Initial D: Third Stage (2001) Movie Script

Bring it back, yo, rock'n roll!
Life goes on. I was content with a little bit of hope
Life goes on. manzoku shiteta sukoshi no kibou dake de
If I wait for it, someone will automatically set up my future
mattereba dareka ga mirai kimetekureteita
Just got to get yo back and bring it back on
Just how small I was. Bust it up!
nante chiisai jibun nandarou
Here we go, 1, 2
Move it up and break it!
Now, let's run to your dream
ima sugu yume made hashirou
Bring back yo it's the right time, hey boy, rock'n roll!
Gamble, you gotta chance to make a rumble!
It's a stage on the edge
giri giri no stage
( Oh, yeah )
Gamble, you gotta dive into a scramble!
ichi miri mo mayowazu
Not even a millimeter of hesitation
( Check it out come on! )
There aren't many things that you should hold so dear
mamoru beki mono nante jitsu wa sonnani nai
Give it up yo! Give it up yo!
Act a bit tough and bet with everything you have
sukoshi dake tsuyogatte kakemasyou zenbu
Play the game!
Let's gamble, hey jumbo, now shake your bum and do the rumble
surudoku line wo sanbon tension agarippanashi de banbo
Three sharp lines and ever-rising tension
The move's three appear while everyone's asleep
toujo move sanninshuu minasama no anmin cyuu
Even if they call us annoying for all the noise...
bakuon de omaera uzai toka iwaretatte enento...
That's all.
Hey, you wanna stop by the cafe?
Sounds good.
What about you, Natsuki?
I have a job.
What? You have a job?!
What a surprise...
Hey, let's go eat.
Hungry already?
Hey, Takumi?
What's up?
With what?
Well, I'm talking about your car, obviously.
It's fine. I can drive at my own pace.
You said it was hard to drive after the engine was swapped out.
It changed drastically after the tachometer was installed.
The car is fast.
Geez, I want to say the same phrase at least once.
Give me a ride on the mountain pass someday.
I don't mind, but you'll be scared.
What do you mean by that?
You'll faint.
How dare you say that?
Thank you very much!
Takumi, what're you looking at?
Can I ask you something?
What is it?
How did you learn so much about mechanics?
I played around with motorcycles when I was in high school.
Once I got my own car, it became even more fun.
I became familiar with mechanics before I noticed it.
Takumi, you seem more interested in mechanics.
I finally realized it, although I'm still uncertain.
For example...
...after the tachometer was installed, and the
engine was revved up higher... changed the characteristics of the car.
I didn't expect that a mechanical change would
affect the driving style that much.
There's a limit to what a driver can do... I think I'll have to learn a lot more.
I've realized that.
Takumi has awakened!
What progress...!
You didn't even know it was called an Eight-Six until this summer.
But after your debut on Akina's downhill,
you won one race after another.
We had so much trouble dragging him to the battle.
Yeah, but it's a pleasant memory now.
I don't like battles.
He isn't braking in the hairpin?!
What was that?
I have no choice but to accept challenges?
I don't like that.
W...what the...?!
From outside?
I'll do anything, even if it's a gum tape death match!
I can clear corners faster if I steer less.
I don't understand how he can pass me!
This is my battle.
I...I'll race my way.
We can't win.
We've chosen an outclassing monster.
He's improving, one race after another.
I don't think I'm faster. I really don't.
Fujiwara Takumi, you were faster.
See you again.
Takumi is improving race by race.
He's been devoted lately.
It's such a big improvement.
A white FC?
Let's see...
...just fill it up with high octane.
It really is the White Comet of Akagi, Takahashi Ryosuke.
Filling it with high octane.
I have something I want to talk to you about.
Can I see you after work?
See me?
If you don't have time, I'll ask you some other day.
No, it's no problem.
Once I get off work, I'll be free.
Then, once you're off, call me.
This is my cell phone number.
I'll be waiting.
Thank you very much.
Hey, hey, Takumi!
What did Takahashi Ryosuke have to say?
I'm not sure.
Why're you blushing?
No, I don't really...
I don't know why, but I become nervous when he gets near.
Out-of-prefecture expeditionary team?
Gather a small number of highly skilled drivers from this area...
...visit mountain passes outside the prefecture
and challenge the locals.
Rewrite their course records, leave a legend behind and disband.
Unfortunately, I don't have much time left.
I think my limit is one year.
I want to see the end of the game before then.
Let me come right to the point.
I need your technique.
Would you join our expeditionary team as a driver?
You're the one who stopped my consecutive win record.
Of course, this is my game...
...but if you cooperate, I think I can make
it rewarding for you.
You've been driving with your talent and sense only...
...but you'll soon face something like a wall.
To overcome that wall to reach a higher level...'ll need driving skills based on sound theory.
Haven't you begun to realize that you'll need
knowledge to drive even faster?
I know it...
...because you're the same type of driver as my brother.
You'll be unmatched when your talent is backed up by theory.
I'll teach you what you want to know.
It's best to learn it in a racing environment.
Let's do it together.
You don't have to answer now, but think about it.
I'm looking forward to an affirmative answer from you.
You were invited to join a new team being
formed by Takahashi Ryosuke?!
He said it's a special expeditionary team
to race outside the prefecture...
...which'll last for only one year.!'s super cool big news!
I wanna tell Iketani now!
Please don't stir things up.
I'm still thinking about it.
What's there to think about?!
My first battle was only this summer, and it
hasn't even been half a year.
I've just become more interested in cars.
I'm wondering if I deserve to be on that team.
What're you talking about?
You've been driving to deliver tofu since you
were in 7th grade, haven't you?
There shouldn't be a problem.
I want to join, even if I'm only a gofer!
Too awesome!
My rival is getting even farther ahead!
In any case, I've been confused since last night.
I feel like I have a few things I have to do
before I join the team.
So that's what Takahashi Ryosuke had to say.
It's incredibly big news, isn't it?
Yeah, Takahashi Ryosuke is the most
charismatic of the road racers.
He's the king of the mountain pass and has so many victories.
Of course, it was Takumi who defeated him... if they cooperate, it'll be a strong team, but...
I'm confused.
Takumi is the hero of Akina.
Don't you feel like the Red Suns are taking him away?
I support the idea of Takumi going even further.
I want him to improve even more.
It's acceptable if we think of it as letting
Takahashi Ryosuke train Takumi for a year.
Expeditionary team, huh?
We thought about the same thing before.
He should do it.
Takumi isn't someone who'll be satisfied only in Akina.
An engine blow means defeat.
Yes, it's me.
Sorry, but this has nothing to do about what
we talked about last night.
It's not entirely unrelated, but I want to know something.
The leader of the Emperor team?
You mean Sudo Kyoichi?
Yes. Do you know where I can find him?
Kyoichi is an old acquaintance... I know how to reach him whenever I want.
...want to race with him
when another chance comes.
I see.
Where are you going to race?
On his home ground.
Kyoichi's home course is the Iroha Slopes in Nikko.
He's extremely tough to beat on his home course.
He has a strong fighting instinct despite his attitude.
I like the idea of visiting the enemy's territory.
It's a necessary quality to be able to drive faster.
Tochigi Prefecture
This is Fujiwara Tofu Shop.
Hello, this is Takeuchi.
Oh, Takumi?
He's not home.
Not home?
He went out with the car?
I don't know.
So, this is the Iroha Slopes.
I thought it was strange because there were two roads
with the same name on the map...
...but now that I'm here, I understand.
Each up and down lane is one way, and they're separated.
I didn't know of a road like this.
This downhill is incredible.
H...hey, that was...
Huh? Say what?
Hey, look.
...Akina's Eight-Six?!
Huh? What did you say?
Alright, I got it.
Kyoichi, it's a call from the base.
It's most likely him, and he's climbing fast.
Brother, are you in?
Keisuke? What's up?
I was informed that Akina's Eight-Six was
headed for the Iroha Slopes.
I see.
I thought so.
You already knew?
Sort of.
Does he want revenge?
I don't think he's really that
concerned about winning or losing.
He must have gone to the Iroha Slopes to prove something.
Here he comes.
What? The sound is different from the previous Eight-Six.
A while ago...
...I heard that a small shop in Shibukawa had
a strange engine from an unofficial source.
Strange engine?
Although it's no longer around...
...there was once a popular touring car race category, called Group A.
You remember that, don't you?
Is it a Group A engine?
Most likely.
TRD = Toyota Racing Development
If it's an engine built by TRD, which was in the AE101 of Group A... can produce 240 hp at above 11000 rpm out of
its 1.6 liter natural aspirated engine.
It's an ultra high performance engine.
It's been detuned for street use and is sitting
under the hood of Akina's Eight-Six.
Even if it's a racing engine, there's a limit to
the power a 1.6 liter NA can produce.
Did you fix the Eight-Six?
Do you remember what I told you in Akagi?
I said I'd put off the match until you got a
better and more competitive car.
This is different from the previous car.
To me, this is a better car.
Won't this do it?
It's an unfinished battle.
I'll settle it here.
What I'm interested in isn't the power...
...but the cornering.
The sporting ability will drastically improve by installing that engine.
Its potentially superior cornering performance
will be even more refined.
It might be able to equal Kyoichi's misfiring system.
This is a one round downhill match.
When we approach the base, there will be three bridges.
The goal is at the end of the third bridge.
You go ahead and I'll follow.
If you maintain your advantage until the goal, you win.
If I pass you, I win.
Is that alright?
But if so...
If you think I'm at a disadvantage, that's an insult.
Don't forget that the Iroha Slopes are my home course.
Unless I give you a handicap, it won't be a fair match.
If you want to say something, I'll listen to you after the race.
Let's begin.
The Iroha Slopes' downhill is like an autocross
course with a steep slope.
No one can defeat Kyoichi.
He learned his technique in autocross, so he's
the master of slow speed corners.
I see. It's a little faster.
Unlike a turbo, it's got the extended acceleration
of a mechanically tuned car.
But no matter how you tune the car, it's an Eight-Six after all.
I've got 350 HP.
It's an incredible high rev engine.
What an attitude.
Do you think you can match my misfiring system with such a trick?
No matter what kind of car I race against,
I can't lose here.
Just like Ryosuke rules in Akagi, I'm the emperor here.
I won't miss my target once I aim at it.
He's right on my tail.
I just have to push myself as much as possible.
The slope will level out soon, so the
Eight-Six will lose speed.
You won't be able to get away from my counterattack.
The biggest pitfall of this course... that after driving the slow corners, the senses
can't re-adjust to high speed ones.
Even experienced road racers tend to be caught by this trap.
Because it's a natural human reaction,
as well as a technique.
No one can switch to the high-speed mode...
...except one person.
The White Comet of Akagi, Takahashi Ryosuke...
He's the one.
A bridge?
The goal is near?!
The steep slope is over before the first bridge.
You'll need real power now.
I'll show you the winning formula of Sudo Kyoichi.
Second one.
It's a high speed right bend, like a catapult.
It's such a scary feeling after having gotten
used to the slow speed section.
An optical illusion makes the road look narrower...
...and you can't approach the outside enough.
Once I poke my nose out just a bit...
...I'll win the match.
The third bridge...!
The inside and outside positions will
be reversed on the bridge.
It's my usual finish.
When we drive side by side, everything will be over.
I see it.
Should I?
No way!
Do you want to die?!
You're going too fast!
You can't turn!
It will turn.
Please turn, my Eight-Six!
Can I?
The key point of the battle...
...was the position switch in the left bend
just before the third bridge.
An ordinary Eight-Six couldn't make that turn.
A driver with normal senses wouldn't dive into the corner like that.
Were you certain?
I usually see it.
Even at that time, I was able to visualize the line
the outside tires were going to follow.
I thought I'd be able to clear it at the very edge,
so I didn't step on the brake and let it go.
I can't explain it well, but it happens all the time.
When I can see it, I can go.
I see.
It's a weird car.
It's not a car everyone can master, but I admit...'s a good car.
You do?
I lost.
See you whenever we have a chance.
I'm so glad, but I don't feel like I won.
It was more like a tie, to be fair.
Hey, Takumi, get up.
You were out late last night.
Where did you go?
Iroha Slopes.
Dad, starting today, this'll happen more often.
Coming back home just before going on the delivery.
As long as you come back in time for the delivery, I don't mind.
Anyway, here.
I don't want you to doze off and damage the tofu,
so try not to spill the water.
I know.
Well, I'm off.
I heard that you raced against the Evo III on the Iroha Slopes.
You know about that already?
News like that spreads quickly.
Winter is near.
Our expeditionary team will become fully active...
...when the ice on the street melts next spring.
You're going to join our new team, aren't you?
If my brother's time limit is one year...
...I want to spend that year trying my best
to help my brother realize his dream.
The kind of catharsis waiting at the end of
the great game he's so devoted to...
I want to know what it is.
You'll become incredibly fast after my
brother trains you for a year.
But I'll train myself to go beyond that.
Until then, our rematch will be postponed.
When the year is over, I'll defeat you and try to turn pro.
I'll become big in the major arena.
Join us, and let's do it together.
What incredible people they are...
Is that true?
It's true.
It was a one round match on the Iroha Slopes
against Sudo of the Emperor team.
And the result?
Takumi said it was a tie.
A tie?
Yes, but he looked satisfied.
He should.
Everyone knows how fast Sudo is.
Besides, it was his home course.
That new engine in the Eight-Six must be something incredible.
Takumi's technique is really great...
...but if it can equal the potential of the Lan Evo...
That's big news in itself.
Big news?
Yes, Takumi has obtained a machine in which he
can utilize his full potential for the first time.
The real undefeated legend of Akina's
Eight-Six might be starting now.
High octane. Ah...twenty.
High octane, twenty liters.
Oh, wait.
Fifteen is fine.
Are you the driver of Akina's Eight-Six?
No, I'm not. Who are you?
I was told that I could find the driver of
Akina's Eight-Six here.
I'm Kogashiwa.
He can't be.
Here I go.
Don't go over there. It's dangerous.
Here's an order.
Fast burger, small fries and straight ice tea, one of each.
He's not here right now, but he will be at five o'clock.
Oh yeah, he said he was going to stop somewhere.
Okay, I'll come back later.
Sir, you said you're Kogashiwa.
I might be mistaken...
...but could Kogashiwa Ken be your...?
Kogashiwa Ken is my father.
Thank you!
Manager, could you tell us about that customer?
What was that all about?
You mean Kogashiwa Ken?
Yeah, yeah. Who is he?
It's been such a long time since I've heard his name.
I wonder how long it's been.
Twenty years?
No, I guess it's even longer.
Bunta and I went around to many mountain passes.
Kogashiwa Ken was a rally driver from the Iroha Slopes...
...and he was Bunta's toughest rival.
His driving was outrageous.
They raced many times, and Bunta won a very decisive match.
I haven't heard of him since then.
Takumi's father was a legendary road racer,
and Fujiwara Bunta's rival...
His son has grown so much, and then
comes to see Takumi...
Pretty good skill...
What was that?
What happened?
I felt a shock just passing each other.
I don't know why, but this is great.
A challenge for a battle?
It appears that's what he wanted to do.
That's right.
It was a SW20 with Tochigi tags.
It's a midship, so its combat potential is high.
The midship has the engine behind the driver.
Most cars have the engine in the front,
but the midship is just the opposite.
In the case of rear wheel drive, it's better
to have the engine toward the rear.
The rear tires don't skid when you open the throttle.
So it has better acceleration at a corner's exit.
Agility is improved if a heavy engine
sits near the center of the car.
And all Formula One cars are midship. he comes!
Hello, this is Fujiwara Tofu Shop.
Kogashiwa Ken?
What's going on?
I wonder how long it's been since I've heard your voice.
So you're the driver of Akina's Eight-Six.
I heard that you defeated Sudo of the
Emperor team on the Iroha Slopes.
Sudo was my target.
That annoying Evo III was said to be unbeatable in our area...
...but I was confident that I could defeat him.
But you stole my thunder.
Naturally, you've become my target.
I want to challenge you.
How about it?
I wouldn't say I defeated the Evo III...
...but if that's what this is about, I won't run away.
I can't say when, but I'll go to the
Iroha Slopes before the snow season.
Alright, then.
I'm looking forward to it.
My name is Kogashiwa Kai.
What's yours?
Fujiwara Takumi.
I'm afraid that I'm working right now, so...
Yeah, sorry about that.
Oh, one more thing.
Were you driving on Akina a while ago?
Never mind then.
What're you doing, dad?
...someone in a car called a SW20
came to see you today, right?
How did you know?
Are you going to race him?
I don't want to run away.
You'll lose.
Dad, I went to see Akina's Eight-Six.
I see.
So you're going to race against Fujiwara's son.
Do you know him?
Yeah, because of my connections.
Kai, there is a strategy to defeat Akina's Eight-Six.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
Takumi, don't ignore me.
I have something I want to talk about.
Can you meet me later?
Why me?
We're friends, aren't we?
You told me we weren't really going out...
...but we're friends, aren't we?
If you're my friend, why can't I ask you for some advice?
Takumi, wait!
Please meet with me!
I'm busy.
When are you going to go to the Iroha Slopes?
I've decided to do it, so the sooner the better.
The situation won't improve, even if I put it off... I'm going tonight.
No kidding.
Are you serious?
I'm serious.
Tomorrow is Saturday, so we only have half a day of school.
Even if I can't sleep well tonight,
I won't have to worry too much.
You're incredibly decisive.
By the way, what about the new team?
You're joining, aren't you? Did you give him an answer?
Not yet.
Not yet?
It'll be spring when the team takes real action.
I still have time until then, so I'm going to think about it.
I know I want to, but I'm hesitating.
Both Ryosuke and Keisuke are great, and they have a clear goal.
All I want to do is drive faster.
Are you going?
I see.
He's a tough one.
Why don't I give you some advice?
What's gotten into you?
Shut up and listen.
I'll only say it once.
Your overtake point is on the last bridge.
Your opponent will be ahead of you at that time.
You don't know that.
Listen, Kai.
Your opponent is Fujiwara's son.
He must have splendid technique.
In order to win, it's important to have
not only technique, but also a strategy.
I'll tell you the strategy to defeat Fujiwara's son.
First, let him get ahead.
Are you out of your mind?!
How can I take your advice?!
If you let the one who seems faster
get ahead, that means defeat!
If you do it straight, you have no chance at winning!
Sure, if you do it straight, you won't be able to pass him.
That's why a strategy is called for.
Sometimes there are lines inside the
inner shoulder on the Iroha Slopes.
You want me to take that line?!
Are you sure, dad?!
I don't know what'll happen to the car!
It's alright, just do it.
Passing your opponent is like a knock out in boxing.
You should be concerned about this way
of winning, which is obvious to everyone.
Listen, Kai, the attack point is just after the mid section.
Keep up with him no matter what, until that point.
Tochigi Prefecture
He's been intensively trained by his father,
and he's been winning in kart since he was little.
Why is someone so earnest racing in the street?
Who knows.
At least he was the fastest motorcycle
rider on the Iroha Slopes.
Oh, remember Iwaki Seiji of the Emperor team,
who drives the white Evo IV?
Yeah, that stinking jerk, who ties his hair back.
When the Emperor team invaded Gunma, he defeated everyone.
That Iwaki guy was easily defeated by the SW recently.
Not you again.
No, I'm not going to mess with you guys tonight, Iwaki.
I just wanted to say hi.
Say "Hi"?!
I'm racing against Akina's Eight-Six tonight.
Say what?
We can't let the outsider defeat us again.
I'll stop him, Sudo.
You little...!
It'll be an interesting match.
Akina's Eight-Six and an ex-kart driver, Kogashiwa...
I'm interested in how it'll turn out.
Thanks for coming.
Don't you want a warm up run?
I already took one.
I got here early, so I've driven it once.
Then let me explain the rules.
Start at the same time...
...and the goal is the end of the third bridge.
The one who pulls away, wins.
Is that alright with you?
Let's begin.
No doubt.
That panda Trueno is the Eight-Six
I passed on Akina.
So at that time...
...the one who was at the steering wheel
was Fujiwara Bunta, who defeated my dad.
And he is his son.
When I met him at the gas station,
I didn't sense it, but now I do.
He's fast.
I'm getting excited.
I've got to do it.
Okay, got it.
They're going to start.
I was told that I could see an interesting battle.
Do whatever you want.
It's windy tonight.
This could be bad.
There must be many dry leaves along the shoulder of the street.
This could be the factor that determines the result of this battle.
Unpredictable leaves...?
Takumi, how's it going?
Don't expect too much, okay?
Don't you have a plan?
Didn't your father say anything?
Well, he said something, but he didn't make sense.
Hey, give us a break.
I just have to do my best.
Good luck, Takumi.
I believe that you'll outrun him.
Let's start!
Wow, the Eight-Six took off!
You're fast, Takumi!
The midship has the advantage at the start.
The new engine of the Eight-Six is awesome.
It's fast.
That's not an ordinary Eight-Six.
Its engine is more powerful than my two-liter 3S.
Dad said it'd be like a KO, if I pass him.
Fine, that's what I want, too.
I'll outrun your fast Eight-Six.
Okay, got it.
The Eight-Six is ahead at the start.
Kogashiwa is just a big talker.
Even Kyoichi couldn't pass him.
Now that he let him get ahead, that non-turbo
SW doesn't have a chance.
I wonder.
I was so confident of my counterattack near the goal...
...that I got careless.
I refused to pull any nasty tricks and tried for a clean run.
My sense of pride got to me.
If he plays dirty, Kogashiwa has a chance.
What do you mean?
It's the line.
There are special lines on the Iroha Slopes,
known only by the locals.
An ex-kart driver'll use his left foot for braking.
Leaving the right foot on the gas pedal...
...he uses the left foot to brake and shift
the load forward to eliminate understeering.
That way, he can dive into a corner at full throttle.
I bet there are things only the locals know in
a distinctive mountain pass like this.
Kogashiwa must have a plan, so Takumi's at a disadvantage.
But Takumi's father defeated Kogashiwa's
father here before, didn't he?
Yeah, I thought he gave him some advice...
...but Takumi said he didn't make sense.
He'll be in trouble.
There're so many leaves tonight.
And because of the wind, there are
piles of them here and there.
This is tough. If I go over them,
I'll instantly lose control.
But the Eight-Six is ahead me,
so this is even harder on him.
He doesn't know when he's gonna skid.
It's so hard to drive.
I'd better let the car drift itself.
Skid the rear early and let all four wheels drift.
What the...?!
Into the pile intentionally?
So a sloppy street is easier to drift on.
You're tough, Fujiwara Takumi.
A cheap trick won't work.
There are lines inside the inner shoulder
of the hairpins of the Iroha Slopes...
The timing for trying that is important.
Yes, this is corner no. 33.
The sound of their exhausts is getting louder!
They're approaching this hairpin!
When they arrive, report.
It's about to start.
I have a bad feeling.
I don't know what it is, but he's
going to do something.
I can't wait, dad.
Is it alright to do it now?
I can feel it.
Something's going to happen!
I should attack in corner 33!
There they are!
They're here! The Eight-Six is ahead!
What the...?!
What?! What happened?!
What? The SW took the inside of the inner line?
He passed the Eight-Six?!
The Eight-Six was passed?
Local special, huh?
So you did it, Kogashiwa.
The SW passed the Eight-Six?
Huh? In corner 33?
Hey, this is getting to be a more heated battle.
How did he do that in a hairpin like this?
Did you hear?
This battle is hard.
Sorry about that, but the line inside
the inner shoulder is in the air.
The Iroha Slopes hairpins have a big height gap.
It's the ruleless driving of the locals.
I've won this race!
I'll lose.
At this rate, I'll lose.
What do you think, brother?
There are eleven hairpins left, so I
don't know who will win yet.
What do you mean, Ryosuke?
Kyoichi, the race is going as you expected...
...but don't you think he made his move a little too early?
Early moves give the opponent time
to recover from mental shocks.
I see them.
This is corner 37.
At this rate, the gap will widen more.
Damn, what a guy.
Okay, I'd better do it again.
He jumped.
What a guy!
He managed to jump on the first try!
He's got all the senses of a mountain pass driver.
But once you let me get ahead, you have no chance.
I'll keep this pace until the goal.
The line can't be blocked no matter what?!
Why didn't you tell him about it?
When you go down the Iroha Slopes, there are
bridges and a tunnel, aren't there?
I told him that the last point is the only place he can attack.
I said he would undoubtedly be behind.
He looked confused, but I wonder if
he's figured it out by now or not.
Did you give him any advice on how to pass?
Sort of.
If he understands what I said...
...he has a fifty percent chance of overtaking him.
Only fifty percent?
That's low.
Of course.
His opponent is running away like hell.
Bunta, this time you'll be the one who's frustrated.
He's very good.
Watching from behind, I can see it well.
We're almost the same on the straightaway,
but he's so fast in corners.
I'm struggling just to keep up with him.
How can I overtake him?
I'll lose like dad said.
Come to think of it, what was he saying?
The overtake point is at the bridge section.
Your opponent will be ahead of you at that time.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
This is more important, so shut up and listen.
Dry leaves start to pile up on the
Iroha Slopes this time of year...
...and that's where your chance is.
Once you poke your nose in on the first bridge...
...two cars can enter the second, although it's tight.
You have the technique to stay right beside him.
While tangled up and entering the third
bridge, only luck will decide the match.
Do your best.
So dad knew that Kogashiwa would use the jump.
But I don't know what to do next.
Dry leaves are starting to pile up...?
What should I do?
One more left.
The next is the last hairpin curve
You can't do anything in the medium-high speed section.
I feel good, dad.
Everything is going as planned.
I can see the edge of asphalt through the dried leaves.
I got it.
He meant to do "it."
Now, that's the last chance!
What the...?!
How did he accelerate like that?!
What the hell happened?!
Dammit all!
Here they come!
Who's ahead?!
They're side by side!
Shit, if one misses the line, both'll hit the concrete wall!
I lost.
A local driver was defeated because of the fallen leaves?
But you're awesome, Fujiwara Takumi.
The Eight-Six won.
Kogashiwa spun out just before the goal.
I see.
Let's go home, Keisuke.
Fujiwara Takumi...
...he'll be big.
So big that he won't stay in the Gunma area.
I understand why Ryosuke favors him.
And he's a driver who will eventually surpass Ryosuke.
Okay, we'll head home, too.
It's over.
The Eight-Six won!
Banzai! Takumi won!
The new legend of Eight-Six has begun.
Akina's Eight-Six is so awesome.
Hey, don't cry, Iketani.
But I'm so glad.
I can't keep from crying!
Thanks for dodging me.
I didn't get hit because of you.
This is my father's car, so I wanted to return it without any dents.
Same with me.
I passed by the Eight-Six in Akina once.
I thought I wouldn't be able to win...
...even though I wasn't going to race against your father.
It was so sensational.
Now that I'm defeated, my premonition was right.
It's shocking to lose in my own home area,
but it was a meaningful experience.
You and your father are great.
Why don't we race again someday?
I'll train myself hard.
It's cold today.
Takumi, don't you have a pocket warmer?
I don't.
I hate the cold weather and the dry wind.
Takumi, what're you going to do after you graduate?
You aren't going to college, are you?
Are you going to a vocational school or something?
Don't know.
If you haven't decided, how about applying
here as a full-time employee?
I'm gonna ask the manager to hire me
as a full-timer starting in April.
Why don't you?
You'll waste your time if you hesitate.
Bye then.
It's different, isn't it?
Your seat and the driving feeling is different from before.
Hey Takumi, what're you going to do on Christmas?
I dunno.
Are you going to have a party at home?
We haven't done anything special for Christmas since I was little.
I don't have a mom either.
Anyway, what did you want to talk about?
I broke up with the man in the Benz.'s none of my business.
You're lying.
If you thought so, you wouldn't ignore me.
Because you're involved with me, you ignore me.
We went to the beach in summer and kissed...
Because you think you were betrayed, you're upset, aren't you?
I'm sorry.
It's cold.
Winter is near.
I want to be your friend again.
I can't.
I can't change my mind so easily.
I don't like it either!
I won't give up!
I'll restore our friendship!
I want to ask you something.
You're popular... if you wanted to go out with
someone else, he'd be easy to find.
That's not like you to say that.
Why me?
I don't have any reason.
It's because I love you of course!
Thank you!
senpai... might snow anytime.
Sure, it's cold today.
Anyway, Itsuki, what're you going to do on Christmas?
What am I...?
It's so obvious.
Have a party with your friends?
It's the last Christmas during your high school life.
No, I'll be working.
I have to change the tires of my Levin
to the studless ones before winter.
Hey, just like me.
What about Takumi?
He's completely out of it.
Especially today.
Hey, dad...I...
I'll graduate soon, so...
Do whatever you want.
Either take over the tofu shop or whatever...
How can you be free on Christmas Eve?
Don't you have anywhere else to go?
Don't say that.
No matter where I go, it's tough for Mr. Lonely.
There are couples wherever you look.
Why don't we go out and eat something good?
Sounds good.
What're you going to do?
Of course I'll go, because I'm free.
What about you, Takumi?
I don't have any money, so I'd better not go.
You're not sociable.
Tofu shop...Tofu...
There, I finally found it.
Okay, here I go.
It's getting cold.
It must be snowing on the mountain.
I mean...I'm a friend of Takumi's.
He hasn't come back from work yet.
I see...
It's alright. It's nothing.
She looks like a peddler.
Hey, ah...
Your bag seems heavy.
If you came to see my son, he'll be back soon... why don't you come in and have some tea?
You don't mind?!
Christmas is boring.
I only have tea.
So that's what your big bag was for.
It's cute, isn't it?
It lights up like this.
It's beautiful.
An Eight-Six?
It's handmade, and I made it myself.
Takumi likes the car so much.
Takumi is late. I wonder where he's wandering around.
When are you supposed to meet him?
Well, we didn't set any time.
This is just my own Christmas visit without an appointment.
I'll take these.
I've been wondering.
You're the one who called often during summer, aren't you?
You stopped suddenly, so I was wondering what happened.
Because of a situation, it looks like Takumi hates me.
I don't want to graduate with it like this, so I'm trying hard.
But he hasn't forgiven me.
I don't know what happened, but he's not that
good at deciding whether to forgive or not.
I don't think he hates you.
He's like a stubborn old man, despite his age.
Once he's determined, he sticks to it.
And when it happens, his action is the
opposite from what he wants to do.
I'm home.
Someone's here?
Merry Christmas!
What the heck this?
Merry Christmas.
Dad, what the hell are you doing?!
Merry Christmas!
It's so fun!
What should I sing next?!
How can he be like that without alcohol?
So lonely...
How pathetic...
Road racers don't need a girl after all!
Takumi, move the tree, please.
I've liked Christmas a lot since I was a child,
so I wanted to celebrate Christmas with you.
You told me that you've never had a Christmas party.
Let's eat cake.
Ta da!
Light the candles.
Dad, fire.
I'm gonna turn the lights off.
Did he go to sleep?
What're you going to do after you graduate?
I haven't decided.
Have you?
I've been wondering about it, but I don't
think I can stay
like this.
I should find something I want to do... I'm going to go to a school in Tokyo.
Happy New Year!
We're glad to see you this year.
Happy New Year.
Glad to see you guys, too.
There could be a lot of customers at the
beginning of the year, so do your best.
Count on me, manager.
You're energetic, Itsuki.
Why not?
I'll be working here full-time, starting in April.
Gotta clean over there.
I have to see him every day, starting in April?
Should I be happy or sad?
Takumi, don't just stand there, clean the window!
Go find work to do yourself!
How impressive.
My social consciousness is different from Takumi's.
Thank you very much.
Natsuki, you're working hard at the start of this year.
Didn't you have any plans for going somewhere?
It's alright.
I'm happy working for now.
I see.
After I got the job, I realized that it's hard to earn money.
May I take your order?
When you decide...
What's wrong? Don't be a stranger.
Did you forget me?
I'll take a cheeseburger and shake.
Cheeseburger and shake, one of each.
What about going for a drive after work?
I'll take you home.
No, thanks.
Are you worried?
I won't bite.
I'll be done soon, so...
I came home for winter break.
I'm surprised to see you working.
You've changed.
Have I? I'm normal.
You've changed.
You've grown up and become more attractive.
Do you have a boyfriend?
That's none of your business.
You sound like you don't have one.
If so, why don't you go out with me?
Let's have fun like we used to.
You couldn't have forgotten me, could you?
Here's fine.
What? Are you upset?
I'm afraid I have no intention of going out with you.
I don't have a boyfriend, but I have someone I love.
He's precious to me.
Stop, Miki!
Don't sweat it, and spend more time with me.
Let's talk about your precious one.
How scary. He's...
We're leaving.
It's started snowing hard.
Hey Takumi, do you want to come to my place?
Let's see...
I can, but...
You don't have anything to do at home, do you?
Where are we going?
Let's talk in detail, where no one will interfere with us.
The night is young.
At that time, Iketani...
What's wrong, Takumi?
I'd better not go today.
Why not?
I don't feel like it.
And dad went to a New Year party, so he'll
get drunk and ask me to pick him up.
Leave him alone.
See ya.
Geez, you'd better leave home already.
Natsuki, we used to have fun.
You listened to me and did anything.
Let's have fun, just like old times.
Why not?
I'm different now.
Don't give me shit like that!
When did you get so boring?!
You used to be more loose and interesting!
Girls change when they find someone to love!
D...don't be so stubborn.
Hey, you!
Hey, wait!
Hey, Natsuki!
Takumi, please pick up!
You can't escape.
Please pick up!
Takumi, help me...lake...
Is this Mogi?
What happened?
Hello, hello?
She was serious...!
You said Takumi, didn't you?
You don't mean that the guy is Fujiwara, do you?
So it is him.
How could you, Natsuki?
So you're going out with him?
Stop talking like that!
What's with you, Takumi?
You dare to go against a senior?
I hate remembering that.
You'll be beaten up again.
You little...
Think before you ask for help.
How could he come here without a car?
He will.
He's fast when he drives on the mountain.
He has a car?
Shit, come with me.
Shut up, and get in the car!
Don't pull!
Do it now!
It hurts, stop!
Where are we going?
Someone might bother us, so I'll change
location and go down the mountain.
Be prepared.
I won't let you go home until I'm satisfied.
He's really crazy.
What should I do?
Please come, Takumi.
No way!
It's too soon!
Takumi has come for me.
I wondered what his car is, but it's a junker from the distant past.
Don't sweat it, just because of a drift like that.
Natsuki, sorry, but it's impossible to
keep up with my car in that thing.
Takumi will, because he's a good driver.
It's not a matter of being a good or bad driver. Mine is a 4WD.
It's common sense in this universe that
4WD cars are superior on snow.
I can go this fast on snow.
Just three more curves, and his car will be far behind.
How could he?!
How could a junker like that tailgate a 4WD?
It's not because of the car.
Maybe you're driving too slow.
Say what?!
How dare you insult me like that?!
If you look away, you'll have an accident.
Shit, he's tailing me like a shadow.
How about this?
Not good...
It won't turn!
Please, stay away!
Takumi, you came.
What happened?
I didn't know what was going on, but I rushed here.
Who's in that car?
Do you know him?
I'll tell you in the car, so let's go, Takumi.
Are you upset?
I'm sorry.
It was because I got in Miki's car.
It's okay.
I'll give you a ride to your house.
No, I can't go home like this.
I don't think I'll have another chance
to say this, so I want you to listen to me.
The man I was going out with...
You know, the man with the Benz.
I was getting money from him.
I regret doing that so much now.
I felt like I was losing many important
things every time I received money.
The reason I started working is because
I thought I'd be able to regain what I lost.
And I wanted to show you that I was trying hard...
...and wanted you to look at me and understand me.
Oh no, I can't.
I never wanted to cry in front of a man because it looks bad.
I'm terrible.
When did I become a crybaby?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Takumi.
I want to say something.
This is how I really feel.
I... you.
A battle with me?
Yeah. Please.
I haven't heard whether you're joining my team or not.
I want to decide after the battle.
What are your conditions?
You go ahead and I'll follow you.
The location is Akagi.
I don't think I can win...
...but it was Akina last time, so I
wanted to do it on your home course.
I feel like I can find my answer.
I'm looking forward to next Saturday.
Teach you about the setting?
Yeah. Just a little advice is fine.
I want to do it myself.
Who are you going to go against?
The FC...
I mean myself.
Yourself, huh?
Time for "graduation", I guess.
Okay, let's begin.
In the blink of an eye...
That's twin drift.
Incredible sight.
I can feel him so strongly.
You must be concentrating on driving as fast as you can.
Show me your driving.
So exciting. It's great.
The FC is incredible, but the Eight-Six is awesome, too.
I see his aura in his driving.
Hey, Takeshi, don't stand so close to me.
A stranger would think we're friends.
I wonder what's gonna happen, Keisuke.
Kenta, Ryosuke won't lose on his home ground.
But something might happen.
It doesn't matter.
Winning or losing is irrelevant in this battle.
As long as they drive at their full potential, that will be fine.
I'm envious that they can drive so seriously.
He's so wonderful.
He's improved drastically since the battle on Akina.
It's strange.
When I drive with you...
...I discover something new in my driving,
which is supposedly complete.
I've never had so much fun in a battle.
All my worries are gone.
I just have to follow him.
We've graduated.
I'm gonna see my friends later...
...but I'll just show my face and leave, okay?
Natsuki, we're leaving.
Okay, I'm coming.
Hey, Takumi!
Here you are.
Graduation is sad indeed.
What're you going to do now?
Are we going to talk at my place?
Well, I'm...
Could you be going to see Mogi all alone?
Well, ah...
It's okay.
Why don't you go?
I'm a lonely driver, after all!
I'll go talk with Iketani at the station,
and then I won't feel sad about it!
The ice in the lake has melted.
It's getting warmer and warmer.
You got a job at a local delivery service, right?
Yeah, I don't think I can think of life without a car.
I don't want to be without you.
I knew it would happen, but I don't like it after all.
Why don't you go to Tokyo with me?
Why not?
I'll stay here.
I've been thinking about something since last year.
What is my dream?
I thought about it during the
entire winter, and I finally found it.
I like to drive, and I want to drive faster than anybody.
So I want to be a professional driver.
Because of that, I'll be staying here.
Because of that?
I want to join a new team and learn many things.
And I want to be a top driver, whom no one can defeat.
You're incredible, Takumi.
You're incredible.
I'll be lonely, but I'll bear it.
If it wasn't for you, my high school life would
have been full of only bad memories.
Because you were with me, I've had lots of happy memories.
I'm not enough for you, am I?
But I'll never forget it...
...because my memories with you are so precious.
So make your dreams come true.
Takumi, I will try hard and never give up.
A dilemma has come over me
itsudatte dilemma tsukimatou
It keeps bothering me
boku wa sore ni nayamasareru
News is full of selfishness and hypocrisy
migatte na gizensha darake no news
I can't stand watching it
unzari de mou mirenai
Being apart is like a feeling of despair
hanare banare ni narutte zetsubou ni yoku nita kanjou
demo kimi to aeta koto de boku wa umarekawaru no sa
But I can be reborn because I've met you
And then, under the same sky, the same kind of love...
soshite onaji youna ai ga onaji sora no shita de
...will begin today. So many of them
kyo mo takusan umareteku
maware maware chikyuu
The Earth keeps going around
Strong and unmatched energy will be created
nani yori mo tsuyoi energy afuredasu
There's nothing to be afraid of
kowai mono nanka nai yo
Because your feelings are always by my side
kimochi itsumo soba ni aru kara
Takumi: Miki Shinichiro
Itsuki: Iwata Mitsuo
Natsuki: Kawasumi Ayako
Bunta: Ishizuka Unshou
Iketani: Yao Kazuki
Kenji: Takagi Kazuki
Yuichi: Nishimura Tomomichi
Ryosuke: Koyasu Takehito
Keisuke: Seki Tomokazu
Kyoichi: Tanaka Masahiko
Seiji: Kawahara Kazuhisa
Kai: Kanna Nobutoshi
Ken: Arimoto Tetsuya
Miki: Yamazaki Takumi
Takeshi: Hiyama Nobuyuki
Shingo: Fujiwara Keiji
Mako: Neya Michiko
Sayuki: Kakazu Yumi
Kenta: Okano Kousuke
Chief: Hosoi Hajime