Even the beggars have bank account,
ATM card & PAN card
lncome tax raid to add to it
ln any case we can start an account
Larger payments are yet to come
There are nobody to do the
formalities for me for a help
Forget that lt is just a phone call
and the Bank will come here
Why don't you sit properly and eat?
Both are sitting in a lousy way
- Bride is a doctor!
- What?
l was telling the name of an old film
-Why do you want to tell it now?
The 2nd part is coming
Groom is SSLC passed
You nasty dog
Do you believe that this marriage
will happen with your family's consent?
As long her dad is alive
there is no chance for that
Don't expect him to die one of these days
lf he is not going to die
we will kill him by the help of somebody
Who is it?
Police have reached just
when the slaughter is planned
Why are you in this dress?
Sit and have some tea
l am on duty
You finish eating and come
- What is it?
- There is nothing to get scared
lt is a small issue of the
Nadakkavu property sale
l don't know any details
Commissioner and AC are there in the spot
- You are asked to come to the station
- What's it Pradeep?
There is no problem teacher
lt isjust to take his statement
ls Menon sir's business conked out?
l'll come in a minute
- ls there any problem, brother?.
- lt's nothing!
What's the problem?
This house is on sale!
There are some problems because of it
Who has sold the house?
This is the house of External minister
Sankara Menon's ancestral house!
l know it! The Commissioner and collector
came here for that, right?
Who have sold it to whom?
lt was his dad who have done this business
lt is my father!
He left the house when
l was doing my school final!
l saw him later when mom's body was buried
in the burial ground among the spectators
My sister and me knew it that my dad and
mom were legally separated years ago
But mom has not informed to us
Before sister went to US and
l went to Delhi he came again to see us
He asked me shelter to stay
and l gave him permission to stay here
l happened to know now his plan by chance
to sell this house
He has no power to do that
We happened to know that a buyer came
and gave the token advance
He has remitted it in a new lDlDl Bank
He took about 25000 Rs from that
You have to give that back to the buyers
l'll give you 25000 Rs
The party has come
who has bought the land
Call them
Hope you have understood the matter!
You have to come to the North AC's office
with the original agreement
- Understand?
- We will come sir
You have to take the amount in the bank
and give that back to them
We have already got
a signed check leaf from him
lt is to get back
the balance money from him
l knew that he has no powerto sell it
lf you are interested in it
we will sell it at the said price
The Bangalore party is ready now
Whoever it is,
we want to finish the business
l told him that it is 7.5
Don't take it serious
8.5, 8.75!!
We have to finish it in only a sitting
- What?
- Take them away
Go from here
l told you to go out
- Go out! lt's for you too
- Don't push me
The media shouldn't know it at any case
You two have to be careful
So that's how it goes!
See how he sits... damn it!
l'll hit you!
- Poor guy!
- ls he?
He has tried to sell the house
cheating his children
Children! His son has deserted him!
He wouldn't need to spent much money
for his dad as to a dog
You can't hide
the truth with coat and suit
l wanted to escape from that
by doing a fraud
l understood that there
is no easy way for that
l am ready to accept
the punishment for the fraud done by me
Don't beat me up
l can stand the pain
lt could affect the children of yours
- lt's not needed
- Where to...?
There are long railway tracks!
Do you want to go for a journey?
Or is it to end your life?
- lt is suitable for both
- l've not decided any thing else
Joy! See who have come!
Did you get back the advance of 0.5 million?
Oh! Who do you think l am?
How was it?
Forthe party the cost was 0.75 for a cent
The sale for 0.95!
0.2 million for a cent!
65 cent of the land in total!
13 millions profit!
lt is as if the balloon has exploded
Our history is something different
like climbing a palm tree!
You have to climb
every step of the tree with care
Who is there not expecting
any profit in a business?
There is no history which says the business
goes in the same way for no one!
Then the do's don'ts of real estate!
That was taught by you!
There are some laws
in lndia for any business!
lndia the great was born from a big
real estate deal!
The British gave the property
back to us it is the
...fight forthe manager's
post of that, right?
Cut in 2 pieces...gave 2 names
...registered in the name of 2 parties
and solved the problem!!
Then on, we learned the tricks and pranks
of the real estate business and following it
Don't teach him any social studies
We take leave then!
lf any thing useful comes,
don't forget to inform us
We will be here only
Ok, then
Mom, tea!
Money chain!
The dist. judge loses 7.5 millions
The dist. Judge loses too!
This money should go into the real estate!
You have cheated a housewife
that she would get
...the double if she remit in the real estate
- Who is that woman?
- lt's me!
You will get back 3 times of the money
which you gave me for a necessity
lt is running in the deal market now
ls it any cat or dog for that?
l don't want any profit or interest
l want only my principal
Principal? You mean 0.3 million right?
That money is meagerfor you!
lf l search your shirt
there won't be even 30 rupees
You won't have it if
you search Ambanis' pocket!
We don't carry any cash with us
Where are you going wearing sari?
- l'm not to anywhere!
- You look well dressed!
-Aren't they coming today?
- Who is it?
Ooch! lt is them!
Sathish and his family
Oh! For engagement!
Was it today?
They are not coming for
engagement it is to...
...discuss the matters and
keep it as a secret
The date and otherthings
You have to ask them about the
gold ornaments apart from money!
...and you have to settle the matter
When will you give me back my 0.3 million?
You'll have to tell me that too!
The 0.3 million and the extra money
from here and there
We have to perform
the marriage with all this money
Are you old enough to get married?
Don't force me to tell the reply for that
Go and take bath!
They will come now
lt is the marriage of the reputed
real estate broker's sister the Kozhikode market
Perform it in a grand way
The mother and daughter
of the real estate broker
...have to see the real me!
lt is switched off mom
He will do it
He is of that kind
l know what has to be done
l'll perform the marriage by selling
this house and land!
The rest of the money is to be
deposited in the bank in your account
l won't give him even a paisa!
That's a good idea!
- Where will mom go?
- l'll go to Kasi!
lsn't it an old, outdated dialogue?
Change your place!
l'll come after a bath!
The rascal will come by then!
lt is switched off now
ls there any body here?
- l want to see Jaya Prakash
- He is not here
- Will he come now?
- We too are waiting for him
Come and sit
l went to his office
Ganesan has told me the way to here
Ganesan has called several times
in the mobile l couldn't get it
- You want to drink anything?
- 1 cup of tea if you won't bother!
- Did you have anything to eat?
- Only tea will do
- Will you mind if l give you 2 idlies?
- No
Why do you want to see my brother?
Do you have any idea to buy or sell land?
l had an idea for that
That's why l came to meet him
But now l came here to see
if he could handle the work!
Any work which suits me at this age!
All say that he is the best man
to give work to others
- God!
- What's it?
lt is some work for my brother!
lt's the team for my proposal!
- Take the plates
- What about tea?
But my hunger has subsided
l don't want it as it is luxury
l'll have it later
- Please come!
- Greetings!
Please sit
- l think we have met...
- No! This is the first time
You look very familiarto me
- May l know about you?
- l am...
Sit son! Prakash has gone out
He will come now
Let him come
We will leave now
An old man is admitted in the BMS
with poor condition
- We want to meet him there
-About the date
We have fixed Nov 26 Saturday
All can come for the marriage that day
as it is a holiday!
What do you say, madam?
You can have it if you feel right
That day may not be a good choice
As told by eminent astrologers
lt is dangerous if Saturday and
Thriketta come together
Was it told by any astrologer?
Yes! He is not a famous man
He is from our place
lt is not an auspicious day
You can select Nov 21
Being a suitable day for Lord Krishna
it is auspicious
lf you want, you can consult
a good astrologer
Ok then! lt is November 21 Monday
You know the details
What will you give
your girl as dowry?
We have to answer them if anybody ask us
Only then they'll have
a good opinion about us
Nobody like those who get money as dowry
lt is good to give as golden ornaments!
lt is funny to know
that this attitude have not changed
ls marriage a business deal
fixed by the parents?
lt should be a decision taken
by the girl and boy full heartedly
That's right! lt's the beginning
of a new relationship aftertheir meeting!
Why then they have avoided this business?
Will they be able to forget
their love in terms of money?
l don't accuse any old people
They just repeat
what their old generation did
But it is pitiful about the young ones!
When they see a girl instead of asking her
whether she likes him is better to ask
how much property she has!
Then the matter would be easy!
Sorry! We haven't come
to receive the dowry
lf you feel so, l ask you to pardon us
No! We wanted to know
as we are curious about it
Yes! You have to know
You should know
that the dowry will not be less
You spoil the peaceful
atmosphere of a family by that
No! l am telling you
l have no demand for me
l am ready if you perform
the marriage in a register office
lt is your promise
to your girl for a bright life valuable than handful of
golden ornaments as dowry
You have asked me who l am
You can take me for a passer-by
lf my talk has hurt anybody,
sorry forthat
No sir! You would have come here
to teach me this
When l came here starving,
she was ready to give me food
lt is her mind which will be
the most valuable dowry for you
See you then! God bless you!
- Faizal!
- l know him
lt belongs to Papanchettan
who runs the Golden chit company
We heard that it is for sale
That is not yet been sold
The party l brought has given the advance
As their business is dull, they dropped
their idea and were gone
How much do they demand?
He asked not less than 1 billion
He came down to 850 - 900 millions!
Not more than that
You tell it to Rainikka
You should have a big team to manage
- lt is Sajitha from home
- Don't take
You know why she has called?
- Me...You know something
- Talk
So things are solved
You can come home boldly
Sathisan do not want any money or gold
He is ready to take free delivery
lt was Menon sir who have saved us
You have to give him proper care
He was in the station!
Did you find it difficult?
Keep the box inside
How long will you live
in a railway retiring room?
lf you don't mind you can stay with us
Our life is like the fishermen's life
We will starve at times
or will have enough food for us at times
You have asked for a job, what l heard
We will search for it
Sir come in
Thank you very much
l didn't pose a problem to anyone
You can ask me to vacate
if you wanted to
l wanted to reciprocate your help
My sister's marriage will be performed
without any problems
You are the reason for that
He will be here
till he get a job and place to live
Nobody will ask you the ticket
when travel in a drowning boat
Let him get in
Your entry is on an un cheerful day
- What's it?
- Samuelettan called from Viraj petta
Shiela Koshy's estate has sold
by a team from lrutti
What have they done?
They gave the signed authorization
to us forthe sale of the estate
Tear off the document and ask Ganesh
to prepare a black tea
The business has to procure
25 millions as commission!
We wouldn't be able to come out of
Rainikka and Joyettan's shade
Why don't we call Shiela Koshy?
We can tell what
she has done is a nasty thing
For the peace of mind
We have to go and see her in person
When you go,
you take a pre-dated stamp paper
...saying that it is decided
to sell the estate to another party
...and there should be a check
for an advance amount, with it
...and keep it before her with respect
Who is this guy?
There is no one like him
There is
l am that buyer
What about the check?
l have the old check book with me
lt is lDlDl Bank's
There could be stamp papertoo
What if she tell that
the estate has been sold out?
She should not tell that
Then it will be cheatery
she has done to you
We have to get the compensation for that
Or else, tell her
she would land up in the court
She'll compensate you when she finds that
she'll face problem to sell her land
- How much we can ask her?
- 5
lf you get only 2.5 million,
accept it and come
ls it right?
She is innocent!
Forget that
Try to escape when your boat
is getting drowned by catching a hay
You should have only
the feeling in your mind
...that you got only
2.5 millions instead of 25 millions
Where were you all this time?
We have told you before
if a better offer comes we will fix it
We haven't come empty handed now
We fixed that amount with the party
at 2 millions per acre
He gave a token advance to us for 2.5 millions
We have given the word
They have given a small amount as advance
You should have given
a word to us before that
That's a wrong thing on my part
Madam can talk to Menon sir in person
lf he is willing to vacate,
we can go
How can we vacate?
Menon sir won't vacate
Keep quiet!
Ganesa! Give it to Menon sir
Sir! lts JP Brother
Take it
No one told me that
you are lying
You talk to him any way
l will put you in speaker mode
That's him madam
He is a millionaire!
and a problematic too
lf he comes to know that this land
has slipped his fingers
He wouldn't deny to give
the quotation to kill me
He says he has connection
with the under world in Mali island
For Menon sir, he missed to
get the estate, he wanted to have
See our case
lt is 25 millions worth business
We can manage Menon sir
by falling on his legs!
But if we don't get anything?
- Give us a compensation and bail us
- Yes
Why madam?
l say, we don't want anything like that
This signed paper is
enough to stop the sale
Do you want that?
Don't think like that
She will give us something
Will 5 millions be enough for the business?
We should be given that much
But when she says to reduce it
we have to reduce
So it is not good
to be adamant on a figure!
The lawyer has come!
Are these the brokers you told?
You told it's very threatening!
The lawyer has come
Will the police follow him up?
lf l feel something fishy l will run!
Karnataka police are very talented!
What was it? We have to ask 5 millions and
...get it if it is only 2.5 millions
My Menon! lt was almost like killing!
We should as well get it
lf it is only a meager money
Why don't we ask it?
To stop the registration
...the sale authorization
duly signed by doctor good enough
Give them half amount
and get the papers from them!
2.5 millions is too much!
ls it needed?
lf they go to the court,
they could give us problem!
We will have to go after it for sometime
That's all
There is no time for that
Give them whatever it is
- He is coming!
- Who?
lt is not forthe threatening you made!
lt's to avoid nuisance from you
You have to give back the paper to us
You have to sign the paper l give you
You will get 25 rupees!
- What do you mean by 25?
- 25000...
- 2.5 millions
- That is... 2.5 millions
- Will that be enough?
- You have to accept it
l told a decent amount
to avoid the cheap talk of the negotiation
That is...we will decide that is enough
What shall we do now other than that?
2.5 millions of lndian Rupees!
We should have said a word to Beena!
That's a fault on our part
Had you said to herthe money
would have been with Shiela Koshy!
...and you both would have been poor!
lf you get money without shame...
it's shame to change the money
The song is really truthful!
lf this 2.5 millions be given to you free
your problems will be gone, right?
No chance
There will be a little ease
All of my problems will vanish
l wouldn't go for any work
lf this money is robbed by someone
you will feel very much, right?
- There will be one feeling!
- What's that feeling?
You won't be able to come for my burial
l will kill you and go to the jail!
Move away from here
You are bothering me!
lt wouldn't become more
if you couldn't again and again
l feel very comfortable!
We don't know how long it'll be here
lt is a comfortable feeling to touch
Shouldn't we have to buy
something for touching?
- Good!
- l'll go and buy it
Go! A funny guy!
- Sir! Has the lnternet become ok?
- lt's ok
lt had a connection before
The big people here won't like
...when the bills came every month!
We can pay the bill now correct!
lt's someone who doesn't know English
- What's it?
You mean Ouseppachan of the cycle shop?
He is not here for the last 2 days
That's his room
We were asked to come here at this address!
He told me he will be here
Who will be that?
Are you Chandu kutty amma?
Our KT?
- Ganesan, send them in
- Come in
ls Menon sirtheir appachan?
ls Appachan Menon his name?
Appachan! Appachan!
- Mary! Appachan!
- l saw him!
Why is the delay?
l had to change 2 buses!
We had to come with him in future
He won't stay quiet
Mary! Appachan!
How is your leg now?
That is...
Did you have any food?
l had lunch!
l want parotta and meat
- Meat and parotta!
- Ganesan!
l have money
l'll buy it
They will give you
Keep quiet, will you?
Are they his son and daughter?
He is a Menon!
How can he be a Christian uncle then?
Religion and caste are not
a problem to beget children!
Only the religion of born children
would be a problem!
He is a suspense thriller!
What is your mom's...
She is bedridden after
we have come out of the house
Didn't Philipose send you
out of the house?
lt is 0.6 million which we got at times!
lt has been 2.5 millions with interest
and compound interest
We will get the document back
only if we give the money back
They told the stay there
will be after that
They locked the house
and went away one day
We were ashamed by this
That's why we went to
Koottu Puraile Mathu Papan
Now we are staying
at the corner of his tea shop
l do the kitchen work and
cleaning of the vessels
We will get food for 3 times!
lf Appachan comes there
and give some money
...Kuriakkos boss would give the house back
l'm not going to house today
25 is their problem too
You stay inside the box
l will call you tomorrow
- Mom! Food!
- Parotta and meat
Keep quiet
- Can l have some water?.
- Sure
- Parotta...
- l'll hit you
- Parotta and meat
- Have it
Stay here and you can go tomorrow
- We can go tomorrow
- Ok! Have this!
We can go tomorrow
We can go tomorrow
- My Jesus!
- Parotta and meat!
Let me take it out
They are my children
l had a plenty of fancy dress in a birth
That is Gopala Menon's personality
A blade company owner took away
...the house and land
l built for them
Mom and 2 children in the road!
l have to help them
My legs are not strong enough to stand
But l won't be able to
close my eyes on that issue
Sir! 2.5 millions are in this
This was earned by the brain of Menon sir
lf this is to divide we won't tell
the percentage matter
How much do you need from this?
l need 500 Rupees
to sent them back in the morning!
Can l call to overseas
from Prakash's phone?
l have lSD in my phone!
A little liquortoo lit up the brain from the darkness
Menon sir! Who are you really?
ln the start of 1960, l had my BL
from Madras Law College
l came to Kozhikode
l was interested in the things
that happened outside the court!
When my belief in
the political sciences have lost
Gandhism, Socialism, Communism etc.,
The Mantra Dheekshas...
which l received one by one
Ammu alias Lakshmi Amma!
My first wife
Her elite class cleanliness...
Stinking nobility's ruling!
l left it when it was unbearable!
l was manager in the
tea estate in Cuddalore
A girl named Gracy
who was doing the house hold work
...and to share my bed
She was the daughter of
a poor estate worker
These two children were born
before l left Cuddalore
l bought a house and land
in lrutti and stayed there!
Some Christian wanted to
change my son a Christian!
There is no difficulty to get a new name!
lf a new physic and mind
can be offered by the church!
When it was not possible
to get a groom for my daughter
l left that place and started roaming!
There was no use!
lt was not because the child
was of a inter caste marriage
Unworthy thing which can't be sold
in dowry market...
Give me the phone
- Who are you calling in midnight?
- We are in the darkness!
lt is dawn on the other side of the world!
My girl in America!
the son in Geneva
ln the foreigner's language
...if their step brother and step sister
...could be saved from
the house near a tea shop
ln a way 2 children to retrieve the land
The other 2 children are
to undergo emotional back-mail...
2 coffee
When the call from CH's phone came
The daughter in America
and the son from Geneva
...appeared in the internet
ls it web camera?
No camera! Through dialogue!
lt was a threatening letter in detail
that he'll offerjob by committing suicide
- Bonda!
- No (Venda)
What work?
That would be the notice of a poor dad
...who has to starve even though he have
2 well placed children!
Why do they have to worry about that?
Their mom and Menon are
legally separated, right?
You can tell it in the court
His son is the UNN's...Damn it
ls he the Secretary General?
He could stand in the position of
Secretary General as lndia's representative!
lf they get a news like this
the national media will celebrate it!
He is a national star!
That too a Malayali!
lt is a wonderful chance!
What happened at the end?
The children agreed to
give 2.5 millions!
You have a master in the fraud game
You give the bill
Somebody is coming to buy
the Golden mall! He is an NRl tiger!
lt is a matter of money, dear!
- Greetings sir!
- Hai you!
- l am here
- Joyettan! We...
This is the property!
Who is the one with coat?
- Don't you know him?
- No
He is Madhu Soothana Panikker!
He has work in Dubai and Africa!
lt is a matter of pea nuts for him
We can have a talk
and come to a conclusion today
Has he got the Padma sri award?
l heard, he would get it this time
He looks stubborn
Can't you see that?
- Do you know him?
- No
He is the Golden Papan!
Why is he standing on a blue fly?
He has enough money to buy a car!
He is the top most miser in the place!
This is his character!
He just has to put it in the stand
He has something in his mind
He would work for it,
until he finishes it
- Jesus!
- Greetings Papan chettan
Greetings Rainikka!
Do you go to the club?
How are you Joey?
You have put up some weight!
- l am little thin!
- Grown up little fatter
Jesus! Who is it?
Hai Ahmedka!
- Don't call me ikka!
- l'll call!
The word Golden is only in name
- You are keen on the Kerala gold business!
- l'm Panikker, sir!
l have heard of you very much!
Now l can see you and touch you!
Do you want to go in
or sit and discuss things?
- Shall we sit then?
- Yes!
- Then, we shall go to my house!
- Yes!
-Are you going to Papanchettan's house?
- Take the vehicle!
lf he is not with us,
our work would fail
Don't close it
We are coming!
lt is 5 to 6 years after my wife died
l have 2 children
The elder son is in NASA!
He is a scientist and
he married a Nair girl
...not Nair, but a Menon!
She too is in NASA!
The young one is my daughter
She is a doctor and is in Bangalore!
Her husband too!
l have a plan to
bring them here!
Let him do it
Do you have any objection?
l am happy about it
l can see her!
l bought the Calicut Medical center!
My situation would be very tight then!
lt was! That's why l wanted
to sell the shopping moll!
Shopping moll?
What is moll?
lt's not moll, but mall!
Then came another problem
My son called me from America
He wanted 2.5!
lt is to give to his father in law!
Raini! How much l asked you as advance?
- Papanchettan asked me to give 1 .5
- ls it? l changed it now
l need 2.5 now
Our work will fail
- Why?
- Watch it
lt can be 2.5 or 5!
Papanchettan don't have to worry
l can give you only account money
How can it then?
l won't agree if l get only white
Don't take it serious!
We will have solution!
Do you agree with the money?
850 millions! How is it, chettan?
lt was more than 1 billion, what have told!
850 millions...ok then!
Shall we write it and sign by both of us?
- Panikker sir will go to Dubai tomorrow
- ls it?
To write...l have no practice in that
l believe in my word!
l won't make any mistake
l don't have any touch
with others who make mistakes!
- This is only a formality!
- l have to send enough money then!
lf l get 2.5 millions today
we can take it further ahead
Eldose! Get some wheat porridge for me
l take wheat porridge in the noon!
l wouldn't invite anyone forthat
Buy a good biriyani for
Panikker sir, Raini
Take him to Paragon!
Buy him chicken!
Ahmed! We have to talk...
Papanchettan! We have to...
- Raini! Who are these guys?
- They are my boys!
l think they are commission agents
l'll tell you something!
lf the commissioner comes
don't bring a group of people
Don't tell me to
give to various people
No! Let me solve this problem
Don't discard at any cost!
85 is good enough to get!
Call Ganesan!
As you said
l'll give you 25 as token advance
An agreement is written
with the payment schedule
Registration is within 3 months!
lf it is anyone
they will ask you 6 months time
No need of that
We shall finish the work in 3 months
Raini! l have to get my 25 today
- Give the money and talk further
- Today is Sunday, right?
Nobody will keep the money at home today
Tomorrow when the bank opens
we will give you the money
What is to get today
should get it today itself
lf it is tomorrow,
there are a lot of things to see
You should not be adamant like this
Panikker sir! l asked you
as l have some urgent need
Don't mistake me
Forget it
There are people in the line!
They are waiting for my call
Ok! Then! You can leave now
Let me have some food!
l feel hungry
Brother! lf you can wait for 10 minutes
you will get 25 right now
He has started to come
25 means 2.5 millions!
What are you telling?
l too was telling about 2.5 millions
reaching here
lt sounds good!
Where will you get that money?
...from Palayam!
lt has reached here
Who have asked the money from you?
Don't say that
lf he has arranged 25 lakh rupees
he is smart
- What is your name?
- Jaya Prakash
- What is the film?
- 'Rathi Nirvedam'
Oh! Come
Who will bring it what you say?
- Raini! Don't threaten him!
- l know about him
Dear brother! l did it so that
the business would flourish
You could as well return it to me tomorrow
Cash has come
You count it, Papanchetta
l'll do it! l'll tell you
if there is any less amount
You sit here
Tell me the name
- Jaya Prakash!
- That's it? How are things?
- Please come here
- 1 minute
- Do we need this, sir?
- What is the problem?
We will give 25 to
the guy in the morning!
We will give it
He is a man who hasn't
got any value for his words
He changes his words!
Don't tell that Panikker sir
has cheated us
Do what you feel like
l like the property
l want the price too be reasonable
l'll show the better place than
this in Kozhikode
That's all, l can say
What do you say?
lf it is another place...
Our Sammad bhai's mall
on the bank road is also on sale
That too is 1 lakh sq.feet
lf you don't believe it, forget it
The deal with the nasty guy is not needed
Sir come
What Raini?
ls your secret meeting over?.
Let us go and think it over
- We will let you know the details
- Ok as you like it
So...we take leave then
See you then
- Shall l take it?
- What?
- Cash!
- Take it
Rainikka and Joyettan
didn't like our interfere
- l got it
-Aren't you going?
We are
Dear! Do you like the property?
Put the money in the box
without wasting time!
What did you ask me?
He was cracking a joke!
l have no habit ofjoking
What l was asking...
lf you have interest...
keep the cash down and shake my hand
850 millions
1 acre land
1 lakh sq.feet building
4 floors! Parking lot for 100 cars!
- Do you want it?
- l want it
Today's date is 13
10 millions...on 21st
That is 10 millions black!
Registration time is 3 months!
Shake hands if you are ready
- l'm ready!
- What ready? Are you mad?
Are the details safe in your head?
On 21st...10 millions
lf not given,
2.5 millions will be gone what you gave!
Remember, l didn't sign in any papers
that l took your money
lt's the first time in our life
we are watching 2.5 millions
That was kept on your feet!
We know, that money will be gone
if we can't maintain our words
We have no strength
to grab the money from you
l tell you, l will come on the 21st
...with 10 millions
Listen! Yourtime is virtuous now!
This courage has made
a big man big in this world
Eldose! Take this and keep this inside
Do you like to have this?
lt is wheat!
No brother!
We'll have another day
Keep the box
in which the cash was brought
Looks good!
We can dub things in it
Menon sir! What are you doing here?
This is my relative's house
This is my son-in law's house
who is in America!
She told me to get 2.5 millions from here
- Why are you here?
- We came to give 2.5 millions!
Achutha Menon sir is wanted inside
We will tell you
if any important news is there
- We will meet you in your office
- Ok
- Do you know what is news?
- No
- Which 2.5 millions, he has come after?
- Those who came that day...
Menon's sons whose house is to take away
by the blade company people
To solve their problem,
the daughter in America
...and the son who is the officer
in Delhi are been threatened
...and got 2.5 millions! That is this!
That 25 and this 25...!
The daughter's husband means
Golden Papan's son
l got it
No! You haven't understood fully
- What? - 2.5 millions which we
gave to Papan
...comes back to our office with Menon sir!
- My God!
- Take the bike
When a necessity arose to Menon...
these people were not seen!
They won't
When the principle and
interest were not there
...l know the agonies caused by that
What the people say
the cruel work has made
...the 2.5 millions reach here now
Where were you all this time?
l went to get back the car
given for service
We have to reach up to Mercara, isn't it?
25 in cash and a check for 50 millions
Both are before the Mother's statue
Tell mom to give it to you
You know me well, isn't it?
Menon brought 2.5 millions
and closed the old account
Hence l could give in cash
what that woman told
You have to tell me
if you want to sell the house and land
Aworthy party is there
ls there any plan like that?
He is doing Real Estate business
He is going now
There is a hotel for sale Mercara!
lf you could give the document
...and the other paper
which is written and signed
...we could have left here
They are ready
This confusion was made by Nambiyar
Why did he tell it to you?
Else you wouldn't have known this
Madam should have called me
before giving out this money
Forget it
You are just repeating it and making him...
l gave him that money
because his sight was a registered plan
lf the sale was done through him
he should have got a big amount!
So there is nothing wrong in it
What Jaya Prakash?
You should beat me with chappals
instead of supporting like this
Beena told it right
lt was a fraud work what we did
That 25 lakh rupees
will be bought to you one day!
l'll get a relief only then
Everything will be right only then!
- lf we want to get a good life for us
that is needed - Go man
l gave 2.5 millions to Jaya Prakash
without any difficulty
There is no need to get emotional!
You two get married and come to me
Why do l need lot of money?
There are no children for me to offer
Whats' the use of having so much money
in this old age?
What's it Nambiyar?
Kuriakkose's son who has bought
the tea estate has come
Shall l call him?
Nambiyar can see that
lt is the first payment!
They want to give it to madam in person!
- We take leave then!
- Sit, l will be back
- Greetings doctor
- Greetings
2.5 millions in cash! And check for 50 millions!
You wanted it like that
l'll be back next week with dad
he wants to visit this place
You can decide it with Nambiyar
Ok, doctor
Stop it somewhere and ask someone
Let us go further away
Stop here
What is the crowd there?
Move aside
lt was a betrayal
l have only seen things till now
which are not meant to see
ln my life, l am forced to see...
...the death of my wife and son
by committing suicide
Enough, Jaya Prakash!
l am going
l'll die somewhere on the road
l don't believe any God
who can hearthe prayers!
Hence, l could only give blessings
without any formalities
Every thing will end up good
lf there is a day like that
you should be with us to witness that
lf the ship come to the shore by a storm
you should be inside it
What is the use of it?
All l have unlucky and cunning thoughts
But lt'll be good
if l unite you together
lf this man dreams of the millions
and fails to attain them
...we have to start a life!
l have to fight with the parents
and come out
We have only a few to depend on
There is no need to think about that
We can share the feelings, good or bad
l was looking for the land
for a wedding centre
- Yes!
- Why don't we go for a lease agreement?
l could only sell it
l was about to start a few projects...
l am not interested to sell this really
At this stage, it is difficult to hold it
l was only asking it
- You are telling it is 950 millions!
- Yes!
- lsn't it negotiable?
- Yes
We can have small adjustments, sir!
The advance will be given in Trissoor
lt's a belief only
You have to come home
and get it from mother's hands
Why not? l'll come
lt is Samy here
Hai! Raini
lt is Rainikka
l'm now here in your land, Kozhikode!
- What's up?
- The matter was almost fixed
Then came a phone for Samy
Our work will suffer, if it is Rainikka
The place is the best place!
...and it is suitable
for the wedding centre
ls it Jaya Prakash?
He is our dear
Another problem in it are...
lf you ask me
no business will function these days...
- What's it?
- l'll give it to Joy
- Greetings Samy!
- Hello Joy
You are going to start
a new branch in Kozhikode, right?
ls the problem what Rainikka told?
Rainikka and me have no belief in it
But Samy has to see it
You've some hold in that
As per Vaastu
there are a few problems there
Don't get afraid of
any problems if you find
We will give you
the better property than this
Any way, we have to meet some time
Will Rainikka give us problems?
There will be worries we would flourish
One will worry only about other's gain
instead of his own loss
So, shall l leave then?
l have to go to Thalipparambu!
Haven't you heard about
Raja Rajeswari temple?
- l have heard about it many times!
- l take leave then!
Protect Raini and Samy
- We've to lose this one too, isn't it?
- Then what?
lf a Samy go off
another will come up
Eldose will be flat for 4-5 hours
if he gets drunk
The vomit can't be left here like this
Manappanchettan can move away
We will take care of this
- CH is very good at this type of service
- ls it?
Why do you give him drinks
if you know that he will vomit?
He is innocent!
l open his throat and force him to drink
He don't like the smell of liquor
Why do you force him to drink then?
He will sing a few poems
when he take liquor
My mother! Pardon me
This vain birth's dirty faces
...are to be kissed on the
forehead and wake it up
We can forget a moment
the meaning of this vain birth
l like these poems very much
When hear it,
it sounds very amusing!
Tell me about your plan!
Brother! Let it be finished
This is usual thing
Tell me the matter
- Our 21st is coming nearer!
- Let it be
This is not any stray dog to scare about
lt's only a date
lt is not a stray dog
lt is a stray tiger!
Not many days! Only 10 days more
- lt would be very helpful!
- lt won't happen!
As we expected, things didn't work out well
Do you want 2.5 millions?
Do you want the advance back?
- No need - lf you won't give me
10 millions on 21st, forget 2.5 millions
l'll find another party that day it self
We have just came in Papanchettan
as we were going to a place
CH! Then we will meet you on 21st
- Can l see you then?
- May like to god
- Do you know why he is
cleaning up the vomit? - No
- He will have it
- Nasty guy
We will come back to the things
Advocate and me are the representatives
of a Maharashtra based company!
ln various majortowns in south
they buy or build shopping malls
lf we buy for them property
for a reasonable price
...we will get a good commission
lf we get a green signal from Bombay
every thing will go on fast
The company should know that
it is a genuine dealing
- That's all
- lt is
You were with Raini and Joy Associates
for long, right?
You mean Raini and Joy?
We have started at the same time!
My partner CH and me deal with high range
in estate
Rainikka is a dealer in
5 -10 cents in this town
How do you... Raini and Joy?
We study when we come to a place
about the market details
along with the important
broker crocodiles there!
Let it be
What is your demand?
1 acre land,1 lakh sq.feet, 4 floors,
Parking for 100 cars!
950 millions... many have told
We will settle forthat money if we want!
An E-Mail communication with the company!
The decision should come from there
We will wait for a day!
lf it is completed, you just
have to tell what you want
- We will manage to give you
- You don't need to worry about that
Our company
will give us what we need
- l take leave
- We will meet again tomorrow
Mean time the matter will be settled
and we shall expect that
You have been really helpful!
Really we were in trouble
l invested whatever l had
in this business
l wish if it could be solved
- What did he tell before going?
- 950 millions
He gave us an offerthat he would give
us a commission if the deal has clicked
He can, if he gives 850 millions to Papan
he has a balance of 100 millions
How much the company
need to make it ready?
lt depends on the proposal we give
1 billion, is good enough for it
ls there anybody to backup Jaya Prakash
to help him financially?
l don't think so
10 millions has to be given
to Papan in 3-4 days!
Else he'll lose the advance money 2.5 millions
He is playing a dangerous game
Why don't we take him away
from this scene?
We shall give a tip to him
lt is good for him!
He has a relative Surendran!
Let me talk to him
We should be able to play with Papan!
We can give 850 millions for Papan!
But, it is the work for Raini and Joy
to throw him out very smoothly
- That work is ours!
- We can make it alright
You will get an amount what we suggest
Can you say how much?
We would say it when it is time
lf Jaya Prakash get the merit of it
it is as good as my sons get the merit
This is only an emotional dialogue
Talk as the matter of fact
Can Jaya Prakash raise 10 millions
to Papan at short notice?
l ask you that
lf is 2.5 millions what gets lost
Raini and me are worried that we couldn't to help him in a situation like this
What do Surendrettan say?
l too want to help him
getting money from somewhere
But l think that nothing
will work out well
We will ask Jaya Prakash about this
- ls there any way to get 10 millions?
- l don't find any way out
What shall we do then?
According to Papan, the token given
was swallowed
Mahesh sir has come
as the company's official rep
We are ready to take up the deal giving
a gift or a certificate for Jaya Prakash!
lt means you'll get 2.5 millions in your hand
- l think Surendran has heard it
- Prakash! lsn't it fair enough?
Prakash! Get it man
lf you are intelligent
you could as well receive it
He is intelligent alright
What? What you are going to
get is not a small amount
lt is 2.5 millions!
lt is not 2.5 millions!
lt is an approximate figure that's all
No...We are ready to give that much!
Dear! Stretch your hand and get it
Why don't you talk anything?
lf every body is willing to help and save us
l have nothing to say
Sir! You can come up with the details
- You have made it!
- Then what?
We eat biriyani and give
the bone to the dog
You say it is your time
seeing at its face
lt is such a nasty thing what you told now
For 850 millions from Papanchettan
to buy the shopping mall
You people came to us
lnstead we didn't come
to anyone of you to save us
lf we have to sell for 850 millions
what we have bought for 850 millions
...that will be done in a decent way
Then we will be roaming in the market,
without money starving!
But even then l won't have
a guilty complex
...that the bone which you have
thrown to us is a loss
l have no decent education for me
l haven't studied the Corporate law
or business administration
But l know the market law
that what we bought for 10 rupees
...should be sold at 20 rupees!
We knew about one thing in this sitting
We have people who need, from us...many
Ok then!
Forget it if you can't help
lt is ok if you can't reach your hand
at the one who is in the pit
But don'tjoin those,
who put sand into the pit
Come man
Will there be any news in the paper tomorrow
that 3 corpses were swept ashore?
l won't tell not to stab a corpse
l would tell not to stab, you corpse!
You have no money
and are cracking jokes!
Beena has come with a good news
- What good news?
- l feel so
When we are short of money
we feel so when we see Beena
Beena can make things happen!
Beena can make things happen even now!
Come! Surendrettan is in the car
l won't come
Don't be adamant
That is...
Keep the phone down
Get in
- What happened Prakash?
- Nothing
-Are you angry with me?
- For what?
l wanted to discourage you
not because l envy you
lf anything good comes for you
l know well that, it is for hertoo
Forget it
l have 5 millions ready with me
You do what you like for the rest
Take the bag on the back seat
Surettan l am...
l feel as if l have swam half the sea!
The distance is half towards
the front and back
l am towards the front
There is no doubt in that
Today is 19 and the day after is 21
What if l go
and meet Papan again?
5 millions in cash...
and 5 millions in lDlDl bank's check
- lt won't work
- My God! Release 5 millions more
...will come!
The way, this has come
When talking, if the mobile rings,
the Trivandrum girl
...will say it is TRUE!
Hello! Who is it?
...from where you are calling?
When did you reach?
l am in a serious problem here
l'll be coming
l will come
- Who is it?
-Ashraf from Muscat!
He has enough money with him
want to see him?
He will come in Ashraf's disguise too!
Go and see him!
When the third too was a girl
my wife became serious!
She took up the finance
management herself
Her dad too was with her
lf l get 10 Rs
he will take me to some land
Till the registration is over
it will be very tense afterwards
This time too, he has come to fix a deal
Tell me some way out
50 is with you...
and you need 50 too, right?
Yes! There is no time
- Can you take a risk?
- l can take any risk
- Tell me
- lt is full risky thing!
l won't force you
You have to think and decide
Tell me the matter
lf you give 50, you will get 100
10 millions for 5 millions!
ls it black money?
They won't catch you so easily
l have seen the lot
l know the dealer too
But you have to think and do it
What does it mean that it won't
find it, who you are?
...even if it is in 2 looks!
Do you know how many millions
are in Kerala?
You can think about it
l'll be here only
lf you are ready
l'll take you to the party
Making black money?
Don't do that
lt will be problematic
Think that there won't be any problem
and you go ahead!
This is not a child's play
This is cheating the country
But it is not started by us
There are millions of rupees in this place
This is that money
going through our hands!
You or me might have touched it
without our knowledge
...- many times!
- You are only arguing things
You know what the problems are!
l know about the problems
But there is no other go
lt is just a wrong thing
to help out many souls!
l have decided to do it
Menon sir! He don't want to...
l had been in the attire of Sakuni
who taught about gambling!
Truth has no place in the game
which is played only to win!
But l'll suggest not to play this!
You have to imagine
what would be the result if get caught
lf get caught you would be
in jail for 7 years!
Don't tell me to give up
when l am half way through
This time, l'm ready for this game
without you both
l'll come back only after l have won
- JP, you...
- There is no other solution for this!
The vehicle has come
Take the box into the vehicle
- Shouldn't l come with you?
- No! You and sir can wait here
l'll be back in the late night
or in the dawn!
- You...
- You needn't tell anything!
Give your hands!
Place your hand
You going back
like the sudden drizzle
Your aroma is like the kingly!
Will it fade off which is in the chest?
The invitee is going back!
You invitee as you have forgotten
The red is on your lip!
lt is magic that it is there!
You invitee is going back!
The blue window of my dream
The eyes of the imagination
are searching
Your mind with the music has
come and filled in me
My mind with the music is knitting memories
The sweetness of the golden dream
has faded off from you
You invitee are going off
The past has given a few feathers
...which l have kept in my mind
The loveable and alone!
l have to go with a sorrowful mind
You going back
like the sudden drizzle
Your aroma is like the kingly!
Will it fade off which is in the chest?
You going back
The invitee is going back!
You going back
l went to sleep in the dawn only!
10 millions!
My God!
You take it from the sack
and put it in the box
What is in the sack JP brother?
lt is halwa... the black halwa!
Black halwa?
You have to buy it from Delta
That is...
Oops! lt is cash!
- How much is it?
- 10 millions
10 millions lndian Rupees!
l don't care if l have to die
But l have seen 10 millions now!
- ls it 1 in this?
- Yes!
- l think it is not black money!
- lt is!
Reserve Bank governor would believe it
The currency wouldn't dare to come
to Papanchettan's house!
- You don't have to count it
- l will!
Take this and go
- So, we take leave
- Wait
My hands and legs are shivering!
l feel very chill!
You won't feel cold
if you are wet all over!
- You got it?
- This is a rope bridge!
We can't be sure if one
could reach the other side
lncluding the advance
money 12.5 millions been received by me and
lf the matter is in your name
...or on the man's name told by you
l would register in 3 months!
lt is the agreement telling that
- Let me go!
- You are really smart!
l mean JP!
- l'll call you if the amount is incorrect!
- Ok!
lt's Papanchettan!
Take it
You don't make me a fool!
- What is it?
- 1000 rupees is less in a bundle!
l counted it 2 times
but it is the same amount
ls it? Don't worry about it!
You have to remember it
l'll bring it you with out fail
- ls there any other problem?
- There is no other problem!
l mean if there is
any problem other than Rs 1000
l think you have entered
a very lucky period!
- What is it chettan?
-A party has called me now from Gulf
They are still near the mall!
They seem to be the buyers,
in the way they talk!
Don't forget me
if you get a big profit
Don't give the commission to someone
You can give me
l will do that
Shall l cut the call?
Buyers waiting in the shopping mall
They are from Gulf
lf this deal is a success
l will be a big shot in this Kozhikode
Come, let's go
There are no brokers and
commission between us
Choose a date for registration
940 millions
Thank God!
Keep the agreement ready
How much do you expect as advance?
- 5...
- 5 millions
Tomorrow l will give you
5 millions in black!
Decide yourself when l have to
pay the balance amount
l will start to Dubai tomorrow
lf you want to discuss anything,
call Arun or Shyam
Yes, l will
-Anything else?
- Nothing
Nothing to say
See you then
Start the car
Thank God!
- Hold it!
- Surendrettan
What is this?
Have you started to roam public?
Parents have gone to Guruvayur
Do you know that?
Else you won't come
with her boldly
l feel for them
as they are not in station
Or else l've come
to talk marriage proposal today
ls there any good news?
l made a deal to sell the shopping mall
with 90 millions as profit
l hail you
All used to blame you
But you didn't go down
Keep it brother!
5 millions are in this
No urgency!
Give it later
No, so far l was lending
money from others
Now l have repay them
First l am starting from you
l have one more balance
2.5 millions which l stole using her
l want to repay that
to doctor Shiela Koshy
That is my next work
l am going to make a call to my parents
in Guruvayur
To inform that l got a groom for my sister
Sir, 2 MCB
- Soda?
- No, liquor is enough
JP and CH has got 100 millions
as profit in the shopping mall deal
l am very happy about that
They have suffered a lot
Tell your time has been good
- l won't refuse
- lf they are happy it is as good as me
- Give one more bottle
- Navaz, give them 1 MCB
Don't leave them
Get our boys for help
l will make a call to Kasaba station
Hey, make a call to Kasaba station
- He is the one
- Come to station
Come on
Get in
Bring him to office
JP, there is some problem for you
Police have arrested
your assistant Ganesan
lt is fake note case
He has changed a 1000 rupee
fake note in Maharani bar
Today he went to the bar
and workers have caught him
He told he took 1000 rupees note
from the money bundle
...which you bought to your office
Cl has decided to catch you red handed
Hold down!
l will call you later
CH, you both go to railway station fast
Board him into the train
Switch off your mobile and go somewhere
Then you?
l am going to surrender
Why should l hide somewhere?
l will come with you
l too have share in that
CH you have to stay out
Listen to me
No, l will take response
and surrender instead of you
l need a place to die
that's all l need now
You have better places than the jail
l am only responsible for this crime
l have to face this
Move fast
No time to discuss
l don't know when and where
We have to meet one day
Now we take leave
Why should l escape from this?
l too have share in this crime
We have families
At least one of us should take care of them
We have to face our destiny
No way to escape
l had a dream to
become a millionaire, over night
But my dream will never fulfill
- Papanchettan!
- Yes
Why do you yell like this?
l am here!
l have a meeting today of the Lions!
Please come down
Don't try to pull me down
You try to climb up
Have you kept 10 millions here
which l paid you that day?
Not only that,
l have enough money at home
Tell me the matter
lt's getting late for me
lf the money is here,
please try to replace it
Those are fake notes!
Fake notes?
You sinner! What did you say?
l told l gave you fake notes
Police are searching me
l will call them to come here
When they reach here you have to show them
9999000 rupees original notes
Else they'll arrest
Who? You will be caught
l will make them to arrest you
Didn't you do the fraud?
lt will take time to prove in the court
Police will arrest both of us
l am telling the way
to escape from the case
You have to show them the original notes
for the money which l gave you
Should l save you from the case?
You did the sin
You have to suffer
Call the police
No, let me call
l have done a big crime
l will get 7 years prison punishment
lf l kill you,
l will get extra 5 years punishment
Don't make me to do that
l did this nasty crime
because you threatened me that
you won't give back the advance 2.5 millions
Let me call the police
You should save me
to escape from the police
You will get what you require
Go and replace those notes
with the original one in a case
Don't forget to take
1000 rupee note from 10 millions
Kasaba Cl?
lt's me Jaya Prakash
You have arrested my staff Ganesan...
Yes sir
l am in Golden Papan's house
l will wait here
Can you please come?
Shall l come to station?
No! l will wait here
Okay sir!
- Didn't you go?
- You sinner!
Eldose! Bring a wheat ball, not rice
Get an empty sack
Make it fast
Brother, it's me
There is some problem
You have to listen to me what l say
Why did you ask for sack?
Keep this money in the sack,
tie up and keep it in the store room
Aren't you going to Lions meeting?
Hence l have to make ready
10 millions of original money
Oh God!
Oh God! You didn't give me a clue
that he would cheat me
He gave me work
that l got 12.5 millions from him
l want to see the money
which you gave to Papan
Yes! He is inside
Please come
Please sit
- Greetings!
- ls he telling the truth?
- Did he pay you 10 millions?
- Yes he is right, and the money is here
lt is usual practice
changing fake notes here
No, for what reason
he gave 10 millions for you?
What is the connection between you both?
Didn't he tell you about shopping mall?
He gave the money as advance
forthe shopping which l sold him
No, l didn't pay the net cash
l have borrowed from others
and gave to him
- Did you call me?
- Yes
There is a case under my cot
in the bed room Bring that
Do you mean sack?
There is case under my cot in the bedroom
Bring that
l have counted it!
But there are 1000 rupees shortage in that
l have informed him
l think there is more in this
Let me take the cash
l'll give it back afterthe conformation
Take your own time and check it
That is good for us
We can't find the difference
between original and duplicate
Sign and get the document
There is one more enquiry by enforcement
to prove this is original or not
You have to show the source
from where you got the money
Then income tax
l have borrowed this money from 2 people
One is my friend NRl Ashraf
The other one is my relative Surendran
He is one of the dealers in Big Bazaar
He is well known to Papanchettan
Yes, l know
- You must come to station when l call
- Sure sir
- Sir, what about Ganesan?
- l will remand him
You can take him out
in bail in our enquiry bases
Only if it is original,
you can move further
l am sure that is original
There is no doubt in that
- That's good!
- ls it original one?
l have just asked you
A house with AC bed rooms and drawing room
A garden with grass and flowers!
4 cars in the porch!
Dogs in the cage!
Watch man in the gate!
Single Malt whiskey or Cognac to drink!
The underwear and shirt are branded
A resident visa in Dubai!
Rich friends to celebrate nights!
3- 4 foreign trips in an year!
An estate in Moonaar or in Vayanad
and a bungalow in that!
3- 4 ministers' sons
in the group of friends!
Protectors in the police!
To love the wife more with guilty complex
...for having prostitutes
in the travel to sleep with!
These are the dreams of an average
educated Malayali youth
...which are mine too!
That becomes a fake note and ash
after getting burned
My 10 millions is getting burned here
My father was a rubber tapping employee
and he worked very hard to bring me up
Behind this luxury life of mine
there are my blood and tears
Even if l loss Rs 10, l'll get upset
You deceived me Rs 10 millions
My dear Papanchetta!
You won't lose anything
lnstead of you are going to get the profit
l wrote an agreement and gave you
that l was paid with 12.5 millions
10 millions from that are burning now
Here is the document
lt is the proof that l gave you
Rs 12.5 millions
Look! lt is also burning
Now listen carefully what l say
You've sold me this building
for Rs 850 millions
But l've sold it to Arumugan's son
Siddartha For Rs 940 millions... advance l've got 5 millions
You sinner!
The moment this document gets burned
totally, l withdraw from this business
Then the business will start
between you and Siddartha
lf you forget that advance 5 millions,
you'll get Rs 935 millions
You'll get the profits when
you finish this business
85 millions
l don't want that
You just give me 847.5 millions
You take the profits
No Papanchetta!
l almost went nearjail doors
and came back
You saved me
This money is just a gratitude of that
l'm leaving my past life here too
Here, l have a girl to love, my friend
and my family people
Today l've closed the doors
which is on the other side of the world
This is the story of him
lt's the youths'story of our place
- lsn't it?
- Yes
Where is he now?
- What about your sister?
- She got married and living happily
- Whom?
- lt is none other than him
Mix it well
Look at the smoke
What is it?
They've come from Menon sir
- They are from Mangalapuram...
- From Kasturba Seva Mandir
lt is run for orphaned people
Menon sir is now there
They said that he wants to see me once
We'll come soon there
Okay, we'll tell him that we've met
PWD Contractor Jaya Prakash
He'll feel happy
- We'll take leave
- Okay
We expected your arrival yesterday
- We got little late to start
- Yes, you are late
He had been asking about
your arrival whole night
We knew it after
Volunteers saw him in the morning
- What happened?
- Come
He came to us from somewhere else
ln this strange life,
he entered as a page of book
...and left me by telling only the half part
He left his body and
continued the journey to somewhere
Why did Menon want to meet Jaya Prakash?
What he wanted to tell him?
How can Jaya Prakash know about it?
Somebody should tell him about it
4.5 acres, isn't it?
lt is nearly 5 acres
How about an acre is 2 millions
From 1 .5 to 2 millions
After bargaining we can fix to 1 .8 millions
Whataboutthe commission, 0.25 or0.3 million?
We've to try to get 0.3
else it is okay for 0.25 million
The dead Menon sir wrote this property
on the name of Jaya Prakash
l've tried a lot to contact him
with the address l have
- But l couldn't
- Give me the address
lf it is needed
we'll search for him all over lndia
Jaya Prakash alias JP
We'll get him
Jaya Prakash takes what he wants
and we take what we need
Muneer, start the bike
The twilight sky is
full of Champa flowers!
The Champa flower girl
is standing eyes open!
Wearing studs in the ears...
and jasmine flowers as garland
A girl like red pearl! standing here!
...and like the bud of the flower!
She looks very magnificent
The twilight sky is full of red flowers!
The Champa flower girl
is standing eyes open!
The clouds of both genders
...come this way once
when you return home in the evening!
Give me some light
the male cloud has captured!
The twilight sky is
full of Champa flowers!
The Champa flower girl
is standing eyes open!
The pollen dust is to become a flower
The lid of cask of the dream is opened!
lt is sandal flower
which spreads the aroma!
The pearl of the dream have fallen down
The honey bred flower is in the lips!
With the bud of the jasmine flower!
The honey bred flower is in the lips!
With the bud of the jasmine flower!
The golden bird has come down gracefully!
The twilight sky is
full of Champa flowers!
The Champa flower girl
is standing eyes open!
The reflection of your face is in it!
lt will vibrate in your veins
lt will tickle your soft places!
When your eyes open up like lamp
The reflection of your face is in it!
lt will vibrate in your veins
lt will tickle your soft places!
When your eyes open up like
Wearing blue silk... and
garland of white pearls!
Wearing blue silk and
garland of white pearls!
The birds of the spring come
in the dreamy clouds!
The twilight sky is
full of Champa flowers!
The Champa flower girl
is standing eyes open!
Wearing studs in the ears...
and jasmine flowers as garland
A girl like red pearl! standing here!
...and like the bud of the flower!
She looks very magnificent
The twilight sky is full of red flowers!
The Champa flower girl
is standing eyes open!