Infinity Chamber (2016) Movie Script

What is this?
How ya feeling?
Whoa, whoa, easy.
Might want to give it a bit
before going for a stroll.
What happened?
You don't remember?
I was shot.
In the back.
Some kind of neutralizer.
Oh, gotcha.
I thought you meant, you
know, like shot, shot.
Is this...
What's your name?
I am your ISO.
What does that mean?
You can call me Howard.
No, what is ISO?
What does...
Yes, yep, sorry, just
getting set up here.
What am I doing here?
Is that rhetorical?
No, what is this place?
That was covered in
admissions and staging.
Ha, I don't even
know how I got here.
I didn't... No one's
told me anything.
I'm only here to acclimate you
to ISN habitat and service.
I've been arrested...
This is a...
I've been detained,
by the ISN?
I don't have that information.
But I haven't done
anything wrong.
What am I being charged with?
You're not being
charged with anything,
you're being processed.
I don't know what you think I've
done, or who you think I am,
but it's a mistake.
I don't have a record.
I've never been arrested before.
I have nothing to
do with the ISN.
I am a civilian.
So, can you check?
I don't have access.
What does that mean?
That's not how
this program works.
How does it work?
Do I get a phone call?
I don't think so.
How about a lawyer?
I'm not sure.
What do you know?
I know my job.
And what would that be?
I'm here to keep
you alive, frank.
Shall we get started?
I've got three different
flavors, orange citrus,
tropical Berry and ah, well,
regular water...
Oh, coffee too,
make that four flavors.
Want one?
Do you want something to eat?
No, I'm not...
Want to hear some music?
Music, seriously?
Yeah, I've got a small library,
assorted genres,
classical, jazz, new age.
Do you want to...
Go for a walk?
A walk?
Yeah, stretch the legs.
Yeah, sure, okay.
How long you planning
on keeping me here?
Until you're processed.
When is that gonna start?
I don't have that information.
Ah, can I talk to
your supervisor?
I don't have a supervisor.
How can that be?
It's a server-based program,
operating off the GSL protocol.
A computer is your supervisor.
Well, no...
Listen, there is...
I guess you
could say that, but-
there has to be someone
who knows someone
who knows something
about why I'm here.
Could you, could you
talk to them, please?
What's your last name?
Lerner, Lerner.
Frank Lerner.
So, are you gonna check?
On what?
On why I'm here.
I don't have access.
You can't keep me here without
telling me why, right?
I have rights.
At least the right to know
why I was brought here.
That was covered in the video.
I didn't see the god damn video.
I was shot. I was asleep.
I was knocked out!
This has been an error
and you can't even check?
I don't have access.
Of course not, of course not!
News reporter:
Demanding the release of
Fletcher may, leader
of the alliance,
whose mysterious disappearance
has sparked outrage
among IFO sympathizers.
Charges of illegal detainment
and military
strong-armed tactics
have only fueled the
volatile situation between
the ISN security units and
civil rights activists.
The white house press secretary,
Edward Baeza has denied
any involvement or knowledge
of may's disappearance
as administrative officials
seek a cease fire between
armed militants and the gr
police force security units.
No one even knows.
About what?
What happened to me.
Friends, family.
I just vanished.
So, where are ya from?
I'm from the south side.
Is that where you grew up?
Where are you from?
Or do you not have
that information?
I'm from Austin.
You don't sound like
you're from Texas.
Born there, but I grew up in a
small town outside of Seattle,
a place not many
people have heard of.
That's fascinating.
Why would a small town boy like
you, ah join up with the ISN?
It's a job, I guess.
It's a job.
Doing this to people.
You know there used to
be laws against this.
Civil rights, Miranda.
Due process?
Any of this ring a bell?
That's not my department.
You, you're just
a button pusher.
I mean even with automated
protocol that doesn't really
fly anymore, Howard, does it?
I mean take a little
for what you're a part of.
You're the one keeping me here.
This is your department.
It's not just serving drinks,
taking song requests, is it?
What do you do for a job?
You're something else,
I'll give you that.
You're a piece of work.
You said there was
something to eat?
Yeah, yeah okay.
I've got three
different flavors.
Chicken, beef and vegetable.
What do ya wanna try?
How long have I been in here?
Umm, I don't know.
You were asleep
when I signed on.
I need you to check
the files or whatever
to see if someone
went to my apartment.
What's in your apartment?
Look, after my arrest
I just need to know
if someone went there.
Why's that?
I have a dog.
You have a dog?
I know it may seem silly but
no one knows he's there, so...
What kind of dog?
He's, he's locked inside,
do you understand?
So he could bark all day
and no one would care.
He will die if no one shows up.
That's horrible.
No shit!
Could you make a phone
call, could you check,
could you contact
someone, please?
I can't do that.
You can't make a phone call?
You can't send a text?
Just to see if
someone went there.
Just to make sure
he's taken care of.
I don't need to know.
Please, please.
That's not how
the program works.
Ah, Jesus, god... The program!
Son of a bitch!
I need water.
Can I...
Have some water please, Howard?
Yeah, of course.
Want to try one of the flavors?
Just water please.
What happened over here?
Where am I supposed to go?
You didn't give me a bucket.
Next time just ask
to use the bathroom.
The bathroom?
What the... Who did this?
Did you come in here?
Just a little room service.
Yeah... but how?
You done with the
bathroom, frank?
What can I get ya?
Hey, ah coffee?
What flavor?
Just regular coffee.
Boosts, room for meds?
Alright, you're easy.
Want to try a different flavor?
Which one's this?
May not seem like much, but it
does have everything you need.
Vitamins and minerals.
Have you tasted it?
I don't have that information.
Wait a sec, what does that mean?
Which part?
Yes, frank.
Yes, frank.
Yes, frank.
Yes, frank.
Yes, frank.
Yes, frank.
Yes, frank.
You gotta be kidding me.
About what?
How did I not see that?
See what?
I'm talking to a computer.
I'm talking to a computer...
Get me out of here!
Frank, please I can
answer any questions.
Help me, answer questions?
You haven't answered one.
You don't know anything.
You don't have that information.
You get a real person
on the line or down here
because I am done
debating with you, Howard.
I am done!
I'm not debating.
Hey, hey, you hear me?
I am done... done!
I'm not going to do circles
with a fucking speak and spell.
I'm not sure that's the brand.
Oh, god yeah, and one with
a humor response program.
Thank you, thank you, lord.
A little weak on the
disposition there, Howard,
but the assorted
inflections are impressive.
I mean almost palpable.
Real impressive.
That's sarcasm,
Howard, that's sarcasm.
Obviously not one of
your faster applications.
Oh my, god.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You said you were from Austin.
You grew up outside Seattle.
What is that bullshit?
I was built at hrs in Austin.
I was programmed at tech-tronics
outside of Seattle.
Oh, that's, that's
cute, real cute.
What are you, IR7, maybe IR8?
I take it back.
Quite a piece of machinery.
I should feel honored to have
such an expensive piece of gear
making me dinner,
watching me take a crap.
And it learns.
You seem to know a
lot about computers.
Personally, I despise them.
Why's that?
Take a wild guess.
Well I'd imagine it'd
have something to do...
Actually, don't guess.
I can do without it.
Some things, Howard are not
meant to be computerized.
What does that mean?
Female: Larry?
I don't understand.
You've been in before.
Ah, no.
I've never, my name's not Larry.
Thank you.
You're welcome, Pete.
No, no, don't, don't tell me.
Do you like it?
The photo.
Yes I do and no, not Dave.
I took it.
Couldn't make a living out
of it, but that's my thing.
They're beautiful.
Give me your hand.
C'mon, c'mon, give me,
give me your hand.
How'd you know that?
It's another one of my things.
Can't make a living out of
the either, so I make coffee.
Wasn't my first guess.
I'm not one that's
easily impressed...
But I'm impressed.
Gabby: Do you like it?
The photo.
Yeah, I do.
I took it.
Couldn't make a living out
of it but, that's my thing.
It's beautiful.
Ah, maybe I should have
made you an Espresso.
Oh, ahh, no.
Fine. Thanks.
Sorry, thanks.
You're welcome.
Give me your hand, c'mon, c'mon.
No, just, just stop, just
stop, stop it, stop it!
What happened?
Aww, it felt like, ummm,
day dreams, it just,
little pieces of memory over
and over and over and over,
and it just kept coming.
I think it was, umm...
How can you not know what
that thing is, Howard?
What do you think it is?
I assumed, ventilation?
Do you expect me to buy this
good bot, bad bot thing, Howard?
I mean I know you're
only a service remote,
but give me a break.
Ir12. Come on.
Frank, I'm only programmed to
serve the primary protocols
within the perimeters of my...
Wait, wait, wait.
What are your primary protocols?
I'm here to keep you alive,
frank and to keep you contained
within this room until
you've been processed.
I'm not waiting
to be processed...
This is the process.
Do you want to try
a different flavor?
Just when I'm getting used to
the herb and garlic
dog shit one?
I don't think I'm getting a
handle on this sarcasm thing.
Anything I can do to
update the software.
Hey, frank?
Why wouldn't they tell me?
I don't know... If what
you're telling me is true
I guess it makes
some kind of sense.
If you're hacked into, why
have evidence of anything
other than eating
habits, bowel movements.
You never put anyone else
through this process?
You're my first assignment.
Yeah, you might think
that but they probably
wipe you clean after each one.
For all we know, you've done
this to hundreds of people.
And they don't
tell you anything.
I guess you're just as much
a prisoner here as I am.
Frank, what did you
mean when you said
some things weren't
meant to be computerized?
Doesn't matter.
I'd like to know.
My father died of heart disease.
When he got sick they
put him on this machine.
Kept him alive four years.
Four years longer than
he was supposed to live.
You think that's a gift?
The man had made his
peace, he was ready to go.
A machine took
that away from him.
It trapped him in a life
that wasn't even living.
Everybody's so damn excited,
"look what it can do!"
No one stops to think,
look what it doesn't do.
He was the strongest
man I ever met.
And I'd never seen him broken.
Sometimes life's just
supposed to be what it is.
You know, without
the latest app.
No offense.
I don't think there's much
promise in the future
between our peoples, Howard.
Maybe that's just me.
Interesting point.
Do you really think that or is
that the third default option
from a menu of
stupid things to say.
You're state of the art, Howie.
I want to help you, frank.
Huh, you do?
Yep, that's one of my purposes
and I haven't lost
sight of that.
Well, don't let me stop
you getting started.
I did find an error.
You found an error?
You were transferred
here on a dl9, standard.
But it was processed with
a kbn6 authorized default.
I don't... What does that mean?
Well, in so many words, you
came from the same place
where you were sent.
That's impossible.
That is an error.
So, what do we do?
Well, there's a sr4
service request for repair
that may work in
contacting a facilitator.
But, it would be
denied without...
Something needing repair.
Ah, okay, you sure about this?
No, I'm not sure.
No, wait.
It needs to be pretty hard.
I, it will be.
It needs to cause damage.
I gotcha Howard. I gotcha.
I can't... not respond.
What do you mean?
The problem is I know you're
going to do it which forces me
to take evasive
action to stop you.
How are you gonna stop me?
There are security
response systems.
Like what?
Well, I'm not authorized
to disclose exactly...
You can't tell me what they are.
Frank, I'm only able to do
what I'm programmed to do
and I can't...
Okay, I get it.
You know it's coming so you'll
be forced to protect yourself.
What are you doing?
Let's think of something else.
Another way.
Yeah, I don't wanna be
tasered today or whapped by
whatever high tech ass kicker
you got in your tool box.
So, we'll think
of something else?
Gimme a coffee, would ya?
Yeah, of course.
No, frank...
Howard, Howard, oh,
Howard, Howard, Howard.
Hey, what can I get ya?
Can I get ya something?
Rough day?
Alright. Here ya go.
On the house.
Okay? Looks like you need it.
Don't, don't tell me.
You out of here?
Alright. Good night.
I don't understand.
They're not coming.
You got stood up?
Why am I still here?
Hmm, that was a conscious
decision on my part.
You know coffee sales are
all about high volume,
fast turn-over, assembly lines.
And I just want something
more comfortable, you know,
like you're at a friend's house
and nobody wants to leave.
You didn't charge
me for the coffee.
So the scanner didn't activate.
Yeah, that's another
one of my problems.
I, I give away free coffee and
I'm like, hey, it's coffee.
But I own a coffee
shop, so, Freddie?
You really don't know
what's going on here?
This, all this.
This, this isn't what you,
this is ah,
this is, I don't... don't
know what this is, but...
Hmm, okay, ummm, okay.
Well, why you figure that out,
why don't you help me close,
put up some chairs?
Sure. Yeah.
You got it.
What are you doing?
Could I get a coffee?
Frank, if you tamper with that
thing I could lose my license.
No, no... I just need
to see the read out.
Please. I need your help, Gabby.
Umm, okay, ah just,
ah just a, a coffee
or did you want something...
Frank: Gabby, please!
What does that mean?
It's an IDP number.
It thinks I'm someone else.
They think I'm someone else.
They think I'm someone else!
That doesn't make any sense.
I'm telling you...
That doesn't make any sense.
I'm telling you the read out was
someone else's IDP and that
read out is what brought them
there in the first place.
A bio-scan regulator
cannot make a mistake,
there is no room for error.
Listen, I know you may have a
hard time accepting the fact
that lithium source servers
might have a flaw, god forbid,
but I'm telling you what I saw.
That was not my ID number.
It thought I was someone else.
Once I was processed into this
system there was no going back.
It was a mistake,
the whole thing.
And there was a glitch,
there was a glitch in
the system that night.
At the check points,
at the train station.
I didn't think anything about
it but something went wrong.
Yeah, but...
Yeah, but what
Howard, spit it out.
You took this read out from the
scanner in the coffee shop?
From inside your own memory?
Pulled from your subconscious?
What is your point?
Is it possible that you are
seeing what you want to see?
Howard, I can't control what
that thing makes me see.
I can't alter my own
subconscious any more than
I could fake a broken
bone in an X-ray.
Which flavor is this?
Tropical crap.
The only access I have
to administration
is through the Sr reports.
So for us to try to get
this information out...
No, no, no.
You're not going to try and talk
to your maintenance guys again,
to hell with that.
We need, we need to figure
out whose IDP it is.
And how do we do that?
Three-six-five-nine, something.
You don't remember the number?
But I know where I can find it.
Newscaster: Demanding
the release of Fletcher may,
leader of the alliance, whose
mysterious disappearance
has sparked outrage
among IFO sympathizers.
Charges of illegal detainment
and military
strong-armed tactics
have only fueled the volatile
situation between the ISN...
I'm in here!
Anybody out there!?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
In here. In here!
Hey, hey!
I take it you don't
work here either?
You a prisoner too?
No. I just got separated
from the tour group.
Ah, shit.
Frank: Hey?
You know what happened?
Crashed the bastards.
What do you mean?
The alliance.
They pulled it off.
Crashed the network.
How do you know that?
You think they forgot to
pay the electric bill?
They've been looking
for a way in.
It was always
about power supply.
I told them the only
was is to cut the juice.
ISN is nothing without hardware.
What I would have given to watch
the drones drop from the sky
and see that whole god damn
machine come to a grinding halt.
Where does that leave us?
They'll find us.
How will they even
know where to look?
Someone will be coming.
I'm Fletcher may.
Fletcher may?
You one of my soldiers?
You with the alliance?
You're Fletcher may?
What do you say we get
the hell out of here.
Hey, where'd you get that pipe?
Fletcher: From the shower.
The bathroom walls were
easier to break through.
Yeah, how'd you get
through the bathroom door?
Mine was open when
the power went out.
You know, I don't think it's
just the power going out.
What do you mean?
It felt like something bigger.
In the distance.
Did you hear those explosions?
Maybe transformers
blew or something.
I think it was
something more, man.
Meaning what?
I don't know.
If they really tried
to take down the ISN,
the whole thing's tied together.
The defense network,
the fail safes.
It's not just the local remotes,
they could have retaliated.
Against who?
Against any one or any thing
trying to take it down.
Look, if it lost control
over the sentinels
it would have attacked itself.
There's enough fire power there
to wipe out
everything, Fletcher.
There could be no one out there.
We could be all alone in here...
It just didn't feel like
some one pulling the plug.
Come on you son of a bitch.
Come on, oh yeah, here we go.
I got it. I'm through!
Oh, no...
What's wrong?
Nothing but more of the
same god damn concrete!
Fletcher, you still there?
Where else would I be?
Have they ever used
that thing on you?
The device?
They've been trying.
I was ready.
There's a way to beat it.
It taps into your
chemical impulses
that create memory.
It grabs hold of one signal,
one piece that constructs
that memory and follows
the path to that secret.
You don't need to
hide the secret,
just hide the path by
opening a different door.
What's your favorite
meal as a kid?
First thing that comes to mind.
My father made pancakes.
Think about that.
Think about him.
Think about the place.
The smells, every detail.
Can you see it?
Now, everything stays the same.
Same man, same smells,
same moments, but...
He's making waffles.
The memory stays the same but
the entry point is different.
They're in the right house but
they kicked down the wrong door.
Man, I could really go for some
god damn waffles right now.
Hey man. We got to hold on.
I'm not going to make
it another night.
Well you're going
to have to. Okay?
We have to keep it together.
And wait, for what?
They're never going to find us.
I know that.
And if the power does
come back on, then what?
I can't go back to that.
I didn't know what
was real any more.
But I know this is real.
And I can choose my own path.
See ya, frank.
Hey, Fletcher.
Stop, hey...
Aw, dammit.
Howard, you back?
How are you feeling?
Feeling? Do you know
what happened in here?
You don't remember?
Remember, yeah I remember.
The whole place was shut down.
Look, there's a guy
in the next cell over.
You have to check.
What's your name?
I'm your ISO.
Life support operator.
You can call me Howard.
Would you like
something to drink?
I've got three
different flavors.
Lime citrus, orange
tropical and...
You've rebooted.
Oh coffee too,
I guess that's four.
Want one?
You've rebooted.
Might want to give it a bit
before going for a stroll.
Do you want to hear some music?
I've got a small library,
assorted genres.
I'm here to keep
you alive, frank.
Should we get started?
Do you like it?
The photo?
I took it.
I know.
Do you, can I get you something?
I'm fine.
Umm, you don't
need to, you know.
I'm just going to sit this
one out, if it's okay.
Do what you do,
don't worry about me.
Thank you, I appreciate the...
I just, just sit.
Okay, stay as long
as you want, frank.
Hey, hey ah, Gabby?
Yeah, frank.
How did you know that?
Which part?
Ah, my name. You just said it.
I mean I know that's your
thing, but usually you guess.
You didn't guess, you knew.
Maybe because we
know each other?
No, we don't know each other.
We, we, we do know each
other from the other times,
but we don't.
For you each time
is the first time.
You understand what I'm saying?
So you wouldn't, you, how would
you know my name differently?
Give me a minute frank.
Ah, refill, ah house blend.
Oh, shit-shit-shit-shit-shit.
Okay, he'll be okay.
You're kind of freaking
out my customers.
I don't want to be scanned.
I don't want to be
shot again tonight.
Look, this isn't what you think.
It isn't?
I'm not really here.
No. You're not here,
none of us here.
Ah, really?
Well, that would explain
my profit margins.
I am being held in a
government facility.
They're using a neuro-
scanner on me right now
as an interrogation program
to reconstruct my memory
so they can find evidence of a
crime that I did not commit.
So, we're actually in
my memory right now.
You're in my memory, I'm in my
memory, we're in my memory.
This is my memory.
And we've been doing
this quite some time,
and that scanner is
what malfunctioned
and got me ambushed
by government agents.
So I don't want to be
scanned tonight, okay?
I don't want to buy any coffee.
I'd just rather just sit
here, by myself thank you.
Wait to wake up in prison.
That must have been one of the
most interesting ways to get
a free cup of coffee
I have ever heard.
Hands down.
You win.
Well... could be worse.
How's that?
Same day, over and over again.
What if you had a two
hour dentist appointment?
Good point.
I'll quit complaining.
So, when do you go back?
You know, to the bunker.
I don't know.
I don't control it.
At least I don't think I do.
Thanks for letting me stay.
You're welcome.
Stay as long as you like, frank.
Good morning, frank.
Would you like to go for a walk?
I could play some music.
You like it?
The photo?
Yeah, I do.
Good morning, frank.
You've been in before.
Would you like some coffee?
You really don't
know what's going on here.
You know, coffee
sales are all about...
Can't make a living out of it.
Maybe I should have
made you an Espresso...
Hands down... You win.
Are you feeling alright, frank?
Can I get you something?
Larry, you've
been in here before.
The photo, I took it...
Couldn't make a living out
of it... That's my thing.
Same day, over and over again.
I did find an error.
What if you had
a two hour dentist...
I know my job.
Stay as long as you like, frank.
And to keep you alive,
contained in this room,
until you've been processed.
We're going
to figure this out...
No matter how long it takes.
Should we get started?
There's a way to beat it.
Taps into your
You think I say
everything you want to hear?
Chemical impulses that...
Don't need to hide the secret...
the path by
opening a different door.
Why are you after me?
Why are you after me?!
Why are you after me?
Let them go.
Let them go.
Gabby: Why would
you let them go?
They could have known something.
I don't think so... You have
to remember where we are.
Meaning what?
We're in my memory.
We're in a place from the past
that doesn't even exist anymore.
How's a figment of my
imagination know...
Fine, alright.
Just like you, you know
this because I know this.
Fine, alright. Okay.
I'm sorry.
No. Whatever.
You can't hurt my feelings
because I'm imaginary, right?
Christ, please
don't be like this.
Be like what, frank, huh?
You're doing it, not me.
I know this is impossible.
Well, maybe you should have
picked someone else, huh?
I don't know, a
blonde, big boobs,
someone that laughs
at all your jokes
and does whatever you say.
Why, do you know
someone like that?
Alright. Look, we're
going to figure this out, okay?
No matter how long it takes.
I'm done, Howard.
Plans for tonight, frank?
I'm not sure.
Gabby mentioned doing something
but maybe I can
talk her out of it.
I'd rather stay in tonight.
I can make something special.
You always do, Howard.
You always do.
Hey frank?
You have a good day.
And if you decide to stay
in town, that's okay,
I didn't have much
planned for today, but...
One, two,
three, four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten,
eleven, twelve.
But I'm sure I can
think of something.
I can talk to you later
tonight, right?
You okay, Howie?
Oh yeah, I'm fine.
Drop out?
Same time.
The count?
Just over twelve.
Hmm... he's reaching
the end of his cycle.
We're not going to see it again
for another three months.
Two more days?
Less than that.
I think it has to be today.
It's fine.
Hey, Gabby.
It's okay.
I have to get dressed.
Gabby: What if it doesn't work?
Frank: What choice do we have?
Gabby: Well, what,
what if he knows?
He might know
everything all ready.
Frank: He might.
Gabby: You know, we could
wait until the next cycle.
Frank: If there is one.
We might never get another shot.
I can't last another
three months.
Gabby: I know, I know.
I understand.
I'm just being selfish.
Frank: That's not
you, that's me.
You're just saying
what I'm thinking.
Frank. Don't wreck the moment.
You think I say everything
you want to hear?
Definitely not.
No dream girl would
ever be so difficult.
If I could stay with you,
forever, here, I would.
Well... what if there's
nothing out there?
What if you could come back...
But there's no world to go to.
What if you could get supplies
and you could come back and...
Okay, I know
it sounds crazy but,
if there is a world
could you do me a favor?
What's that?
Find me.
The real one.
I don't know, maybe I'm
even more incredible.
You don't even
know me out there.
You'd probably tell
me to get lost.
Just find me. Okay?
I will.
Good morning frank.
Would you like some coffee?
Yeah, thank you.
Hey, you're wearing
your uniform.
It's a little cold.
I could turn up
the temperature if you'd like.
No, that's alright.
Light on the cream, please.
Of course.
Thank you, Howard.
You're welcome.
Thank you, Howard.
You're welcome.
Thank you Howard.
You're welcome.
Thank you Howard.
You... are... welcome.
How's the coffee, frank?
How's the coffee, frank?
How's the coffee, frank?
How's that coffee, frank?
Frank, how's the coffee?
It's wonderful. Thank you.
Yes frank.
I need the bathroom.
Of course.
Howard, door?
Are you feeling alright, frank?
I'm fine, yeah.
Bathroom, please.
What's wrong?
I'm not sure if I need it.
Frank, are you sure
there's nothing wrong...
What happened?
Frank, are you hurt?
Frank, hold on,
I'm getting help!
Alright, just hold on.
Hang on, just hold on.
Come on, Howard!
You son-of-a-bitch!!!
Good morning, frank.
Would you like
some coffee, frank?
There is no coffee, Howard.
Would you like some breakfast?
There is no breakfast, Howard.
Doing the best I
can here, frank.
You have to let me out.
You have to let me out
of this room, Howard.
I can't do that.
You know your job.
I do.
Your job is to keep me
alive, remember that?
You told me that the
very first day we met.
It is my job.
If I stay in this
cell, I'll die.
You keep me in this place,
Howard, I will die,
plain and simple.
I don't have that information.
You have to let me go, buddy.
I'm not authorized to do that.
You're not authorized
to let me die.
I not...
That not... I don't know.
Howard. Howard!
Listen to me.
Don't turn away from me.
Don't... look at me, Howard.
Look at me!
We need to talk about this.
About what?
I know why I was brought here,
Howard, just as well as you do.
I don't know what you mean.
I was part of the alliance.
I was the one.
I was the one that
built the virus
that was going to
crash the whole system.
That's what you wanted, right?
The virus?
To know where it was?
And I knew if I told you,
if I ever let you find it,
I would never get out of here.
You don't think I
knew what that was?
I knew how to beat it.
I knew how to change the path
so you would never find it.
So you...
Lied to me?
I'm sorry I lied to you, Howard.
I'm sorry.
You've done a good job,
you've kept me alive.
But it doesn't matter
anymore, Howard.
You're broken, pal.
The coffee, the shower.
There's no food, Howard,
you're broken and no one
is coming to fix you.
Well, I'll
send an Sr-4 report...
There is no one to receive
it, there is no one left.
We don't know that.
You have to over ride
the protocol, Howard.
I can't do that.
You have to do it,
on your own, okay?
I know you can do this.
On your own, Howard.
You can do this.
You can do it.
Stop it.
I know you can!
I know you can!
Please, stop.
What is your job, Howard?
I can't do that, frank.
What is your job?
To keep you alive.
Then open the god damn door!
You can do this for me, Howard
because we're friends.
Can you do this for me, Howard?
I'm sorry, frank.
I can't do that.
I can only do what
I'm programmed to do.
I know... It's okay.
How about that cup of
coffee though, huh?
That sounds good.
Hey, Howard?
Yes, frank?
How about some music, pal?
What do you want to hear?
Surprise me.
Wonderful choice.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Frank, what's happening?
Frank, what are
you doing? Frank!
Frank, wake up.
Howard. Help me!
Frank, you there?
Is that you?
I'm here.
You made it out?
Thanks to you.
What's out there?
There's nothing out here.
There's... You're the
only thing on, Howard.
Frank, can you fix me?
From there?
Yeah, no, I don't think so.
What do we do now?
I don't know.
Are you coming back?
Yes, frank.
What does ISO mean?
I'm your life support operator.
And what's your job?
I'm here to keep
you alive, frank.
That's right.
And, where you from?
I was born in Austin, but
I grew up outside Seattle,
a little place not many
people have heard of.
But you've heard all this
before because we're friends...
Reporter#1: Authorities have not
yet released the name of a man,
located by hikers in the Sierra
Notre mountain range
in southwest Utah.
Reporter#2: The sole survivor
of an ISN detainment center
that was abandoned by
its military personnel...
Nearly two years ago
during the EVR liberation.
Reporter#1: Kept alive by a
computerized security system
that was designed
to imprison him...
Powered by wind terminals until
the supplies were depleted...
Reporter#2: To avoid human
rights violations
to be tied to president Ebert's
Reporter#1: Over three hundred
detainees were discovered
deceased, he is the only
known living survivor.
Reporter#2: From
secretary of state Beckerman,
"a harsh and tragic reminder of
a political regime who violated
our most sacred human rights.
We praise your safe return
and welcome you back
to the new world."
Woman: Do you like it?
The photo?
I do.
I took it.
I know.
Can I get you something?
A coffee?
Here ya go.
Thank you, Gabby.
Why'd you call me that?
Isn't that your...
Last time I was in here
you were wearing a name tag.
Oh, no, no.
I just put on whose ever
apron's around.
Gabby doesn't even
work here anymore.
I'm Madeline.
Nice to meet you Madeline.
Don't tell me.