Inheritance (2020) Movie Script

What lens are you on?
Can we get a camera
set up over here?
Thank you, Janine. Im here
at the New York County Courthouse,
waiting for Lauren Monroe to
give a statement to the press.
Sir, one moment, please.
Set it up over there.
Ill be right there.
Make sure we have full access
to the SEC filings.
Lets get updated lists of
shell companies ASAP as well.
And keep having everyone
comb for discrepancies
in the shareholder reports.
I need a meeting
with Haeven at 2:00.
Please! I cant answer
all your questions at once!
Okay, one at a time.
Katie, go ahead.
What do you say
to those who think
that Wall Street has corrupted
the justice system?
Well, after my first year
as district attorney,
Id say that my conviction
rate speaks for itself.
Victims and their families
have always been my only concern,
not bankers and brokers.
Beautiful morning,
isnt it, Lauren?
Save your bullshit for the jury.
- Its time we talk plea deal.
- We did. I turned it down.
Is it true that
Thomas Reindorff''s legal team
reached out with a plea deal?
A plea deal without restitution
for the $3.5 billion dollars
he defrauded investors
is no plea deal
I would ever accept.
Theres no way
you can prove my client
was aware of
or condoned the actions
- of a few rogue traitors.
- Watch me.
You can rest assured
theyll face their own day
in court for collusion.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please put your hands together
for District Attorney
Lauren Monroe!
Your brothers running for
reelection to Congress
with less than ten days to go.
A conviction would be
very convenient
in helping the family image.
Thank you, thank you.
My brother has one thing
no other opponent does:
Ladies and gentlemen,
my brother,
Congressman William Monroe.
And as far as my brothers
reelection campaign goes,
Im sure he'd donate blood
in exchange for your vote.
Speaking of the election,
is there any credence
to the New York Post article
that claims your brother
traded favors
in exchange for union support?
Absolutely not.
looks good on you, Robert.
Your father wouldve
told you to take the deal.
Your client
is a sociopathic liar
that defrauded people of their
pensions and life savings.
Were just now getting in word
about your fathers accident.
We just received notice
that he was found dead
at your familys summer house.
Can you please comment on your
fathers death, Miss Monroe?
Thank you. Its an incredible
honor to be here with you.
One statement about your father!
Theyll be all for now.
Thats enough!
Jackie, get them out of here!
Earth to earth,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Hey, take care, okay?
Hey, listen, I gotta be back
at the station at 4:00,
but Im sorry
for your loss, Lauren.
Thanks for all your help,
- Take care, okay?
- Thanks.
Youre better at this
than I am.
Well, I had plenty of practice.
You just nod and shake hands.
A heart attack.
I mean, how'd that even happen?
Dad was in better shape
than either of us.
What are we gonna do about Mom?
Just surround her with friends,
And well find her an
apartment on Zillow, closer to us.
Look, I can only stay
until the reading of the will.
Campaigns a circus.
Hey, Dad was proud of you.
Maybe in public,
but we both know
you were the golden child.
Cant believe
its already been a week.
Its the beginning of the end.
I know how to play the game.
This game, like life,
requires forethought.
Its not about where you are.
Its where you'll be
in ten moves or ten years.
You are not allowed
to be average.
We all have to put up with
things that we dont like,
so grow up, pick a firm,
and learn how to win.
"I leave Catherine in sole
control of the family estate
and my voting rights
on the board of directors.
To my son, William,
I leave the sum of $20 million.
To Lauren, I leave $1 million.
$50 million is to be split
equally between the Police
and Firemen's Benevolent Fund
and the Harvard School
of Medicine.
This is my Last Will
and Testament.
Archer Monroe."
Thank you, Harold.
Theyll be all.
I need some air.
Thank you, Harold.
Thank you for everything
youve done for us, Harold.
I know that
you and my dad were close.
Theres actually...
something I need
to discuss with you.
Your father left this
for you and you alone.
I knew your father
for 31 years, Lauren.
He was proud of
the woman you became.
Dont let the inheritance
speak otherwise.
Thank you.
Lauren, it pains me to do this,
and if you have received this,
it means that I never
found the courage
to tell you
while I was alive or...
I died before
I handled it myself.
And for that...
For many things...
Forgive me.
Weve all made mistakes.
This was mine.
It is a secret you must
carry to your grave.
You are the eldest, and as such,
I think youll understand
why it had to be you.
The answer lies buried
near your fort.
I must be vague
in case of prying eyes,
but above all things...
the truth...
must stay buried.
Deepest apologies.
Come on, Ted, how many years
have we know each other?
There is absolutely no
truth whatsoever in the Post article.
Look, my family has always
supported you in the...
Lauren, wait!
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
Are you okay?
What else would I expect?
Do you wanna talk about it?
No, I just...
I just want a moment by myself.
Im fine.
Im fine.
You look very pretty today.
Two sugar cubes?
This is off-limits.
Okay, okay.
911, whats your emergency?
Hello, hello?
Maam, we just received
a call from this number.
Is everything all right?
Yeah, sorry, um...
My daughter was playing
with my phone, so...
I wont let it happen again.
I promise.
Okay, maam, please be
more careful in the future.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Listen, I dont know
why Dad did that.
Sure you do.
Whats wrong with you?
You look awful.
Just got a little queasy
on my walk.
Lets split it.
I really, really dont care,
Will, okay? Seriously.
Use it for your campaign
or something.
I hope I still have your vote.
Well, that depends
on your policies.
Werent you supposed
to be gone already?
Yeah, actually,
but you try pulling Mom away
from her favorite granddaughter.
Lose a hand.
We built a beautiful life
together, didnt we?
Whats wrong?
Its everything, honestly.
Your father was proud of you.
Even when he didnt show it,
he was proud of you.
I know theres gonna be
blood in the water,
and the press
are gonna be digging,
pointing their spotlight
on all of us.
Are there any old enemies
of Dads
that I should be aware of?
We both know he was no saint,
but that is not
your burden to carry.
Its mine.
Well, I should know.
Maybe I can help.
You wanna help?
Crucify Reindorff.
Win that case
and help your family
win reelection.
Good night, Claire-Bear.
I love you.
I love you too, Mama.
Sure you dont want us to stay?
No. I just need some time
to think.
But Ill see you guys
tomorrow night.
- I love you.
- Love you.
All finest schools,
the most prestigious firms
I dont want to represent
your rich friends!
Why is that so wrong?
You are throwing it all
away to be a civil servant,
just like your boyfriend.
Okay, thats enough!
- Both of you.
- Talk to your daughter.
Youre acting like this is
some kind of prison sentence.
It is.
Can you hear me?
Oh, shit!
Nice mask.
Who are you?
I like masks.
Answer the question.
Wheres Archer?
Tell me your name.
John what?
You think this is a game?
Youre chained up in a bunker,
and I wanna know why.
Show me your face,
Lauren Elizabeth Monroe.
You want answers?
Look me in the eye and ask.
Born November 7th, 1989.
You have a younger brother,
As DA, you advocate for
the innocent and downtrodden
to appease your conscience
for being born into wealth
and because you knew
your father would disapprove.
You used to bite
your nails incessantly,
unless, of course,
youve kicked that habit.
You have a daughter, Claire,
a husband, Scott,
who you married against
your fathers wishes.
Should I continue,
or will you take off
that ridiculous mask?
Its good to finally meet you.
Who are you?
Id like to think
Im a member of the family
after all these years.
What do you mean, years?
Exactly that.
So tell me,
what happened to your dad?
How'd he die?
My condolences.
So he left me to you.
Thats quite the inheritance.
So explain yourself.
A man in your position,
only bad things come to mind.
Are you good, Lauren?
Who else knows youre here?
Answer the question.
Are you a good person?
Id like to think so.
Then let me go.
Its what a good person
would do.
You know its not that simple.
You got a lot to lose.
I have already lost everything.
I need to know why youre here.
Your needs?
Your needs?
You wanna know my name?
You want the truth?
Well, I want the juiciest
steak on Gods green Earth.
Baked potato, all the fixings.
I want a Caesar salad,
bread and butter,
packet of Gauloises cigarettes,
some chocolate,
a newspaper,
and a 30-year-old
bottle of scotch,
aged for every year
of my captivity.
You give me what I asked for,
and I will tell you everything.
I need answers.
And I need a steak.
And while were at it,
I want a shave.
I wanna feel more like
a human being again.
Now, we both know your
conscience, though pained,
is not gonna just
let me go, not yet.
But when all is said and done,
you will know the truth,
and you will set me free.
Youre really gonna
play it that way?
Look around.
Youre the one in chains.
I could just let you
rot in here,
close the door and walk away.
But you wont.
You really wanna risk that
for a steak?
Id also really like
a slice of key lime pie.
And I would appreciate
that shave.
C-Can I have the light
a little longer?
Your father would only leave
it on an hour or so after he left.
This is Detective Emilio
Sanchez, 75th Precinct.
Leave me a message
and Ill come back to you
as soon as I can.
Sanchez, hey, its me.
I just emailed you
a set of prints
I need you to get
into the system ASAP.
Call me on my cell. Bye.
Hey, honey. Sorry.
Couldnt connect to you
for some reason.
How was last night?
Good, yeah.
I was just going through
some of Dads old things.
You wanna talk about it?
Maybe tonight.
Im actually headed
into court right now, so...
Already here.
Dont forget.
Claires recital
this afternoon.
Yeah, okay.
Well, I love you.
Love you.
God help me if that isnt
the finest thing Ive ever smelled.
I brought you your food,
so lets talk.
And talk we will.
But first...
You cant imagine
what this means to me.
Thank you.
What happened between
you and my dad?
Youre not like him.
I suspect youre better
than he ever was.
Youve been deflecting
my questions ever since I got here.
Hows Catherine taking this?
She was always
such a beautiful woman.
My family is off-limits.
A lawyer, a banker,
and a politician.
The unholy trinity.
Quite the family.
When I get back,
youre going
to tell me the truth,
or its the last time
youll see me.
Lauren, where the hell are you?
Eddie, Im gonna be
late for court.
Im sorry, but of
all the days to be late?
Yeah, I know.
Look, I need you
to run the trial.
Haeven is gonna eat me alive.
Youre going to be fine.
And dont let Robert
toss the SEC filing on...
I know about the SEC filings.
- Ill be there soon.
- Lauren, Lauren...
1-1/2 cup of finely crushed
Graham crackers,
one-third of a cup of
butter or margarine,
three tablespoons of sugar,
a can of sweetened
condensed milk,
one-half cup of key lime juice,
one container
of whipped topping.
Lets have some answers.
Forgive me. I just...
Once a year, Christmas,
your father would
bring me chocolate.
Not a whole bar,
just a little tiny square.
It was my one treat
for the year,
then hed put it up there
for the rest of the year
to taunt me,
along with the pictures he took.
In the cigar box.
What is this?
Its my life.
You, uh...
You want some?
Its all yours.
My name is Morgan.
Morgan Warner.
Im sorry, I'm sorry.
Its been a long time
since I had any human contact.
You know, just to touch
someones skin.
I used to smoke Gauloises
cigarettes back in the day.
It was a habit I picked up
because I thought it would
make me appear more refined.
Get to the point.
I was a foolish young man
when I met your father.
We had similar vices.
Gambling, ego, women.
That was the greatest time
of my life.
We became partners.
Archer was fearless,
but he couldnt read people.
He was so young and careless
back then.
So you helped him
become a card shark?
Oh, no, he was already a shark.
I just provided an edge.
If theres one thing
your father wanted
in business, cards, politics,
it was an edge.
What happened between you?
I was gonna become a doctor.
I could've done so much
with my life.
- That night...
- What happened?
Wed had a few drinks before
leaving the summer house
for a big game in the city.
We should never have been
on the road.
Ill never forget that sound.
It happened so fast.
My heart was pounding like it
was gonna burst in my chest.
And my mouth,
I could barely swallow,
I was so scared.
He was just a kid.
He was like us.
I figured the only thing we
could do was call the police
and, you know, say
there had been an accident.
But, uh, he panicked.
He said we couldnt.
He said the cops would be
looking for his dented car.
He said hed go to jail,
that hed lose everything.
"If theres no body,
theres no crime.
If theres no body,
theres no crime."
He kept saying it
over and over again.
"If theres no body,
theres no crime."
I-I tried to do the right thing.
My dad killed a man?
It was an accident.
But paranoia infected him.
What happened to the body?
We buried it.
That is to say,
your father buried it.
I wanted no part of it.
I wasnt about to cover up
a homicide.
You know, I mean, an
accident is one thing, but...
Maybe I should have.
Maybe Id still have a life.
Who was he?
I dont know.
You buried a body
and didnt even bother
to find out who it was?
I had slightly more pressing
matters at hand.
What would you have done?
Would you have buried him
and walked away,
or would you have made
the call to the police?
Id like to think
Id make the call.
Well, then you would
be here like me.
- Why go to all this trouble?
- Why not just kill me?
I begged him to.
Days turned into weeks,
then months,
then so much time had gone by,
he couldnt bring himself
to let me go.
He was scared Id turn him in.
I wouldnt have said a word.
Not a word...
if itd have bought me
my freedom.
If Archer had a conscience,
he wouldve just
put me out of my misery.
Instead, he offered me
the chance to kill myself.
But no matter the agony,
the hopelessness,
my life had meaning.
My survival would be my revenge.
But people must have missed you,
looked for you.
He said I stole his winnings,
left the country.
How do I know that
youre telling me the truth?
Its not like my dad's here
to defend himself.
I said your father
had three vices.
Poker, obviously,
ego, of course,
but we havent even begun
to discuss the women.
One woman in particular.
What does it have
to do with anything?
You said you could
handle the truth.
Archer loved your mother,
but, uh, Sofia...
she was everything
your mother was not.
free from conformity.
Sofia wasnt an affair.
She was an obsession,
providing for Archer's
darker appetites.
He used to call her
his Gypsy Rose.
You must have had
some kind of inclination...
I dont believe you.
Why not?
Since the world has turned,
powerful men
have kept mistresses,
and he kept her
till his dying day.
He wouldnt do that to my mom.
Does any daughter
really know her father?
Youre lying.
I dont expect you
to take my word for it, okay?
- Why dont you go check?
- How?
He used to visit her
every Tuesday,
72nd and Parkway.
- Her name is Sofia Fiore.
- Bullshit.
If you dont believe me,
go ask Harold.
Im sure he kept an entirely
separate inheritance for her.
- She was the love of
his life.- Shut the hell up!
If youre lying,
I swear youll
never see me again.
What if Im not?
Can you check to see if
there were any missing persons
named Morgan Warner
during the late '80s?
Morgan Warner.
Yeah, okay.
Whats it for?
My dad left him something
in his will,
and Im trying to find out
what happened to him.
No emails.
Just forward whatever you find
on to my parents summer house.
All right.
Well, Im glad you decided
to join us, Ms. Monroe.
May it please the court,
Id like to offer my sincere
apology to Your Honor
and the ladies and gentlemen
of the jury.
What did I miss?
Besides the birth
of my 15 ulcers?
Court is in session.
Mr. Haeven,
please call your next witness.
1-1/2 cups of finely crushed
Graham crackers,
one-third of a cup of butter,
three tablespoons of sugar,
one can of sweetened
condensed milk,
one-half cup of key lime juice,
one container
of whipped topping.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Press into baking tray.
Bake for eight to 10 minutes.
Leave to cool.
1-1/2 cups of finely crushed
Graham crackers,
one-third of a cup of butter,
three tablespoons of sugar,
one can of sweetened
condensed milk,
one-half cup of key lime juice,
one container
of whipped topping.
Beat milk and lime juice together
until thick and smooth,
fold in whipped topping,
spoon into cool pie crust,
cover and refrigerate
for one hour or till set.
Its a dessert
the whole family will love.
Can I help you?
Im here to see Sofia Fiore.
Your name, please?
Lauren Monroe.
One moment, please.
I have Lauren Monroe here
to see you, maam.
Yes, maam.
Sofia Fiore?
Please come in, Lauren.
Why are you here?
I found your name
in my dads will.
Maybe you can tell me
how you two met.
Do you really wanna know?
At a poker game.
And you were together for...
He never stopped loving
your mother, if thats what you mean.
How long?
Many years.
I wish I didnt have to be here,
but Im just trying
to put the pieces together.
So I apologize for asking,
but did my dad ever pay you
for your company?
We took care of each other.
That care helped me
earn a masters and a career.
How we started
is not where we ended up.
Who is this?
My son.
Your half-brother.
Jesus Christ.
No... No one can know.
This would literally
kill my mom.
Lauren, you came to me.
We have our own life.
And your son?
He doesnt know you exist.
I have to go.
Mm-hmm. Right.
Even for a lawyer, Harold,
youre a goddamn
snake in the grass.
Let me call you back.
Lauren, what the hell
is going on?
Sofia Fiore.
What about her?
All these years, you knew.
Every family gathering,
you lied to our faces.
To my moms face.
Im your father's lawyer,
- And his friend.
- And as both,
it wasnt my business
to do either.
You dont think I didn't try
to talk some sense into him?
- What am I supposed to do?
- Walk away.
And if someone finds out?
She wont say a word.
She never has.
She signed
a nondisclosure agreement.
Of course.
How much?
Does it matter?
How much?
What else was my dad hiding?
This is it.
Hes dead, Harold!
Hes... He's dead.
My mom,
my brothers career, my career.
I-I need to know
if there are more skeletons.
Nothing that can harm you.
What does that mean?
It means...
walk away.
Ive protected your family
for decades.
I know things
Ill take to the grave.
Your father trusted me, Lauren,
I suggest you do the same.
Did my dad ever mention a man
named Morgan Warner to you?
Doesnt sound familiar.
Id like you
to help me find some stats,
maybe old guarantees.
- Also the research.
- Got it.
- Thanks, Jen.
- Of course.
Hey, Mom.
What a welcome surprise.
Youve come to join
the war effort?
You know, they have
a speechwriter for that.
Yeah, well, we cant afford
to make the slightest mistake.
Not now.
Not after all this hard work.
- Hows your case?
- Its good.
You know, that case
makes me miss being a lawyer.
Listen, I was going through
some of Dads old things.
Some guy named Morgan Warner,
does that name ring a bell?
I dont think so.
We met so many people. Why?
Oh, I just thought that maybe I
could get to know Dad better
through old friends.
That reminds me.
I have something for you.
I will not let money
tear this family apart.
You deserve the same
as your brother.
I dont want it.
I never did.
Your father had no right
to do what he did.
I dont care you have to do.
Just get it done.
Im surrounded by jackals.
- Hi.
- Whats going on?
Well, we got a sympathy bump
in the polls,
police and firemens unions
are backing us,
thanks to Dads donation,
but my lead is within
the margin of error.
Some polls say Im slipping.
Goddamn New York Post article
saying I paid off union reps
isnt exactly
helping perception.
You didnt, right?
Of course not.
Its a smear campaign.
But, Lauren, listen.
I need you at the rally
tomorrow night.
Just give a short speech,
shake some hands,
kiss a few babies...
Its the worst time.
With the Reindorff case,
Im barely staying afloat.
I know, but look, its all
hands on deck right now, okay?
Mom will be there, the mayor.
I need my sister
to get up there,
flash that beautiful smile
and help us win this thing.
Ill be there.
- Thank you, honey.
- Thank you.
Believe me now?
Why didnt you tell me
he had a son?
And ruin the surprise?
How is Alex?
This isnt funny.
But its proof.
What do you say
we take this off now?
What else, hmm?
What else do you know?
I was your fathers confessor.
I mean, I hated the man,
yet I lived vicariously
through him.
Each conversation was, uh...
all I had.
Look, I know this is
a lot to swallow,
but truth is, Archer only ever
looked out for Archer.
He was a bad husband,
hes a shitty father,
and a worse friend.
If its any consolation,
he admired you
for the mother youve become.
I was a good parent
because he wasnt.
It must have been hard.
Trying to please him,
rebel against him
at the same time.
How do I know youre telling
the truth about the body?
Dig it up.
Wheres it buried?
I couldnt possibly describe that
to you after all this time.
The only way
is to take me there.
If you think
that Im gonna let you...
Youre a lawyer.
You know the sentence for
aiding and abetting a kidnapping,
for false imprisonment,
for torture, duress?
I know the law.
No more games.
Tell me the truth.
I told you
the truth about Sofia.
I want my freedom, Lauren.
Ive earned it.
Doesnt mean that you're
not lying about this.
Take me there.
Dig up the truth.
If you try something...
I am an old man now.
Its been such a long time
since Ive seen
the outside world,
its probably gonna
give me a heart attack.
Its more beautiful
than I remember.
Oh, God. Its almost
too painful to bear.
- Thank you.
- Come on.
I just... I took so much
for granted, you know.
Just the trees and the...
the night sky, fresh air.
- God.
- Lets go, come on.
- Yeah, right, sorry.
- Lets go.
- Yeah.
Im gonna take this call.
Youre not gonna say one word.
Youre not even gonna breathe,
do you understand me?
Not one word.
Hey, Ive been meaning
to call you.
Where are you?
You havent returned
my calls or texts.
I left messages at your office.
Its been a horrible day.
Im sorry.
I should have reached...
You cant just
vanish on me like this.
You remember Claires recital,
the one you promised
you wouldnt miss?
Its a huge ordeal
to get her to go to bed
because you didnt call back,
you didnt say sorry,
you didnt say good night.
Yeah, look, I know.
I-I total...
Im sorry. I promise I'll
make it up to you guys, okay?
- Your voice sounds like... -
Look, I cant talk right now!
Trouble at home?
Im sure Scott's
just missing you.
Goddamn it,
do not talk about my family.
You wanna end up
back in that hole?
- No? Then shut up.
- Okay.
- Move.
- All right.
I feel like
were driving in circles.
Were almost there.
Just keep going straight.
Oh, oh, here.
Turn down here.
There, just to the right.
Right, right, right.
How far?
Just keep going.
For how long?
Do you want answers or not?
Were close.
Were almost there,
Im telling ya.
Oh, stop.
Stop the car.
Take this.
Thats where we buried him.
Sit over there
and keep lying on the ground.
You move, I shoot.
Its that simple.
You sure you dont
want me to dig?
Your dad did.
I prefer you in cuffs.
Suit yourself.
- When you find the body...
- If!
- When you find the body...
- Shut up! I mean it.
All right.
Theres nothing here.
Oh, hes there.
Where, huh? Where?
Okay, this is all
some bullshit lie.
Were in the middle
of fucking nowhere.
Please, just trust me.
How can I trust you?
I dont even know you, okay?
Im already out
on a fucking limb, trying...
Jesus Christ.
Told ya.
Shut up!
So what happens now?
Put the collar back on.
W-We found the body.
I need to think.
About what? Im...
Im innocent.
Its not that black or white.
I see, I see.
Even now you are
protecting your father.
Not my father. My family.
What about justice?
Isnt that why you
became a lawyer?
What about everything Ive lost?
What about my mother, huh?
Her son just vanishes
off the face of the Earth?
No closure?
Not even a funeral?
Its just there's no love
or compassion,
not even a window
to see the sun.
Every day, protein powder,
peanut butter and water.
Could you live like that?!
Could you?
Days that last as long as
years! Nothing to celebrate!
Just one fucking piece of
chocolate every Christmas!
What do you want me to say?
I didnt do this to you!
But you could change it!
If you walk away,
youre worse than he is.
Will you be able
to look into Scotts eyes?
Or Claires? Or yours?
Put it back on!
I am an innocent man.
You give me my life back.
Put it on!
- All right, all right.
- Put it on.
This is not my responsibility,
do you understand me?
I didnt ask for this.
This is not my fault.
You think just because
you show me a body,
and you told me
about his mistress
that that means I believe you,
and I trust you?
It doesnt prove anything.
It doesnt prove anything!
It proves everything!
- Come on.
- I need more.
What do you want from me,
to just conjure evidence?
Your father erased
every trace of my existence!
You gotta give me
something else!
I cant! I can't!
Goddamn it!
Youre just like your father!
You offer false hope, and then
you just take it all away.
God knows how many good years
Ive got, Lauren.
Just, please, let me have them.
Oh, God.
All right.
Look, I know what
youre thinking, okay?
And I understand.
"If I set him free,
is he gonna go to the cops
or the media?
Is he gonna destroy
my family name?
My brothers political career?
My career?
Am I gonna break
your mothers heart?"
I swear, I swear
I will just, I will vanish.
I just wanna salvage
what few years I have left.
Please, please, Lauren.
Be a good person.
I beg you.
I beg you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Im sorry.
Im... I'm sorry.
Im sorry.
Im sorry.
Pick up, pick up!
All you two care about
is money and legacy.
I know that its late,
but I really need
that missing persons
information ASAP, okay?
Whats going on with that?
I dont have it yet.
Show me your face.
Privilege is not given.
Its earned.
I know exactly
the kind of person it takes
to earn your privilege.
A lawyer, a banker,
and a politician.
- Its in a warehouse in Queens.- Fuck!
The unholy trinity.
I want my freedom.
Send the hard copy file
to the Monroe manor.
Dad, say something.
Close the door on your way out.
It is protected,
and it has a price.
Quite the family.
Im so sorry, Claire-bear.
I love you.
I love you too, Mommy.
The congressional
race is in a dead heat.
With only two days to go,
each candidate is pulling out
all the stops.
Incumbent William Monroe
is trying to lock down
his second term
in the face of allegations
that his campaign
has been trading favors
for union vo...
Bring me up to speed
before we begin.
Heres the updated list
of shell companies
from forensic accounting.
Give me the highlights.
All rise!
Please be seated.
To be very clear for the jury,
confirm how many traders
worked on behalf of their clients,
in full control
of their own accounts,
outside of Mr. Reindorff''s
direct supervision?
- 324.
- 324.
And how many trades a day
were completed on average
by these 324 traders?
Around 2,500.
- 2,500 trades a day?
- Thats correct.
I further put it to you
that Ms. Monroe,
desperate to step out
of her late fathers shoes...
Shes dragging my client's
impeccable reputation
through the mud.
The state should be
ashamed of her.
Your witness, Ms. Monroe.
Ms. Monroe?
Ms. Monroe!
No questions, Your Honor.
In that case,
this court is adjourned
until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.
The witness
is free to step down.
Ill call you later.
You dont call ahead anymore?
Did you set up the account?
- What is this?
- Gypsy Rose, LLC.
Im not at liberty...
I dont wanna hear it.
I cant hear it.
This is a major
conflict of interest!
My own father
is a co-conspirator
in my goddamn case.
- Lauren...
- Jesus Christ, Harold!
I asked you if there was
anything else
that could hurt us,
and you said no.
You said...
Stop asking questions
you dont want answers to!
Lauren, ignorance
is deniability,
so walk away.
I dont know anything
about Gypsy Rose,
and neither do you.
Just get
that proposal on my desk
and set up a meeting
with the labor board, please.
No later than Friday.
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
Is everything okay?
Yeah, I, um...
- I just needed some advice.
- About the Reindorff case?
No, I have a legal situation
I need to talk through.
Oh, okay. Well, hit me.
The details are complicated,
but the gist is this.
A guy has blackmail material
that could ruin your life,
ruin your familys life,
destroy everything youve built.
He just needs some money
to start a new life.
Whatever it takes.
Family comes first.
Before a clear conscience?
Well, yeah, in our business,
thats rarer
than the virgin birth.
Okay, say Im that guy.
What did I do?
- Hypothetically.
- Okay.
Well, you know
the guy killed a man,
and you are threatening
to expose him.
Just plead him out or walk away.
Its not like you're ever
gonna run out of cases to try.
Look, all I know is,
if someone was threatening
our family,
Id either pay him off
or dump his body in the river.
And you know
what Dad wouldve done.
Have you made your decision?
Lauren... please.
I wanna do the right thing.
- I really do.
- But?
But how do I know
that youre telling the truth?
I showed you the body.
The truth about vanishing.
I have been imprisoned
in this room
for longer than
you have been alive.
If I walk out that door,
I will never, ever look back.
I have your word?
I swear.
Clean up.
Youre leaving tonight.
- Why are we meeting here?
- We have a situation.
- What happened?
- My father happened.
I told you,
Sofia isnt a concern.
And that other issue...
I need you to set up
a Cayman Islands account.
Youre good at that.
Put my one million in it,
and I need 100K in cash.
Whos this for?
A man my dad wronged.
In addition, I need an ID,
fake or otherwise,
and I need to charter a jet
to fly him there.
Make sure none of this
is traceable back to us.
Hey, hold on, hold on.
Ive done plenty of
shady things in my life,
but I always knew the reason.
Give me a reason.
You dont wanna know.
On a scale of one to 10.
Who else knows about this?
William? Catherine?
No one else knows.
I need it done ASAP.
I have to get this man as
far away from us as possible.
- What did Archer do...
- I cant tell you!
I cant tell anyone.
Lauren, are you sure
you wanna do this?
Thats a lot of loose ends.
I dont have a choice!
Call me when its set.
I feel like a new man.
You look... different.
I will take that
as the compliment.
Im sure it was
grudgingly meant to be.
When you talked, um...
what did my dad say about me?
What do you mean?
Well, you said that
you were his confessor, so...
so what did he say?
He was proud of you.
The truth.
He thought you should be
in the private sector
as a litigator,
protecting the family interests.
A city attorney lacked prestige.
Then when you made DA,
he thought you were
humiliating him
by going after his friends.
But he loved you...
in his way.
And he would read me every story
when you had some trial
in the news.
I think after a time,
he began to change his mind
about things.
I thought that I would
make him proud if I became DA,
but, you know.
Least you didnt have to
pay off the unions for support.
Thats a smear campaign.
My brother didnt do that.
Im sure Jeffrey Shultz
would disagree,
if he isnt already lying
in a ditch somewhere.
Whos Jeffrey Shultz?
Can you just keep me
updated on the polls
as they come through,
That'd be great.
1-1/2 cups
of finely crushed
Graham crackers.
Three tablespoons of sugar.
One can of sweetened
condensed milk.
Oh, and I need the most
recent draft of my speech
within the hour
to make the edits.
Thank you.
One-third of a cup of
butter or margarine.
Three tablespoons of sugar.
One-third of a cup of
butter or margarine.
Three tablespoons of sugar.
One can of sweetened
condensed milk.
Oh, hey.
Im glad you're here.
I wanted to ask you if you...
We need to talk.
In private.
Yeah, okay.
Uh, guys, can we get a minute?
Thank you.
Whats wrong?
Jeffrey Shultz.
Does that name sound familiar?
No. Why?
Oh, save the bullshit!
That article,
its legit, isn't it?
You and Dad
cut a deal for the votes
and used Jeffrey Shultz
as the middleman
to pay union reps?
They cant prove it.
Oh, Jesus Christ. What
the hell were you thinking?
Oh, stop with
the choir girl act, Lauren!
Dont play dumb.
You know how this works.
You think anyone gets elected
without cutting deals?
Its bribery!
You and Dad were lying to me.
How many? For how long, huh?
Why didnt I know?
'Cause you're the district
attorney of Manhattan.
- Im your sister!
- We were protecting you.
Would you really have
wanted to know? Honestly.
Do you even know the position
that wouldve put you in?
I wouldnt have liked it, but
I would have protected you.
- I am protecting you.
- Yeah? Whod you talk to?
- It doesnt matter.
- Oh, the hell it doesnt.
How do you think
you got elected as the DA?
Because I can assure you,
it wasnt your...
Shut up!
Dont you dare.
Dont you dare ever lie
to me again!
Are you ready?
With every fiber of my being.
I cant wait to see the sunrise,
feel it on my face.
Youll have all the sun
you want in the Caymans.
Its paradise.
Harold, right?
Hell help you set up
a new life.
You can make up for lost time.
This might sound
a little strange, but, um...
this is one of the things
that really kept me going.
I promised myself that if
one day I got free, Id, um...
have myself a slice
of key lime pie,
like the one in the picture.
Im sorry.
You didnt deserve this.
Youre a good person, Lauren.
Thank you.
Morgan, just one last thing.
If you ever come back,
if you ever say a word,
I will pin every cold case
for the last 30 years on you.
I will make you wish
you were back in the hole
my dad kept you in.
Are we clear?
- Hey, my name is...
- No names.
Here are your new IDs,
100,000 in cash
and an account number
with $1 million.
Lets go.
Lauren, this is Sanchez.
I found that missing person
file you needed.
Those fingerprints
came back with a match.
Im sending it all up
to the summer house now.
Call me.
Thank you, Tom.
Shit! Shit!
Mom, what are you doing?
What is this?
Its nothing.
Its just a work thing.
Why do you have pictures
of this man?
Why are you asking about Morgan?
This mans name is Carson.
No, its... it's Morgan.
Thats Morgan!
His name is Carson.
I dont understand.
Whats going on?
Do you know him?
Why do you have any of this?
This man.
This man said his
name was Morgan
and that Dads kept
this man chained up
in a bunker in our backyard!
In our backyard, okay?
This, this is my fucking
inheritance, Mom!
This man is evil.
Hes... He's pure evil.
Where is he now?
Where is he?
I let him go.
I let him go. I...
I thought I was doing
the right thing.
I thought I was doing
the right thing, Mom!
I called Harold, and I...
- Oh, my God.
- You lock the doors.
Ill handle this.
Ill handle it.
- This is Harold Thewlis.
Im unavailable right now.
Please leave a message,
and Ill get back to you.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Mom, pick up, pick up.
Hey there.
You know what to do.
Mom, get out of the house now!
Hes there!
Hes there, he's there!
- Mom.
Mom, can you hear me?
Mom, we have to
get out of here, Mom.
Come on. Mom!
Mom, can you hear me?
Mom, we have to get out of
here. Please, you have to get up.
You would be amazed
at how well your eyes
and ears adjust
after years
in near total darkness.
I can hear your heartbeat.
1-1/2 cups of finely crushed
Graham crackers.
Three tablespoons of sugar.
1-1/2 cup of finely crushed
Graham crackers.
One-third of a cup of
butter or margarine.
Three tablespoons of sugar.
Hey there, sleepy head.
Parting was unbearable.
I really didnt wanna
start without you,
but your mother insisted.
I swear to God,
Ill tear your heart out.
Im kinda sorry that it's not
your dad there in chains.
It took me so long to get
my hands on him, you know?
All my little traps
finally worked to perfection.
I took some of the poison
he got to kill me,
I jammed it in his hand
when were playing chess.
I got my rat.
Then the slippery bastard
got away,
and I was like,
"Oh, fuck!"
And just when all hope
seemed to be lost...
imagine my surprise
when you walked in.
I knew the moment I saw ya.
That little girl
takes in stray dogs.
Sheas gonna do the same for me. I just...
I just needed to act weak...
and helpless.
Your brother wouldve
thrown away the key.
Look who it is.
Should we invite your mother
into this conversation?
- Lets do it.
- No!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- No, leave her.
Hey, I just wanna say,
I really did enjoy
our time together,
even though it was
under false pretenses.
Can you hear me, sweetheart?
- No! Get away from her!
Get you up. Lets get up.
There you go!
The floors cold, come on.
This is between you...
You and me.
That is where youre wrong.
You really think your perfect
life is built on integrity?
Youre the monster, Catherine.
You just live in a nicer house.
Dont you touch her!
Okay, okay, okay!
Were just getting to the bit
where you come in.
See, back in the day, your mom,
she was a tight little thing.
- Whoa!
tell her about that night.
Come on.
Tell her all about
that special night.
Youre gonna love this.
- Tell her!
- Fuck you!
Whoa, whoa!
That was close.
All right, Ill tell her.
It was what I used to call
my ace in the hole.
That night,
I wanted the full tour.
Oh, come on!
Dont you give me that look.
I know you wanted it
as much as I did.
You just didnt want
to let yourself have it.
Youre a rapist.
I mean...
semantics, you know?
You should be dead.
I should be dead.
I should be a lot of things.
Carson, Carson.
Why could you not just
lie to your husband
like a normal fucking wife?!
You know, he didnt even
give me the chance
to talk my way out of it.
And then that sound.
Its like hitting a deer,
except you cant leave that
on the side of the road.
That moment, I owned him.
And he knew it.
"Rich playboy...
drunk at the wheel...
kills promising young student."
Come on!
The headlines,
they wrote themselves!
I was gonna bleed him dry,
and there was nothing
he could do about it.
Almost nothing.
I gotta say...
I didnt realize
he had it in him.
I mean, I am a bad man,
but Archer Monroe
was the goddamn devil.
Truth is, Archer knew
that there are some fates
that are much worse than death.
He needed me to suffer,
to rot,
to waste away in the dark.
He vented, and I listened.
He beat me, and I took it.
My agony was
your daddys private joy.
The thing is, about zookeepers,
they always wind up
talking to their animals.
And over time,
things kind of changed.
See, I dont think he ever
expected me to get out.
- Whoa!
That was a close one.
That was a real close one.
I shouldnt put a bullet
in your head myself.
- No! Morgan!
You cant put a price on it,
What do you want?
I want my pound of flesh.
Then let me help you.
Ill testify to the truth.
Ill expose all the secrets.
Everything my family did.
Just let them live.
Youd do that for me?
I dont need your help.
I dont cut deals.
Then fuck you!
I gave you excuses.
But I swear youre not walking
out of that door alive.
I am really, really excited
to meet the rest of your family.
Especially Claire.
I swear to God,
if you touch her...
Youll what?!
Youll beg for mercy?
Youll smudge your makeup
with tears?
Fuck you.
You remember that little speech you gave me
with the evidence bag?
It was very cool.
Gave me chills.
Heres my counter.
I am gonna burn this familys
legacy to the ground
with the secrets that I know.
I am gonna slit your
little brothers throat,
and I am gonna take a piss
on Archer's grave.
And you will not be there
to experience
your familys shame
because you and your fucking
whore mother will be here,
rotting away in the darkness.
Now, your body
will consume itself.
Your sanity will snap.
And just before you
die your miserable death,
you will know exactly
what I survived.
And your husband
and your daughter
will spend
the rest of their lives
wondering why Mommy
abandoned them.
I almost forgot
the most important part.
When I tell 'em that I...
A pathetic lunatic?
Yeah, no ones
ever gonna believe you.
No one ever even looked for you
- because you dont matter.
- Shut up.
Not even to your own father.
Shut the hell up!
Goddamn it!
You still dont get it, do ya?
Im your goddamn father!
Youre a Monroe.
You understand me?
We take care of our own.
What'll we do about him?
He disappeared 30 years ago.