Inner Demons (2014) Movie Script

One more time!
No, I didn't see the...
Don't hurt your back.
We don't have worker's comp.
Give me a hand?
I'm documenting this.
Yeah. I told you,
you can just come over to my room.
Under my special
skills on my rsum.
I'm sure it is.
It's probably the only
thing that's there.
I bet you I can get tears
in the first interview.
Who? Mom or Dad?
Don't insult me.
All right.
What's the bet, then?
Um... Sizzler.
That salad bar will run you up.
And the dessert tray.
Can I ask you... can
I ask you guys a question?
- What?
- God.
What's the story with the girl?
She's a garbage-pail user.
Oxies, benzos.
Dad was a drunk.
Probably beat her up.
I'm thinking molested.
We'll find out.
What are oxies and benzos?
- Is that what you said?
- Wow! Are you kidding me?
Where did you find this guy?
Why hire professionals when
we've got craigslist over here?
You guys know
I'm hearing this, right?
I'm so sorry.
Where did the company
get your rsum again?
How much longer, film school?
Um, I'm almost done.
- You're almost done?
- Yeah.
Mic one, mic two.
My God.
Mic two.
Are we good?
Yeah, we're ready.
Let's go.
I look into the camera,
or do I...
Is it too late to want
to go to the bathroom?
Okay, so,
let's start from the beginning.
What are your earliest
memories about Carson?
When she was born,
she was so perfect.
She was a blessing...
an absolute blessing.
She liked to tag along, you
know, with me, and she would,
you know, pretend to do the same
things that I was doing and...
She's good and nice and kind
and, um, is really
smart and talented.
She loved Sunday school.
She practically
memorized the whole Bible.
You could, name any verse,
she could quote it
right back to you.
We are religious.
We go to church every Sunday.
Carson too?
She used to.
She got a scholarship
to, Eastlake.
It's a real prestigious
Catholic school.
We're not even Catholic.
That's how smart she is.
Does my hair look okay?
- Yeah, you look great.
- Okay.
Carson came to Eastlake
junior year,
and she really didn't know
anybody, you know?
She was new.
But I kind of always try
to be nice to the new kids.
You know, I mean, yeah,
it's a Catholic school,
but it doesn't mean
everyone has religion.
But she did, and she was always
wanting to do the right thing
and... she just wanted to fit in.
I miss hanging out with her.
I miss her.
I just...
like, I can't
hang out with a junkie.
Just one second.
Sorry about that.
No, just doing your job.
There we go.
Can you do me a favor
and tell me...
Okay, here we go.
What is your full name?
Carson Morris.
And what is your drug of choice?
Put that in a complete
sentence for me.
Your mother told
me you can quote
practically the whole
Bible from memory.
Not the whole Bible, but...
I know a lot of verses.
I-I used to.
Jason, hand me that Bible
behind you, please.
Hebrews 2:18.
I know that one.
"For because He has suffered
when being tempted,
He is able to help
those being tempted."
I nailed that.
Yes, you did.
That was very cool.
Very cool, Carson.
Why are you filming me?
I just want you to see yourself.
Stop filming me!
She started to argue a lot.
We just thought it was just
some kind of teenage
rebellion kind of thing, but...
Eastlake is very expensive,
and these weren't
the kind of kids
that Carson was
used to being around.
I don't know, I guess
she just wanted to fit in,
and she didn't.
She'd start going out at night
and she wouldn't come home,
call or anything.
And then she started, um,
dressing in that goth way,
which really disturbs me.
I swear,
it was like she changed overnight.
She just became...
Like a zombie.
She became like a zombie.
Like, catatonic.
Yeah, she would just lay in bed,
and she wouldn't wake up.
When we'd try to wake her up,
she'd just sleep and sleep.
The drinking and
the drugs came after that.
Sometimes, her eyes...
it's like nobody's home,
and she doesn't...
she doesn't always
remember what she did.
I'll ask her...
It's all right.
It's just a bulb.
We had just finished
services, and...
the entire congregation
was coming out of the church.
- Carson!
- Fuck!
- Hey!
- Fuck! Fuck you!
Help me!
Somebody, help me!
I think we've got her.
Thank you so much.
And fortunately,
she ran out of energy,
and we were able
to help her and calm her down.
she blames the school mostly,
um, and I tell her
it's not the school.
It's not the other people.
It's us.
Steve took it pretty hard
when his business failed.
We were struggling financially.
I think he just felt like he
wasn't providing enough for us.
So, that was the only
thing that caused tension at home?
No. I have anger issues.
I'd say that, yes.
But I-I control them.
How do you control them?
I just sort of be quiet and...
Can you put that
in a complete sentence?
"I control my anger issues..."
I-I-I control my anger issues
by, um, just holding them
inside and being quiet.
Is that really
dealing with them, though?
I don't know.
What do you want me to do?
Throw the TV through
the window or something?
That's dealing with it.
- No.
- Yeah.
I eventually told him
that if he didn't get sober
that it was over, and I'll leave
and I'll take Carson with me.
God was a very big part of that.
Carson, do you believe in God?
I don't know.
If there is a God,
I don't really think
he cares about me much.
Why can't you stop,
just for one day,
see how it feels?
Because when I stop, I want
to slit your fucking throat.
I find needles. I find pills.
She lives to get high.
It's all that she cares about.
Drugs have darkened her.
They've squashed her spirit.
I've tried...
I've tried really hard
to be a good mother.
I've tried to, um...
I want her to be
a better woman than me.
I'm not really sure what
you're wanting to see in here.
No, this is great.
We just need, cutaways.
On the show,
we'll cut to, you know,
like, one of those photographs.
I'll just...
I'll just stay right over here.
But, then, could you just...
but actually, I need you
to actually just step out of the
room for a sec while we, um...
- With too many people...
- Don't touch anything.
Yeah, no problem.
Listen, Beth, thank you.
- Okay.
- Seriously.
We will... we'll be right there.
Check the drawers.
She just said
not to touch anything.
Come on, dude.
This is what we do.
Her journal, her diary.
Use your imagination.
We don't have a lot of time.
She's gonna come back.
All right.
No, this is like her underwear.
That's good.
That's good stuff.
You likey.
What do you think this is about?
Look at these.
Demonic Possession
& Mental Illness?
What do you think
this is all about?
That could be something?
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
You think so?
We've got a teenage addict,
trouble at home, into Satan?
Seriously, this girl's
got real secrets.
I need you to go
find them, okay?
I'll do it. I got it.
- Look under the bed.
- All right.
Check out the creepy dollhouse.
Hey, Carson.
Find anything good?
Dude, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna stop rolling, Tim.
So, how many episodes
of this have you actually shot?
Is this 20 questions?
I don't know.
- Eight, nine?
- 10.
- Nine.
- Nine? Cool.
What's the ratio for the show?
- What? Success ratio?
- Yeah.
Half and half.
50% still sober
after six seasons.
It's a coin toss, so...
She's really pretty.
Don't you think?
Not for long, man.
Junkies get old fast.
Maybe she'll get better.
You're one of those dudes
that needs to,
like, rescue women.
Pfft, no.
Are you crazy?
No, I don't.
Did they teach you that
in film school, too,
or you just seen
too many bad movies?
You write poetry?
What are you doing?
Um, just getting an exterior.
Did I ruin your shot?
It's okay.
How about this?
Do you see the house like this?
Yeah, that's perfect now.
Hey, do you mind
if I ask you a question?
I saw those books in your room
about demonic possession.
Do you believe in that
stuff, like, actually?
Do you?
That's my camera.
Yeah, so, camera guy...
You believe
in demonic possession?
I don't know, I don't know.
I haven't seen
any evidence of it.
What would you
consider evidence?
I don't know.
Sorry, sorry.
I got... I got to
pop off that shot.
Like I have time
for this right now?
I know. Sorry...
Just a second.
If the nuns at Eastlake
knew what I was doing
with this tie...
So, what channel
is this gonna be on?
It's for educational
purposes... schools, stuff like that.
My mom gave me these scented
candles for Christmas.
This one's called
"Holiday Home."
You like it?
It's very festive.
Almost there.
There we go.
I can't even...
It's good.
It's, like, insulating me.
- Carson.
- Jason!
- Your wrist is bleeding.
- Get out of my shot.
Rule number one
for aspiring junkies...
always keep a tissue
close at hand.
You know, I haven't had time
to read the backgrounder today...
It's only three pages,
my friend.
That's... yeah, well, you know,
I've been sitting
on a plane for two hours
and the terminal for four hours,
so the backgrounder really
hasn't entered into my...
thank you.
Suzanne, I have to counsel
these people on camera
in five minutes.
I could appreciate
some goddamn support
and then a little water.
- Yeah, okay.
- Thank you.
Addict's name is Carson.
She's an I.V. heroin user.
She has blackouts, personality
changes, severe mood swings.
- Who are the parents?
- Dad is Steve.
He's enabling.
Guilty about his own
past alcoholism.
Mom is Beth.
She's religious.
Prays for Carson to get better.
Jesus has not
stepped in thus far.
- History of abuse, trauma...
- Nothing yet.
Nothing, nothing,
nothing, nothing.
I've been digging.
Mom spanked her
a couple of times.
Dad drank for a few years.
We can do parental neglect,
but it's not very sexy.
Maybe something else
will come out in rehab.
All right, Mom,
let's start with you.
What are you
prepared to do today
if Carson refuses treatment?
Kick her out of the house.
Dad, are you prepared
to back her up on that?
Can I be honest?
Your daughter's life's at stake.
You better be.
I don't think that I want
to throw her out of the house.
I mean, if she's
out on the street,
what's she gonna
do to buy drugs?
As long as she's here, she's...
As long as she is here,
she has a free place to stay.
She has money for pills.
It is very easy for her
to be an addict here.
Now, I'm not saying
it's your fault, Dad,
but you are helping
her stay addicted.
Understand me?
The only chance she has to get
better is if you draw the line.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- I'll do it.
What the fuck?
I'm Dr. Dean Prentiss.
Please have a seat.
No, I'm not
doing this right now.
All you have to do is listen.
Nobody here's gonna
force you to do anything.
I need to go to my room first.
I want you to listen to what
they have to say before you use.
Carson, we're not going anywhere
until you hear us out.
Please have a seat.
"I've seen you go from
a straight 'A' student
"who memorized Bible verses
"to a junkie who would do
anything to buy her pills.
"If you don't get help now,
"I will no longer
give you an allowance,
"and as painful as it is,
"I can no longer stand by
and watch you kill yourself
right before my eyes."
- I'll leave.
- And go where?
Steve, that's enough.
So, you won't get help?
You can't help me.
"Carson, we love you
so very much,
"and we are so very proud of all
that you have accomplished.
"But we can't
stand by any longer
and watch you destroy yourself."
The path that you now travel
is troubled,
and I just believe
that this is the Lord's way
of answering all our prayers.
The Lord does not care about me.
Maybe that's because
you've been defying Him.
I'm not defying Him!
Shh, shh!
It's okay.
Okay, McKee.
"Carson, you're
a really good friend,
"and I really want you
to get better.
"We used to have
so much fun together.
Then, all of a sudden,
things changed."
Shut the fuck up!
Eat these lies, bitch!
Carson, stop right now!
What are you doing?!
Just leave her alone!
Carson, stop it!
- Stop her!
- Let her go.
Everybody, just let her go.
Everything's okay.
Carson, I'm coming in.
Carson, what you're going
through is not uncommon.
I've been through it myself.
I'm an addict too.
I lost everything.
With drugs, I lost my...
my job, my family,
my self-respect.
Yeah, but now you're
a big TV star,
so I guess it all worked out
pretty well for you.
It worked out for me
because I got help.
I know how you feel.
You don't like using drugs.
You're not getting high anymore.
You are a maintenance user.
You just don't know how to stop.
You don't know what this is.
Tell me.
You won't believe me.
Try me.
No, thanks.
Tell them how you really feel,
What are you talking about?
- What's he talking about?
- I don't know.
Jason, shut up.
Carson, it's... it's okay.
Look at me.
There's something...
evil inside of me.
And you're using drugs
to keep down that evil,
violent feeling.
All kinds of names for
what you're going through.
That's what addiction is.
You're possessed.
But you can get better, Carson.
There's still good in you.
I'm so tired of fighting it.
Then let us help you.
I'm doing it.
It was great.
She freaked out.
She attacked her friend
and tried to shove her letter
down her friend's throat.
And she thinks she's possessed!
Yes, possessed!
He followed right up
on it, of course.
Okay, cool.
Yes, we absolutely will.
No, you got your promo
footage today,
I'll tell you that right now.
You're welcome!
You're gonna do great.
Dean, how are you?
Good to see you.
Kordis, great to see you.
All right, welcome.
- You must be Carson?
- Yeah.
Dr. John Kordis.
Nice to meet you.
- Welcome to Hope Center.
- Nice to meet you.
You're in the right place.
Stick your tongue out.
Just going to check
your eyes, okay?
And now look at this one.
I'm just going to check
your bag, okay?
No drugs or alcohol.
Or you'll be
expelled immediately.
If you have anything,
let me know.
How's it going in here?
Listen, I just want
to give you an idea
of what's gonna be going on
over the next week or so.
When was your last use?
About six hours ago.
So, in the next few hours,
you're going to be
experiencing withdrawal.
And you know what that's like
already, though, don't you?
Okay, well, it's gonna get
worse, but you won't be alone.
By the fifth day, the drugs are
gonna be out of your system.
You're gonna be clean.
That's when the real
work begins, okay?
If those keys are
going to make noise,
just set them down somewhere.
I just need to find
the right pocket.
Do you want the stethoscope on?
Yeah, let's see it on.
Carson is at the
beginning of the detox process,
and, physically it should be
getting easier for her,
but psychologically,
the challenges are
only just beginning.
What she's been doing with drugs
is self-medicating.
And as she begins
to go through recovery
and clean the drugs
out of her system,
she's gonna lose
this coping mechanism.
Ironically, her mood and her
behavior could get worse
as she gets clean.
And has Carson talked to you
about demonic possession?
I've had people
come into this office
and tell me that
they were aliens.
I had a woman sit
right in that chair
and tell me that
she was Marilyn Monroe.
So I prefer not to take their
claims seriously
and legitimize those delusions.
All of that sexual chocolate.
All of that, all of that.
I just got to stay
lean and mean with my,
coffee and cigarette.
Hey, Callie.
- What's up?
- How are you doing?
I'm doing all right.
Wanted to talk to you
for a minute about Carson.
That's that...
that's that new little girl?
Yeah, that's the new
little girl.
Well, I haven't really
talked to her much.
She doesn't talk to anybody.
Can you say that, like,
in a complete sentence,
like, "Carson doesn't
really talk to anybody"?
Carson doesn't really
talk to anybody.
So, what if I told you she
thought she was possessed?
Can you talk about that?
You know...
I actually think that's
kind of fucked up.
I don't...
What... what exactly do
you think... "fucked up"...
again, can you just put that
in a complete sentence?
Carson needs help.
I see.
She doesn't need you.
Most of you guys know how we
start out evening group,
but we have somebody new here.
So, you know, before we start,
we always introduce ourselves
by saying our name
and why we're here.
Eric, why don't you
start us off tonight?
My name's Eric.
I'm here because I got
popped at the airport.
So now I'm missing
my band's tour.
Which is fucking great.
Why are you really here?
I'm a heroin addict.
I'm Felice.
I'm an addict...
crack cocaine.
I'm Callie.
Um, I've been doing coke
and alcohol since college.
Hey, I'm Adam.
I'm dually addicted...
drugs, alcohol, sex.
Combination of the three
usually works the best, um...
I'm Judy, and I like scotch,
and I have to say that I'm an
alcoholic in order to be here.
Hi. I'm Julia.
I'm an addict.
I do coke, crack, LSD, MDMA...
Heroin, pills...
Opana 80s, Klonopin, and Xanax
for about a year now.
So, you're the demon girl?
- Callie, that's enough.
- What?
They said she was
possessed by a demon.
It's normal to feel like that.
We all do.
It's not just a feeling.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I know we're on TV
and everything,
but this is fucking stupid.
We're taking
Carson's feelings seriously.
I don't know,
there's stuff out
there that we don't know.
Who's to say she
don't got a demon?
Like, she do some crazy shit
like she got a demon,
so maybe she got a demon.
I mean, who's telling
me it can't happen?
You know?
Like, I don't know everything.
You know what I mean?
Like, I'm not gonna
lie as if I do.
She doesn't want to talk to me,
but she's talking
to our P.A., Jason.
Yeah, we will.
You got it.
Now it's recording.
Um, you see the indicator there?
And if you don't like
looking at yourself,
you can just flip
it back this way.
But you need to at least
start with the screen up
so you can make sure
you're framed, okay?
So, once it's on, um, you
just start saying diary stuff,
things you might not feel
comfortable saying
with other people here.
Private, personal stuff
that I only want to share
with about 3 million viewers?
I guess it might have
some therapeutic value.
You can say how you feel.
You can let off steam, whatever.
It's kind of like your
own personal friend.
Anyhow, um, when you're...
when you're done, you just,
push that button.
Going back to school?
Next year if I can
make enough money.
And then you, what, make movies?
More likely, I get the same job.
But, you know,
the grand scheme of things.
I remember the grand
scheme of things.
I was gonna be
a marine biologist.
You still can be.
We'll see.
Um, here.
You... you try it.
I think you got it.
I-I think you're
actually gonna be okay.
For He has given
us the spirit of power and self-control.
For He has given us the spirit
of power and self-control.
For He has given us the power
of spirit and self-control.
For He has given us
the power of self-control.
Given us...
Spirit and self-control.
For He has given us the spirit
of power and self-control.
Self-control, self-control.
Detox has been really hard.
I'm sore, I'm sick,
and I don't know why I'm here.
I said I'd try this, but
I-I-I know it's not gonna work.
I'm doing this for Mom and Dad,
so at least they'll be safe.
But the bad feelings
are coming back.
They're coming back,
and I don't know how to stop it.
It gets worse
before it gets better.
You don't know.
Believe me, I know.
I've faced this before.
I've been doing this
for 25 years.
I'm trying to warn you.
I appreciate that.
But right now, just tell me
about these feelings
that you're having.
Let's, um...
let's stop for today, okay?
There she is!
- Hey, Carson!
- Hi!
Hi, Carson.
Give me a hug.
I-I don't like being
touched right now.
It's just part
of the withdrawal, right?
- That's right.
- Okay.
Hey, this is a real nice place.
- They got tennis courts.
- It's gorgeous.
- It's nice.
- It's beautiful. Yeah.
You're looking good.
You're getting more of your...
you know, your color
back and... yeah?
Are you making some friends,
you know, connecting
with some other people?
Your... are there some people
around here your age?
I'm sure there are.
How about...
how about we pray for a minute,
we pray together?
Let's... let's just put our
hands together, okay?
All right.
Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done on...
Stay here.
Carson, Carson!
Steve! My God!
For the record,
today is October 12.
This is Carson's third day here.
Step Inside Recovery
is not helping her.
She's not getting any better.
I found these in Carson's trash.
Everything is about
death and violence.
Here's another one.
I'm so sorry!
What are you shooting?
Nothing. I'm... nothing.
I'm not shooting anything.
My God.
Look at this. Get that.
something's going on with her.
She just puked right
in her mother's face.
Yeah, well, that's what
happens in recovery, Jason.
Everybody pukes in recovery.
How many times
have we seen this?
Tons of times, hundreds.
Now take my stockings
off your head,
and let's go see
what she's doing.
So, we are... all of us,
when we get out of here,
you're gonna deal with slippery
people, slippery places.
You're gonna need some tools
to be able to deal with that.
So, what we're gonna do here
is a little bit of a role-play
where Eric is going to be
one of those people for Carson.
You want to get high with us?
Why not?
I don't use drugs, and...
I'd appreciate if you wouldn't
offer me drugs again.
And if you do, I won't be
able to hang out with you.
Fair enough.
Let me talk to the demon.
Well, you said
you were possessed.
Let me talk to
the demon a second.
I bet he wants to get high.
Here, demon, demon,
demon, demon!
All right, Eric.
That is unproductive.
Step out, please.
Carson, you did
really well at first.
You got a little bit
flustered, but that's okay.
You made good eye contact.
You said all the right things.
I mean, this is what
we've got to do.
Look, I was just trying
to do the exercise.
It's okay.
Look, Carson, the purpose
of this kind of exercise
is to trigger feelings.
Tina misses you in hell.
- What?
- And she's waiting.
- She's waiting for you.
- Carson, stop it.
You fixed her last shot.
Man, how do you know about Tina?
How does she know about her?
Eric, Eric, listen.
I don't know.
You let her die.
Hey, leave him alone.
Felice, you filthy cunt.
You left your daughter
with a drug dealer,
and he fucked her ass.
- What?!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Carson... stand back.
Give me some room here.
Shanti, get me 50 milligrams
of Phenobarbital.
Get back, get back, get back!
Carson, can you hear me?
What did I say?
You insulted them.
They said you got in
the patient records and...
I didn't get into
patient records.
I know.
I can't... I can't
control it anymore.
If something bad happens, I'm...
I'm sorry.
I'm concerned.
Carson's become a far more
disruptive presence
than I expected...
a high-maintenance patient,
brings the others
into her drama.
And having a camera crew
around here is not helping.
I know. I understand.
And if it's too much,
then we'll pull back.
I don't want to be disruptive.
Is it okay if I ask a question?
Why not let a priest
do an exorcism?
No, no, no, I-I mean,
if it doesn't work,
then she won't have that excuse
to argue with anymore.
Well, if... if we feed
the delusion, then,
what have we really
done for Carson?
We've just taken the reason
that she's here
in the first place
and swept it under the rug.
We've just
kicked it down the road.
Yeah, but if it works,
then, you know,
maybe you really cured it.
She has all the signs.
And just what are the signs,
Okay, well, drastic changes
in personality and voice,
seizures or convulsions,
loss of memory, inexplicable
bites, bruises, or injuries,
or superhuman strength.
These are also the symptoms
of mental illness.
Well, speaking languages
she doesn't know?
Your concern is admirable, okay?
But if you really care,
you'll let us help
and not make things worse.
She doesn't need a witch doctor.
What she needs is detox.
She has detoxed,
and she's getting worse.
People usually get better.
Hi. Excuse me.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Can I interview you,
regarding Carson?
Yes, absolutely.
Did you put that
under Carson's bed?
Hey, come on.
I saw you on the hidden cameras,
and I saw you making a cross
on yourself when she was sick.
Do you think this is more
than just a drug addiction?
I've seen this before, okay?
- Here?
- No.
In my village in Cameroon,
when I was a young girl.
It was a lady in my church.
She was just like this.
Do you remember what
they did to help her?
They tied her to the oldest
tree in the village.
They prayed over her,
and they covered her
with the blood of the goat.
I know it sounds crazy to you,
but we beat her with sticks,
but the demon would not leave.
And this worked?
It did. It worked.
But the woman, she died.
I don't know what to say.
Are you watching this, Jason?
I wish we could have met
before all of this.
I used to play this game with
my friend McKee at the mall.
We'd see how much free stuff
we could get.
Not like shoplifting, just...
free samples from the food court
and perfumes and stuff, and...
just wish we could do
stuff like that...
normal, ordinary stuff.
And over here we have
our resident demonologist,
Jason Herowitz.
Fuck off, Tim.
did you steal those from her room?
Go away.
Today is October 15.
I got my hands on...
I got my hands
on this holy water.
I'm doing this to prove
that something real
is happening to Carson.
I pretty much
let all my family down.
Um, my progression
through the years
from marijuana, alcohol,
to the harder stuff.
Um, my life became unmanageable.
When I'm... when I'm high,
just opens my mind, man.
I can write for hours.
Since I've been in here, I can't
even string together a verse.
Either makes it better,
or it just numbs you.
Like, that's what I used to use
when I had sex to numb me out.
I don't want to feel shit.
I don't want to look at you.
Like, I don't even want
to know you're there.
Like, you're gone,
and then I know.
It's the pain that's inside.
It's eating you.
And I hate being here.
I don't like you.
Like, all of you.
I don't know you.
I don't give a fuck.
I'll only ask that
you don't get too caught up
with your feelings.
The people here in the room.
This is a time
to work on yourself.
Feel useless.
You might feel like that today.
You might not feel
that way tomorrow.
I'll never come back.
Well, what are you
running away from?
Just have fun
in destroying yourself?
And want to kill
yourself every day?
How fun it is.
Fuck you.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Back away, back away.
- My God! Geez!
- Back off.
- Give her some room.
- What?!
Everybody, back off.
Jason, get away from her.
She's having a seizure.
Dear God, take her out of the
darkness and into the light.
Dear God, take her out of the
darkness and into the light.
are you okay?
- Fuck!
- Suzanne.
Hey, hey, will you just stop?
What? What?
"How are you feeling,
Like shit.
"How are you feeling emotionally
towards the doctor
and the process?"
Like shit.
Yeah? Hello?
I heard you were
out of the infirmary,
but I can come back later.
No. It's okay.
I was just...
I don't even know what
to say to it anyway.
What's up?
I just... I just wanted
to say that...
I believe you.
You're the only one.
Yeah? I wish I could
actually do something for you.
- You could, but...
- What?
I can't ask you to.
No. It's not fair to you.
Just tell me, and I'll decide.
This... it's not working.
I'm not getting better like
this, and I need something.
Okay, what?
I don't know any
other way to control it.
I can't do that.
Carson, hey...
It's... it's okay.
It's okay.
Everything will be okay,
all right?
All right.
Carson, what are you doing?
Carson, stop.
- You want to fuck her?
- What?
- You want to fuck her?
- Carson, knock it off.
Fuck! Fuck!
- What happened?
- My God! Are you kidding?
- What happened to your hand?
- Carson did this.
- That is fucking disgusting.
- Yeah.
Did she have a knife or,
like a carrot peeler?
She, like, bit my finger.
We need to tell someone.
We need to get her
some kind of real help.
This girl's freaking out.
- We should be filming.
- What, tonight?
- Yes.
- But it's almost midnight.
I don't care.
You're gonna wake everybody up.
I don't care, Tim.
You heard what Dale said.
Go with the possession
or "get the goods."
Then we'll decide
if she needs a priest
or a straitjacket or what.
Does anyone have
a problem with that?
Shh. Keep it quiet.
- Where the fuck is she?
- I don't know.
- My God.
- Come on.
That's her!
Where is she?
Hey, you guys see that?
Hey, hey, hey!
Look, she's not out here.
- We just need to get to...
- Just hold up... shh.
Did you hear that?
- Carson!
- Shh!
She's not out here.
I want to go back.
This way.
Come on, come on, come on.
Suzanne, Suzanne,
stay there, stay there!
Where are they going?
- Where did they come from?!
- I don't know!
- There's lights over here!
- Follow them.
- Tim!
- Tim, go, Tim, go!
My God!
Carson, Carson, Carson!
Was that the nurse running away?
Carson, can you describe
what happened to you tonight?
- What happened?
- They were trying to help me.
Who was trying to help you?
Will you back off?
Jason, who were those
people running away?
- What were they doing to you?
- I'm not gonna tell you.
Who are those people
running away?
Will you help me?
Get over here and...
Well, I just had to fire
my head nurse.
Hope you got that
on your cameras.
Look, I'm...
I'm recommending
Carson for transfer
to a psychiatric hospital.
So you're giving up,
in other words?
We're not equipped
to deal with a case...
So get equipped!
Bring in more staff!
God knows you get paid enough!
Hey, I handle five addicts pro
bono for every one of these...
Bullshit! Just spare me!
We're all whores here,
all right?
This girl is my responsibility!
She is seriously ill, and you
people have been covering it up.
- You're putting her life...
- Fucking condescending!
In danger!
You were the only reason
she has a chance!
Well, I'm making the medical
decisions here.
Okay? Now, I've ordered
a full psych eval tomorrow.
And I fully expect
that I am going to be
recommending Carson
for transfer.
And I will recommend to Dale
that we use another
facility in the future.
Cut the fucking cameras!
- Where are you going?
- I got to run some errands.
Can you, cover for me, please?
Where are you going? You
going to get more holy water?
Tim, they're gonna
institutionalize her.
Do you realize
what's gonna happen
if they put her in a
psychiatric institution, man?
She's not crazy!
If she's not crazy,
they'll let her out.
They'll lock her up
and throw away the key.
Will you stop trying
to save this girl, you dumba...
Take a deep breath, please.
Good. One more.
Okay, thank you.
So, how are you feeling
today physically?
I'm feeling better.
I mean,
I feel that the worst part
of the withdrawal is over, so...
Have you been feeling depressed,
anything like that?
We spoke, previously about
being possessed by a demon.
I guess it was like a metaphor
for that bad part of me that
I felt that I couldn't control.
Okay, well, let's take
your blood pressure.
I-I was checked earlier.
- It was fine.
- It's okay.
We need to take it again.
It's part of the exam.
- What's this?
- I...
God, I hate this.
This is the worst
part of my job.
I'm gonna have to expel you.
It was the only way.
It is never the only way.
You knew the rules when
you came into Hope Center!
Let's go pack your bags
and call your parents.
Wait. She didn't do it.
I did it.
It was when she was unconscious.
You brought drugs
into my facility?
Look, John, look, it's
the only way to keep her...
You shit!
Okay, I'm firing him.
He's fired. It's over.
- I realize what he did...
- It doesn't matter, Suzanne.
- Was totally out of line!
- Look, this is not just my job.
- This is not my career.
- I know. I get it, I get it!
But, John,
let's work something out!
It's over!
Hey, you hired him.
Shut the fuck up, Tim.
Get that goddamn camera
out of our face!
What is your reaction
to what's happened here today?
You want a fucking reaction?!
I'll give you
a fucking reaction!
This is my reaction!
You people are looking
at a major lawsuit here!
It's Monday.
From what I can tell,
she still hasn't left the house.
I... I keep
thinking about the way
that Carson attacked
her friend at the intervention.
There's definitely...
definitely something
weird about that.
Wednesday night.
Beth, it's Jason from the show.
I need to check in on Carson.
What do you want?
Where's Carson?
She can't talk to you.
Look, what you're doing
is not safe.
You've got her
locked up out there.
She hasn't left
the house in a week.
You don't know that.
I've been watching the house.
I'm gonna hang up
and call the police.
No, no!
Listen, Beth!
I have not done
anything wrong, okay?
Look, I just want to help her.
Wait. Hold on.
Beth, what is it?
Beth, what is that?
- Sorry!
- Sorry!
Beth, are you there?
Um, excuse me?
Trespass much?
Hi. Yeah, McKee.
I just needed
to interview you again.
Producer said they needed
a little more material on you.
Is that okay?
Should I change or something?
No. You look great.
The blue is great
with your eyes.
They're hazel.
So, you told me before
that Carson got weird,
and so you stopped
hanging out with her, right?
But you said you
were still friends?
Okay, so, then,
why would she attack you
at the intervention
the way she did?
I don't know.
I mean, she's crazy.
I mean, did you ever do
anything to her that would...
Look, McKee, I-I want you to
be able to have a voice here,
and I want to be able
to hear your stor...
I-I told you my story.
I mean, I didn't do
anything to her.
I don't know why.
Like, I think you
should ask her that,
because I'd like to know.
Well, your friends
have already said a lot.
I mean, you really don't
want to look like a liar
on national TV, okay?
Okay. Fine.
We teased her.
That was it.
I mean, we didn't think she'd
take everything so seriously.
Teasing's not a big deal.
What did you guys really say?
We told her that we
believed in Satan.
And, you know,
if she was such a Christian,
then why did she still want
to hang out with us, you know?
Yeah, but...
but she wanted to fit in.
I get it.
I mean, it was mostly
Kylie and Mark.
They kind of wanted
to see, I guess,
how far she'd go
with the whole thing.
But, I mean, it wasn't real.
Like, it was just a joke.
She took it so far.
What exactly did you do, McKee?
What... what did you do?
I... we teased her.
- Like, that's it.
- Okay, look at me.
I'm not fucking around.
What did you do?
We didn't do anything, okay?
Whatever happened to her
happened to her
because of whatever she brought
in the room with her, okay?
You can see from the video
it was all just a joke, okay?
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
There's a video?
There's a video?
There's a video.
You're gonna make me look
really bad on TV, aren't you?
My God, they got her.
This is gonna be so awesome.
Shh, shh, shh! She's coming.
this is gonna be so much fun.
You're gonna love this.
We do this all the time.
We've done it a bunch.
It's not lame. It's a joke.
Shh, shh!
"Codex daemonix."
It's the book of the devil.
It's the real thing.
- Do the chant.
- Yeah, let's chant.
Everybody repeat after me, okay?
Silence makes the demon
come alive.
Silence makes
the demon come alive.
Silence makes the demon
come alive.
Satan natas.
Satan natas.
Drink the blood
of the sacrifice.
Demon Moloch,
we offer you this vessel.
Welcome him into you.
- Keep going, keep going.
- Keep going.
Come into me, Moloch.
- Get her the hell out.
- Go! Go! Go!
- Let's go, let's go!
- McKee, McKee, come on!
McKee! McKee, come on!
You just left her there.
Do you know what you did to her?
Do you know what
they're gonna do to her?
I didn't know, okay?
McKee, I need the book.
What book?
The goddamn book
you used in that ritual.
What are you gonna do with it?
Get me the book.
All right, I got the book.
I, downloaded some exorcism
stuff from the internet.
I'd like to have a priest there,
but they put you
on a fucking waiting list.
Jesus Christ,
this demon is real,
and nobody's helping her.
Do you have one of our cameras?
Yeah, I'll bring it back later.
I needed it.
Needed it for what?
To find out what happened.
Bring it back right now
or I'll call the police!
Look, I'm going there
to help her,
and then you'll get
your camera back, okay?
You're not going back
to that house, Jason.
You're gonna bring
that camera back.
What's the plan?
The plan is to get the footage
and call the police.
My camera, please.
- Go.
- Keep it down.
- Ready?
- Do it.
What's happening in there?
- What do you want?
- Where's Carson?
I think I told you
that we don't want to be
part of your television...
- Where is she?
- Hey!
Where do you
think you're going?!
- What the...
- Look, we're not...
What the hell
are you doing here?
I told you that I
want you people out!
Stop it, stop it, okay?!
- Where's Carson?
- I'll show you, I'll show you.
Just stop it!
Is that her?
Go, dude. Go up there.
- Shit. Go.
- My God.
Just follow me.
I'll stay down here
and give Steve his
"father of the year" award.
Get an OTF
and some cutaways too.
Okay. Copy that.
The camera crew is back.
Hey, I got it, I got it.
Carson, it's me, okay?
It's Jason.
Can I come in?
Here, put the camera down.
Just see if you can
see under the door.
You see anything?
What have you done?
Okay, Beth, get some
water and some towels.
Get water and towels now!
We're gonna do a quick
little interview, okay?
Would you like a pretzel?
- No, thank you.
- No.
Carson, can you hear me?
Hey, Carson?
What'd you do to your face?
She's not here!
That's not true.
Yes, she is.
And I know who you are.
Your name is Moloch,
and you can be sent back
from where you came.
Here goes.
"Ever merciful
and forgiving Lord,
"accept my prayer that I,
"Your servant bound by sin,
"may be pardoned so that I
can undertake this battle
"in Your name.
"I cast you out, unclean spirit,
"along with every
satanic power of the enemy.
"Begone, and stay far
from this creature of God,
"for it is He who commands you,
"He who flung you headlong
from the heights of heaven
"into the depths of hell!
"I cast you out
from this servant of God!
Steve, where's the breaker box?
- Fucking lights.
- God!
I'll show you.
Come on.
- It's not working.
- It's not... it's not working.
Steve, the lights are on.
Fuck it, fuck it!
Where you going?
Where you going?!
I'll be right back!
Jesus Christ.
Come on, come on!
Are you okay?
- Come on! Get up!
- Yeah, yeah.
- Put your arm around me.
- Okay, okay.
Come on, come on!
Come on!
Where is she?
Where is she?!
I don't know!
Tim, what's your 20, buddy?
Shit. Tim!
Where's Steve?!
- I don't know!
- Carson?
Carson, it's me, Tim.
Is that you?
Carson, my God, come on.
Come in the house.
What... is that?
Carson, what is that?
Put that down!
Put that knife down!
- Carson?
- Tim?
- Jason, take this.
- All right.
I'm gonna go find Tim.
Don't go anywhere.
Be careful.
Um, Jason, we didn't...
We didn't tell you the truth...
When you interviewed us.
Carson is...
Carson is violent because she
was raised in violence.
Beth, not now.
We have to find Carson.
We've always had a violent home,
and, it's Steve.
He drinks.
And when he drinks,
he takes it out on me, and...
and I take it out on Carson.
God, God.
My God.
What have you fucking done?
I know you're in there!
What the fuck?
My God!
Jason? Jason?!
Cars... Carson.
I know you're in there, Carson.
My God.
Carson, I know you're in there!
I know you can hear me!
I know you can hear me!
Don't give up! I'm here!
I'm not leaving you!
Fight it!
Come back to me, please.
It's over.
You came back for me.
Of course I came back for you.
Steve, no.
My God!
My God. Jason!
- Jason!
- Carson!
- My God!
- Carson, Carson.
My God!