Inherit the Viper (2019) Movie Script

[Eliza] Can't nobody predict
the future, you know?
No matter how hard you try,
it never turns out
like you thought.
You know?
I just ain't built to work
eight hours a day in a mill.
Gotta pay the rent,
though, so...
give it a shot.
Next thing you know,
broke my damn back.
They had me
on all kinds of pills.
'Course, you need it,
anything to make that pain
go away.
You just don't expect
to get hooked.
Can't never escape this shit.
It's a tough spot.
The fuck am I tellin' you for?
Sob stories is all the same.
I got oxy in 30 and 80s.
Can this get, um, couple 80s?
All right
Excuse me. Ladies room.
[Gonzo] You know, the old man's
gonna be back soon.
[opens can]
Girl, he finds you here,
he's gonna jump out
of that wheelchair
and shove them pills
right up your ass.
You sure do have a way
with words, Gonzo.
All part of the job, girl.
[door opens, closes]
[siren blares]
[bottles clatter]
[keys jangle]
[car engine starts]
[dog barking in distance]
[keys jangling]
[car engine starts]
[car door opens]
[Scrapper] Hey, man.
Come on, man. Please. Just--
The fuck is your problem?
Get outta here.
[pills rattle]
Just in time.
How'd it go?
I don't know.
That last guy is...
Somethin's wrong with him.
He'll be fine.
Don't fix what ain't broken.
[car engine revving]
That fuckin' car...
I can't believe
you bought him that thing.
[music playing over stereo]
Give me that
Give, give me that money
[car door opens and closes]
Compensating for something?
[Boots] You would know,
wouldn't you, bitch?
[Kip] Neons look good, man.
Thanks. Jo got it for me.
Well, no shit. I know
you didn't buy it yourself.
[Boots] Fuck you.
[Kip] Come on,
let's go get a beer.
-[Boots] A beer?
-[Kip] Yeah!
Happy birthday, little brother.
[guitar playing]
You know
I don't need anything
I will delay no more
Here in your
pleasant company
I will be back
In the morning
This could be the light
They said it would be
I'm not feeling sorry
I'm not feeling
Afraid for me
Not bad.
[Boots] Thank you, guys.
For all of this. It's awesome.
I just wish Dad was here
to see it all.
Don't say shit like that, man.
Why not?
Don't you ever wish
he could see us--
'Cause you don't know
what you're talking about.
[Boots] Yeah, I do.
He was a good man.
And he would've been
proud of me.
He wouldn't have given a shit.
Yeah, he would! You don't know.
Ya gotta forget
about that old son of a bitch.
-You mean like Ma did?
-[Josie] Boots!
Ya know what?
Exactly like Ma did.
She saw through his shit
and got out the fuck out
-while she still could.
-Fuck that! She left us.
Don't you fucking talk
about things
you don't know anything about,
-all right, Boots?
-I know plenty.
Dad took care of this family!
He gave us all a chance!
What, while he was up at county?
He was a fucking coward
who shit all over
the Conley name.
He was a fuckin'--
Kip, wait!
[groans and grunts]
-[Josie] Kip!
-[man] Hey!
[Eve] Kip.
-[Boots] Josie...
-Shut up.
That shit's on you.
You ain't supposed to see that.
You ain't supposed to see
anything like that.
[Eve] Stop!
You don't need to protect me.
I ain't made o' glass,
I can handle it.
[Kip sighs]
Maybe you just need
a little space,
ya know?
I think things'll be better
once you--
It's just that he doesn't
remember the way it was.
If he keeps pushing me
like that,
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
I'm just about to snap and I--
-I know. I know.
-[door opens]
[Josie] Evie, you mind?
Yeah. Of course.
You gotta get that temper
under control,
or you're gonna
put us all at risk.
I'm not just talking
about Boots.
He was five.
I know.
We don't get to pick
our heroes, ya know?
[Kip] We're all he's got.
Maybe we're sending him down
the wrong path.
We're doing the best we can.
Like always.
You two gonna be good?
Of course.
[Josie] Good.
I gotta go see Clay.
Use that ice.
[country music playing]
You called?
Thought you might wanna stop by
and sing a little karaoke
with me.
What does he want?
Come on, you think I know?
Please don't let me
Down, down this road
[Gonzo] You're welcome.
Quite the view you got.
Don't be sarcastic.
Doesn't sound good on a lady.
[groans] Look.
Parking lots.
That's where it all goes down.
You wouldn't believe the shit
that's down there
in those dumpsters.
Take your word for it.
I'm late for the game.
What's up?
I been hearing about dead bodies
in my bathroom.
You know anything about that?
-Sure don't.
-You think this kinda shit
is just gonna go away?
You got a problem,
and you'd better
take care of it.
Any problems I got
are your problems too.
I own a bar, sweetheart.
And it's about time you know
that's it for me.
-Don't you understand that?
-Fuckin' coward.
[Clay] Oh, please.
I quit all that shit
when your dad got locked up.
You better watch yourself.
You threatening me?
I'd never threaten a Conley.
You're all too fuckin' proud.
-[Josie] Damn right.
I should yank that fuckin' tube
right outta your fuckin' nose.
[Clay] Well, you'd be doin' me
a favor, ma'am.
Get out of my bar.
[door slams]
[saw whirring]
[indistinct chatter]
[saw whirring]
[indistinct chatter]
Conley, you motherfucker!
Goddamn, you got a lot a nerve
showin' up here.
They find my wife dead
in a bathroom.
She ain't dead 24 hours,
and you just sitting there,
fucking eating
a fucking sandwich!
[worker] Just slow down,
brother, this isn't the place.
Get your fuckin' hands off me!
You're poison!
You and your whole
goddamn family did this,
and I ain't gonna
fuckin' forget it!
Get the fuck off me.
[indistinct chatter]
-[curtains rattle]
-[Boots groans]
[Josie] Get your ass up.
Day's half over, man.
[Boots groans]
Fuck off.
[Josie] Get up.
[door closes]
[Kip] Where's Josie?
[Boots] In the office.
[bottles clink]
Are we good?
Hey, can I come in there
with you guys?
-[Kip] No.
-How am I supposed to--
[door closes]
You ought to let him in here.
He's not gonna be able
to learn otherwise.
[pills rattle]
What happened
with Ted Wallace's wife?
Didn't have anything to do
with me.
That's not what
Ted Wallace thinks.
Yeah, well, what she does
in her own private time
is her business.
This stuff is here either way.
The only thing
that makes a difference is
who makes the money.
[bag zips]
[door closes]
[Boots] What the hell
are we doin' here, man?
[Kip] Waitin'.
Ain't you never waited
for nothin' before?
Well, what are we waitin' for?
I want you to meet
someone is all.
Yeah, who?
He served two tours
a couple years before me.
He's a war hero?
Just because ya fight in a war,
don't make you a hero, man.
[Boots] Yeah, it does.
Don't talk about shit you
don't know nothin' about, Boots.
Hey, you fought
for your country.
You killed terrorists.
I don't care,
you're a hero to me.
I laid on rooftops
and shot at people
who didn't even know
I was there.
That ain't being
a fuckin' hero, man.
[Packard] Hey, hey, hey, man,
who's this guy?
That's my brother, Boots.
I want you to meet Packard.
How you doin', man?
[Packard] Hey, you know,
it is what it is, y'know?
Yeah. Here.
Oh, man.
Hey, I know it's not much--
No, no, no. You keep that.
You take care of yourself.
Take care of that woman too.
Of course, man.
We're gonna do that.
Yeah. All right, man.
Hey, your brother, man.
He's a good man,
best I ever knew.
[Kip] Come on, Boots.
Hey, what was that all about?
You skimming off
the top for that guy?
Two pills every run.
Does Josie know?
What you think?
[car door closes]
Why are you showing me this,
I know you've been meeting up
with people.
Trying to make moves.
Come on, man, it's nothing.
It's-- It's...
You need to kill it.
No, man.
I'm not gonna fucking kill it.
Fuck! I'm trying to look out
for you, all right?
You don't need this shit.
This shit is what we do, man.
There ain't nothin' else for me.
Just fucking kill it.
You hear me?
[car engine starts]
Is it really that bad?
You think this is boring?
You should come visit me
in Tisdale.
-I'll show you boring.
-[Boots chuckles] Yeah.
So, you, uh...
you talk to your brother yet?
You sure you wanna mess
with this, man?
Fuckin' yeah, I am.
I ain't just gonna sit around
with my dick in my hand all day.
I gotta fuckin'
make shit happen.
All right! Fine.
He's, um... He's got a guy.
He sells other shit, but no oxy.
No pills. Not yet.
His name's Marcus.
Marcus. All right.
-[Cooper] The only thing, man...
It's gotta be quite a lot.
Make it worth it and everything.
Okay. Yeah.
I can get as much
as his ass can pay for.
[crowd cheering]
[whistle blows]
[man] Blue 45.
Blue 45, hut-hut!
[crowd cheering]
[phone beeps]
[crowd cheering]
-Later, Jimmy.
-[Jimmy] Thanks.
[crowd cheering]
Oh, shit.
[phone beeping]
[Eve] Was lookin' for you
Uh, this isn't a great time.
Come on. I just wanna watch.
[Josie] You sure you don't want
to sit with your--
[Eve] No, I'm good.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd cheering]
[woman] That was amazing.
[Sheriff Knox]
Somethin' on your mind?
No. Nah. Just, um...
You and me?
We're, um, still good?
Still maintaining our
delicate balance?
Is that what this is?
A delicate balance?
So long as I don't see anything
I don't wanna see.
I know. Of course.
You take care, Kyle.
You made a choice, Jo.
You don't have to do this.
Some choice I have, huh?
I always forget
how quiet it gets out here.
Yeah. It's too quiet.
You can hear yourself think.
When was the last time
you slept a full night?
[chuckles, sniffs]
How do you do it?
How do you shut it all up?
Shut what up?
I mean, all of your sins,
Just waitin' for a chance...
so that they can pop back up
and remind you.
[Josie] Well...
One of us ought to get
some sleep at least.
Are we any different than Dad?
We're doing what we need to do
to get by.
No different than anyone else.
Can I get ya anything?
-[whispers] All right.
Good night.
[door closes]
[woman on TV] This plant--
The herbs are gonna need
the same kind
of plant in a pot.
Three to four in a pot
depending on their roots.
This is French thyme.
[man on TV] Now, what's--
What's French thyme?
[woman on TV]
Uh, French thyme is what
you would call a mother thyme,
and it grows...
[door creaks]
[car engines shuts off]
-Sup, brother?
-[Cooper] 'Sup, man.
So, you're the kid, huh?
You must be Marcus.
Got the money?
[Cooper] All right.
Cooper, come here.
-[Ryan] Get in the car.
-[Cooper] Why?
[Ryan] Because this isn't
your deal anymore.
-Get in the car.
-[Cooper] Boots?
This is my deal.
What the hell!
Ryan! This is my deal!
[Marcus] It's all good, man.
It's all good.
[Cooper] Fuck you!
Get your ass in the car, boy.
[Cooper] Ryan, what the hell?
[Boots] All right, then.
That's all there is to it.
-Ryan, what the fuck?
-[gun cocks]
[Boots] What the fuck?
Hey, man...
-[Cooper] Ryan!
-[Cooper] Ryan! What the fuck?
-[breathes heavily]
You got no idea
who you're fucking with.
Hey, just leave him.
-Is that right?
-[Cooper] Boots!
I know your face, man.
You're fucked.
[Ryan] Fuck this, man. Come on.
Let's go!
You steal from the Conleys?
We'll turn you inside out
and take back what's ours.
[Ryan] Marcus.
[breathes heavily]
You're a lot dumber
than I thought, Conley.
Come on, Marcus! Let's go!
Hey. Wait. I--
You said it. You're not
giving me much of a choice.
-[Boots] I didn't mean it--
What the fuck is happening?
-[Ryan] Fuck this.
-[Cooper] Ryan!
-[Ryan groans]
[car engine starts]
[Boots breathes heavily]
[Kip] That all of 'em?
That all of 'em?
[Kip] Come on,
you gotta help me with this.
We gotta move.
Kip, this shit's real.
I didn't know... I didn't know
that they would do that.
Hey, shut the fuck up,
or I'll bury you
right next to the rest
of these motherfuckers.
You gonna help me or what?
[car engine revving]
[Josie] Got all the pills?
And you cleaned it all up?
You need to eat somethin'.
Two kids are dead, Josie.
[utensils clatter]
What happened out there...
was awful.
But all the more reason
why we can't just walk away.
We can do this together.
[Kip] Josie...
promise me something.
Protecting this family
comes first.
When it's time to quit, we quit.
No questions asked.
-Of course.
-[Kip] Promise me.
No questions asked.
We're all in this together.
[Boots] What are we doin' here?
What's going on?
What's my car doing here?
Someone could've seen it, Boots.
There's way too much
on the line.
-You gotta be smarter.
-[Boots] Wait!
Josie, what the fuck!
Come on. Hey, look.
I know I messed up.
You wanted to be part of this?
This ain't a kid's game.
The world's a cold,
ruthless bitch.
I can't afford for you
not to understand that.
-Look, I didn't mean--
-It's never just you, Boots.
You doing this
ain't gonna make me
learn better or anything.
Oh, I'm not gonna do anything.
You're a big man now.
You can clean up your own shit.
Show us you're ready for this.
-No evidence gets left behind.
-[lighter clicks]
[Boots sniffs]
Josie, I'm sorry.
Josie, I'm sorry!
[door slams]
[car engine starts]
[shop bell rings]
-[Josie] Hey.
-[Eve gasps] Hey!
Kip, uh,
asked me to swing this by.
[Eve] More baby stuff?
That was sweet of ya.
[Josie] So, um...
you and Kip been lookin'
at houses at all?
Yeah, a bit.
I think we're gonna look at
some more this week.
All here in town, I hope.
Oh, yeah, we ain't gonna go far.
Good. Because I still need him.
Yeah. Course.
All right.
See ya around.
[shop bell rings]
[car door closes]
[Boots sighs]
So, what do you want me to do?
[Kip] Nothin'.
Not a goddamn thing.
Then what's the point of me
even bein' here--
[Kip] If it were up to me,
you wouldn't be here.
Yeah, well...
[Kip sniffs, sighs]
[Kip] Here we go.
[car engine starts]
Stay here and watch.
What the fuck is this?
Who the fuck are you?
Just give me the fucking money.
that's not gonna be enough.
Fuck you, man. You're done.
You son of a fucking bitch,
I'm gonna get you for this.
[Duane] Don't fucking
walk away from me.
[gun cocks]
Really? Is this it?
This is what you wanna do?
-[car door opens]
-Yo, what's going on?
Get back in the car, Boots!
[Scrapper] What the fuck
are you doing, man?
Who the fuck are you?
[Kip] Hey, calm down,
that's my brother.
He's gonna get you
some more money, all right?
-Just calm down.
-[Scrapper] Yeah?
-Well, come on then!
in the glove compartment,
there's more cash.
Just bring it to me, all right?
[Scrapper] Well, come on then!
[Kip] Fucking calm down.
[Duane] The fuck is he doin'?
Hey, hurry up!
[Duane] Come on, let's go!
I'm just gonna go back
and get it, all right?
[Duane] Slow.
Get back in the fucking car.
[Duane] Slowly.
Grab the money.
[Scrapper] Come on.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Come on, man, let's go.
Fuck! Get in the fucking car!
-[engine starts]
[tires screech]
[sirens blares]
You're good.
Just be smart.
What the hell is going on?
-[Kip] What do you think?
-[Sheriff Knox] Evening, y'all.
Quite a scene you're causing,
Wanna come inside?
[indistinct radio chatter]
I'm fine out here.
How ya doin', Boots?
[Josie] You wanna tell us
what's going on?
I don't know if y'all heard,
but a few kids went missing up
in Tisdale a few days back.
Local boys are on the case.
They followed some tire tracks
into the woods
and found a piata
of shell casings.
Multiple weapons.
One of which was a .308.
Y'all wouldn't know
anyone else around here
with that kind of hardware,
would ya?
Afraid we can't help you.
None of us ever go up
to Tisdale.
Yeah, see, that's just it.
This wasn't up in Tisdale.
This was just past the river.
Right here in Bates County.
You listen to me closely.
I can't stand by
and just let this happen.
Don't be stupid.
We have leads.
We have witnesses.
And we're closing in
on this thing fast.
Good luck finding that rifle,
Y'all have a good night.
[takes deep breath]
[car door closes]
[car engine starts]
[car pulls away]
[breathes heavily]
-How'd the buy go?
-They fucked us.
Assholes nearly shot us both.
-[Kip] Josie!
-They what?
That's it.
It's over.
What are you talking about?
I'm done.
We're done.
Excuse me?
You don't get to say when--
You said that when we needed to,
we'd stop.
This is that time.
-No questions asked, right?
Don't tear this apart, Kip.
Wake up, Josie!
We got cops
knockin' on our doors,
Boots just had a gun
to his head.
Hey, don't fucking talk
about me like I ain't here!
I can't go into a bar
without somebody trying
-to kick my head in!
-That's bullshit!
I will not put this family
in any more danger.
You wanna keep
the Conleys together,
then we stop this shit
right now.
Without the dope,
there are no fucking Conleys!
Don't you fucking get it?
Or are you gonna put your girl
through college
by chopping fucking wood?
This gave you everything.
It's who we are.
And I'm not gonna quit just
'cause you're getting scared.
I will fix it.
Knox, Cooper, all of it.
-I will fix it.
-You're just like him.
Just like him.
[Josie] Kip, wait!
Kip, I can fix it!
[Boots] This is so fucked.
This needs to be sorted
and bagged right away.
-Are you a part of this or not?
-Where you goin'?
-[door closes]
[Kip] Hey, what's up, man?
[Gonzo] Hey, man.
[clears throat]
You, uh, want me to go wipe down
the booth for ya?
[Kip] No. No.
I'm not working, man.
I'm just here
for a little clarity.
Clarity, huh?
We like to keep most
of our clarity
in the bottom of the glass.
[Kip] That's what I hear.
Rocks or straight up?
[Kip] Straight up.
[Gonzo] You let me know
if you need anything else.
[Kip] All right.
Thanks, brother.
[Ted] You ain't welcome here.
I got no business with you,
-[Gonzo] Hey, Ted--
-[Ted] Shut up!
[bangs chair]
Come on, man.
Fuckin' coward!
Hey, you better calm down,
all right?
Calm down!
She was everything to me.
-Look at me, you fuckin'--
-[glass shatters]
[Clay] Not in my bar!
You know what this man did!
[Clay] Not in my bar ever.
We'll take care of your tab
for tonight already.
You go on home.
I hope you get to feel
just an ounce of the pain
you've poured into this town.
'Cuz it will fucking eat you up.
[Clay] You're lucky I was here
to save your ass.
What do you want, old man?
What do I want? Hmm.
When I was a little kid,
we were playin' behind
my house one day.
Little kid
named Jimmie Mooney...
he got bit by a snake.
Right here on the vein.
And we didn't tell my mom.
We knew goddamn well
that we'd get in trouble.
Well, that venom traveled
real fast through Jimmie's body.
And a few hours later...
he died on my porch.
Well, I'm sorry for your loss.
[Clay] Yeah.
Hear me.
That venom is in you.
It's in all o' you.
And it's spreading.
Deputies came in here
asking about you.
They're probably questioning
that knocked up girlfriend
of yours right now.
And you got a decision to make.
Are you willing to cut off
an arm
to save the body?
[shop bell rings]
[knocking on door]
[Cooper] Josie.
-[Josie] Hey, Coop.
-What are you doing here?
Can we talk?
I'm... I'm really sorry.
It's godawful.
Losing a brother.
And like that?
Look, me and Boots,
we never meant to cause you
any kind of trouble, or--
[Josie] I know.
Your brother...
Your brother was just in
with some really bad people.
And they caught wind of a deal.
I... I really appreciate you
coming out here.
I was fucking terrified
that you'd--
We got you burned
and that you'd never wanna--
[Josie] Listen.
They were shooting
at my brother too.
It's a miracle
you two got outta there.
I don't advocate for this much.
you and I are both going through
some shit right now.
If ever two people
deserved to...
unplug for a second, it's...
you and me right now.
You with me?
You done that before?
No, I saw my brother do it
a few times.
[Josie] Feel so good
in a minute.
[Cooper] Fuck.
I'm glad you got outta there,
[Cooper exhales]
You're a good kid.
You don't deserve to go down
in your brother's mess.
Have the cops been calling
around here at all?
The cops?
They're gonna try
to hang this on somebody.
Maybe you.
Maybe Boots.
Maybe even me.
[lighter clicks]
Gotta make sure
we don't get burnt.
[Josie] They ask you
any questions or anything?
[Cooper] Hmm. Sure.
When Mom first caught wind
that they were missin'.
But I-- I was a mess.
I couldn't--
I couldn't say a thing.
[Cooper sighs]
But the...
The Bates County guy,
he called yesterday...
wanted to...
ask some questions
of his own, I guess.
Is that...
Is that-- Is that okay?
-Should I be worried?
Nothing for you to worry about.
-Just, here.
-[Cooper] Wait, wait.
-That's for you to--
-[Josie] Hold still.
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
[Boots panting]
[keys jingle]
[sirens wailing]
[Boots panting]
[Josie sniffs]
[Jack] ...and I sat there,
stared at it,
but I know I couldn't do it,
ya know?
I just thought about my kids...
and so I'm here today.
[moderator] Thank you
for sharing, Jack.
[all] Thank you, Jack.
Anybody else like to share?
[Sheriff Knox]
I'd like to share.
[moderator] Okay, great, Kyle.
Go ahead.
[Sheriff Knox]
I'm Kyle, I'm an alcoholic.
[all] Hey, Kyle.
[Sheriff Knox]
I had a bad day yesterday...
and I was tempted, um...
I was alone.
My wife went to her mother's.
There was an argument
about work.
Things there have been
kinda rough lately.
Ya know, people you trust
can let you down sometimes.
when she left, there it was.
Sittin' there, waiting for me--
[door closes]
Sorry. Go on, Kyle.
[Sheriff Knox] Hey.
You know, it helps
if you stay the whole time.
You all right?
Sorry about Breanne.
That cunt.
Here we are again.
Two fuckups
in the same parking lot.
You think
we're going to be doing this
in 30 years too, hmm?
Like two broken pieces
of pottery...
...sitting in some shitty,
old cabinet.
No idea
what you're talking about.
Why do we do it, Jo?
I'm sorry.
I really, really am.
Wait, wait.
[both panting]
I can't.
-[Sheriff Knox] Jo--
-Fuck off.
[engine starts]
[shop bell rings]
[Eve] Kip.
Kip, honey,
you need to calm down.
Let's go back inside.
Come back in and talk
to your brother, all right?
Kip, wait!
I don't know
what you got in your head,
but don't you go doin' nothin'
you can't come back from,
ya hear me?
[indistinct chatter]
[glass clatters]
What exactly do you think
you're doing?
I asked you
a fuckin' question, boy.
This one's for you.
What the fuck you want, Conley?
[Eve] You, uh...
You want a pop or something?
I got some extra here.
Here ya go.
Let me clean you up a bit.
Help us take our mind
off things.
What do you say?
Come on, I ain't gonna hurt ya.
[Kip groans]
[phone vibrates]
-[Kip] Jo.
I'm at the mill.
I need your help.
I tried to fix things
and it got... messy.
Please hurry.
[tires screeching]
Look at that.
We got quite the man
on our hands.
You were right, ya know.
Your father'd be proud of you.
[keys jingle]
[door squeaks]
[Josie] Kip?
[rats squeaking]
[Josie exhales]
[Kip] Josie.
Kip, what the fuck is going--
[car engine starts]
[tires screeching]
[dog barking]
[door opens]
[phone ringing]
911, what's your emergency?
[Kip] I'd like to report
an incident...
over at the mill
on Highway Nine.
[knocking on door]
[indistinct chatter on radio]
[vehicle approaches]
[car door opens]
[Sheriff Knox] Kip.
What happened to you?
I'm all right.
I suppose you heard.
I don't have a whole lot
of information just yet, but...
I don't need you
to talk, Sheriff.
[Sheriff Knox] Understood.
Just listen.
Excuse me?
[Kip] No doubt
you'll search her truck.
When you do,
you're gonna find that .308
you've been looking for.
And I'm guessing
that the casings gonna match
the bullets found
in them poor Tisdale boys.
She was a determined woman,
I'm gonna have to bury
my sister.
And when I do, I...
I'd like to bury this whole
Conley business along with her.
I don't think it's going to be
that simple, Kip.
It is.
Last thing we want
is your wife and kid knowing
that you liked to fuck
the local oxy dealer.
You're a good man, Kyle.
You always have been.
But that don't mean you don't do
bad things sometimes.
I just don't see a reason
to hang you for it is all.
Do you?
All right.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm gonna
go see my little brother.
[indistinct chatter]
-Take her for a minute?
-[Kip] Sure.
Oh, so cute.
-She don't sleep.
[Gonzo] She did good today, man.
Real good.
Didn't cry or nothing.
She's a tough cookie.
She takes after her mother
that way.
[Gonzo] Oh, yeah.
[baby coos]
So, uh, how you guys gettin' by?
I mean, she's cute as hell,
it ain't cheap having a kid.
You, uh,
really put all that away?
Got to.
We get by.
Eve says that the salon's
doin' real good.
And the little bit extra
from the mill.
Just day by day, brother.
[bottles clink]
[Boots] You're fuckin' late.
Yeah, I-- I'm sorry. I just...
So that'll hold you, yeah?
Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Well, uh, yeah, yeah,
Kip doesn't--
Yeah, well, Kip ain't here.
Is he?
The world's a cold,
ruthless bitch.
You gotta know your place in it.
Yours is there.
Mine's here.
Now, get the fuck outta here.
And if Kip sees you,
you're fuckin dead.
-All right?
-All right.
[music playing]
[Eve] Hi.
Hey. You look nice.
[Eve] Thank you.
Uncle Boots.
Just takin' care of business.
[Kip] Hey, man.
You leavin' already?
Yeah. Uh...
I got some things to do.
[car engine starts]
No, no
I don't need anything
I am headed home
Back where she waits
For me patiently
Over that other shore
No, no
I don't need anything
I shall delay no more
Here in your
Pleasant company
I will be back
In the morning
This could be the light
That they said
There would be
I'm not feeling sorry
I'm not feeling
Afraid for me
So don't make that face now
I will be home, you're home
Come now, sweet baby
Don't remember me
Remember I
Taught you the art
So no, I don't need anything
I am headed home
Where there's no comfort
Needed here
Oh, oh, at all
No, no
I don't need anything
I am lying in my home
I think they fear
What they're scared we'll see
It's harder to spend than go
Is it the end?
The swirl in the sea
We only imagine
That we could never e
And if it falls like
A grey kiss
Anything I can hold
That's actually relieving
None of this ever
Made me whole
So no, I don't need anything
To keep that water cold
In fact why don't you take
A sip for me
And pass it around
where you roam
'Cause no
I don't need anything
Even if I miss you the most
But then come
And the day will be
Be there and I'll be
Waiting for
Then we won't need anything
We will be fine
I suppose
Singing out through eternity
Song that was always ours
Oh, I don't need anything
I am headed home
I'm gonna see some folks
I've been missing here
And I won't be back no more