Inhumanity (2018) Movie Script

I never thought
my dad was different
from most other dads.
He was always protective
of me, as most dads are
of their little girls,
I suppose.
When I went out on dates,
he made sure he scared
the hell out of them boys
before we stepped out the door.
He always said to be careful.
Told me to always
keep my guard up,
don't trust anyone
you don't know.
Don't pick up hitchhikers.
Always bring a friend
when meeting someone new.
My dad always said that
life isn't guaranteed
but death is.
Whenever I had something
hard to do, he would say.
"You got this, girl."
MAN: Why him?
This Six Pack?
Six Pack Sam is the
perfect specimen for me.
A prisoner from one
of the other facilities
would be cheaper.
He's the one I need.
MAN: How so?
Look at him, he's different.
He's a raw, unhinged,
primal beast.
This research is
costing me a lot of money.
It better work.
It will work.
I'm gonna reform
him to his core.
No, no!
Poor little girl.
Never stood a chance.
Squeeze my hand.
Help, I need help in here!
Jessa, help.
Detective (MUMBLES),
was it you that found
Bobby Dixon's body?
Was it suicide?
I don't know where you're
getting your information.
Yes, I did find his body,
but no, I'm not allowed
to discuss the details
of an ongoing investigation.
You and Bobby worked on
hundreds of homicide cases
over the years.
Did it get to him?
What made him snap?
Bobby Dixon was my best friend,
he was like a brother to me.
Obviously it's a great tragedy
whenever anyone
takes their own life,
especially a great
detective like Bobby.
So it was a suicide.
Was it the Six Pack Sam case
that pushed him over the edge?
Apparent suicide.
This is an ongoing
Did Six Pack Sam
attack Jessa Dixon, sir?
Where are you getting
this information?
This is reckless.
Let's go.
That's enough.
Get out of here!
Get hurt.
Hello, Six Pack.
I want my phone call.
I want my lawyer.
I want a fucking beer, pronto.
I ain't done nothing wrong.
That girl and I, we
was just wrestling.
That's all.
I'm not with the police.
Oh, you're not with the police.
Who the hell you
with then, sugar?
I'm your psychiatrist.
Ain't nothin'
wrong with my head.
You're in a high
security mental facility.
I'm here to fix you.
Oh, you gonna fix me, huh?
I'm gonna make you a
productive member of society.
Whatcha got there, precious?
A little medicine.
How you gonna do that?
Do what?
How you gonna make me normal?
Drugs, of course.
And lots of pain.
You said she was fucking dead.
Fuck you, you should
have did it yourself,
you little bitch!
She didn't move so
I think we're good.
Oh yeah?
Cut it out.
We don't need any more heat.
He fucked it all up.
You both fucked up.
Now lay low.
The girl's awake.
What girl?
From the Six Pack Sam thing.
Keep an eye on it.
It's okay, darling.
Tough times don't last
but tough people do.
Excuse me, you can't
just barge in like that.
You're excused.
Everybody out, official
police business.
Get your shit, get the
fuck out of here, lady.
Move it, come on,
you too, nugget.
Get your shit, get
the fuck out of here.
But we promised her
father we'd stay by her side
until she awakened.
Well, she's awake
now, isn't she?
Come on, move it.
Hey, kid.
You gave everybody
quite a scare.
Yeah, we're all real scared.
What the hell's going
on in here, fellas?
Okay, we just need to
ask her a few questions.
Yeah, Doc, relax, it's
just a few questions.
First of all, she's been
in a coma for three months...
Three months?
It's okay.
Got a pretty nasty bump
on your head there.
Let me take a look at you,
everything's going to be fine.
She still has increased
intercranial pressure...
DOCTOR: Everything's alright.
Your father's dead.
JESSA: What?
Committed suicide.
Shot himself, real nasty.
JESSA: He's dead?
Jesus Christ, what the
fuck is wrong with you?
Everything's gonna be okay.
JESSA: Where is my dad?
For the love of God, man.
Nurse, I need you
to get the chaplain
and the psychologist now.
Everybody else, get out.
Get out, everybody.
Hey, I need some
help, she's seizing.
Jessa, everything's
fine, just relax.
You're gonna be okay.
You're safe, you're safe.
The media under control?
Nobody knows she's here.
They released the girl today.
Keep an eye on her.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Not someone else, you.
You're doing good.
Good afternoon, Jessa.
I'm Dr. Klein, I'm a psychologist
here at the hospital.
Jessa, you've been
through a terrible ordeal.
Someone tried to
rape and murder you
and now...
To find out about
your father, well,
that's a lot for
anyone to deal with.
Jessa, it's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
There's no way my
father committed suicide.
No way.
Okay, sweetheart.
Doctor, by any chance can
this conversation wait?
We need answers.
Wish you didn't have
to go through all this
but the man who did this
to you is still out there.
What you know can help stop him
from doing this to anyone else.
Please, tell me
what you remember.
It's important.
I went to my car after work.
This guy said he was having
trouble with his car,
he needed a jump.
He put his hand over
my mouth, choked me.
I remember waking up in
the trunk of the car.
I couldn't talk, I
couldn't breathe.
He pulled me out
and we walked away
and he tied me down
in some old house,
started drinking
bottles of beer.
I remember the clanking
of the bottles,
the loud gulping.
Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp.
What did he look like?
Muscular, big, white, dark hair.
A beard, he had a beard.
I remember it
scratched my face up.
(CRYING) And then he
started choking me.
I couldn't breathe.
It was just a man in a mask.
A man in a mask?
He wore a mask?
Anything else?
Anything else?
Isn't that enough?
Please, I just want to go home.
Please just take me home.
Oh, excuse me.
Have a nice day.
If that were my
physical therapist,
I'd stick around
a little longer.
I want to see him.
My father, where is he buried?
Next to your mom.
It's alright, I know
where my mom's buried.
My name is Bishop.
I'm the producer for the TV
show Killers Never Caught.
Please go away.
How'd you know I was out?
I've been keeping a close
eye on your situation.
We need to talk.
I'm not talking
to anyone right now.
Please, Jessa.
ANNA: Hey!
We need to talk.
ANNA: Move your foot
or I'm calling the police.
That might do you
more harm than good.
ANNA: Go away!
What, what did he say?
He's just trying to rile you up.
We need to talk about
your father, Jessa,
before it's too late.
ANNA: Go away!
MAN: That's a lot of green.
Damn it.
Green's money, Chief.
And I like money.
Think you could just
send your flag boy home.
That's (MUMBLES), funny.
Is that necessary?
Well, play it.
JESSA: And then he
started choking me.
I couldn't breathe.
A man in a mask.
DR. KLEIN: A man in a mask?
He wore a mask?
There's a lot of money to
be made on this deal, Chief.
Keep everyone away
from the facility.
You feeling me?
I don't have the entire
force in my back pocket.
I can't help you clean this up.
Culpability is everything to me.
CHIEF: Holy shit!
You see?
What about my money?
You ain't getting shit, man.
You're all over
the fuckin' place.
I want that bitch dead.
I want everyone that
can pose a problem dead.
MAN: And Delaney?
I will handle that
worthless fucker later.
Tell me what you see.
I see a light, illuminated.
A new path, a life.
For every woman I fuck,
every life I take,
and it fills me with pleasure.
I guess I feel done with
a lot of other shit too.
Wrong answer.
You missed a spot.
Yeah, well, this isn't
really the part of the job
I'm good at.
Some would disagree.
I need you to take care of this.
You know, if you can't
handle the job, you...
Stay in your lane, Stevie.
Besides, I wouldn't
want to take you away
from your detailing service.
(LAUGHS) God forbid.
Any particulars?
Yeah, keep it neat.
Not like last time.
I can handle it.
That's a good man.
Don't spend it all in one place.
Tell the good doctor I said hi.
MAN: You don't know about that.
Uh huh.
GIRL: No, that's mine.
GIRL: Give me that, that's mine!
GIRL: No, it's mine!
GIRL: No, it's...
I had it first,
it was in my room.
Guys, play nice with the dolls
or I'm gonna have to
take them away, okay?
Can you play nice
with the dolls?
Okay, thank you.
Hey, Lauren, look what I got.
Hey, give me that.
What the hell are you doing?
What is this?
You gotta get out of here.
Just take the kids to
your mom's or something.
WOMAN: What is this?
Just do what I say!
This week on
Killers Never Caught,
a beer-guzzling, murdering
rapist terrorizes Austin, Texas,
killing five girls.
One short of a six pack.
Was Jessa Dixon
the lone survivor
of the notorious Six Pack Sam?
And if so, why hasn't
she come forward
to help capture this monster?
And where is Six Pack Sam now?
Is he terrorizing other towns,
leaving a trail of
empty beer bottles
alongside the corpses
of dead women?
Find out this week on
Killers Never Caught.
What's your name?
Fuck you.
Hey, asshole.
Remember what the fuck this is?
(LAUGHS) Yeah, that's
the thing you use
to fuck yourself with.
What's your name?
Fuck you.
Your name?
My name?
It's gonna be nice choking
the life out of you, Doc.
Think I might want
a 12 pack for it.
(LAUGHS) Go ahead, use it
again, it kinda tickles.
Out of the room.
Out of the room.
I'm not leaving you alone
with this fucking animal.
I'm not asking you.
Get out of my room now!
Where you going, sugar?
(LAUGHS) This is kind of fun.
What you got over there, Doc?
Get that shit away from me.
Party time now.
I'm feeling funny, Doc.
The serum will
help the hypnosis.
Let's begin again, shall we?
Now, what's your name?
Bruno Kemper.
Thank you.
Tell me about your
family, Bruno.
My family?
Tell me about Mother.
I have no car?
Your dad had to sell it.
Between all the
hospital bills and...
You need a roommate
that can make rent.
It's fine, Jessa.
Money's tight,
but we'll be fine.
Can I get a ride downtown?
Maybe Dad has something of
value I don't know about.
Of course.
Anything I can do to help.
Did he seem okay to you?
He was...
Your father didn't
have much financially.
What he did have went
to pay off his debt.
Credit card bills, school
tuition, hospital bills.
So nothing.
Well, everything that
was in the apartment.
That's yours.
It's in storage, I think.
The guys down at the
precinct took care of it.
His car?
Oh, I still need to get paid
for managing your
father's estate.
And I'll send it to collection
soon, so if you'll excuse me.
JESSA: And just like
that, my life is packed away
into a small room,
with only memories
of the life I once had.
After my mother died, it
was just me and my dad.
We became very close.
Going through our
things reminded me
of how much he loved me.
He promised me he would
always love and protect me.
There's something
more to his death.
He wouldn't leave me
alone in this world.
Somebody took him from me.
We need to talk.
You scared the shit out of me.
We need to go somewhere and
talk, you're being followed.
Aren't you following me?
So you talked with my father?
Yeah, Bobby came to see me.
He said he had information
about corruption
within the police department.
He said he had evidence related
to the dropped investigation
involving Six Pack Sam.
The man that attacked me?
You think it was Six Pack Sam.
I don't know, I think so, maybe.
Okay, well, your dad thought so.
And he was wanting to dig deeper
into the Six Pack
Sam case files.
He wanted to meet with me and
give me something he found.
He never showed.
And the next morning, I saw the
headlines about his suicide.
Oh, that's bullshit.
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
Your father didn't feel
he could trust anyone.
He wanted to get it
out, whatever he had.
If I find something,
will you get it out there?
What are you doing?
I got a big
tournament coming up.
After we meet with
the board of directors
to hear the new
prison reform program,
I'm gonna need you to perform
an autopsy on Six Pack Sam.
After the meeting?
Yeah, just in case they
want to see him alive.
Need his blood extracted to
study the neuron chemicals?
You mean neurochemical?
And his brain (MUMBLES)
for further analysis.
Yes sir.
That's all.
Stay out of this area.
I've got a big
tournament coming up.
Yes sir.
That's it, just relax.
You're getting
very, very sleepy.
I'm sorry, I thought
I turned that off.
We've got a problem.
The boss wants Six
Pack Sam's blood.
And that's it.
Do you understand?
I heard.
I'm working on it as we speak.
Always one step ahead, my love.
See you soon.
Sorry about that.
Let's continue.
So good to see you.
I just don't understand,
he would never...
I know.
I know.
Brought you this.
Box of Bobby's
things from his desk.
Raymond brought it to
me a couple months ago.
I fucked up, forgot
I even had it.
That was always my
favorite picture of y'all.
Whoa, hey, this is Bobby's
snub nose 38 there.
It was his favorite gun.
Had a really nice pop.
You know, he never even
fired this damn thing though.
He actually never
even shot anybody.
Lucky bastard.
I hate guns.
I really would've liked
to hear Bobby's voice
on that thing right then.
"Got these for you for
when you wake up, sweetheart".
"Happy birthday, can't
wait to share it with you."
"I know you'd rather be fishing."
"Love, Daddy."
Sergio, it doesn't make sense.
The suicide.
You just got way too much
on your mind and that's all.
Just think...
JESSA: Anna.
I gotta go.
This is Sergio, one
of my dad's old friends.
Nice to meet you, Sergio.
Hey, it's nice to meet you.
Yeah, he used to be a
cop, worked with my dad.
Used to be?
I took one in the leg
and I'll show you the scar
sometime if you want to see it.
I'm a PI now.
Private investigator.
I gotta take this.
Boy, that is one tight
little sushi roll right there.
She's 25.
Hey, we all got our flaws, huh?
I'm so sorry, I have to go.
It was nice to meet you.
You leaving already, Anna?
Oh, come on now.
You just got here.
I know, but I got to...
Let me ask you something.
You want to call me anytime,
you feel free to, okay?
I'm a very, very
experienced investigator.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey, I'm gonna go too.
Gotta get my
prescription refilled.
I'm gonna go to
Mario's later tonight
if you want to talk about
any of this stuff, alright?
Baby, what's gotten into you?
We've never done anything
like this before.
Shut the fuck up.
That hurt.
I'm okay with that.
I know I've been working
a lot lately but I...
This is fantastic.
We needed to do this
a long time ago.
You know, maybe you should
go a little easy there.
Did we ever talk
about a safeword?
This is really uncomfortable.
No, stop!
Please don't.
Stop, please stop!
DR. CAMPBELL: Natasha, stop.
Dr. Campbell?
Campbell, the hell have
you done to my wife?
I injected her with NC18
and then planted a
hypnotic suggestion.
You did what?
You're gonna help me
break Six Pack Sam out
of the KORP facility.
The night of the board
room presentation.
I don't understand.
Why would I want to do that?
Well, if you don't,
I'm gonna call your
little wife here
and give a small, itsy
bitsy trigger word.
It's gonna send her upstairs
with a six inch butcher knife.
Where she'll stab your
two children to death.
I told her to really
concentrate on the face area.
I don't want your family
to recognize them.
It's gonna be a closed
casket funeral for sure.
And then after that,
your wife is gonna sit
on the front lawn, douse
herself in gasoline,
and strike a match.
Campbell, you're insane.
I'm not fucking insane!
Natasha, cut off his
fucking balls, will you?
Okay, okay, I'll do it!
- Stop.
- Stop.
Have a good night.
So what did you say to her?
What the hell did you say?
Come with me.
Let's go.
Fucker, fuck you!
Oh my god, that
was fucking great!
Who was that?
Oh, I don't know.
You followed me?
No, I didn't follow you.
I came back because I
wanted to talk to you.
I got worried about you
and it made me nervous
when I didn't see you, so
I watched him watching you.
Damn it.
You still don't trust me?
Hey, what do you say
we go get a drink?
Take my truck, see
you at Mario's.
Hey, I'm real sorry about that.
You know, I got this
at a party last night.
Probably shouldn't be
drinking after me anyway
because I've been
overseas a lot.
You a drunk?
Social drinker.
So you think something's
going on, huh?
Well, according to
you, I'm being followed.
And Bishop...
Wait, wait, Bishop?
Who's that?
The producer from that TV
show, Killers Never Caught.
That crime reenactment show?
Yeah, they did a
show on Six Pack Sam.
What, about rape?
He said he talked with Dad,
said Dad had something
he couldn't share
with the department.
Hm, well.
Good to see you, Joe.
Bishop sounds like
he's on the up and up.
Hang on a second.
How you been, friend?
Been good?
Alright, say hi to
your Billy for me.
MAN: Appreciate it.
Jesus, Sergio!
I don't think my dad
committed suicide.
Well, yeah.
Man, that suicide was terrible.
Why the card, the fishing trip?
Does that sound suicidal?
When I'm going through
stuff in storage,
it's like everything
is picked through.
No computer, no
files, no nothing.
Well, here's the thing
about cops, they're always...
Hey, how you doing tonight?
Good to see you.
You too.
You want me to get that
one out of the way for you?
Thank you.
Anything else?
No, that's it.
Oh, wait, bring me
another one, would you?
Thank you.
Like I was saying, cops, we
keep a lot of stuff bottled up.
You just can't get
anything out of us.
Did you see him before?
Who, your dad?
No, I didn't.
See, I been out of town a lot.
Heard from Raymond.
Where's Raymond?
Raymond moved.
But you know where he is.
(SIGHS) Well, you know,
he just left a message.
I don't have a cellular phone.
See, the thing is,
government listens
to everything you
say on a cell phone.
He told me Bobby was
dead, he was leaving town.
That's it.
Yeah, that's it.
Well, you know, we guys,
we don't really talk
about stuff that much.
Just said "Bobby's
dead, I'm moving."
Leaving, moving
town, which is it?
RAYMOND: Sergio, it's
Raymond, we gotta talk.
I gotta get out of town...
What's the difference?
Big difference.
Hey, hey, where you going?
I got more 'rita here.
Where the fuck are you going?
Finding out why my
father was murdered!
Whoa, murdered?
Hey, shh, come on.
Hey, we're alright,
we're okay around here.
People don't like that
word murder around here.
What do you care?
Hey, I am concerned, alright?
We just need to be
smart about this shit!
Damn, you don't
know shit about me
or what I been through.
We need to go get that police
report, that autopsy report.
Don't you worry
about that autopsy.
You just stop fucking
judging me, okay,
because I gotta eat, alright?
Disability ain't gonna
pay for everything.
I'm smart.
I can do this shit.
Now cops, well, they got a
yearly psych eval, right?
So we gotta go talk to
that fuckin' psychologist
and figure out what that
state of the mind was.
Who knows?
They might know what the
hell's going on in his mind,
you know?
Damn it!
You know, you're just
like your fucking dad!
You're just like him.
I'm so fucking sorry.
I am so sorry, honey.
I am so sorry I wasn't
there for you guys.
I'm sorry I wasn't
there for him.
But what you need to do is,
you need to stay with me, okay?
You just need to stick with me.
Come here.
Bobby loved you so much.
Bobby told me he had
something important
he wanted to tell me.
He asked me if I
could help him out.
Didn't you help him?
I can barely help myself, kid.
Hey, come on in.
No, you come on out here.
Okay, there's the money.
All you gotta do
is set the timer.
Instructions are
in the envelope,
along with schematics
of the building.
You got schematics, nice.
Yeah, man, I do good work.
Place the bomb exactly
where I marked.
It's right over
the main gas pipe.
It'll explode like
a nuclear bomb
and it'll burn hotter
than the bowels of hell.
It's nuclear, not nuclear.
Nuclear, nuclear, whatever, man.
Hey, we had a deal!
There is more to you than
meets the eye, Dr. Campbell.
Much, much more indeed.
Chief, do you have a minute?
Jessa, I'm real busy.
No, I need to know
what happened to my dad.
Your dad's case
was open and shut.
Well, he was never depressed.
I just want to know...
Look, what happened to
you hit him real hard.
Cops kill themselves
every day, kid.
There's too much stress
bottled up inside.
(SNAPS) You snap.
Autopsy reports, forensics,
they all pointed to suicide.
Well, can I see it?
Call my secretary and
you can see for yourself.
What about the
Six Pack Sam case?
Why was it closed?
Did you find the man
that almost killed me?
I'm sorry, Jessa.
Just leave it be.
Bad things happen to
good people all the time.
Dr. Fought, you did an
autopsy on my dad, Bobby Dixon?
I do a lot of autopsies.
I just want to ask
you a few questions.
Make an appointment with
my office like everyone else.
I have, nobody's
returned my calls.
I understand.
A lot of family members get
upset when somebody dies,
especially when it
comes to suicide.
My dad didn't kill himself.
You need a counselor, not me.
You scared me.
What are you doing?
Delaney told me that
you went down there
and bum rushed him, started
grilling him about Bobby.
You know just as well as I
do my dad didn't kill himself.
I need your help.
Look, your dad was sick.
In the head and in the heart.
He stopped eating,
he stopped sleeping.
I watched him
deteriorate, it was dark.
I'm sorry, but I wasn't surprised
when he killed himself.
You're gonna have to figure
out how to deal with that.
All these years and you're
just gonna turn like that?
Like a little fucking bitch?
(LAUGHS) I think you
better get yourself
a little professional help.
What are you so scared of?
Take care of yourself now.
In closing, I just
want to reiterate
how crucial forensic
psychology has been
in assisting the FBI and
local law enforcement
in the apprehension
and conviction
of some of the world's
most violent sociopaths.
So nature or nurture?
Tabula rasa.
Blank slate.
Did we as human beings
begin life as a blank slate?
Is our psyche
merely an impression
of environmental influences?
Wealth, education,
social privilege.
Or is our psyche based
on genetics alone?
Primal, natural instinct.
Or a combination of both?
So what do you believe, Doctor?
I believe...
I believe that's another
lecture within itself.
We'll see you next week.
Dr. Campbell, may I speak
with you for a moment?
I'm sorry, I'm actually
in quite a hurry.
It's important.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to...
Have we met?
I don't believe so.
My name is Jessa Dixon...
Jessa Dixon.
Yes, you knew my father...
Bobby Dixon.
Right again.
You remember him.
I did the psychological
assessment on him
for the police department.
He killed himself
a few months ago.
Yeah, tragic lie.
What do you mean?
I'd like to see my
father's psych report.
Maybe your notes, any tapes,
anything that can help me prove
that he did not commit suicide.
I can't do that, that's
privileged information.
For who?
I'm his daughter.
He's dead.
I'm the only family that's left.
I'm sorry, you'll have to
speak to the chief about that...
The chief isn't
cooperating, I need your help!
Jessa, your father
was investigating
one of the most violent
sexual predators of our time.
He was obsessed.
He wasn't eating, he
wasn't sleeping...
I know, I know,
I lived with him.
He was close, he was very close.
I don't think it
was a coincidence
that Six Pack Sam came after me.
I think that he
was just trying...
Trying to make your father snap?
I mean, raping and
murdering his little girl
is a good way to do that.
Your father was mentally
unstable, Jessa.
Prove it.
I did.
It's in the report.
Now I have to go.
I want to see it.
Don't you ever
fucking touch me again.
Who's the unstable one now?
See you around, Dr. Campbell.
Where you been all day?
Finding out what
happened to my dad.
Did you find anything out?
Oh, well, why don't you
give me back my keys?
You sober?
Well, I'm about as
sober as I ever get.
You know, I got a lady friend
says she's gonna help us
get that psych eval so...
Seriously, you have lady
friends living the way you live?
Are you gonna come
back inside or what?
In a minute.
I am a very charismatic
man, alright?
Tell you what, why don't we go
and pay that psychology
bitch a visit?
Here we go, we're gonna
just park right here
and just walk straight
up to the house
and see if she's home, okay?
Pager, really?
I don't use cellular
devices, alright?
The government can listen
to everything you say.
We gotta go.
Whoa, wait, we just got here.
My lady friend just texted me,
said she's got that
autopsy file report.
Now we've gotta go.
Well, can't she
just meet us here?
No, she can't.
You know, it is not
smart to throw a party
in front of the house
that you're staking out,
I'm just saying.
Are you sure you're Bobby's kid?
What are you doing?
I'll wait.
(GROANS) Are you serious?
I'll just keep an
eye on the place.
Just watch.
I'm serious!
Fucking kid's gonna
give me a heart attack.
Hey, it's me.
Yeah, I'm coming, I just
don't have a cell phone.
Wait a minute, are you talking
on the cell phone right now?
Shit, Maxine.
Hang it up right now, okay?
No, no, no, wait, wait, wait.
You gotta tell me where
I'm supposed to be coming.
I don't know where
I'm coming, come on.
Okay, great.
You got that file for me?
I got you the
entire police report.
Oh, wow, you sure
do look good, honey.
It's been a long
time, you sexy beast.
Come here.
Let's see what you got.
I just got these
highlights done, let me...
Oh, I think you look fantastic.
Why you just come...
I think I dropped something.
Normally it doesn't take
me that long when I...
So who is this bozo?
And she said, well, she
just started laughing
and I said "What's so funny?"
And she said, "Well,
you call him a bozo"
"and he's a rodeo clown."
Can you believe it,
he's a rodeo clown?
What is so funny about
rodeo clowns anyway?
I mean, their job is dangerous.
People get hurt and killed
and I don't see what's supposed
to be so funny about it.
It's not like he's a clown
in a circus or anything.
I'll tell you what, I
don't like circus clowns.
I think they're creepy.
My god.
My god.
JESSA: Hold on.
Help me, please.
Hardcore girl.
You about to get
the hammer, bitch.
No, no!
You okay?
Yeah, I think so.
Do you recognize him?
No, I don't.
Let's go.
SERGIO: You okay?
JESSA: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Did you get anything?
Oh, good.
Think anything's on here?
I don't know.
Let's go find out.
All you have to
do is set the timer.
Are you sure about that?
Listen, you fucking twit.
Unless you want
your kids carved up
like a Sunday roast, you
better pay attention.
All you have to do is give
him this last injection, okay?
He'll be under your
control, docile.
Wheel him to the north entrance.
There'll be somebody
there to pick him up.
I have a meeting with KORP
to go over the acquisition.
If all goes according to plan,
Six Pack Sam's gonna be worth
billions of dollars.
That's billions
with a capital B.
So why him?
What makes him so special?
We've got tons of patients.
He's my last trial.
He's the one, as they say.
He's proof that this works.
Six Pack's blood holds the
functioning neurochemical.
And my wife?
You really want to take
your chances with me?
Didn't think so.
Make sure you place it
exactly where it's marked.
This is the biggest piece
of shit I have ever seen.
Well, did you read
the full report?
Fuck no, it's just a bunch
of psychological mumbo jumbo
laced with fancy chemicals,
statistical bullshit.
Just give me the facts, give
me the things I need to know,
the bare bones shit.
I need to make a profit.
Well, hello, Dr. Campbell.
Thank you for joining us.
Yes, Dr. Campbell,
thank you so much
for taking time to be with us.
I know you've been very busy
with your psychological
voodoo chemistry clinic
that you've been
running with our money.
I'm sorry, I was...
Look, I don't give a
shit why you're late.
Just explain to me this program
you've been wasting my money on,
so that maybe I can salvage
a little bit and break even.
(LAUGHS) I was under the
impression I'd be speaking
to more members of the board.
I am the board.
And under the impression that
you'd be taller and blonde.
Fascinate me with
your great idea.
MAN: You Americans lead
the world in imprisoning
your own people in
privately owned prisons.
Funding for new prisons is
getting harder to come by.
Now, it's my understanding
that the shareholders
are looking for a more
consistent revenue stream.
Business is steady
and growth is stagnant.
With drug laws softening
and the growing disdain
for private prisons, yeah,
future projections are poor.
Prisons are full.
My work is built around
making them empty and...
You fucking kidding me?
You want to empty the prisons?
Don't you realize that the
people that I represent
make a shitload of money on
those prisons being full?
MAN: Imagine, if you will,
a world where KORP will profit
for every single
prisoner it releases.
How do you propose to
do that, Dr. Fancy Pants?
I created a drug called NC18.
With this drug and minimal
psychological programming,
KORP can reform prisoners into
becoming productive members
of society.
They'll be released under
the care of KORP counselors,
replacing the role
of a parole officer.
MAN: KORP counselors
will ensure each prisoner
will continue his or her
prescription of MC18.
KORP will manufacture the drug,
but of course it's paid for
by your American
federal government.
NC18 is designed
to be taken for life.
This is the cash cow that your
shareholders are looking for.
Is this legal?
MAN: I'm sure you can convince
your corrupt politicians
to go along with it.
Buying senators and
governors to do what's best
for corporate profits
is the American way.
MAN: Exactly.
What makes you so
sure this would work?
I've been working on
this drug for eight years.
I tested it on some of the
most dangerously violent men
in America.
And I just recently
transformed one
of the nation's most
violent sexual predators
into a calm, loving human
being with compassion
and empathy for human
life in general.
No, no, don't pull it!
Don't, please!
Well, this all sounds
very interesting.
But I'm gonna have to see
the test subjects myself.
I need to see if this
NC18 really works.
Not very catchy.
We're gonna have to come
up with something really...
Something that'll
bring in more profit.
This is kinda scary.
I know.
Used to be part of a
mental institution.
Stop, that's creepy.
I'm serious.
It's okay, darling.
Here to keep you safe.
Besides, your screams
won't be heard by anybody.
(LAUGHS) So you
are here to fuck me.
Hurry up.
Help me.
Who did this to you?
It's May.
What's up with the
Christmas lights?
My wife divorced
me on Christmas Day.
I'm sorry, I just...
Oh, hey, here's
that police report.
The entire thing.
Nothing out of the ordinary,
it's just shit clean.
That might be an oxymoron.
How'd you get this?
Want a margarita?
I just don't understand,
there's gotta be something here.
Why don't you take that
DVD, put it on the TVT,
and see if there's
anything on it?
Maybe it's one of
them sexy tapes.
My family?
Yes, tell me about Mother.
She's dead, she
died when I was eight.
How did Mama die?
Well, her screams woke me.
I walked down the hall,
I pushed open that door,
and there I saw my dad on top
of her, hands around her neck.
She was looking at me.
She reached her hand out.
I grabbed my daddy's
hammer and I hit him.
I hit him hard.
He hit harder.
I woke up, seen some
men putting my mom
on that bed with wheels.
She just stared at
me, her eyes empty.
My sister was over in
the corner, just crying.
What was your daddy
like after that?
I just started spending
a lot of time with Darcy.
I tried stopping him.
After a while, she just
didn't scream as much.
Tell me about the
first girl you raped.
BRUNO: My first?
The first time that you forced
a girl to have sex with you.
Do you remember?
Sure I do.
Tell me then.
I'd been walking out
after Daddy beat me.
He sure didn't like
me touching his beer.
And I was about 15.
My sister standing on the
back porch waiting for me.
She was just watching me.
Like I was something to see.
She was about 14.
I got Daddy's six
pack of beer out,
popped the top on one.
I sure was thirsty.
She just sat there watching
me drink that beer.
I don't know, like she
wanted me to do something.
And so I did.
It was easy, holding
her down too.
And the more she fought,
the more excited I got.
And she squealed so loud.
I remember putting my hand on
her throat to quiet her down.
She ended up passing
out, I got scared,
thought I done killed her.
I kept drinking that
beer, just staring at her.
And finally she woke up, scared.
Started in on her again.
I choked her till
she passed out.
I was about to
finish that last beer
when Daddy busted in.
He went to whooping me
good, knocked me down,
that was a doozy alright.
He's over there
checking on Darcy,
just cussing me, I'll tell you.
I grabbed me a
knife off that table
and I stabbed that
son of a bitch.
Stabbed Darcy a bunch too.
Till they lay there bloody
and couldn't tell
whose blood was whose.
I left that place,
never came back.
Oh, that blood was messy
but it sure was pretty.
You okay over there, Doc?
These lights sure are
something, I'll tell you.
What the fuck was that?
JESSA: I don't understand.
How is Dr. Campbell doing that?
Now you want a margarita?
Was that that guy that...
Did that to you, you know?
I'm sorry.
Why don't you have
a margarita now?
No, there was someone else.
Someone in a mask.
You want a margarita or not?
I'm gonna have another one.
I need to talk to the chief.
SERGIO: That sounds
like a good idea.
Let's visit the chief, huh?
Yeah, he's gotta know something.
Great ideas.
Jump in the car and head
over to Chief Delaney's house
and say "Hey, I think
you had something to do"
"with my father's death."
Is that it?
The facility is gone.
It seems that way.
Motherfucker, I don't
pay you for seems.
You better fucking know.
It's gone.
It's still burning.
It just exploded.
I don't know.
If I hear a seems, I don't know,
or any fucking response
that isn't beneficial to me,
Donny here is gonna paint
this joint with your skull.
Did anyone escape?
Six Pack Sam.
(LAUGHS) How convenient.
Every subject is implanted
with a tracking device
and a self destruct mechanism.
MAN: Why?
Sorry, why a self
destruct mechanism?
Donny, it's okay.
It's a legitimate question.
Because what's in his blood
is worth a shitload of money.
If I can't have it,
fuck everyone else.
Makes sense.
Find him, inject
him with that serum.
It will deactivate the poison
in the self destruct capsule
and sedate him so we can
send a team to find him.
Why didn't you put a GPS
tracking device inside of him?
Because if I can
track him through GPS,
so can everyone else.
And when does the self
destruct mechanism go off?
I don't know, I don't know.
That information
was in the facility.
But what I do know is
if he dies, you die.
I want to thank everyone
for coming out tonight
to the PUZI house party.
Let's get this party
bumping, shall we?
Dude, you look super
sexy right now, man.
And I'm not saying I'm
into dudes or anything.
My awesome personality
and your sex appeal,
we could do some serious
damage in this place,
you know what I'm saying?
Where's Dr. Campbell at?
(MUMBLES), get Puzi.
This is Jean's party, yo.
Then take me to Jean Puzi.
Oh, sorry!
Dude, get your own fucking room.
Wow, I just got like super wet.
Shut up.
You're so quiet.
Let's see if the monster
wants to come out and play.
What's wrong?
You gay or something?
You need your mommy
to get you hard?
Baby, you can't
get it up anymore?
I mean, seriously, if
you can't get hard for me,
then you must be a faggot.
Get off!
Who's limp now, bitch?
Dude, you're being a
little rough with her, man.
(LAUGHS) Getting sloppy.
Hiya, Sergio.
Now what the hell made you think
you could sneak up on me?
I know how much you
like your 'ritas.
How the hell'd you find me here?
I'm a detective,
that's what I do.
Looks like I caught
you slipping, detective.
Maxine told me you were
looking for the files on Bobby.
(LAUGHS) Bitch has
got a big fucking mouth.
I know it looks
bad, but seriously,
that girl is stirring
up a lot of trouble.
Trouble for who?
You're making a lot
of people nervous,
digging around Bobby's suicide.
Who am I making nervous?
Delaney nervous?
You nervous there?
You ain't IA.
Why don't you stick
to your little undercover
pharmaceutical operations
and let the cops do
all the heavy lifting?
Internal Affairs didn't
do shit for Bobby's suicide!
The shooting was clean.
Bobby was that way
because he couldn't stand
to see his little
girl like that.
Leave it be.
What the fuck do you know, huh?
Is Delaney paying you?
Is that why you're
so fucking hush hush?
Huh, Raymond?
Do I have to spell
everything out for you?
I'm trying to do you a favor.
Take the kid fishing.
I think I'm gonna stick
around here a while, Raymond.
I like the fish inland.
Bigger, fatter.
Does Jessa know that you're
still answering to Delaney?
You're a fucking cop?
You've just been lying to me?
Get the fuck out of here, Jessa!
Jessa, I fucked
up, I fucking lied.
Jessa, you gotta
understand, just don't go!
Don't fucking, don't go!
Don't go, Jessa!
Oh, you scared me.
Did you get him?
I didn't make it on time.
The place blew up.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
I tried.
You tried?
Look, you know I have your
back, I love you so much,
but this is getting so
crazy and out of hand.
We've gotta get out of here,
I can't do this anymore.
The sky lit up
and the ground shook
in what some have called
a nuclear detonation.
But in reality, it was
a gas line explosion
at KORP Facility just outside
of Austin city limits.
First responders
are on the scene
and officials have reported...
Numerous bodies scattered
all around the compound.
It is not yet known if
there are any survivors.
The mental health facility was
purchased by KORP Facility,
which plans to
transform into housing
for disabled veterans and
children with special needs.
It is not known if the
facility was fully staffed...
time of the explosion.
Where you going?
Where you going?
You're hurting me.
What's wrong with you?
The facility is gone.
I saw, on the news.
I tried calling you.
I was leaving to
go look for you.
Oh, so you were going somewhere.
You're scaring me.
I barely made it out alive.
I thought you were dead.
I will be if I
don't find Six Pack.
He's alive?
Andre gave me this.
What is that?
Get away from me!
Get away!
Get off!
Get away from me!
I'm so sorry.
Where's Dr. Campbell?
Where's Dr. Campbell?
I just did a rent
check every month, man.
I'll give you the address, okay?
The FBI is gonna be climbing
up my ass in the morning.
Don't tell me to calm
down, goddamn it!
You said everything
would be fine!
Well, it's not
fine, it's fucked!
Hello, hello?
Oh, you fucking asshole!
Oh, Jessa.
Phew, you scared
the shit out of me.
Whoa, what are you doing?
Get on your knees.
Look, let's just talk.
Get on your knees.
Jesus, woman, are
you fucking insane?
Get down on your fucking knees!
You're not gonna shoot me.
(GROANS) Oh, you fucking bitch!
You killed my father.
He killed himself.
What really happened?
I don't know!
He was going after the
Six Pack Sam psycho
and he just started
getting all crazy.
And then he shot himself.
You can't do it!
It's because you're barking
up the wrong tree, missy!
This whole thing is fucked.
We gotta get out of here.
What about KORP?
You said they were
gonna kill you?
They can't kill me
if they can't find me.
I'm not riding around looking
for this fucking psycho killer
with a goddamned
black box from 1950.
Fuck that shit.
What about the self
destruct mechanism?
What about it?
When did...
Why wasn't I informed?
They wanted insurance.
Fuck that psycho
killer and fuck KORP.
Get some things together.
We'll head up north.
I'm not going anywhere.
I've spent eight years.
What I've done is
I'm gonna find him.
You're crazy.
How does it work?
I assume it beeps
when he's close.
Did he find me?
That sure is a nice
box you got there.
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
Uh huh, so you gonna shoot me?
I'm gonna save you.
Oh, you gonna save me?
No, bitch, you're gonna
make me the way I was.
Surrounded by death.
Can I help you?
Sir, I apologize,
I know it's early.
Yeah, well, just get on with it.
You know, if you're
gonna sell me something,
you want a donation from me,
just give me your pitch, son.
No, no, sir, it's
nothing like that.
I used to live in this
house a long time ago
and I was wondering if...
You used to live here?
You were the owner?
They told me the man who
owned this place was dead.
I assure you,
I'm alive and well.
Well, so what?
Well, sir, look.
Sir, sir, sorry, please, look.
I was wondering if
I might look around.
You know, they told me
that a crazy psychotic serial
killer used to live here?
I bought this place
at a bank auction.
Probably just some tall tale,
trying to scare me off.
You can never be too sure, sir.
Yeah, come on in.
The fuck are you doing here?
Just can't believe I got
this place for the price I did.
I mean, look at this place!
It's just beautiful,
absolutely bea...
Oh, fuck is that, turpentine?
What do you want?
Where's Jessa?
I don't know!
What the fuck
are you doing here?
You'll fry for this!
Now this is that
shit you've been using
to fuck with my head, isn't it?
No, this is the antidote.
I want you to make
me the way I was,
when I could enjoy a woman.
What's that?
Bruno, you have to listen to me.
You need to inject
yourself with that...
Don't you boss me around.
You're a sick
fuck, you're lying!
No, I don't know!
You're fucking lying!
I don't know, I swear it!
Why can't I get my dick hard?
Please, please, you
have to listen to me.
There's a capsule in your neck.
It's gonna release
a deadly poison.
BRUNO: Don't you
feed me no side talk.
It's gonna kill you!
You gonna fix me, fix me now.
Oh my.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Can I get you anything?
Water, please.
It was a really good show.
This guy had a fucking
ball-peen hammer.
You know what they said?
You know what they said,
you know what they said?
They said that a fucking
ball-peen hammer,
perfect device to smash
some fucking toes.
What did you do?
You're puffing like a
motherfucking creep.
I think you do know shit, Chief.
Fuck you!
Before I get started
here, I want to tell you,
remember back in 1992?
Policemen's ball?
I did fuck your wife
in that coatroom.
You fucking asshole!
Now, stop moving your toes.
I'll tell you what
I told the girl!
Well, you better,
you fucking better not!
Shut your motherfuckin' mouth.
We got a long day
ahead of us, Chief.
That was a fucking warning shot.
Alright, water.
What's wrong with him?
He missed too many doses.
Without his medication,
his psyche's unstable.
He keeps going back and
forth between what he was
and what I'm trying to make him.
I'm so close to saving him.
You said something about
a self destruct capsule.
Yeah, in his neck.
That's why I need the serum.
You gotta help me grab that.
We've gotta inject him
in the neck with it.
He's a psychotic murderer,
I'm not gonna help you save him.
And you shot me in the arm.
were gonna shoot Bruno.
Bitch, I was trying to
save your fucking life.
Alright, got you water.
Bruno, you have to listen to me.
I just need you to
grab the syringe, okay?
And just stab yourself, just
inject it in your neck, okay?
Just grab the syringe.
No, she's tricking you.
No, I'm not.
She's trying to poison you.
I'm not, Bruno, I'm trying...
JESSA: She's
trying to poison you.
Shut the fuck up!
Shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
You know something, Chief?
I'm starting to think that you
might be telling the truth.
What was that?
My body, mind, soul,
instinct, desire,
anger, fear, hate.
My actions, violence, crimes.
My punishment, my
moment of revelation.
I am no use to
myself, I'm a project.
I am a burden, a menace.
I am told what I am by
those who created me.
I do as I've been designed.
Others do as they have
been designed to do.
Identity is given.
It is pressed into our
flesh, our mind, our soul.
Identity is not pure.
It is not free for us to choose.
Identity is a filthy silt.
I am the filter.
You remembered.
I remember you
fucking with my head!
Injecting me with poison.
Now you're gonna fix me.
Bruno, I...
That place over there,
that Bruno's place?
Where you sent all
those men in black?
That was you, wasn't it?
Where is it?
Where the fuck is it?
Fuck you.
Tell me where it is!
Fuck you!
No, no, please, no!
BRUNO: You will fix it now.
I didn't do anything.
BRUNO: Why can't
I get my dick hard?
Oh, you like that, don't you?
Father's dead, committed
suicide, shot himself.
Your dad was sick.
I wasn't surprised
when he killed himself.
JESSA: Did he seem okay to you?
He was optimistic.
Bobby told me he had
something important
he wanted to tell me.
And that it's related to
the dropped investigation
involving Six Pack Sam.
JESSA: I don't think
it was a coincidence
that Six Pack Sam came after me.
Like I think that
he was just trying...
Trying to make your father snap?
I mean, raping and
murdering his little girl
is a good way to do that.
Your father was mentally
unstable, Jessa.
JESSA: Prove it.
I did, it's in the report.
Now I have to go.
I want to see it.
Don't you ever
fucking touch me again.
Jessa, leave it be.
Bad things happen to
good people all the time.
You're just like
your fucking dad!
You got this, girl.
No, no!
Get over there.
MAN: Damn, take it easy.
SERGIO: Hey, baby, you alright?
Is this really necessary?
Where is he?
Just get out of here.
Just get out of here, you
stay away from that guy, okay?
Oh shit!
Oh, shit.
RAYMOND: Get out of here, go on.
Oh shit.
Bruno, listen to me, please.
I'm just trying to save you.
I swear to you, I'm
just trying to save you.
Bruno, please, you've got...
Bruno, listen, look at me!
Look at me, look!
I'm your sister, I'm your
sister, I'm your sister.
Stabbed Darcy a bunch too.
They laid there bloody
and couldn't tell
whose blood was whose.
RAYMOND: Get the fuck off her!
MAN: Every subject is
implanted with a tracking device
and a self destruct mechanism.
You killed my father!
Why won't you fucking die?
Say hi to your dad for me.
Why are you helping me?
We're family.
JESSA: My dad used
to tell me "At his best",
"man is the noblest
of all animals."
"Separated from law and
justice, he is the worst."
Now I know Aristotle said
that before my dad did,
but it doesn't make
it any less true.
I will bring my father's
killer to justice
if it's the last thing I do.
I'm just happy I have someone
I can trust by my side.
I'm gonna find Six Pack Sam
and I'm gonna kill
the motherfucker,
if it's the last thing I do.