Inmate Zero (2019) Movie Script

Shall we start
with your earliest memory?
The sea.
Endless horizon,
that was home.
Anything else?
Let me out!
Medical trials.
So, are you interested?
Doesn't that annoy you?
I don't notice it.
Does it annoy you, Stone?
All those hours ticking away.
You're just stuck in here
like the rest of us.
Stalling tactics.
I thought you'd be more direct.
What makes you think
I'd be more direct?
If I was looking to stall,
I'd ask why it's
so dark in here.
Diversion tactics.
Turning things round to me.
Guessing the pills
are part of it.
That's none of your concern.
Maybe you're an addict.
Would you like to answer
my question, or not?
Whatever your offer is,
the endgame's the same.
There are no underhand tactics.
Replace the death penalty
with a full life sentence.
- Simple.
- Simple?
What an appealing offer.
Life without parole.
See out my days
staring at metal bars.
The answer is no.
Are you saying
you want to die, Stone?
Saying no the chance
of justice on the mainland?
If a place like this can exist
off-borders, outside of the law,
then there's no justice
for me anywhere.
Thanks for the shallow
offer, though.
You were in US Special Forces
and then a bodyguard
for the late State
Senator Alan.
You've served your
whole adult life.
These trials are to do good.
To find cures for cancer,
AIDS, Alzheimer's.
That file also states that
I killed Senator Alan,
and then murdered
his wife and children.
Are you saying you didn't?
Does it matter anymore?
If, if you believe
you're innocent, you could
buy yourself some time.
If I believe? Jesus.
Your execution date
is set for next month.
I'm offering you
your best chance
to get off this island,
regardless of what you think.
You're outside the law here.
Outside society, forgotten.
I'm giving you a chance
to turn things around.
I've killed people.
It was a job,
and it wasn't pleasant.
The one time I protected
someone, I got hung out to dry.
And I've ended up
out here, off-limits.
Forgotten, as you put it.
You ought to think about
your own involvement
in these experiments
before worrying about
my fate, Doctor.
I've seen what they do
to the trial subjects.
Give me the chair
over that any day.
What are you doing?
No! No, no, no. No!
No, she was helping,
that's all.
What happened?
Well, a bird came
through the window.
What's going on
with all these lights?
What's wrong with it?
It's dead, is what.
Not quite the fancy city living
you had in mind out here.
Eh, doctor?
Uh, Lennon, can you take
Stone back to her cell?
Stone? Think about
what I said.
That's all.
Is that all that happened
with the good doctor?
You both seem a bit
flustered, Stone.
Sorted you out, did he?
Not again.
Shut that music off, right now,
or I'll knock a week off
all your fucking due dates!
Always figured Brooks
for a faggot.
Give it a rest, Woodhouse.
Lennon's part of
Father Kitsell's God Squad.
Only into altar boys,
aren't you darlin'?
Me on the other hand,
I like a proper woman.
I said, fucking turn that
music off, right now!
Don't worry, Stone.
You'll get your chance.
I'm make sure of that.
Maybe when I get off
the chair, stiff and cold.
Guess that's the only way
a dick like you gets any.
Oh, look, Lennon.
She slipped.
Maybe one day, you'll slip.
-And I'll get
a front row seat.
Then again, maybe not.
Thought you'd like
a new cellmate.
Don't worry, Stone.
One dyke's snatch is the same
as any other, right?
Where's the air in this place?
I don't know whether
to freeze or burn to death.
I'm Conway.
Sisterhood call me Blonde.
Got some tats yourself, girl.
Is that the Special Forces
or something?
Hard fucking core.
So, this is the island,
death row.
No possibility of parole.
Who'd've thought Brits would be
back into that game, eh?
You the same Stone
that killed Senator Alan?
You're pure of birth, Stone,
but you're either deaf,
or you got something
against the sisterhood.
One, I'm not your sister.
Two, I've got something
against anyone who
invades my space.
Is that what the Senator did?
Invade your space?
Shame about his wife
and daughter.
Heard he invaded
their space, too.
But they hung you out
to dry, a real patsy.
You feeling okay?
- What?
- You seem nervous.
You want
to check me out, doctor?
You know, Senator Alan
was one of ours.
Was gonna bring the real rain.
You seem to know a lot
about my case. You wanna
be my lawyer?
Dead girls don't need lawyers.
Fight! Fight! Fight!
- Silence!
Oh, for fuck's sake, Stone.
What happened?
-Let her bleed out.
-Conway attacked her,
I saw it.
You know what you're saying,
don't you, Lennon?
The truth.
Get out of my way.
There's a pulse!
Get a move on!
We need some help here.
Jesus. I'm better off
bleeding out in the cell.
Razor shank to her ankle.
She's bleeding!
I've got my hands full
already, Lennon.
Take her back.
It's her due date
soon, anyway.
Just do your job, Bragg,
for fuck's sake.
Get her on the bed
and bind her
to it tightly.
She's bleeding out of her ankle.
She's not running anywhere.
You bind her down
or I don't touch her.
All right. Unless you're
a doctor, get off my wing.
Thanks, Saint Lennon.
I can wait at the door
for a while.
You're not gonna
give me anything?
Why waste good painkillers
on you lot
when I can sell them
for twice the price
on the island?
They all need it this far out.
Times are good
when no one's watching.
I can hardly breathe!
What's with the air con?
Ah! What the fuck?
You seen this?
Yeah, good protein.
Fuck's sake.
Oh, my God.
Christ on a bike!
Where the hell
did he come from?
D block!
He was trying to escape
from the labs,
but got ill halfway
across the island.
Well, you might have noticed
that this this is
the women's block.
Tell D to look after their own.
He's one of the warden's
new prisoners.
He jumped
from the test lab
You're just gonna
leave this in here?
What the hell is wrong with him?
What happened to you?
You've taken things
to the next level, bitch!
That one's a goner.
You better do your thing.
You mean the last rites?
Do we even know
if he's Catholic?
Does he look like he cares?
Let's pray I never
have to administer
them to you.
I would hate to lie to the Lord.
In the name of the Father,
of the Son,
of the Holy Spirit, amen.
Oh, God.
Oh, come on.
I didn't realize
you army lot
were such babies.
May the good Lord
grant you the gifts
of the Holy Spirit.
And may he free you,
save you, and raise you.
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit.
What's going on down there?
Ah. Stone.
You were reading
Treasure Island
from the library, I believe.
How are you finding
our desert island here?
Struggling to find treasure.
Doctor Brooks lent that
book last, I think.
You fishing to know
if he asked me?
Well, he did.
And I said no
to the tests.
Is that what happened
to that guy?
I wish I could
hurry it up
for those in pain.
What's stopping you?
Faith, that with enough prayer,
we will all survive.
Is that what you were
discussing with
the Butcher earlier?
-We were praying.
-For all the people
she cut up?
She was praying that
her daughter would not
be punished for her mistakes.
That's the only family
she has left.
You should join us.
Maybe one day
I won't have a choice.
God knows,
the things I've seen
on this island.
Poor souls from
across the world.
Times have changed, Stone.
We don't know ourselves anymore.
Who knows what that
young man has
just endured?
I cured cancer today.
I thought he was already dead!
Oh, bag him up quickly.
He stinks. I'm gonna be sick!
You're just gonna leave him?
No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
What the fuck is that?
What the fuck
has happened, Lennon?
Looks like some kind of disease.
He was dead.
I watched the guy die.
Are you okay?
What about the staff?
Where are they?
Shit, that's dead.
You're out of bullets?
I only fired once.
That was my one lucky bullet.
I don't usually load that gun.
What the fuck are you
doing this job for?
Stay low, and keep quiet.
Torches on!
All prisoners, get back
in your cells right now.
Nick nack paddy wack,
give a dog a bone...
That's not a fucking request!
We've got a problem here.
Your new prisoner died.
I'm assuming
he was one of yours.
It was horrific.
You've gone too far this time.
This isn't the time.
When is a good time
to call you back, Warden?
Are you trying to
stop me from leaving?
You won't silence me.
First, we lose mainland contact.
Now, we're in lockdown.
The electricity's
all over the place.
Butcher! Butcher!
Get them back in, Butcher!
I am not the boss around here,
young Woodhouse!
These ladies act
off of their own free will.
We have orders to
shoot to kill all ladies,
starting with you.
All we want to know is,
what's going on down there?
What's going on
is you all getting back
in your fucking cells!
We're in lockdown.
Shit. Are you all right, man?
No lights.
Look upon them rookie faces,
them panicking.
I'd say, you don't know
any more than we do.
I know how to use this
fucking rifle, you black bitch.
It's a shotgun, you fool.
So go on, what's your plan?
What are you doing?
Look at his face, that guard.
Load up.
Shoot to kill.
We're gonna sweep
this block clean.
I'm glad I get to
pull the trigger
on these fucking bitches.
I thought it was a prisoner.
Warden, are you there?
Shoot to kill, right?
Get to the stairs.
For fuck's sake, come on Lennon.
Wait, there's more.
Lock it!
No one touch anything.
I ain't touching
any goddamn thing
ever again.
How the fuck did you
get in C-block, you faggot?
I'll take your
fucking face off, bitch.
Put the fucking
knife down, Butcher.
There's enough death in here
without you turning
the place into a...
Lennon, we can't let them
walk around in here
with our dicks in their hands.
You don't have
no control in here.
So, who's in control then, huh?
Who's in control?
What? You and your addict girl
leading us now?
We gotta keep moving.
Captain Cuntface,
the voice of reason.
- You need to relax.
- Relax?
Relax? A pack of
misfit twats like you
won't make it four inches...
What in the hell?
You don't have no authority
around here anymore, governor.
Officer Woodhouse,
shoot the Butcher, then Stone.
We're all that's
left from out there.
If you're gonna
get out of here alive,
you're gonna need us.
And you need us
more than we need you.
Oh, Christ.
These are our medical files.
Why do you have
my daughter's blood type?
And her details?
Put them down.
You put your names
down for the tests.
What do you expect?
"Blood type: No Match."
"Proceed." With what?
I didn't agree to anything.
Well, forget about that now.
Let's deal with
the present situation.
Situation you started.
There are more
survivors out there.
Who's this?
Your girlfriend?
Oi! Put that down.
Put it down, junkie!
Yo, yo, yo, come on.
Sit, now, sit.
Don't even think
about pouring that drink, nonce,
or getting in this fucking
block will be your last
great escape.
I'll make sure...
Is the power down,
or was that a fuse?
The surges blow the fuses.
The box for this block
is in the laundry.
That's next to
Dr. Brooks' office.
We need a doctor up here.
I'm all right, Stone.
I'm still alive.
But in the infirmary,
you saw how that spreads.
I don't feel any different.
I don't have it.
Oh, my God!
Stone, what...
Shh! Save it for
the warden's office
and keep quiet.
All full clips,
bar one in the chamber.
They must have shot each other.
What the hell is happening?
Come on, you really don't know?
I don't work in the labs.
Whatever this is, it's...
No shit! Take a gun.
They're dead, Brooks. You're not
helping anyone by joining them.
You look like you need a drink.
Help yourself.
Maybe they need to
fight and split.
They'll likely shoot each other?
Ain't we supposed to be
helping them?
Help them?
What Warden means, rookie,
is we'll move faster
with less people.
They're fucking dead anyway.
Get over there
and keep an eye on them.
We're not moving anywhere.
What's wrong with you?
You look like shit.
It's just the heat.
Tie her up.
I'll show that fucking mute
my definition of cold turkey.
These will keep you going
for a short while.
Got a bit of an habit
of your own there, Doctor?
The new prisoner
was brought back in
from the island.
He tried to escape.
Which means, it could be worse
out there than it is in here.
My sister's out there.
It seems to spread
through blood
and possibly saliva.
It means any of you
could be infected
and we won't even know.
We have to find a way out.
They seem to hate light.
We wait until dawn.
Then we can walk out of here.
Walk out?
There's no way off the island.
Where do you think
you'll walk to?
Looks like your girl
Butcher over there
is too good for the rest of us.
Warden don't include
a new guard,
but a bitch who
cut up 20 people?
Yeah, but 20 members
of the National Front.
So things aren't
so black and white, are they?
You're gonna need
to choose a side.
Ain't gonna be
a hard choice, is it?
I'm locking up, not locked up.
Well, you're locked up now.
You little bitch.
You wanna get off
this island alive?
That little committee over there
are the only things
standing between us
and getting out.
And a hundred diseased inmates.
And that there is our bait.
You don't owe'em shit.
They're gonna kill you, too.
What are you talking about?
You ain't getting anywhere
in this dump without me.
How did you get into
the women's block anyway?
I was gonna ask you
the same thing, sweetheart.
Once a week, people come
from the mainland with supplies.
Without communications,
that won't be for
another five days.
How does it feel to be trapped?
May I remind you exactly why
you're trapped here?
I'm guessing you've killed
more people than I ever could.
So don't lecture me
about breaking the law, bitch.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
He's infected!
Fuck that.
Do him now.
Help me.
Brooks, there's got to be
something you can do.
- Stone, I've told you.
- Bullshit!
Oh, no.
He saved my life.
Help him, or I swear!
What's that?
Saint Leonard,
patron saint of prisoners.
This island's named after him.
You just gotta
have faith, Stone.
Faith hasn't done me
many favors.
You don't believe in heaven?
If there is one, you and Brooks
are the only ones getting in.
Probably due to naivety
more than anything else.
Our Father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
The beach.
The beach.
It is beautiful.
Brooks, do something!
I can't help him.
That's the main gate.
More survivors.
They're probably fucking
riddled with it out there.
We can't just
leave them out there.
Yes, we fucking can.
It's a fucking act.
Just leave them.
My baby girl is out there.
You're just going to delay
my search with that ankle,
army girl.
It takes two
to open those gates.
So what do you
have out there, Stone?
Brooks, you stay here.
The people who need help
are out there.
Oh, so you're a hero now?
They'll kill you
the minute you go out there.
My sister's out there.
What's the quickest way outside?
Through the main cell block.
Oh, dear Mary, mother of Jesus.
- Oh, the smell.
- Shh.
Look, the lights
are still trying
to come on.
Generators aren't topped up.
They won't last long.
Where are they?
Outside the prison walls.
Any other source of power
in this place?
Only the generators
for the electric chairs.
They stay fully-charged.
Yeah, you really have
your priorities right, eh?
We can't see what we're
dealing with from here.
- I'm finding my sister.
- My baby girl, too.
Be sure to kill anything
that isn't human.
- They're all human.
- I'm serious.
You left the gates open.
Oh, my baby.
My little baby.
Jesus, what have I done?
Daylight's not the problem.
Okay. All right,
look at me.
- Is she okay?
- I think she's in shock.
Girl, did you see
my sister out there?
Elizabeth, my age,
short, grey hair.
Could people have
splintered off in the panic?
- I don't know.
- Hey, don't worry.
We're gonna get out of here
as soon as we can make a call
to the mainland.
We'll see.
I wasn't expecting
visitors today.
You know,
I knew a little girl
just like you once.
Hey, man, touch her again,
and you're gonna feel real pain.
We need to find somewhere
more secure.
It's not exactly safe in here.
It's close,
and pretty tight
down there,
if we get power
back to that block.
It's got real quiet outside.
Maybe it's over.
Just stick close together.
The Butcher was right.
About what?
It's gone quiet.
Maybe it's over.
I mean, how long
could something survive
in that state?
"If I shall die before I wake,
"I pray the Lord
my soul to take.
"And should I live
for other days,
"I pray that God
will guide my ways."
Trying to remember
who you are, Stone?
Are you planning to die
a martyr, Dr. Brooks?
I was hoping not to die at all.
It makes no difference.
They get me out there
or they put me
on the chair in here.
How do you resign
yourself to death?
I, err...
Run out of words of wisdom?
I knew the Senator's family.
I think that everyone,
for whatever reason,
is in here because of him.
I've profiled murderers
for nine years.
You didn't do it.
He did, didn't he?
He beat her black and blue.
So, one day, I drove him
to the middle of nowhere,
and told him
if he did it again...
The next day, he got up
and did the same thing.
Except this time,
he killed them all.
If I had gone with my gut...
So, it's guilt
that's keeping you waiting
for the chair.
I don't remember much
about my real parents,
but I do remember
the ocean we lived near.
Never-ending horizons.
One day, I want to go back.
I wanted...
To go back one last time.
This place really teaches you
to let hope go.
What are the pills for, really?
Stalling tactics.
Whatever happens,
don't let that thing
get ahold of me.
If we can all hear the music,
then the sick people can, too.
Just listen to it very quietly.
It's safer.
Do you think this has happened
on the mainland, too?
I'm sure it's contained here.
I'm frightened.
We're gonna get out of this.
Do you think
we can get a line up,
make contact with the mainland?
We can try.
Get that faggot out there
to fix the wires.
Find a route across main block,
away from the corridors.
Look, those bitches out there,
they ain't gonna listen.
They're just killers.
Use them as bait to get outside.
- Somewhere we can be seen.
- Mmm.
You put a guard's uniform on,
and we'll fly out of here.
What are you playing at?
Get back in your box!
You want any chance of survival,
you do exactly what I say.
That was the diseased prisoner.
We're all dead anyway.
At least, this way,
I get to choose.
You don't get to
leave this that easily.
I thought
we cracked it this time.
Rewriting history.
Your fucking research
started all this.
I had a big vision,
cure all diseases.
Give humanity a chance.
Yeah, let death row prisoners
from around the world
take the risk.
- How exactly did I become
the bad guy here?
Some of us can see
the bigger picture.
You want to kill me
yourself, soldier?
Go ahead.
Won't make any difference.
It's here now, in all of us.
What are you talking about?
You fucking idiot.
They're from outside the prison.
It's not light
that affects them.
What the hell
are you talking about?
How do you get
to and from the mainland?
Crowe, how do your people
get to the island?
But the comms are down.
If we can make one phone call
and get everyone on the roof,
they'll see us, right?
Do you think they'll take you?
- They'll take
the girl, Dr. Brooks.
The whole island's expendable.
Good luck with
the heroics, marine.
Just shut up and listen!
We need to get the electricity
back up and running first.
Who do you think
you're speaking to?
Your rules went out the window
along with your
fucked-up morals.
You said
the electric chairs have
the only accessible generator
inside the prison.
They're going to isolation.
We're getting out of here.
Oh, Elizabeth!
Oh, no, stop!
- Stop!
- Don't touch her!
Kill her, and you'll
never get off this island.
The comm system
is voice activated,
mine only.
We can help her on the mainland.
Or she'll spread
the disease there, too.
Oh, she recognizes herself.
She's still there.
What'll it take for you
to get us off the island?
Try and give me
a sober answer now.
Stop your shooting,
you stupid boys.
It's not doing nothing.
I'll stop shooting
when they stop coming.
I said save it, fool.
It don't do nothing!
We can't fucking
get out of here anyway.
Come out of the way!
What's going on
with them? Look.
They're not going anywhere.
Unlike us,
they can wait forever.
There's got to be
another way out of here.
What we need is a distraction.
Get them to one end of the unit,
and we run out of the other.
Right. How y'all
gonna do that?
- This.
Cut him so he bleeds.
Shove him out there.
Ain't you a brave thing,
pussy wood?
Take this
and go find yourself
a conscience.
Be all you can be, rookie!
Don't patronize me
with your fucking attitude
and your killing spree
Do you want to know
the difference between us?
You got caught.
Get all we need together.
It's time to take our chances
on the outside.
They've cleared the
other way. The rookie'll
keep'em busy for a while.
It's Stone!
What are you doing?
It's Stone!
All right, listen up,
you fucking faggot.
This disease is our ticket home.
You got into this wing,
and you're gonna get us out.
I want to know all routes,
secret passageways, air ducts.
I'll show you my secret passage.
I mean it, you fucking bender!
If I die in here,
it'll be after you.
I'll make sure of it.
What the fuck
do you think you're doing?
Back off, officer,
or I'll personally make sure
you never leave this island.
Keep back.
- What happened?
- Long story.
Warden, there is
an execution chamber
on this level, right?
If we can start
the generator up,
will it light these halls,
keep the diseased at bay?
It's only hooked up
to this floor.
That'll do. Can you wire it
to the lighting?
Is it over?
Oh, yeah, baby.
It's over.
I'm gonna show
your buddy, Butcher,
who can touch who.
Where's Darnell?
Woodhouse is losing it,
doing that to another guard.
A black guard.
I don't think he...
Drop your guns!
Right where I wanted
you all, cornered.
Ah, you run out of
guards to kill?
You're not thinking
straight, Woodhouse.
I'm thinking crystal,
you mouthy twat!
You've still got time
to get out of this, officer.
Oh, I'm getting out.
You and your fucking
monster munch sister
and a bunch of cons?
No one will look twice at us.
Me, however.
Remember our fucking
deal, Woodhouse,
or I will fuck you up myself.
Don't ever bother, slaphead.
Mainland will only come
if they hear my voice.
Fuck the mainland.
We'll just be thrown
into another cell,
given a new date for execution.
There's boats out there.
And nearly 1,000 miles
till the next shoreline.
What about the kid?
She won't last
two seconds out there.
We'll make it quick
and painless for them all.
You see? Sweetheart, really.
Are we doing this shit or what?
Let's start with this one.
I can't hold this damn thing
much longer.
You do as you're
fucking told, bumboy.
That's right, officer.
Nothing in here is fair.
Well, that's our
power source gone.
This better be
the right way through,
I swear.
Give me an excuse to lie
about an escape route.
How's this gonna work?
Well, I'm not
leaving her here,
if that's what you think.
And you need my voice.
It's the only way
to the back of reception.
Unless you wanna go
through the front.
It's full of diseased.
How many, you think?
There's a vent over there.
You can go check.
How are we gonna
fit through there?
Speak for yourself.
Where you going, girl?
I... I can check.
We're low on ammo.
I can do it.
I can run through.
No. You're in no fit state.
You'll get infected for sure.
There must be another way.
The public execution room.
That's off the reception
across the cell block.
It's up there.
Through the back door,
down the metal stairs.
Comes out in the rear corridor.
Expendable now, huh?
Okay, Warden,
you got your way.
Time to go.
Get us out of here!
What about power
to the phone lines?
That's separate to the mains.
How do you know that stuff?
I used to work in finance
in Cannes.
Lost a lot of people
a lot of money.
All I got was the blueprints
to this shithole.
-Thought I was some
gay serial killer?
-Don't flatter yourself.
Less talking and more fixing.
Call the mainland.
You wanna cure her, right?
Crowe, Jane.
This is Valley Base receiving.
Go ahead.
Prison overrun.
Helicopters needed for...
Helicopters for what? Sorry?
Order 1409.
Annihilation of
the entire island.
The whole island...
One experiment...
Don't fight...
Valley base.
That's it. Dead.
We have to assume
they're coming.
Yeah, coming to do what, though?
Is there a back exit from here?
There's a slim stairway
from the public gallery
in the execution room
to an emergency exit.
How slim is slim?
Over here, you son of a bitch!
Run! Come on, Chloe, run!
Try the cells
for flashlights and ammo.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- I did not...
- Shh, come on. He's gone.
Come on.
Run, Stone.
Stop wasting time and go!
Forgive me, child.