Inexistent (2023) Movie Script

(footsteps crunching)
(logo thuds)
(creature growls)
(upbeat music)
- I don't know where we're going,
you ask that like 10 times.
Oh, there's a green car.
I'm up now.
Yeah, you're right.
Let's play a new game.
Anything in mind?
I don't know about that.
We play that every time.
The wheels on the bus go round and round
Round and round, round and round
The wheels on the bus go round and round
All through the town
(mellow music)
I hope you drink all of the tea
that this nice lady prepared for us.
I know how you get.
(Shivana sips)
(soft music)
I know.
Let's just not tell her.
(soft music)
- Give it to me straight, Doctor.
What's wrong with my baby?
- Absolutely nothing.
I ran all the necessary tests and procedures,
and they all came back normal.
She just has a very vivid imagination.
- A vivid imagination?
She's 10, almost 11.
I thought phases like this would stop
when she's about 4 or 5 years old.
- It can last longer.
- But it's gotten out of hand, Doctor.
I mean, she takes it with her everywhere.
To dinner, when she bathes.
She even takes it to school.
And I'm hearing countless
stories of the kids teasing her
and bullying her over this.
Something's got to be wrong.
(dramatic music)
- Attachment theory.
- What?
- Well, it could be an attachment issue.
We doctors call it the "attachment theory".
And it's when a child finds something or someone
who's the most dependable in their life,
and then they attach themselves to them or it,
and it's an ambivalent attachment.
Are you always there for her?
- Excuse me?
- Are you there enough for her?
Do you take her to school? Do you go on field trips?
Do you help her with her
homework and tuck her in at night?
- Not all the time, but I work.
Listen, I'm a single mother.
So I don't have a choice but to go out there and provide,
and put food on the table, clothes on her back.
So I don't wanna hear this bullshit
that she's crazy because of me.
- No, I never said she was crazy.
- But she is.
(Shivana screams)
Baby, Shivana, what happened?
- He hurt me.
- Who?
- Baby, there's no one there.
He's not real.
- Yes he is real!
- No, he's not!
Listen, Shivana.
He's not real, baby.
But if you say he is,
then I want you to tell him to leave you alone,
and to never ever talk to you ever again.
But if in fact he does, you kill him.
(unnerving music) - Ms. Davis!
- You take his little imaginary neck,
and your imaginary gun, and you shoot.
- [Hoffman] Ms. Davis!
- You have a good day, Doctor.
(unnerving music)
(ominous music)
(creature growls)
(mellow R&B music)
I get it like this
I feel it like this
I see it like this
I want it like this
Enter the room and just unwind
Take your time
Take it off, slowly
Taste it, don't waste it
Do you hear the sound
The thunder we're makin'
Do you feel the sound
Oh, baby
I get it like this
I feel it like this
I see it like this
I know you see it
I want it like this
I know you want it
(mellow R&B music)
- You rushing outta here already?
- Yeah.
- Why can't we spend a little more time together
like we used to?
I mean, before you-
- Don't start with that.
- Ah, the friendly forehead kiss.
Thanks, buddy.
- I can't win with you.
(soft music)
- Babe, can I ask you something?
- Yeah. What?
- When is it just gonna be you and me?
When are you finally gonna leave her?
- Vanee, we've been through this.
I'm not leaving my wife.
I mean, I can't.
We were young when we got married.
Back when I had nothing.
We didn't see the need for a prenup.
- So, now you're stuck with her?
- Listen, I'm not trying to jeopardize everything
I've worked so hard for.
My company, money, my reputation.
- So it's about the money?
- Yes.
(soft music)
- Are you in love with her?
(soft music continues)
- Yeah.
I do love her.
And the fact is, she's in my life now,
so it is what it is.
- Well, do you love me?
(soft music continues)
- It's a little messed up how life is.
One day we can meet that perfect person,
the one that gives us that strange, tingly feeling
that we know we never felt before.
We sacrifice any and everything to be with them,
because we know in our soul that they're the one.
Marriage, buy a house together and start a family.
And then out of nowhere,
someone new enters our already established life.
Gives us those same strange feelings again,
even stronger than before.
Now we're sitting here
wondering what life would be like
if we would've just met
that person a little bit sooner.
- So, what about our love?
Are we supposed to pretend
like it's not there anymore?
- True love doesn't have a happy ending,
because true love doesn't need to end.
I'll call you.
(soft music continues)
- Bullshit.
(tense music)
(phone rings)
- [Patrick] Hey, this is Patrick.
Leave a message.
- Hey, I'm just thinking about you.
I hope I didn't...
I hope you have an amazing day.
I'm gonna be cooking later, if you wanna stop by.
So let me know.
Okay, bye.
Love you.
(door creaks)
Mama, you home?
- Shivana, baby, is that you?
- Yeah, Ma.
(Mom chuckles)
- You should've told me you were stopping by.
I would've fixed my baby something to eat.
(Mom laughs)
- No need, Mom. - [Mom] Aw.
- Just surprising you.
- Aw.
- So?
How've you been?
- I don't know., I've been okay.
You know, getting used to this retirement life.
They say everything goes downhill after-
- Don't talk like that.
You know it's not true.
It's all how you make it?
- Well, you know, I gotta keep myself busy.
Matter of fact, let me go cook you something.
- Ma!
I already told you, you don't have to.
- Listen, I'm cooking and you're eating.
- Okay.
- You know, Shivana,
that young man down by the Stapleton shop, Reggie?
He asked about you again today.
- Oh? That's nice.
- Oh, Shivana.
Don't be like that.
Now you know that boy's into you.
I don't know why you're not into him.
He's a nice young man.
I mean, he goes to church, he has his own business.
And he even has a Yorkie.
- A dog, Ma?
- Yes.
A small one.
But you know what they say about a man and a small dog.
That he's got some sensitivity to him.
Meaning he's caring.
He caters to your feelings.
But you already know that.
- No.
- No?
- No, Ma.
You know I'm already talking to someone.
- Well, yeah.
What's his name?
Peter, Paul...
- Patrick, Mother.
- Oh, yes.
The oh so wonderful Patrick.
Shivana, you talk about this guy all the time.
Patrick this and Patrick that.
God, it's been three years,
and I didn't even see a picture of this guy.
- Patrick don't like taking pictures.
- Don't like taking pictures?
I guess he don't like making house calls either.
Or going to special occasions.
- It's complicated, Ma.
- I bet it is.
(soft music)
You know, for a while there,
I didn't feel as though this guy even...
- Didn't even think he what?
- Nothing.
- Sometimes you don't think this guy even what, Ma?
- Now see, I didn't say that.
- Well, you damn near did.
- Girl, watch your language with me.
- Sorry.
But Mom, he is very much real.
I can give some descriptive, and I do mean-
- No, no.
- Descriptive details to make you believe.
- No, baby, I don't need to hear that.
Oh, my poor baby.
- Come on, Mom.
I'm a grown woman.
A grown woman.
Meaning that I'm not a little girl
who plays with imaginary friends anymore.
- Well, yeah, I can see that.
You know, you played with these imaginary friends
for so long, you were damn near a teenager.
- Language!
- Oh, hush.
(Mom chuckles)
- But really...
I guess those sessions with Dr. Hoffman paid off,
wouldn't you say so, Claudia?
- Who?
(Shivana laughs)
- Oh, girl, stop it.
- I'm playing!
(Mom chuckles) I'm playing.
- Help me with this.
(mellow music)
(phone rings)
- [Patrick] Hey, this is Patrick.
Leave a message.
(voicemail beeps)
- Hey, it's me, again.
I'm just thinkin' about you.
When you get a chance, gimme a call.
Okay, I miss you.
Aight, bye.
- Vana?
- Amanda?
- Oh my God! Yes, girl, it's me!
- Wow! (Amanda chuckles)
It's been such a long time,
I almost didn't recognize-
- Recognize me, right.
I know, I was a twig back then,
and I've put on a few pounds.
- Nah.
(Amanda chuckles)
Maybe one or two.
- (chuckling) Stop!
- Just guesstimating.
- Stop it!
I'm proud of these gains.
It shows I'm getting good loving at home.
The more pounds, the sweatier the round?
(Amanda laughs) - I suppose!
- Wow.
Amanda, my oldest friend.
- So what's new? Exciting?
How's the city life?
Married? Single?
Divorced? Kids?
Oh, it's been so long!
(Amanda laughs)
- Well, city life is great.
I have a great job.
No kids.
Not married, but not divorced.
And I'm seeing someone.
- Ooh, do tell.
Wait, like a real guy?
(Amanda laughs) - Shut up!
- I'm joking.
So, what's his name? What does he do?
- His name's Patrick, and he works on Wall Street.
- Ooh, look at you.
I see you, Vana.
(Amanda chuckles)
So, what do you got there?
- This?
Just by the looks of it,
it's about politics in the early 19th century.
I don't know, just browsing.
- Oh, okay.
- What you got?
- Oh, this?
Well, I'm more of a murder-y mystery reader myself.
This here, classic.
This is gonna be the third time I'm reading this.
It's about this young, madly in love couple,
who have everything in common, like soulmates.
But there's only one problem...
He's married.
Great read.
But yeah, next time you're in town, let's do lunch.
- Wait, wait.
What happens?
- Uh, what happens with what?
- In the book?
- Oh, I thought you might wanna read it for yourself.
- Yeah, I just need a little more.
- Well, the girlfriend comes up with this wild plan
for them to be together,
taking the wife out of the picture completely.
- Go on.
- Uh, well, she kills her, and gets away with it.
The young soulmates reconnect.
He doesn't have a clue on
what she did and somebody else.
(Amanda chuckles)
I've said too much, I didn't mean to spoil it
if you were planning to.
- Oh, no, no, no.
It sounds intriguing.
I'm actually interested in reading the buildup.
- Girl, it's a rollercoaster.
(Amanda chuckles)
- What was the name again?
- "Fatal Fate" by Dazzell Francis.
- Okay, cool.
Well, thanks.
If I'm in town again, I'll hit you up, okay?
- Later, girl.
(Amanda chuckles) - [Shivana] Bye.
- Bye.
(mysterious music)
(mysterious music continues)
(romantic R&B music)
It's been too long, I need some more
You're the only thing I'm waiting for
Come on, come on
- [Shivana] "Piece of cake."
As the heavy smoke from the train dissolves,
Raven turns and takes her first glance at Shawn.
Young, tall, and dark, wearing
his Army uniform that fits
and compliments every muscle.
Passionately kiss with no regards for his wife
10 feet away.
The adrenaline kicks into the next gear.
"Why do you do this to me?" says Raven.
As they lie in bed,
they both fantasize about being together.
How it would be to wake up every day next to each other.
Smell, feel, taste each other.
Seems impossible with Shawn's wife, Francesca,
"still in the picture."
I want you now
Today has been about two days
And you know I'm so addicted
And that's too long to wait
Methadone in my moans I know you feel it too
Got time for a ride, I'm trying to bounce on you
Baby, I know you busy, but I'm tryna get sticky
There ain't no playing with me
- [Shivana] "Please don't!" Francesca screams.
"Only thing Raven could think about was Shawn."
His smile, his ways.
How he would be so happy to know
he can spend the rest of his life with her.
She duct tapes her arms and legs to the pole.
She goes in the back to load a rifle.
"I have to do this. I have to!"
(doorbell rings)
Why is her man with someone else, ooh
Come a little closer, let your
hands unfold on me, baby
There's nothing left to come in between us
I want you now
Can't wait to see you
Make sure sure when I get there
Your friends ready to leave you
Don't say a word
Nothing left to come in between us
I want you now
Why is her man with someone else, ooh
Come a little closer, let your
hands unfold on me, baby
There's nothing left to come in between us
I want you now
Open up my thighs
There's a dream, don't open your eyes
If you don't want to fake the vibe
Don't fight it, I feel it too
If you thought you'd have to stop
Not a take or two
No need to pull out, plant a seed, I'mma make it prove
Can't wait to see you
Make sure when I get there
Your friends ready to leave you
Don't say a word
Nothing left to come in between us
I want you now
(unnerving music)
(unnerving music continues)
- [Shivana] "I have to do this."
Banging gets louder as Francesca
tries to free herself from the trunk.
Raven pulls over and cocks her gun to silence her.
"Please don't!" Francesca screams.
(tense music)
Only thing Raven could do was think about Shawn.
His smile, his ways.
How he will be so happy to know
he can spend the rest of his life with her.
She duct tapes her arms and legs to the pole.
She goes in the back to load a rifle.
"I have to do this, I have to do this."
She says to herself.
She comes back in the room.
Cocks the rifle and aims it at Fran.
"Do you know I'm going to be with him?"
(soft dramatic music)
Hey, cuz.
How you been?
What are you up to?
Well, I need to chat with you.
Is that okay?
All right, cool. I'll be by in an hour.
See you.
(soft mysterious music)
You don't come from where I do
Don't tell me how to live
It's survival of the fittest
I been in the gym
I gotta get it any means to get outta here
Try to understand me and not judge me
Oh, fuck outta here
Just 'cause you scared don't mean nothin'
(drowned out hip hop music)
- Yo, cuz! What up?
- Hey, Dre.
- Well, come on in then!
(hip hop instrumental music)
So, a house visit.
Well, this is a surprise.
- Dre, don't be so dramatic.
- I'm just saying.
It's been what, five years I've been in the box?
No call, no letter, no visit.
What can I say?
A motherfucker is surprised.
Or at least intrigued.
- Intrigued?
- Come on, Vana.
You know you didn't come all the way over here
to check up on me, or talk about life.
Shit, you'd rather talk to your imaginary friends
before you do that with me.
- No one forgets that.
- I mean, come on.
You was a little cuckoo.
- I'm not crazy!
- All right, killa, damn!
You not.
I said was, but you got it.
You not crazy.
So, how's life?
- Funny...
I need your help or insight.
- Now we talking.
So, what's up?
- I need you to tell me how to...
Kill someone and get away with it.
(soft dramatic music)
(Andre laughs)
I'm serious, Dre.
(Andre laughs)
What is so funny?
- All right, all right.
Let's just say I'm taking you serious, right?
- I am.
- Okay, so let me get this straight.
You asking felons that been locked up
how to get away with something?
Come on, Vana.
You don't see the irony in that here?
We didn't get away with it.
That's why we were locked up.
(Andre chuckles)
Lucky for you, I wasn't locked up for murder.
Tax evasion.
So this means I could help you.
You know, since we family and all.
How much you got on you?
(soft dramatic music)
So, is this somebody close to you?
Somebody that they can connect to you?
- No.
- Oh, so an acquaintance?
- Not really that either.
It's Patrick's wife, and Patrick's my man, so.
- Really? A love triangle?
So why do you even wanna kill her anyway?
- It's complicated, but I read this book, right?
About these soulmates,
and this man was in this marriage
that he couldn't easily get out of,
but that didn't stop them from being together.
- So he killed her?
- No, the girlfriend did.
Planned it perfectly, got away scot free.
- So the answer's in the book then?
- No.
It was set back in like the 50s,
during the Korean War era time.
The plot wouldn't work today.
- Right, right.
But you sure you built for this shit?
'Cause this will eat at you if you're not built for it.
- 1000%.
This is for my other half.
We need to be complete.
- Right.
Just let me think.
Aight, so boom, check it.
This is how we gonna complete the perfect murder
and get away with it.
Now first, you need to know
everything about your victim.
From their whereabouts to their schedule
to their daily routine.
You see, everybody got a daily routine.
You know, work at 9, off by 4, gym by 5,
then having dinner by 8:30.
Now you gonna need to know everything
when it comes to executing your plan.
And when it's time to execute your plan,
I'd stay away from guns and knives.
That shit could just get way
too loud and way too messy.
My recommendation is drugging.
Go and find yourself a good mixture.
Something that relaxes the
muscle and stops the heart.
Chloride will definitely do it.
And then you're gonna need to get rid of the body.
Now, my best recommendation is muriatic acid.
That shit cleans out everything.
Now her neighbors, friends...
You gonna have to throw
them off the trail for a long while.
And you're gonna wanna be seen in public places,
'cause your most, most important piece is your alibi.
So make sure you're seen at a bank, at a store,
just anywhere with a public camera.
And make sure it's all in your area.
Don't do anything out of the normal.
Don't go anywhere you wouldn't normally go.
Oh, and your cell phone,
make sure you leave that shit far away too.
Matter of fact, make a call
from yourself from far away
so it pings off a nearby tower.
And definitely get you some gloves and a mask,
because you're not gonna
wanna leave no evidence of any...
(soft dramatic music)
- Any minute now.
- Cuz, how many times you gonna say that in an hour?
- I don't know what's taking him so long.
He has to catch a flight for a
business trip in the morning.
- Well, maybe they pulled over
to handle some other business.
You know what I'm saying?
- Shut up!
They don't even do that anymore.
- And how you know?
- 'Cause, I just know.
I feel it when I feel him.
And he told me.
- Right.
(tense music)
- They're coming, they're coming.
(tense music continues)
- Nice wheels.
(tense music continues)
God damn, look at that white goddess right there!
- Will you stop it?
(tense music continues)
Did you see that?
- Yo, cuz! I almost beat the high score!
- She just ignored him, like he doesn't even exist.
He deserves so much better.
- You said they were married, right?
Married people fight, don't they?
Look at it this way.
If things were perfect, there'd be no need for you.
- I can't believe you would say that.
- Cuz, come on.
- Patrick and I love each other.
We just met at the wrong time.
If we would've met at the right time, he would've-
- He would've what?
He would've married you?
Come on, cuz.
You fuckin' with some white
Wall Street motherfucker,
who's proudly married to his own kind, a white woman.
Who's probably a doctor, lawyer, a therapist.
Something of that nature
that she didn't have to put in much work for.
The stability is already there.
Come on, you know how these white folks got it.
All they gotta do is play they cards OK.
And you think he's about to throw
all that shit away for you?
A black woman that makes $40,000 a year,
living in the urban community?
(Andre sucks teeth)
You ain't got nothing to offer that man
but good pussy and seasoned food.
- You don't know what you're talking about.
- No, you don't know what you're talking about.
All these white people care about is image.
Image that your Black ass ain't got.
And he ain't throwing away his perfect life
of a wife and kids for you.
- Patrick don't even have any kids.
- Look, whatever!
He's not giving away shit for you.
So you just wasting your time trying to kill her.
- You know, I think you should find your own way home.
(Andre chuckles)
(tense music)
- Oh, you...
You gotta be bullshitting me.
Aight, fuck it.
Good luck, cuz.
(car door slams)
- [Shivana] It's gonna be a breeze.
You're gonna live happily
ever after with your soulmate.
He's gonna be so happy that
he finally gets to be with you.
You're doing the right thing.
You're not gonna get caught.
This has to be done.
Hello, Shivana?
This is his place.
- You got 2.75 I could use for the bus?
(mellow mysterious music)
(mellow mysterious music continues)
(mellow mysterious music continues)
(tense music)
(mellow mysterious music)
(tense music)
- Hello?
(cat screeches) (Brenda gasps)
(tense music continues)
(kids shouting)
May I help you?
(tense music continues)
Can I help you with anything?
(tense music continues)
Darling, you okay?
You're troubled, dear.
I see your pain.
(tense music continues)
Why don't we go inside,
and you can tell me what's troubling you.
(tense music continues)
It's okay.
I'm a doctor.
Well a psychiatrist, so I specialize in this.
(tense music continues)
Trust me.
(tense music continues)
(tea kettle whistles)
- Thank you.
You have nice Tupperware.
Kind of reminds me of...
- Of what?
- I don't know.
- Well, you seem much more comprehensive.
Much better than you were earlier.
So, can you tell me what brings you here?
- I grew up in a house.
A house like this.
Some of my favorite memories are in this house...
In that house.
Birthdays, family celebrations.
I could go on.
When I was around 11,
my mother and I were out late for Christmas.
And my father came home
from his work Christmas party.
Too drunk.
And he knocked over the Christmas tree,
and somehow the tree caught fire,
and burned down the house, along with my dad.
He was so drunk, the smoke couldn't even wake him.
- I'm so sorry.
- So I...
I walked past your house, and I guess...
I guess I just started...
Thinking of the memories, of the trauma.
So, Mrs-
- No, please, call me Brenda.
- I'm sorry if I caused any discomfort.
And for trespassing.
I think I should go.
- No, wait.
Sit down.
- No, I really think I should go.
- No, you really should stay.
(tense music)
That was good.
Actually, immensely exciting.
I was caught up in every word.
I really was.
But you know, like I said,
I do this for a living, so...
I can call bullshit from a mile away.
What I see is a young girl
who has no business in this neighborhood,
dressed up in all black, creeping up on my property.
And I don't even wanna know what's in your pocket.
So, I need you to tell me the truth.
(tense music)
- Patrick and I are having an affair.
And we're in love.
(tense music continues)
- This is some type of joke?
- No, Brenda-
- Don't.
Dr. Sheller.
And you have the wrong Patrick.
- No, I have the right Patrick.
6 foot tall, brown hair,
birthmark on his lower inner thigh.
I'm sorry.
- You come into my house, my home, and try to kill me,
and now you're sitting there telling me
that you've been sleeping with Patrick,
and you're sorry?
Yes, you're right.
You should probably leave.
Get the hell out!
(tense music continues)
The reason it is impossible
that you've been having an affair with Patrick,
my Patrick...
It's because Patrick is dead.
(tense music)
He has been for three years.
- Bullshit!
(tense music continues)
This can't be true.
- [Woman] Hello?
- Who is this?
- [Woman] No, you called my phone, who may this ber?
- I'm sorry, wrong number.
(tense music continues)
- I had the same reaction.
- [Sarah] Mommy.
- [Brenda] Sarah, honey, what are you doing outta bed?
- I couldn't sleep, Mom.
Mom, can you tell me a story again about Daddy?
- Yes, baby, but Mommy has company right now.
- Hi.
(tense music continues)
- Okay, baby.
Why don't you head upstairs to bed?
I'll be up soon.
- Okay.
(tense music continues)
- I've had a...
I've had plenty of patients
who experienced visual hallucinations,
stress, early childhood trauma, loneliness.
(tense music continues)
I admit, I used to see him right in front of me,
and I couldn't let him go.
And I went and got professional help for myself,
and it worked.
I was able to let him go.
And I realized that I had our
daughter, and she needed me.
She needed my protection.
I was so petrified at first, us just being here alone.
But I did get us that protection.
Still keep it underneath my mattress.
So, don't think that you're the only one
who goes through this.
Maybe both of you crossed paths once before.
At work, at a charity event.
Maybe you sat next to him on a plane,
and that's why your hallucinations are so vivid.
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
There is no more Patrick.
Patrick used to say...
"True love doesn't have a happy ending, because-"
- "Because true love never needs to end."
(dramatic music)
- [Brenda] Because Patrick is dead.
He has been for three years.
(dramatic music continues)
(dramatic music continues)
One man army, no gang, uh
Made me a name with no lane, uh
Got it from the dirt and then I came, uh
Stayed solid, pray I never change, uh
Count it up, count it up
- Hello?
(door creaks)
- Andre?
- Who this?
- Come on, it's me.
- Still don't know who this is.
- I guess I deserve that.
It's Shivana.
Look, I just wanna say that I'm sorry.
I know that you were just trying to look out for me,
and I shouldn't have came at you the way I did.
So, I'm sorry.
- It's all good.
So, what's up?
You need help getting rid of the body, don't you?
(Andre chuckles)
Carrying around all that
dead weight ain't easy, I know.
- Actually, I didn't get to go through with it,
but I'll tell you everything later.
I just gotta ask you something.
- Aight.
- When we were staking out at the house,
you saw Patrick, right?
Like, you saw him get out of the car?
- Yeah, I guess.
- So, how does Patrick look then?
- I don't know, like a typical white guy.
What you mean?
- Andre, this is serious.
I need you to tell me, how does Patrick look?
- Aight, maybe I could've missed him.
I was in my phone.
- Andre!
- Come on, cuz!
You seen I was trying to get the high score,
and you know how hard this game is.
Plus I heard everything that you said.
They got out the car, they was fighting.
She went and grabbed the
bags and walked right past him
like he didn't exist. - He didn't exist.
- Yeah.
And like, she doesn't deserve him.
- Aight.
Thank you, I gotta go.
- Yo, cuz...
Cuz, you good?
(soft dramatic music)
Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man
Bake me a cake as fast as you can
Pat it and roll it
And mark it with a V
And put it in the oven for baby and me
- Shivana, what are you doing?
- Playing "Patty Cake", Mama.
- But baby, you have to play that with others.
Not by yourself.
- They were just here.
(mysterious music)
- Shh.
(Shivana chuckles)
Why did you hide?
- Because your mommy's mean.
And she doesn't like me.
(mysterious music)
- Shivana, baby.
Shivana, hurry, baby.
(mysterious music)
Shivana, hurry, baby, you're gonna be late for school.
I have these very special vitamins for you.
I need you to take these after
you have lunch today, okay?
- [Shivana] Okay, but what happens if I forget?
- Oh, sweetheart, you won't.
You wanna continue to stay pretty right?
And you want your hair to be silky and luxurious?
But most of all,
you wanna grow tall and strong like your mommy, right?
Besides, all the cool kids take vitamins.
Here you go.
(mysterious music)
Dr. Hoffman, I can't tell you about any more.
I'm excited and full of joy
than what this medication has done for my baby.
- Yes, I can see.
But how is Shivana? And how has her behavior been?
Her social life? Is she happy?
- At her age, it doesn't matter.
- You're saying it's not
important for a child to be happy?
- No, no.
I'm not saying that.
I just...
I want her to start off right.
Shouldn't she be going through this now?
Tackle this while she's a
kid, rather than being an adult?
- I understand where you're coming from.
Really, I do.
It's just, giving this medication
to a child that is so young,
when she doesn't show any vital signs of needing,
just vivid imagination.
And then there are the complications and risks
that are higher, giving the medication to a child.
- I mean, she won't be on it for long.
I just want her to have a fair chance.
(mysterious music)
(cell phone buzzes)
(message dings)
- [Voicemail] You have one new voice message.
- Hey baby, it's Mama.
I know you might be upset with me,
but I want you to know that everything I did
was for your best interest.
You were good.
And it worked.
You're a beautiful, beautiful girl,
out there in the big city all on your own.
You know, I'm proud of you.
But I just don't know what happened.
- I just don't know who I am.
I know I'm awake, but it's like, am I dreaming or awake?
And my brain is just altering reality
and feeding me images in a world that doesn't exist.
Like, I don't know if this is really happening.
- What is really happening?
- This.
You and I, this interaction.
I know I need help, but...
What if it's my subconscious creating this
because I know I need it?
- I can assure you, Shivana, this is very real.
- How?
What, are you gonna pinch me?
Give me some sort of pain
to assure me that this is real?
Pain is reality?
I still feel everything when I'm in that world.
Throbbing of pain.
Softness of touch.
The tightness of a grope.
The sensation of another inside me.
The daggers of heartbreak.
You can't assure me.
(tense music)
- If you need me to, baby,
I can schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoffman.
I love you so much.
(mellow music)
- [Roberts] Hey, Shivana, it's Mr. Roberts here.
It's now 8:04, and you were supposed to be here at 7
to set the IDs for the new hires.
So, just let know if everything's okay.
(tense music)
(cell phone buzzes)
(cell phone beeps)
- Hi, Shivana.
This is Dr. Sheller.
The other night left a scarcity of closure for me.
I always knew that there was more to Patrick,
and what you told me,
I think that it leads there.
You're not wrong.
There's a reason we were connected.
If you have time, I would love to talk to you more,
but only if you want.
So, give me a call back when you get this.
Okay, bye.
(tense music continues)
- Hello?
- Shivana, hi.
How are you?
- I've been better.
- Yeah.
I wanted to know if you wanted to come back over.
I feel like there are some
things that we should talk about,
and I wanted to show you something.
- Yeah, okay.
- Good.
So let's say tonight, 9 o'clock?
- Okay, I'll be there.
- Great.
See you tonight.
(ominous music)
"Hey Shivana, I'm sorry for this inconvenience,
but I had to drop Sarah off at our Girl Scout retreat.
One of the other parents forgot that it was her turn
to pick up all the kids, so, you know...
But I'll be back soon.
In the meantime, the door is open,
and you can make yourself at home.
Okay, see you in a few.
(tense music)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
- The facts are she's in my life now, so,
it is what it is.
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
You crazy bitch.
Shivana, what the hell are you doing in my house?
- No, no, no, no.
- Hey, I'm talking to you.
Why are you in my house?
- No, you're not real.
You're not real.
No, you're not real.
- Listen, I don't know what the hell's wrong with you,
but you need to get the hell out of here, like right now!
- Patrick...
- Is this some type of game of yours?
'Cause I'm warning you, you do not wanna mess with me!
- I don't care, I missed you.
- What?
- I don't care that you only live in my imagination.
- Yeah, okay, that's it.
You're getting the fuck outta here.
- Baby, baby, listen!
You don't, you don't have to worry about her,
it doesn't exist.
Patrick, stop!
(Patrick grunts)
You bitch!
(tinnitus rings)
(Shivana screams)
- Shivana, what happened?
- He hurt me.
- Baby, there's no one there.
He's not real.
But if you say he is,
then I want you to tell him to leave you alone,
and to never, ever talk to you ever again.
But if in fact he does, you kill him.
You kill him.
You kill him.
You kill him.
(tense music)
(Shivana yells)
- [Shivana] No, no, no!
(suspenseful music)
No, no!
(vase shatters)
(tense music)
- But I did get us that protection.
Still keep it underneath my mattress.
(tense music)
(doorknob rattles)
(Patrick banging)
- Shivana, open up this door.
(doorknob rattles)
Shivana, open up this door, now!
(Patrick banging)
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?
(tense music)
Put that down.
- I can't let this go on.
- Shivana, put the gun down.
Shivana, it's me, Patrick.
- No...
- Vanee.
- I wish this was real, I really do.
- Baby, it is real.
What we have, it's real.
I've been meaning for the right time to tell you, but...
I'm leaving her.
Baby, the papers are drawn up.
Baby, it's just gonna be you and me from now on.
Just us.
(tense music)
Put the gun down.
- I'll always love you.
(tense music)
(gun fires)
- So, let's start from the beginning.
(tense music continues)
(footsteps tapping)
(tense music continues)
- Dr. Sheller.
(police radio chattering)
- [Officer] 13, Sergeant. One on Central.
(police radio chattering)
- How is she?
- Nothing changed.
Still spaced out, uttering the words "It's not real'."
Sometimes, I wonder what is it that she's seeing.
- It's not for us to live in, or
wonder about their reality.
It's our job to bring them back to ours.
A society acceptable one.
- Three doses a day.
If more people were just like you.
- Meaning?
- Your resilience.
I mean, this woman killed
your husband in your own home,
and you still come in daily to check on how she's doing.
Forgiveness at its finest.
I mean, if somebody killed someone I loved, then...
- True love doesn't have a happy ending,
because true love doesn't need to end.
Good day, Marcus.
(uptempo electronic music)
This twisted fate for you can't be free
You're the devil woman
You're the devil woman
You're the devil woman
(mysterious music)
(thunder rumbles)
(birds chirping)
(tense music)
(cell phone thuds)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
- Mother.
(tense music continues)
(cells clanging)
(tense music continues)
- I think you bailed out the wrong Black guy, lady.
I mean, I know we all look alike, but...
(tense music)
- Get in, Andre.
(mellow music)
- I don't know why you have such an attitude, Brenda.
Let's talk about it.
- I have nothing to say, Patrick.
- Dr. Hoffman would say talk about it.
- You leave my mother out of this.
- Wait, wait, darling.
Can you repeat that name again?
- [Brenda] Shivana.
- Look, here they come, here they come.
(mellow music)
(trunk slams)
- Baby, let me help you with those.
(mellow music continues)
- She just ignored him, like he doesn't even exist.
He deserves so much better.
(toilet flushes) (mellow music continues)
- I'm sorry for whatever I did.
- No, I apologize.
It's just a timely thing.
- Oh, my taxi's gonna be here any minute.
Would you help me out by grabbing my briefcase
from the dining room?
- Sure, honey.
(tense music)
- Thank you.
- Mhm.
(tense music continues) (door creaks)
Mr. Andre.
(mellow music)
- No...
This can't be true.
(mellow music continues)
- [Amanda] Hello?
- Who is this?
- No, you called my phone.
Who might this be?
- I'm sorry, wrong number.
- Hi, Michelle.
(Brenda laughs)
I was wondering if you still have Sarah
taking those child acting classes?
Um, I might have a job for her.
(dramatic music)
- It's not real.
It's not real.
It's not real.
(dramatic synth music)
Words stuck on my mind
Don't make too much sense
I should leave them behind
The taste, stuck in my mouth
Causes me pain, I want to spit it right out
This rush of blood is your enemy
This twisted fate for you can't be free
You're the devil woman
You're the devil woman
You're the devil woman
I feel the powers are beneath me
Bleeding from my veins
Blood drippin', venom
paralyzing, hopelessly insane
Kid punks are screaming at me
Nothing much to say
Kid punks are preachin' at me
Their demonic ways
This rush of blood is your enemy
This twisted fate for you can't be free
Hold back
(ominous music)
- Dr. Sheller.
Hey Paul, did you see a lady come out here
a few minutes ago?
She dropped something.
- No, I haven't.
- You sure?
- No, I'm sure.
(tense music)
And nope, no one signed him either.
- That's weird...