Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) Movie Script

Herman's horse-sick!
Chaps, no one wander off.
Some of the passageways
in here can run for miles.
I don't think
this is such a good idea.
What is it?
Alfred, did you
get anything yet?
Then keep digging.
The kid's got something!
Whoo! Yee-hoo!
I got something, Garth!
I got something...
I got something right here.
Oh, look at that!
We're rich! We're rich!
Shut up. Shut up.
Well, we're rich, ain't we?
What are they doing?
Indiana? Indiana?
Hey, we got to find
more stuff to bring back.
It's the Cross of Coronado.
Cortez gave it to him
in 1520.
Ah! Oh, boy! Whoo!
I'm thinkin' about
raisin' my dead mama,
dig down and put it on
her bony finger!
That cross
is an important artifact.
It belongs in a museum.
Run back
and find the others.
Tell Mr.Havelock that there are
men looting in the caves.
Have him bring
the sheriff.
It's only a snake.
Did you hear what I said?
Right. Run back...
the sheriff...
What, what are you
gonna do?
I don't know.
I'll think
of something.
Dig with your hands,
not with your mouth.
He's got our thing!
- Get him!
- Get off me!
Everybody's lost but me.
There he is!
Let's go! Let's go!
- Hey! Hey, you!
- Dang it!
Hyah! Hyah!
Come back here!
Come on! Get him!
Hey, come back here!
Aah... Oh!
Here, let me.
Oh, oh...
Holy smokes!
Come on, kid.
There's no way out of this.
Toss up the whip.
You got heart, kid,
but that belongs to me.
It belongs to Coronado.
Coronado is dead,
and so are all
of his grandchildren.
This should be in a museum.
Now give it back!
A snake!
Snake! Aah!
Don't let him get away!
Hold it.
Make sure he
doesn't double back.
Okay, kid,
out of the box, now.
Son of a...
Dad... Out.
It's important.
Then wait.
Count to 20.
No, Dad. You listen to me.
One, two, three, four...
In Greek.
"May he who illuminated this...
illuminate me."
I brought the sheriff.
Just the man I want to see.
Now, there were five
or six of them...
- It's all right, son.
- They came after me...
You still got it?
Well, yes, sir.
It's right here.
I'm glad to see that...
because the rightful
owner of this cross
won't press charges
if you give it back.
He's got witnesses,
five or six of them.
Whoo! Yeah!
Good day.
You lost today, kid,
but it doesn't mean
you have to like it.
Small world, Dr.Jones.
Too small for two of us.
This is the second time
I've had to reclaim
my property from you.
That belongs in a museum.
So do you.
Throw him over the side.
Grab him, he's getting away!
Stop him!
Archaeology is the search
for fact...
...not truth.
If it's truth
you're interested in,
Dr.Tyree's philosophy class
is right down the hall.
So forget any ideas you've got
about lost cities,
exotic travel,
and digging up the world.
We do not follow maps
to buried treasure,
and "X" never, ever,
marks the spot.
Seventy percent
of all archaeology is done
in the library.
Research. Reading.
We cannot afford
to take mythology
at face value.
Next week: "Egyptology."
Starting with the excavation
of Naukratis
by Flinders Petrie in 1885.
I will be in my office
if anybody's got
any problems,
for the next hour
and a half.
Marcus, I did it.
You've got it!
You know how long I've
been looking for that?
All your life.
All my life.
Well done, Indy.
Very well done, indeed.
This will find a place of honor
in our Spanish collection.
We can discuss
my honorarium
over dinner and
champagne tonight.
Your treat.
My treat.
Shush! Shush! Shush!
Dr.Jones, I am so glad
you're back.
Your mail is on your desk.
Here are your
phone messages.
Dr.Jones, you promised...
This is your
appointment schedule,
and these term papers still
haven't been graded.
Okay. Irene,
put everybody's name on a list,
get the order they arrived...
Oh, come on, Dr.Jones.
...and I'll see each
and every one of them...
in turn.
"Venice, Italy."
I trust your trip down
was comfortable, Dr.Jones.
Uh, my men didn't alarm you,
I hope.
My name is Donovan.
Walter Donovan.
I know who you are,
Your contributions
to the museum
over the years have
been extremely generous.
Some of the pieces
in your collection here
are very impressive.
Well, like yourself,
I have a passion
for antiquities.
Have a look over here.
This might interest you.
Well, it's sandstone.
Christian symbol.
Early Latin text.
Mid-12th century,
I should think.
That was our
assessment, as well.
Where did this come from?
My engineers
unearthed it
in the mountain region
north of Ankara
while excavating
for copper.
Can you translate
the inscription?
"...who drinks the water
I shall give him, says the Lord,
"will have a... spring
"inside him welling up
for eternal life.
"Let them bring me
to your holy mountain
"in the place where you dwell.
"Across the desert
"and through the mountain
"to the Canyon
of the Crescent Moon,
to the temple
where the cup that..."
"Where the cup
that holds the blood
of Jesus Christ resides
The Holy Grail, Dr.Jones.
The chalice used by Christ
during the Last Supper.
The cup that caught His blood
at the Crucifixion
and was entrusted to
Joseph of Arimathea.
The Arthur legend.
I've heard this
bedtime story before.
Eternal life, Dr.Jones!
The gift of youth to whoever
drinks from the Grail.
Now, that's a bedtime story
I'd like to wake up to.
An old man's dream.
Every man's dream,
including your
father's, I believe.
Grail lore is his hobby.
He's a teacher
of medieval literature.
The one the students hope
they don't get.
Walter, you're neglecting
your guests.
Be along in a moment, dear.
Hard to resist, isn't it?
The Holy Grail's final resting
place described in detail.
What good is it?
This grail tablet
speaks of deserts
and mountains and canyons.
It's pretty vague.
Where do you want
to start looking?
Maybe if the tablet were intact,
you'd have something to go on,
but the entire top portion
is missing.
Just the same, an attempt
to recover the Grail
is currently underway.
Let me tell you another
bedtime story, Dr.Jones.
After the Grail was entrusted
to Joseph of Arimathea,
it disappeared, and was lost
for a thousand years
before it was found again
by three knights
of the First Crusade.
Three brothers, to be exact.
I've heard this one, as well.
Two of these brothers walked
out of the desert 150 years
after having found the Grail
and began the long journey
back to France,
but only one of them made it.
And before dying
of extreme old age,
he supposedly imparted
his tale
to a... to a Franciscan friar,
I think.
Not "supposedly,"
This is the manuscript
in which the friar chronicled
the knight's story.
It doesn't reveal
the location of the Grail,
I'm afraid,
but the knight promised
that two markers, that had been
left behind, would.
This tablet is one
of those markers.
It proves
the knight's story is true.
But as you pointed out,
it's incomplete.
Now, the second marker
is entombed
with the knight's dead brother.
Our project leader
believes that tomb to be located
within the city
of Venice, Italy.
As you can now see,
we're about
to complete a great quest
that began almost
We're only one step away.
That's usually
when the ground falls out
from underneath your feet.
You could be more right
than you know.
We've hit a snag.
Our project leader has vanished,
along with all his research.
Uh, we received a cable
from his colleague,
who has no idea
of his whereabouts
or what's become of him.
I want you to pick up the trail
where he left off.
Find the man,
and you will find the Grail.
You've got
the wrong Jones,
Why don't you try my father?
We already have.
Your father is the man
who has disappeared.
Your father and I have been
friends since time began.
I've watched you grow up, Indy.
I've watched
the two of you grow apart.
I've never seen you this
concerned about him before.
He's an academic;
a bookworm.
He's not a field man.
Dad? Dad?
Dear God.
What has the old fool
got himself into now?
I don't know,
but whatever it is,
he's in over his head.
It's today's mail,
and it's been opened.
That's it, Marcus.
Venice, Italy.
What is it?
It's Dad's Grail diary.
Every clue he followed.
Every discovery he made.
A complete record of his search
for the Holy Grail.
This is his whole life.
Why would he have
sent this to me?
I don't know,
but someone must want it
pretty badly.
Do you believe, Marcus?
Do you believe
the Grail actually exists?
The search for the Cup of Christ
is the search for the divine
in all of us.
But if you want facts, Indy,
I've none to give you.
At my age, I'm prepared
to take a few
things on faith.
Call Donovan, Marcus.
Tell him I'll take
that ticket to Venice now.
I'll tell him
we'll take two.
All right, tell me what's going
to happen when we get to Venice.
Don't worry, Dr.Schneider
will be there to meet you.
- Uh, Schneider?
- I maintain
an apartment in Venice.
It's at your disposal.
Oh, well, that's good.
Thank you.
Dr.Jones... good luck.
Now be very careful.
Don't trust anybody.
Ah, Venice...
Uh, how will we recognize
this Dr.Schneider
when we see him?
I don't know.
Maybe he'll know us.
I knew it was you.
You have your father's eyes.
And my mother's ears,
but the rest belongs to you.
Looks like the best parts have
already been spoken for.
Marcus Brody?
That's right.
Dr. Elsa Schneider.
Oh, how do you do?
The last time I saw your father,
we were in the library.
He was very close
to tracking down
the knight's tomb.
I've never seen him so excited.
He was as giddy as a schoolboy.
Who? Attila
the Professor?
He was never giddy,
even when he was
a schoolboy.
Fraulein, will
you permit me?
I usually don't.
I usually
don't, either.
In that case,
I permit you.
It would make
me very happy.
But I'm already sad.
By tomorrow,
it will have faded.
Tomorrow I'll
steal you another.
I hate to interrupt you,
but the reason
we're here...
Yes. I have something
to show you.
I left your father working
in the library.
He sent me to the map section
to fetch an ancient plan
of the city.
When I got back to his table,
he'd gone, with all his papers,
except for that scrap,
which I found near his chair.
Roman numerals.
Here is the library.
That doesn't look much
like a library.
Looks like a
converted church.
In this case,
it's the literal truth.
We are on holy ground.
These columns over here
were brought back
as spoils of war
after the sacking of Byzantium
during the Crusades.
Now, please excuse me.
The library's closing
in a few moments.
I'll arrange for us
to stay a little longer.
Marcus... I've seen
this window before.
Right here,
in Dad's diary.
You see?
Look, Indy.
The Roman numerals.
Dad was onto something here.
Well, now we know
the source of the numbers,
but we still don't know
what they mean.
Dad sent me this
diary for a reason.
Until we find
out why,
I suggest we keep
it to ourselves.
Find something?
Uh, yes.
Three, seven and ten.
That window seems
to be the source
of the Roman numerals.
My God,
I must be blind.
Dad wasn't looking for a book
about the knight's tomb,
he was looking
for the tomb itself.
Don't you get it?
The tomb is somewhere
in the library.
You said yourself
it used to be a church.
Seven. Ten.
And ten.
Now where's the ten?
Look around for the ten.
Three and seven.
Seven and seven
and ten.
"X" marks the spot.
You don't disappoint,
You're a great deal
like your father.
Except he's lost,
and I'm not.
Lower me down.
Look after this for me,
will you?
Come on.
Pagan symbols.
Fourth or fifth century.
the Crusades.
The Christians would have
dug their own passages
and burial chambers
centuries later.
That's right.
If there's a knight of
the First Crusade down here,
that's where we'll find him.
What's this one?
The Ark of the Covenant.
Are you sure?
Pretty sure.
Watch out.
It's petroleum.
I should sink
a well down here and retire.
Give me the lighter.
Oh, rats.
Come on.
Come here.
Look, it...
it must be one of these.
Look at the artistry
of these carvings,
and the scrollwork.
It's this one.
This is it.
We found it.
The engraving on the shield,
it's the same
as on the Grail tablet.
The shield is the second marker.
What's that?
It's a rubbing
Dad made
of the Grail tablet.
Just like your father--
giddy as a schoolboy.
Wouldn't it be wonderful
if he were here now
to see this?
He never would have
made it past the rats.
He hates rats.
He's scared to death of them.
Get back!
Back against the wall.
Quick! Under it!
Air pocket!
Don't wander off.
I think I've found
a way out.
Deep breath.
Ah, Venice.
Are you crazy?!
Don't go between them!
Go between them?
Are you crazy?!
I said go around!
You said
go between them!
I said,
don't go between them!
Why are you
trying to kill us?
Because you're looking
for the Holy Grail.
My father was looking
for the Holy Grail.
Did you kill him too?
Where is he?
Talk or you're dead.
Damn it, tell me!
Tell me!
If you don't let go, Dr.Jones,
we'll both die.
Then we'll die.
My soul is prepared.
How's yours?
This is your last chance.
No, Dr.Jones, it's yours.
All right, where's my father?
If you let me go,
I will tell you where he is.
Who are you?
My name is Kazim.
And why were you
trying to kill me?
The secret of the Grail
has been safe
for a thousand years,
and for all that time,
the Brotherhood of
the Cruciform Sword
have been prepared
to do anything to keep it safe.
Let me off
at this jetty.
Ask yourself, why do you
seek the Cup of Christ?
Is it for His glory,
or for yours?
I didn't come
for the Cup of Christ.
I came to find my father.
In that case,
God be with you in your quest.
Your father is being held
in the Castle of Brunwald,
on the Austrian-German border.
How's the head?
It's better,
now I've seen this.
It's the name of a city.
The knights of the First Crusade
laid siege to the city
of Alexandretta for over a year.
The entire city was destroyed.
The present city of Iskenderun
is built on its ruins.
Marcus, you remember
what the Grail tablet said:
"Across the desert
and through the mountain
to the Canyon
of the Crescent Moon."
But where exactly?
Your father would know.
Your father did know.
Look. He made a map.
He must have
pieced it together
from clues
scattered through
the whole history
of the Grail quest.
A map with no names.
Now, he knew there
was a city
with an oasis
due east, here.
He knew the course
turned south through
the desert to a river,
and the river led
into the mountains, here.
Straight to the canyon.
He knew everything
except where to begin,
the name of the city.
Now we know.
Yes. Now we know.
Marcus, get hold of Sallah.
Tell him to meet you
in Iskenderun.
What about you?
I'm going after Dad.
Elsa? Elsa?
Oh! Oh...
My room...
Mine, too.
What were they
looking for?
The Grail diary?
You had it?
You didn't trust me.
I didn't know you.
At least I let you tag along.
Oh, yes.
Give them a flower,
and they'll follow you anywhere.
Knock it off. You're not mad.
No. You like
the way I do things.
It's lucky I don't do
things the same way.
You'd still be standing
at the Venice pier!
Look, what do you think
is going on here?
Since I met you,
I've nearly been incinerated,
drowned, shot at,
and chopped into fish bait.
We're caught in the middle
of something sinister here.
My guess is Dad found out
more than he was looking for.
And until I'm sure,
I'm going to
continue to do things
the way I think
they should be done.
How dare you kiss me!
Leave me alone.
I don't like fast women.
And I hate...
arrogant men.
Ah, Venice.
What do you know
about this place?
I know the Brunwalds
are famous art collectors.
What are you going to do?
Don't know.
I'll think of something.
And not before time!
Did you intend to leave us
standing on
the doorstep all day?
We're drenched!
Now look, I've gone
and caught a sniffle.
Are you expected?
Do not take that tone
with me, my good man.
Now buttle off
and tell Baron Brunwald
that Lord Clarence MacDonald
and his lovely assistant...
...are here to view
the tapestries.
Dear me,
the man is dense.
This is a castle,
isn't it?
There are tapestries?
This is a castle,
and we have
many tapestries.
But if you are
a Scottish lord,
then I am Mickey Mouse!
How dare he?
Nazis. I hate these guys.
This one. I think
he's in here.
How do you know?
Because it's wired.
Indy? Indy?
Don't worry...
this is kid's play.
I'll be right back.
Yes, sir.
It is you, Junior!
Don't call me that,
Well, what are you
doing here?
I came to get you.
What do you thi...?
Late 14th century,
Ming dynasty.
Oh, it breaks the heart.
And the head.
You hit me, Dad.
I'll never forgive myself.
Don't worry, I'm fine.
Thank God.
It's fake.
See, you can tell
by the cross section.
Dad, get your stuff.
We've got to get
out of here.
Well, I'm sorry about
your head, though,
but I thought you
were one of them.
Dad, they come in
through the doors.
Good point.
But better safe
than sorry.
Hmm, so I was wrong this time.
But, by God, I wasn't wrong
when I mailed you my diary.
You obviously got it.
I got it, and I used it.
We found the entrance
to the catacombs.
Through the library?
I knew it.
And the tomb of Sir Richard?
Found it.
He was actually there?
You saw him?
Well, what was
left of him.
And his shield...
the inscription on
Sir Richard's shield?
Alexandretta! Of course!
On the pilgrim trail
from the Eastern Empire.
Junior, you did it.
No, Dad. You did.
Forty years.
Oh, if only I could have been
with you.
There were rats,
Yeah, big ones.
What do the Nazis
want with you, Dad?
They wanted my diary.
I knew I had to get that book
as far away from me
as I possibly could.
I will take the book now.
What book?
You have the diary
in your pocket.
You dolt!
Do you think my son
would be that stupid
that he would
bring my diary
all the way back here?
You didn't, did you?
You didn't bring it,
did you?
Well, uh...
You did.
Look, can we
discuss this later?
I should have mailed it
to the Marx Brothers.
Will you take it easy?
Take it easy?!
Why do you think
I sent it home
in the first place?
So it wouldn't fall
into their hands!
I came here
to save you!
Oh, yeah?
And who's gonna come
to save you, Junior?
I told you...
...don't call me Junior!
Look what you did!
I can't believe what you did...
Elsa? Elsa?
That's far enough.
Put down the gun, Dr.Jones.
Put down the gun,
or the fraulein dies.
But she's one of them.
Indy, please!
She's a Nazi.
Trust me.
- Indy, no!
- I will kill her!
Yeah? Go ahead!
No! Don't shoot!
Don't worry. He won't.
Indy, please! Do what he says!
And don't listen to her.
Enough! She dies!
Wait! Wait...
I'm sorry.
No, don't be.
But... you should have
listened to your father.
She ransacked her own room,
and I fell for it.
How did you know
she was a Nazi?
How did you know
she was a Nazi?
She talks in her sleep.
I didn't trust her.
Why did you?
Because he didn't
take my advice.
Didn't I warn you
not to trust anybody,
I misjudged you, Walter.
I knew you would sell your
mother for an Etruscan vase,
but I didn't know
you would sell
your country
and your soul
to the slime
of humanity.
there are pages
torn out of this.
This book contained a map,
a map with no names,
precise directions
from the unknown city
to the secret Canyon
of the Crescent Moon.
So it did.
Where are these missing pages,
this map?
We must have
these pages back.
You're wasting
your breath.
He won't tell us,
and he doesn't have to.
It's perfectly obvious
where the pages are.
He's given them
to Marcus Brody.
You didn't drag poor
Marcus along, did you?
He's not up
to the challenge.
He sticks out
like a sore thumb.
We'll find him.
The hell you will.
He's got a two-day
head start on you,
which is more
than he needs.
Brody's got friends
in every town and village
from here to the Sudan.
He speaks a dozen languages,
knows every local custom.
He'll blend in, disappear.
You'll never see him again.
With any luck,
he's got the Grail already.
Does anyone here
speak English?
Or even ancient Greek?
Uh, water?
No, thank you, sir.
No. Fish make love in it.
Goodness me.
Thank you so much.
No, I don't like that.
No, I really don't want...
No, no, thank you very much.
No, thank you, madam.
I'm a vegetarian.
Does anyone understand
a word I'm saying here?
Oh, Sallah.
What a relief.
Marcus Brody, sir.
But where is Indy?
Oh, he's in Austria.
A slight detour.
You are on your own?
Yes, but don't panic.
Everything's under control.
Have you, have you
arranged our supplies?
Oh, yes,
of course.
But where
are we going?
Oh, this map will show you.
It was drawn by, uh...
Welcome to Iskenderun.
The director
of the Museum of Antiquities
has sent a car for you.
Oh, well...
your servant, sir.
And I am his.
Follow me, please.
My reputation precedes me.
There is no museum
in Iskenderun.
Papers, please.
Of course.
Papers. Got it here.
Just finished
reading it myself.
"Egyptian Mail,"
morning edition.
Did you say, uh...
Okay, okay,
quick, quick, quick!
Find the back door!
Find the back door!
Message from Berlin.
You must return immediately.
A rally at the Institute
of Aryan Culture.
Your presence
on the platform
is requested
at the highest level.
Thank you, Herr Oberst.
I will meet you
at Iskenderun.
Take this diary
to the Reichmuseum
in Berlin.
It will show them
our progress,
ahead of schedule.
Without the map,
I'm afraid it's no
better than a souvenir.
Let me kill them now.
If we fail to recover
the pages from Brody,
we'll need them alive.
Always do what
the doctor orders.
Don't look at me like that.
We both wanted the Grail.
I would have done
anything to get it.
You would have
done the same.
I'm sorry you think so.
I can't forget
how wonderful it was.
Thank you.
It was rather wonderful.
Oh, Dr.Schneider.
Your car is waiting.
That's how Austrians
say good-bye.
And this is how we say good-bye
in Germany, Dr.Jones.
I liked the Austrian way
So did I.
Let's try and get
these ropes loose.
We've got to get to Marcus
before the Nazis do.
You said he had
two days' start.
That he would blend in.
Are you kidding?
I made that up.
You know Marcus.
He got lost once
in his own museum.
Can you try and reach
my left jacket pocket?
What am I looking for?
My lucky charm.
Feels like
a cigarette lighter.
Try and burn
through the ropes.
Very good.
I ought to tell you something.
Don't get
sentimental now Dad.
Save it till
we get out of here.
The floor's on fire.
- See?
- What?
And the chair.
Move! Move it out of here!
It's scorching the table!
- Move!
- Okay!
Well, we have Marcus Brody,
but more important,
we have the map.
"By the personal command
of the Fuhrer.
"Secrecy essential to success.
Eliminate the American
Germany has declared war
on the Jones boys.
- Dad!
- What?
- Dad!
- What?
Head for the fireplace!
I think I can get
these ropes off.
Our situation has not improved.
Listen, Dad, I'm almost free.
This is intolerable.
I'm out, Dad.
Well done, boy.
Come on, Dad.
Dead end.
There's got to be a...
a secret door or a...
or something.
I find that if I just
sit down and think...
...the solution presents itself.
Great. More boats.
You say this has been
just another typical
day for you, huh?
No! But better than most.
Come on, Dad. Come on.
What about the boat?
We're not going on the boat?
Halt! Halt!
- Stop!
- What?
Stop! Stop!
You're going the wrong way.
We have to get to Berlin.
Brody's this way.
My diary's in Berlin.
We don't
need the diary, Dad.
Marcus has the map.
There is more in the diary
than just the map.
All right, Dad. Tell me.
Well, he who finds the Grail
must face the final challenge.
What final challenge?
Three devices
of such lethal cunning.
Booby traps?
Oh, yes.
But I found the clues that
will safely take us through,
in the Chronicles
of St. Anselm.
Well, what are they?
Can't you remember?
I wrote them down in my diary
so that I wouldn't have
to remember.
Half the German army's
on our tail,
and you want me to go
to Berlin?
Into the lion's den?
The only thing that matters
is the Grail.
What about Marcus?
Marcus would agree with me.
Two selfless martyrs.
Jesus Christ.
That's for blasphemy.
The quest for the Grail
is not archaeology.
It's a race against evil.
If it is captured by the Nazis,
the armies of darkness
will march all over
the face of the Earth.
Do you understand me?
This is an obsession, Dad.
I never understood it.
Neither did Mom.
Oh, yes, she did.
Only too well.
Unfortunately, she kept
her illness from me
until all I could do
was mourn her.
My boy, we are pilgrims
in an unholy land.
Fraulein Doctor.
Where is it?
How did you get here?
Where is it?
I want it.
You came back for the book? Why?
My father didn't want
it incinerated.
Is that
what you think of me?
I believe in the Grail,
not the swastika.
But you stood up to be counted
with the enemy of everything
that the Grail stands for.
Who gives a damn what you think?
You do.
All I have to
do is squeeze.
All I have to do is scream.
I've got it.
Let's get the hell out of here.
What did you get?
I don't know.
First available flight
out of Germany.
Well, we made it.
When we're airborne,
with Germany behind us,
then I'll share
that sentiment.
Tickets, please.
Guten Tag...
Herr Jones.
Tickets, please.
Oh, we should
get out of here.
No ticket.
- Ticket!
- Ticket!
- Ticket!
- Ticket!
You know,
sharing your adventures is
an interesting experience.
That's not all we shared.
It's disgraceful.
You're old enough
to be her fa...
her-her grandfather.
Well, I'm as human
as the next man.
I was the next man.
Of course. Well...
Ships that pass
in the night.
Do you remember the last time
we had a quiet drink, hmm?
I had a milkshake.
What did we
talk about?
We didn't talk.
We never talked.
Do I detect
a rebuke?
A regret.
It was just the two of us, Dad.
It was a lonely way to grow up.
For you, too.
If you'd been an ordinary,
average father,
like the other guys' dads,
you'd have understood that.
Actually, I was
a wonderful father.
Did I ever tell
you to eat up?
Go to bed?
Wash your ears?
Do your homework? No.
I respected
your privacy,
and I taught
you self-reliance.
What you taught me was
that I was
less important to you
than people
who'd been dead
for 500 years
in another country.
And I learned it so well
that we've hardly spoken
for 20 years.
You left just when you
were becoming interesting.
Dad, how can you...?
Very well.
I'm here now.
What do you want
to talk about?
Well, I...
I can't think of anything.
Then what are
you complaining about?
Look, we have work to do.
When we get to
we will face
three challenges.
The first,
"The Breath of God.
Only the penitent
man will pass."
"The Word of God.
Only in the footsteps
of God will he proceed."
"The Path of God.
"Only in the leap
from the lion's head
will he prove his worth."
What does that mean?
I don't know.
We'll find out.
We're turning around.
They're taking us back
to Germany.
Well, I thought
it would take them a lot longer
to figure out
the radio was dead.
Come on, Dad. Move!
Come on, Dad. Come on!
I didn't know you
could fly a plane.
Fly, yes.
Land, no.
Dad, you're going to have
to use the machine gun.
Get it ready.
Eleven o'clock!
Dad, eleven o'clock!
What happens at eleven o'clock?
Twelve, eleven, ten.
Eleven o'clock, fire!
Dad, are we hit?!
More or less.
Son, I'm sorry.
They got us.
Hang on, Dad.
We're going in!
Nice landing.
Those people are
trying to kill us!
I know, Dad!
It's a new
experience for me.
It happens to me all the time.
This is intolerable!
This could be close.
Faster, boy! Faster!
Well, they don't come
any closer than that!
Dad, he's coming back!
I suddenly
remembered my Charlemagne.
"Let my armies be the rocks
and the trees
and the birds in the sky."
These pages are taken
from Professor Jones'
diary, Your Highness,
and they include a map
that pinpoints the exact
location of the Grail.
As you can see, the Grail
is all but in our hands.
However, Your Highness,
we would not think
of crossing your soil
without your permission,
nor of removing the
Grail from your borders
without suitable
What have you brought?
Precious valuables,
Your Highness,
donated by some
of the finest families
in all of Germany.
Phantom Two.
Four-point-three liter,
six-cylinder engine,
with Stromberg
downdraft carburetor.
Can go from zero to
in 12.5 seconds.
And I even
like the color.
The keys are in the ignition,
Your Highness.
You shall have
camels, horses,
an armed escort, provisions,
desert vehicles
and tanks.
You're welcome.
We have no time to lose.
Indiana Jones
and his father have escaped.
We go this way.
Get that camel
out of the way.
What happened
to Marcus, Sallah?
Ah, they set out across
the desert this afternoon.
I believe they took
Mr.Brody with them.
Now they have the map.
And in this sort of race,
there's no silver medal
for finishing second.
Care to wet your
whistle, Marcus?
I'd rather spit
in your face.
But as I haven't
got any spit...
Must be within
three or four miles.
Otherwise we are
off the map.
Well, Marcus,
we are on the brink
of the recovery
of the greatest artifact
in the history
of mankind.
You're meddling with powers
you cannot
possibly comprehend.
Ah, I see Brody.
He seems okay.
They've got a tank.
Six-pound gun.
What do you think
you're doing there?
Get down!
Dad, we're well out of range.
That car belonged
to my brother-in-law.
Come on, come on!
I can't see anyone up there.
Maybe it wasn't
even Jones.
No, it is him,
all right.
He's here somewhere.
Put Brody in the tank.
Well, in this sun,
without transportation,
they're as good as dead.
It's Jones, all right.
Now, who are
all these people?
Who cares?
As long as they're
keeping Donovan busy.
Dad, you stay here
while Sallah and I
organize some transportation.
I'm going after those horses.
I'll take the camels.
I don't need camels.
But, Indy...
No camels.
Who is he?
A messenger from God.
For the unrighteous,
the Cup of Life
holds everlasting damnation.
"Genius of the Restoration..."
"Aid our own resuscitation."
Henry, what are you
doing here?
It's a rescue, old boy.
Come on.
Search him.
What is in this book?
That miserable
little diary of yours.
We have the map.
The book is useless.
And yet you come all the way
back to Berlin to get it.
What are you hiding?
What does the diary
tell you
that it doesn't
tell us?
It tells me that goose-stepping
morons like yourself
should try reading books
instead of burning them.
Jones is getting away.
I think not,
Herr Donovan.
Not that Jones,
the other Jones!
Sallah, I said no camels!
That's five camels.
Can't you count?
Compensation for
my brother-in-law's car.
Indy, your father
and Brody...
Where's my father?
They have them.
In the belly
of that steel beast.
Hyah, hyah, hyah!
Hey-ah, hey-ah, hey-ah!
Dad! Dad!
Dad! Get out!
Henry, the pen...
- What?
- But don't you see?
The pen is mightier
than the sword.
Look what you did.
It's war.
Didn't I tell you
it was a rescue, huh?
You call this archaeology?
Get out of there, Dad.
How does one
get off this thing?
Where's Marcus?
Hang on, Dad!
Father of Indy,
give me your hand!
Get Dad!
Give me your hand!
Oh, God.
I've lost him.
And I never told him anything.
I just wasn't ready, Marcus.
Five minutes
would have been enough.
I thought
I'd lost you, boy!
I thought
you had too, sir.
Well done. Come on.
Let's go, then.
Why are you
sitting there resting
when we're so near the end?!
Come on, let's go!
The Canyon
of the Crescent Moon.
Helmut, another volunteer!
I never expected
to see you again.
I'm like a bad penny;
I always turn up.
Step back now,
Give Dr.Jones some room.
He's going to recover
the Grail for us.
What do you say, Jones?
Ready to go down in history?
As what?
A Nazi stooge like you?
The Nazis?!
Is that the limit
of your vision?
The Nazis want
to write themselves
into the Grail legend...
take on the world.
Well, they're welcome.
But I want
the Grail itself.
The cup that gives
everlasting life.
Hitler can have
the world,
but he can't
take it with him.
I'm going to be
drinking my own health
when he's gone the way
of the dodo.
The Grail is mine...
and you're going
to get it for me.
Shooting me
won't get you anywhere.
You know something,
You're absolutely right.
- No!
- Get back!
You can't save him
when you're dead!
The healing power
of the Grail
is the only thing
that can save your father now.
It's time to ask yourself
what you believe.
"The Breath of God...
...only the penitent man
will pass."
"The penitent man will pass.
The penitent man will pass.
The penitent man...
"Only the penitent man
will pass."
"Only the penitent
man will pass."
The penitent man will pass.
The penitent, penitent...
The penitent man...
The penitent man...
The penitent...
The penitent man
is humble before God.
Penitent. Penitent...
The penitent man...
Penitent man
is humble...
...kneels before God.
I'm through!
We're through.
He's all right.
The second challenge:
"The Word of God."
"Only in the footsteps
of God will he proceed."
The Word of God...
The Word of...
Proceed in the footsteps
of the Word.
"The Word of God..."
No, Henry.
Try not to talk.
The name of God...
The name of God...
But in the Latin alphabet,
Jehovah begins with an "I."
Oh, dear.
In Latin, Jehovah
starts with an "I."
"The Path of God."
"Only in the leap
from the lion's head
will he prove his worth."
nobody can jump this.
Indy, you must hurry!
Come quickly!
It's a leap of faith.
Oh, geez...
You must believe, boy.
You must... believe.
I knew you'd come,
but my strength has left me.
Who are you?
The last of three brothers
who swore an oath
to find the Grail
and to guard it.
That was 700 years ago.
A long time to wait.
You're strangely dressed...
for a knight.
I'm not exactly...
a knight.
What do you mean?
I was chosen
because I was the bravest,
the most worthy.
The honor was mine
until another came
to challenge me
to single combat.
I pass it...
to you who vanquished me.
Listen, I don't have
time to explain, but...
Which one is it?
You must choose,
but choose wisely.
For as the true Grail
will bring you life,
the false Grail
will take it from you.
I'm not a historian.
I have no idea
what it looks like.
Which one is it?
Let me choose.
Thank you, Doctor.
Oh, yes.
It's more beautiful
than I'd ever imagined.
This certainly is the cup
of the King of Kings.
Eternal life.
What is happening to me?
Tell me, what is happening?
He chose...
It would not be made
out of gold.
That's the cup
of a carpenter.
There's only one way
to find out.
You have chosen wisely.
But the Grail cannot pass
beyond the Great Seal.
That is the boundary
and the price of immortality.
Drop your guns. Please.
Dad, come on,
get to your feet.
We have got it. Come on!
Elsa! Elsa, don't move!
It's ours, Indy--
yours and mine.
Elsa, don't cross the Seal.
The knight warned us
not to take
the Grail from here.
Elsa, don't. Elsa...
Give me your other hand, honey.
I can't hold you!
I can reach it.
I can reach it.
Elsa, give me your hand.
Give me your other hand!
Junior, give me
your other hand!
I can't hold on.
I can get it.
I can almost reach it, Dad.
Let it go.
Please, Dad.
Elsa never really
believed in the Grail.
She thought she'd
found a prize.
What did you find, Dad?
And what did you find, Junior?
"Junior"? Dad...
Please, what does
it always mean,
this... this "Junior"?
That's his name:
Henry Jones, Junior.
I like Indiana.
We named the dog Indiana.
May we go home now,
The dog?
You are named after the dog?
I've got a lot of fond memories
of that dog.
Indy! Henry! Follow me.
I know the way! Ha!
Got lost
in his own museum, huh?
After you, Junior.
Yes, sir. Ha!