Infinity (2023) Movie Script

'Thanks to press, media
internet and social media friends'
Every living soul needs enough
evilness to survive in this world
It's undeniably true that evilness
came into existence
before wisdom did
Evilness is the one thing in common
in every life that starts in the womb
If one's smile makes another one cry
Then your smile is evil too
Evil continues
between birth and death
Evil is always there
between birth and death
Evil continues
between birth and death
Evil is always there
between birth and death
It's like feeding one's thirst
with a broken pot filled with water
Evil never fades
when there are desires
Has anybody ever recovered?
In this world of ungratefulness
Evil will persist
In this world of fakeness
The Evil will continue to live
- Is she studying in a school or a college?
- She is a college student.
- And she been gone missing for?
- Two days, sir.
She will be fine.
Did she have a phone?
No, sir.
Uhh... Sir.
God, he started again.
Such an pervert.
Uhh... You tell me.
What's the case?
Uhh... A girl missing case, sir.
They are here to file a complaint.
What's her age?
I don't know which one he is talking about.
- Uhh...
- Don't cry.
Looks like she is in
her late twenties. Right?
Hey! Answer him.
He is asking you.
- Sokku...
- Sir.
I'm not asking her age.
The age of the girl who went missing.
Uhh... sir, he is asking
your daughter's age.
She is 18 years old.
What's her name?
Thamizhini, sir.
How long has she been gone missing?
It's been two days, sir.
Are you kidding?
It's been two days!
And you are reporting that now?!
That, too, in the middle of the night?
No, sir.
We have been looking for her.
We couldn't find her.
That's why we came here.
Uh... Hello, J-12 police station.
Tell me.
There is a dead man at
phoenix bar with his throat cut.
Yes, sir.
I don't know what to do.
He died on the spot.
What are you saying?
Come fast, sir.
- Sir.
- Mmm?
A murder has been reported at phoenix bar.
Why are you panicking for that?
Shit. I was patrolling
that area the whole time.
I came here to rest.
They are pissing me off.
- Sir?
- Hang up.
Where is SI?
I don't see him anywhere.
Got a call from '100' stating
local thugs were smuggling drugs.
He has gone after them.
Why is he gawking?
Did he get bribe?
Constable, come here.
Sokku, take care of the station.
There goes the honest cop.
Sir, don't cry.
Tell her not to cry.
We will find out.
Any name comes to your mind who has a motive?
No one as such.
Uhh... Why...
One minute, sir.
Kanathur police station.
Sir, Netrikan newspaper's writer
Boopalan has been murdered.
- Is it?
- Yes, sir.
What time was it?
I don't know.
Don't know that too, sir.
Okay, okay.
Uhh... sir.
Another murder has been
reported at Panimalar apartment.
What are you saying?
Inspector is on another call.
I'm constable speaking.
We haven't even reached phoenix bar yet.
Who died?
The victim is writer Boopalan.
Boopalan from Netrikan newspaper?
Yes, sir.
Alright, you do one thing.
I'll tell the inspector
about this matter.
Okay, sir.
You come to the spot.
We'll be there.
Okay, sir.
I'll be there.
- Uhh... Sir, I need to go now.
- Okay, sir.
Uhh... One minute.
Where the hell did he go?
Hey, Mustan!
You don't worry.
We will find her.
Your daughter will be fine.
What's the matter?
Were you sleeping in the cell?
The cell is chill inside.
Is there any AC, you idiot.
Two murders have been reported.
I need to go.
The Inspector is calling me.
This is his complaint.
Get the rest of the details.
You can go.
I'll handle this.
He will take it from here.
Don't worry.
She will be fine.
I'll handle this.
You can leave.
Button your shirt first.
Sir, it's already late at night.
Ladies shouldn't be at the
police station at this time.
Can you go now and come
back at 10 in the morning?
Let's go.
Partha, it's just one murder.
Why did you bring the entire media?
I didn't call them.
Here comes the Inspector.
- Morning, sir.
- Morning.
Who informed the press?
They are questioning us like we did it.
- They don't even wear masks.
- Very important.
So do we.
- Good morning, sir.
- Mmm.
Sir, the news is spreading like a wild fire.
This is the breaking
news on all the channels.
Then, how could we stop
the media from coming here?
Well, you are good at talking.
When it comes to work, you are useless.
Who is the first eyewitness?
It's him.
Come here.
He is the one who spotted the body first.
Are you the one who informed the media?
No, sir.
I didn't inform.
I called my friend and told him.
He must have...
By the way, what did you
come here at that time?
I'm working with him as an assistant.
He told me to come regarding an important news.
How often would he call you at night?
We have gone out many times like this.
But, he would keep things
secret when in comes to his work.
Sokku, did you check for the CCTV footage?
The security guard says that
the cameras didn't work last night.
I have a suspicion that he is lying.
Where is he?
Where is he?
Come here.
- Come here, I say.
- Sir... sir!
How dare you?
Is this a joke?
How come the CCTV cameras are not working?
- Yes, that's true.
- I guess he is our man.
You killed him, right?
Tell me!
I swear on Goddess Mookuthi Amman.
I don't know anything.
I believe that you didn't do anything.
But, if you say that you don't do anything...
I ain't buying that story.
Also, he swears on some Goddess.
What was that Goddess's name?
Sorry for interrupting.
I have a strong suspicion on him.
You take him to the station.
I'll see him after my meal.
You are the meal today!
I didn't do anything!
- Have you all eaten?
- Yes, we all did.
Two murders have been
reported in the same night.
The victim is a renowned writer.
We will find the murderer soon.
We will inform you once
we found the murderer.
Thank you.
Sir... sir
What about the drug bust?
They left the drugs behind
and escaped before I got there.
He would have let them escape.
- What?
- Nothing. I got cold. It's raining.
I entrust this case to both of you.
The forensic work is going on.
- Okay, sir.
- Okay.
- Sokku, don't screw things up.
- We'll take care of it, sir.
You shouldn't leave town.
We will call you anytime.
- Okay?
- Yes, sir.
- I'm leaving.
- Okay, sir.
Police Inspector Sundar, who had
been investigating the serial murders
that happened within kanathur
police station jurisdiction,
has been murdered
mysteriously a while a while ago.
It's shocking news that Inspector Sundar,
who was involved in night patrolling,
has been found dead in the morning.
It's a bad day for Chennai police
since they couldn't stop
these back-to-back murders.
As the tension prevails in ECR,
political leaders and
social activists have been
raising voices to
move this case to CBI.
It's too early for the CBI
to take over the case.
What is the police doing?
If falls on our head when
the victim is a big shot.
This is something which we usually deal with.
Who are we going to appoint
to investigate this case?
Evvi Ilavalavan.
That guy?
He is kinda tough guy.
Narayanasamy, three murders.
I'm getting pressure from big shots.
What can I do?
The thing is that his
investigation style is violent.
- What's it, Mr. Ganesh?
- Sir.
Did they say anything?
They are saying nothing, sir.
You have been doing export since 2017.
You were a partner in this company, right?
And you seized the 135
kilos of illegally imported gold
and locked it up in the safety locker, right?
But, 45 kilos of gold has been
missing from it in the last 4 years.
What happened to them?
Mr.Ganesh, they don't seem to be talking.
Shall we remand or not?
- We shall.
- Get the charge sheet ready.
You can't arrest a state
police officer any time.
What powers does CBI has over state police?
You have kept us in custody
saying it was a small investigation.
And now you are going to remand us?
Are you aware of the consequences, Evvi?
How dare you?
Evvi! Let us talk to the minister first.
Why have you confiscated our phones?
We handover some cases to the CBI...
...only to drag the case
and silent it permanently.
Don't do too much, Evvi.
You have only the
director of CBI to back you.
Do you know how many
of us are there behind CBI?
Go on.
Tell me!
You don't know what we are capable of.
- It may cost you a lot.
- I know. Get lost!
You think I'm scared of rules?
You think CBI officers are easy to deal with?
I'll break your bones.
If you are innocent, prove it.
Instead, don't think of threatening me.
Mr. Ganesh, you file the
charge sheet and remand them.
I'll show them who I am.
Okay, sir.
We'll do it.
Mr. Metha has come.
The press people is waiting.
The director of CBI Mr. Metha
is addressing the press
regarding the back-to-back
murders in the Chennai city.
Let's see what he says.
Two murders have been
reported back-to-back in the city.
As a twist in this case, the
investigation officer has been murdered.
What do you say regarding this?
We are giving more important to this case.
The CBI has taken this
case not at the request of
the public or the media,
or the court but by itself.
Mr. Evvi here and his team
are going to handle this case.
There will be progress in
this case in the next 24 hours.
That's all I can say now.
Thank you.
Mr. Evvi, three people have
been murdered on the same day.
How are you going to deal with this?
I have just taken in-charge.
I request the media not to
make the people more panicked.
We will soon make a progress.
Are you saying that the media
is not good for the society?
No, no. I'm talking about
the three murders here.
I'll let you all know soon.
Thank you so much.
You just made an announcement
to the press without informing me.
The gold case investigation is still going on.
Are you putting me under
pressure by assigning another case?
Have a seat first.
We always work under pressure.
You please start the investigation.
I have handed over this case to you
in the hope of getting quick positive lead.
I have called the media and
announced that you are taking charge.
We believe you, Evvi.
After consistent pressure was given,
the serial murders in Chennai which
created shock waves in Tamilnadu
has been handed over with the CBI
and Evvi Ilavalavan has been
appointed as the investigating officer.
Welcome to my game, Mr. Evvi.
From now, this game
will keep going until I stop.
- Bro...
- Thirukka.
- Where are you?
- I'm having my dinner.
Meet me at phoenix bar.
Did you say bar?
I'm in-charge of the two murders
happened in J-12 jurisdiction.
I'm starting the investigation today.
See you there.
- Where did the murder happen?
- It happened here.
On this table?
Yes, sir.
His face was resting on the table.
Who witnessed the body first?
It's the waiter.
- Where is he?
- Sir.
What happened here?
I was going there.
I thought he was sleeping.
I tried to wake him up.
But, he didn't.
So, I went close to him.
Found his throat was slit.
Blood was dripping.
- I ran away.
- Okay.
- Do you have the CCTV footage?
- Yes, sir.
Could you forward the video?
- Namkiya Alphonsok.
- Yes, sir.
Come here.
What did you take from the last table that day?
Yes, sir. I found a piece of
gold while cleaning the table.
Where is that piece?
It's up in my room, sir.
- Go get it fast.
- Yes, sir.
- Have you got everything?
- Yes, sir.
Tell them to mail those
CCTV footage immediately.
Okay, sir.
Let's go.
- Thirukka...
- Sir.
We didn't get any clue
through spot verification.
We didn't get the victim's information too.
We have nothing
but only photographs.
I don't know whether we
can do anything about it.
Do one thing.
Send all the photographs to
all the police stations.
And as well as to the media.
Sending this to the media
will get us into trouble.
Sometimes, even clues from the
public will be a great advantage to us.
I'll do it.
Do one thing.
You leave your bike here and get in the jeep.
I am falling asleep already.
I'll lock you up and smash you.
Tell the truth.
Tell me.
You think you can get
away with that innocent face?
Tell me why the CCTV camera didn't work.
They would have taken bride from them.
So, you are not going to
give me the footage anyhow.
So, if I lock you up and smash you...
you will spit the truth.
You seem comfortably sitting on the floor.
I'll kick your butt.
Don't piss me off.
Tell me the truth.
Look here... Uhhh.
No other cops on duty in the police station?
Two constables have gone out for patrolling.
Shall we also go for a walk?
Somebody has to be here.
Irresponsible idiots.
You come here.
Come here, I say.
- You come here too.
- Coming, sir!
Does he looks like a murderer to you?
Innocent looking people
are inwardly dangerous.
Did you notice his hair?
Don't you have common sense?
Why would I become a cop if I have that?
- Get out of here.
- Okay, sir.
He let him go?
- Hey, come here.
- Sir?
Did you tell the cops that
you didn't have the footage?
Yes, sir.
I told you.
Why? Such a huge apartment
doesn't have a camera?
Sir, there are cameras.
But, the cameras didn't work on that day.
- How dare you?
- Sir!
Sir, that writer would often bring
female escorts to his apartment.
He didn't tell me about this the whole time.
He is a media person.
In order to be on the safe side,
he would ask me to turn
off the security cameras.
Not only that.
Even female politicians would
come and visit him sometimes.
Who is that?
- Uhh... That I...
- Tell us.
Uhh... Tell us.
- Really?
- Yes, sir.
One minute.
You get lost!
- Get lost!
- Thank you, sir.
Security guards don't salute, you idiot!
Bring everything that you collected there.
Killer gave me nothing.
That security guard might have something.
- Hey, security!
- Sokkalingam!
I'm talking about forensic report.
Uhh... we just received a while ago.
I'll bring it now.
Sir, it's ready.
Sokku, I need to talk to you about this case.
Where are you now?
- Thirukka, get me that file.
- Yes, sir.
I need to meet you.
You do one thing.
You come to the bypass road.
I'll meet you there.
Sir, tea?
Seems he is drunk
I'm sure it's not a coincidence.
He will run over him with the car
Thirukka, take that.
Here you go.
- Have you eaten?
- Yes, sir.
- What did you eat?
- Parotta.
Before that?
Any thoughts?
Get me that writer's case file.
Looks similar.
But, doesn't match.
Maybe, we'll find something in
writer Boopalan's murder spot.
Thirukka, call Sokku.
I have put him on speakers.
Hello, Sokka.
I'm Evvi Ezhavalavan speaking.
Yes, sir.
I need some information from you.
How many years of
service are still left for you?
I have five years left, sir.
How long did you work with Inspector Sundar?
I worked with him for two years, sir.
- Is it so?
- Yes.
What kind of person is he?
I don't understand what
exactly do you mean by that.
Is it so?
Then, do one thing.
Meet me at my home.
We'll talk.
Sir, the container will
dispatch in 10 minutes.
It will reach the harbor in 3 hours.
Okay, sir.
Yes, we'll deliver you there itself.
Take that gun.
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
Where did he go?
- Sir!?
- Hey!
Oh, you are here?
Let's go.
Playing PUBG all the time.
We'll play later.
Sir, may I come in?
So, you won't enter any house
without taking permission?
Yes, sir.
Even when I go home after shift,
I'll enter only after taking
my wife's permission.
What are you saying?
Nothing like you imagine.
She loves only me.
What about you?
Me too.
You don't have an affair?
I'm a loyal husband.
Is it? Your belly proves
that you don't have one.
Come on in.
- He almost believed me.
- Sokku?
I'm coming.
I wonder where this spiral staircase ends.
He seems to be taking more bribe than Sundar.
It's okay.
Just cop things.
I bet he wouldn't have
bought all these from his monthly salary.
He seems to be taking bribes in millions.
Mr. Loyal husband, I bought all
these from my honest earnings.
- I was mistaken.
- I know.
- Oh.
- Go have a seat.
I still can't believe.
Such a beautiful house.
This guy has really good taste.
It's superb.
Hello, sir.
That is some quality drink.
Go on.
Keep pouring.
Keep pouring.
That's it?
I'll go for another round anyway.
What do I do now?
Should I take or should I wait?
You gotta slow down.
I'm an 80's kid.
and we don't know to drink slowly.
- Talking sense?
- Yes.
Why don't you drink slowly?
By the way, tell me about
your Inspector who died.
Will he investigate all
the cases as per rules or?
He never follow the rules.
Anybody who has money can buy him.
- A greedy government servant.
- No, not exactly.
He is so generous that
no matter how high he is,
he would never fail to
share the bride with us.
Such a nice guy.
He was dealing with a great case lately.
But, he is gone.
Do you remember the guy
who was murdered recently?
Writer Boopalan.
He said he was going to receive
a huge assignment through him.
He thought he could cover all
the allegations on him by that.
But unfortunately,
he passed away before that.
I'm going for another round.
The thing is...
Could you come closer?
We are alone here.
Tell me.
It's a secret.
Writer Boopalan is not a good
person as everybody thinks.
Because, he was receiving
illegal funds through an Ashram.
I personally have taken
bribes from him more than once.
But, this time, they
were dealing with crores.
I'm not saying anything anymore.
He is gone.
So does the money.
You're saying you'll build the house
being honesty with your salary
You can't build a house for monthly wages
When you got the deal done
I would believe you
You must have built the house with the bribes
- Sokku?
- Kanathur police station.
Sokku, wake up.
Good morning, sir.
You have put the socks on your hand.
Sorry, sir.
Here you go.
Booze in the morning?
Can't you see the smoke coming out?
- Since it is black, I thought it's booze.
- It's black coffee.
- I mean...
- Made of what design you are.
I expected a booze.
So disappointing.
Tension prevails. Investigating
officer Evvi Ilavalavan is caresless.
Thirukka, where are you now?
Tell me, sir.
- Come to GH immediately.
- What happened?
I need that autopsy report today.
I think I drank too much
that I can't even put on socks.
I'm here!
If he wants to go, he can go.
You make me drink a coffee.
Now, I lost my hangover.
Let me try mixing this.
A small experiment.
It's better.
What's it, Mr. Evvi Ilavalavan?
You look pissed off.
Your case seems to be
the talk of the town now.
Don't irritate me.
The killer should surrender by himself in
order for this case to be solved overnight.
What happened to the autopsy
reports of the three victims?
Everything is clear in the
reports which is in front of you.
I'll get you the inspector's
autopsy report now.
Get the materials and
accessories of Inspector Sundar.
I need to hand over.
Why do you need a make-up manual?
Are you going to start a
beauty parlor for extra income?
I'm not finding anything else interesting.
There is a medicine plan based
on PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma).
So, I'm preparing for the exams.
I don't know when are
you going to stop learning.
Yes, that case.
Nandhini, stay back!
Stay back!
Check him.
He is bleeding too much.
Evvi, wait, wait.
He is under sedation since the pain was high.
We took the bullet out.
He is safe now.
The bullet has struck the bone hard.
What's going on, Evvi?
Who is the shooter?
I was shocked.
Evvi, what's happening around you?
I have no idea what's going on.
A mysterious man tried to
shoot CBI officer Evvi Ilavalavan
who had come to Government
hospital for an investigation.
Luckily, Evvy Ilavalavan escaped
and now the video of
him chasing the shooter
is going viral in the social media.
You think you are not bound by the rules?
The media is bashing the CBI like anything.
What have you done?
You respect nobody and
you don't have answers.
And now you are chasing some
mysterious shooter.
See what you have done.
Sir, the death of Inspector
Sundar is pre-planned murder.
We don't want to hear silly reason.
We want answers.
A killer would obviously make
a plan before killing an cop.
What else he would do?
Mr. Mohandas, will you please shut up?
Evvi, have some decency.
It's been just two days since
I was deputed to handle this case.
And you all are cross-questioning
like questioning a criminal.
The marks on the body proves that the killer
used a sharp object to kill Inspector Sundar.
As far as I know,
I strongly believe
that there is a connection
between these three murders.
It's the same killer.
It's clear that he wants to give a message.
I think there is a separate
team working behind him.
I have forwarded the victim's photograph
to all the police stations.
If we get to know victim's background,
it's for us to reach the killer.
Above all, he has tried to kill me.
Obviously, for that reason,
I will reach him soon.
Any other questions?
Hey, Somej Galwan...
Evvy, how are you, man?
I'm good.
How are you?
I'm doing good.
- I need some details for my case.
- Which case are you talking about?
Communal award for best social activist for 2020.
I need the complete list of
people who received that award.
I'll check and mail you.
Bro, I just got the mail from Somej.
It's a female activist.
I have sent her address to you.
- Hello, ma'am.
- You are?
The house across the road is locked.
Is there no one?
The house has been locked for a week, sir.
They went to the police station since their
daughter had been missing for two days.
It has been locked since then.
Hello, control room.
Under which jurisdiction does
Panayur 3rd main road comes?
One minute, sir.
Sir, it comes under J12, Kanathur.
Is it so?
Okay, thanks.
Run! run! run!
Keep running!
He is shooting!
Keep running!
No, no, no.
Don't go there.
Watch your back!
Run... run... run
- Oh no!
- You won?
I would have won the game
if he had picked that gun.
He is useless.
The gun is in the store room?
It's not store room.
Get up!
- Sir!
- Put on the cap straight.
The inspector has been murdered
and you all are so cool about it.
- How he is coming like this?
- Sir!
Is this a police station or your house?
You are sleeping in the cell in the day time.
He said it's chill inside.
A week ago, did you receive
any missing complaint?
- Yes, we did.
- I don't know.
- Go get that file.
- Go!
Sokku, go find it.
Even rain doesn't stop him from working.
Doesn't he have a
better time to work on the case?
Just a minute, sir.
It should be here.
I don't even know where did I keep
the complaints I received yesterday.
He wants me to find a week old complaint.
Look properly.
Is he counting the letters?
Give it to me.
Showing off, huh?
Here it is, sir.
Oh, this one?
I received this complaint.
I am being forgetful these days.
Two persons came to give the complaint.
I asked them to come
at 10 in the next morning.
But, they never showed up.
Sir, wear a mask.
If we make a disgusted
face and close that...
Everything will get used to us, Balasekaran.
We should bear the smell.
We get solution to the problem
only when we face things we hate.
Some say that the body
found was a woman's
and she has been raped,
murdered, and immolated.
We couldn't identify the victim.
Also, we don't know who is that accused.
The investigation has just begun.
It will take time.
Sir, no photographs.
I'm telling you.
Go away.
Sir... Sir.
While we haven't got any answers
regarding the previous murders...
An another body has been found.
Can you give us some information about that?
- Of course, I can.
- Go on.
You are the one who set that
corpse on fire last night, right?
- Are you being sarcastic?
- Yes, I am.
This is not media work.
This is real investigation. Get it?
You can leave.
You sound like you are
mocking the press and the media.
- Are you crazy?
- What?
You want me to time travel?
We are investigating.
We'll let you know once we get information.
Why are you rushing?
You are being abusive to
the media again and again.
Hey! Don't make me curse you.
Get lost!
He hit me!
Since the body is in the decomposed state,
the doctors are coming here
to run an on-spot autopsy.
Keep it.
- Is the autopsy over?
- Yes.
- Is the victim male or female?
- A female.
You concluded by the dress?
The body has everything that
you and I have inside the dress.
Was she raped before getting killed?
I'll share the information with the police.
They will tell you.
Sorry, sir.
Somebody is calling.
Who is calling again?
Where is the button?
Yes, honey.
How long do I have to wait, honey?
Listen. For me, duty comes first.
Everything else is next.
I'll bring you flowers.
I'm not waiting for you.
I'm waiting for the credit
message to receive.
I'm working my ass off here.
And you are happily spending my money there.
If I'm there right now, I'll...
You will kill me?
I need money now.
I'll send you.
"You think you are sneaky?"
"You think covering your
face will make you invisible?"
"Here I come."
Hey, Partha.
- Sir, how did you find?
- What?
You covered your face with kerchief.
But, you forgot to hide the
mic in your pocket.
- Have you got any news for the headlines?
- No, sir.
- You got it.
- Really?
Thank you so much, sir.
He is bribing me publicly.
That's all I have got.
Isn't this enough?
Not that.
When are you going to change?
We are in digital India.
- Ohh.
- Google pay the money.
Bribing is so easy now.
- That's called "Digital India".
- Okay, okay.
The victim's age is 20 approximately.
The cut marks all over the body shows
that she was horribly mutilated
with a sharp knife while she was alive.
I couldn't find any nail marks.
Because, the body was deeply burned.
Since there are dog's tooth mark,
I couldn't identify properly.
How long has she been dead?
Approximately 3 to 5 days.
Has she been raped by one
individual or more than one?
She has been gang raped.
But, her genital was not mutilated.
That makes me think that
it could be consensual sex.
- Are you sure?
- I'm not sure about anything yet.
Do one thing.
Better send the reports immediately.
Yeah, okay.
Sources say that the
victim's name is Tamizhini
and she might have been gang-raped.
Her father Tulasirajan and mother
Hemavathi have gone missing.
CBI has released the
pictures of victim's parents.
People who have information about them
should reach the nearest police station.
Hello, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
- Sir.
- Who is he?
- He is the locksmith.
Hello, sir.
What's it, sir?
You don't recognise my voice?
I don't.
But, I know.
Nice. You must have
seen the broken frame by now.
The medal which I took out
from the frame is in your pocket.
Sounds good, right?
Everyone says you're lazy.
But I don't think so.
The case is moving quickly right?
It seems we'll meet soon if this goes on.
You seem to be having fun.
Being a flying kite
is always fun, right?
You're not as far as the kite.
You're as close as the
hand that holds the thread.
The evidence that you left proves that.
I'm super excited to see you.
You better not.
Because, I'm more excited than you.
Sir, shall we call the control
room to track the number?
That sim card would have
touched the ground by now.
Sir, did you call me?
See if you can get the footage of...
...Tamizhini's parents filing
the complaint at station.
Okay, sir.
Yes, Thirumal.
- You have a visitor.
- Bring him in.
Hello, sir.
Please sit.
Sir, we are Tamizhini's parents.
I know.
You're all over the news.
Where have you been?
I'm asking you.
You need to verify whether the victim...
It's our daughter.
She sounds so cool.
Say something.
Only then we will know what happened.
Did you find anything in
Inspector Sundar's murder case?
Sir, has she lost her mind?
What she is asking is
irrelevant to my question.
The victim is your daughter and
she has been raped and murdered.
Please, sir.
We know how our daughter died.
Now you tell us.
Did you find anything in Inspector murder case?
Inspector's murder is none of your business.
Thirumal, take them in custody.
You are not leaving until I say so.
I'll see you soon.
That sim was registered
under an address in Vellore.
The house owner vacated
the house a year ago.
- Who are you?
- Is this Ravi's house?
- You?
- CBI.
- Who is there?
- Please come in.
No, I'm good here.
How can I help you?
I need details about Ravi
who lived her previously.
He lived here before us.
But, I don't where he is right now.
I was in the US when I bought this house.
Even local police came here to inquire.
We told them everything.
Were you in the US?
- Yes, sir.
- For how long?
I was there for 7 years.
Do you know anything else about Ravi?
We bought this house through a local broker.
So, we don't know much about Ravi.
But, I heard that after his wife passed away,
he started bringing prostitutes to the house
and had trouble with the neighbors
and married another woman
and tortured his first wife's daughter
and finally they left her in an orphanage.
- Do you know where is it?
- That...
Yes sir.
I heard from my neighbours
that she was sent to...
...Karunya home located in ECR, Chennai.
If local police comes to
inquire about this case,
please co-operate with them.
- Okay, sir.
- When they were here last time,
they treated us like criminals.
It won't happen again.
- Okay sir.
- Thank you!
Thank you, sir.
- Hello.
- Hello sir.
Is this Karunya home?
Yes sir.
And you?
I'm here for an inquiry.
A year ago, a girl named
Arpana was enrolled here.
Can I see her now?
Sir, she died ten days ago.
- She died?
- Yes sir.
What happened to her?
Sir, she was doing well.
We felt sick and taken to the hospital.
And she died.
Which hospital?
GH, sir.
Dr. Nandhini attended her, sir.
Did she gave any certificate?
This is the certificate that she gave.
At times, children would
fall sick for unknown reasons.
We take them to hospital.
Cause of the death was unknown.
For the past 4-5 years,
hundred's of children died of unknown cause.
Dr. Nandhini would visit the home often.
She would take care of
these children as her own.
She would help us to get funds from abroad.
Aadhavan is our in-charge.
He would bring her here...
...once in a week or
once in two weeks.
When Arpana fell sick, it was Aadhavan...
...who took her to the hospital.
Who is Aadhavan?
Have you heard about the
girl named Thamizhini who died?
Aadhavan is her brother.
Can I get his number?
His number would often go unreachable.
Can I get death certificates
of children who died this way?
Hi, Nandhini.
What's it, Evi?
You didn't even tell me you were coming.
I know you would be on shift.
That's why I stopped by.
- I need some information.
- Yes.
I had gone to the Karunya home.
They told me a girl named
Arpana died ten days back.
You're the one who issued
death certificate, right?
Yes, it was me.
In fact, I'm the one who handles
all the medical cases there.
- Will you attend all the patients directly?
- No.
I do medical visit sometimes.
In case of emergency,
they will bring the patient here.
What happened?
Is there any problem?
No, it seems that you have issued more
death certificates than discharge summaries.
Come on.
I'm doing my duty.
Sometimes, they bring the patient here
only after the condition gets critical.
We, doctors, can't do anything.
Of course.
And one more thing.
I need information about Aadhavan
who lived in Karunya home.
I don't remember anybody named Aadhavan.
I'm sick of this case.
It's confusing.
Full of contradictions.
I hate this case.
I've sent it to your mobile.
Okay, sir.
Got it.
- This is Aadhavan's number.
- Okay
Nabbing him is the only
way to solve this case.
Okay sir.
I need every piece of information about him.
Don't miss out anything.
- Do you get it?
- Sure sir.
But, he shouldn't know that we're tracking him.
- Keep it a secret.
- Sure sir.
- Okay?
- Yes sir.
Aadhava, where are you?
Evi went to Ashram to inquire about me.
We need to be careful.
He started to suspect us.
I can feel that there is something wrong.
Aadhavan is doing something wrong.
I need to find him soon.
Can you tell me everything that
you have hidden from me so far?
Tell me, sir.
Do you have a son named Aadhavan or not?
Why did you hide that from me?
Not a son.
I don't get you.
- Like a son.
- Ohh
Where is he right now?
I don't know.
You think this is a joke?
Don't make me choose the hard way.
I'll tell you.
We couldn't find Tamizhini
even after two days of searching.
We were broken.
We didn't know what to do.
I told Aadhavan to come that day
Oh my blossom, you woke me
up and sowed happiness in me
The moment I felt your warmth,
I wonder how my sorrows broke down
Oh my dear, you showered
happiness in my heart like a rain
I see this world
through your eyes
I feel reborn in every
moment with you
Oh, you are the island of my ocean
Oh, you are the flowers
that filled my garden
I explored my whole
world to find you
All my happiness of life
ollows your foot prints
No matter where you go
I see this world through your eyes
I'm reborn in every
moment with you
Aadhavan is on his way.
Don't worry.
You should rest for some time.
Take rest.
Enough of solitude in my desert
Will rest in your lap
I see this world
through your eyes
I'm reborn in every
moment with you
Mom, wake up.
Come have a seat, son.
Yes, dad.
I have looked everywhere, son.
She is nowhere to be found.
She would never come home late.
We better file a complaint in police station.
Let's wait for some time, dad.
I've informed her friends.
We'll see.
No, son.
I feel something is wrong.
You just tell me what do we do further.
Not like that, mom.
Fine, dad.
Let's go and file a complaint.
Dad, you both wait in the car.
- I'll come now.
- Okay.
Dad, you can't be silent.
You taught me that it's foolish to think
that life won't be easy all the time.
Forget that you had a daughter.
You both have me.
What did you just say?
I'm asking you.
What did you just say?
Tell me what happened to her!
She left all of us, mom.
What are you saying?
What the hell did you do to my daughter?
What happened to my daughter?
She is dead.
I killed her.
Oh my god!
You sinner...
Tell me, what did you do to her?
How dare you killed my daughter!
What did you do to her?
Just listen to what I say for a sec.
Why did you do?
Despite knowing that I'm her brother,
she wanted to sleep with me.
That's why.
What do you mean by that?
Tell me what happened!
What does that mean?
What did you do?
Please tell me.
Tell me!
She is dead.
I killed her.
Hey dude.
What's wrong?
You look pissed off.
There is awesome whore inside.
You wanna try?
She is awesome.
She is handling more than one at a time.
Damn, she is sexy.
What are you doing here?
I am asking you.
Tell me.
You filthy dog.
You are calling me a dog?
Don't you dare hit me!
You are the dog.
Only a dog would mate with
many dogs at the same time.
That is my wish.
If I want, I...
Listen to me patiently.
I am talking to you.
Get off the bike.
I am telling you.
Get off the bike!
Why did you do such disgusting thing?
That too with three men.
I like this.
I can't live with one man.
And one man can't satisfy me.
If my mind says 'okay',
I won't
You get it?
You wouldn't listen to me, would you?
You wouldn't listen to me, would you?
Oh God!
Please sir.
Don't ask anymore questions.
Sir calling from swiggy delivery.
I'm standing in corner of your street.
Sir we're calling from SBI main branch.
Your card got 16...
Aadhava, where are you?
What's your problem?
You are asking questions is it?
It's important.
Where are you?
Tell me in phone itself.
I need to talk to you in private.
Where to come?
How about CBI office?
We can sit and talk in Evi's cabin.
You scoundrel, you think
I know nothing about you?
I have eyes on you all the time.
You are going to die soon.
Why the hell did you
drag Evi in this case? Huh?
Evi is digging this
case on a serious note.
You keep running.
You will die where you stop.
Sir, this doesn't stop with Aadhavan.
The most irritating fact is that... Nandhini is also involved in this.
Nabbing Aadhavan is the only choice we have.
Aadhavan is not important right now.
We need to follow Nandhini now.
We can nab Aadhavan later.
I thought you would find me and I was wrong.
So, I am not going to wait anymore.
Sir, just listen to...
Just listen to me!
Oh god!
Let me talk.
Won't you listen before hitting someone?
This is the day I have been waiting for.
I wish I had never met her in my life.
I joined hands with sins
which I was going to commit.
I can never forget that day.
This is business, Aadhavan.
I'm not asking you to abduct
from the platform or roads.
from your orphanage only
They are destitute young one...
Their own parents abandoned them in the streets.
Why u thinking too much
think Aadhavan.
Now, this is trending worldwide business.
It's a fluid used by
millionaires and celebrities...
...across the world to
maintain their youthfulness.
Do you know how many millions
would for few drops
who having money in dollars & crores
they can't also never buy
their young age back
This is our business.
We will give them that.
Organ trafficking is old fashioned now.
I'm not interested in
running a slaughter house.
Understand Aadhavan.
It's available only in few age younger only
That's why I chose you.
pls do what I am saying
Others Godwin knows what to do...
I have killed hundreds
of kids with my own hands.
Their face, laughter, crying...
we saw money in everything of them.
Until Arpana came into my life.
Where are we going now uncle?
You will know soon.
Will you take me safely, uncle?
Yes, I will.
Why are you crying dear?
You can kill me if you want.
My dad brought me here,
and made me an orphan.
Whenever I feel lonely...
I would sit alone and ask mom
that I need a mom.
Do you need money, Uncle?
Don't ask me anything!
Just do me favour, uncle.
Will you carry me once before I die?
Good person?
I'm not a good person.
I have done too many bad things in my life...
...that I can never turn good.
She was the first child
who made me feel my guilt.
I couldn't come out of
the guilt of killing Arpana.
Because of her actions,
I killed Tamizhini too.
And then I decided not to spare
anyone who are related to this.
Arpana's father Ravi who
abandoned her in a home.
Despite knowing all these...
Despite being a famous writer...
Boopalan hid everything for money.
He is an unforgivable culprit like me.
And the Inspector Sundar,
who took bribe from him.
and tried to close this case.
My meaningless life will have no meaning
if I spare any of them
before dying or going to jail.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Evvi sir?
- This is Thirukai speaking.
The accused Aadhavan has
escaped from the guest house.
Can't even look after one person?
- What shall we do now?
- We can't nab him that easily.
Sir, just a minute.
Sir, he left a note says
'Find out Nandhini'.
Hang up.
- Murthy.
- Yes, ma'am.
I got Aadhavan out of Evvi's custody.
Very good.
- I'm taking him to Tambaram warehouse.
- Not there.
It's not safe there.
Take him to the old factory.
- I'll see you there.
- Okay.
You are dead.
This is none of your business, Murthy.
You were not in my list.
Save yourself.
None of you can escape.
Do you think I work for money?
I work for loyalty.
You shouldn't be alive.
Get him.
Get up!
This traitor should have been dead already.
I never thought he would
fall for bloody emotions.
He's going to die in my hands that save him.
I told you.
You will die where you stop.
You know the worth of those
tears and screaming, right?
But, you killed that girl
Arpana out of mercy.
Got you.
Give me.
You are taping it, huh?
- Get up!
- He is working for Evvi, right?
- Get up!
- Bring him!
How dare you spy on us?
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Are you following us?
I'm going to kill you.
CBI officer Mr Evvi Ilavalavan
has been badly injured
during the shootout with the criminals.
While the main accused is dead,
the rest of the criminals
are under CBI's custody.
According to the officials,
Mr. Evvi Ilavalavan who has been
under intensive care at a
private hospital in T.nagar
will recover soon
and get back to work.
- Sir, how are you doing?
- Good.
- How are you?
- Good.
Sir, the crime rate keeps
increasing every year.
What do you say about that?
Many children have died and a
huge amount of money is involved.
The base of all these crime is money.
Is money the reason?
Sir, do you agree that we
don't have strict criminal laws?
I don't agree at all.
Sir, what's the reason that the
police is unable to stop
crimes that happens across
India and criminal networks
that have been running for generations?
Lack of self-disciple is the
cause of all these crimes.
A man with self-discipline
will express emotions like
affection, love, kindness, compassion.
A man with no self discipline
are those who becomes
a caste extremist, a religion
extremist, a child rapist, a snatcher.
What do you think police and
Intelligence can do about this?
We can't do anything other than
catching them and getting them punished.
We can't enter into a
person mind and change him.
If a man doesn't have self discipline,
it is impossible to stop
crimes no matter what.
It's rare these days to find
a man with no evil thoughts.
Every individual should change from within.
We need to respect the unwritten
law more than the written law.
- That means?
- It's your conscience.
Like Gandhiji?
Why couldn't you say your name?
Try reading the book "The story of my
Experiment with Truth' written by Gandhi.
He has said about himself.
Don't move
I'm the health minister.
They say I get only 10% cut
in the Corona vaccine scam.
And the rest 90% goes to them.
Does this Suppuraj look like an idiot?
If this scam comes out,
I'll be the one in trouble.
They have no trouble.
I'll show them what I am capable of.
One minute!
Seems Evvi escaped!
What are you saying?
What are you murmuring there?
Boss, we missed Evvi.
For God's sake,
I'm so pissed already!
Don't make me curse you.
Get out of here!
Hey, give me that phone!
Tell me.
Godwin, we have a situation.
I sent my men to kill Evvi.
But, they missed him.
The thing is that he killed
a doctor from our syndicate.
So what?
I thought of killing him in the press meet...
...and tell that hot news to you.
He escaped.
So, he escaped?
I'm scared that he would
sniff out our plan and find us.
Looking for God will give boon.
But, looking for a devil
will give nothing but death.
He is looking for a devil now.
If he still come looking for me...
...he can't even touch my shadow.
Because, I live in a different world.
I'm the one who saved him from your men.
You let him play his game.
I'll handle him.
I will give him death as a boon.
Godwin said not to kill Evvi.
What are you saying, sir?
He has killed our men and
also screwed up our business.
How could he spare him?
You know nothing about Godwin.
Forget it.
Do you know Doctor Nandhini?
And the guy who ran the orphanage...
What's his name?
Do you know how did they
both entered this business?
Only Godwin has the answer for that too.
Godwin is planning something else.
Evvi Ilavazhagan.
Catch me if you can.
The game is not over.
It's an Infinity.