Infested (2023) Movie Script

Is this all you got?
What do you mean, "all"?
That's from Dubai.
All the chicks there wear that.
That's from Dubai?
They wear plastic crap like this?
Come off it, bro.
- Show me the real stuff.
- There's no real or fake.
It's all there.
If you don't want it, piss off.
I don't have time. Here.
I know you got stuff hidden away.
Ali, I need some jewelry.
Something nice.
I'm not dating a 16-year-old.
Be glad I don't whip your ass.
I know about you guys
reselling my stuff.
Don't be paranoid.
We talked about this.
I sell shoes now.
My lock-up is full of 'em.
I came all this way,
so show me the good stuff.
- It's for a gift.
- A gift?
You swear?
I never swear.
Trust me.
You can trust me.
I'm not some random guy.
You're lucky I like you.
- Same here.
- Come on.
That's more like it, Ali.
I send lots of people here, you know?
"Go see my guy Ali."
I deserve a cut.
I say: "If you go to Ali's,
say Kaleb sent you."
They never do.
What's all this?
You interested in animals?
Sure I'm interested in all this stuff.
- You sell this?
- I sell everything.
Ali Express!
I was around first!
I'm sure they stole my name.
Wow, it looks so dope!
Be careful.
Yeah, I know.
I was gonna open a reptile zoo.
I don't give a shit.
Here, earrings. 80 euros.
What a mutha!
Yeah, it eats a lot.
It's 50.
Both for 100, OK?
It's not moving. It's dead.
It's not moving.
It needs more space.
Look, it's fine.
100. Yes or no?
- Yes.
- OK.
So, pay me.
Yeah, yeah. I'm a pro.
It might be poisonous, I swear.
I told you not to swear.
Up to you.
I'll take you home.
Let's go.
See you.
Guys, lend a hand.
Let me help you, Mrs. Zhao.
We got you!
Give me your bag.
What's this? What're you doing?
- Get off!
- Fuck!
Don't play the cop.
I have to play the cop.
You play the jerk!
- Don't trash the place, fool!
- I didn't.
- It wasn't you?
- It's already dirty.
- Who did this?
- It's her job.
- Beat it.
- We pay for all that.
You pay, do you?
Come on, Kaleb, give me my bag.
We said it's confiscated.
Piss off.
Firecrackers? You kid!
Sorry, Mrs. Zhao.
- Always breaking, dirtying...
- Not me.
I'm trying to help.
I do my best.
- Fuck!
- See?
Run along.
That pisses me off.
My hoodie's screwed.
It fuckin' stinks.
Damn light!
Whose bikes?
You steal 'em?
- I found them at the back.
- For God's sake!
I told you not to steal locally.
I borrowed 'em.
People don't ask for them back.
I see 'em and take 'em.
It's not fixed?
What do you think?
I think not.
Mathys, put 'em in your lock-up.
Don't get me involved!
Yeah, you're right, sorry.
I swear I'll return 'em.
Don't swear.
I promise I'll return 'em
to their owners.
I need you for the sneakers.
So, concentrate on that.
What have we got?
So, we have
Aurlie: Air Force One.
Yeah. Size 8.
OK, order them.
Silvio: Yeezy 350.
- What color?
- Sesame, but that's not a color.
I don't have 'em.
We'll see later.
Then, there's Toumani.
- The TNs?
- Yeah, I keep running into him.
He's getting more and more aggressive.
- Great.
- Not great.
- The box is fucked.
- What?
It's fucked. It's soaking wet.
Who cares? He wants the sneakers,
not the box.
He has boxes to the ceiling.
That's not the issue.
We gotta do a quality job.
I want everything to be nice n' clean.
So, find me a new box
and he'll get 'em.
Clean like your hoodie?
- It stinks, bro.
- Shut up. I know.
I'm sick of this.
- What did I say about Mom's stuff?
- What?
Don't put it
in fuckin' boxes like that.
It's not for the trash.
You're crazy.
She messes everything up.
Pain in the ass!
OK, handsome?
Everyone's still alive?
"Yeah, Kaleb, thanks!"
You're welcome, guys.
I'll deal with that crazy bitch.
That's nice n' clean.
Guys, look who I brought you.
Aren't you fine?
I'll call ya Rihanna.
You're so beautiful, my beauty.
Don't be jealous, guys.
Welcome her.
I'll put you there for now.
A nice box...
You're rude. So rude.
I gave you a good home.
I treated you the same.
No respect!
Hold on...
Go on.
It's only temporary.
Tonight, I'll make you a 5-star home.
Where are you?
Why turn everything off
in my room again?
I've told you. I got rare species.
They need humidity, warmth...
Talk, don't yell.
You could kill 'em, doing that.
I don't have time. Move.
No. Listen, it's important.
- Important? Your bugs?
- Yeah.
- Move!
- No.
- Move!
- No. What's your problem?
It costs a fortune in electricity.
Plus the repairs.
So, stop the repair work!
I'll have the cash,
I'll handle it.
Handle what?
Handle this place.
- I'll be selling some great pairs soon.
- Look.
I'd love you to buy this place,
but you're broke.
- Wait...
- 2 years!
The place is falling apart.
We have to sell it.
I won't sell. Ever!
All the memories of Mom...
Move on, for fuck's sake.
You don't need the money.
You just wanna pile it up.
- Do it elsewhere.
- Yeah!
I'm sick of working for cash.
I want to set up my own business.
- Who d'you think you are?
- And you?
Who are you?
Loser. Look at you!
You're the loser. Look at you!
- Can I carry on?
- What about Claudia?
Shit. Is her thing today?
Yes, her "thing" is today.
One more hour's work...
Look, Kaleb...
So fuckin' selfish.
Yo, Kaleb.
- OK, Toumani?
- Yeah, you good?
I'm sick of waiting
for my sneakers.
- Tomorrow.
- You always say that.
No, they're ready,
but the box is fucked.
It's gotta be clean.
Look at my feet.
I look like a bum.
Don't you have another pair?
- Sure, but they're not TNs.
- So?
So? Everyone calls me TN
'cause I wear TNs.
Toumani Ngannou!
TN! It's my signature!
- I always wear TNs.
- OK.
- Till I die.
- OK.
- Is that clear?
- Yeah, stop it.
Maggie, heel!
- Don't forget.
- No, tomorrow.
No-one calls you TN.
Here you are.
Have a drink.
I'll have some juice.
- Oh, Kaleb, my boy!
- OK, Claudia?
- Good to see you.
- You OK?
- Everyone's here.
- Everyone will miss you.
Well, what can I say?
So, you're not too sad
to be leaving?
With the prices here...
Over there, I'll pay the same
and have a yard.
If you're happy, I'm happy.
Well, you can come visit us.
I brought you a little...
- What is it?
- A gift to remember us by.
I won't be far away.
I'll be here!
I know.
It's so you think of me.
Your mom, God rest her soul...
I'm sure she's proud
of what you've become.
I'll put them on now, OK?
Great. Perfect.
Love you!
- I got it all over you.
- That's OK.
Stop cheating.
- Press the circle.
- Shut your mouth.
- Press the circle there.
- Fuck off!
- You do the same thing.
- I don't care.
Hey, what're you doing?
- Don't smoke in front of the old folks.
- OK!
Want 'em to rat on you
to your dad?
I'll play the winner.
You really show no respect.
Young people today!
Hi, everyone.
Everything OK?
Little Aguilar!
- How are you?
- Good, you?
Still boxing?
Float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee?
I quit boxing.
I do MMA now.
What's MMA?
It's like boxing,
but more violent, in a cage.
- For savages.
- Yeah.
I'm a lion, not a butterfly or bee.
- But champs don't smoke.
- Right.
You need to stop, too.
Watch out.
So long.
- He kills me!
- I play the winner.
But it crashed.
Let go of the joystick!
Stop it or I'll hit you.
Sorry, I'll clean up.
It was his fault.
For fuck's sake!
She busts my balls!
I'm sorry, guys.
I'll cut off her braids
and make her eat 'em!
You must be fuckin' frozen.
I'm so sorry.
You there, girl?
You're cold.
Where are you?
Where are you hiding?
C'mon, show yourself. It's Uncle Kaleb.
You're not here!
You're not here! Fuck!
You gotta be shitting me.
Did we wake you?
It's a drill.
Well, it's 11.
Sleep well?
With the drill, yeah!
Well, it's 11.
You invited everyone
to the party?
Yo, Kaleb. I brought you
a TN box. Nice n' clean.
Why the fuck are you here?
I saw Jordy.
I'm not working today, so I came along.
To finish the bathroom today,
I invited Lila.
So I'm not on my own.
Why him?
"He" will answer you.
We're not kids.
So, Lila's my girl. Manon's her pal.
I'm here to help.
If there's a problem...
There's no problem.
- Cool!
- Yeah, cool.
- Wicked.
- Wicked.
- Did you come by train?
- No, by car.
Your old AX!
No, I got a C3 now.
- You've changed.
- Yeah.
It's good to talk,
but can I take a fuckin' shower?
Let's go, Lila.
No, I won't leave Manon now.
We're having lunch.
I'm out.
Or dinner?
- Good to see you two.
- He's worse than before.
- I warned you.
- Yeah.
This place isn't very big, so...
He's just a bit gloomy.
He's not gloomy - he's an asshole!
Just shut up.
- He can't hear us.
- Yes, I can, jerk!
I didn't say a thing.
Say hello.
You like Uncle Kaleb?
- Where's your dumb master?
- My savior!
My foot gets caught on the clutch!
- OK?
- Yeah, you?
It's OK, here they are.
Show me.
Wow, they're unreal, bro!
It was worth waiting.
They're nice n' shiny.
- So, keep 'em that way.
- Sure.
Don't put scotch tape on it.
- They're chrome.
- Who's buying 'em?
Here's the cash.
Caught red-handed!
What's in that?
A shoe box with shoes in?
Crazy, huh?
I'm not a fuckin' idiot.
You and your dealings.
Be more like your sister.
Don't mention her.
Why not?
She's renovating my place.
She works real good.
What? You wanna get whacked?
What's in there? Hash, coke?
Fuck off!
You bust my balls.
Maggie, heel!
I'm watching you.
Wait for me, baby.
"Nice n' clean", my ass!
Where'd he get that?
The guy from Rungis market.
He's the only fucker
who still sells protected species.
He should be in jail.
I don't know. Maybe...
- That's your thing.
- It's his thing. I stopped.
He should stop, too.
"He should stop..."
It's his passion.
He'd be lost without it.
And he protects these animals.
In the wild, they'd get wiped out.
That's a matter of opinion.
Shitty boxes!
What the fuck?!
What're you up to?
- Showing him your collection.
- Stay out.
How did you get that?
A dictator scorpion.
Want my permits or what?
- That's not what I'm saying.
- What, then?
'Cause you have no respect.
We used to have real vivariums.
They need to be at 25 degrees at least.
You an eco-cop? Fuck off!
- Speak properly to me.
- You too.
- Guys...
- Shut up.
Go on, scram.
Take those bags downstairs.
Come see.
- What?
- Come on.
- No, don't. Don't.
- It's gross.
That's from Madagascar.
- Where?
- The platymma.
- Oh, fuck!
- Not bad, huh?
Don't come in.
- Get out.
- I'm here now.
You like this in your room?
- He talks to 'em.
- No!
- Every day.
- Shut up!
I've heard you.
So what?
Some people have labradors.
He has invader scorpions!
- Dictator.
- Dictator.
It's actually so cute.
So, that dick head...
- What's that?
- That's Mathys!
No, the big worms.
They're diplopodae.
They're still tiny.
- Gross!
- They can grow to 12 inches.
12 inches?
- 14 inches.
- Not them.
The ones which protect themselves
from predators. That's Darwin.
Darwin? You name-drop now?!
- Just like that?
- Guys...
It's like MMA.
You gotta be
the toughest in the cage
to survive.
- Look, just go.
- OK, we're going. Chill.
I just want you to get out.
It stinks.
That's not his bugs.
Tidy your room.
No, it's the bathroom.
What do you want, bro?
Stop busting my fuckin' balls!
Let's get on with the work.
My leg is agony.
- It still hurts?
- Yes, it still hurts.
It's for life. You keep asking me.
- Need a hand?
- No, thanks.
Oh, here he is!
How are you, ma'am?
You didn't say he was back.
- He didn't tell me, either.
- I'm just helping Manon.
have you seen Toumani?
His dog keeps barking.
Wait, I'm calling him.
- What's going on?
- Dog's barking.
- I'll break the door down.
- No!
- You have no right to do that.
- Who are you?
I'm a cop. You can't break in
to someone's home.
So, you do it.
No, I'm a municipal cop.
He'll freak out.
- Who's he?
- He's crazy.
It can't keep barking.
Go on.
No way!
Let's go.
Stairs to the 2nd floor.
Please, move back.
Give us some space.
- What happened?
- We don't have more info.
We're neighbors. What happened?
- Did he pass out?
- He didn't pass out.
What was it?
Calm down. Just go home,
as a precaution.
What's with the mask?
Think we're stupid?
Is that better?
Now go home.
It's a precautionary measure.
We don't live here.
- So, can we go?
- No.
No-one can.
This is bullshit!
It's a safety measure.
If you have a fever or anything,
wait for the medics.
Don't panic?!
What's going on?
Those cops are just bullshitting us!
It's not a virus.
He's just a junkie.
How dare you talk like that?
He'd shoot up.
Kaleb sold it to him.
- What?
- No way!
You sold him heroin!
- Stop saying that!
- Calm down!
- Crazy!
- Calm down.
Calm down and go home.
Out of the way.
Come on.
- What?
- Do you have a fever?
- Fuck off.
- You saw him this morning.
- It could be contagious.
- No fever, OK?
Maybe he wasn't sick.
Did he look sick?
Something that kills that fast
is just medieval.
It's impossible.
Kaleb, let's be serious.
I know you wanna make money.
Go on, spit it out.
Did you sell Toumani drugs?
Fuck me!
- Bullshit!
- I'm asking.
Just keep quiet.
Does that sound credible?
You don't know me at all!
Gilles may be right
that it's an overdose.
"Gilles may be right..."
Go whore for him!
I didn't insult you.
You insulted me! You did!
You insulted each other.
- Butt out.
- Butt out.
Look, I understand...
He didn't OD.
I see junkies at the hospital.
His arm wasn't due to a needle.
OK, so if it wasn't a needle,
what caused it?
What's going on?
- What's going on?
- It's OK.
Come here!
Don't come in!
There's a huge spider.
Come in, but slowly, baby!
Hurry up!
I'm coming.
Hold on.
Nice n' slow!
- Where is it?
- It was on the door.
- Where is it?
- It's right here!
OK. It's huge.
Gross! Kill it.
No, I won't.
I won't. Calm down.
What're you doing with the glass?
Just hit it!
No sudden movements.
- Where is it?
- It's OK.
- Calm down.
- Where?
A spider?
- Calm down.
- Where is it?
- Kill it!
- No, don't.
It's right here.
Hit it!
Stop saying that.
Just hit it!
No, it's harmless.
- Oh, fuck!
- Chill.
Get it!
Just hit it!
Shut up!
- Hit it!
- No!
I don't kill animals.
Kill the fucker.
Shut up.
You shut up.
He'll get it, it's OK.
It's OK!
- Where is it?
- Down there.
- Under the sink.
- Don't panic.
Where is it?
- Easy...
- Easy? Squash it!
'Course I won't.
- Kill it.
- No!
- I'll do it.
- No!
Just kill it. Shut up, you!
You're bustin' my fuckin' balls!
- This what you want?
- Stop it!
- Don't!
- Hit it!
Take that!
Hit it!
Look what you made me do.
- It's just a spider.
- Shut up!
OK, Jordy?
Jordy, is it dead?
Where is it?
Don't move!
- Now it's dead.
- Done.
- OK?
- You can't even catch a spider.
- OK, Kaleb?
- Nothing can get through.
- What?
- Tell us.
- A spider that big?
- So?
- Lots of spiders.
- What about it?
Why play dumb?
I'm not. Stop accusing me.
- You didn't want us to kill it.
- So?
He didn't, either.
Get off my case.
Look at your room.
It's yours.
It's not. See any spiders?
No, I don't have any!
The towel under the door...
Stop lying.
Come off it.
We're on your side.
Tell us.
I'm not on your side.
So, spill the beans!
I bought 1 spider.
I knew it!
It was 10 times smaller
and more beautiful.
It's totally different.
- This is bad.
- It's always my fuckin' fault.
- Tell us.
- What?
Where did you get it?
- Swear it wasn't like the other one?
- He never swears.
It wasn't like the other one.
It was tiny.
And I only bought a single spider.
- Maybe her babies...
- Lots bigger than her?
- Bullshit.
- Well, that's Darwin.
Like you said, they adapt and grow...
I'm talking about the jungle,
faced with predators.
In the bathroom,
we tried to kill it.
You did. I didn't want to.
What's that?
It made a cocoon.
It was cold in my room
'cause of my dumb sis.
It found that.
It didn't even eat the cocoon.
It must be dead.
It's a desert spider.
If it's in a room where it's -15,
it dies.
- Where's the cocoon?
- Here.
In there.
Start the quarantine, guys!
We're going nowhere.
The cops said to stay here.
Maybe the bugs are outside...
I'll call them.
Let's go.
- Let me try again.
- What about the dog?
What did I do now?
She's all on her own.
- They won't pick up.
- They will!
Give me 5 minutes
to try one last time.
What's so funny?
you clearly didn't grow up here.
Let's get outta here.
- I'm staying.
- Me too.
We're all going together.
You go if you want.
What's stopping you?
Let's tell the cops outside.
I won't ask them for help.
It's about honor.
Do you ever get stopped?
No, he steals bikes.
I quit.
Only the cops can help.
"Only the cops can help"?
Fuckin' morons!
We know there's a problem
and we just go?
We leave everyone?
Not me!
Stop playing the hero!
All this is your fault.
You're pleased
to have an excuse, so go!
It means you don't give a fuck!
As usual.
About the apartment, the neighbors.
You're selfish!
So ungrateful.
They were there for us,
you know that?
Mom liked them.
Remember her?
You've forgotten her?
- Come on, man.
- What?
- Forget him.
- She's your sister.
She can fuck off.
There's no point fighting.
Let's just go.
So, go!
I won't go without Moussa
or Benzaoui or Claudia.
We won't go without you, OK?
Let's get 'em.
It's dangerous.
They're only spiders.
We kill 'em.
It'll take 15 minutes,
then we can all go.
- Swear?
- Sure.
But in 15 minutes' time,
we go, no matter what, OK?
Who you lookin' at?
You talkin' to me?
I'll whack you, motherfucker!
Don't you see me?
What the fuck?
Where's the bitch?
Nothing works here.
- We're staying.
- They're poisonous.
- Go home.
- Come with us.
Please go home. Goodbye.
He's not answering.
- What is it?
- I dunno.
C'mon, Moussa!
- There are others...
- We can't leave him.
We'll come back.
No time. We said 15 minutes.
What's that?
- Run.
- Come on!
Dad, come here!
Claudia, it's Kaleb. Open up.
Open up!
It's not safe to stay here.
Shut up and fuck off!
It's Kaleb!
She's gone.
Open up!
She's moved out.
- I can hear the TV.
- We said 15 minutes.
No way!
Claudia, it's Kaleb.
- What?
- I don't like this.
Get off.
Get out!
Let's go.
Help me.
No, get back!
Stay back!
Mr. Benzaoui...
Look at him!
Look, he's been bitten.
He's family.
They're laying!
They came out of her fuckin' head!
It's too late.
Stay back.
Don't touch us!
Go back inside!
Let's go.
- The TV isn't talking about it.
- I've found something.
"In certain families of Sicariidae,
the egg-laying females
can multiply their size by 10
to fend off predators."
Don't panic.
It might not be that bad.
Apart from a few tweets
by confined locals on social media,
nobody cares.
I'm sick of it.
Lila, you're a cop.
If you die, the press will come.
I'm a municipal officer.
You'll get local news, at best.
Hey, get back inside!
We gotta get in!
It's turned to shit!
Kaleb, listen!
We gotta go!
We're not going in there.
- Let's go.
- Fuck!
Do you want some, too?
Stop it!
They said: "Stay home!"
Stay the fuck home!
Don't hit us!
What the fuck?!
You're not from here.
We know each other.
I don't really know you.
Why protect this scum?
That's not the issue!
There are dead people, asshole!
Where's your room?
Don't move.
What're you doing?
Will I find any coke or hash?
Don't go in my room.
Get off!
Don't go in, you fucker!
Why not?
You hiding stuff?
OK, have a look.
Have a good look, you fucker.
Get out!
Quick! Lock the door!
Go, go!
Come on!
Lila, close your eyes.
Don't look.
Come on,
for fuck's sake!
Let's go!
Look out!
OK, keep calm.
Keep calm!
What do we do, then?
Why is it always up to me?
The parking garage.
Yeah, let's go!
Open it!
Not that way.
- We can't go that way!
- She's right.
We have no choice.
No, no...
Do you get it?
We gotta leave the light on.
Good idea.
I can't! I can't!
I'll stay, wind up the switch,
then I'll join you.
- What? It doesn't work over there.
- I know.
- What if it goes out?
- I know.
I'll have 1 minute.
- You're crazy!
- Stop it.
You'll knock it all off.
I can do it in a minute.
I'm the most agile.
- Fuck...
- It'll be OK.
- I swear.
- Don't swear.
Jordy, is it OK with you?
Yeah, man.
You sure?
- For real?
- Yes.
I mustn't panic.
I mustn't panic...
Come on.
Hold on, hold on...
Hold on...
Move it.
Move it!
Watch your step.
OK, OK! Shut up!
Oh, fuck...
Go on.
- Manon!
- Come on, Manon!
Come on, come on!
Careful, but be quick!
Shitty advice!
Come on...
- No, Kaleb!
- Don't move.
Calm down, Manon.
Nice n' slow...
Burn that fucker!
Come here. Run!
Hey, you!
Get off the door.
- Open up!
- Go home.
What are you doing?
We're working. Get lost!
What's going on?
Let go.
Stop it! Police operation!
Hey, let us out!
We gotta move!
- We'll die in here. Open up!
- Nobody will die!
Go home!
It's dangerous here.
We said, go!
You're gassing us!
Get out!
Get out!
Straight ahead!
Keep going.
Get out!
Shake 'em off!
You don't have any.
Where's Jordy?
Where the fuck is he?
I'll go after him.
Bring him back!
Jordy, where are you?
Get outta here!
What is it?
- Where's Jordy?
- It's too late.
No, Jordy, I'm here!
We're coming to get you!
You're gonna die!
Stop it!
Jordy, I'm here!
We gotta go!
Let go.
Manon, get off.
You can't!
Let me go!
We can't, Lila!
Stop it.
Just stop!
- Please!
- Stop it!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Sorry! Sorry!
- Let me go!
- Stop it.
Stop it, Lila!
There's no point.
There's no point, it's over!
It's over, Lila. Stop it!
Calm down.
I won't leave you.
I won't, OK?
There's lots of stuff here.
We could get out.
Just a second, Mathys.
You wanna stay here?
They'll get in!
Do you wanna fight them?
We have no choice
if they keep up their Darwin thing...
That makes no sense.
- None at all.
- Look at me.
We gotta concentrate. Focus!
What can I do?
All the exits are blocked.
There's nothing we can do.
- The roof...
- Good idea.
We go up, light the kids' torches,
warn the surrounding buildings.
Go up 15 floors?!
But now we can defend ourselves.
Turn the light on!
Take the firecrackers.
Forget them.
Outta the way.
Get back.
Shine the light on 'em!
Come on... Mathys!
Where's the bag?
Don't touch me!
I can't help you.
Help us.
We're stuck!
We're going to Gilles'.
Light 'em!
Come on!
Manon, hurry!
They're coming!
Open up!
They're coming!
Let me concentrate!
Come on!
I can't see.
Come on!
The fucker put
plastic sheets everywhere.
Got anything to kill 'em?
- What?
- Anything to kill the spiders?
Gotta go on the roof.
There's fuck-all.
So, there's no plan B?
What can we do?
Fuckin' shit!
Fuck, fuck!
I'm a piece of shit!
I won't jump, don't worry.
I know.
So, let go.
Say something.
Why'd you stop talking to him?
When we were kids...
We wanted to have a reptile zoo.
We swore we'd do it.
We wanted to do it for the local kids.
One day,
I got an iguana.
A little one, you know...
It bit him on the leg.
It got infected
and he needed an operation.
The cops asked what had happened.
He ratted on me.
You dumped your best friend
just for that!
No... Well, yes, but...
It's just that I didn't realize...
that he was in pain.
When you suffer, you should say so.
I can't do that stuff.
You know what I'm like.
So, I never went
to visit him in the hospital.
Then, my mom died.
And he never came to see me, either.
Then, you moved away.
It was too late.
Too late...
He always covered for you.
For his leg,
he said it was a scooter accident.
So people wouldn't think badly of you.
So I wouldn't hate you.
Too late for that, I guess.
Think we came for the bathroom?
- No, it won't hold.
- It will.
In here.
Don't touch 'em.
- Don't touch 'em.
- Get us out.
Were you bitten?
No, but there are people...
Get back. Back!
Fuckin' listen!
You gotta go downstairs!
I said, get back!
No, I won't!
Get off him!
Get the fuck off him!
Don't move!
Get off her!
Get off her! Get off her!
Where are we?
In the parking garage.
They were here all the time.
Sons of bitches...
My buddy died
'cause you shut
that fuckin' door!
Why tie us up?
What're you afraid of?
These two. Not him.
- Kaleb!
- Untie me.
You shot a cop
and compromised our operation.
What operation? What did you do?
You locked us up!
That's the procedure.
People are dying,
you don't intervene.
What's the idea?
It's more complicated.
You go in
and spray them with your stuff.
It's dangerous for them
and for you.
You don't get it!
We tried!
Why turn the power off?
That was a crime.
Some of our shots destroyed
the circuit breaker.
We do our best to help you, OK?
Well, your "best" is shit.
We lost guys, too.
You'll make me cry!
Did we lose no-one?
- No point talking to you.
- Come back here!
Come back!
You're shitting yourselves!
What's wrong?
How does it look?
Oh, fuck.
I didn't want to worry you.
We knew we couldn't do anything.
It's over.
It's a nightmare.
A fuckin' nightmare!
Let's not keep discussing it.
The plan doesn't change.
You get out
and evacuate the building.
What? Cut that out!
What're you talking about?
I'll open the box.
Then, the spiders get out.
Everyone can come out.
Mathys, stop playing the superhero!
That's not us.
But seriously, bro...
tell people that I did...
something real dope.
No, I won't listen to this.
You won't do a thing!
Yeah, sure!
Stop it! Mathys!
Come back.
Get that guy!
Don't shoot!
Where's Manon?
I don't know!
Take my lighter.
Untie me.
- I'll get Manon.
- My car!
- Where?
- There!
OK, I'll get Manon.
Lock yourself in the car.
I'll get Manon. Go on.
Go on, Lila!
Do you swear?
Kaleb, swear!
I swear, I swear!
Go on. Trust me.
Fuck! You OK?
Hold on.
Shit! Your leg!
It's gonna hurt.
Stop it!
Why did we stop talking?
Don't talk like we're gonna die.
I'm sorry.
I do care about this place.
Stop talking.
You talk too much. Be quiet.
We're gonna get out of here.
I do care about Mom.
I never forgot her.
I know.
- I know.
- I miss her.
Look at me.
I know. Come on... I know.
I'm an asshole.
It was hers.
I know.
Keep it.
It's Lila.
- What about your leg?
- You first.
I'll follow you.
On 3.
1, 2, 3!
- Drive!
- OK!
Gotta open it.
What? No!
It's that or we're stuck here, OK?
If anything happens,
you take off, OK?
Trust me.
I'll do it, no matter what.
Lights off.
Lights off!
Mathys fucks the police
218 apartments for rent
Reptilarium of Antibes
One day, you and me
will have our animals.
I swear. Jordy