Innale Vare (2022) Movie Script

It's seven years since
I started out in movies.
- 25 movies.
- Wow!
The first time I went
on a school tour...
- ...was to this same location.
- Oh! And you remember all that?
Of course! If I remember right...
there were around...
- ...40 of us kids on that team.
- And what age were you?
Age? I was 12.
- It was when I was in the 7th standard...
our first tour. - Ok.
Now tell us about your first love!
Love? That was in college.
In Bangalore...I mean... a serious level...
when I was a PG student.
First tour...
First love...if I remember right...
I was 12...
it was when I was in 7th standard...
I mean at a serious level.
Adhi Sir...the next is rapid fire.
Have you ever...
- ...paid a bribe?
- Oh no!
I've never... had to bribe someone
for anything...
- Ok...Do you remember the name...
..of the first short film you acted in?
- Of course! How could I forget?
It was called "Purambokku"
(Unclaimed land)
It was about people losing their homes
in a land-grab scenario.
Oh! You are very attached to your mother,
aren't you?
- Ya! - Can you tell us the first thing you
bought without your mother knowing?
The first thing?
It was a Yamaha Rx100 bike!
- Oh wow! - I informed my family only after
the registration was done.
- Oh!
- Till then I kept it at a friend's place.
So now which do you like better -
Kochi or your native place? Answer quick!
The house I bought here in Ernakulam...
was a long cherished dream.
I've been staying there for 5 years now.
But I still love my native place better!
Yes! Of course!
I...had to bribe someone...
...for the first buy...
I built a house there...I've been staying
there for 5 years now.
Yes, of course! I had to bribe someone...
...for the first buy...
"Purambokku" land...
I built a house there.
I've been staying there for 5 years now.
"Free in the evening?"
Adhi...shall we go on a drive...
in the evening?
Evening? I have dubbing in the evening.
- It'll be late when I am done.
- Okay.
- Hey! Wait!
- Who's it?
Why's she here in the morning?
Stand aside for a minute.
What? Why are you here so early?
- You said you'd be away for two days.
- I had borrowed a necklace...
...from next door and pledged it.
I took it back from the bank yesterday...
...and kept it in the bathroom cabinet.
I forgot to take it when I left.
- I have to return it today...
- Ok...that's enough! Just take it! - Ok!
- Make it quick!
- Ok.
- Just two minutes.
- Ok.
- See you later, Madam! - Ok.
- Let's go.
Wait...wait! Just let them leave!
Walking in without notice!
Who are you so scared of?
Shouldn't I? Be scared?
If you say so!
Ok, then!
" I don't know
how I reached that dark verandah."
"Strands invisible to the sun
and transcending light years..."
"They seem to latch on to me
and throw me afar."
"It seems as though the legends of yore
and mystic chants intertwine..."
"...and the seasons frozen in time
build a dome over this silence."
"Now let the visions get clearer."
"I will tell you."
- "I will tell you everything."
- Very good, Sir! Fine!
- Can we continue in ten minutes? - Sure!
- Let me drop him first.
You don't have to stop! Please continue!
It's fine,'s done!
- Ikka! (Brother)
- Yes.
What did you think...of the movie?
- It's good, isn't it? - I am doubtful
whether it's fit for the local audience.
It's...a bit distinctive, I felt.
I can't be sure...who can say?
Are you into the production yourself?
Yes...the last two movies
didn't do as well as we'd hoped, Ikka.
So...I have a few debts to pay off.
- All my hopes are riding on this!
- Let me know...
- ...when it is fully done...
I'll come and watch it, ok? - Thank you!
Sir! I've been waiting for a long time!
I've been standing here all this while...
can I have 5 minutes...when you are free?
- Let me take your leave then.
Bye! - Bye!
- Hi!
- Hello.
I'd called you, Sir.
- Cheta I've said this a thousand times
already! (Brother) - Ajeesh...get the car.
There's no point waiting around for me
wherever I go.
I have nothing more to say!
Please don't leave me in the lurch!
Who else can I talk to?
It'll only take three days...for you
to complete the dubbing for my film.
What relevance does a movie shot
4 years ago have anymore?
It wasn't my fault it ended up like this!
- Was it? - I am not here to fight!
I'll fall at your feet if you want me to!
Within a month of the movie's release,
I'll pay you every penny I owe you.
I had no idea the guy who promised
to put up the finances...
...would back out at the last minute!
Cheta...that movie has been sitting around
for 4 years now.
5 or 6 movies have come and gone
with similar story lines.
That movie is horribly outdated now.
You are saying what matters to you!
Only to you!
- Jomi! - I could get someone else
to dub in your place...but then...
...your manager says you would block
the release in theatres... well as on satellite.
And I don't wish to do that either.
You are an artiste.
Please be considerate...
and understand my helplessness.
- You said you were going to settle this!
- I spoke to him many times!
But how can you just walk away like that?
I have put money into this!
I don't understand anything
you are saying right now...
That's how desperate I am! Sir!
- You are young enough to be my son!
- Cheta!
Please listen to me.
Leave for now and call me next week.
He is in a terrible mood today...
that's why! Also, he has a point.
Still, I will try to reason with him.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am sure! You can trust me!
That will's in that hope...
...that I am leaving now,Sir...
The movie has to be released! Or else... entire life and everything I worked
for will amount to nothing!
- I understand.
- That's why...
- I'll try, ok?
- Ok.
- Start Camera! - Rolling, Sir!
- Action!
Yes, good!
- Cut it! Very good!
- Thank you!
Play that music, please!
- Sir, please take a look!
- It's an ad shoot, isn't it? - Yes. - So..
- Pocket money?
- No way!
- What do you mean? - I charge them
a pretty package! But even that won't help.
Everything I make gets taken away
by the bank.
- Once more! - Running!
- Adhi...- Yes?
...Mushtafa is here. Remember I told you
about that new ad?
They've been waiting a while.
- Can I call them in?
- Ok. Ok if she stays here?
Of course! Not a problem!
This is nice.
- Namaskaram! - Namaskaram!
- We watch your movies regularly.
Everyone in my family loves you!
They were the ones who said
having you in the ad...
...would give a great boost to our product!
I own a few different kinds of companies.
And also timber and marble businesses.
But it's the first time we are making an ad
with a movie star.
- That's true! - And we haven't scrimped
on the money either.
As asked for, it'll be 3 crore rupees.
3 years contract.
In total, you give us 6 days.
- You can discuss the details with Jomi.
- With you in the ad...
...our product will see a meteoric rise.
That's for sure!
- Give him the brochure.
- Give it to me.
We've found a great name too - Maxclean!
It kills 99.9% of germs.
- This is the product?
- Yes!
- The product is this toilet cleaner?
- Adhi...
-'ll be ok. Everyone uses it! I was
planning to tell you when we... - Srikanth!
Did I tell you I was desperate for money
or something?
- Did I ask to borrow money from you?
- It's not like that...
And what did you say?
That I was the best fit for this product?
So you think I am the best fit
to clean people's toilets?
- Hey, Adhi... - Adhi...we can shoot this
in an elegant manner...a neat manner...
- Srikanth, stop talking! Don't tell me
anything more about this! - Hey, Adhi...
Hey! If anyone would've agreed
to do this...
...why would I come to you?
Why else do you think I agreed
to the kind of money...
- demanded?
- Hey! Just take him away, will you?
- Who does he think he is? - Sorry, sorry..
it was my mistake, Ikka...please come!
If you don't want to do it, that's fine!
But why are you making a fuss?
My product is important to me!
- Just get out will you!
- Come away, please!
- What's with him? - Why're you so angry?
- Can you just stay quiet, please?
- Did you hear what he said? Who does he
think he is? - I already told you...come!
How can someone spend a lifetime with you?
- What a nasty temper you have!
- Stop it now, please!
I know it was because I was there
that your ego got hurt so much!
I shouldn't have come!
Now you've lost 3 crore rupees!
I wouldn't have done
a toilet cleaner ad anyway!'s my brother...
- Hello? - Aishu?
- Yes...Nachikka?
- Check Whatsapp.
- Ok.
- Who's that with you?
- Ikka...he's a friend...
I don't want you roaming around
in beaches and cars with any friend.
We are getting a lot of marriage
proposals for you right now.
If anyone wants to meet you,
just tell them to come home.
- Come home right now.
- Ok, Ikka.
- Ok. - Who is behind this? I need to know!
- Adhi...Adhi!
- Please wait!
- Aishu...stop it! I need to see who it is!
Adhi...why are you so adamant?
Do you think everything
has to happen your way?
Somedays its just....
one thing after another!
Can't you understand, Cheta?
I said I won't do it!
My career is more important to me!
If you are to die, you'll die...
what can I do about that?
We've taken out half page ads
in the papers today...didn't you see it?
The first half is over...reports are good!
Adhi and his mother will be coming
to the 12 o'clock show.
I have arranged
for some surprise programmes for then.
We'll be making the rounds
of all Kerala theatres this time.
It's turned out terrific!
I'll be a great visual treat!
Sit down, Salman...please sit!
I'l call you when I come to Payyannur...
- OK, Alright.
- Jomi Cheta?
We are getting so many calls!
Before this show is over, I'd like to
make a quick visit to the theater.
When Adhi gets there, bring out the band
and flowers! Make it memorable!
- We need to do...
- Yes?
- ...go all out to make this a trendsetter!
- We're with you, Jomi Cheta!
- Aishu!
- How's it going? Are the reports ok?
- The first half got great reviews!
- Oh wow! Awesome! - The second...
...well...the show is almost done now.
Ok! Thank God!
So stop tricking Sharma and Reddy
in Bangalore and get here quick!
- That's more important to you, isn't it?
- It was at my brother's convenience.
Or else you think I'd have gone?
Listen...I need to do an Instagram Live
in 5 minutes.
- Watch if you're free.
- Ok...I will.
- Ok? - Ok! Bye! And love you!
- Love you too!
Oh! You're ready to go?
- You said we had to leave only by 11.30.
- It's not that, Mom. I need to go Live.
- Have's oats.
- You have till then to get ready.
- Mom, did Vineeth call? From the theatre?
- No.
He must be waiting for the show to be over.
- Shall I get ready then?
- Ok.
- Hey! Jomi!
- Hey!
(Angry comments in background)
Hey! Just give me a minute! Hold on!
"I am talking to you, Jomi!"
"Hold on...I am coming"
- We'll take care of this.
- Can you hear that?
Don't be upset...but...the movie...
...did not go as expected....
people didn't get parts of it...
- Jomi... - They're saying
the first half was awesome.
But in the second half,
people got restless!
I got calls from Thiruvananthapuram,
Palakkad and Kozhikode ten minutes ago.
Science fiction is not our audience's
cup of tea.
Anyhow don't come with your Mom
for the current show.
If you want to, maybe we can go
to a show at night.
When there is a bit more clarity on things.
I'll call you in a bit...
let me settle these fans groups here.
Don't be so desperate.
Focus only on acting here onwards.
Right now you only have the kind of debt...
you can pay off by acting... 3 or 4 movies back-to-back.
You're young!
You're a hero with a market
and commanding satellite demand.
Anjali Anand....missing you...
(reads) - I wanna see you, my darling...
- Hey!
- When're you coming to my place? - Karthi,
put down the phone! - Who's this, Adhi?
- Why're you checking my phone? - You chat
with every girl who messages, don't you??
Very sad!
Next Tuesday, Praveen is coming down
from Dubai.
He'll be around for two weeks.
When he called to say that...
...he suddenly changed the topic
and asked me...
...whether you come here frequently.
I don't know why he asked but...
I was suddenly...
- And what did you say?
- I said no.
- What else could I say?
- Karthi...
I think we should stop this.
Sometimes I...
...have this strange...
- ...feeling of regret.
- Adhi, please...
...never say that again!
- We need to be careful...that's all
I meant. - Aishu's in my life now.
- And I am serious about her.
- So where's my space in your life?
Praveen is coming home after a year.
He's my husband.
When he's down a few pegs at night,
he'll make a video call to me.
He thinks that's a great big deal!
And because I happen to be an actress....
the rumours about me...
...are all he seems interested in.
Unlike you...I have no one else.
No one!
- Hey! Hey!
- Adhi... - Hey!
Hey, you! Hey! You!
Karthi...I think we should stop this.
Sometimes....I have this strange...
...feeling of regret.
I think we should stop this.
You know...Aishu's in my life now.
- And I am serious about her.
- So where's my space in your life?
So where's my space in your life?
You know the old movies like Punjabi House
and Godfather?
You should make one like those!
And then there was one...where they
ask 'did the cow puke on your head?'
- Can you be quiet, Dad?
- Listen...Askar and his men are outside.
- Eat someting, brother.
- What? Here?
Hey Jomi! Get him some good scripts!
Askar Bhai!
We were going to come to your place!
- How are things?
- Right! I believe that!
You borrowed 3 crores and then didn't
even call to ask for time to pay me back!
- Did you?
- Please...give us 2 months more...
The movie didn't go as he had hoped.
We'll get the cash ready and settle
with you as soon possible. Please!
For now, here's what we do.
Bring me the keys to your cars.
- Just so you get the seriousness of this.
- Oh...
Askar Bhai...
- Just give me some more time.
I'll settle this... - Hey!
Why're you talking outside?
Why don't you come in?
- Looks like I'll have to come in
soon enough. - Listen!
- He's just inviting Adhi to an event.
You come on inside, Uncle. - Oh, I see.
Askar Bhai...
my mother and relatives are inside...
- They'll be upset if they come to know...
- Don't make things worse by talking.
Even if I sell these cars I won't
get so much as the interest you owe me.
Adhi...for now let them take the cars.
We are not expecting any funds
to come any time soon.
Heard that? So all the bother is on us!
Here! If things go on like this,
you'll end up losing the house as well.
- Who was that?
- Huh?
- Why are they taking the cars away?
- For servicing. - Oh!
We are leaving now.
You'll be there the day before my birthday,
won't you?
Stay there for two days. We'll visit
everyone...and come back together.
- Alright?
- Mom...
- ...can't you stay till tomorrow?
- Don't let Uncle Sreedharan hear you!
They drove all this way just to pick me up!
That wouldn't be right, would it?
...stop thinking about that movie now.
It's over now.
Thank the Gods you don't have
any debt or anything, right?
- Right.
- Bye then.
And please slow down a bit, son...
at least for a while.
Adhi...shall I talk to Prasanth...
...and borrow his BM or Benz for two weeks?
I mean, for you to drive around.
And what about after two weeks?
I am just glad I still have this one...
it will do.
It was my dad's car.
So many memories around it!
Adhi...Jomi called to say
you are down in the dumps.
- What happened?
- Aishu...
Shall I come home tomorrow
and talk to your brother?
Oh! Adhi...are you serious?
I am at...the lowest point of my life.
If I go forward on my own... will only get worse, Aishu.
I know...that I have a lot of faults in me.
...I would like to...correct them...
...I need a fresh start!
If only I wasn't stuck here right now!
My entire family is here...I can't leave... know what?
I would've been there!
Can I give a hint to my family
about your coming over tomorrow?
- Ok.
- Ok!
Don't just sit around at home, ok? Get
out...go to a party or drive or something.
You know what?
Celebrate the last day of your freedom!
Thank you, Aishu! Thank you!
- Morning, I'll be there.
- Ok.
You said you're on night duty today.
Don't you have to go?
- Yes...I do...
- Why are you drinking then?
I've been on the laptop for hours now
but that thing is not working out.
- There's some delay or fuzziness...
- Oh, is it?
Hey! Out with the truth!
Which girl is this you're trying to hack?
- You spent so much time on this!
- Girl?
Let me remind you of something!
You already have a girl!
- Don't end up embarrassing us!
- For Heaven's sake, Sis!
It's just something I am planning
for an office event!
- There's nothing more to it.
- Sure it is!
- Variety, indeed! - I swear it is!
- Listen, boy... definitely sounds like....
-'re laying a trap for some girl.
- Really?
As if my job is hacking women's mobiles!
Cut it out, bro! As it is, I feel
like I am on overload!
Listen, boy...I gave a great performance
at my job in the Telephones office...
- ...and even got a 'best service' entry.
- Sure.
Connect the phone messages to a laptop
and merge it with calls.
It's not a big deal at all.
I could set it up in no time.
- That would be great, brother!
- Ok then.
Come on, girls! Let's dance!
Come on, get up!
Hey Adhi! Can you do me a favour?
- What? - Tomorrow morning, on my show
'Sunrise Hour'...
...can you join as a guest?
It's a live show.
- What's the topic?
- Leave the topic to me.
People should just see that you're happy!
- That's the intention.
- Hey! Come on! I'm happy!
Especially today!
And I'll tell you the reason tomorrow.
- So...tomorrow at 7 am?
- 7 am?
Why? Did you expect 'Sunrise Hour'
to be at noon?
Ya! So now you're happy!
Shall I suggest a topic?
- Pick up! It's fine!
- No, no...that's ok.
- Continue.
- So...I was thinking...
...when you make a science fiction movie
just for youth... a producer, you must know that
it's not for families, right?
- Sure.
- And...
- One second...I'll come back in a bit...
you pick the call, ok? - Give me a minute.
- What's wrong with you, Karthi?
- This is wrong with me!
- What?
- Adhi!
I am pregnant!
- I am losing myself!
- No no no! Karthi...
- What...what're you...
- Adhi...I am alone...
I need you right now.
I want you to come over right now.
I am losing my mind!
- Karthi...
- Adhi...please come...please!
Adhi, please! I am losing everything, Adhi!
I am...
I am losing my please come here!
Karthi...please relax! Listen to me!
Please come fast!
- I am on the way...
- I called Sulu...
She's my best friend...
and a doctor in Chennai...
She told me about a medicine...
I have Whatsapped the name to you.
- Get a double dose when you come.
-'s 1 o'clock!
- Where would I find a medical shop
at this hour? - I don't know!
But get it very fast! It's already late!
I don't care where you get it! Please! you have any medicine
for an eye allergy?
People who use computers all the time
find this useful to get over stress.
- That'll be Rs. 69. - you...
have this medicine?
- Be sure to tell them to consult a doctor
before taking this. - Ok.
- How much is it?
- That will be Rs. 250.
- Here. - Thanks.
- Sir... - Here's your balance.
- That's alright. Keep it.
What's your new movie?
- Movie...we are just shooting it
right now. - I see.
- Sir...your eye drops! Didn't you want it?
- I forgot...thanks!
- What's the matter, Sir? Need help?
-'s nothing...
- Oh! Adhi Sir!
- So sorry! My car had a breakdown!
- Could I get a lift to Indira Nagar?
- Oh my god! Adhi Sir! Please get in!
- Are you sure? - Oh ya ya! I am sure!
I am sure! - Ok
Get in, Sir...please get in!
- Just up to Indira Nagar. - Oh my God!
I can't believe you're here! Let's go!
I am so excited, Sir!
Where did you want to be dropped?
- To...Indira's hardly 5 kms
from here... - Oh, Sir...
...even if it's 50 kms, it's not an issue!
I'm happy to drop you!
My name is the same as...
the heroine from one of your hit movies!
- Shani!
- Oh!
- From the movie ' I am in Love'...Shani!
- Yes, yes!
My husband has a best friend...
his name is Aby.
Every time your movie or song is on TV... husband talks about him.
You both have the same features.
I work in an IT company near here.
I actually got out an hour early today.
Got permission from my manager to leave.
That turned out lucky for me!
I got to meet you!
Today is our first wedding anniversary.
- Hence the gift and everything...
- it?
- Congratulations!
- Thank you Sir...thank you so much!
- Hello! - Karthi...I got the medicine...
I am on my way - Adhi...
I want you to wait in the car...
for...maximum thirty minutes.
Praveen made a video call and said
he wanted to have a serious talk.
He started asking about you again and I...
...said two minutes and cut the call.
- Anyhow don't come in till I tell you...
- Karthi, my car...
I don't want you to ring the doorbell...
that's why I called now.
If he hears that he will ask who is ringing
the doorbell at this hour.
I just need to conclude this bloody shit!
I'm...I'm sure somebody is following us!
- Ok, you do one thing...
leave the door open... - He's calling!
- wait for my call, ok?
- Hello?
If you can take the car...
just drop me to my place first.
And you don't have to bring it back.
We'll come and pick it up tomorrow.
Just send me the location.
That would be a great help!
Thank you so much, Shani!
Sir...can I ask you...for a huge favour?
- Please! - Sir...actually...on the way
to Indira Nagar...
...just for a second...could you step
into my flat...
...just for a second...if you could
wish my husband...
...there is no greater gift
I can give him today!
- I...
- I promise we won't take too much time.
Shani...I am in a hurry...I am taking
a medicine to someone in an emergency.
Could I just speak to him on the phone?
It's ok, Sir...if you don't have time...
it's fine.
He is just so fond of you...and I mean
he's seriously crazy about you!
If you could maybe see him for a second
and wish him...'s something he won't forget
in his entire life, Sir!
Sir, please don't say no! Please...
...please, please, don't say no!
- Sir...
- Hmm...ok!
- Ya? - Yes!
- Oh my God! Thank you so much, Sir!
You're such a gem, Sir!
Hope you won't think badly of us...
the flat is going to be a huge mess!
You can wish him and leave immediately!
Sir, I hope you won't think I'm
taking you for granted! Please!
- You can even keep the car
for two or three days! - Oh! Thank you!
-'s the third floor...
there's no lift. - Oh!
Come Sir...please come...
When he sees you, his excitement
will be...oh my God!
- Just a minute, please.
- Ok.
Sharath! Hey! Sharath!
Where could he have gone at this time?
Hey! It's open!
- Sir, please sit! - That's him.
- Please! Sit down!
Could you sit for just one second?
He...I guess he's in the washroom...
Sharath...we have a guest!
Hey! Sharath!
Sir...just one minute!
Sir...the terrace is right above...
maybe he is...
- ...waiting there to give me
a surprise! - Shani! - I'll be right back!
Hey Sharath! I know you're up there!
Come down now! Sharath!
Just come and see...
there's a huge surprise for you!
- Adhi...where are you? Come inside.
- I'll be there in 5 minutes.
- 5 more minutes? - My car had
a breakdown... - Sir...
- He isn't up there...I am sorry!
- Who's that with you?
- You said you're alone! Adhi, you're
complicating it! - Listen Karthi...
- I'll be there in 5 minutes, ok?
- What's the confusion? What 5 minutes?
Sorry, Sir...maybe he went somewhere
in a hurry.
Ok, you do one thing...
call me when you're together.
- I'll talk to him then, ok?
- Sir...when I called, he said he's here...
- That's why... - That's ok...just call and
I'll pick up, ok? - Extremely sorry, Sir..
Sir, sir, last time...
can I just call him, Sir?
Just one time, please!
- Just...
- Ok...
Sir, my phone...and bag...
are in the car...
- It's just downstairs...I'l be right...
- Hey wait wait! Shani...come here...
- Come here... - Sir, I'll quickly go
get it - Do you know his number?
- Do you remember the number?
Call on this please! - Sir...I am sorry...
Sorry, Sir...
Sir...just one minute...
Hey! Shani! Open the door!
Shani! Why have you locked this door?
Open it! Shani!
Shani open the door!
Shani! Shani!
Open the bloody door, you b!
Shani! I told you!
Why...why have you locked this door?
What did I do?
All I did was ask for a lift!
You are the one who invited me in!
Shani open the door!
Shani! Open the door!
Shani! Open the door!
Shani...why have you closed this door?
I told you...I was taking a medicine
to someone in an emergency...
Didn't I tell you? Just call me
on the phone and I'll talk!
All I did was ask for a lift! You were
the one who invited me to your home!
And now...please open this bloody door!
Adhi! Where the hell are you?
Why aren't you answering?
Pick my call! We need to...
...face this together! That's why!
-If you didn't get the medicine, that's ok.
Leave it! And come! - Shani!
Don't leave me alone at this time! Please!
That's enough, the door!
- Yes...take that..
- Shani!
Open! Shani!
Shani! Open the door!
Shani open the door!
I am Sharath...
Don't bother wondering
what's going on here.
No use shouting either...
there's no one here to hear it.
Only the ground floor is occupied.
We are going out now
but we'll be back. Ok?
Hello! Hello!
- Sent it?
- Yes.
Are you there?
Are you there?
Listen to me...I am being polite here...
Whatever your plan is...
it's not going to work!
I...have no complaint!
I won't lodge any complaint...
please let me go!
Hey! Please let me go!
You think we'd just let you go?
After we managed to get you in here?
Sir...we need some money.
That's why we are doing this.
The second we get the money,
we'll let you go.
This is our final attempt.
How much money?
Just tell me! How much money?
One and a half crores.
Get lost! Go and find some work to do!
I am not leaving...I'll stay right here!
What do you think you're doing?
Do you know who I am?
How many days can you keep me in here?
I am a well-known actor!
By morning, there'll be people here
searching for me!
One and a half crores indeed!
Why did you stop there?
Why not ask for ten?
Sir...there are 2 bottles of water...
...and a packet of biscuits in there.
You aren't getting anything else.
And you won't leave till we have the money.
Get it from me then!
Let's see how you get it from me!
- Here...I got everything you asked for.
- Thanks.
If that's all...
let me lie down for a bit...
I feel a discomfort in my chest.
How many times have I told you
not to say that everyday, Sudhakaran?
- Go and sleep. - Ok.
- Today's 'Sunrise Hour' is special.
And what is making it a star!
After presenting his unique science fiction
movie for youth...
...our favourite actor, Adhi Shankar...
-...will be joining us to share some news.
- And now...
...a small break! We'll be back soon!
- What's happening? Did you get him?
- No...he isn't coming...
- His phone is still switched off!
- Doesn't he...
-...have a manager?
- He does!
- He's the one I was trying to call.
- decide something.
You've already announced this
in a live programme!
What was I thinking! I deserve it!
These are his voice messages.
Mom...I am getting into a story narration.
- Mom, I'll call you.
Mom...pick up the phone!
I need to urgently...
- Adhi...are we ok with that rate?
- What should I tell the Producer?
- Jomi.
- His manager. - We'll have to postpone
two movies that we committed to.
-'s at half your normal rate.
- Call me's urgent.
- Please. - So the answer is...
- I'll call you later.
Jomi...I'm caught up...
in a dicey situation.
- I'll call... - In case there's a question
we're not prepared for...
...from any of them...this is your answer.
I can't hear you! Can't hear you!
- I'll call back later.
- All set?
- Yes
- So whoever calls and whatever they ask...
...the voice messages he has sent
to them in the past...
...will be their replies.
Voxphone Merger is an app people
don't really know about anymore.
The phone and laptop are
synchronised via bluetooth... we can play his voice messages
from before, as replies to calls.
Got it? And by the way... shoud be from the vicinity
of that actress's house...
...that we use his phone to call...
- ...or attend someone's call.
- Why?
In case someone comes looking...'ll be under that tower
that they find...him...
...and his phone.
That's what it should look like.
- Don't be late to office.
- Ok.
Hey! Wait there!
- Hey! - Yes! What?
- You forgot! - Oh!
- There was a call on this.
- can go back up.
- Ok.
I have presented our case at home. Adhi...'ll be here at 11, won't you?
I am feeling tensed...
I've called you so many times!
Aren't you seeing my calls?
Please call me back!
You go back up...go!
- Nanditha Madhavan Nair?
- She's not here right now.
- Courier for her! - Hey! Open the door!
Is someone out there?
- Can you hear me? Hello! Anybody there?
- Just give it to me.
- Hey! Hello!
- I'll sign for it.
- I am locked in here!
- Where should I sign?
- Hello!
- What's going on, Chechi? (Sister)
- Why did he say he's locked in there?
- Come inside...take a look if you want.
- Oh no...I don't want to...
- I am trapped here!
- Hold on! I am coming, dear!
- Huh?
If you promise not to come home drunk and
break things anymore, I'll open the door.
- What? What did you say, Shani?
- You can leave.
- The parcel.
- I'll give it to her when she comes.
- Please help! - It's alright...
this happens... - I'm actor Adhi Shankar...
I am locked up in here!
(Adhi yelling in frustration)
Oh God!
- What? - In Kannamaly, there's a priest
who can cure alcoholism... 7 days...please tell that Madam.
Locking people up is a dark thing to do!
- Get lost, moron!
- I am leaving! Enjoy your tea!
Oh you're up?
Usually if I am not around,
you don't wake up till noon!
- True...true, Mom!
- Hey!
You'll be here by noon
day after, won't you?
Don't call and make excuses, ok?
- I'll...I'll call you, Mom
- What do you mean call?
- Who?
- Yes, yes...of course!
What's going on, Adhi?
You seem really distracted!
- Get up...wash your face...and get
something to eat. - Mom!
I'll call, ok? It's a busy day.
- I am...listening to a script.
- Ok.
- Ok then
- Sure!
- Adhi?
- Hey Jomi!
Hey! Shwetha called from the channel
and nearly bit my head off!
If you needed to be woken up early,
why didn't you just tell me?
You told me you were taking a break
for three days.
- Can I call back in a bit?
- Call who?
That girl? You will forget if you put it
off...just call her now.
-Ok, ok...ok Jomi...just tell them
I am out of town.
Whoever calls! Ok then Jomi...
I'll call you later.
But...Adhi...what about
signing those papers for Askar?
- I'll call you Jomi...I am in a dicey
situation. - Adhi...don't hang up!
At least tell me where you are!
Just so I know!
Hello? What did you say? Hello?
Bro! I'm asking you where you are!
He's broke but this is what he's up to!
- Hello?
- Please come.
- Hello Sir.
- Ya...
Many people told me
you've been asking for money.
See...asking one or two friends
in an emergency... understandable...
but asking everyone around is not!
You are not the only person here
to launch a start-up...
...and go bust!
Don't think that yours
is the ultimate failure.
Sorry's just...
I am in such a stage...
- Really sorry...
- Ok.
- Hey Vinod! Why are you late?
- Got caught in traffic.
- Look, this system has some issue. - Oh!
- It blinks and goes off.
Ok...let me take a look.
- See that indication there? - Yes.
- That seems to be the problem.
Give me a minute. I'll be right back.
Don't sit around looking so gloomy...
if by any chance there's an enquiry...
...we should seem
as we are on normal days...
...or at least that's what
people around us should think.
That's why we decided not to take leave!
Don't forget this is not easy!
- I'll be careful.
- Ok.
It's 5.30 now, Aishu!
He's not coming, is he?
See? He's been really active on Insta!
Brunch at Hyatt!
He must have at least ten girls
like you around!
Both Mom and me have the
confidence you cannot be made a fool of.
And we'll continue to have that.
But he is an actor.
He can act anywhere, anytime.
Go ahead as planned.
Don't think of anything else.
He needn't know I am here. Go on.
Go and talk to him. Go on!
- Sir...are you listening? - Shani, do you
realise the gravity of what you're doing?
This could cost you your future!
We will not let you go
till you give us the money.
However long that takes!
We just won't let you go!
The longer you take,
the more money he'll ask for.
If you say you can't pay...
...he is going to make your life difficult.
This isn't a big amount for you!
You mark my word! I...
...I'll have people
coming here looking for me!
And I will walk out
as you stand there watching!
And then you wait and watch... your father, mother or whoever
else you have at home...
...I'll make your life horrible!
Come here.
I took your mobile to do this
on his Instagram account.
There should be no evidence against us.
I know you're home, Adhi...
I am talking from right outside your gate.
I called you so many times!
You are not a film star to me, Adhi.
I can't see you that way.
I presented the matter of us to my family
because you said so.
And now you are behaving differently!
In a way that would drive anyone crazy!
You are right here! I saw!
I saw that woman leave.
Is this all you are, Adhi?
Is this all I am to you?
While I am waiting outside your gate... could you keep
sending me messages like this?
It's true what my brother said...
you're just a flirt...
...and thank you so much
for making me a buffoon!
And thank you so much
for making me a buffoon!
"Please be patient for a few more days."
You're just an actor...b!
"Model Co-operative Bank.
Notice of auction of property."
These formalities are confirmed 100%.
We came to tell you that.
We shouldn't even be letting you stay
in this house.
- The auction is on the 18th, isn't it?
- Yes.
I'll repay you at least a day before that.
How on earth are you going to put together
1.25 crore rupees in 5 or 6 days?
Ok then. Let's hope it works out that way.
- Let's go. - Ok Sir.
- Naveen. - Sir.
No good banker wishes to see anyone's
house put to auction.
But when we run out of options...
Ramani Amma!
- Yes?
- We are out of water.
- Ramani Amma!
- Yes?
- I am in the bath...and there's no water!
- This girl!
Sudhakaran! How many times have we
run out of water today?
- Can't you hear me?
- I am right here!
The girl is in the bath...
- ...and the water's run out again.
- I checked up there so many times today.
- There's no leak in the tank.
- You checked here as well, right? - Yes.
There's nothing wrong here, right?
Is Kalyanaraman back from Canada?
- No.
- So nothing's been opened there.
- True.
- That leaves Ammu's place upstairs.
- The problem must be over there.
- The brother's been around for two days.
- Brother?
- Yes.
- Some tap must be left open there.
- Ramani Amma!
- Switch on the motor!
- Ok.
The key to the upstairs apartment
is in the drawer.
- Ok.
- Just go upstairs and check.
- She'll be back only by evening.
- Yes.
How many times is it now!
What a nuisance!
- Shani!
- Huh?
At least give me some good water to drink!
Who's there?
Who...who are you?
I am Sudhakaran...the watchman.
Cheta...please...could you open this door?
I am a film actor...Adhi Shankar!
- A movie star.
- Movie star?
Cheta...please...I am telling the truth...
I really am... actor Adhi Shankar.
I am locked up in here. They...
...have locked me up for money...Cheta...
...I have no idea how you got here.
But it's God who made you come.
Please, Cheta...
...could you open this door? Please!
When that girl gets home,
will she yell at me?
No! Cheta...I told you...
they are criminals!
Just open this door, please!
...this is all I have in my purse
right now...but I can...
...I can give you as much as you want.
Just open the door! Please!
- I am serious!
- Hmm..
I'll give you more!
- I'll open it, ok?
- Ok!
This will do.
- Cheta!
- Yes! I am opening it!
Oh no!
Who gave you permission to enter my house?
I asked you who gave you permission
to enter my house?
Cheta! Cheta!
Please just open the door!
She invited me here...
...and locked me in here! - What're you
looking at? - They're asking me for money!
Cheta...I told you...they are criminals!
Go out and call the police!
Or some other people outside...
I'll give you anything you want...please!
Cheta...don't listen to her!
Cheta, call the police! Or else...'ll get in trouble...for sure!
- They're going to kill you!
- Cheta...we have our reasons.
I'll explain everything! Please!
Don't listen to anything she says!
They're going to kill you!
23, 24...
...25! Not enough!
One more like this...that'll make it 50!
Come...let's go! Bloody hell!
- What?
- Cheta, he's no big star.
He's acted in a few movies...
but he has no money!
- What you want is money, right?
- Yes.
We can give you that...
just wait for 2 or 3 more days.
I explained everything to you.
Bloody hell!
- Leaving the taps open! What's next, huh?
- Vinu!
- What madness are you up to?
- Step aside!
So you got your hopes up today!
I have shattered the rest of your hopes
into dust, ok?
There is only a bolt here now...
if someone comes and opens this for you...
- can leave!
- Sharath!
Sharath! What have I ever done to you?
Was it me? Am I responsible
for whatever needs you guys have?
Then why're you torturing me? Tell me!
Tell me, b!
- Sir - Yes...
- See this... - Tell me...
- There's a confusion. - What's it?
- Can you just check the rpm?
- Hello? I'm at the hospital with my
brother. - Got some time to work as well?
- There's been a small issue. - It's ok.
You can talk. - That's ok, Sir.
You...seem to be neck deep in difficulties.
- No, Sir, I am ok! - If you are just going
to be idle in your seat, why not stay home?
So take leave for two days...
- ..and third day, you'll be ok!
- Sir, actually I... - Sorry!
Please do what I say, ok?
Useless! Wasting my time!
Adhi Sir...
Adhi Sir! Hello! Hey!
The pain is still there.
Check the scanning report please.
- Just turn it off, Mister!
- Vinu, can you just...
- ...cut that? - Just a second...
I'll be right back...sorry!
- Yes, hello? - Vinu! Hey...
- Make it fast!
Where are you? When will you get here?
My brother and sister-in-law had a fall
from the bike.
- And? - He has a fracture on his leg.
I am with them at the Casualty.
My sister-in-law thinks it's our fault
because we borrowed the car.
- Listen, I am at the flat... - And?
- Something has happened here! - What?
There's blood flowing out
from below the door!
- Blood?
- Yes, he has done something in there!
- I am getting scared, man!
- What are you saying?
- Listen...when can you get here?
- I can't leave from here right now!
- Don't say that! This is an emergency!
- You do one thing.
Just...knock on the door...
and call out to him again.
- Go on! - Ok.
- I will hold.
Adhi Sir! Hello!
Adhi Sir! Listen man...I am sure
something has happened.
- What do you think he can do in there?
- Something has happened!
- You have to come!
- Are you sure this isn't some trick?
I really don't know!
But there is a lot of blood there...
...and I am sure it really is blood.
Even if it really is...
what can we do about it anyway?
But if you're so sure...then slowly...
- the door and take a look - Ok.
- Don't make the slightest noise!
Ok then I will call you after...
you have to pick up ok?
- Go inside only if it looks critical, ok?
- Ok
Let go of me!
Let go!
Move! Move!
F you, bloody b!
- Give me your phone!
- What?
- Just give me your phone!
- Why is there blood on you?
Hey! What're you doing?
(Adhi trying to recall phone number)
Please please please!
(Adhi mumbling numbers)
- Hello!
- Aishu! Aishu!'s me...Adhi!
Aishu...listen to me...
...very carefully!
I am being held hostage...
...on the top floor of a building....
I am trapped!
I was expecting your call! I was sure you'd
come up with some story like this!
Aishu, listen to me...please listen...
listen to me, please!
They are holding me...
for a flat...
Aren't you ashamed to lie like this?
And even if it's true...
it must be a honeytrap and you deserve it!
- Could you just listen...please...
- Did you answer even one of my calls?
I came to your house and rang the bell...
I was literally begging on Whatsapp...
- Aishu what are you talking about?
- What was it you said?
- That you can't face me
and I should leave? - Aishu!
- Do you know how painful that was?
- We'll talk! I am in a trap...please help!
- Can you please just listen?
- Get drunk to the gills and then....
- yourself trapped!
- Can you just listen you bloody w?
Hang up, you scoundrel!
Don't you dare use on me the language
you use on your eager-to-please bs!
- Hello! Police Control Room.
- Hello Sir!
- Go on.
- Sir...I am...'re an actor... we expected this and more from you!
If you have more ideas, let them flow!
All we need is your netbanking password...
...and we can take the money ourselves.
End this at the earliest minute.
That's what we'd like too.
Here...I've put the new SIM in this phone.
Just call your Mom and inform her.
- Hello?
- Hello Mom, this is my new number.
- Save this. Call me on this from now on.
- I've been trying to call you!
- Any progress on the money front?
- Mom...I'll take care of the money.
Don't get your BP up worrying about that.
- Has Nanditha rejoined after the wedding?
- Yes...
- Is she there?
- Yes, she is here.
Give the phone to her.
I haven't spoken to her in a while.
She...she's in the bath, Mom.
I'll tell her.
You take your medicine and go to sleep.
- I'll call you in the morning.
- Ok then.
It's his manager...Jomi. need to call me immediately.
The Income Tax guys came
to the office today.
And also...Askar and his men
are out to truly trap you.
When you have time,
at least give him a call.
That's his biggest grouse. And also,
he forcefully opened my Whatsapp...
...and he got to know
that you're with Karthika.
If you had just done Musthafa's ad... could've paid Askar... an extension for 6 that
time you could've done a few movies...
...and easily tided over this situation!
"Which ad?"
You know that toilet cleaner ad
that Sreekanth brought to you...
...the one you were offered 3 crores for...
I was just saying...
now don't get nasty with me about it!
At least just call me back, bro!
"Call them in the morning
and tell them I'll do it"
No way he'll agree anymore!
After how badly you insulted him!
"You have to get them to agree somehow...
I am in deep shit"
No...that's not going to happen now.
Don't embarrass yourself.
"Just do as you're told."
"Or else the media will come to know...
it's girl trouble..."
What girl trouble are you talking about?
You're with Karthika, aren't you?
Why would she file a case against you?
In the time it takes to send these
messages, you could just call me!
"Bro, please...I will tell you tomorrow...
It's not safe over the phone"
"Please set it up somehow."
Bro...let me call Sreekanth in the morning.
I will call you after that.
"Ok...that will do...
but please make sure it gets done"
Say whatever and expect everything
to be fine!
Pile loan upon loan
and expect me to fix it!
Girl trouble indeed!
Listen's a show
directed by Sidhique Sir.
- You should call him yourself.
- It's my first US trip.
So I should get paid well.
Deal it, Jomi...
and don't ask any questions.
When they see our lack of interest, the
sponsor will understand it's about money.
Yes, Jomi? I'm ok with that, Aishu.
I'm ok with that.
Hey! Ikka! mistake!
Next time we meet,
I'll fall at your feet, ok?
I should get paid time we meet
I'll fall at your feet, ok?
- Yes?
- The name's Askar.
I am a financier...the guy who borrowed
3 crores from me is not answering my calls.
- I know he's in here. - He? Who're you
talking about? - Don't understand?
Don't make us use our fists....
just call the b out here.
Let's go in and look, Ikka! Move, man!
He'll be right here, Ikka!
Hello! Hello! Wait! Wait, wait!
Hey! Who're you looking for?
I don't understand!
Stop playing the fool!
There's only my wife and I here.
- Show me the pic.
- Here.
- So what about him?
- I got this from his manager's phone!
- See?
- What's going on?
Who are these people?
Can't you see this? Huh?
Look! What do you have to say now?
He's my friend.
Friend! Friend, my foot!
I just got here last night...I was abroad!
Oh...I that's how things are.
So the actor and actress have been...
Why live such a shameless life, man?
Come on...face me.
Face me!
- Don't think I didn't know about this.
- What?
- Ask!
- So he is just a friend? Huh?
No...he used to come here.
You don't become a husband
just by marrying someone.
How many times have you called me
in your senses?
It takes barely 4 hours to get here.
And yet, how many times did you come?
I wanted someone to hear me...
to consider me.
You think I don't know
what you do over there? Huh?
Ask! Ask me a hundred questions!
When you have no answer,
that's the best strategy to adopt!
No...let's make everything clear
before we go forward.
- What?
- I am carrying his child.
Adhi...seriously? You haven't even bothered
to wish me on my birthday.
It's 10 in the morning!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear sweetheart!
- Sweetheart?
- Happy Birthday to you!
- That's new!
- You know Mom's coming.
Listen...everyone here is placing bets...
...that you won't come. But we are
having lunch together today, ok?
- Hear me?
- Ok.
Ok? You don't sound so sure.
Don't humiliiate me in front of everyone
on my birthday, ok, Adhi?
You will be here at noon.
That's for sure, right?
- Mom, yes! - Ok.
Careful on your drive. - Ok.
- Adhi...
- Yes Jomi...what about the money?
Sreekanth somehow got Ikka to agree.
But he is making use of the situation.
He is refusing the 3 crores they'd agreed he says it'll be only 2.
He says he will pay 1.5 today
and the rest on the day of the shoot.
What can I say?
He is totally milking the situation.
I am okay with that, Jomi...
you have to bring me the cash.
- And that story is good!
- Story?
- What story? What're you talking about?
- Sorry!
- Jomi...
- Give me the phone for a second. - Ok
- I have something to say.
- I'll give the phone to Ikka.
- No,
- There's no need to discuss so much.
- You can talk to him...
- Hey! Hello.
I had decided I would never let you
in my sight again.
But now this is a favourable deal for me.
Let me openly tell you what I think.
Take your time and say yes
only if you fully agree.
- Sorry...really sorry....
- Ok! What was that?
- Say that again.
- I am ok with that. Ok?
Ikka...I will fall at your feet when we
meet again...will that do?
Really sorry...ok?
- Here. - Now he says he'll fall
at my feet! - Ikka!
- The cash is urgently needed today. - Ok.
- Hey Jomi...I'm ok with that
- I'll call you.
- I understood that...that's why...
...I made sure it was a two-way street.
I'll send it over in the afternoon.
Will that do?
- Ok.
- Fix a date before you go.
Alright, Ikka. Thank you.
I tried to reason with him that day!
Is he mad or something?
Exactly! That's what it is!
Nanditha Akka! Ramani Amma -
see who's here! (Sister)
- Aunty!
- Come in, children!
I just brought him along to introduce you..
Ramani Aunty...
Hello! Where did you go for your honeymoon?
We didn't! I have to drop in at office
and request two weeks leave.
- Parvathi, make coffee for them. - Ok.
- No Paru...please don't!
- We won't stay long.
- My Uncle stays nearby.
- At Edappally. We are invited there today.
- Oh? - We were passing by...
...and thought we'd see you
and the flat she used to live in.
- I don't suppose she's back from office?
- I don't have much contact with her.
If we come face-to-face she says hi.
She hasn't been here long anyway.
Her brother has been around...
...the past two days, Sudharakan said.
- Hers?
- Why?
Oh, nothing...where is the watchman?
Didn't see him at the gate.
- He's gone to the market. - Oh?
Aunty, I...
...don't have my key.
We weren't really planning to drop in.
No problem! Parvathi...get her the key.
My parcel must be over there too.
- Hello?
- Hey!
...friends...two of them...
...I am sending them over...
Please give the them...
They're friends of mine too...
you might have seen them, Jomi...
- I guess....let me see...
- They' our office...
-...waiting outside...
- You mean the two sitting in your car?
- A lady...and a guy...?
- Yes, yes....sure...
Why is your voice so unclear?
- You...take the them...
- You are within network range, aren't you?
- Yes, yes... - Bro...
...please don't land yourself
in dicey situations like this!
To make a settlement for 1.5 crores
in the present situation....
Jomi! Please don't ask any questions.
Deal it, Jomi! Just do as I say!
- You...!
- Don't make them wait!
- Who're you calling?
- Her...just to ask if she'll be home soon.
If so, we could wait a while.
It's been like this all morning!
- I can't reach her. - Should we go in
then? Why not come when she's home?
I have my prescription from the skin
doctor in the shelf.
We'll get that and leave. Seeing him again
would take half a day! Come!
- At least you can see my flat!
- Ok!
Come in!
- This is it!
- What's this?
Couldn't you ask that Aunty to at least
give the place a coat of paint?
It's not like we pay a lot of rent!
It's so close to the railway track.
Shinoy...what're you doing?
I wonder the rent is so low!
Stop it now! You already had a smoke
when you stepped out of the car!
I don't like that one bit!
- I don't like you smoking.
- So?
- Hey! - You have to spoil my mood as well?
- Hey!
- Hey! Wait for me!
- If you're coming with me, just come!
Listen...I am sorry!
Sharath...are you listening?
I'll tell you my bank details!
I have nothing, man!
I am literally zero!
You can check it for yourselves!
Please let me go!
You stay in the car.
Adhi will bring the car back himself...
will evening do?
Just do whatever he told you to do.
I don't know anything.
Hey! Hey!
Stop! Stop!
Please, please! I am Adhi Shankar!
I have an emergency!
Could you drop me home?
Please come! Come!
Are you coming from a shoot, Adhi Sir?
You look really tired!
I mean...why are you in these parts?
Have we spoken before?
What? No!
I have seen you before.
I was in Dubai.
When you came to Dubai for a show... stayed at the hotel
where I was working.
Where do you want me to drop you?
- I... - Yes? - Could you give me
your phone for a minute?
Sure, you go!
- Hello?
-'s Adhi!
Where are you?
Please come to my place quickly!
- I'll be there soon.
- you're finally out? - You...
What do you mean am I out?
Out of where?
I mean...from your dicey situations
and settlements and the like...
What are you talking about, Jomi?
- Just come home...I'll be there soon!
- Why do you sound so disoriented?
On the one hand
you're sinking under all your debt...
...and on the other,
you need 1.5 crores to pay off a woman!
- 1.5 crores?
- Yes! 1.5 crores!
- Paid off what woman?
- Adhi! Stop that!
Jomi, I...what're you talking about?
The people who came to office in our car...
...the entire money we got from
Musthafa Ikka...
- ...which you told me to pay them!
- Me?
- You moron! When did I say that?
- I can see where this is going!
If you're trying to accuse me
of stealing your money, think again!
As it is, I am getting sick
of working for you!
I am just going to walk away one day!
Jomi...please listen to me.
Call Yassar Ikka and tell him
we are coming to the police station.
And you head there.
This is cheating,'s cheating...
this is bloody cheating!
- Call Yassar Ikka right now. - What?
- Call him!
- Ok. - Sir, what's the issue?
- Could you...could you drop me
to the North police station? - Sure.
- Ok Sir...I will...
- Please!
- Hey Jomi...what's up? - Are you at the
station? - I was just leaving.
Please don't go! We are on our way there.
Adhi had just called.
Someone seems to have
pulled some fraud on him.
He says he was trapped.
- And he is on his way here?
- Yes. - Alright.
- I am on my way too. - I'll wait.
- Thank you Ikka!
- Jacob...get the team ready.
- Ok, Sir.
- Yassar Ikka!
- Adhi! What happened?
- was 4 days of torture!
- Adhi...Sir...
-...may I leave now?
- Oh! I am sorry!
- Thank you so much!
- Alright then, Sir!
Ikka...when I got out of the flat...
this man helped me.
- Adhi! What happened?
- Come...let's go there right away!
- Jacob...follow me! I will go with them.
- Ok. Let's go. - Ok, come on!
What is it, Adhi?
- Huh? - You don't understand?
- Let go of her! - Adhi!
What are you doing?
You heard her question!
As if she doesn't know!
And for that you lay your hand on her?
We're here to ask!
This is exactly what is wrong with him,
Sir...he's not good to get close to!
I understood that a little late.
I wonder what cursed moment it was
that I got introduced to him!
- Introduced? When did you...
- Hey! Stop it!
- We got introduced? When?
- It was just a short while ago, Sir...
...that he got into a fight with me
and walked out of here.
He attacked me viciously...see?
When did I ever get introduced to you?
I was locked up! Tortured! And...
-...cheated out of my money!
- Money?
What nonsense is this, Adhi?
You think people will believe anything you
say because you're an actor?
- What on earth are you saying, woman?
- Adhi...don't say anything more. can ask me anything...
I'll give the complete story...
- ...with full evidence? - What?
- Bro...what's this?
- What evidence? - I'll show you!
I wasn't meaning to show anyone till now.
Trying to reverse the roles here?
I am showing our chats.
- With your permission. - What chats do you
have to show? - Stay calm, man! - Sir... name is Anjali...
Adhi and I...
Your name is Anjali? Shani...what're you...
Why are you behaving as thought you're
hearing this for the first time, Adhi?
Sir...we met on Insta.
You can see all the chats here.
If you scroll further, you might see
a little too much of him.
Do you understand now, Sir?
He's come here many times, Sir.
He promised he was going to marry me.
Three days ago, as I was returning
from my night shift...
...I saw him standing
in front of the medical shop.
When he saw me, he got really nervous.
When I insisted, he got into the car.
He was getting repeated calls
from an actress.
He was taking some medicine to her.
If he allows it, I can tell you personally
what the medicine was for.
She's a married woman, Sir.
- He got me to drop him
in front of her house. - You...!
- You think you can get away with anything?
- What're you doing? Stop it!
- Calm down!
- I am warning you!
First let her speak.
After that you can speak. isn't just that one...
he has many women in his life.
There is a girl called Aishu
who runs a boutique.
- Hey! Hey! Don't you...
- Step aside, man!
- Adhi! - When I came to know about
all this, I was upset, Sir!
I even tried to end things with him.
But he convinced me not to.
For that, he stayed here for three days.
And in between, for two days,
he was at the actress's house.
Her husband was coming down
from somewhere in the
...that evening he came back here. just need a phone call... confirm all this.
- And that lady is preg...
- That's enough.
- Now only answer when I ask you something.
- Ok.
Which was the room?
- Jacob.
- Sir!
It wasn't like this, Ikka...
it was nothing like this.
This was closed...and that too.
- Here...there was a... - Huh?
- It was nothing like this!
How else was it?
There was someone else here, right?
- What was his name? - Sharath!
- Vinod Sreedhar.
He works with me. He's my best friend.
He came in the nick of time.
Or else this man would've killed me!
He was the one to take him away from here.
He said he dropped you
at the police station.
- phone...just a minute...
- She's making this all up!
Let me show you the person.
- Look...this is him...didn't you see him?
- Let me take a look.
What? Oh god!
- When you start spinning a tale, you
shouldn't leave out anything, Adhi! - Ikka!
They...when I was getting out of here...
- ...this guy gave me a lift and dropped me
at the police station! - That's true..
- And Ikka...I was the one to pay money
to the two of them! - Good God!
I don't understand what they're saying!
Vinu will be here any minute now.
You can ask him yourself!
He's gone to Adhi's home.
To talk to his mother.
To request her to free me
from this relationship.
It was my mistake, Sir...I trusted him...
that was my mistake!
- You liar...I'll...
- Dare to raise your hand against a woman?
Do you have any explanation
for all that she's just said?
Tell me!
Trying to play the hero here?
You think people should put up
with your antics because you're an actor?
Even with policemen looking on... dare to hit a woman?
He is nothing like he seems
on the outside, Sir!
He's a sadist!
You get to truly know him
only after you get really close to him.
Why ask anyone else?
Just ask his mother about him!
Today's her birthday.
Do you know how many times she called?
When he finally picked up...
she scolded him and cut the call.
- Sir? - Yes?
- What's this search in regard to?
I own this apartment.
That's why I am asking.
How long has this girl been living here?
Two months at most.
Know him?
Yes...from his movies...
- ...I've seen him.
- Do you know him?
No, Sir.
- Have you seen him? - Yes...I've
been seeing him for a few days now.
He comes here often with that girl.
And there's another man with them too.
When these two were fighting... was the other one
who dragged this one away.
Sir, this man is not what you think he is.
I don't wish to say anything more.
- Say it, man! Say whatever else
you want to say! - Hey!
- Don't you understand? Walk on!
- He's lying!
- Let go!
- Walk!
- Doesn't even respect age! - You don't
understand! - By morning tomorrow...
...I want you out of here! Got it?
Your story and her story just don't match.
Which means it won't stand
in a Court of law.
I have 4 questions for you, Adhi.
You say they misused your phone.
Doesn't your mobile have a password?
How did they get that password?
The second is about your case that they
cheated you out of 1.5 crores.
The Court will have only one question -
how you came to have...
...such a big amount in cash.
So that means...
...the giver and recepient are all
going to land in a mess.
The next is the breach of promise
of marriage.
With your name involved,
you can imagine what it'll be like.
Finally, there's the question
of the actress.
That's not a small issue.
Not a small issue at all!
If there is any truth to that...
...if people come to know...her family...
everything is going to get shattered!
You're a film actor!
People will enjoy your failure.
The channels will have a field day...
till you are completely crushed! there no way you can help me?
I can...if you are willing to let go
of your image and stardom.
But remember you cannot get it back
even if you are willing to pay crores.
As I Court, you need witnesses.
You need evidence.
(Policemen talking in background)
You can go, Jomi.
- I need some sleep.
- I'll stay with you. - No, man.
- Did Mom call?
- No, she didn't.
- Close the door when you leave.
- Ok.
- Hello?
- Mom...
- What? - Mom, I need to tell you
something. - You better hang up.
Don't bother to call me! If you couldn't
make it, why couldn't you at least call?
It's the first time I went hungry
on my birthday. -Mom, I... trying to tell you what happened.
Please listen to me!
- I've been telling you about this for the
past two weeks! - Mom!
- Hang up and go now! -Mom, please listen
to what I have to say! - I said...
...I don't want to listen!
Whatever it is you're going to say!
- You don't have to come here anymore.
I'll return when I feel like it. - Mom!
- There are two varieties of this...
- Nice! - Hi Sir - Aishu?
- There she is. - Whichever one you liked,
go for that. - Ok. - Madam?
Aishu why are you taking this attitude
out on me?
Why aren't you answering my calls?
Really? You're asking me why
I am not answering your calls? don't know...
...the trauma I was in
for the past couple of days!
You told me already...
that you were trapped somewhere...
...or your phone was hacked or something.
Even if all of that is true,
you know what, Adhi?
I don't care a damn!
- Aishu... - Don't come to see me again
and don't try to prove anything.
I saw it with my own she
left your house after you were together.
And then when I called...
I have all your replies on my phone.
I will keep looking at them...
you know why?
To remind myself what a great trap
I got out of!
Aishu, please! Aishu!
Please let me explain what happened!
Please give me some time.
Or else you wouldn't understand!
You need to listen to me.
Adhi Shankar...I am a human being.
If I don't realise that,
I will be making a fool of myself!
You only need people to decorate your life.
I am not willing to play a supporting role
in it anymore.
I have customers coming in. Please leave.
I have a life to live!
- Aishu, please understand
what I am trying to say. - Please!
At least now, learn to take life
a bit more seriously.
There are other actors around...
actors with more money than you!
How come none of them got targeted?
So they knew you were a house of cards
that would fall in no time!
What with all your women...
and partying..and loans!
Look...with all due respect...
...such a big crime scene was enacted
right under your nose...
...and you couldn't move a little finger!
So enough with the advice!
Hey! Adhi!
Who said I was advising you?
Two people came along...
used their technical know-how... the money they wanted...
and smoothly walked away!
I am simply asking 'aren't you ashamed
of yourself'... the politest...nicest way possible!
Understand? I didn't think so!
Here...take this.
- Yes? - Where can I find...Sibychayan?
(Brother Siby)
- Yes...this is Sibychayan's house.
- Is he here?
You picked the best time to come!
- Why?
- Here is Sir...
- Achayan?
- What's this about?
I wanted to ask you when to bring the cash.
- Oh. - I didn't want to say it over
the phone...that's why I came in person.
I am leaving for Bahrain.
For my son's store inauguration.
Do one thing...come on Wednesday afternoon.
Don't bother to call.
I'll be back early in the morning.
Oh! But Achayan...
the auction is on Friday.
They need the money a day in advance.
I already said I'll be back
early in the morning on Wednesday.
- Isn't the girl with you today?
- No, she didn't come.
And by the way, you know you will
get only 1.3 crores in white, don't you?
We know. You said that the last time.
If you can get more someplace,
go ahead and give it, ok?
Oh, no...that's fine. We need the cash
in white so we can make a bank deposit.
- We just need a certainty about that.
- Ok then. I'll see you when I get back.
- Who're you?
- Hi.
I am Praveen.
I am actress Karthikalakshmi's husband.
I am cutting short my vacation
and returning tomorrow.
As per custom, when the wife is carrying...
the husband... supposed to be with her.
But when the child is not his,
who cares about custom, right?
When you make another man's wife
your own...
...ever wondered what the husband feels?...
...or what happens to him?
Who cares?
My c is mightier than his!
That's all you need, right?
Great feel! It's a great feel!
Great ego massage!
By the way, I am a very big fan of yours!
A very big fan of your acting.
To Hell with your awards!
Couldn't find anyone else, you loser?
No, I came to know only when
I got here this morning.
I'll call you back.
Yassar Ikka is here...the CI.
I don't know what happened...
you and I left at the same time last night.
- Did he call you or something afterwards?
- No.
He called me the day night...
- ...and again yesterday.
- And?
He said he needed to talk to me.
...I refused.
What's happened to him, Yassar?
- Do you suspect anyone? - If I had to
give a name, it could be so many!
That girl and guy...Askar...
Could be any of them.
Popular movie star Adhi Shankar's home
in Kochi has been attacked.
Adhi Shankar, who was at home
till yesterday... now missing, adding to the anxiety
regarding the incident.
Family and fans of Adhi Shankar... well as the film organisations
are deeply anxious.
So...after that incident...
you didn't see him...
- ...or try to contact him?
- No, Sir. - No, Sir.
You told the bank manager
you would repay the loan?
- I did.
- Where's the money from?
There's someone who knows my family.
- He said he
- Who's that?
- I am asking you who that is!
- Siby Zachariah.
- The owner of Kizhakkedath Finance?
- Yes, Sir.
I am asking out of curiosity.
You've had a relationship in every
sense with someone for a long time.
Is it so easy for a woman
to simply cut him off all of a sudden?
I mean...unless she makes a habit
of such things!
I don't know about other women, Sir.
But I can.
And you? Wouldn't you feel like getting
a little bit of revenge?
After all it's the woman
you are going to marry!
- I have no feeling of revenge, Sir.
- You will!
The media is just getting started.
When they start digging,
they pull everything out!
And we'll give them what they need!
That flat...Adhi's comings and goings...
...the statement she gave
to the Police - everything!
The rest they will fill in!
Including her rate for each visit.
Did you call us here for questioning
or to express your rage?
- Sir! - You! Sit back there!
- Why are you doing this?
- Till you tell me where he is...
...I will make you come here every day!
We will be right behind the two of you!
You can follow us! Wherever you want!
We've done nothing to anyone!
- Sir! - Trying to be smart, you b!
- We won't let you drag us into this!
You fooled us once...if you try your tricks
again, neither of you will be in one piece!
- Get it?
- First tell us what we've done. - Sir!
There are people watching outside.
Take him away - your pimp!
Get lost, girl!
- Hey, you are Askar, aren't you?
- Yes, Sir. - You've been asked to come in.
With young star Adhi Shankar's
whereabouts being as yet unknown...
- ...the film association General Secretary
has filed a complaint and...
...the Chief Minister has assured that
the investigation will be fool-proof.
We are now in front of Adhi Shankar's
residence in Kochi...
The police investigation
is proceeding well.
In two days we expect to have
more clarity on this mysterious incident.
We are questioning everyone
under suspicion.
- For now, we have nothing more to share.
- Sir...Sir...
- Sir...- Sir, over the past few days
many people have come here...
- search of Adhi Shankar,
as per the neighbours. - Move.
- Sir, is the police hiding something?
- I have said everything I had to say.
- Move aside!
- Sir, please talk to us!
- It seems to us that Adhi Shankar has been
missing for more than two days. - Move!
I am going to Mumbai for ten days
on some work.
I wanted to finish whatever work
I could, before leaving.
We'll pay the money tomorrow, Sir.
It will be in the account only by then.
I don't believe that. If you don't have it
today, how's it going to come tomorrow?
- Who's giving you so much money?
- Why do you ask unnecessary questions?
Come inside, Mom.
Let them get on with their work.
- Here you go, Sir.
- Here....take this.
- Let's check the other side.
- Ok.
Give the tape to him. You come here.
- Mohan Sir...- Yes?
- Such crystal clear water!
It's the water they drink daily.
- Mohan? - Yes, Sir?
- Where is the seal?
It was right there.
(Someone coughs)
What's that?
Sounds like someone's in there.
- Hey! It's Adhi Shankar!
- What? - Hey! Come here!
Adhi Shankar!'s Adhi Shankar!
Sir! Adhi Sir!
Adhi Sir! Sir!
(Media clamour)
- Who called with the information?
- Sir, I did.
- Ammu, what are the police doing here?
- I don't know.
Ammu! What's going on?
- Adhi?
- Adhi!
Adhi! Hey, man!
What is it, Mom?
Get up, Sir.
- Move aside! - Move!
- Just move aside!
- Get them to move!
- Come on...move them aside!
- Tell them to move! - Come on, Sir...walk!
- Walk on...
- Just move, will you?
- Move!
Following the attack on his home
and his subsequent disappearance...
...popular star Adhi Shankar was found
in the premises of a house in Kochi...
...Ambedkar Nagar, tied up and locked.
It was the Model Co-operative Bank manager
who informed the police in a timely manner.
Our reporter and camera crew
are at the spot right now.
- We are expecting to telecast the events
live. - Move! Move aside, please!
- Let go! Let go!
- Please leave my sister!
- Chechi!
- Come here, will you! - Please, please!
- Move them aside!
- Move!
Sir, Sir...please! Over the past two days,
even the Chief Minister...
...had personally ordered an inquiry into
this case. Everyone is watching this live.
Can you tell us what really happened?
Let him speak, man! Move aside
I love with this woman, Anjali.
We spent many days together in the flat.
The day before yesterday, at night...
...she came to my house...
...said her house is being auctioned..
...and started crying
saying she needed a huge amount of money.
Come on! Walk!
As we were talking...
- ...this guy...
- Step aside!
...this guy walked in...
...carrying a big bag.
She had introduced him to me
before, as a colleague of hers.
As we were talking, I realised...
...that the bag contained
1.5 crore rupees...
...and he wanted me to convert it
into legal currency for him.
So I....I asked him for the source, Sir.
So that...later... wouldn't become a problem for Anjali.
Because I...I loved her so much...
But this guy didn't like that.
It led to an argument....
and then shoving and pushing.
He hit me on my back...
...with something like a bike key.
And when I fell...he sat on me
and wildly attacked me!
She too joined in!
Then he took something out of his pocket...
...and held it to my face.
I couldn't breathe!
And when I regained consciousness,
I was here...
- ...somewhere behind this house.
- You! Quit making up stories!
- Don't you dare make up stories about us!
- He is lying, Sir!
These are blatant lies!
He is trying to trap us!
Anjali...I wouldn't
have said any of this...
You only made me say all this!
I really loved you, b!
He is lying, Mom...none of this happened!
- Can someone give me some water, please?
- Someone get him water! - Go on!
- Shut up! - And you are sure the bag
had cash in it? - Adhi, are you sure?
- Yes, Sir.
- Go inside and look. Jacob!
- Take her inside. - Get them both.
- Vinu! - Go on, walk!
- Walk! - Go on inside!
- Walk!
- Stop pushing! - Move!
- Tell us where the money is, girl!
- Take the money if you can find it!
- Give it to him!
- Water.
- Stop making a scene!
- Why are you hitting me for no reason?
- Can't you understand? Step out!
- Did you think the police are fools?
- I can recognise the bag.
- What?
- I said I can recognise that bag.
How is that? He said he was alone at home.
Ok, ok..go on.
Adhi...come with me.
Everyone clear out!
Tell me. What's the game?
- What game?
- Adhi!
How's that Yassar Ikka?
You believed everything they said.
So why can't you believe me?
You said they were great techies!
I have no technology to rely on.
Someone came to my house
and broke everything...
But somewhere in there
are two State Awards I won.
I got that for my acting.
That's all I know how to do. To act. the police tomorrow
and inform them...
...that I am locked up here.
They shouldn't know it's you.
You said...that the Court...
...needs witnesses and evidence.
This is my testimony.
You can take it.
Hello?'s me...
- Can't you understand what I am saying?
- Sir...
Please come and dub, Sir...
When I say no, I mean no.
- My career is more important to me!
- How can you say that?
I have a family!
I have no means forward except death!
If you're meant to die, you die!
I can't do anything about that!
He mentioned it ...
but he never said it was you!
Who are you to question me? The police?
- Stop resisting! Walk!
- Sir!
Walk, I said!
(Crowd clamouring for Adhi Shankar)
All of you step back.
Just move back.
Stop barging in!
- Move! Give way!
- Just move!
- Step aside, man!
- Move! I said, move!
- Will you just move, please!
- Let us pass! - Stop the commotion!
- Hey! Move!
- Step aside!
- Jomi...get the car...quick!
- Ok
- I am getting it.
- Adhi...
- Get inside.
- Come on, man...get in.
Move! Give way!
Just move, will you?
- Move, move!
- - Walk, man!
- Honey!
- Open the door! - Get in!
- Oh no! My child! - Jacob!
- Chechi! - Get in.
- Get in! - Chechi!
- She wouldn't do that!
- Step away from the vehicle!
- Move!
Until yesterday...they were criminals.
Till I realised that my voice
that I had denied them...
...was as valuable as their lives to them.
Till I realised
they were using that voice... get their own lives back.
Till I realised I was the criminal here.
- Hello?
- Sir, this is Anjali.
We know that you withdrew
your complaint...
...and called the bank on our behalf.
They've given us six months
to repay the loan.
But we don't want it as as a favour.
We...would like to meet you.
- One two! One Two! One two three four!
- Looking ok, Ikka?
Yes, yes!
- Adhi? - Yes?
- They're here.
Are you here to say thanks?
- For withdrawing the complaint?
- Why should we say thank you...
- ...if we don't think of it as a favour?
- So why're you here?
If you have any hidden cameras
or sound recording or something...
...please come back in three days.
I am acting in an advertisement
I wasn't even interested in doing.
- I'll call you back.
- After all, I've taken the money for it.
Would be great if you could wait
till it's done.
- Sir, can I propose a deal?
- What?
The movie her dad made with you...
...if you agree to complete the
dubbing for it...
...we will pay you as remuneration...
1.5 crore rupees...
...right here, right now.
If the movie is completed,
we have takers for it.
Here it is...the entire amount.
Sorry Sharath...
...I won't complete that movie.
It's an outdated film.
Releasing it now won't do anyone any good.
Instead of that, let's make a new movie.
It'll be my next film.
Under your Dad's banner.
A smaller movie than the ones I usually do.
But I can make sure you get
a reasonable profit.
An outright sale deal.
I can arrange that.
Will that do? To pay off the debts
you incurred because of me?
So...after my wedding next week...
...I'll announce this movie.
By the way, I am getting married
to actress Karthikalakshmi.
You know her, don't you?
And take the money with you
when you leave.
You went to great pains to get it. Sharath...
To Shani...
Sir...I am Anjali. And this is Vinod.
Whatever your real names are... will be Shani and Sharath to me.