Indrajith (2017) Movie Script

'Darkness is the birthplace of light'
'From destruction emerges creation'
'Creation will one day be destroyed'
'This is the law of the universe'
'Our universe too is encased within this dictum'
'Around 1400 years ago, a small spark from the sun...'
'...resisting the magnetic aspect of the sun started its journey, changed into an atom'
'On the way it merged in an asteroid'
'On our earth'
"Sun with its golden rays shines brightly all over, always"
"The rays light every corner worldwide On paths we tread acting as our guide"
"Protects the entire universe The strongest medicine we possess"
"A stony debris fell on earth suddenly They considered it a gift heavenly"
'It fell...!'
'The 'Siddhars' who saw it fall, realized its medicinal value'
'They travelled a long distance'
"Medicine with powers curative"
'Pinpointed their path with signs'
"Even poison can be restorative"
"There's no right or wrong to judge"
'And memorized it precisely'
"Even fire is not bad as such"
"Sun with its golden rays shines brightly all over the place"
'Reaching their final destination'
'...invoking God's blessing'
'...they set this mystic gift in a spring'
'Without expecting returns, they started sharing its power'
'They wrote about their arrival, their discovery and its unique nature'
'In a set of poems in a cryptic manner'
"Fauna and flora reveled in their glory"
"Lock, stock and barrel, in totality"
"Every atom gained heights of sublimity"
'Lothal was excavated by the Archeological Survey of India'
And Lothal was the most prominent city of the Indus Valley Civilization
Sir, it was the ancient harbor city, right?
That's right
Dated back in 2400 B.C Located in Bhal region
In present day it is called Gujarat
The hometown of our present Prime minister
'Indus Valley civilization'
...adopted to precise standards of measurements for their buildings
Bricks were laid in the ratio of 4:2:1
Time is up
I'll see you next week
Professor, take a look at this
Sir, briefcase
In 1550 A.D all of a sudden an ordinary farmer from Talwara
...gave a stone kind of medicine and treated many patients successfully
Perhaps this is what we are looking-
1550 was too late
The British occupied India This is much earlier
Ranjan from Kolkata
Hi, did you find anything useful?
No, professor
Nothing matches your description
But the people here gave me a lead In Chitrakoot in UP-
I've checked that out You just come back
Professor, 4 years and we are still looking for this
'It is still eluding us'
Even if we don't find it I'm sure someone will see it
And whoever sees it we will find him
"Here we go with soul in night"
"Them gonna killing it no remorse"
"A sunny heart he has Cherished by many a lotus"
"Like Gautama, he dispels darkness"
"Beasts or barriers will be strings on my veena as melody"
"Your hills and valleys mystic make my heart dance like magic"
"In a drunken stupor swell Intoxicated to a dizzy spell"
"Let's slap cheeks cheeky Play games sneaky"
"Sensual treat to be nourished A feast for the famished"
"Waves of rapturous delight in the laps of midnight"
"Tipsy, tanked and tottering In liquor's after effects bolstering"
"Like 'Vethal' the mythical spirit we can cling, be an addict"
"Even after lights-off and show is over my song will never die but echo forever"
"Even if spirits stored in a jar for long they won't weaken but be strong"
"A life of veiled masquerade Dressed in deathly disgrace"
"Despite sipping poison with ease lips fake a smile to tease"
"Even bears fierce and grisly we made into stuffed toys cuddly"
"Every moment we experience a masterpiece in every sense"
"Equipped with tact and diplomacy you can row in the Coovum with supremacy"
"A friend in need Charismatic indeed"
"Without misusing or offending you ignite a rush of adrenalin"
"A friend in action Guaranteed satisfaction"
"A sunny heart he has Cherished by many a lotus"
"Like Gautama, he dispels darkness"
"In a drunken stupor swell Intoxicated to a dizzy spell"
"Let's slap cheeks cheeky Play games sneaky"
Excuse me
Fasten your seat belt
- Excuse me - Yes, sir?
Can I have a hot chocolate please?
Sorry, sir, we provide after the flight take off
Please make sure after the flight take off
- Excuse me - Yes, sir?
Where's the seat belt?
That should be here
Are you using Chanel?
- Yeah! - It's my favorite
And it suits you very well
Thank you
What a smile!
It's like the sunrise you know
Okay, thank you for the compliments
You think you can get me a cold chocolate please?
Sorry, sir, we serve only after flight take off
But for you I can try
Thank you
And a hot chocolate for this gentleman
Yeah, sure
What's your name?
You are allergic to guys like me
Turn your face the other way
I am Kapil Sharma
Indrajith You can call me Jeeth
I prefer Inder
As you wish
What do you do?
ASI director
Director of Archeological Survey of India
Wow! You're so blessed
Dig the ground, cap slanted stylishly, cigar in your mouth, whip in hand
I love Indiana Jones, sir
But I am not Harrison Ford!
'It's one of the finest archeological findings ever'
- Give me 2 minutes - Where are you going?
Whichever city I visit I first step into the restroom
Mr Ravi?
See you later
- Kapil, how are you? - Fine, thanks, sir
How is your neighbor? Ex-ASI chief
He must be doing good
Though we are neighbors we hardly see each other
Why do you ask?
I heard he is head deep into research with the help of some students
Is that so?
I even heard you are the one financing the research
I wish! I am myself in the doldrums financially
How can I afford to pay the professor?
- Then...? - Uncs, hi
Hi Inder
I'm coming
My sister's son He's visiting us from Chennai
Have you already met?
Hi, da How are you?
Uncs, meet Mr Kapil Sharma
Goa's archeological director
You are just stepping into Goa I'm vegetating here for years
But talking to him, I felt as if I've known him for ages
Very interesting fellow
Ask your professor to meet me
Definitely, Mr Kapil
- Indrajith, we'll meet - Sure
Let's go
"You rat, dim witted fellow Listen to me now"
"You rat, blockhead Listen to me, I said"
"Don't you be dense Don't play with the kittens"
"Guess what the dunderhead did Behind a box he crept and hid"
[popular Konkani folk song]
Uncs, your house is soooper
- Is it ours? - No, mine
Let it be From now on it is mine
But my daughter has to agree
Hi, aunt
I was just kidding
What would you like? Tea or coffee?
This is what I don't like So boring
Will you drink tea, coffee, Coke, Pepsi?
Red wine or champagne? You should ask instead
Hey! Inder
1 banana milk shake 2 spoons sugar, okay?
My room is upstairs, right?
Room is nice
"But now I've found that light I'm gonna save my soul"
Tree up, sir I slipped, sir
I flat, sir
You are Inder Ravi's sister's son?
How do you know me?
Your uncle has already spoken to me about you
And you, sir?
I am-
Professor Mayilvaganam
I called you here to join his project
You are so lucky, sir
But he is very intelligent
I've trained 4 students already to assist me in my project
They have specialized in it
How will you be useful to me?
Sir, only the user will know the value of a product
The product won't know
Welcome aboard
Thank you, sir
Sir, what is your specialization?
I told you, you're lucky
You know, the director of archeological department in Goa is my friend, sir
Kapil Sharma?
Yes, do you also know him?
Let me brief you, sir
How does he know Kapil?
The met in the plane But that isn't the issue
Kapil has asked me about your research
I didn't divulge anything But I'm wondering how he knew
Kapil asked you to meet him
That was an empire I ruled!
I was his boss as director of ASI
Why should I be at his beck and call now?
Professor, he thinks we are up to something
Whatever it is just go and meet him
Problem is if you don't go and meet him, he will land up here
He will pull Govt strings and take over our project
Then he will sell it in the black market
Our Govt knows only to hand over the key to the thief!
That's why, professor
Brush your ego aside and go meet him once
If you want to kill the lion you have to face it
"What I think, without a doubt I'll ensure it is carried out"
Did she see me?
Why do hassles follow only me?
I've just landed and pack up, huh?
I have to hide this
Pack up!
Inder...Meeta Meeta...Inder
- Hi - Hello
Meeta is the niece of the professor you just met
Oh! Congratulations
I need to go shopping Can you please take me?
Why at this unearthly hour?
Go, she's calling you
I was just about to go to bed
Take off your t-shirt and go stand there
I said take off your t-shirt and go stand over there
Why...? Why should I do it?
I'll clobber you with a stick!
You saw me when I undressed, right?
Now you do the same and I shall watch
'Smile in sorrow; it is without equal, in repeatedly trampling trouble'
Is that all?
Inder, your pant too
Watched to your eyes' content?!
Look without blinking
Turn off the headlights Call yourself a girl?
Stupid donkey!
Turn it off?
Somebody maybe watching!
Where are you going?
Give my pant and go
"In sheer disbelief my eyes widened"
"When I opened the window all of a sudden"
"What I saw stupefied me when I opened my window unknowingly"
"In this world, on the road duly Under the roof of my sky truly"
"In front of the tea stall to the east a shabby puppy asleep on a seat"
"A pretty dove will hover on my bold shoulder"
"Not drawing the curtains, this girlie left it half open rather recklessly"
"She stripped her dress carefree and changed ever so casually"
"She saw me seeing her wondrously"
"What I saw zapped me when I opened my window suddenly"
"In this world, on the road duly Under the roof of my sky truly"
"Is the cat to blame I wonder if the smell of milk spreads all over?"
"Is the drunkard to pay the penalty if streets have liquor shops plenty?"
"Of my own accord tell me did I catch a glimpse of your body?"
"You offered me a view without a stitch on you"
"Your matchless beauty you showed off to me"
I need to give you a shot
You mean my-
Are you kidding me?
1st you made me strip my shirt, then pant
Now my undies too? I won't do it
"Anger in the right proportion flares as a light on a mountain"
"An overdose of arrogance nothing but a monkey's fangs"
"As years pass by, fabrics fade one day"
"Human skin merges with dust to decay"
"Believe it or not, in this globe love is the only true robe"
"In sheer disbelief my eyes widened When I opened the window all of a sudden"
"In this world, on the road duly Under the roof of my sky truly"
- Congrats, sir - Thank you
Thank you
After a long time, huh?
I'm feeling really happy
My student
Later on my employee
Today you're holding my post and receiving me!
Then, sir
Heard you are into some research now
Do I need your permission to do so?
You are ex-director of Archaeology
There's a case filed against you
I heard a rumor about your research
If I question you have to answer
I mean the Govt
Looks like you are threatening me!!
These are the details of Vijayanagar dynasty
Most important news is...
...the dynasty's 1st crown is somewhere in southern India!
Let me know if you need any help
I'm here always
Good luck
I'll let you know when I need help
Okay, sir I must get back to work
See you
"Whether the rival is dead or gone"
"We are sparks of fire you can't con"
It's all in the game, man
I'm visiting you after a long time
Won't you invite me in?
Definitely I won't call you in
I'm just kidding
Come in
Maybe they will discuss some personal stuff
Sit down
It looks exactly the same as my last visit
- Cheers - Cheers
What brings you here?
Why? Shouldn't I come?
You won't come without a reason
Nothing serious, sir
- I got this button - Show me?
Check the period please
Looks like Chola dynasty
- Let me check - Yeah, sure, sir
"Whoever the opponent may be"
"He can never get the better of me"
"Whether the rival is dead or gone"
"We are flames of justice to reckon"
Hey! What are you doing here?
Didn't I ask you to clear the lab?
I thought you asked me to leave
- Check upstairs - Sorry, sir
Excuse me
This is restricted area
I'm the ASI director, man
Whatever it is, as far as this area goes only our professor can access-
So please if you don't mind
Sir, the book
You are saying a foreign body inside a medical property
If it was here on earth now, how would we not know?
I know Professor Mayilvaganam inside out
He won't get his hands dirty without a reason
We must use our authority and take over this project
So far he has done nothing wrong
With what proof can we corner him?
If people with authority make up their minds...
...right will be wrong and wrong will be right!
'By this time he would have even fixed the amount with foreign countries'
'First we must destroy our research and evidence'
'And then shift them to a different location'
He is intelligent
He got wind of something
But we anyhow shifted our research lab
What prevents him from coming here?
You've been researching for the past 4 years
You haven't got any clear picture Our funds are dwindling
Problem is-
Hello! I asked for a Latte
This is so important And what are you doing?
Oblivious of our dilemma Laughing and ordering coffee!
Not understanding the problem-
How can you solve a problem if you are its core?
Only if you come out of it you'll know the essence
Then find the solution
Did you get the problem?
- He has a point - Thank you
Thanks for this too
Do you know what we are working on?
If you tell me I'll know
'After I was fired from ASI...'
'...I visited my hometown for a breath of fresh air'
'My family members told me'
' grandfather Shankar Rama Dikshidhar'
'...was a clairvoyant seer and a mathematician'
'They showed me his works'
'In that book...'
'Year 1850, Thirumayilai'
'I'm Shankar Rama Dikshidhar'
'As usual I fed the crows'
'It is a custom of mine to write daily news on the bulletin board'
'The news I wrote that day was...'
'...everything in this world revolves around a reason'
'I entered the house wondering why I wrote it'
'My wife'
'Among the coins that fell, one coin alone caught my attention'
'I understood clearly the hidden meaning of sage Thirumoolar's Thirumandhiram'
'Similarly the soul cannot cleanse its dirt, without the grace of God'
'Without the sun's rays, the crystal cannot cleanse the cotton dust around it'
'Approximately 1400 years ago'
'It is believed a small atom from the sun landed on our earth'
'It was mentioned here that it had medicinal properties'
'To ensure foreign invaders did not steal this precious stone...'
'...they travelled far and hid it'
'I started to search for it'
'Days slipped into years'
'And I found it'
Food is very important for life
But now medicine takes priority
Hundreds of people manufacture thousands of medicine
And sell it for billions to millions of people
Who can afford to buy it?
The 'haves' will survive and 'have-nots' will die
If what he wrote was true for almost 400 years...
...we can provide a disease free life
If there's no disease for 400 years...
...then genetic problems
...won't exist
Our daily events will be channelized by our instincts
Even I'm now doubtful if it is feasible or not
I feel Shankar Raman also must have been plagued by this same doubt
That's why he specifically wrote it shouldn't be buried with him
What did you say?
You said something
No, it's a doubt
No, you said something about Shankar Raman
I said he had written he didn't want the truth to be buried with him
This gives you the clue you've been looking for
It shouldn't be buried with him
That's the key word!
Okay, boys
Don't be scared
Let's move forward
"Am I the only lad earnest singing a song in this forest?"
"Are you the only lass dear asking me to flirt with you here?"
'Armed with the spear, consort of Shakti'
'Foremost seed of Heaven, praise be to thee'
'To that 3 eyed Lord Shiva You preached the OM mantra'
'While 330 'devas', Brahma and Vishnu heard Your sermon and worshipped You'
Someone is echoing my song
I heard it too
Mr Shankar Raman won't be here
Shall we search elsewhere?
Let's go
Don't look back
Hey! Where are you running?
I am the watchman
We won't believe you You're a ghost for sure
Watch out, careful
'Shankar Raman'
'Born: 10.08.1886 Died: 18.09.1936'
- Hey, open - Okay
Push it
There's nothing inside?
Will it be on the surface? We have to dig a couple of feet
Inder, here
Bought it online Is that important now?
Hey! Inder
Anything inside?
As soon as we land flurry of messages!
Let me see
- Why send his photo? - Who is with him?
Isn't this Kapil?
Why is he with-
He's calling Ask him
'Professor is safe, in my custody'
'I hope you understand the situation'
'Hand over the puzzle and he is all yours'
Keep the engine on
- We'll proceed as per plan - Okay
Let's do 'mission impossible'!
Keep an eye on him
- Ah, fish...! - Okay
- What are you doing? - Fishing!
For what?
Simply, for fun
It's fun for you but-
Torture for the fish, right?
Did the fish tell you I tortured it?
I'm just playing
If the fish gets caught then it belongs to you
Similarly if you are caught in the clutches of a tiger...
...then do you belong to the tiger?
A mistake is a flaw if done unknowingly Otherwise it is considered a crime
I tortured the fish unknowingly
But you kidnapped the professor knowingly
Isn't it a crime?
You pulled the words out of my mouth and cornered me
But you know what?
You're the right man on the wrong side, my brother
To the villain, hero is a villain too
Let it be
- Where's the puzzle? - Where's the professor?
If I don't show you the professor won't you give me the puzzle?
Will you let me go if I don't give it?
Sir, hi
'Live', huh?
That's 'live' and professor is alive too
What a punch!
Give me the puzzle
One track mind, I swear!
- Is this the real puzzle? - You must trust me
Trust is life
Tamils have the gift of the gab
Not sure if Tamil prospered because of you or vice versa
Sir, the boy is missing
Come, sir
Get him
Go straight...go straight
"Like a tiger lurking in the dark He's Indrajith, Indrajith"
"Fighter Exciter"
"See him Feel him"
Go straight...straight, dude
Go straight
Speed up, buddy
He's coming in front
They are here
Watch it
- Inder, give me that puzzle - Here it is, sir
- Hello, sir - What happened?
A paper from his car flew into ours
What are they doing?
They took an U turn and heading toward us
Then that should be the puzzle
Turn your car and rush back
What are you looking at?
Push him out
Grab him
Were there 10 or 15 thugs in your boss's house?
2 Qualis, 1 jump and 4 or 5 somersaults
Then this Safari
You are the only 2 remaining
What shall we do?
- We'll return the puzzle - That's the right answer
Pull your car to the kerb
Hey, puzzle
Thank you
'Is this how you drive?'
Super, dude
- Inder, give me that puzzle - Here you go
Professor, can't decipher the map
It is incomplete
This puzzle is meant for a split
- Ranjan - Yes, sir
Latitude 27.14 N Longitude 96.31 E
- God help me...! - Where is that?
That's deep interior forest in Arunachal Pradesh
Fully covered by Maoists
'Even the Govt can't enter this area even if they want to'
'In case they enter, they won't be able to exit'
'But now there is in-fighting due to internal difference of opinion'
'The team which was united is now split into 2'
'North Indians on one side and South Indians on the other side'
'...have the area under their control'
'You set foot in there your head will be severed'
Ravi, what do we do now? Have you struck a deal?
I've sealed it at my end But Kapil has instigated the police
Using my clout, I have asked the police to hold
You must leave Goa at once
Prabha and Amith are in the train I've given them cash
For your expenses Greasing if need be
Get down where the train stops at an unexpected spot
Professor, all the best
'Get down where the train stops at an unexpected spot'
Hey! Get up
This is the place where we have to get down
- Sir...sir? - What?
This is a forest area, sir
Driver is waiting for the signal
We will reach a proper station soon
Take your time
Where are you-
Move aside, bro
Listen to me
Move So damn heavy
I'll tag along too
Don't get scared
Head quarters gave me a heads-up
- Elephant ride is the short cut - How do you know Tamil?
Amma is from Arunachal Pradesh Dad is from Tamil Nadu
Shall we?
Our boss will be here soon
- Make yourself comfortable - I'll inform them
Guys, rest up You have 10 minutes
Professo- Mr Mayilvaganan
Our South Range officer will take another 10 minutes to come here
Okay, it's alright
Never thought we'll eat South Indian 'biriyani' in Arunachal Pradesh
Hi buddy
'What do you want?'
I think he is hungry
Go ahead and enjoy
That was lightning fast
I think he is starving
Bhai, 1 more
He will stuff a horse inside
Let me also relish it
Look at that
You're such a pain Wait, I'll give you
Handful here
Another here
Some more here
Now he will let me eat in peace
Stuff your face, glutton!
Hey! I haven't eate-
Smriti, boss has come You can meet him
1 glass tea
What I'm suspicious about is-
No formalities How are you?
How much will you shell out?
Around 30 to 35
Sixty five
40 to 45
Sixty five
50 to 55?
- 60 - Stop!
This isn't bargain It is daylight robbery
Pay him
Where do you want to go?
Isn't it a dangerous place controlled by Kumalan?
Who is that?
Who is Kumalan?
They were in 1 group and then they split
What is the nature of your work?
Birds...sound recording
In that case you need a guide, right?
Service charge for my man is around 1 million
No need
Is the guide intelligent?
'Sharp as a knife!'
Batch 57
Roll # 32567
Trained at Dehradun
Topper of the batch
Jungle Salim
This chap?
Sir, Jungle Salim reporting
Salim, they have come from Goa to meet us
Take them into the forest-
Want me to bury them, sir?
'Bury them indeed'
That's my boy
Show them around the forest
You want a wild elephant to help these tiny black ants?
Salim, for my sake
Your wish is my command, sir
'I will do it for you, sir'
Isn't it 100% risky to go by road to Kangkong?
Do you want to take a flight?
How did you get hold of a plane here?
This cargo plane landed here due to a technical snag
They have re-modified it for their use
You are running a mini-Govt here
Will it fly in mid air?
Only then it is a plane If it doesn't fly, it is a lorry
Behave like a professor Don't talk utter crap
Walk and stand
Introduce yourself
- Ranjan - Villain in 'Chandralekha'
Gemini productions Gem of a film
- Prabha - Poor boy!
Sissy name
If you were Sumeet, we could've ground coconut chutney
Ideal for our taste buds in this forest
I can see sarcasm on your face and I don't approve of it
I am called Indrajith, bro
You can call me whatever you like
A renowned Muslim saint has said Salim prostrates before a humble man
- Madcap - Good!
You shouldn't snigger loudly here Suddenly beasts will attack you
- 'Understand?' - Yes, sir
Room temperature 30C, sir
1000 feet above high sea level Temperature 13C, sir
Wind tower control, sir
Even the wind is under our control, sir
A pilot officer has to stand erect and speak
Not shake like you're on a camel
Sir, shall we board?
Boarding & lodging for just 6 of them?
Are you running a hotel?
Stuff everyone into the plane
Okay, sir
Come soon
Bad penny?!
Thanks to you I'll end up a murderer
I don't even want to set my eyes on you
Don't follow me
Bad boy
What is this?
What is his name?
He is with us We have to name him
He's always happy Let's call him 'Happy'
Your name is Happy, huh?
Got scared?
Is it a fireworks show?
This is a rocket propelled grenade
Rocket launcher
We are in Kumalan's area
We are violating their air space
Where are you going?
Wait and see
What are you doing?
- Hit us? - On the engine
We have 2 parachutes
If one of you volunteers I'll dive along with him
I'm coming
Then the pilot?
He has already jumped Balance 2 parachutes
By now that bloody camel will be drinking tea safe and sound
I can hear the funeral conch in here
Allah, protect me
What do we do now?
Come fast
Happy, come along
"Like a tiger lurking in the dark He's Indrajith, Indrajith"
"Fighter Exciter"
"See him"
"Like a tiger lurking in the dark He's Indrajith, Indrajith"
"Fighter Exciter"
"See him Feel him"
Here...look here We are here
We are coming
Even if you drop a needle anywhere in Arunachal Pradesh, I will find it
- Professor? - All safe
Give me your hand
You abandoned us so heartlessly
I hate lies
If I don't leave you in mid sky, how can I receive you on the ground here?
Leaving, going, coming, receiving is the beauty of Salim
Don't you know that?
Whatever the reason it's wrong
What I said is wrong, bro
Why did you whistle now?
Stop shaking your pointer Come to the point
Love birds
This is their season to-
Mating season now
There are strangers here
I told them in their lingo to carry on with their flirting in a corner
Even if you're a bird you should be bound by tradition!
Why is he twirling his moustache for that?
This is Bap Teng Kang lake Your place is 7 km away from here
Sun has almost set
It isn't safe to go now
We can go early tomorrow morning
- Okay - Let's go
Got it
Come on, boys Let's move
Come on
Ranger Ranjit Singh
We are now heading into the jungle
No problem at all
I am keeping an eye on them
I'll speed up the process I'll keep you posted
Thank you
Sir, we have traced them so far
Then why follow them? Might as well catch them directly
To achieve our goal 2 factors are essential
One is bravery
The other is trickery + craftiness
But we shouldn't use both for the same game plan
Bravery for them
Trickery for us
What are you doing?
Copying the map
Map means?
World map!
Are you a treasure hunter?
'It's enough if we trace any 1 clue from Shankar Raman's map'
'I will find what I have been looking for'
'What is he admiring?'
- What happened? - I don't know
Look over there
I'll check here
Happy, where are you?
Happy, where are you?
Did you find Happy?
He isn't here
Oh my God!
Don't look down
You're here
Bloody fool!
Do you go mad now and then?
Happy is here
Glad you found him 1st save me, da
How dare you call me 'da'?
Wow! Finally!
Fox eye
Forget Fox Eye 1st hoist me to safety, da
You call me 'da' I'll drop you to your fate
Try it, let me see
Don't be scared Go ahead
Move...move on
"To mark the success of our plan we follow the birds in the sky at dawn"
"We'll get the inferences before the question arises"
"Buddy, search for the treasure even in a needle used to suture"
"One fine day this quest will be a time to celebrate our victory"
"Like a conch on the shore of the sea this birth is a mere triviality"
"But like the tiny conch's echo fire of desire will rise to a crescendo"
"Like Happy wagging his tail happily happiness in life continues heartily"
Last clue Man cry
Mama Mia Fantaaaastico!
Shall we rest here for a bit, finish lunch and then go?
Have we come here to fill our stomachs?
Bro, tell him
You should eat to live Not live to eat
If you think you must eat to live then why bring me as your guide?
Eating and living is an art of life And also a part of life
Listen to Inder
Soooper You rock, bro
What is this, sir?
We have to be patient to get our work done
Hey! Where is Happy?
Is this some kind of marathon?
Come here
Bloody fool!
You keep running away
What's up with you?
Eat like a glutton Now a fatty Happy
- Hey - Shhhhhhh!
They are kidnapping our team, sir
Check if anyone is hiding over there
That's the 2nd rebel team
What do we do now?
We have to save ourselves to be able to rescue them
Sir, you are armed
But they have machine guns
My gun won't be of much use
He is 50 yards away
What to do?
Come on, smell
Keep quiet, Inder
Poor doggy, sir
Bloody foo-
God help me!
Happy, stick to me
Excuse me 1 minute
- I'll talk to him - Fine, come soon
Are you standing in the sun because you're upset about what happened?
Why are you ignoring me and looking ahead?
That means I am about to narrate a 'Flashback'
How dare you underestimate this Jungle Salim?
My breath will burn 300 men My word will make 1000 men explode
I am the disciple of Kamal Majumdar
Sylvester Stallone of Rambo fame is my disciple
You dare insult such a brave and bold leader like me?
Call your leader Kumalan I can easily trampl-
Is there no way to escape from this landmine?
I know different kinds of martial arts
I've promised the inventor of the gun I won't use any of these arts
That promise has tied my hands and feet!
How can I fight without my limbs in action?
You'll never reform, I swear
How can you be so rude to me?
Do you deserve any respect?
What did you brag?
Leaving, going, coming, receiving Whistling to lovebirds to make out
And this smart ass is pinning onto us his pearls of wisdom with pin pricks
Then finally twirl your moustache and cackle
You should be-
Stop shaking your pointer Come to the point
You won't reform, man
A bomb will burn you to a cinder Or a tiger will eat you up for dinner
See you
'My mother's heart exploded when she heard her son died stepping on a landmine'
Lovely location
Bro, shall we take a selfie?
Shut up and walk
You don't understand Tamil
What do they want?
Who are you? Why are you here?
I know all the details
- How does he know? - I'm also wondering
Did you think only the Govt will employ spies, huh?
Check both of them
See if they are armed
I don't have anything on me
As if I'll be roaming around with clues in my pocket?
Don't tell them
Map is in my pocket But don't tell them
It's all over
Treasure map
This jungle belongs to us
Whatever found here belongs to us too
You think I'll let you off that easily?
You came in last But you'll die first
Shove them down the ravine
What did he say?
- What? - Won't you shut up?
All my plans are shattered
How sad, Happy
Why have you been staring at me?
If you dislike me, hit me, don't glare
- I want to hit you - Go ahead
Bend your head, sir
- Any problem? - Nothing
Come, quick
Professor, hurry up
Don't delay They are right behind us
He didn't even tie me up!
Come on
Where is Salim?
Ditch him Let him die
But map-
It was fake, sir
Listen, they've tricked us and taken the South road
They are not armed Hurry up
Look there
Why are you turning left?
Looks like a dead end
What happened? What are you doing?
Why are you reversing?
Stop the jeep
Grab them
Go back
Is he mad or what?
Catch them
Watch out
Can't go beyond this, jump out
My heart almost stopped
Were you trying to save us or kill us?
Not 1 word of thanks when I staked my life to save all of you
At least he thanked me
Come on, Happy
Come, let's go
There you go
When I swerved left the jeep went to the right
It had a mind of its own and they couldn't catch us
What happened?
Nothing serious
Did we come from that height?
I just feel kind of weir-
- What is it? - Strange insect bite, I think
Shall we take him to the nearby village?
Let's go
- Don't tilt - As if I am tilting it
This way
In here?
Make him lie down here
I think you've come from the thick jungle in Kangkong
Poisonous insects abound in that area
If you had delayed coming here-
Ranjan, are you okay?
- I am okay - Thank you
Thank the force above It's sheer God's will
You made such a fuss for an ordinary mosquito bite
Let me bite you now
You are a born fighter You'll be fit as a fiddle
Got it
Let's go
Yes, sir
What's that in your hand?
Professor, come on I am Amit
Prabha, how can you suspect me?
Professor, come on
I swear I don't have anything on-
Then how do you explain this?
Professor, satellite phone
You rascal! I'll clobb-
Are you mad or what?
- He will die - He deserves to die
I am mad to have trusted him
What did he do?
You want to know?
He has sneaked information to Kapil
Satellite phone
Sir...sir Aiyo!!
- Wait...wait - What happened?
Lost it
Drive fast to the spot where we lost their signal
You broke it in haste
Sir, we could have used this and misguided Kapil
Now he will-
Where is he?
Sir, if my guess is correct
...Kapil is coming towards us
We must leave immediately
Hey stop...stop
What happened?
I got caught
Jump into the car Fast...move, quick
My head went into a spin-
Let's go
How about Ranjan?
I'm okay
Tell me what happened
I'll tell you Let's clear out
Hurry up
Come soon
Watch your step
Come on
Get him Scumbag!
Come this side
Come here
Sit down
What next?
Help me break it
Give it to me
Light it
They are over there
Slow, Ranjan
Let's go
He has gone
All okay
"Like a tiger lurking in the dark He's Indrajith, Indrajith"
"Fighter Exciter"
"See him"
"Feel him"
Is someone here?
I hope no one is here
Thank you
Gawd! Rats
What are you nibbling at?
Nothing here
There's another exit here
'Siddhars sometimes mislead by duplicating the medicine stone'
"Praise be to the 3-eyes Lord, Trilochana who watches over the world, Sarvalochna"
"Glory to the creator of OM, Omkara To one who gives nourishment, Pushkara"
"Praise be, Lord of ghosts, Bhooteshwara To the Lord of the universe, Vishweshwara"
"Praise be to lover of dance, Nrityapriya With Ganges on his matted hair, Lord Shiva"
"Praise be to Lord Shiva Remover of sorrow, Rudra"
"Fair as crystal, with eyes three Rudra with 5 faces, eliminates misery"
"Lord with 10 hands, Ganges in his tresses, Snakes on his body entwined as ornaments"
"To save the world, poison He swallowed Crescent on head, snake as sacred thread"
It's all yours
"Whatever the rival maybe up to"
Hey Inder! Good job, man
You can touch this only after it's tested
You didn't teach them that, huh?
Why are you staring?
Catch you in Goa
"Our fiery blood and tears will win true"
Release him after 2 hours
- Keep an eye on that boy - Okay
Sir, if you had warned me he was behind you...
...I would've jumped 4 times and gone to that mountain top
Inder, stop playing
This is not the time to play!
Why should I play games with you?
Bullet looks good
- What is its maximum speed - 120
That should be fine
- His jeep? - Can go up to 60's only 3 minutes since they left
I can catch up
Is the brake in order?
Take your hands off Move away
- Scared? - What?
From now on this bike is mine
Hey, come...let's go
Faster...come on
Shoot him
Lose him, goddamit!
"Like a tiger lurking in the dark He's Indrajith, Indrajith"
"Fighter Exciter"
"See him Feel him"
Give me that # Listen to me
Smash his jeep real hard
Hurry up
"Like a tiger lurking in the dark He's Indrajith, Indrajith"
"Fighter Exciter"
"See him Feel him"
I'm tourist Only sightseeing!
Call him here
Hey, better come here
'You'll scream only at me'
Kneel down
Slight pain in my ankle
Kneel down!
Return whatever you took from here
Inder, he's asking for that stone
Tell him you don't have anything like that
Are you crazy? He looks so solid
He can easily pound me to a pulp, here it is
This is our nation's property
No one can take anything from here without my knowledge
What do you think of yourself?
Our land is very resourceful
But our people get nothing
People like you ruin our resources
That's why we took up arms
Without my knowledge... can't take even a minute particle from here, got it?
Here's your jeep key
You must leave this place within an hour
Otherwise your life is at stake Let's go, guys
You guys are okay?
Ranjit Singh
I have a problem with the 2nd rebel
"Whether the rival is dead or gone"
'Will he act so normal after giving away the meteoroid to him?'
- Inder...? - Yeah...?
I said stop
Oh, you found out
Get him, I say
Go, catch him
Professor, catch
Catch it
I'm open...I'm open
Throw...throw it
Hey, the stone, careful
I'm okay
We lost it
All these years of toil down the drain
Are you happy now?
Hey! Don't shout
I thought I lost you
Inder...? Are you alright?
- Where's the stone? - Yes, Professor
'Be careful, Inder'
'Hey, the stone, careful'
'There are 2 parachutes One of you jump'
'I'll come'
I'll kil-
If you thought this stone protects lives... wouldn't have wanted to kill people to possess it
The reason I gave it to him is
If you're wrong...
...your opponent has to be right
Are you okay?
Oh! God
Inder, you alright?
Hey, get water
"Sun with its golden rays shines brightly all over, always"
"The rays light every corner worldwide On paths we tread acting as our guide"
This has to reach our nation
Trust me
I'll hand it over
Everyone should get everything
A disease-free life is more important than an abundant life
One world, no boundaries
Let's share
assisted by harini