India's Most Wanted (2019) Movie Script

'This is war.'
'This is a war between us
and the infidels.'
'Whether I kill them'
'or die in the process'
'it is heaven I am destined for.'
Extracted by ViSHAL
Thank you. Welcome to America.
Next please.
Good morning.
Just one moment please.
Could you come down, please?
Mr. Khan?
What is the purpose of
your visit to the United States?
Could you please
step outside the line?
Breaking news from the USA!
The country's biggest superstar,
Shah Rukh Khan
has been detained
at New York airport.
He was interrogated for two hours.
Shah Rukh was on his way to Chicago
to participate
in an Independence day event.
According to our sources
the Indian embassy had to
intervene and get him released.
In a telephonic interview,
Shah Rukh Khan said..
'Whenever I start feeling
too arrogant about myself'
'I always take a trip to America.'
'In the immigration, guys kick
the star out of stardom.'
In case you've forgotten,
let me remind you.
Hyderabad serial blast, 42 dead,
90 injured.
Jaipur serial blast, 63 dead,
210 injured.
Ahmedabad serial blast, 56 dead,
over 200 injured.
Delhi serial blast,
30 dead and over 100 injured.
And now, the Pune Kitchen blast
17 dead and 60 injured.
It's a joke!
In spite of having all these
agencies and funds at our disposal
we have not been able to identify
who is behind these blasts
that have been taking place
one after another,
over the last three years.
Have you read this?
'Ghost who bombs'!
'India's Osama Bin Laden'!
'Terrorists on a rampage,
police sit idle'!
A stranger comes,
carries out a blast and leaves
before our secret agencies
can get a whiff of it.
Special Cell.
State ATS nobody knows
who this Ghost is!
We're trying our level best, sir.
You've been trying
for the last three years.
Where are the results?
Where are the results?
People are dying,
businesses are losing money
share prices are dropping,
tourism has been impacted.
Tourists think India is unsafe.
We've become a joke in
the international community.
Sir, all the information
that we've received from
technical surveillance,
interrogations and reliable sources
have the same report.
Even grassroots intelligence
reports indicate that
our most wanted people
are either in Pakistan or Dubai.
Then let's relax
and listen to music.
Play us a song!
Sorry to interrupt, sir!
Mumbai ATS.
We've got CCTV footage
of The Pune Kitchen.
A man enters the cafe with a bag
but leaves without it.
Who is this man?
His family said that they
haven't seen him in eight years.
Nobody knows
what he looks like now.
What? Where?
There's been a serial blast
in Mumbai
27 dead and 150 injured.
If all the terrorists
are in Pakistan and Dubai
then is it a ghost who's
carrying out these blasts?
'I don't have a problem
with infidels.'
'If they destroy our lives'
'a retaliation is inevitable.'
You look like a bloody
government slave!
What the hell are
you doing in the jungle?
I've come from the neighbouring
village to collect mushrooms.
Oh! You've come here from
the neighbouring village
to collect mushrooms?
Do I look like a fool?
I don't just look like
a bloody government slave.
I am one.
Where's the doctor
you've kidnapped?
Where is the doctor?
I'll tell you..
Please don't kill me.
I will.
I'll kill you
if I don't find the doctor.
I'll tell you..
Octopus here.
I have information.
I'm sending you
the number of the source.
Call him.
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind, sir!
Good job.
Thank you.
Don't expect a medal though.
I won't, why will I?
How credible is the information?
We have to verify it, sir.
- Who is the source?
- Octopus!
Is he the primary source?
No, secondary.
- Where?
- In the mountains?
The Centre won't agree.
I'm confident about this, sir.
Have you met the source?
I've spoken to him over the phone.
Have you ever met him?
I haven't, sir.
Are you mad?
How can you trust him?
It could be a trap.
They could be
waiting for you there.
You don't even have the permission
to carry weapons there.
It's too risky.
Someone could die.
Four days are all we need, sir
to verify the input.
I have to check with the Centre.
I understand. I'll wait..
Are you crazy?
It's 15th August. A holiday!
I know, sir.
You're a bachelor
but I'm a married man.
I know that, sir.
Yes, Mr. Know-it-all!
Be here in an hour.
get married.
I will, as soon as I find someone.
What happened to that girl
who sends you dirty messages?
She still does.
'I'm Juliet, right at the top'
'and you are my hot-shot cop.'
It's the latest one.
So, has the cop replied?
Does he intend to?
- I don't know.
- This is the problem with you guys.
Fearless with criminals
useless with girls.
Didn't you have an
arranged marriage too, sir?
- I'll be back in an hour.
- Okay.
- Jai Hind!
- Sir!
Where are we going, sir?
We can't trust them, sir.
These sources lie to us
all the time, for money.
It could be true.
Let's speak to the source directly
and find out if it's true or not.
It's me.
I've heard a lot
about you from Octopus.
I'm a simple man, sir.
I'm thinking of coming over.
It's a beautiful place,
and the weather is also good.
If you invite me, I'll be there.
I'll get to see what you saw.
And maybe
you'll get what you're after.
He seems genuine.
We can take a chance.
It sounds like
he has spotted someone.
Let's go, sir.
Like I've said,
let's give it a shot.
I go
where you go.
Let's do it, sir.
Do you know what inputs.
and Special Cell have given?
All of India's
most wanted criminals
are in Pakistan and Dubai.
It's a strong input, sir.
We should verify it.
Mr. Singh
if we have to
verify all the inputs that we get
we'll need five times
the number of people.
He's from the Operations team
a third-generation
intelligence officer.
Dedication and commitment
are second nature to him.
Ask him to concentrate
on local issues.
If he wants to go to the mountains,
he can go for a holiday.
Jai Hind!
But sir..
Happy Independence day.
Jai Hind!
The Centre has denied permission.
According to them,
they're all in Pakistan or Dubai.
This input
has put us in a fix, sir.
You taught us to give it a shot
even if there's
a one percent chance.
Prabhat, don't try that on me.
We should verify it, sir.
My instinct tells me that
it could be something big.
If it isn't, we'll come back.
But this concerns the internal
security of our country.
What are they talking about?
I'm standing right beside you.
What makes you think
I can hear them?
You'll go there
even if I tell you not to.
And you'll do whatever you please.
Is that a jab or
a piece of advice, sir?
See this.
I got this three hours ago.
He was my source in the mountains.
Get out, quick!
The ISI had the local police
kill him yesterday.
Do you see the slippers?
I sent them to him yesterday.
It's very risky.
The ISI is everywhere.
You don't have
any official support.
And your target could have
an AK-47 or even an AK-56!
All of you could die,
it's too dangerous.
Crossing the road
is also dangerous, sir.
You have a government vehicle
I can barely afford a car while
they can only afford two wheelers.
We can barely run our homes
with the salary we get.
We didn't join the IB for money.
We're here because we want
to do something for our country.
Personal safety never has
and never will be our concern.
So, what you're
saying is that you
and these four guys
will nab India's most wanted?
Without any weapons or support?
Yes, sir.
Four days.
You have only four days.
You'll go there,
verify the input and return.
Okay, sir.
Prabhat, it's election season there
and anti-India sentiment
is very high.
Anything can happen.
If anything happens,
forget about claiming bodies
their families can't even
claim their pensions.
Most importantly,
the IB cannot fund this operation
because the higher ups
have denied permission.
On paper,
this operation does not exist.
Take this.
It's from me.
Don't mention this to my wife.
Jai Hind, sir.
All the best.
Keep me posted.
Sir, where will we get money
for the operation?
How much can each of you give?
Mr. Manish?
Sir, how many times will we
keep chipping-in for our missions?
Who are we doing this for?
Why don't the authorities
understand this?
They sit in air-conditioned
offices and issue orders.
They sanction millions for
Independence day celebrations
but scrimp when it comes
to doing something for the country.
Sir, we haven't been reimbursed
for the previous mission yet.
How can we keep chipping in?
Sir, I don't have any money.
Okay, I'll tell the boss
we're not going.
It's what he wanted too.
I have 7000.
I have to keep 1000 in
my account or I'll be fined.
You can have the remaining 6000.
My mother takes all my money, sir.
I saved 4000 for a new phone.
It's okay, you can have it.
I have 7000.
I can give you 4000.
I have to give 3000 to my wife,
or else she'll be very angry.
I have 7000.
How much?
Add it up.
including what the boss gave.
Okay, I'll manage the rest.
See you at the bus stand
in two hours.
Be on time.
'I am the only one'
'who can rid this world
of infidels.'
'I am His soldier.'
'He has given me this opportunity.'
What is it now?
Don't ask for more money.
No, sir. We'll require
logistical support there.
Yes. So?
Ravi Raj is the Police Head
of the bordering district.
He has good contacts
in the mountains.
And in the police.
If you allow..
I know he's your friend.
Take his help,
but don't take him along.
It won't matter if something
happens to you guys.
But if something happens to a
police officer, there'll be chaos.
There will be an enquiry.
- I'll lose my job.
- Yes, sir.
You are on this mission alone
and you have just four days.
All the best and keep me posted.
Jai Hind, sir!
Remember Mr. Marudhar?
His daughter is getting married.
I congratulated him
and said we'll be there.
We'll ask our daughter
to come as well.
Are you going there
for work or a holiday?
I would've taken both of you
with me if it was a holiday.
Why would I go with those guys?
You've been saying this
for the last three years.
You've been on
a 100 trips with them!
Where's dad going?
Your dad is going on a holiday.
What kind of a job is this?
Where you have to pay them!
Everybody chipped in, so I had to.
Are you sure there's no one else?
What nonsense!
How can you say that, darling?
You're the one I love.
Please don't be upset.
Tell me, what can I get for you?
I promise I'll get it.
Find someone else!
Going away? For how long?
About 4-5 days, maximum 1 week.
Can't we speak over the phone also?
- Hi!
- Hello.
I'll try my best to call you.
There's something I want to say.
I love you.
I love you.
I miss you.
Take this amulet.
Wear it around your neck.
I will.
Why don't you go now?
Won't you introduce me
to your boss?
- Boss?
- Yes.
Is she coming with us as well?
Sir, this is my mother.
- Hello.
- Hello.
My son
is very hard working.
He'll do his best in his training.
Okay, you leave.
They'll make sure I do.
- Bye.
- You should go now.
That vehicle has left.
You'll have to hail another one.
She doesn't even allow me
to go fishing with my friends.
If I say I'm after a terrorist,
she'll lock me up in a room.
- What?
- Nothing, let's go.
'You are a bachelor boy
and I'm a maiden coy.'
She's a bold one.
Back in our days,
we only had landlines.
We didn't get a chance
to do all this.
Ravi sir?
Boss will say no.
He will say no
only if he finds out.
Mr. Manish, if we come along,
I can arrange for two SUVs
decent hotels and our meals
will also be taken care of.
If I bring a couple of officers,
it'll only strengthen your team.
I have 40,000.
We can use it
if there's an emergency.
If you go alone,
you'll have to travel in old buses
stay in cheap hotels with bedbugs..
I get it, sir!
We don't need
to inform the boss, sir.
What we're about to do
is very dangerous.
I don't have a family.
But you do.
If any of you want to turn back,
now is the time.
- Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind!
What happened to
Prabhat sir's parents?
What do you think?
He has no family?
He was testing us.
You've passed the test.
He tests the team
before every operation.
Where are you going?
One of you
go and register yourselves.
The others step out
and get your bags checked.
What is your destination?
Purpose of visit?
We're tourists.
Check the bags.
How many cars and how many people?
Two cars and nine passengers.
Any women accompanying you?
How long will you be there?
Four days.
- Show me your ID.
- Sure.
You can go.
'It's a covert operation.'
'We'll act like tourists.'
'No weapons, no IDs.'
'It's a dangerous place.'
'We should always be alert.'
'Nobody should get a whiff
of our operation or who we are.'
'Three teams, three hotels.'
'Radicals, ISI, they're all here.'
'None of us should use
our real names.'
I could only arrange
for five SIMs, sir.
It's me.
I've come here, like I told you.
Should we meet?
No, you say it first.
I'll call you back.
I'll call.
Sir, there's some
unconfirmed input from Delhi.
A team was denied permission
to go to Nepal.
Use the secure line.
- Yes, sir?
- Alert your people.
We have some information
from Delhi.
Javed, has anyone showed up?
I don't see anyone, sir.
I see a bird, sir.
No, it's a wild one.
I see another one.
This one's wild as well.
He's tying his shoelaces.
He's tame.
He'll return.
He's turning back.
He'll stop.
He stopped.
Wait for 10 minutes.
Check his body language.
See if there's anyone with him.
He'll be close by, following him.
See if it's a trap.
He seems relaxed, sir.
He's not looking around nervously.
Movement negative,
he seems genuine.
Wait for another five minutes.
Why so many checks?
Not checks, these are precautions.
All clear?
Sorry, I got delayed.
This lake is huge.
I came in from the wrong gate.
I'm standing in front of
Hotel Fewa.
Can you come here, please?
Wait there.
Watch him.
There might be someone tailing him.
He'll be close by, following him.
I don't see anyone near him.
I don't think
there's anyone with him.
I'm right behind.
I have eyes on him.
It's a nice place.
The weather is also good.
Both of them are talking.
They're going somewhere.
They should've stayed here
and talked.
They're entering a lane.
You should come,
I'm following them.
It's right this way, come.
Please come.
Please come.
Which lane are they in?
I can't see them.
These lanes are like a maze.
I don't drink tea, coffee or sodas.
How did you get here?
Took the bus.
Are you alone or
is there someone with you?
I have some people.
I'm covering the area
beside the lake.
Where are you, Mr. Manish?
I'm covering the area
near the road.
Have you booked a hotel?
I've made arrangements.
You don't need to worry.
What do I get from this?
What you get
depends on the target
and on your cooperation.
You stand to gain
or lose.
See you tomorrow.
I've saved your number
as 'Friend' on my phone.
You are a friend, right?
Where were the shots fired from?
Find out
where the shots were fired.
Run, Javed!
Go and check it out!
'They have brought this
destruction upon themselves.'
'We had invited all
infidels to join us.'
'But they did not listen'
'this blast was the only way
I could get them to.'
This is your 50% advance.
He looked like one of the men
in the five photographs
that Octopus had shown.
Where did you see him?
He came to my shop.
There was someone with him.
What is that man's name?
Why had he come?
You know I do some work
for Eastern Union.
No point hiding this from you.
I do a bit of
money laundering as well.
He was offering me 20%
to send money to Hyderabad.
He gave me 500,000.
I had to transfer only 400,000.
I agreed at once!
20% is a lot, sir.
That's what made me suspicious.
I asked a few questions.
What kind of questions?
What did he look like?
He had a long beard.
He was fair.
He sounded like someone
from Kashmir.
He said he's from Delhi.
His father lives in Dubai.
And that he's a doctor
of alternative medicine.
Which one of these is him?
Don't be scared.
Take your time.
Take another look.
You've seen him.
he had a long beard.
Forget the beard
and focus on the eyes.
These are the photographs
that Octopus had.
They're the same ones.
Sir, I think
I recognise the eyes
of one of them.
Can I take another look?
If I remove the beard, then..
I'm 70% sure that it's this man.
Let's inform the boss, sir.
Not until we're a 100% sure.
But how can we be certain?
He says that man is from Kashmir,
whereas Yusuf hails from Karnataka.
That's why.
We need to be a 100% sure.
Do you have CCTV cameras
in your office?
No, sir.
What about the neighbouring shops?
They don't either.
Has he ever received
money from somewhere?
Once, from Dubai.
Which document did he submit?
It'll have his photograph.
I don't remember, sir.
This happened six months ago.
You know how easily
these documents get misplaced.
Let us..
Hello, have the children arrived?
I can't hear anything.
Call me later.
The children who were to arrive,
are they here?
Can I talk to you later?
I can't hear anything.
I couldn't hear
what he was saying, sir.
Sir, the voice was very clear.
Are we the 'children'
he was referring to?
Is he double-crossing us
and taking money from us and them?
If the other phone had not rung
we wouldn't know
that he has two phones.
Sir, he's a double agent.
Where can I find him?
I don't know, sir.
Who would?
Nadeem might know.
How do you know this Nadeem guy?
He visits me occasionally.
If he brings me business.
I give him a small commission.
So, he'll come if you call him?
I've never called him.
He comes whenever
he needs to make a buck.
He visited me 15 days ago.
A client wanted to send money
to Saudi Arabia.
But sir, I don't have
any contacts in Saudi Arabia.
I'm sure you have his number.
I do.
I've never called him.
You will, today.
'The mobile you have dialled'
'is switched off.'
Try again.
'The mobile you have dialled..'
It's switched off, sir.
Do you remember anything else?
'To bring fear into
the hearts of the infidels'
'is our only aim.'
'As we punish the infidels'
'it is their suffering'
'that brings us peace.'
I think we should
wait for Nadeem to call.
Sir, we don't have time to wait.
Failure is not an option for us.
I have a feeling
he's hiding somewhere close by.
We just need to find Yusuf.
Look at this photograph
a hundred times if required.
Look closely at the eyes.
Railway stations, bus stands,
hourly motels, dance bars..
Keep an eye on these places.
These people hide in places
from where they can escape easily.
How much for two scooters?
Hourly motels?
Couples can book
a room by the hour here.
A change of sheets
and it's ready again.
It's very expensive, sir.
One beer, two glasses.
Drink at home the next time!
Three cups of tea.
They've gone to Kathmandu.
Two days ago.
Nine of them, two SUVs.
Said they were tourists.
They could be.
I've been working here
for 20 years.
A group of nine tourists, only men
can either be cops or criminals.
You would know.
- Sir?
- What's wrong, sir?
- Sir?
- What's wrong, Prabhat?
Get some water!
Call Friend. Are you okay?
Drink some water.
'The mobile you have dialled'
'is switched off.'
- Switched off, sir.
- Try again.
Sit down.
'Sorry, the mobile you
have dialled'
'is switched off.'
It's switched off, sir.
What happened, sir?
Three cups of tea.
It's so hot today.
He looks suspicious.
The tea is good, isn't it?
Do you have any idea
who those guys were?
They could be radicals, ISI..
What if Friend is
their friend as well?
This is not a coincidence.
Why don't you try
calling him again?
Ravi, how could we get it so wrong?
'The mobile you have
dialled is switched off.'
It's switched off, sir.
Try again.
'The mobile you have
dialled is switched off.'
'Sorry, the mobile you
have dialled'
'is switched off.'
'Sorry, the mobile you
have dialled is switched off.'
'Sorry, the mobile you
have dialled'
'is switched off.'
'Sorry, the mobile you
have dialled'
'is switched off.'
'Sorry, the mobile you
have dialled'
'is switched off.'
'Sorry, the mobile you
have dialled is switched off.'
Who the hell are you guys?
What are you doing in Nepal?
- Tourists!
- Tourist?
It's the truth!
Do you think we're fools
to believe you're tourists?
Believe me, we are tourists!
- Our company ID.
- Company ID?
Who is this guy then?
Told you he's double crossing us!
Good morning.
Good morning? You're
double crossing us, you rascal!
Do you think we're fools?
Why was your phone switched off?
Do you think we're here alone?
You aren't the only ones
in danger here.
The information that I gave
puts my life at risk as well!
They'll come, slit my throat
and leave me to die
writhing in pain.
That's why I have to be careful.
I need to keep my phone
switched off.
You'll leave after a few days,
but I have to live here.
Nadeem had called me.
He said
the doctor has gone to
collect herbs in the jungle.
I told him I'll be
in his neighbourhood tomorrow.
I need to meet you
about the Saudi Arabia job.
What did he say?
He asked me to call after I reach.
Where does he stay?
In a village, 15 kilometres away.
What do you think, Prabhat?
I think Nadeem is the handler.
In that case
he's staying somewhere
close to his house.
Where did he ask to meet you?
At the village square.
Oregaon square.
You were followed,
do you still trust him?
He could be lying, sir.
We only have one more day.
'The two of you will
reach the square early'
'wait for us there
and keep a lookout.'
'Don't take chances.'
'We'll drop him off
two stops away.'
'He'll take the bus from there
and reach Oregaon square.'
'We'll pick him up from there.'
Why did he get off here?
Come on..
Wasn't he supposed to
get off at the second stop?
He got off at the first one.
At the first stop?
Something's wrong.
What's going on now?
He's standing at the bus stop.
Something's off,
I told you he's double crossing us.
Don't panic.
Stay at a distance and wait.
A bike stopped
in front of him, sir.
What does the biker look like?
He's wearing a helmet.
Our guy is leaving
with him on the bike.
Follow them.
Fast. Fast.
Go slow and keep a distance.
Stop. Stop.
He got off at the second stop.
The biker has left.
He got off at the second stop.
Okay, keep a distance.
He's waiting.
A man approached him.
They're shaking hands.
Nadeem.. That must be Nadeem.
They're walking
towards the square now.
- Follow them on foot.
- Yes, sir.
Not you.
Tell Pillai.
- Friend knows you.
- Give that!
Listen to me carefully, Javed.
The package is headed
towards the square.
Don't do anything,
wait for my instructions.
Just observe and follow.
The package is headed here.
We have to follow.
You take the delivery.
I'll take care
of any extra luggage.
Javed, take over.
- Hello!
- Sir, the package has reached the warehouse.
Wait for my instructions.
The same eyes.
What're you looking at, sir?
Our most wanted.
Welcome to the United States.
Mr. Khan,
remove your glasses please.
What's the purpose of
your visit to United States?
Once again, the country's
biggest superstar.
Shah Rukh Khan was detained
at New York Airport
and questioned for over an hour!
Shah Rukh Khan was there
to participate
at an event at Yale University.
Shah Rukh Khan had been detained
in a similar fashion, back in 2009.
There are nine of them, sir.
In SUVs.
They claim to be tourists.
They're in Kathmandu.
If the team is here,
it's these guys.
You may..
Get all the agents active.
Put all our trained guys
there on alert, ready for action.
I'll get more details
from Delhi in the meanwhile.
Okay, sir.
Look for these two SUVs.
Sir, he has left.
He's standing at the bus stop.
He's in the bus.
Give this to the spotters.
We need to find two SUVs.
Call me when you spot them.
Get out!
You were supposed to
get off at the second stop!
Why did you get off
at the first stop?
Tell me!
Nadeem called me.
Get off one stop early.
Someone will pick you up on a bike.
I'll meet you at the next stop.
He came and asked me
to come home with him.
The doctor has returned.
Weren't you complaining
of a stomach ache?
He's the one who wanted
the Saudi Arabia job done.
That doctor arrived
half an hour later.
Peace be upon you.
And unto you peace.
Tell me, what's the problem?
It's him, sir.
The man in the photograph.
It's him!
What about the two things
I had told you?
Yes, his hairline starts from here.
His teeth protrude, like this.
And the third?
So, you have a stomach ache.
For how long?
What did you eat?
'Walaikum assalaam.'
Play it again.
'Walaikum assalaam.'
'Tell me, what's the problem?'
'So, you have a stomach ache.'
'For how long?'
'What did you eat?'
I think he's from Karnataka, sir.
He's definitely from South India.
Come here, quick! We need
to find two SUVs right away.
Call me as soon as you spot them.
Get this job done quickly.
Hurry up!
Where have you been
for the last three days?
Tomorrow is your
last day there. That's..
Sir, we've identified the target.
- Who?
- Ghost.
- What!
- Our Osama Bin Laden.
The man we've been after,
for the last seven years?
Yes, sir.
Are you sure it's him?
He's here, claims to be
a doctor of alternative medicine.
Dr. Imran.
He says he's from Delhi
and his parents live in Dubai.
Key features, height,
colour, family details, all match.
We've recorded his voice sample.
He has a South Indian accent.
I'm 90% sure it's him.
Tell the Centre we need backup.
We need to act fast.
We can't risk it.
This is our chance.
Ravi is here, he'll verify.
Are you mad!
What is he doing there?
I told you not to take him along.
I'll lose my job. Jai Hind, sir.
I have pledged my life
to the country too, sir.
Are you sure it's him?
Sir, we're 90% sure.
But we need to act fast.
Give the phone to Prabhat. Sir.
- Yes, sir?
- Wait for my call.
The team was denied permission.
So, where's the problem?
It's the team leader.
Why is he a problem?
He has a habit of
not following orders.
The actual problem is that
he has carried out many successful
missions, without permission.
- Hello?
- Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind.
Sir, we've identified
a target in Nepal.
Who sent a team to Nepal?
I had told you not to.
It seemed like a high-value target,
someone from our most wanted list.
It was worth the risk.
Who is your high-value target?
90% Yusuf, sir.
Most features and
characteristics are a match.
We must act soon.
There's a 10% chance
that you're wrong.
Every operation has
a minor risk involved, sir.
Not in a foreign country.
Not in Nepal.
You know how important
Nepal is for us.
Sir, I have faith in my team.
And I have faith in the memos
that have been circulated here.
All the agencies have verified
that Yusuf, Riyaz, Iqbal
are either in Pakistan or Dubai.
Sir, we are making a mistake.
Not we
you have made a mistake!
You sent a team against my orders.
Not following orders can lead to
an enquiry, you know the protocol.
My team has no backup there.
They have no weapons or IDs
nor do they have
any logistic support.
If we don't send backup,
their lives will be at risk.
You should've thought
of this earlier, Mr. Singh.
Sir, please listen..
The Centre will not send any backup.
Jai Hind.
Elections will be
held in India next year.
We've trained the boys
and spent millions.
We have a lot of things
planned for various cities.
We cannot risk it.
We do a lot of things
without permission too.
If they're here,
we need to know who they are
where they are
and why they're here.
Find out from the handlers
if our boys are safe.
Yes, sir.
the Centre won't send any backup.
The people may not be aware,
but RAW, IB, NIA, Special Cell
we all know that this man is 10
times more dangerous than Dawood.
For seven years, the Centre has
identified him as our No.1 target.
How many more blasts or
innocent lives must be lost, sir?
This is our chance to nab him.
He's India's most wanted, sir.
Prabhat, we have our limitations.
We have to follow rules.
I tried my best.
If we go by the book,
we won't even catch a rat.
You tell me, are rules
more important than the country?
Sir, we're this close
to capturing him.
If I lose this chance,
we may never be able to nab him.
You and I both know
how dangerous he is.
He can kill
many more innocent people.
I did try, Prabhat.
At times I feel our
country has more to fear
from the people at the Centre
than terrorists like Yusuf.
'I have been ordered
to carry on with this war'
'till everyone agrees that
our faith is the only one.'
None of us have seen his face.
How can we be sure that it's Yusuf,
just by looking at his eyes?
What if he really
is in Pakistan or Dubai?
Mr. Manish, can't you be
positive sometimes at least?
We've come here to catch him, sir,
not let him go.
If we can't capture him
and there's another blast
or innocent lives lost,
I'll never forgive myself.
I won't be able to
come to terms with the fact
that we let him go when
we could've caught him.
No matter what,
we'll take him back with us.
I don't care if I
lose my job or my life.
I knew it!
You and your habit
of not following orders!
Sir, you've taught us
we should give it a shot
even if there's a 1% chance.
And here we have a 90% chance.
I'll reiterate
we should give it a shot
even if there's a 1% chance.
And I know you'll do
whatever you want.
It concerns innocent civilians,
our country, sir!
Then why bother asking me?
Just going by the book, sir.
If we go by the book..
We won't even catch a rat.
Jai Hind.
Now that we're here,
we'll take him back with us.
We'll kidnap him if required.
Consequences be damned!
- Bittu, Javed.
- Yes, sir.
Keep an eye on the house.
Keep a watch on who
is coming and going.
Follow him if he leaves the house.
Always keep him in your sight.
Pay attention
to every minute detail.
We have only one chance
to catch him.
We may never get another chance.
- Any questions?
- No, sir!
Search everywhere,
all hotels and guesthouses.
Get the other boys to look all over.
Yes, ma'am.
The boys are searching all over.
Get more boys if required.
Who else was there in the house?
I saw two children in the room.
The scoundrel is training new boys.
What else did you see in the room?
There was a computer
on a table in the corner.
Anything else?
A large cupboard
with a big lock on it.
We are searching for them, sir.
My boys are everywhere.
Our team is ready grab him.
This is our best chance
and the closest
we've come to getting
our most wanted man.
Why come to me?
Biswas is your boss.
He didn't give us permission, sir.
He asked me to get the team back.
Said that they are
in Pakistan and Dubai.
Maybe he is right.
Maybe he is wrong.
Sir, the team won't return
without completing the operation.
Kanu Master, Haider Ali, Sunil Lobo.
Prabhat has caught them all.
This team has never
returned empty-handed.
That's why
I have full faith in them.
Sir, please listen to me.
You're an operations man.
You know that ground
reality is very different.
We can never be 100% sure.
They've risked their lives.
We cannot leave them
out there in the cold.
They've put their lives
and careers at stake.
One of them just got married.
They have children, families..
They've left everything
behind for the mission.
Why? They must be on to something.
You know that despite
being given incentives
no one wants to go
for these risky operations.
These men have volunteered
to do so.
That too, at their own expense.
What is the probability?
It's high, sir.
Why else would I be here?
Search every nook and corner.
Every lane. You go that way.
Bir Singh, we need your help.
we are not allowed to.
It's too risky.
You know our situation.
We aren't allowed
to carry weapons here.
He's a dangerous criminal.
We have to take him with us.
That's why
we're requesting you, sir.
He's a cop,
do you think he'll help?
I've helped him many times,
he should.
Sir, our men are everywhere.
We don't have any information yet.
Ravi, pull over.
They know that your team
is in Nepal.
What happened?
The ISI knows that
we're here in Nepal.
Good news.
The embassy will send
a team tomorrow.
Sir, things have changed here.
What do you mean?
The ISI knows we're here in Nepal.
I want you to pull back.
Your lives are in danger.
I'll arrange for a team tomorrow.
We can't wait till tomorrow, sir.
Our personal safety
is not a concern
that man is a national threat.
We have to take this risk.
Listen to me, Prabhat,
your lives are in danger.
They were never in Kathmandu.
They weren't?
Think like them.
If you were on a mission
would you tell anyone
where you're going?
Probably not.
Definitely not.
Kathmandu was a diversion.
They were never here.
Where could they have gone?
Some other town.
Search all the places
where we have our boys.
Yes, sir!
Get more men if required.
Get information from anywhere.
I don't care, I want results.
Sir, they don't have much time.
Please, sir.
The embassy is sending a team.
I'm sending you the contact
details of Mr. Narang.
I'm nervous.
So am I.
I hope you've got the right man.
All the best.
Everything is ready, sir.
Prabhat Kumar?
- Yes.
- Let's go.
Just three of them, sir?
I thought there would be more men.
Sir, haven't seen him
since we've come here.
So, which house is it?
That one, sir.
I don't see anyone inside.
Why do you Indians
always trouble us Nepalis?
The target
is inside the house, sir.
He claims to be a doctor.
We have to go in saying
we have a patient with us.
We know what to do.
You guys will stay at a distance.
No one will go near the house.
Only we will go inside.
What do you mean
stay at a distance?
I mean we'll decide
when to go inside.
They're staring at
the house like fools.
Sir, why aren't they going inside?
Are they here to catch them
or help them escape?
He hasn't been spotted
since morning.
Could he have left?
We can't take a chance.
In the next five minutes, we'll
cover all the exits of the house.
Form an outer ring.
We'll need to handle that fool.
I can handle him alone.
He was looking at me,
I caught him by the collar.
Is there a problem?
I told you,
we'll decide when to go in.
The target is inside, sir.
My team is also ready.
We might face a problem
if you delay going inside.
Both of us will have
to bear the consequences.
Are you threatening us?
I'm simply asking you
to do what you're here for.
Why aren't they going in?
I don't trust these guys.
What if they mess up?
Sir, Pokhara.
Open fire if you need to!
Kill those bloody dogs!
We'll handle Nepal later. Okay.
They know your location.
Why isn't Yusuf
answering the phone?
He's disconnecting the call.
It's been 15 minutes already, sir.
They should've been out by now.
Something's not right, sir.
Yes, tell me.
Who told you that
he's our most wanted man?
You guys are wrong.
You've got the wrong information.
They have entered the wrong house.
This is a bloody blunder.
They are furious
threatening to escalate this
to the Prime Minister.
Dinesh, how could
you be so wrong, man?
He's a turbine engineer,
not a doctor!
He has books and ID cards
to prove it!
And who is on this team?
Sack them immediately.
And you know how many strings I
had to pull to get this thing done?
And now this is really
very embarrassing.
Dinesh, this is over.
Right now! Call them back!
Immediately, okay?
Soumik was right.
I shouldn't have listened to you.
Now I'm going to lose my job too.
Sir! - This is the first time
in my 25 year career
that I've been so ashamed.
Pack your bags
and leave right away!
What's wrong, sir?
They're gone.
They've left their bags behind.
- Hello?
- Sir, there's something I wanted to ask you.
How does a doctor become
a turbine engineer in a day?
What nonsense is this?
You're the one
talking nonsense, sir.
How did you become an IPS officer?
What did you say?
How did you become an IPS officer?
You're crossing the line, okay!
I know I am,
because I want to know.
How did a doctor become
an engineer in a day?
You're in the IPS, use your brains!
Sir, it's his cover.
New names,
new professions in new locations.
Who knows
how many aliases he's used.
Who told you that
he's a turbine engineer?
The Nepal team.
And you believed them?
You'll believe them but not us?
Sir, that team is not
capable of nabbing this man.
I have a team waiting outside.
Ask them to bring him
out of the house.
If he's not our target,
we'll let him go.
I can't do anything about it, okay!
Sir, use all the contacts
that you need to
and get him out in five minutes.
I want to see him.
If he's not out in five minutes..
We've come 500 kilometres
to get this man.
No one can stop us from
going these last 50 meters.
I don't care
if we go to jail or die.
He is a mad man!
His five minutes are up.
I told you not to come inside!
And I told you that
we'll take him with us.
I also told you that
this is Nepal, not India.
Take one more step
and I'll shoot you.
I'll take as many steps as I need,
to get to him.
Go ahead and fire
as many bullets as you want.
Nepal Embassy, New Delhi.
- Your..
- I know, sir.
He's crazy
about our country.
Like all of us should be.
Isn't it?
- Take him!
- Come on!
Come on!
The soul does not perish,
it is the body that dies.
I am not killing people.
I'm sending their souls
into new bodies.
Anyone who kills
an innocent human being
is guilty of killing humanity.
Anyone who saves a single life
saves humanity.
Throw this scoundrel
inside the car!
Prabhat, hurry up,
we need to cross the border.
It's very dangerous.
Tell me.
Eagle has got the target, sir.
Eagle is flying towards the nest.
The flight might be easy,
but reaching the nest won't.
To believe in the Ghost
we have to see the Ghost first
and then punish him.
Don't waste time,
leave for the border immediately.
Okay, sir. Jai Hind!
Who was it?
The mad man.
There is no one here, sir.
Damn it!
Who the hell is this other guy?
Sir, he won't say.
- What's wrong, Prabhat?
- Sir..
We need to hurry, it's dangerous!
Get him out!
Let's lose this guy.
We've got what we want.
Let's kill him right here.
Bring him here.
We can't waste time, Prabhat.
Javed, where's the parcel?
Bittu, get the parcel!
- Hurry up!
- No, sir!
I'll tell you everything!
I'm Faizullah Akhtar
alias Maachis! I'm Maachis, sir!
I had escaped from Batla House.
A happy hour deal!
Buy one get one free!
Nab Osama and get Al Jawahari free!
Prabhat, let's hurry.
We need to cross the border.
They shouldn't cross the border.
This is the remaining 50%.
I don't usually compromise
when it comes to business.
But I'll give you a 50% discount
for this 100% terrorist.
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
Who did we capture?
The entire army is here
to receive him.
Sir, I'd rather die
before I let you
or the nation down.
Do you plan to come to India
or will you keep blurting
lofty dialogues from over there?
India's most wanted terrorist,
Yusuf was arrested last night.
He will be brought to Delhi today.
Hold on, hold on.
Please, hold on.
Back off. What are you doing?
Let the media persons come.
Stand at the back, in that corner.
Come on, go back.
What happened?
What's with the sad faces?
Have you forgotten why you joined?
Was it to get credit
or to do your job well?
If it's credit you're after,
join the Indian cricket team.
'A patriot, you are true, alas,
about love, you have no clue.'
What has she written this time?
Nothing, sir.
You can nab
India's most wanted criminal.
But when it comes to girls,
you get scared.
Steer towards the shore,
I need to go.
Aren't you scared of
your wife as well, sir?
Very funny!
Extracted by ViSHAL