Indiscreet (1931) Movie Script

You needn't come up with me.
I can get into the apartment
without your assistance.
Gerry, darling...
Please, please forgive me
for what happened tonight.
I admit I was wrong.
You did alright for yourself.
Why do you insist on spoiling
a perfectly good New Year's Eve?
I haven't. It's hardly midnight.
You won't lack company.
You didn't earlier this evening.
Gerry, that's not like you.
I know. I'm a brunette.
Besides, I didn't think you noticed it.
I tried not to for some time.
After all, my dear, a man must live.
I've often wondered why it was necessary
in some cases.
Will you please be serious.
I am serious. The trouble has been that
you haven't been serious.
Don't you see to a girl it means so
much more than just an adventure?
Jim, you've been the only man in my life.
I wish I had known it was
going to end this way.
It doesn't have to end this way.
Oh, please, dear, let's forget it.
Let's start this New Year's right.
I am starting it right.
Without you.
With whom then?
You would ask that.
I'm starting it with myself. Me.
Gerry, your ex um...
I'm not ashamed or afraid.
Bye, Jim. Have a good New Year.
I'm going to have the best New Year
I ever had since I've grown up.
Gerry, will you marry me?
What an effort that must have been.
Oh, stop that.
Well, it might work out.
You married all of them, the
chorus girl, the widow...
Who told you...
Oh, it's a secret. Nobody knows but me...
and the Associated Press.
Well, I haven't offered
to marry anyone else.
No? Why not?
Well, because I...
Because once I asked you to marry me.
Ah, he remembers.
I also remember there was
some difficulty about um...
setting the date.
Thank my lucky stars.
I'm really serious.
I really mean it this time, Gerry.
Mean what?
Marriage... and all that.
No, I'm afraid there'd be too little
marriage and too much "all that".
Are you absolutely definite
about this, Gerry?
So definite.
It was beautiful while it lasted.
Come back!
Take these designs to the shop.
I've made the changes
and they can start on them at once.
Oh, yes. And tell Miss Curtis Mrs. Hoffman's
gown must be ready this evening.
That's Buster Collins on the phone.
And tell them I'll be over
early in the morning.
What time?
Twelve o'clock.
Hello, Buster.
Hello, Gerry.
Can I come over?
And bring a friend?
I'm not dressed.
Who is it?
Tony Blake.
Tony Blake?
Tony Blake, of course. Bring him along.
I'd like to meet him.
Tell him I think his book is wonderful.
But don't tell him I haven't finished it.
Why does he want to meet me?
I don't know.
Get him to tell you.
You'll have to have
something to talk about.
Oh, alright.
Hey, Tony!
It's all set.
Oh, Aunt Kate, I'm going
to meet Anthony Blake.
What's so good about that?
He's the one who wrote this book.
Any idiot can write a book.
Hm-hmm. Not a good one.
Oh, I can hardly wait to meet him.
You'd better take your
shower and cool off a bit.
Aunt Kate, put a tune on the piano for me.
I want music!
Well, anyway, the boy
gets the girl in the end.
My, what an unusual finish.
Hurry up, now. Get in, get in.
Why get so excited over a man
before you've even met him?
I hope he's a little man with a frock coat
and a beard.
Can't you hear me?
What I'd like to say is if I don't
like him, I'll run him out of here.
Oh, you will, will you?
Now that you can hear so well
I'll turn on the cold water.
I still like him even after a cold shower.
If he's anything like his
book, he's wonderful.
They never are, dearie.
I once knew Buffalo Bill.
Most things in life I've plenty of.
What good's this, that or the other
if you haven't got love.
Three meals a day
a roof above
What good's this, that or the other
if you haven't got love.
Life is sweet, but love
provides the zest of it
Give me love and you can
keep the rest of it
I'll have the best of it.
For love and joy go hand in glove
What good's this, that or the other
If you haven't got love.
Mrs. Kate Smith, Miss Gerry Trent,
may I present Mr. Anthony Blake.
That's great, Buster.
Hm-hmm? What does the hm-hmm mean?
I've just decided you look even better
with your clothes on.
Didn't I explain?
Come here.
You see that building?
I have an apartment there and on a clear day I
see you here on your roof taking your sun bath.
In your bathing suit.
Oh... I know how you feel about it.
I feel the same way.
We should be married at once.
You're probably gonna say
you don't know me well enough.
So let's get acquainted.
What do you do?
I own a shop. You know,
very smart things for very smart ladies.
Good. Any profits?
Not many.
You see, I won't sell the nicest things.
I keep them to wear them myself.
Too bad. I thought for a minute
I'd be able to quit work.
But no matter. Now that I know you
I'm still willing to go through with it.
Will you marry me?
You are crazy.
Why am I crazy?
I obey my impulse.
Like the character in your book.
I am the character in my book.
But let's get back to our marriage.
Now then, if we run around together for
several months, the usual thing...
you'd find out that I don't like carrots...
And you'd find out that I dunk my doughnuts.
It's twice as much fun marrying first
and getting acquainted afterwards.
Have you ever done it before?
Er... no.
But right now I have an impulse to do it
and I always obey my impulses.
We miss so much in life by not doing
what we're really feeling.
Didn't you ever want to trip a waiter
when he's carrying a tray full of dishes?
I've done it.
It's marvelous.
It only cost me $28.60.
What are you doing tonight? Why, do
you want to go out and trip waiters?
I'd rather ring doorbells and run.
Oh, the fun we're going to have together.
That's just what I wanted to know.
A good woman. I'm sorry, sir.
Not many of us left out there.
Joan must be sailing for home about now.
I said your sister Joan must be sailing
from France about now.
That's right.
What time is it?
Four fifteen.
Four fifteen here...
Over there it must be...
Nine fifteen.
We're away on time.
I'll be so glad to get home to see
sis and Aunt Kate.
How long since you've seen your sister?
It's been two years.
And then just for a few days.
I'm away over here to school.
You see, I lived with my aunt in Oklahoma.
You think a lot of your sister, don't you?
Everyone who knows her loves her.
I could never tell you how wonderful
she's been to me.
She works so hard to pay
for my schooling over here and...
Oh, don't get me started on the subject
of Gerry or I'll talk all the way home.
How well did you know her?
Oh, well, it was just one of those things.
I remember her alright.
But I don't know if she'll remember me.
Wouldn't she be surprised if she knew
we were engaged?
Don't forget. That's our secret.
You can't feel happy as you look.
I've never been so happy.
I'm falling more in love
with him every day.
But it can't go on.
For heaven's sake, why not?
I've got to tell him, you know,
about Jim.
Now, don't be a fool.
That's the one sure way of losing him.
I know. But I won't feel
right unless I tell him.
You'll probably feel worse if you do.
Think it over carefully.
Well, I guess I'm just a modern girl
with an old-fashioned conscience.
Press this for me?
Well, here we are.
And just in time.
There you are.
Let go!
I want to turn on the light.
Keep me with you. I'm afraid of the dark.
Still scared?
Still scared?
A little.
Should we have some music?
Pick a station. a baby swallows the
pill thinking it's candy.
Still scared?
Now a little fire and everything's set.
I think your feet are wet.
No, they're not.
They might be.
I didn't step in a puddle.
Well, let's see.
Are they warm now?
What's wrong?
Better get a shoehorn.
Here we are.
There we are.
An inventor as well as a writer.
You know, Blake.
Let Dr. Blake read your palm.
You'll live.
I wonder when I'm with you.
I'm the one who's just begun to live.
I wish I'd met you years ago.
I wish you had.
You didn't have as much fun today.
What's wrong?
Aren't you going to autograph
one of your books for me?
Right now.
Wait a minute!
Don't peek.
Do you believe in everything in that book?
Of course not.
But you said you were
the central character.
Wouldn't you do as he did?
Well, I try to.
You see, he's me. Idealized, of course.
That's beautiful, Tony.
So you love me more each hour.
Until you're a hundred.
After that I may start chasing around.
I'll always treasure this.
I'll dedicate the next one to you.
I'd love to write it in Paris...
if I had a wife to go with me.
Sort of a satirist critic.
I have an idea for your new novel.
You should call it "Love and Kisses."
And you could point out the
difference between love
and just kisses.
Hey, that's not bad.
Suppose by way of plot...
a girl who's had an affair with one man
falls in love with another.
Should she tell him?
That all depends on the man.
Supposing you were like the
character in your book?
Oh, I see. Well...
it might be better for her to tell him
than to let him find out for himself.
That's what I thought...
On the other hand it might be wise for her
to say nothing.
What a man doesn't know won't hurt him.
I guess if everybody told the truth,
nobody would marry anybody.
Then honesty isn't the best policy.
The modern baby face looks up
at the chump she's going to marry and says:
"You're the only one I ever loved."
and the big sap says, "Yeah?"
And they live happily ever after.
Oh, I don't know.
It's hard to say what a girl should do
who's faced with that situation.
But I am, Tony.
You're what?
Faced with that situation.
Did you love him?
Tell me.
If you loved him, I'll die.
I only thought I did.
Don't you see, I had to think I did.
I don't want to know anything about him.
I don't even want to know who he is.
Just promise me you'll never see him again.
Have no fear of that.
I have a confession to make.
Once I...
went out with a girl.
That makes us even.
Oh, Tony!
In spite of my great
mistake, will you marry me?
I'd like to see anything stop me.
Oh, sweetheart...
I'd better go.
Oh, why? It's raining.
No, it isn't. It's stopped.
And my... and my sister comes in tomorrow.
And I have to meet her.
And besides, I have some letters to write.
Those aren't reasons.
Well, they'll do. Goodbye.
Wait, I'll go with you.
I forgot my book.
You didn't change what you
had written, did you?
Yes, a little.
I want it.
Give it to me.
Give it to me, please.
Well, hello, miss Joan.
Hello, Helga.
Oh, Joan. Oh, and you don't
know how good it looks to me.
I'm so happy.
I'm going to help unpack your things.
Oh, Aunt Kate, New York is
so different from Paris.
Your trunks will be here in about an hour.
Gee, it's great to see you, baby.
Hey, what's the matter?
Please, Buster. I have to
unpack and everything.
Aren't you glad to see me?
Of course I'm glad to see you.
But what?
Quit being so young.
I'm a year older than you are.
Well, then act it.
It was rather silly to think that things would
be the same between us after two years.
You're kidding.
Why aren't you coming?
It was nice of you to
want to give me a party.
But you really shouldn't do it.
Aunt Gerry, help me out.
She's giving me the chills.
Says she doesn't want to go to my party.
What's the matter? Won't you go?
There you are, my lad.
From now on it's up to you.
See you about seven-thirty?
And you and Tony?
And you too, Mrs. Brown.
I can't get over it. The way you've grown.
It was only yesterday I
was looking at these.
There you are, before going to Paris.
Before and after.
What the well-dressed baby used to wear.
That reminds me.
I promised to look after you.
Sometimes I worried about you being
out of my sight for so long.
You didn't have to.
I couldn't help it.
I hope we have as much fun here
as we had in Oklahoma.
Do you remember the night
you went out with Stu Gordell?
He came in in a car that
just chugged along.
And he made you get out and walk.
And even at that I beat him home.
What's that?
I was wondering if you remembered.
Of course I do.
Don't tell me.
Don't tell me.
I need you now so keep your vow...
That's the last part of it.
I remember it. It's the SOS.
When you had a beau of the ball
and he'd get too "beau-ish"
you'd sing this, which was my signal
to come in and say...
'Geraldine, bedtime.'
You saved my life many times.
Start over.
If you can hear me calling, dear
Come to me, come to me
My life, my love, my all.
Come on, sing.
From near or far wherever you are
come to me, come to me
in answer to my call.
Somewhere on a hill
there's a whippoorwill
calling with me as the shadows fall.
I need you now so keep your vow
Come to me, come to me
My life...
my love...
My all.
You'll never hear me calling, dear...
when he's here.
Oh, he's good looking.
Who is he?
Anthony Blake, the novelist.
And your future brother-in-law.
Yes, it's terrific.
You'll meet him tonight.
Oh, you, you poor darling.
You've been in the convent so long
I suppose you forgot what boys look like.
I have. All except one.
He hasn't forgotten you either.
I don't mean Buster.
No, this one I met in Paris.
I think you know him, too.
Who is he?
Jim Woodward.
Don't you know him?
Yes, I'm trying to place him.
He said you might not remember him.
Oh, Gerry, he wears the cutest clothes,
says the most adorable things...
and dances divinely.
If you ever met him you'd remember him.
I remember him...
Well... I suppose you want a manicure
and a wave for tonight.
I'll go with you. I need one, too.
And you must wear one of your new
Paris gowns to Buster's party.
It'll be a wonderful party, it really will.
What a party I'm giving.
I asked a friend of mine to drop in at the party.
I hope you won't mind.
It's great. What's her name.
Jim Woodward.
Swell. Someone for Aunt Kate.
Shall we tell them about us?
I want to pin you down in public.
Why not?
Not now.
Hello, Joan.
You remember Mr. Woodward.
And more beautiful than ever.
Meet me, Mr. Woodward.
Tony Blake.
I'm the fellow who's supposed to make
all the pretty speeches to Gerry.
And my aunt, Mrs. Smith.
How do you do?
How do you do?
And Mr. Collins.
Mr. Collins.
Have a drink, Woodward?
Yes, thanks.
What a party I'm giving.
Well, here's to...
Well, what shall we drink to?
I have something important to drink to.
The minute I laid eyes on Gerry Trent
I wanted to be her slave.
I offered my services as a chauffeur.
She said, no, I drive myself.
I said, what about a secretary?
She said no, I handle all
my correspondence myself.
No matter what I suggested,
it seemed she didn't need me.
Then one day I remarked that
she might like to um...
marry and um...
raise a family.
P.S. I got the job.
I go to work Monday.
Hey, congratulations.
Thanks, Buster.
Here's hoping you'll never discharge.
Thanks, ol' man.
May I dance with the bride, please?
Of course.
Can I be best man?
He's the best man I ever knew.
Isn't that nice?
Roses round the door...
kiddies on the floor...
Are you gonna go for that?
Why not? I love him.
It just doesn't mean anything,
you and Joan, does it?
You know why.
Just laughs. I met her on the boat.
She's only a child.
I think she's getting a bit serious.
See that she doesn't.
You know me.
Just too well.
And guess who it was.
Buffalo Bill.
Now's a good time to invite them.
To your home.
Our families should meet sometime
if we're going to be married.
There's plenty of time for that.
But you said you'd arrange
it as soon as you got back.
Attention, please.
Stand by for a station announcement.
I'm giving a big week-end
party in my father's name
at Westbury and I want you all to come.
And maybe you'll get a surprise too.
I bet I know. Another engagement.
Well, it's something to drink to anyway.
Why didn't you tell me we weren't going
to the Woodwards...
before I got all dressed up?
I'm sorry, Aunt Kate. We shouldn't go
and Joan shouldn't go either.
It's bound to be an awkward
situation for all of us.
Well, on second thought,
perhaps you're right.
It might cause a lot of trouble.
Create a big scandal.
Joan has no business.
And from what you tell me
of that Jim Woodward...
Even I wouldn't be safe with him.
Besides, Joan might find out about...
What's the matter? Aren't you going?
No. And you shouldn't go.
But Gerry, his parents want to meet us.
And you think he wants to marry you.
What about Buster?
He's just a kid. I like older men.
Naturally you would at your age.
What did you tell Buster?
I had that out with him this morning.
He'll get over it.
He's a fine boy.
You mean to imply that Jim isn't?
Darling, you've always listened to me.
Please listen to me now.
I know something about life.
You're only on the brink of it.
And I want you to benefit by my experience.
You mustn't have headaches
that you can possibly avoid.
That's why I want you to believe me when I say Jim
Woodward isn't the sort of man you should marry.
How do you know so much about him?
You said you barely remembered him.
I knew a girl that he went with
and how he cheated her and lots of others.
I don't care about his others. Every
man has had others. Ask Tony.
Just a moment, Aunt Kate.
At least Jim didn't love the others.
Now that he's engaged to me...
he's through with them all,
He told me so.
He told you so. Would you believe
black was white if he told you so?
I happen to know that he promised to marry
this particular girl.
And she believed in him. All the while he was running
around with a dozen others who believed in him too.
You have no right to talk to me like this.
I'm old enough to know what I'm doing.
You think so?
Yes, I do.
How do you know this girl is
telling the truth about Jim?
I wouldn't believe anything I heard
from that kind of girl.
Oh, yes you would from this kind of girl...
No, I wouldn't. She's probably lying.
Who is she?
You want to know who she is?
I'll tell you who the girl is...
Gerry, let her alone.
Go on, Joan. Go on to Westbury.
Marry the man you love.
Why, you girls ought to
be ashamed of yourselves.
Quarreling like this?
Goodbye, Joan.
I just couldn't let you go through with it.
You were right.
Just give that Jim Woodward time.
He'll open her eyes himself.
By then it might be too late.
Jim isn't going to be
on the level with her.
It just isn't in him.
Oh, if Joan only knew him as I know him.
Hello, darling.
Hello, darling.
Everything's all set. Ten o'clock,
the little church around the corner
then your house for food.
I'm no fool.
Say, how much should I give the minister?
Whatever you think it's worth, I suppose.
I couldn't afford to pay that much.
What are you laughing at?
The passports just got here.
Oh, Tony, my picture!
Is it dreadful?
We're a great pair.
We don't look as if we're trying to get
out of the country.
We look as if we're trying to get in.
By the way, Gerry.
I can't go to the Woodwards.
I've got to run down to
Washington, after all.
That's alright if you have to go.
I'm not going either.
You shouldn't stay home on my account.
You ought to go anyway.
You'll probably have lots of fun.
Don't be silly.
I couldn't have any fun without you.
Hurry back. I'll miss you.
Be a good boy.
Bye, darling.
Aunt Kate.
Get ready. We're going to Westbury.
Oh, Miss Trent, I'm so sorry your
sister-in-law couldn't come.
I was so anxious to meet them.
I'm sorry too.
Oh, here they are now!
Pardon me.
What a surprise. I'm glad you came.
Why, I don't understand their coming.
Oh, mother, Dad,
I want you to know Miss Trent.
How do you do?
And her aunt, Mrs. um...
How do you do?
Won't you come in?
Thank you.
You attended to it?
Thanks a lot.
I didn't want to go to Washington anyway.
I'm terribly sorry about you and Joan.
I did all I could.
But I'm defeated.
I don't know why you're on my side.
But I love you for it.
After I finish these I'm going in and get
Jim's ol' man to call the whole thing off.
I think I'm brave enough now.
I think he's interested in Miss Trent.
I like Joan, I like the sister.
But that aunt...
Oh, she seems alright.
Come in.
How do you do?
When I met you today, Mr. Woodward,
I don't think you remembered me.
I'm the son of Timothy Collins.
Buster Collins!
Why, we knew you when you were that high.
Now I'm this high.
I came in here to ask you, Mr. Woodward...
if you knew that Jim intended
to marry Joan Trent.
No, really?
Well, we hadn't heard, but um...
I should be really glad if it were true.
We're anxious that Jim should settle down.
Oh, um...
But what do you know about these Trents?
Nothing much.
They seem to be nice people.
Well, not from what I heard.
But if you're satisfied, alright.
Buster, one moment.
Tell us what you heard.
Oh, it doesn't matter much.
It certainly does.
Tell us what you know.
Well, I heard...
that the aunt...
was a bootlegger.
What did I tell you?
Nonsense. I don't believe it.
You may not believe that
but that's not the half of it.
Oh, but I can see you're not interested.
Buster! Just a minute!
Tell us what you know.
Do you want to know all?
It's pretty bad.
I wish I hadn't mentioned it.
Young man! Will you speak up!
You asked for it.
Everyone that knows the Trents
knows that there's a...
dash, just a teeny weeny dash...
of insanity in the family.
Now I feel like a cad.
How did you do?
I did alright.
What do you mean you did alright?
I don't think there will be any Woodwards
marrying any Trents.
Buster, what did you say?
I'd rather not tell you.
You must tell me.
I'd rather not. You might not like it.
I swear I'll love it.
You won't get sore now?
Cross my heart.
Well, I told...
Now, Buster, out with it, out with it.
Well, I told them...
I told them that there was a dash
just a teeny weeney weeney dash
of... of...
insanity in your family.
Buster! Ohhh...
Oh, that's awful.
I said there was just a teeny weeny dash...
Thank you.
Those are embarrassing crackers.
You know, you can get a
kind that won't break.
Of course you can't eat them.
But you can butter them.
What's the matter?
Aren't you going to have your consomme?
Why, I thought it was soup.
Would you pass the sugar?
Thank you.
One, two...
Button my shoe!
Three, four...
Shut the door!
Five, six...
Pardon me!
Do you realize that's sugar?
Oh, yes...
Oh, yes, I've heard of that before.
I'll bet you love it!
Say when.
When! When!
What's the matter?
What are you looking at?
What do you want?
What's the matter?
What are you laughing at?
Aunt Kate, I have news for you.
Mr. Woodward and you...
Buffalo Bill.
Why did you call me?
I've hardly had a drop of my lunch.
What do you mean by inviting these Trents
to our house? They're crazy.
Why, isn't the rest of our guests?
Absolutely mad, I tell you.
They stand out.
Oh, you mustn't say that.
Go up and quiet her down.
Order a straitjacket. Do something!
All right, all right.
Didn't you know Buffalo Bill?
Hold on. I think I'll finish
lunch in my bathing suit.
That ought to convince them.
Why, hello, Collins.
What are you doing in this lady's bedroom?
What are you doing in this house?
When I think of the answer
to that I'll be back.
Well, if it isn't Mr. James.
What's going on here, what are you up to?
Nothing, nothing.
I've given up!
Let anybody marry anybody.
You're the winner. Jim Woodward the winner!
Hurrah for Jim Woodward!
My old man is terribly upset.
He thinks you're crazy. Crazy? Why, I
only obey my impulses, that's all.
What are you talking about?
We miss so much in life by not doing
the things we want to do.
If you feel like doing something,
why shouldn't you do it?
For instance?
Well, for example.
I don't like his expression.
I catch on!
Oh, baby. This is the perfect house
for obeying impulses.
I have work here that'll take me days!
Oh, Gerry...
Now I've got another impulse.
You get out of here.
Come on, out you go!
Oh, yes, go...
What will they think downstairs?
I don't care what they think.
I have a bigger impulse.
I want to stay.
I haven't laughed like
this in years, Gerry.
I always did have a good time with you.
Why talk about that?
I'm just beginning to realize what a fool
I was to let you get away from me.
Are you trying to make love to me?
That's the impulse.
What about Joan?
Joan will never be a Gerry.
I think the only reason I ever fell for Joan in the
first place was because she reminded me so much of you.
Can't we start all over again?
You mean it?
I was never more serious in my life.
Oh, Gerry...
Just a moment. Let me think.
I'd hate to hurt Joan any
more than is necessary.
Joan's just a kid. She'll get over it.
I bet I know what you're thinking about.
Blake. Oh, forget him.
Don't you want me back?
Isn't there a little spark still burning?
Why do you suppose I was so anxious
to break it up between you and Joan?
What a fool I was not
to have seen it before.
You mustn't be too hasty, Jim.
Oh, Gerry.
Do you suppose it will work out?
Why, certainly.
Will we ever recapture the
happiness of the old times?
We could.
Remember the gay life,
the music, the dancing?
Well, the same places are still open.
You used to tell me that you...
liked nothing better than to sit for hours
while I sang to you.
I liked that too.
You did, didn't you?
Do you remember...
If you can hear me calling, dear...
Come to me.
Come to me...
My life, my love, my all.
From near or far, wherever you are
Come to me...
in answer to my call.
Somewhere on a hill
there's a whippoorwill
calling with me as the shadows fall.
I need you now so keep your vow
Come to me.
Come to me...
My life
My love
My all.
So that's it.
Oh, Joan's here.
Now... now, Joan...
don't make a scene.
That's right, now, Joan.
You mustn't make a scene.
What am I supposed to do? Applaud?
We were just um...
um.. um...
we were just discussing things.
That's right, Jim was trying to tell me
how much he loves you.
Well, um...
I think you'd sound more convincing
with your coat on.
No wonder you didn't want me to have him.
You wanted him for yourself.
Why, men like Jim have enough love
for both of us.
I won't share his love with anyone.
Well, I guess you're going
to have to choose between.
Pick yourself a Trent.
Wait, maybe this will help.
Kannaba in, Kannaba out...
How does it go?
Oh, stop it!
Why do you hesitate? Is there any doubt?
Of course there's a doubt.
Jim's very fond of his Gerry,
aren't you, Jim?
Gerry, I don't know how
you could do this to me.
Joan, don't cry.
I know it hurts.
But you'll soon forget. Really you will.
There now, don't cry.
Leave me alone. Don't touch me.
Oh, Joan, I...
I don't think you quite understand.
You see, well...
Jerry and I were once sweethearts.
You and Gerry?
Yes, Joan, and...
Well, we just discovered each other...
all over again.
Haven't we, dear?
Please, Tony, wait!
Wait. Don't misunderstand me.
Take your hands off me.
It doesn't mean anything.
He doesn't mean anything!
I don't care why you did it.
Oh, but, Tony...
So that's the man.
And you promised me.
I know I promised you.
But you of all people should understand.
Why, even in your book you said...
But I don't happen to be
a character in a book.
How did he take it, darling?
How about it?
I'm beginning to understand you, Jim.
You're not bad.
You're just not very bright.
Hello, Gerry.
What's the matter? Sick?
No, I'm alright.
I talked to Joan this morning on the phone.
And what do you think?
She called me.
Looks like everything's gonna be alright.
Say, what happened out
there the other night?
Tony no more than got there and he left.
And then you left.
Then everybody left.
So I left.
Howdy, Joan.
Buster, do you mind if I meet you
down at the car?
I want to talk to Gerry.
See you soon, Gerry.
I want to tell you, Gerry...
I understand everything now.
I'm sorry about Tony.
I know you are.
And I want to tell you that...
Do you want me to stay home with you?
I don't have to go out with Buster.
I think it would be nice if you would.
You'll be alright?
I'll be home early.
Oh, Miss Trent.
I want you to see something wonderful.
It's just come.
Is this not beautiful?
Are you going to stand around all day
and admire that atrocity?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
I'm getting sick and tired of it.
Why, Aunt Kate, what do you mean?
Here you are in love with a man.
Yet you sit around all day moping
while he sails right out of your life.
Are you sure he's sailing?
Certainly, I called his house.
You didn't.
Of course I did. Why not?
Shame on you!
What did he say?
He wasn't there.
But his servant tells me that
he's sailing for Europe.
We were going together. Now he's gone.
No he hasn't.
He doesn't sail for thirty-five minutes.
Now, if you're any sort of a girl at all,
and if you're worthy of the name of Trent,
you'll get out of here and go after him.
Seize your man, isn't it?
You love him, don't you?
Well, you're always preaching to me
about obeying those instincts.
Why don't you practice what you preach?
But I couldn't make the boat
in thirty-five minutes.
Besides, I haven't anything packed.
Yes, you have!
Now get out! Come on!
Come on, come on, get out of here.
Wait, here's your coat.
Don't forget your purse.
Come on, get your things together.
Oh, my, I'm sure there's
something you've forgotten.
Aunt Kate, my nightgowns, did you pack them?
Goodness, of course.
Here, here, get your coat on.
We haven't any time to lose.
Oh, dear...
I'm not the one that's going!
Here, wear this yourself.
Oh, hurry, hurry...
Now, have you got everything?
Aunt Kate, tell Joan about it,
She'll love to know.
I'll tell her.
What is this for?
Oh, I don't know.
Now, have you got your grip?
Hurry now.
Seize your man, isn't it?
Oh, Aunt Kate, you're a darling.
What will I ever do without you?
When you get to Paris
and you still can't do without me...
send for me.
Hello, Aunt Kate. Is Gerry here?
She's out.
I must see her at once.
I started to sail without
her but I couldn't.
I don't care what's happened. I want her.
I said a lot of things I'm sorry for
and I want to tell her.
I'm mad about her, I'm simply crazy...
That's what I said the first time I saw you.
I guess I'd better tell you.
She's gone to the boat looking for you.
Gone to the boat looking for me?
Looking for me?
Oh, hurry!
Have your tickets ready.
Tickets, please.
I haven't a ticket.
You can't get aboard without a ticket.
But I'm sailing on this...
You're not sailing on this
boat without a ticket.
But I must sail.
You must not sail unless you have a ticket.
Will you please stand aside.
Show your tickets, please.
Have your tickets ready.
Have your tickets ready, please.
Have your tickets ready.
Have your tickets ready, please.
Have your tickets ready, please.
Have you seen a girl go by here?
Do you think this boat's for men only?
Wait a minute, sir. She... she...
She'd come up to about here on you.
What's the idea?
Honestly, she's a cute little thing.
She looks like this.
Have you got a ticket?
Next up...
Just a minute! Here!
If you see her, tell her I'm on board.
I'll tell her.
Tony! Tony!
Tony, where are you?
Let go, let go!
I had to get on this ship!
I'm perfectly willing to pay my ticket.
Even if you had a ticket
the cabins can't be shared.
Hello, darling.
Hello, how good!
Don't worry, officer.
She can share my cabin.
I'm sorry, sir. But this
is a first-class boat.
Well, to save the reputation of the boat...
the captain can marry us.
With the lady's consent, of course.
Tony, Tony, darling!