Inner Ghosts (2018) Movie Script

It's common knowledge that
when we've forgotten something,
it may be because we've failed
to encode it very effectively.
Because we were distracted while
the encoding should
have taken place
or because we're having trouble
retrieving that information.
However, there are
elements of the self
that are too important
and functional
to fall under simple encoding,
retaining, and retrieving.
As I explained, the self isn't
stored in just one place.
It's located in various
different areas of the brain.
And at the same time,
in the nowhere land.
A magnetic imprint that is
stored as an energy network.
The research I
submitted shows that if
we can understand the mechanism
of this magnetic imprint,
it will be easier to
access it even when
the brain cells
have become damaged,
by for example, Alzheimer's.
In this way it'll
be possible to limit
the amount of information
loss in those patients.
Is there any physical evidence
that those magnetic
fields exist?
Oh, yes.
We measured the oscillations
on the magnetic field
around the brain for
long periods of time
and the results showed a
distinct pattern change
as the subjects aged.
How many years are
we talking about?
We couldn't do the
test with human beings,
it would've taken
a lifetime just
to measure the
maturity of the self.
We used mice and
other small animals
with a shorter lifespan.
The next phase will involve
using this knowledge in humans
and seeing what the
limitations are to
the hypothesis and how
to work around them.
Can we claim a patent
on those magnetic fields?
I don't know if we can put a
patent on the magnetic field,
but I can tell you this.
An individualized therapy, if
effective, will cost money.
It will involve an
approach that uses
both drugs and hardware.
Maybe even implanted
in the brain
like a pacemaker,
only much smaller.
And these can be patented.
Imagine if it allows
us to communicate
with comatose patients or cut
in half rehabilitation
or physiotherapy time
by acting directly upon the
inner brain, the deepest self.
If effective, public
pressure for the adoption
of these new therapies will
create a market in itself.
What we are doing is opening up
a whole new branch of medicine.
And we will own it.
Thank you, Doctor Stevens.
It seems there are no
more questions left.
We will get in touch
with you very soon.
Thank you.
Hi, thanks for coming.
I'm so sorry we had to
change the lunch plans.
Oh, that's perfectly all right.
We've just got to talk about
your schedule for next week.
Um, mother, she
wants to talk to you.
Hello, sweetie.
I'll leave you two alone.
I'll be back later.
Moira, what's going on?
Why did Rachel have to leave us?
I must thank you
for giving Rachel
a job as your assistant.
It means so much to her.
She was an excellent student.
She really deserved it.
You know I'd never
given that position
to anyone who hadn't
proved herself.
I wanted to thank you anyway.
But that wasn't the reason that
I asked Rachel to
bring you here.
The treatment isn't
working anymore
and I've reached the
end of my options.
I've decided to stop taking
those dreadful drugs.
I've been giving
things a lot of thought
and I've decided
it's time to die.
But so soon?
I've had enough
time to say goodbye
to all my friends and
put my things in order.
I've got what I wanted.
Of course I realize the
sadness my passing will cause,
especially to Rachel.
But Rachel doesn't
need me here alive,
there is no death,
I'll always be here.
I want you to be the last
person I say goodbye to.
I want you to be
with me when I pass.
It will be good to have
a close friend by my side
and I know it'll give
some peace to Rachel.
Of course I will, my dear.
And Helen, I have a request
that I want you to consider.
You were my brightest student,
and the most gifted
medium I've ever known.
Now that I'm about to leave,
I want you to consider
continuing my work.
I couldn't.
I can't.
Not after Lilly's death.
I lost everything.
But your gift wasn't
lost, it's still there.
Even after all these years.
It's no use.
I've given that up.
I don't do that anymore,
I'm not that person anymore.
One cannot choose to
renounce one's gift.
A medium with your power,
it's hard to believe
you haven't made contact
with the other side
in all these years.
Was it because you
couldn't contact Lilly?
You know she can't be
contacted where she is.
It's beyond your gift.
I really can't.
I know you have your
research, it's a noble ambition,
but if you want to touch
memories inside the soul
you'll have to go back.
Sooner or later every medium has
to go back to the other side.
You know you will.
Now, I want you all to
take Dr. Planchard's paper
and study it over the weekend
because next week we're
gonna be discussing
the treatment to the latest
stages of Alzheimer's.
Should we include
Dr. Planchard's study
about cholinesterase inhibitors?
In a nutshell, Dr.
Planchard discusses two
of the three
cholinesterase inhibitors.
Rivastigmine and Donepezil.
For the third, Galantamine,
you'll have to read the
other paper I gave you.
For people with
severe Alzheimer's
and for people with
moderate Alzheimer's,
when cholinesterase
inhibitors don't work
or aren't suitable,
the only therapy.
The patient in this case is
an 84-year-old woman in Canada
who will respond yes and
no to simple questions
while already in
the terminal phase.
All her memories were gone and
she wasn't able to elaborate
but she was still able to answer
84% of the questions asked.
I don't like to use
the term soul, Joanna.
We're doctors, not priests.
However, I will agree that
in a personal context,
yes, we are trying to talk
directly to the living soul.
But only as long as it's
inside a living patient.
And that makes a
world of difference.
Trust me, I've been
doing this for years.
That was a brilliant
Now you're worth seven million.
How does that feel?
Feels like, um, seven million.
Take the contract with you
and see if it's all in there.
Now, there is something
that makes me feel uneasy.
Mm hmm, what?
You know how important
this money is for us.
Have you got a pen?
You don't want to go over it?
At least read it?
John, I trust you.
I hope you trust me, too.
Oh, oh.
How is she?
- She's not good.
- Oh.
I don't have any
strength left in me, I.
I know, but you're
not alone in this, okay?
You know, no
matter what they say,
nothing prepares you for this.
It's so hard.
She wanted you to be
here, so maybe she
has something to
say to you and um,
yeah, I just don't know
what to think anymore.
Let me take it from here, okay?
Go ahead.
Moira, can you hear me?
Rachel's outside.
She loves you very much.
She'll be fine.
I'll make sure she is.
It's almost over,
that's why I'm here.
To help you cross
safely and gently.
I'm ready, my friend.
You can go now, darling.
I promise I'll take
good care of Rachel.
I can see you more clearly now.
Please, don't say a word.
They'll be listening.
Your gift as a
medium can only rival
with your feelings as a mother.
Your capacity for suffering
cannot be matched.
But you are only
making things worse.
Even though your
intentions are good,
you are doomed to fail.
Forgive me.
Please forgive me.
As things fade away, I can
see how powerful you are.
But you have to do the
right thing, Helen,
before it is too late.
You have to let the pain go.
It's beyond me.
I can't change things.
Please, forgive me.
It is not up to
me to forgive you,
but remember, in
time you will see
that death is just a
way of coming back.
She wanted you to have this.
What's in it?
I don't know.
She wanted you to take
over after she died.
You know that, right?
What are these keys for?
I dunno.
Mom never told me
about this place.
The documents say it was
bought over 40 years ago.
The whole building looks empty.
It's been empty for years.
How do you know that?
Your mom told me
vaguely once about a place
she used when she
first started training.
It was long before my time.
She never told me why
she stopped using it.
I didn't even know she owned it.
Why would she keep
it all these years?
Can't you see she
did this for you?
She wanted you to use it.
I'm gonna call the university,
I'm gonna tell them
you'll be late.
I know you're still
training, but pay attention.
There's an entity to your left.
Can you see it?
I'm still just a clairvoyant.
I can't see them.
This place is full of them.
I can use this.
Come on, let's go.
Very good, you've found a place.
I thought you were going
to use one of our labs.
Oh, this'll work
better than any lab.
It's perfect.
Helen, we've already
discussed this issue.
Regardless of the
results, this research
must look scientific,
not paranormal.
It will look and
it will be scientific
as soon as I can
prove my theory.
But to do that, I need to
use paranormal methods.
It's too unorthodox.
First you go to the lab
and work out your theories.
I already have my theories,
thank you very much.
I'm trying to reach the
living souls of patients
whose brains are no
longer functioning.
But before I run the tests on
real patients with real brains
I must run the test on ghosts
who've been functioning
for years without a brain.
Oh, can't you see how far
we can advance after that
when the time comes to
work on the real patients?
Let me do my tests on ghosts.
What's the place?
It's an apartment.
It's amazing.
The address is in the report.
It's bursting with communication
and the best thing is,
it's shielded from
most radio signals.
You know you have to produce
some actual results, don't you?
That means leaving
your ghosts out of it.
Yes, but before I get to that,
I must start the
tests I asked you for.
Have you got them?
Yes, use these.
I created them myself.
But what if they don't work?
I designed them for the
living, not for the dead.
Oh, they'll work, I assure you.
In the meantime we
have an agreement.
I provide you with
the funds you need,
you let me work my way.
You think I only
care about the money.
What if your tests don't work?
Then I'll go back to the
lab and do it your way.
This I do vow, and
this shall ever be,
I will be true despite
thy side on thee.
This I do vow, and
this shall ever be,
I will be true despite
thy side on thee.
Hello, my name is Helen.
My name is Albert.
I am sensing that
we have already met.
Am I correct?
You are correct.
I was Moira's guide,
and it was her wish
that I become your
guide after her passing.
This place is shielded
from many radio
and other electromagnetic
I'm sure you'll find the peace
you need within these walls.
I come for help.
I'd like to learn more about
what you retained from life.
I brought a few tests I'd like
to run on you if you don't mind.
Not at all.
But you will have to
bring such notches
into this table in order for you
to better understand this.
You see, we have
developed a new form
of communication to
solve some issues.
Some of them are
highly experimental,
and some of them very risky.
I understand.
Hello, Helen.
We appreciate that you
brought what we asked.
I brought different kinds,
I don't know what you
plan to do with them.
What we're about to do is
a technique we have advanced.
We think it is about time
to show it to someone.
Now, don't worry
about the camera,
just focus on the
test you brought us.
We're going to do an exercise
with all of you, I hope.
It's an exercise
designed to test
your mathematical capabilities.
It will show how far you can go
with progressively
difficult tasks.
You first.
Please try to count
backwards from a hundred.
100, 99, 98, 97...
Now let's go back to a hundred.
Now let's do it again,
but this time in sevens.
100, 93, 86, 79.
Can you do the same he did?
But this time, instead of
counting backwards in sevens,
count in sixes.
- 100.
- 100.
You now.
Let's make it harder.
Let's try in 13s.
- 100.
- 100.
- 87.
- 87.
- 74.
- 74.
Who knows, we may even win
a Nobel Prize 20 years from now.
Take a good look
at those photos.
One of the entities
asked me to place
a loaded camera on the table.
It took these pictures
all by itself in the dark.
I loaded the camera
myself with a brand new
and roll of film I bought
only a few hours before.
I also placed
several other rolls
of film on the table, unused.
It's poetry in Latin.
I haven't seen all
the negatives yet,
this is just a sample.
Easy, Helen.
You'll never be able to publish
half of what you're finding.
Few people will
believe that you came
to these conclusions
by speaking to ghosts.
You can't even replicate
all of it in the lab,
only in that apartment,
and only you can do it.
You're a medium.
Most scientists aren't.
In two weeks this
apartment has given us
enough material for at
least two years' research.
That was Moira's gift to me.
That's not the point!
The point is we
have to pave the way
for patents we'll claim
five years from now.
You'll need to detail
the path really well,
we can't have any mistakes here.
And you are going to
spend the next 20 years
locked in lab
trying to find a way
to prove of this without
every citing a ghost.
Don't be foolish, Helen,
otherwise we won't
get a Nobel Prize.
That's the game.
Hmm, I can tell by your
silence that I'm right.
You were lucky that
I believed in you
even though I never saw a ghost.
You can thank my
medium mother for that.
But you knew the day would
come when you'd have all
this data that you can't
prove or even discuss.
Well perhaps you can tell people
and they may believe you or not,
but no one will sign a
20 million dollar check
to fund a revolutionary
new treatment
based on your
findings with ghosts.
It's just not going to happen.
What do you want me to do?
I want you to keep your promise.
Present some verifiable
data that will appease
the investors but make sure
that it's scientifically sound.
They gave us the money
to buy the equipment
and hire the people, now you
have to feed them results
so they keep the money flowing.
If you can present the findings
on that cassette in
a presentable manner,
it'll be more than
enough for now.
I need to find
a way to present all this
in a way that won't
raise suspicions.
I need time.
You have very little.
It's ironic that you
mentioned the Nobel Prize.
That letter arrived yesterday
from Karolinska Institute.
Swedes don't waste any time.
They've heard about your grant
and what you're
planning to find it.
Seems that it's years ahead
of what they've been finding.
Now they want to
know what we're doing
and they want to join us.
They even want to
share our costs.
Isn't that amazing?
Everybody wants to make
us rich and famous.
But what am I
going to tell them?
They're at the
forefront of the field
and they have the
research to back it up.
You have ghosts.
You told them about mapping
the brain's magnetic fields.
You told them about the
technology to act on it.
That's what you have to find.
And keep those
photos out of sight.
They're fascinating, but
they aren't good enough
for what you're doing.
Excuse me?
Dr. Stevens?
I'm Helen Stevens, yes.
How can I help you?
I'm sorry if I
interrupted something.
That's all right,
I'm just on my way out.
What can I do for you?
Well, I know some people,
they told me about you.
Oh, sorry, I don't
have much time.
Can you get straight
to the point?
Well I've been looking for
someone who will understand.
I need help.
I don't know what to do.
Who did this to you?
Have you called the police?
The police wouldn't believe me.
I was told you would.
An entity did this to you?
It's happened many times before.
Ever since I was a child.
And it stopped without
any explanation.
About six months ago
I started to feel
its presence again
lurking around me.
Then it started to break things.
A few days ago it attacked me.
Hasn't stopped since.
Hey, I thought
you'd left by now.
Oh, I'm just on my way.
Uh, this is my
assistant, Rachel.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh my God, I'm sorry.
Are you Elsa Lund?
I'm such a huge fan!
The Red Demon Series, I've
got them all, they're amazing!
You know her?
Yeah, you don't?
Elsa is a graphic artist,
she's a demonic graphic artist.
The pitchfork, the demon,
right, from the movie?
It was her.
You draw your visions.
It's all right, Rachel
has the gift, too.
I've never tried
to develop my gift,
but I realize that
was a mistake.
I need to know what
to do, I need help.
I can refer you to some people
I know, they can train you.
But I was told you were the best
and money's not an issue.
It's not a question of money.
I haven't trained
anyone in years.
Look, please, I don't think
I can survive another attack.
We can help you.
It looks like you
have two students now.
Is this where you
design your creatures?
It may be a silly question,
but why do you
create these things?
I see these
entities all the time.
They come in dreams and
often during the night.
You see them?
I really only see the one
that's been following me.
All the others come in dreams
and feelings that I have.
I, I, I can't hear
them, I can only see.
Psychiatrist once told me to
draw them and talk to them.
Psychiatrist, huh?
So I started to draw them and
people started to like them.
That's how I started my career.
They say I give a very
accurate vision of hell.
If only they knew.
Elsa, come here.
Close your eyes,
clear your mind.
I see.
There's somewhere
I'd like to take you.
I'm afraid there aren't
many plates, place is empty.
Well, I guess no place is ever
empty, you know what I mean.
- Rachel.
- Yep?
Think I saw some paper
napkins in the kitchen,
- can you get them?
- Yeah, sure.
You all right?
I know this place.
Have you been here before?
No, it's a deja
vu, I don't know.
Is it any connection with
the entity that hunts you?
I can't say.
Is it a haunting?
Could it be a poltergeist?
No, I said hunt, not haunt.
Poltergeists never
get that personal.
And this is personal.
And it's hunting around you.
Is there any way
of sending it away?
No, but there's a way
of making you more robust.
We can develop you further so
you can better control
your sensitivity.
You'll become of
less interest to it
and gradually it'll
grow tired and go away.
Sounds perfect.
Helen, when did you
discover you were a medium?
That's a long story.
A very long story.
I can't say.
I've always seen those things.
Not people, just those things.
I can't hear them, they
rarely try to speak to me.
They just show themselves.
Even though I try to speak
to them, tell them to leave,
there's never any sound.
Sometimes they try
and show me images,
then it all goes blurry.
What kind of images?
They come in dreams.
They're usually centered
around a girl somewhere.
Someone I've never seen.
Don't even know if she exists.
I know she's dead because
they show me her death.
How does she die?
She jumps off a building.
And then she vanishes.
And you don't
know where she goes?
No, I don't.
I usually wake up, but
that's the question
they always seem to ask.
The entities that appear to you,
they want something from you.
You may not know what it is,
but you may think there's
nothing you can do
and nothing you
will do for them,
but they've been
patiently observing you.
Waiting for the moment when
you'll give them what they want.
They slowly, discreetly,
move things in the
direction they want
and it's up to you to get
out of this state of things.
What should I do?
First thing we're going to do
is help you expand
your abilities.
And it will be easier to get on
if you two trust
each other and rely
on each other's gift.
Which is a sad word for
something that isn't a gift.
Well, when we die our
conscience becomes pure energy.
It's certain that
because of that,
we become more susceptible
to electromagnetic influences
much more so than
when we were alive.
So electricity matters.
Light bulbs, the sun,
other living creatures.
They can all have an
effect on entities.
It's like trying
to speak in a club
which is filled with loud music.
That was the 20th
century's gift to us,
filling our environment
with noise and energy
and disrupting a dialogue
that's been taking place
since the dawn of mankind.
It's not that the
entities aren't there,
it's that we're the
ones who can neither see
nor hear what they're saying.
That's why they
always come in the dark.
There's nothing like the dark.
Of course we, we can get
pretty much the same effect
if we keep the electromagnetic
noise to a safe minimum.
In other cases, there's
a certain type of energy
that attracts a
different type of entity.
And those phenomena
are misunderstood,
they're much more
physical than spiritual.
You mean our laws are the same.
Yes, of course.
Dead or alive we're all
in the same universe.
Governed by the same laws.
Basically, there are
three types of ghosts.
The first doesn't have
enough energy to move.
It takes a lot of energy
to go against the air
and cross a road, air is
a very poor conductor.
When these ghosts appear, they
communicate but rarely move.
The second type of ghost
has much more energy.
They can move through the
air, follow you around,
and even appear to
perform basic tasks.
But even these ghosts will
never go through a wall.
No ghosts will go through a wall
if that wall makes
them lose energy.
Think about it.
Bricks, fiberglass, drywall,
these are no good if
you're made of energy.
Even these ghosts will
always choose an open door.
Although there are some who
are capable of opening them
which explains the
many accounts of doors
opening and closing
by themselves.
It's all true.
My mother always
used to complain
that I'd leave doors open.
Now, the third type.
Those are the dangerous ones.
They can move through
walls if they want,
they can cause short
circuits and even fire.
They can cause great
harm and hurt you
in lots of different ways.
They feed off other
ghosts who avoid them
or attach themselves
to the living.
While the other
ghosts are benign,
these types get frustrated
because they're not alive
despite all their power.
Then they grow into
something evil.
Like the one who's after you.
They're capable of sucking
large amounts of energy
from various different means.
AC outlets, kitchen
appliances, and so on.
And then they use that
energy to affect you.
Like when they try to
show you something.
They'll never go away
until you can control
your capacity to read them.
But they always
used to come to me
in larger numbers as a child.
Yes, well, ghosts go
where the energy flows.
What people do fail to realize
is that it usually happens
when children are playing
and the attraction is not
because they're children,
but because children
come charged with energy.
Grown ups can do it too,
just roll in the carpet.
Fill your clothes with
electrostatic energy.
You'll find most ghosts
will come closer.
Elsa, give me your hand.
God, it's cold.
Yes, well, I'm scared.
It's all right, let's just
relax and speak quietly.
It's important at
this point to keep it
and even the noise
we make to a minimum
if we want to hear further.
They'll start speaking
to you very soon.
Now we're all sisters
and we must love
each other as deeply as that.
Rachel, take your sister's hand.
No, no, no, it's all right,
this is just beginning.
It's all right.
Maria is here, she responded
to your open hearts.
Don't let it go.
Fear only destroys what
we're trying to build.
Now calm down.
Elsa, you're a visual
medium, open your eyes.
I'm afraid to.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
I assure you you
won't see anything
to scare you unless you want to.
Trust me.
Don't be afraid.
You did nothing to them.
You owe them nothing.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Maria just wants you to
know that she's here.
First type?
It's all right, darling.
Maria wants to
tell you something.
She says blessed are those
who come in the name of Christ.
It's all right, darling.
There's a man called Albert.
He says that uh,
they recorded precious
information on the film.
He's talking about a hunter.
It's okay, darling.
Relax, now breathe deeply.
Don't worry, don't worry,
that was only a doppelganger.
It was only a doppelganger.
A mirror image of the hunter
designed to confuse and scare.
That's why it's gone so
quickly, they don't last long.
The real entity is hiding
somewhere observing you.
It's all right, it's gone now.
What's a hunter?
A hunter is an evil entity.
It's not yet fully a demon,
it wants to become one.
It's trying to become one.
It can do horrible things.
It's often commanded by
demons acting on their behalf.
But if it's not a demon,
that's a good thing, right?
Actually no.
Hunters are very rare.
The demons in this
case are looking
for something that
only a hunter can get.
Remember what I told you
about the 20th century?
All the electromagnetic
noise and technology it brought
made the life of
demons much harder.
What do you mean?
The hunters in this
case are investigating,
learning, searching for something
that only demons can use.
A crack through the wall.
We've made their work all the
harder with all our noise.
And now they're biting back.
It's up to us to
find out what it is.
Looks like a
design for a patent.
How old is it?
Looks like something from
Thomas Moss or Edison or Tesla
or someone from those
days, or earlier.
Oh, seems like an
incomplete telegraph
that's connected to
an infinite distance
through an infinite cable.
A kind of telegraph?
Defective one, but yes.
Oh, how do you operate it?
I don't see how it
can receive anything
or how it's operated.
Ooh, it's half a
telegraph system at best.
Don't tell me this is
one of the negatives
the ghost gave you.
Are you out of your damn mind?
How are we supposed to
make this look scientific?
We don't until
we see if it works!
We're scientists, not
witches for God's sake.
The more I trust you, the
more I think you're helping us
to make this amazing
leap into the future,
the more you bury
yourself in shit.
You know I'm right.
Then we'll be right and broke.
The fucking Swedes will pick up
where we die, is
that what you want?
I have to submit a report
based on what we're doing.
Something that's supposed to be
a technological breakthrough
and you bring me this!
Fuck you, Helen.
You're fired!
I signed a contract.
Well I didn't.
Gosh, these notes
are incredible.
Did they actually
write all of this?
Mm hmm.
I couldn't work out
what the diagram meant
so I took it to Dr. Steinman.
That went down well.
Anyway, he thinks it's some
sort of communication device
or sort of telegraph.
Can I see it again?
Mm hmm.
There you go.
What matters is what it does.
If we manage to find out how
to make it work and control it.
This looks simple enough.
Let's build it.
Let's make one.
Okay, I'm gonna need
these two 3D printers.
I'll take these.
Here you go.
- All right.
- And this scanner.
Yes, I've got it.
Think that's it.
- That's it?
- Let's go.
Are you building
it all in plastic?
A few parts, yeah.
What about the other parts?
Well I can't print the
copper and ceramic parts here,
but I can operate the larger
printers back at the studio.
Should be ready by
the time we get there.
Oh, all right.
You'll go then, I'll
stay here, yeah?
You, you know I can't see you.
I can hear you.
I'm not afraid of you!
Don't be afraid of me.
Why are you afraid of us?
Stay hiding.
Don't look!
Helen, are you okay?
I feel something.
Something I haven't
felt in years.
There's something going
on back at the apartment.
We've got to go.
Okay, I'll get the
pieces, let's go.
Hey, it's all right.
I'll stay, you go
and have a look.
It's all right, darling.
What happened?
- I saw it.
- Oh no.
It's all right, it's all right.
Here, here, here,
here, drink some water.
It's all right.
I saw it and it scared me.
It's gone, it's gone now.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Calm down, darling,
it'll be okay.
We're here now.
It's all right.
How's it going?
This drawing doesn't
say how the device works,
but it's clear that it
stores kinetic energy
without the need for an
external power source.
How do you know?
Well how else would it work?
This comes from a time when
electricity was a novelty.
Perhaps that's why
it was forgotten.
Maybe it was ahead of its time.
Can we try it?
Well, it'll take
some time to connect
but I've got some cable.
We can try.
Besides, we've got to
start somewhere.
I feel something.
Let me try something.
What is it?
Well, this scanner
picks up frequencies
outside the visual spectrum.
Don't move, I'm
gonna scan your body.
What do you see?
Something attached to you.
It's the girl in my dreams.
Oh my god.
It's you.
The one that's
been following me.
It's, it's right here, it's!
It's looking at you.
Rachel, can you hear it?
Yeah, I can hear it.
Oh my God, it's
the same laughter.
I get it now, Helen.
Those images she was talking
about of the girl falling.
It was Lilly.
I recognized the drawings
at the studio but
I thought it was a
coincidence but...
There are no coincidences!
It's following you now.
It found you, it's
laughing at you!
I can see the son of a bitch.
Wh-wh-what do I do?
Concentrate and look through it.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
It's not there physically,
it's only there spiritually.
Try to ignore it and see through
it, your brain will obey.
Ugh, it doesn't work!
If you want you
can get close to it
and pass your hand through it,
telling your own
soul it's not there!
Ah, its voice.
Oh, it's filthy!
Do you have any idea what
this thing did to
me at the beach?
If it had wanted to hurt you
it would've done so already.
Besides, I know what it
wants and it's not you.
But it won't get anything!
Not now!
Not ever!
It's gone.
We should go home.
We're all exhausted.
We haven't slept in ages.
There's something
missing from this device.
Seems to be very sensitive.
Well you won't pick up
anything during the day,
there's simply too
much noise going on.
It's not just
picking up signals,
it's also sending
back tiny currents
that get stored near the coil.
We'll just have to
wait for nighttime.
Oh, I can't stop now,
I've almost finished.
Rachel, why don't you
go have a lie-down, hmm?
What about you?
I'll just stay
till she's finished
then we'll all go home.
Is this the plastic
that the entity
was trying to manipulate?
It was trying to chew it.
Eat it?
Couldn't eat it, obviously,
but it was chewing it.
Spitting out bits of it.
Half chewed, half melted.
It simply doesn't make
sense that an entity
would spend so much time trying
to digest something
it simply can't.
It's absurd.
And what about those coins?
What was all that about?
I don't make the rules.
That's true.
We don't make the rules, but
this entity thinks it can.
He's been watching
you, us, that.
We must be missing something.
There must be something
it's trying to achieve.
God, I'm too tired.
Wake me up when you're
finished, hm, and then we'll go.
I still remember it as
if it was yesterday.
- Helen!
- Let me go!
- Stop!
- Lilly!
Helen, stop!
Let me go!
My darling.
Can you hear mommy?
I know you're still in there.
I love you.
Don't be afraid.
Now listen carefully, my love.
A mother's heart is a fortress.
They will never find you.
Can you feel mommy's heart?
You'll be safe here.
Deep inside mommy's heart
forever and ever and ever.
Another day and you're
still with me, my darling.
Another day
after so many years.
I don't know who's keeping who.
But thank you God
for one more day.
Come on.
Hello, Rachel.
Hope I didn't
come at a bad time.
No, not at all.
Helen is resting, we've
been working all night.
What are you doing here?
I came to talk
to you about this.
This doesn't
concern you anymore.
You fired me.
This is my research now as it
should've been in
the first place.
I need it.
I want to test it in the lab.
Are you out of your bloody mind?
Do you think I'm gonna
give you anything?
Oh, get out, I've
got work to do.
Do you want me to
call the police?
That won't be necessary.
All I want is the device.
When I think of all things
you said to me yesterday,
you know, after all these years
you never fail to surprise me.
You're a disgrace to science!
That only makes it worse.
We've got to find Elsa.
I can hear you.
Don't let go of my hand.
All I want is the device, Helen.
This way.
I can hear you!
Don't let go of me.
It's all right, darling.
This way.
- It's all right.
- Towards the door.
Pay attention.
It's them.
- They're afraid.
- We don't want you to die.
Don't let go.
Oh, Helen!
- Rachel!
- Helen!
- Helen!
- Rachel, where are you?
- Helen!
- What's happening?
It's in there with her!
Don't touch her.
Helen, open the door!
Hey, what's going on?
Helen, tell us what happened.
She's lost it.
Would you please shut up,
can't you see what's happening?
Please tell me
what is happening.
Dr. Steinman, please.
Oh, that's brilliant.
I have millions of euros
worth of scientific research,
freshly approved,
hanging by a thread
because you're all going crazy.
You don't understand, do you?
No, you don't understand.
Do you know the
magnitude of this?
You just can't go nuts.
What do you want?
It's not what I want
because I already have it,
it's what it does.
So, you found a way to build
it using those printers.
Did you test the thing?
Not yet.
Then we have a long
night ahead of us.
Start working.
You're out of your bloody mind.
Can't you see the
state Helen's in?
I'm a doctor too,
we don't need Helen.
If the device works
at least partially,
then I'll know we're
on the right track
and we can all go home knowing
there's more happy work ahead.
What if it doesn't?
Then I suppose I'll
have to find a way
to explain that after
some tragic event
Dr. Helen Stevens and
her loony assistants
were replaced by
real scientists.
If Helen's theory is correct,
a device like this could tap
directly into a person's soul.
All we have to do is to
find out how to operate it.
Oh, well, let me just
check the instruction manual.
Very funny.
Can you control the current
that runs into the device?
The coils vibrate by themselves,
affected by the electromagnetic
fields that they encounter.
The computer merely registers
what comes from the device.
Hopefully in 10
years' time a device
with these same qualities
will be implanted
into the patient's head.
It'll be amazing.
And all this comes from ghosts.
Truly fantastic.
Do you believe it?
The human mind has the
most amazing capacity
to justify its brilliance.
If Helen believes she
can talk to ghosts
and come up with amazing
concepts, that's fine.
I'll believe her.
But what really
happens inside her mind
is beyond her current
ability to explain.
I believe in results.
What happened will
always be debatable.
What can be patented
is all that matters.
It's talking.
What are you feeling, Rachel?
I'm feeling uh something.
Tell me exactly
what you're feeling.
Uh, I don't know, uh, light?
Is that all?
- I don't know.
- Oh, get up!
I'm sitting in it myself,
let's see what I can feel.
And don't try anything funny.
I can use this.
What do you see?
The field is stronger.
More current is being generated.
Hm, I see.
I could hear it but I
couldn't understand it.
Oh, I can understand
it perfectly.
Really fascinating.
What happened?
I made contact with the device.
It spoke to me.
It told me what to do.
It told me exactly
how to test it.
You happy now, you fuck?
What the fuck are you doing?
Please don't.
We'll do anything you ask us,
we've already done that already!
Of course you will.
But you see, I understand
what we need to achieve.
Stop, think about
what you're doing!
What do you expect to get
from her when she's dead?
The device works
with a living brain.
You've seen it, it won't
work with the dead.
I don't want her to die, but.
Now we can test this properly.
Please call an
ambulance, please!
Helen, please tell me
do you know who you are?
Helen, please tell me your name.
Helen, please tell me your name.
Helen, is that you?
Please be a nice girl
and tell me your name.
Very good.
Let's do an exercise.
Try to count backwards
from 100 in sevens.
100, 93, 86.
She's going to die!
Yes she is, and
I think we've only
one more minute before
she passes away.
- Helen.
- Please.
Do you know what happened?
Your daughter?
Christ's sake,
I need to take you.
Break the scanner now.
Can't even feel a pulse anymore.
Well, I suppose that part
of our testing's concluded.
I'm sure you agree with
me the device works.
I'll kill you.
You'll burn in hell!
I have to think
about the next tests
we're going to do tonight.
I've got one test
subject done, two to go.
You fucking cunt.
In the meantime, you stay here.
And please, try to keep quiet.
Otherwise I may
have to hurt you.
I could've prevented this.
No you couldn't.
You would be dead, too.
What are we gonna do?
I don't know.
happening, what's happening?
I don't know!
You've been following me.
The one that's missing.
That's the one who's been
looking for me all these years.
That's the one who tricked my
Lilly into killing herself.
Isn't it?
You train your children
just like we train ours.
And you used my life
as your testing ground.
Didn't you?
You bastards.
Those girls are innocent.
You already got what you wanted.
You don't need them, too.
Please, tell me your name.
Please, tell me your name.
You stay here and please
try to keep quiet.
Otherwise, I may
have to hurt you.
I could've prevented this.
No, you couldn't.
You would be dead, too.
Ugh, what are we gonna do?
I don't know.
happening, what's happening
what's happening,
what's happening?
I have no idea!
It's my scanner.
I can hear.
I can hear something
I can hear it.
I can hear something
Can you see it?
I can't see it.
Can you see it?
Stay quiet.
What the hell
is it, what's it doing?
Oh my printer.
Stay quiet!
Can you see it?
What the hell's it,
what's it doing?
What's happening?
What's it doing?
Stay quiet!
What the fuck is that?
It's printing itself.
What is it doing, what is that?
It's coming to life.
Somebody help
us, somebody help us!
Somebody help.
Help, help.
Oh my God.
Please no!
What the fuck is going on?
Help, help,
help, somebody help us!
It's printing copies of itself.
Stay quiet.
- Help!
- Help!
Help us!