Infinite (2021) Movie Script

There are among us a people,
gifted with a perfect memory
of all their past lives.
They call themselves
Among the Infinites,
two groups have vied for power.
On one side the Believers,
to using their knowledge
for the protection and growth
of all humanity.
Against them
stand the Nihilists,
who see this power
as a curse.
New technologies
have given the Nihilists
an opportunity
to end all life on earth.
And the race is on
for its control.
tell me you got it.
Yeah. Yeah, I got it.
I got it.
Might be delayed a little.
I'm headed to meet you now.
Copy that.
Treadway, you okay?
We can't let them
get the Egg back.
I can't believe
Bathurst would go this far.
He's not the man
we remember.
Abel. I'm gonna take a shortcut.
Meet me at the freeway.
They got it blocked off.
- Get to the base of the crane.
- Treadway, listen.
Do not go up that bridge.
Treadway? Treadway?
Abel, listen to me.
If I fail, look inside.
I don't know what miracle
you think you're gonna pull off,
but there's a 150-foot gap
in front of you.
What is his plan?
Leona. Please.
Leona, wake up.
Wake up.
I'll find you
in the Beginning.
I love you.
Did you ever have a dream
so real it felt like a memory?
You ever catch yourself in the
mirror and it's a surprise?
Like you expected to see
someone else's face
staring back at you.
All these people all going
somewhere, all doing something.
But what does it all add up to?
Maybe if I knew the answer, all the
little things might click together.
They might make sense.
- Hey. Hi.
- Evan. Right on time.
Nice to see you.
How are ya?
- Any trouble getting here?
- No. No, not at all.
Third interview this week.
- Here he is.
- Hey, gentlemen.
Hey. How are you?
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Evan, great to meet you.
Thank you so much for your time.
I really appreciate it.
- Wow. Beautiful place you have here.
- Thank you.
- Absolutely gorgeous. - I just got
a couple questions if you don't mind.
Yeah, of course.
There are a couple of
question marks in your past.
I recognize that.
You're the first face
people see
when they walk
into my restaurant.
And they'd be greeted
with a smile.
I have had some issues
in the past.
I did a full background check on
you, Mr. McCauley.
I spoke to some
of your past employers.
And you know what?
They all said the same thing.
I'm interested to hear
what they had to say.
They say you're great!
They say you're smart.
He's a smart guy.
Smart guy right here, huh?
That's all good. I guess I've got
the job then. When do I start?
Tell me about the customer
you attacked.
He assaulted a waitress.
So you broke his arm.
I did.
It was unintentional.
Excuse me,
but he grabbed her ass.
I asked him to leave politely.
He put his hands on me. No charges were
ever filed. Everything was dismissed.
So you just walked out of a shift at
Locanda and you... you never came back?
I had a personal issue.
That was six years ago.
Yeah, your manager told me
that you were institutionalized.
For two weeks.
Two weeks. Melanie, it's just two weeks.
Just two weeks.
Look. My struggles with mental
illness are a part of my past.
I haven't had so much
as an eye twitch since.
I think, if anything, getting through what
I've been through only makes me stronger.
And I am 100% confident
in my ability to manage here.
Thanks for coming in today,
Please. Look, I know
what it looks like.
But my illness isn't an issue
you have to worry about.
- I promise you...
- Hey, we'll be in touch, okay?
No, you won't.
Excuse me?
I know the brush-off
when I hear it.
Mr. McCauley, you are clearly
awesome at dealing with conflict.
You have no idea.
Thanks for coming in.
But you're right. I don't think
I will need to be calling you.
You think you know my story
because you ran
a background check
and made a couple
of phone calls?
I knew yours when I shook
your well-moisturized hand.
Thank you for your time.
I get it. I do.
Who's going to hire a diagnosed
schizophrenic with a history of violence,
when there's a dozen candidates out
there with sparkling clean records?
But what's really on my mind is if I can't
get a job, I can't pay rent this month.
I mean, dry-cleaning this suit
wasn't exactly free.
And more than that, I've gotta
get something together real quick,
because these meds,
they're running out.
And once they do,
shit gets real.
Are there things
you just know how to do?
Like, no one's
ever showed you.
Somehow each step
in the process makes sense.
Like you're remembering it.
Not learning it.
For reals, you really
made that shit yourself, man?
- Yep.
- Damn.
Hey, yo, Ronny.
Yo, Ronny.
- Evan, man.
- Hey.
As requested.
Kimotsuki-styled iron.
One of a kind.
Oh, hell, yeah.
Hattori Hanzo, yo? Ooh!
- Goddamn.
- Nice.
Get off me.
Now, let's get this man paid.
You get high off this shit?
No. Clozapine.
It's an antipsychotic.
You get paid in pills?
Evan here's on "Ronny-care."
Yeah. Dr. Ronny.
Why don't you, like,
get them at Duane Reade?
Because Evan don't wanna talk to
shrinks every two weeks. Right?
Yeah. Evan can't afford 400
bucks a month on a scrip.
Yo. Wikipedia.
- What's the capital of "Brakina Fatso"?
- Yeah.
It's pronounced "Burkina Faso." Ouagadougou.
Could I have my pills, please?
Shit, man.
Forgot my count, man.
You made that up.
Damn, man!
Homeboy knows everything.
He a freak.
How do you know so much?
Honestly, I wish I knew.
Makes me nuts.
Could I have my pills, please.
Dang, girl. You eyeballin' my
boy like he a steak dinner.
Yo, yo.
What's gunpowder made of?
74% potassium nitrate,
13% charcoal.
- Okay.
- Damn. Impressive, man.
I said eyes on me.
Come on, Ronny.
There you go, man.
Sixty packages.
That's only 55.
For real?
Close enough.
The hell it is.
I live on those.
Sixty. Hey.
You want the real thing,
right? That is it.
That's folded over 70 times.
Carbon-treated steel.
Take your damn hands off me.
You better tell your
boy to learn how to count.
The deal is for 60 bags.
Well, that's all we got.
You don't like it,
you can go back to Bellevue.
Get the gat on homeboy.
I wanna test this shit out.
Yo, what's gunpowder
made of?
Hold out your arm.
Hold out your arm.
Get up.
Put your arm there, huh?
It's the neck or arm, baby.
You choose.
Hey, Ronny.
That's not a toy, bro.
Mind your business, Evan.
Come on, Ronny.
This ain't funny.
Oh, God!
My fingers!
I think it works,
huh, Ronny?
Cut my goddamn fingers off, man!
You'll be all right. Hey, sweetheart,
why don't you head on home now.
You're trippin', bro.
You are done, homey.
You're a dead fool.
I don't know, Ronny.
You're talking to a guy
who buys antipsychotic
medication from you.
I'm feeling a little
unbalanced right now.
Maybe the best way to get the
voices in my head to stop talking
is to cut yours off.
Do you think it would help?
No. Don't fight.
Don't shoot. It's cool.
We're cool, man.
We're cool. All right?
Hey, dickhead.
Grab my pills. Now.
There you go.
You're crazy, man.
If I was crazy, I'd have chopped you
up in little pieces a long time ago.
Give me my pills.
Now, you listen to me, Ronny.
I'm not crazy, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm just misunderstood. All right?
- Help!
- Leona!
NYPD picked up an Evan McCauley.
Drug deal gone south.
Cops found a sword on him.
Blade was made with a process
hasn't been used
since, uh, Edo Japan.
He claims he forged it himself.
Another broker-turned-hipster
Oh, ye of little faith.
Are you seeing this, Nora?
- Treadway?
- Precisely.
If we know, Bathurst knows.
Be careful.
Thanks, Mom.
Tell us
when you're done, sir.
Can I get my phone call?
Supposed to get
a phone call.
You're dressed way too nice
to be an NYPD detective, so...
must be a doctor.
Not a thing?
No recognition at all?
I think I should feel hurt.
Do you remember... Syracuse?
The siege.
Second Punic War.
Where we first met.
Well, not quite the thrill ride
of the First Punic War,
but, hey,
sequels are tough, huh?
You disappoint me.
Well, join the club.
I notice...
you didn't sign it.
Then again...
craftsmanship like this...
you didn't need to, did you?
I made a sword.
Is that a crime?
Evan McCauley.
Diagnosed with schizophrenia
at 14...
after carving the words
"Look inside"
into your chest
with a box cutter.
Electroshock proved unhelpful.
But these...
are not bad, eh?
- Doctor, can I...
- Please. Go ahead.
At 16, attempted suicide
via car crash,
necessitating the steel plate
in your skull.
Spent the rest
of your early life
bouncing around between psych
hospitals and foster homes.
Well, I only cut
a couple of his fingers off.
I don't think I'm gonna need to plead
insanity on this one, am I, Doctor?
I'm curious.
"Look inside."
- Why those words?
- Why not?
Which one of these...
is yours?
You can skip the...
whatever the hell this is
because none of that
is mine.
You're not supposed
to have that in here.
What's going on here?
Hey, Officer.
Hey, what the hell
is going on here?
Pick it up.
Pick it up.
The last meal
of the Comte d'Anjou.
A Bordeaux.
Not a bad choice
for a last meal.
Was it yours?
I wish I knew what you were talking
about, but I don't know what to tell...
Every time you say,
"I don't know,"
this trigger
gets pulled.
- Is it yours?
- I don't know...
Are you out of your mind?
- We're in a police station! Hello! Officer!
- The room is soundproof!
They won't even hear it when I put 250 grams
of lead through the back of your skull.
- Is it yours?
- Yes. Okay, yes, it's mine.
Are you happy?
Lying... won't help.
Look. I'm just a guy who was at the wrong
place at the wrong time. That's all.
Last chance, Evan.
Is... it... yours?
There's the Treadway I know!
Little trick I learned from you.
Hello, old friend.
Get in!
- Hold on.
- Shit!
Go! Turn! Turn!
Oh, shit!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Go! Go!
- Hold tight.
- Oh, sh...
What are you waiting for?
Come on, let's go!
- Go the other way!
- Take the wheel.
- What?
- Get out of the car!
Yeah, sure. Retractable steering wheel.
No problem. That's normal.
- Reverse.
- Shoot that son of a bitch.
Move! Clear the street!
Shoot the driver!
Jesus Christ!
Who are they?
Relax, it's bulletproof.
180 now!
Don't stop.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Yeah, sure.
Who the hell are you?
I'm Nora Brightman.
Okay. But who was
that dude back there?
You didn't recognize him?
No, I didn't.
But clearly you did.
Well, you've known him
a long time.
I've never seen that man before in my life.
Him, I think I'd remember.
Well, not in this life,
Oh, no. Maybe I bumped into him
during the Second Punic War?
Or maybe it was the French Revolution.
I'm bad with dates.
- You remember that? - No. I don't
remember the French Revolution.
I figured it out.
I see now. I get it.
- You do?
- None of this is real.
It's a psychotic break.
I'm gonna wake up in a hospital
somewhere, drooling all over myself,
- strung out on lithium.
- Is that easier to believe
than the idea that maybe destiny
has something more in store for you?
Destiny? Where I come from,
we got bills to pay, rent to make.
- Nobody's got time for destiny.
- That's a shame.
I know you've been
looking for answers, Evan.
But you're not crazy.
You never have been.
No, I'm not crazy.
I'm just delusional.
Do you ever find yourself drawn
to places you've never been?
Do you ever see a picture of a place
and just know you've been there?
Do you know things
you shouldn't?
Do you pick up things fast,
almost as if
you're remembering skills,
not learning them?
I've told
a dozen therapists this.
I've been analyzed every way
possible, a hundred times over.
It doesn't mean anything.
Do you dream
in other languages?
That's what schizophrenia is.
Different people, same head.
What if it were the same
person, different lives?
- You're talking about reincarnation.
- Yeah.
You can forge a sword because
you were a blacksmith.
You speak Russian
because you were Russian.
Look, I hate to break it to you.
It's a comforting idea,
souls moving from one body to the next.
But it's basically just a spiritual
equivalent of "better luck next time." Okay?
Nothing more and nothing less.
- Feel safe warm and inside
all that cynicism? - I do, actually.
- And how's that working out for you?
- In the grand scheme of things?
Like big-picture shit?
Not so great.
But I'm good. I'm surviving.
The visions you've had your entire
life, Evan, aren't hallucinations.
They're memories.
So, you're saying that a
hundred doctors were wrong?
Fifty medications didn't work because I'm
really a reincarnated Russian blacksmith?
This is real.
I'm real.
Oh, yeah? This is no version of
reincarnation I've ever heard of.
Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh.
They believe each life begins
with a clean slate.
The answers you've been
looking for all your life...
all you gotta do
is get on that plane.
You know what I'm really
asking myself right now is?
What if the craziest thing I've ever
heard... and this is some crazy shit...
is actually the first thing that's
ever made any goddamn sense?
I don't gotta go feed the cat,
so... let's go.
Go on.
They left
from a private airport.
It was an unlisted flight.
She was there fast.
Too fast.
The sword hadn't been in the
system for more than a few hours.
- Then they have a base here in New York.
- I want it found.
It will lead us
to Evan McCauley.
He will lead us
to the Egg.
We call ourselves
the Infinite.
Less than 500 souls
from across the globe,
all born with the ability
to remember all our past lives
and the skills we've learned
in each of them.
There are two groups
within the Infinites:
Bathurst and the Nihilists,
who just want the world to end,
and us... the Believers.
And what is it
that we believe?
We believe that our gift
is a responsibility.
That it's up to us
to leave humanity
- better off than we found it.
- Yeah.
I think
I'm gonna need these.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Wow. It's a long way
from Arthur Avenue.
It always blows
my mind.
We call it the Hub.
This is the place where you're
gonna get your memories back, Evan.
We'll be landing soon.
- Recognize anything?
- I'm pretty sure I'd remember this.
It used to be dedicated
to scientific research.
Anthropology and linguistics.
All of us using
what we've learned.
Life after life for the
advancement of mankind.
And what is it now?
Headquarters for the
losing side in the war.
Bathurst is the master
of combat.
Hundreds of lifetimes.
You must be prepared
for everything.
He's the apex predator
in our world.
Why are they bowing?
They're hoping
you're Heinrich Treadway.
- Again!
- Reincarnated.
It was a popular name
in the '50s.
In the '50s.
Great for rock 'n' roll,
but lousy for names, I guess.
The 1750s.
What do I know
that you need so bad?
That's why you're here...
to find out.
- This is Treadway's room.
- Are you asking me or telling me?
I must've really screwed up
on my last incarnation.
Why would you say that?
Have you seen where I live
in this life?
That's Treadway's
Himalaya diary.
That was me.
When I was Leona Warrick.
And that was Treadway.
Two days after that picture
was taken,
Treadway saved my life.
There's a reason
you picked that book.
All this tells me
is what he did.
None of it tells me
who he was.
Here we can study
anything and everything.
Space, time, scale.
It's all relevant.
That doesn't seem
like much.
Welcome to my virtual sandbox.
- Name's Garrick.
- Hi.
Garrick is our head
of technology and research.
He doesn't
look like much.
Goddamn, it's good
to see you again.
It's nice to meet you too.
Don't worry.
All this shit, it just gets weirder.
Now let's get started.
Follow me.
Stand there for me,
That's the guy
from the police station.
He and Treadway were once friends.
A dozen lifetimes.
Wars, peace.
They stood together at some of the
greatest moments in human history.
Then Bathurst lost faith.
For the last 300 years,
he's been looking for a way out.
He needed a way
to stop reincarnating.
He wants it all to end.
That's why he made this.
The Egg, designed to
kill every living thing on earth.
That seems a little drastic.
If there's nothing left alive,
there's nothing left
to reincarnate into.
It attacks life
at the source... DNA...
unwinding the very fabric
of existence.
Every plant, every animal
every person.
I'm coming!
Like unplugging a computer
when a program freezes.
Only when he pulls this plug,
seven billion people
will go with him.
Everything it kills
accelerates the process.
God! Holy shit,
that felt freakin' real!
Without you, none of us
would be here right now.
What are you
talking about?
Last cycle,
you raided Bathurst's lab,
stole the Egg, killed his Einstein
and everyone who helped build it,
leaving him with no way
to recreate it.
You took the secret of the
Egg's whereabouts to your grave.
Bathurst spent this entire
lifetime looking for it.
And he's getting closer and
closer to finding it every day.
That's why he tracked
you down in New York.
So I get on the plane,
you get all my memories back,
and I save the whole entire world, right?
That's it?
That's pretty much
basically it, right?
Told you it was
gonna get weird.
So, what now?
Tell me good news, Nora.
Bryan Porter.
Treadway had a gift with steel, didn't he?
Impeccable. Your friends in the NYPD
were certainly impressed with it.
Unfortunately, their encryption
skills are less than impeccable.
Led us right to you.
You do know we have easier ways
of doing things now, right?
almost never means better.
We're going to uncover
Evan McCauley's location.
We'll brute-force
your encryption.
But I'd consider it...
a courtesy...
if you just...
sped the process up.
Tell us where he is.
I know where he is.
Of course I do.
I know exactly where he is.
I just...
I, um...
I sometimes have difficulties...
with my memory.
I remember
when you used to
gather honey
on the fields
of Marathon.
Just another reminder of
how nothing stays the same.
Would you care
for some?
You know what
real torture is?
Listening to you?
Real torture...
isn't physical pain,
but human stupidity.
Being surrounded by it,
engulfed in it.
Lifetime after lifetime.
People with their idiot grins!
Their infuriating
Their need for approval!
Their unctuous attempts
to be loved and validated!
They are walking,
talking obituaries...
...on the back page of a dying newspaper,
at the bottom of a birdcage,
in the corner of a filthy living room
of a hoarder cat lady!
- And we are forced...
- You'll never understand...
- live amongst them over...
- ...friendship, love.
...and over endlessly.
- That is the true...
- You still don't understand about faith!
...definition of torture.
Faith! Blah, blah, blah!
I'm tired of faith.
God must show me
his face.
But thank you...
for enlightening me.
You kept
his fucking body?
Sexy son of a bitch,
isn't he?
No. He's a dead guy
floating in water.
That's pretty much
my worst nightmare.
Actually, it's a crotonic acid matrix.
Keeps the cells alive.
Oh. That makes it that much better.
Thank you.
We're trying to understand
the science behind what we are.
Treadway believed that humans are
capable of so much more than we realized.
Is this what you're telling me?
I'm not living up to my potential?
I've heard that speech before.
Treadway pushed past boundaries
others might call paranormal, superhuman.
He can manipulate the energy
of the world around him.
I don't even know
what that means.
What it means
is you'll have skills
beyond anything
you've ever imagined.
Those abilities
are very deep.
Below the conscious level.
I'm down.
How do we get them back?
we retrain your memory.
We combine the physical and the
mental to develop new neural pathways.
Memories are held
in every organ...
every cell in your body.
Regression takes the kind of
concentration it takes years to develop.
This is a shortcut.
We shock your mind
into synching with the system.
It's working. I'm seeing increased
activity in all his memory centers.
Come on.
- That's not Treadway.
- Really?
He just beat you.
Treadway would've killed me.
Wow. She wasn't kidding
about being at war, huh?
the human condition.
Sometimes you do it by
painting a chapel ceiling.
Yeah. And sometimes you
drop them from a mile out.
Don't touch that.
Okay, okay.
That's no gun
I've ever seen before.
We're reverse-engineering
Bathurst's Dethroner.
A Dethroner? I mean, dude,
who's coming up with these names?
you can't kill an Infinite.
You kill the body, but...
- And they get reincarnated?
- Yeah.
This implants in your head
and pulls out
your consciousness...
your soul,
and onto a digital chip.
Your soul gets stuck on a disk
and breaks the cycle.
Over 200 of our brothers
and sisters are lost
in that digital purgatory.
You come
face to face with this,
my advice... find a way to
die the old-fashioned way.
Come in.
Okay if I look around?
Be my guest.
These are all you,
aren't they?
They're people I once was.
All of them.
That's cool.
You look happy.
I was.
Who's that guy?
In that picture,
he was Abel.
Before then,
other names, other faces.
But the soul...
the soul was always him.
So, what? You loved each
other through multiple lives?
These are all
the same place.
Angkor Wat.
What we call the Beginning.
I'll find you in the Beginning.
I love you.
When each of us would find
ourselves in a new life,
this is where
Abel and I would go.
You're reincarnated.
How would you know where to go?
Most of us have a reawakening
that begins young.
Starts with small things,
feelings about a place,
By puberty,
most Infinites
have full recall.
Right around the time
they diagnosed me schizophrenic.
So what happened if you died
young and got separated?
For an Infinite...
death isn't the end,
it's like...
turning the page in a book.
Next chapter, same story.
That's crazy.
New lives, new bodies,
always meeting back at the same place.
He was Dethroned.
He's trapped on a
computer somewhere.
My last life,
I got my memories back...
and realized he was gone.
It's not my memories
that matter, Evan.
It's yours.
Your last life,
in Mexico...
where did you hide the Egg?
Where's the Egg?
Where is it?
- He's spiking.
- Shut it down.
Hey, you're okay.
You're okay. Hey.
Hey, just breathe.
- I need to get up.
- Breathe.
Kovic, check his vitals.
What happened in there, Evan?
What did you see?
Your neural network fired off
like the Fourth of July.
I've been seeing this stuff all my life.
It still doesn't make any sense.
Why can't he
remember anything?
Between the car accident,
the electroshock
and the steel plate in his head,
his mind is fractured.
Something in there
won't let the memories flow.
I can't get them out.
I'm afraid the Artisan is our last hope.
He'll achieve recall soon.
If he hasn't already.
Hundreds of lifetimes,
and it all comes down
to these few hours.
If we don't find him...
before he gets
his memories back...
we lose the Egg...
The wheels keep turning
and we can never...
We go at dawn.
It's been a while, Otto.
No one's called me by that name in...
so many lifetimes.
Hello, my love.
What happened to you?
You were so beautiful.
As were you.
You don't miss it...
the agility...
the vibrancy...
being confined to this?
You see me as something broken.
I don't.
You're the cripple, Otto.
- Crippled by your cowardice.
- Cowardice?
No. I'm crippled
by my memory.
You get your memories back
over years. Not me.
I get it all back as my brain forms.
In the womb.
Endless hours,
days, weeks, months.
No room to move!
for my brain to do
but eat itself.
All these lifetimes,
the magnitude of this gift,
and you haven't
learned a thing.
I have to get out.
I have to make it stop.
Don't do it.
Don't give him anything.
Where is Treadway?
We storming the beach
at Normandy?
You never know
with the Artisan.
Let's get ready.
Color out, please.
So, the Artisan's
a gambler?
No, he's a hedonist.
Infinite lies,
infinite opportunity for debauchery.
Sounds like
my kinda guy.
Alexa, music off.
Get him cleaned up
and outta here.
You're operating
on dead guys now?
Da Vinci used to
cut into human cadavers
so that he could better
understand the human form.
For me, I'm all about
that brain, baby.
But you
know that all too well.
Oh, what a beautiful cranial
arch you got this time around.
I could better examine it if I
severed your head from your neck.
Like Treadway did to me
when last we met.
- Try it.
- Oh.
Bathurst took the Hub.
- Does he have the Egg?
- No.
Think we'd be here
if he did?
Wherever it is,
it's still in his head.
So they say.
Wait. Is he blocked?
Well, well, well,
look at this.
So, your hard drive
got fragged,
which means we're gonna
have to reset your memory.
And, Heinrich, I gotta tell ya,
I'm really gonna enjoy this.
Check this out.
You're all familiar with
the idea that when you die,
your life flashes
before your eyes, right?
This machine
enhances that experience,
your sense of time,
allowing you to restore or
reorder everything inside.
This... This right here is the closest
you're gonna get to a total mental reboot.
Are you planning
on trying to drown me?
'Cause I got a thing
about drowning.
- Which is?
- I don't like it!
What kind of success rate is
this guy working with, anyway?
Confidence is... high.
Yeah, and so are you,
Okay. Hey.
I like you this time around.
You're actually funny.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but you're usually kind of a jerk.
- It's true.
- Yeah, she gets it.
So, I'm supposed
to trust this guy?
- I wouldn't.
- First,
I resent
the gender labeling.
Second, you can trust
that we share the same goal.
Really? Which is?
Bathurst wants to what,
destroy every living thing on Earth?
Well, that's gonna ruin a pretty
great party I've got goin' on here.
This guy's out of his mind.
- There's a reason you didn't
bring me here before. - Mmm.
- I could die in there.
- Yeah.
Could it work?
It could.
But you have a choice,
No, I don't have a choice.
I... I can't let
anybody else get hurt
because of what's in my head.
All right.
Leap-of-faith time.
Let's just do it now before
I change my mind. All right?
Let's go.
Turn your machine on.
Ooh. Ready to go for a swim?
This is gonna be so fun!
Just shut up and turn it on.
...prolongs your sense of time.
Whatever happens,
don't let them stop until it's done.
He'll hold his breath
as long as he can, and then...
base instinct
takes over.
Too many.
No more. And 18.
Oh, my God.
He's drowning.
That's the whole idea.
- Maybe we should pull him out.
- He's not there yet. Two more minutes.
Abel, listen to me.
If I fail...
Come on.
- Nora...
- He's dying.
We're close.
We are close.
Doesn't have a pulse!
Get him out!
Come on!
Come on.
Okay. Okay.
Get out of the way.
He's gone.
We killed him.
If I fail, look inside.
Evan, you're okay. Just breathe.
I am Treadway.
I am Treadway.
Hey. Whoa, whoa.
I'm Treadway.
If you are Treadway,
answer this:
Do you know
where the Egg is?
- Yes?
- Yes.
Look inside. Look inside.
We were trained to think of
bodies as unimportant, right?
- Right.
- Just shells meant to be discarded.
Well, Treadway knew
the one place
that nobody would look.
Abel? Abel, listen to me.
If I fail, look inside.
It's in his body.
Back at the Hub.
It's been there the whole time.
Come on.
I am shocked that that worked.
I knew it was you the whole time.
That's why I let you win.
Oh, you let me, huh?
Whoo! I don't know
about you guys,
but I could use a drink.
Come on,
we don't have time for...
Security lockdown!
I'm hit.
You all right?
Follow me.
Come on. We gotta go.
Open emergency lift.
- We gotta go. We gotta go.
- Wait!
Are you crazy?
They're about to breach!
We're not running, all right?
I'm tired of running.
- I'm gonna fight 'em right now.
- Hang in there, Trace.
She's dead.
Oh, sh...
Guys, we need to leave now.
- I'm staying.
- What?
We stay here,
we fight 'em now.
- You're leaking like the Titanic.
- I'm fine.
If you die here,
who stops Bathurst?
He's right.
You make this worth it,
Then buy me some time.
Open weapons room door.
Good luck.
Careful, sir.
Oh, I will be.
We're taking Treadway's
body to Scotland.
Very well.
Keep him alive.
I'll do the best I can,
but he's lost a lot of blood.
The keys are in the car.
Good of you to join us.
I only wish you were
here to see this...
to understand your...
your role in this.
The end of all our debates.
The end of all things.
Have it cleaned and tested.
Make sure
it's the real thing.
Is it really over?
Not quite yet.
Never underestimate
Ah. You're awake.
Where am I?
I told Nora I'd wait with
you until you woke up.
You're in my safe house.
- What are you doing?
- I'm doing your morphine!
Where is she?
Oh, she went after Bathurst.
Oh, shit.
She's not doing this alone.
No way.
Whoa, whoa! Come on, man.
You try running out now, you'll bleed
out before you reach the compound.
If we're going down,
we're going down together.
Hey, hey. Hey, hey.
I just patched you up, man.
Let me catch you up
on the current situation.
If Bathurst gets his way,
we're all done.
There's no more
second chances.
I'm gonna get the Egg
and kill him.
She told me you were one of us.
you're just full of shit.
Diagnostics are done.
The bomb is ready for the Egg.
Have them load it
on the plane.
Come here, you bastard.
Do you think He'll...
let us do this?
The end of all things.
- Move, move, move!
- On the rig! Let's go!
Move, move!
Dropping in three, two, one.
- Do you need a ride?
- Love one.
- You okay?
- No. Don't ask.
Did you see that?
Nora, you okay?
Okay, come on.
I got you.
I'll get you out of here.
Come on.
You all right?
Oh, shit.
Hey. We gotta get you
out of here.
- You gonna be okay to move?
- Yeah, I'll be fine.
Okay. Come on.
- You gotta go.
- Bathurst is getting away.
His hard drives are here.
I have to destroy them and free them all.
I'll see you again.
We'll be landing in Glasgow
in 16 minutes, sir.
Stay low.
Use TFR.
Oh, my God.
Come on. Come on.
They're all here.
All the souls.
We have to free them all.
Nora. Nora, hey. Hey.
Stay with me, okay?
We are so close.
Let's blow some shit up,
We've lost engine three, sir.
We're gonna have to
land the aircraft.
What the hell
are you doing? Sir!
Please! You're gonna
crash the aircraft. Sir!
It's impossible.
He's opened
the bloody top hatch, sir.
You disappoint me.
No recognition
whatsoever, huh?
I think I should feel hurt.
Car crash?
Steel plate, remember?
you can't deactivate it!
It's happening!
Death isn't the end.
Not for us.
Maybe not for any of us.
New chapter, same story.
I can carry you out.
No way.
I'll free them.
- I'll see you around.
- Yeah.
I'll find you in the Beginning.
I love you.
I ask myself...
what did being Evan McCauley
teach me?
If each new life is a
chance to build on what was,
a chance to press forward
to the best of what could be...
Go, go, go!
...why will some of us have to pick
up the sword and fight again...
...while others discover
a new beginning?
It's hope.
That's what I learned.
Yes, we fall.
Yes, we fail.
Yes, sometimes we screw up
everything we touch.
But each moment we live
is connected by a belief
that the actions we take will
next day, next week, next life
add up to something more,
something bigger
than yourself.
And next... well,
the possibilities are...
when your son starts asking
questions about his past,
give me a call.
- He says he's just a child.
- Ehh...
What about your sword?
Oh that's not my sword. It's
what took you so long?
See you soon, Treadway.