India's Sons (2022) Movie Script

My name is Karen Oberoi.
I come from a family of soldiers.
My grandfather was an IPS Officer.
My father, a decorated war hero
and served the army and retired
as a brigadier.
Like most armed forces families,
discipline, morals, respect
have been ingrained into us
since childhood.
We've been a very close knit family.
My mother raised me
and my sister as equals.
So treating women as equals
and honoring their rights
hasn't been a moral obligation.
But the core of being the person
I have always been.
Even though my lineage is of war heroes
when I was quite young, my creative soul took the better of the soldier soul
and I became an actor and a singer.
I started my career as a model
and then went on to do soap operas on TV.
In early 2000 I tasted the epitome of my success with my band A Band of Boys
We gave back-to-back platinum hits
and traveled the globe doing concerts.
We really enjoyed all the love
and adulation that we got from audiences
all across the globe.
For all the years I've been in Mumbai.
My life has always been about my work,
my commitments,
and improving myself
as an actor and a singer.
However, this incident in 2019, changed my life, forever!
Television actor Karan Oberoi was arrested
for allegedly
raping and blackmailing a woman in Mumbai.
Karan Singh Oberoi is arrested and sent to police custody till July 9.
The day I stepped my foot inside the jail
for a crime I had not committed.
I decided I would speak no matter what.
Every man is vulnerable.
if the law can be misused to make you suffer.
You could just be picked up on a fake case
and your whole family will have to go
through that massive, massive ordeal.
And that has to stop here.
All the stories, all those people who are suffering
Because you don't have a voice,
I am their voice.
I am going to carry forward this that no man
in this country should ever suffer for no fault of theirs.
No innocent man would be put behind bars
because I will tell their stories
Stop Now Stop Now.
Stop False Cases. Stop False Cases (protesting)
Stop Now Stop Now.
Stop False Cases. Stop False Cases (protesting)
Stop Now Stop Now.
Stop False Cases. Stop False Cases (protesting)
Rape - A word that haunts us to the very core
every time we hear it.
A crime thats haunted Indian conscience for decades
But more so after 16th December 2012,
when a young paramedic student
was brutally gang raped by six men
in a moving bus in
Delhi and then left to die.
The gory episode shook the nation,
and also me personally.
It was a crime, the brutality of which
one had never heard before.
I supported the movement wholeheartedly
because it was the right thing to do.
People were tired
of the lethargy of the system
to deal with these crimes
and punish such monsters.
And that's
why everyone was out on the streets
in the wake of the protest organized
across the country.
the kinds no one had ever seen before,
the government acted swiftly
My fellow citizens,
there is a genuine and justified anger and anguish
at the ghastly crime of Gangrape.
We will examine without delay,
not only the responses
to this terrible crime,
but also all aspects
concerning the safety of women
and children
and punishment to those who commit
these monstrous crimes.
Justice Verma Committee delivered its report
within a month, suggesting a complete
overhaul in laws
related to sexual crimes against women.
Rather than digging deep into the problem,
assessing the lacunas in the judicial
& investigative processes
& thereafter proposing a solution
the government preferred to amend laws
almost as a knee jerk reaction
to public outrage.
See, the criminal law
is something that you should not
necessarily fiddle around with
just as a knee jerk reaction
because of one bad case or the other.
There is a saying in law
that hard cases make bad law.
Nirbhaya was one such incident.
The Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2013
came into force on February 3rd, 2013.
Definition of rape,
now included both penetrative
as well as non penetrative forced sex.
Special provisions were added to
prosecute people in position of authority
and maximum punishment
extended to 20 years,
life and even death.
Section 166A of IPC was amended
introducing punishment for police officers
who would not registered such a crime.
Fast track courts set up across the country
to try these cases in the shortest time span.
Evidence Act was also amended
to the effect
that if a sexual intercourse is proven,
it will be presumed
that the woman did not consent.
If she says so in her testimony!
Statement alone of a woman can now lead to
conviction in rape cases in India.
Though not on papers but post 2013 amendments,
burden of proof in all practicalities
has now shifted on the man
to prove he did not rape.
Obviously, these changes were done to deter criminals
from committing this heinous crime.
The intent was definitely right.
But the outcome...
Girl trapped the boy with her sweet talks
and planned extortion...
A blackmail gang formed that traps
people in false rape cases...
A girl who filed false rape case in Fatehabad...
There are many more false rape cases...
We also need to ask at this point,
if our rape laws need to be
relooked at to prevent misuse...
The rape law,
like many other laws in India,
is being misused rampantly.
And the tragedy is that while genuine
victims of sexual violence, sexual abuse
and rape
rarely get justice, but
it lends itself to easy misuse.
After December 2012, because of media hype
there was a lot of awareness in people
on how to make use of these laws
but they also became aware on
how to misuse these laws
People are into affairs most of the time,
when they get caught then there is a rape case.
We feel that there is lot of crime
happening against women.
The courts are forgetting one very important aspect
that there is a likelihood
of these particular rape cases increasing
because of the false cases.
False accusations of rape
have increased drastically in India
in the last few years.
It's a problem
that even courts have taken cognizance of.
In fact, a judge in Delhi asked
that if women who filed rape cases
are called rape survivors,
shouldn't men who are honorably acquitted
be called rape case survivors?
Not just our courts,
data available from researchers
and national agencies
also tell a shocking tale of terrible abuse
of a thoughtful provision.
In 2013 , when a prominent newspaper
The Hindu, analyzed data
from various courts in Delhi,
now also known as rape capital of India.
Of the 600 cases, it was found that over
40% dealt with consensual sex,
usually involving elopement of young couples
where girls parents would charge the boy with rape.
Another 25%
dealt with breach of promise to marry,
which means over 65% cases
dealt with consensual sex.
One fifth of the cases were wound up
because the complainant turned hostile.
Conviction rates were high, where a stranger
or a family member was an accused.
As per a report
by The Times of India, acquittal rate
rose from 46% in 2012 to 75% in 2013,
essentially due to false rape cases.
In 2018, Rajasthan High Court was
informed by the State Police
that 43.3% of rape cases investigated
in that year turned out to be false.
A well-meaning criminal section
is now increasingly being used
in situations of unkept promise of marriage,
young couples eloping
soured relationships, recovery of money
or property,
extramarital affairs and honey traps.
One should make a distinction between violent rape
rape where there is total absence of consent
that definitely has to be punished.
But now you have so many situations which
all come under the definition of rape.
For instance, if two teenagers
run away and have sex,
now because the statutory age of consent
has gone to 18,
any 16 year old, 17 year old child
experimenting with sex becomes a rapist.
We have now brought in
within the ambit of criminal law
a lot of stuff
which otherwise was not criminal.
I am not saying that it was moral,
that it was morally right,
but keep morality out
decide as a society
how many and what kind of people
you want to criminalize.
and when you criminalize one individual
with that you subject, an entire family.
And it's not
only the
accused family which gets sucked in
it is the complainant family
also that get sucked in.
To assume whatever the woman is saying
about consent will always be right, is not fair
I don't agree with it.
because in todays time we cant say
a woman will always tell the truth
or a man will always lie.
Nor is our law formed on the basis that women
always truth and men always lie.
Our law is based on evidence
and to bring such changes in the evidence, is not correct.
In our experience, as police we see
every person lying either
because of compulsion or ulterior motive and
and that can be woman also and a man also.
One would have imagined
that post strengthening of the laws
and the system becoming so strict
more rapist would have been convicted,
more criminals would have been booked.
But what we are actually seeing
is quite the opposite.
While percentage of people convicted
versus people arrested
from 2007 to 2012 was 20%.
It dwindled to 15% between 2013 and 2018,
which basically means 85% of men and women
arrested under charges of rape
from 2013 to 2018
were found not guilty.
Most rape cases in India today
are that of rape on
false promise of marriage.
Segmented separately under NCRB
these cases have risen from 22.1%
of total registered cases in 2015
to a whopping 51% in 2019.
In some states, such cases form 55 to
85% of total cases.
It defies comprehension
how police have alowed
countless women to book
cases under this charge.
That he promised to marry me. He didnt.
We were living together
and he's been raping me for three years
Now no woman can be raped for three years,
especially if she has not been kept captive.
Especially if she's admitting
that it was a live-in-relationship
To equate non marriage
with the brutality
of what a forced rape is,
and put those in the same bracket
and treat two such men
who have committed
two different versions of rape
on the same platform is unacceptable.
To have premarital sex is a choice.
If women are so concerned
about the marriage aspect
and equate that to sex,
well then they should get married first
and then have sex.
Here it can be consensual.
That yes, I had sexual intercourse, and thats why
there are no injury marks on my body
thats why, there are good chats between us.
The SMS messages or the WhatsApp
conversations or the emails
that's why we have been roaming around.
thats why pleasant hotel stays are there
so it's the easiest allegation to level.
And what evidence of this promise
needs to be presented?
It's her word against your word.
My name is S (identity protected)
A woman has filed case on me
that I raped her for five years
on promise of marriage.
I was immediately arrested.
I spent a month in Jail and out on bail right now.
Torture and harassment began as soon as
I was taken to the Jail premises.
Jail officers see IPC section before they see face
and smirk if 376 accused comes.
They treat the inmates accordingly.
I was asked to take off all my clothes
as soon as I entered the Jail.
After that I was sent to a barrack where
people were stuffed like animals.
It was a dark room where there is no light or fan.
Washroom is inside that 100sq.ft. space, water is also a problem.
The toilet overflows very often and its hell.
A barrack which has capacity of 50 prisoners,
more than 300 prisoners are stuffed there.
You can imagine whats the condition in such situation.
If one person has to sleep, he has legs of
another person close to his face.
There came a time when my soul left my body.
I was just living like a dead body.
I kept thinking if I will be able to get out or not.
Because other prisoners scare you saying
You wont be able to get out in case of IPC 376.
There are people here since last three four years.
That got me in panic.
I felt so angry that I decided to end my life
because I knew I will have to face
humiliation once I get out as well.
Its not necessary that only a
guilty person will commit suicide.
An innocent man can also commit suicide in such a case.
I was picked up by the police
as If I was a dreaded terrorist.
A hardened criminal.
They arrested me on the same day,
an FIR was filed against me.
No evidence, no investigation,
no questioning.
I hadn't even had a
traffic violation on my name before this.
You know...
statistics do not speak of human suffering,
What a Jail is,
what arrest means
can only be understood by a person
who goes through it.
It's a nightmare
to be in the middle of hardened criminals,
especially when you know you have done nothing wrong.
You feel choked every minute.
The agony one experiences
cant be expressed in words.
One day in jail
feels like a lifetime.
People say false accusations are minuscule
as compared to real cases.
But does that make my pain less
or anyone who's going through this
emotion is painless.
How can the system be so blind?
At the cost of what?
Innocent lives?
Is that justified in any civil society?
It's not.
My name is Prince. I am a resident of Sampla.
My family comprises of my mom,
dad and two elder sisters.
We all used to live very happily.
Prince was very good in studies
and a very intelligent boy.
He always dreamt of earning well and buying a car
and home for his family and giving
comfort to his parents.
My parents desire was that I become a Chartered Accountant
and fulfil all their dreams.
Life was very smooth when this case happened
suddenly and it ruined my entire life.
It was 13 Sept 2013. My friends decided that we will
watch the latest movie thats just released.
All of us went to watch a movie at
Satyam Skytech Mall in Rohtak.
In middle of it, my mom called me and asked me
to get back to Sampla immediately.
She said that the vegetable vendor
next to my fathers tea stall
is claiming that his daughter has been sexually abused
by the boy who works at our shop.
The boy who was first accused in the case got bail.
They became furious saying we have
planned all this and fought with us.
They also filed a complaint against us
on 19 Sept 2013 for this fight.
But we immediately got bail in the matter.
Twenty days after the first incident,
they added my name also in case of sexual abuse
when I was nowhere mentioned in the same earlier.
They changed the entire story.
The father claimed that his daughter
was scared to take my name
and hence her statement should be taken again.
On 2 Sept 2013, statement of the girl got recorded again
where all their claims made earlier were twisted.
What they said in front of doctor also changed.
Everything changed.
When I was taken into police custody,
I pleaded so many times with them
that I am not involved in this case,
I was far away watching a movie when this happened.
But they ignored all the facts and even CCTV Footage
and arrested me as a rape accused in the case.
Important things like CCTV Footage,
contradictory statement of the witness,
of father, of mother were ignored in Prince case.
Earlier father stated that he
was the eye witness of the crime.
Victim said that other boy had committed the crime.
After that she changed her statement.
These facts were ignored by the trial court.
Any allegations can be made in these cases by the girls side.
For example in my case, this is my home
and the place of crime they mentioned
in complaint is this house.
It is now completed but in 2013 when they filed an FIR against me
it was under construction and
this used to be an open space.
In FIR they recorded against me, girl said
that I made her sit on my scooter
for this short distance of 200 meter, brought her here
where there was a boy already present
and I do not go anywhere else
but bring her right in front of my house to rape her.
You can see the distance between these two houses.
I was completely broken inside when
the judge convicted me in this case.
I couldnt understand how did this happen.
Despite so many proof and so many evidence
with me, they did not hear me at all.
Soon after my conviction, my father
suffered a major heart attack.
We had no money to even get him
treated in a good hospital.
After Prince went to Jail,
my daughters husband also expired.
His father also became extremely ill.
I accepted my fate thinking its punishment
for past life karmas
because without doing any wrong,
we were facing so much.
Five years after I had been in Jail, when Judges
at the High Court looked at my case
they asked only one question from the Prosecution
On what basis have you made this boy
languish in Jail for so long?
Advocate General did not have any response for that question.
The Judges then said that they are transferring
the case for a retrial in sessions court
and gave me a relief by letting me out on bail.
High Court fixed the time for trial and ordered lower court
to decide the case within three months.
In sessions court, when I presented the
CCTV footage in front of the Judge,
he asked if this evidence was seen
by the previous Judge or not.
So the evidences which were not taken on record by the
Judge before were now seen and analyzed.
When the Judge saw the footage, he asked
how could I be convicted for a crime
at the time of which I was far away at a different place.
Acquitting me, the Judge said
I cannot return five and a half years of your life
but I am acquitting you from this case.
Prince never received any compensation
from the government
despite five precious years of his life
wasted for a crime he never committed.
One of the major reasons
for injustice in false rape cases
is unfair investigation.
In the history of policing
investigations was never supposed to be one sided.
But today,
investigation literally means
listening only to the woman side.
The presumption
that a woman will never lie about rape
has seeped so deep into the system
that only what she says matters.
It's almost as if
truth is a matter of gender
And why?
The police is definitely afraid
to go ahead and give a clean chit
even if most of the evidence is pointing
towards the innocence of the accused.
One of the major factors is the amendment
brought out in 2013...
where in section 114A
was inserted which says
if the statement of the victim
says that she was raped,
the presumption will be
that the rape has taken place.
So the cardinal principle
of criminal jurisprudence
that every person is presumed to be innocent
until proven guilty is thrown out!
Only a complaint is needed.
Once that complaint is given to a police officer,
instead of investigating it, they support
it in a mechanical manner.
Immediately after that accused is arrested.
And once accused is sent to custody,
investigation is mostly over.
The police was not told
that whatever the victim is saying,
you believe it to be the gospel truth
and end the matter there
It was for the courts that yes,
there will be a presumption.
so now it will be on the accused
to turn around and say that,
no, I did not rape her.
Unfortunately, what the police is doing is
it is carrying out minimum investigation in rape cases.
Whether after Nirbhaya cases or otherwise,
there are clear guidelines by the Supreme Court for Police
that statement of the victim and medical of the victim
are sufficient grounds for chargesheet
So we obviously concentrate only on these two things
and somehow our investigation surely gets impacted.
Because of this very reason while
charge sheeting rate is extremely high,
convictions patterns clearly show that
getting justice in court is difficult.
My name is Amitabh thakur.
I am an IPS officer in UP cadre.
I am serving as IG Civil Defence right now.
I am Nutan thakur. I am a practicing lawyer at
Lucknow bench of Allahabad High court.
In 2015, a rape case was lodged against my husband
in which I was also made an accused.
All this started when I filed a complaint
against Illegal Mining with Lokayukta.
Soon after this complaint was filed and since
the then Mining Minister was an accused in it,
there were allegations against him, this targeting began.
First threat came after which an application was filed
with the State Women Commission by a woman
claiming that my husband raped her
and I also supported him in it.
We never felt that we could also become victim
of a conspiracy like this as my husband is an IPS officer.
We thought no one would dare to
implicate us in a false charge like this.
Both the applications were exactly the same.
Like there is option of copy paste in computer,
these complaints were copy of each other
Same language, same allegations, same font.
One woman claimed to be from Ghaziabad
and another from Etah.
One claimed to be under 18 years in order to
invoke POCSO which is even more dangerous.
Its even more difficult to get bail in that and
burden of proof further shifts on accused.
So, two absolutely similar complaints were given.
Both were received on same day at State Women Commission
by the same commission member.
When I perused the files, I saw that all the three applications
by the same woman had different signatures in it.
We were shocked and confused that
how can one person have three different signatures.
The allegations also were very strange.
They claimed that my wife had called them for job,
my wife then sent them to my room and then I raped them.
We had no clue who this woman was and how to pursue this case.
Its very difficult for a man to prove that he did not rape a woman
especially when she has mentioned no date,
no time of the said incident.
It was like someone made an allegation in
thin air and proceedings begin.
So we were feeling very vacant.
At that time my resolve was only to prove my husband
innocent and get him out of this rape case.
My husband was a government servant so there was
a lot at stake, it could impact his career too.
I was the one who had to do the maximum
running around whether police or courts
because I felt responsible that its because of me
that he has been implicated into this.
I had decided I will take him out of this come what may.
We met the DGP.
My wife asked them to conduct my medical tests,
conduct that womans medical tests.
Its unfortunate but no one did anything
and the matter kept lingering for long.
Samajwadi Party head Mulayam Singh Yadav has been
accused of threatening an IPS officer.
Nutan Thakur, wife of IPS officer Amitabh Thakur
has released an audio clip.
It has been claimed that this clip is of a phone conversation
between Mulayam Singh Yadav and Amitabh Thakur
Amitabh Thakur: Hello
Operator: Is that Amitabh Thakur speaking?
Amitabh Thakur: Yes, I am speaking
Operator: Hello Sir. Minister Sir wants to speak to you.
Amitabh Thakur: Who Minister?
Operator: Honourable Mulayam Singh Yadav Sir.
Amitabh Thakur: Ok.Ok
Mulayam Singh: Do you remember you were taken to school? What happened there?
Amitabh Thakur: What is your order Sir? I cant understand.
Mulayam Singh: I am telling you it will be more than that. Behave yourself.
Amitabh Thakur: What has happened? I am not able to understand sir.
Mulayam Singh: What not able to understand? You are acting against him.
Amitabh Thakur: Against whom sir?
Mulayam Singh: You will get to know soon.
Mulayam Singh: I am asking you to behave now. Thats all.
Amitabh Thakur: Okay. Fine Sir.
Just after two days of this call, an FIR got registered against us.
For seven months the complainant who
was reportedly a rape victim,
who had not complained on any other forum except women commission,
now lodged a case against us.
They could not find any conversation or CDR or
anything between that woman and us.
She could not mention any date or time of the alleged rape
at my house also in her complaint.
There was vagueness there too.
In her previous applications she never mentioned any date or time.
how is it possible when she has not come here, we do not know her,
then she finally disclosed the date as 31st December in FIR.
It is the last day of the year, not an ordinary day.
If something like this actually happens in real life with a woman,
that too if she is not a resident of this city,
she cannot forget a date like that.
After High Court sought action taken report
on our plea from police,
they started investigating the case and many hearings happened in the High Court.
Police then filed a final report as false in the case and
recommended action under IPC 182 against the woman.
During investigation, woman who filed this complaint confessed
that she was promised 9 Lac rupees
and government jobs for falsely implicating me in this rape case.
I still remember on July 11, 2015, all newspapers reported with headlines
Rape case filed against IG Amitabh Thakur
I became an alleged rapist in public eye immediately.
Theres another aspect.
When case was booked against me, all prominent newspapers
printed it on front page with my photo.
But when I was proven innocent,
someone reported, someone did not.
Even if they printed, it was in a corner that no one would read.
I personally believe, if name has to be protected,
it should be for both man and woman.
It wouldnt be an exaggeration if I say that when
no such rape happened and we still suffered for 3.5 years,
crying loud that we have not done this crime
and along with that the pain
we went through when we had to again and again
say my husband did not rape,
theres nothing more humiliating than that.
People say if rape victim is asked about the crime
again and again, it refreshes her pain.
Same way if we have to say we did not rape again and again
then me and my husband also are victims
of mental rape in this case.
Trial by media
finishes that person altogether.
His life is gone
even if it was fake and fabricated.
Because if he succeeds in proving it ten years
down the line or seven years
down the line after having spent
a certain number of years in jail,
no newspaper is going to get him
front page coverage saying We are Sorry
No TV channel is going to say we apologize
that we treated you
as a rapist
when you were merely an accused.
Nobody does that.
The moment you put the hashtag of rapist
on a man just by a simple accusation,
he's stuck with that hashtag
for the rest of his life.
There is something called as digital imprint
that is created,
which is popular now with social media,
you can never get rid of that.
And when he's proven innocent,
it doesn't wash away.
And the whole indignity of what
a man has to encounter,
the loss of his reputation,
the loss of his career,
the loss of the incredible damage
that it does to his own self-esteem
and public standing is awful.
Well, a survivor was gang
raped for the second time
by the same group of accused.
Double Gangrape case in Rohtak has shaken the entire nation.
When I read the newspaper in the morning, it was written that
the same men who had gangraped a woman in 2013,
after coming out on bail, the same men have gangraped her again.
This show, this channel and I
have had a very clear stand on the issue
for the longest time that the only punishment
for rapists, murderers is capital punishment.
Such an atmosphere was created against us
that we did not know if we will survive or not.
There was so much public outrage that they would have killed us.
Very shameful that instead of providing protection
to a rape victim,
the rape victim is re-raped by the same rapists...
There is nothing more heinous than this...
From streets of Rohtak to Parliament this matter is being discussed...
My name is Jagmohan. I stay in Bhiwani.
My family compromises of my mother and two younger brothers.
In 2013 a girl filed a false gangrape case against me.
After I had spent two and a half years in Jail,
the same girl filed a false double gangrape case
against me and the same boys in 2016.
I met her through common friends.
If she called and wanted to meet, we met.
We would have met 2-3 times probably
in 10 days that I had known her.
After the false gangrape case in Bhiwani ,
they had come out on bail
after spending two and a half years in Jail.
Within few days after they came out, she filed
a false case again for the second time.
We had no clue about it.
Rohtak Police called Jagmohan and told him
he has been accused in a double gangrape case.
Jagmohan did not try to escape or hide.
He immediately joined the investigation.
She claimed she was abducted from IC College in a car.
That circle is always so busy and there is a PCR van
standing there all the time.
Police also could not believe that something like this can happen here.
I started recalling where all I went that day
and what all did I do at what time.
The time of incident she gave, I was in the bank.
Manager said we were there in the bank
at stated time and hes willing to give it in writing.
After that I had gone to Auto market via Hansi Gate.
The shop where I was getting my car repaired,
just next to it was a CCTV camera in another shop
which clearly captured my face.
The girl made absolutely false allegations.
Such lies that in reality at that time, three accused
Sandeep, Jagmohan and Amit
one was 100Km away, one was 70 Km away
and one 120Kms away.
One boy who was accused was in Ambala at that time.
Even if he went by air and came back, he could not have
committed the crime in that time frame.
At the time the girl claimed she was abducted
and gangraped and then dumped.
There was no possibility that any of us would have done that.
In No way. Despite police knowing all the things, we got no help.
After a week, despite so many evidences with us, they arrested us under pressure.
But when it came to asking the girl what happened,
how it happened, for about 9-10 days,
if someone from women commission or
SC/ST commission came or if media came,
then she would get up put a cloth on her face
and speak to them while shaking
but if anyone from court or Duty Magistrate went,
she would either pretend shes fainted
or her mother would say something and she did not speak.
Reporter: You have been raped?
Girl: Yes
Reporter: What happened?
Reporter: You have been raped earlier too?
Girl: Yes
Girl: Its the same five who did it before and now
In front of media, girl was feigning as if
she was not in senses and she could barely speak.
As if immense torture has been done to her.
But when police investigate, it is found that this girl
went with two different boys
called Sandeep and Pramod in some hotel and
was caught on CCTV while entering and also coming out from there.
Despite that the girl says its the same five men.
It clearly proved that the girl had planned to frame all these men.
First case filed by them was also false.
They had demanded 50 Lacs from us at that time
collectively from all the families to take the case back.
But none of us agreed to give them money.
So in that revenge when they saw that
my brother got out on bail,
to frame them for a longer time,
they cooked up this gangrape story in Rohtak.
Crowd shouting: Stop Injustice. Stop Injustice.
Crowd shouting: Save the Innocents.
Crowd shouting: Dictatorship wont be accepted.
We did a lot of protest in our favour.
We did many road shows as well in both Bhiwani and Rohtak.
We went to Delhi also at Jantar Mantar.
We gave a lot of proofs to media but
no channels showed our side of the story.
One or two channels showed our evidence
but did not say that we are innocent.
One channel went so far that they called us rapists
and questioned how could we show CCTV footage!
Viewers just close your eyes
and let's think back at what we expected
in this country after Nirbhaya happened
now, I didn't expect this.
Nobody expected this.
That in this country
so many years after Nirbhaya,
when a woman says
That I was a victim of rape,
three years back, and when I
fought against the system,
the same rapist came and raped me again
as a form of punishment.
A - we didn't expect this to happen.
B - We we did not expect to be living
in a country where rapists
are merrily circulating evidence
to give themselves a clean chit.
And the police is allowing it
Even if we have evidences, no one sees them.
Even if they see it in the court, it happens after two-three years.
What kind of Justice is this?
And after three years they say due to lack of this or that evidence,
accused is being acquitted.
The girl must have taken Rs.10-12 Lacs in compensation.
Some given by SC/ST commission, some given by other.
When it is us who suffered, went to Jail without any fault.
We should be the one getting compensation.
It is our parents who suffered.
If people are being given so much money by filing a false case,
why wont others want to do it?
Government is running save daughters, teach daughters campaign.
But they should think about the sons too.
Men who do wrong must be punished.
But men who are being wronged,
government should think about them too.
Or the country will progress only with daughters?
Everyone should get equal rights, equal justice.
Fighting a false rape case is a losing battle
while a man is invariably arrested
and tried for years,
he's not compensated
once he proves his innocence.
Law of torts does give a person
the right to claim damages
but no one has the energy
to beg for compensation
from the same system that failed them.
And the worst is, there are absolute goons making
huge money from false rape case extortions.
And these are petty criminals.
Several cases have come from across India
where our protectors, people
who are part of the justice system,
the police,
the lawyers, NGOs have been found
running rackets,
trapping rich men into honey traps,
and then extorting them
through threats of rape case.
Money. Love. Fraud
Beauty Gang of Blackmail.
News right now is from Rajasthan where
rich men were trapped into false rape
That was a case after which all the eyes
were at Special Operations Group
Operation Blackmailing which was investigated by
Special Operations Group (SOG) mainly exposed three gangs
These gangs were active from January 2014 to December 2016.
These gangs carried out 30 extortions and made
about 25 Crores (250 million) in total from the same.
Basically, this gang would first do a market survey
and they would find out
about such persons
good reputation, who have got
name in the society, who are very rich.
If somebody is a doctor,
the girl would go as a patient
or somebody is a builder,
she would go as a prospective buyer,
depending on the target they would choose their
profession and they would choose their strategy.
Either she would sleep with him
or she would spend
one night outside the house,
in some hotel or in some other place.
Two three days after that, when they would have
captured some competitive evidence recording
that girl has met the man, has slept with him,
then they would extend first threat that theyre
registering FIR (police complaint) against him.
Many people settled the matter just by threats of an FIR.
The gang would get a lot of money.
Some people who did not give into their threats,
actually got a case filed against them in police station.
In one of the rarest case the person got arrested,
he was in jail for 75 days
and the girl turned hostile after getting
almost 1 Crore (10 million) of money.
In Doctors case, lady claimed that she had
gone to the doctor for hair fall treatment.
She went to him two three times.
After that she feigned depression and
requested him to take her out somewhere.
She developed good friendship with him
in that time so doctor agreed to go with her.
They went to Pushkar and booked a room as well.
All of that was well planned before.
They created video evidence wherever they went.
These evidences were used to show that the girl
was with the man when they filed FIR.
In Doctors case, that man was arrested.
He stayed in Judicial Custody for a long time.
When the girl changed her statement,
all these girls from that gang went along with her in car,
merrily enjoying and taking selfies.
They knew they were going to get
a lot of money for changing statement
and they actually got a huge amount,
they took 50 Lacs from the mans family
at that day itself and then changed statement.
After that, this girl went to Mumbai and became a DJ.
When case was registered against this gang,
we started looking for all the accused.
While investigating, we checked facebook
where she had created a page.
She had updated one day that she was
giving performance in some hotel.
We immediately sent a team from here
and she was performing live
when they arrested her with the help of Mumbai Police.
A girl accused of befriending rich men and extorting crores
from them by blackmailing has been arrested from Mumbai.
The girl is an important member of a gang which extorted 1 Crore
from a Doctor and then ran away to Mumbai.
During that time, we exposed about three gangs.
One was this major gang in which we arrested 8-9 Advocates,
8-9 girls, 8-9 private persons.
We lodged 5 cases against this gang.
But we also lodged case against two other splinter gangs separately
in which one of the High Court Advocate also got arrested.
We lodged totally about 11 cases in
which we arrested about 40 people.
It was a very special type of a case
where the statements given by the prosecutrix
under section 164 CrPC or before the magistrate
or the version given by her in the complaint,
they were being alleged to be incorrect,
mischievous and aimed at extortion
of innocent persons.
So with the help of
investigating agencies,
we placed the material before the court
and the court was convinced
that the provisions of law was misused
for extortion of money.
Extortion need not be by just showing a Gun or
shooting somebody or threatening somebody.
False allegations of IPC 376 were their weapon in this case.
When these cases were registered,
SOG people were conscious of the fact
that these cases will be having far reaching consequences
and it actually happened
that after these cases were charge sheeted by Police,
there was a sudden fall in the rate or the number of cases
being registered in Rajasthan under section 376 IPC.
We see so many cases
going out, thrown out of the court,
labeled as false cases.
Where is the action against the lady
who file these particular false cases?
Hardly any cases.
Judges are so much within their boundaries
and they dont want to step out.
Their minds are conditioned that the law is for the woman.
So they don't overstep their boundary
to say that it is a false case.
At the max they say since there is no evidence
hence the accused is acquitted
But they will not go a step further and
say that totally false evidence has been given
and I will take action against the lady for false complaint.
That doesn't happen unfortunately.
Before law, everybody is equal.
There is no question of Gender here.
But yes, in practice we do have a soft corner
for women as they are seen as vulnerable.
Various kind of terms have been coined by our
educated society to balance gender inequality
but has actually made everything unequal,
thats what I honestly feel.
While I agree that we do follow the soul of jurisprudence
that no innocent should suffer but yes at the same time,
we do not concentrate so much
on questioning a woman for filing a false case or
getting her punished for it.
We take it lightly then.
In the absence of any recourse
to people falsely accused of rape,
several PILs have been filed in various courts of India
seeking remedy to this malaise.
In July 2015,
Association for Aiding Justice petitioned
Mumbai High Court to pass guidelines
for preliminary inquiry before FIR in
rape on promise of marriage cases.
In July 2019, Reepak Kansal and Youth Bar Association
petitioned Supreme Court
to keep identity of accused hidden until trial is over.
In this petition, it was argued
that many men have committed suicide
because of false implication,
and this is a matter of constitutional
right of an individual.
In 2017, Madhu Kishwar also filed a PIL at the Delhi High Court.
The main reliefs that my petition sought was that number one-
rape be defined more precisely and the false equivalence
that it has created between relatively minor acts of aggression
cannot be treated with hideous violent rapes.
Secondly, that both
the accused and the prosecutrix be put at power
in the sense that either both be allowed anonymity
or both have their names publicly known,
It can't be one sided.
Third was consensual sex by way of live-in relationship
or teenage sex consensual sex
should not be brought in the category of rape
because on the one hand feminists say there
should be Equality My Body My Right
and they are actually in favor of teenagers exercising
freedom of choice in matters of sex,
then why are only young men punished and treated
as rapists even if the sex was consensual
and this sole testimony criteria be done away with.
That circumstantial evidence including
medical evidence have due importance.
I'm convinced that my petition
was dismissed in this bizarre fashion,
not because of judicial reluctance,
but I think it was a political decision.
The timidity of the government
in such matters comes from the fact
that foreign funded feminists,
are part of very powerful global network,
the campaign that starts, the moment you go against the will
and the agenda of foreign funded feminists,
they will unleash a hysterical campaign.
No government wants to be dubbed anti women
because that's seen
as the ultimate political abuse
that you can hurl at any politician
or any judge for that matter.
So they all play it to the galleries.
While the system has turned a blind eye
to this serious problem,
it is causing havoc in the society.
Several families have been completely destroyed
and many lives lost.
A false rape accusation
causes stress that eats a person
every single day
While some latch on,
there are many
who are just giving up.
My younger brother Arvind was
quite an introvert in his school days.
He started socializing only after going to college.
He was very unaware about things.
Arvind was very innocent. Very simple boy.
He used to treat anyone who spoke nicely to him as his own.
He never felt that any friend or any girl would betray him ever.
He studied physiotherapy. He was working
when he came in touch with this girl.
He ran away from home to get married to her
as she was putting pressure on him
to get married or else she would
get him arrested in a rape case.
Police also advised that if he wants to escape
getting booked under a rape charge, he should marry her.
Under pressure from the girl and police,
he married her in Arya Samaj Temple.
Her behavior was very controlling and
dominating from the beginning.
She was a spendthrift.
Used to demand a lot of money from him.
As they did not get along, she filed a
498A(dowry) case on him within 3-4 months.
He struggled with these cases for ten years.
When he realized there is no end to this
harassment unless he learns law,
he began studying law and became an advocate.
He was honorably discharged from 498A case
post which he started suing her
for every false case she had filed.
Sensing that she could also get into trouble,
she agreed for a compromise and they got divorced.
But after the divorce she turned his life into a living hell.
She stalked him, continuously pestered him.
When he got settled and was planning a second marriage,
she learnt about it and started building pressure on him again.
She threatened him that if he could not be hers,
she will not let him be with anyone.
His ex-wife Richa kept lurking around our home all the time.
That day she saw him leaving the house
and called her friend to follow him to the temple.
As soon as Arvind got him out of the temple,
this man started assaulting him.
It was Arvind who called the police first
but they took both of them to the station.
They called my father and informed him that
Richa is putting allegation of Rape against
Arvind so he should come and sort it out.
That night when I went to meet my brother in Police Station,
he was handcuffed and tied to the table on ground.
He could not sit, could not lie down.
They kept him in that condition for whole night.
Next day they set him free and told us that
Richa sought a compromise and demanded
that Arvind be sent with her.
When my brother did not return for two-three days,
we called Police and asked about my brother.
When we pressurized them a little,
they sent two police constables with us.
When we entered Richas house,
we saw that Arvind was locked up in a room.
My brother did not have any cloth on his body,
he was nude.
His clothes were taken away so that he cannot run away.
Police rescued him from there in that condition.
Meanwhile, the girl called the police
again claiming she has been raped
He was rescued from her house in presence of Police.
They saw what condition he was in,
that he had not been given any food or water.
Despite all these evidences, they took a four-line complaint from her,
booked him in a rape case and put him behind bars.
When he came home after spending fifteen days in Jail,
his mind had stopped working.
He realized she has left no way for him.
She threatened him again that
she will get his bail cancelled
by having sex with someone else
and putting the blame on him.
He used to be in stress all the time.
Locked his door and windows and
kept to himself whole day.
I used to ask him to keep the window open
at least for some air
but he said No, dont open the window.
He remained disturbed all the time.
His eyes looked so numb as if he has not slept for days.
He started working after coming back
from jail and was getting better.
But she started to contact him again.
You put allegation of rape on a man twice,
get him arrested and then contact him again!
When I checked my brothers phone I saw
more than fifty calls daily from her side.
She started stalking my brother till his office.
On the day this last incident happened,
she got down from rickshaw
and waited for my brother outside his office.
She grabbed my brother as soon as he
came out and ran away snatching his bag.
My brother called her repeatedly to get his bag.
He pleaded that it had his official laptop,
20Lac Cheque from office
and if she doesnt return the bag,
he would be in big trouble.
But she did not listen to him at all.
He called police but they responded
in the same way they always did.
They blamed my brother instead.
He did not return home that night.
He parked his bike outside, removed his jacket
and threw it inside along with keys,
his phone and a suicide note kept inside.
He wrote a 13-page suicide note in which
he explained the entire incident
and dropped it on the morning of 14th July.
When we saw it we all went into a shock.
We couldnt understand what
happened and what to do.
At 8pm, his father received a call when he was at his shop.
They asked if it was Radheshyam Bharti.
My husband said yes.
They asked if Arvind Bharti is his son.
He said yes.
He has committed suicide, they said.
My husband then came home and said our son has gone.
I asked where has he gone.
He committed Suicide he told me.
Thats when I got to know.
She finished my son. She did.
My name is Arvind Bharti.
Today evening, December 13, she came outside my office
and fought with me again and ran away with my bag.
This is not the first time she has done it.
Wherever I go to study or work, she starts fighting on the road there
and gets me thrown out from that place.
Even after Divorce, she harasses me and threatens
that she will implicate me and all my family members.
I have been suffering punishment for her false allegations till date.
Richa troubles me day and night.
She keeps telling me that she will not let me live
so its better that I end my own life.
I know it very well that as long as I am alive
she will keep torturing me and police and
law will continue to side with her.
Law and Courts are only for women.
A man becomes a criminal as soon as hes born.
I also know that this last letter will also not change anything
and Richa will continue to make a mockery of laws and courts.
In this life, I can neither get freedom nor justice.
I can not take it anymore.
Thats why I am ending my life.
Reason for my suicide are first blind and one sided laws
and second my ex-wife Richa.
Nothing can be more heartbreaking
than a person giving up his life
because of a false case.
If people are writing in suicide notes
that misuse of IPC 376 is a reason
for them to end their life.
It's time for lawmakers to wake up.
When truth becomes a matter of gender
then it's time for lawmakers to wake up.
When the entire existence of a man is questioned,
basis one claim by a woman,
It's time for lawmakers to wake up.
I certainly think
that we do need amendments.
It may be best for one sentence amendment
to be brought specifically into the criminal law,
saying that sex consented to
on promise of marriage or any relationship
will not constitute rape.
Accountability should be established in all major crimes.
Investigating Officer should be equally accountable.
But we do not have it.
The day this accountability is decided,
we would think ten times before sending
an innocent person behind the bars.
At one point false cases in 498A 406 ruined the concept,
the courts started disbelieving these cases.
It brought down the seriousness of 406, 498A.
Dont let rape cases go down that road.
We live in a society,
where men and women need to co-exist
peacefully and beautifully.
If men are going to be scared
about live-in relationships,
if men are going to be traumatized
about interacting with women,
you're creating a serious disorder in that
beautiful balance between men and women.
When the law works for you,
there is no fear,
because you know the law is on your side.
The fear is prevalent because the laws
are not there to support one gender
and they're being misused
so badly by the other gender.
And that needs to be corrected.
Laws cannot treat people
as disposable commodities.
Laws cannot treat men as if they are disposable.
In a quest for making this country safe for women.
We cannot make it unsafe for men to live in.
We have to protect our daughters,
but not at the cost of Indias Sons.