Innocent Curse (2017) Movie Script

Give me almost a little!
Do not ...
I am sorry
Open ... sorry, sorry ...
So like his father's words
Jump from there, just where u go
Mom ... I'm sorry ...
Mom ... open the door ah!
Noisy dead!
Where u hiding?
Runa! ?
Friends, there is to see our family Rumi Chennai it?
I did not see it
Rumi Rumi Chennai Chennai She ... she was gone
Missing it? - Do you have to see it?
Did not see ...
Runa ...
and many more
I am sorry - sorry
Or alarm more right ...
What Well, she is not in it?
how come
U hide in the end where to go?
Tell me honestly
Runa ... Runa!
what is this?
"dead child"
good Morning
good Morning
... I think my daughter should be played by the
But even this does not work ...
Yoko teacher, thank u take care
good Morning
That See you next time, and then the two trouble
Careful on the road
Thank you
This is what happened?
She wants us to let her daughter play princess
If this continues, the final performance when
Hello everyone played like a princess
Good morning - sorry
Xiao Lian, good morning
You own a person to do?
Awesome! You did good yo
Well, with the teacher to go with it
what happened?
No, no
let me see
Etc., how?
Have grazed medicine
All right, all right
Naomi teacher?
Naomi teacher! What u doing?
Gross exaggeration? It is simply abuse ah
Feel very terrible? - Rumi Chennai mother?
... I used to hear the next hit came condemning
That fundamental right is disturbing neighbors
After coming home from school that day ...
She clamored Rumi Chennai gone ...
Ah, but that her aunt made a mistake
We went to her house
Rumi Chennai found simply sitting on the balcony
It is not like it?
But ... from the day ...
Aunt always felt a bit strange
strange? Is how strange law?
She seemed to become afraid of Rumi Chennai
Huh? Why be afraid of his daughter?
That is to say, ah, how will?
Obviously in abuse of his daughter
Too much of it - how is it?
Children simply do not understand anything ah
Is simply too much
Now, Rumi Nye turned up missing that day ...
Three days ago, right?
Is her mother passed away three days before
how come?
Is that right?
I say this small excellent ... It could not be, right?
Take the child's legend
Tommy's curse
what? Awful Oh
What? Tommy?
Wait, what with what ah?
First, Tommy send their children away
The child will suddenly appear
But found that children who
Tommy's curse because of mad
Three days later certain death
Do not say it
Anyway, Tommy What does it mean?
ghost? Killer?
Tommy will control the soul of the dead child
And so on, which is saying Shaa?
You should now make friends in ...
There is such a legend, very scary
Right right, yes urban legend, right?
Right? It is terrible, is that true?
Small excellent, u really know it
Uncle my day ah
There is a split mouth to the side of women do
Gape woman is right?
U really clear ah
How would u know?
Thou shalt society pages in the newspaper ...
Write these curses are Tommy do?
Words to say yes it ...
That in the end is what?
You do not want to write a good story?
Students in the kind of country gossip
How might face value ah
But she was the first to discover the remains of children who ah
Want to continue to recover, then you chase it
There are a lot more
Must be communicated to the public of important news
Waiting for me to write it
It is just that person?
after that
Aunt has been locked himself in the house
Rumi Chennai did not seem to go to school
Although I knocked on the door several times ...
Mom told me to not worry about other people's things
But really strange
Aunt was really afraid of Rumi Chennai ...
I am sorry
Fast Stop, please ...
It's my fault
I really care about ...
Rumi Chennai, u mother?
Play a treasure, a treasure play ...
Depp to make, so Depp to ...
Kankuro teacher, Kankuro teacher ...
come on
Welcome to the circus village on the ...
mom! mom!
Tommy's true face is ...
Tommy's true colors?
Tommy ... This is not to say ... u friend
Aunt found
After three days of Rumi also missing after Chennai
Now, I am in the end how to do?
Rumi songs Chennai
Always on my mind
Thank you
Thank you
Feel embarrassed
long time no see
What Well, it's you
What are you doing here?
what? What?
This is my shop
Yay! ?
Good afternoon - Good afternoon.
Such ah ah ... you are the manager
Really powerful it
Now this era
There is no way to continue to do the father left behind
Old-fashioned pawnshop business
What Well, you're trying to be a good father ah
Xiaoyong it is called?
Tomorrow full four years old
Children start talking, it may be in trouble
Fights are terrible day
How about you? -what?
It is still the United States ah
We have been living together, even his girlfriend ...
I got it
Did something happen?
In fact, ah ...
Yet the United States now seems to have ...
Other men? - No, I mean kids friends
But she told me nothing
what happened?
Why do not you just ask her ah?
She also has a lot of hiding something
You should have wronged in the United States who still do?
Words are not said so ...
What else?
What to say ... in short, very complicated matter
Chun also, I did not have to say it?
Call you get married
You do have to say
Such a thing in the end is to see momentum with the opportunity
On the kindness of other people's procrastination
Certainly not a good thing ...
do you know?
Yay? - manager
Guests buy something
Oh, I'll be right over
Sorry, Chun also, come play with me
Kankuro teacher, Kankuro teacher
bring it on
Rumi Chennai to sing that song ...
Always on my mind
Welcome to the circus village on the ...
Tommy's true face is ...
Play a treasure, a treasure play ...
Depp to make, so Depp to ...
Mr. Kankuro, come on ...
Naomi teacher - is
I can not communicate with people
This ah ...
Could it be that what happened?
Xiao Lian, mother has not told you anything?
what is this?
Mr. Kankuro, come on ...
... village on the circus ...
Tommy's true face is ...
Tommy's true ... the true face is ...
Xiao Lian ...
Li Xiang, etc.
help me!
Nothing to say
Do not run around, ah Jiaoni
Mrs. Kasahara
I am a kindergarten Yang Yu Harada
Mrs. Kasahara?
I was the class teacher Xiao Lian Harada
I brought back Xiao Lian, can you please open the door?
By the way, a good thing to Xiao Lian
Another gorgeous cheer amulet
What care, body, character ... yes?
Well ...
Whether it is lonely or sad ...
Or can not be together with loved ones
As long as this forced upon her
Will become very spiritual
How to say ...
Teachers have deceived you?
Ah ... no
and so
To this send Xiao Lian
To cherish yo
Ah, thank you
Before my mother came back
Let Naomi teacher when your mother, right
La appointment
WANTED TO INVITE, people who lie to swallow one thousand needles
Hello say good
I'm not saying I do not want
But such a thing still early warning ...
This thing I know, I know
But now need someone to care for children
Please, just today, I promise
You called Xiao Lian, right? Pleased to meet you
Xiao Lian
How not say hello?
The teacher is a friend
Xiao Lian able to get along with him?
Is not it?
Actually said I was a friend ah ...
Anyway, I have not eaten anything today
Drink coffee
Well, I'll do something about it
What Xiao Lian want to eat?
Omelet - omelet?
Very good thing ... ah, shells fell in
Shell fell in it?
Not to fall into, right?
All right
I started running - I started running
You really bold ah
Actually eat from the middle
It is cut in half the face
See knife
This is the pig do? - like, right?
Simply nothing like it?
Like - like he says it
Really ...
Hurts - really ...
(Hamel flute man)
are you asleep?
Fell asleep
Always felt this feeling very good too
You had very opposition says
Chun is also home like this?
Ah ... my family is very common
But it is probably like this
But I am more often curse, the family is relatively noisy
Well, after all I've got brothers and sisters
My mom is in on us every day annoying chatters
Mother in the end what is it?
Mom, I'm sorry!
Mother, turn!
Noisy dead!
If you did not give birth to u like!
U in the end what they thought ah?
Just let the child live at home u
Simply too exaggerated
If the kindergarten or other parents know
I do not know what will be said to
I could not have been covered so u
mom! -I am sorry
let's play together
Xiao Lian teacher just called my mother?
Naomi teacher Xiao Lian's mother?
Too fraud a la ...
People have a mother Naomi teacher
Too treacherous friends
Well, everyone
Do not let Naomi teacher troubled ah
Okay? Come, here we come
Xiao Lian?
Xiao Lian?
who are you?
Naomi teacher
what happened?
This ... Yoko teacher, just that man is ...
the man?
U are about to visit a few Xiao Lian home it?
After about 19 o'clock
How it?
Then what is the situation?
what's the situation?
Knock on the door and no one responded
I thought no one at home ...
Do you have noticed anything abnormal it?
Mrs. Kasahara?
When I speak towards the other side of the door
There seems to hear some noise
I thought she was pretending not at home
After noon today
Xiao Lian's mother ... Kasahara Miss pansy
Was found dead in the house from
how come
Time of death is speculated last night, seven to eight
She put the door and hanged himself
The scene left no suicide note
Her mood seems unstable
Xiao Lian whether there is anything abnormal it?
(Empty Cang Star Academy)
Tommy's true face is ...
Snack time is up, can it?
Feel embarrassed
Well, to hand wash a wash
We go into the house
Rumi Chennai sing that song
Always on my mind
Will ...
What's that song called?
So to say, Rumi Chennai often sing this song it
Next teacher also taught to sing it
First excuse me
Come on, come on ... rural circus of ...
Yesterday very grateful
The manager is?
He seemed on the inside
Chun is also ah?
Is there a problem?
what happened to you?
What happened to you, right?
I do not alarm
But first asked why she did
Do not make Hello
I really only looked away a moment
She suddenly disappeared
The results ... In the evening when ...
Feel embarrassed
what's up?
Please give me this
Will ...
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Play a treasure, a treasure play ...
Depp to make, so Depp to ...
Kankuro teacher, Kankuro teacher
come on
what are you doing?
... child - a child?
Sorry ...
Please give me this
Please cheer
When the child is missing?
Yay? Why do you ask?
The song will not be ...
Mr. Kankuro Come
Chun too fast to stop
You ... for the child to do what?
what? What do you mean?
What do you say? I did what you said?
Kondo ...
Call you do not put that song ah!
Quick stop!
And so on, put the bag back to me!
Kondo! - back to me ah!
Kondo? Kondo! what happened?
Yong is hope ah?
Dad, slow Oh hello
It is too slow
Welcome back - I'm back
Xiaoyong, it is really good
Yong Xi, you look at television
This child has been said to wait for Dad
Back birthday together
Has been fighting back, etc. How about you sleep in
How it?
Not just a little tired ...
I'll prepare a meal, wait for me
What a bad guy, he packed it together
Dad played the lion
lion? - Hou Hou! Bad lion!
Hou Hou - it can not be hands-on
Stop it, Dad said he was tired
Xiaoyong have to help
I resorted to flying kick, left
You can not be friends with their feet
Feet do not you?
Left roar ...
Lion bad, I want to fix you
it hurts
Xiaoyong ...
Do not spill Hello, Come
Mom, where you want to put?
There on the line, thank you
Well, Hello to turn off the lights
Great, birthday, birthday
Come, waiting La
Husband, to start Hello
Come, ready ...
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday ...
Strange, husband, you asleep?
Dad, get up
Today is the birthday of Jesus people
Then I turn on the lights Hello
Get up, get up ...
Now, mom
Dad's eyes are open yo
Hello, My name is Ezaki
My name is Chun also Esaki
You say that Mr. Kondo it?
Guests to ride it?
Not to take the ride?
We are faced with this kind of ...
Before Xiao Lian, the mother came back
Aunts talk to be together now
There will be many other friends
Xiao Lian, Naomi teacher ah
Not your mother ah
But we have a good agreement
Right? We made an appointment, right?
Mom ... - I'm not your mom
I'm not your mother Xiao Lian
Xiao Lian, well
After the United States will still see the teacher
Well, Xiao Lian, let's go
Come on, come
No, no, I do not!
Xiao Lian!
We made an appointment!
U promised me!
why? why?
mom! -Stop
I Kuaifang Kai
I'm not a mom
How could I be your mother!
and many more
Come, let's go
Xiao Lian to please you
Well, let's go
Hello walk
Thank you
(Work permits, Kondo)
(Yong Xi, happy birthday)
Past there
Nozomi stole this thing
In our store to steal this thing
This is it
This is something you can be forgiven?
Chaos can steal other people's stuff?
I ask you, can it?
U will be arrested
U do not want to be arrested it
Hands up high
Hands up high!
A little higher!
Well a laugh
So, Nozomi, clothes off right
That rascal
U come back
what happened?
She died ...
Xiao Lian's mother died
how come
How to do? I betrayed Xiao Lian ...
Thank you
Depp to make ...
Mr. Kankuro, come on, come on ...
Welcome to the circus village on the ...
Tommy's true colors are amazing ...
U how to sing this song?
Where u heard?
I do not know
What song is this?
What song is it?
How do you appeared?
She does not seem to be a good mother ah
I do not need a mother ...
Depp to make ...
Yay? Depp to make?
Ah, so Depp to make Depp to make Depp to ...
The town ...
Township circus on the town ... on the ...
(Tommy, the town, the circus)
(Circus into ashes)
(Township circus on the Ise totally destroyed)
found it
So, circus village on the ah
I'll go a trip to Ise
This ah
, Naomi
Xiao Lian ... did not sing this song, right?
Yay? Why do you ask?
In two cases I investigated
Children are missing
But will suddenly ...
Appeared in front of the victims
Also sang this song
And so on, how is it?
Because ... u think
Xiao Lian's mother also died, right?
You almost gave me a little
Do not take anything when you work theme
Naomi, listen to me.
One of these two cases
Kondo who is killed
Kondo? Who is Mr. Kondo?
That rascal
Just die soon
how come
Play a treasure, a treasure play ...
Depp to make, so Depp to ...
Kankuro teacher, Kankuro teacher
come on
Welcome to the township on the circus
Tommy's true colors are amazing ...
Xiao Lian? how come?
And so on, Naomi!
Yes, I am also Chun
No, that ...
Others here ...
... Tommy's true face is ...
what happened?
Miss Yoko call
She said Xiao Lian suddenly ...
Disappeared from the car bound for the children's agency
Is disappearing from the back seat
Welcome to the township on the circus
Tommy's true colors are amazing ...
And so on, how can I explain to you?
Please, for three days, as long as three days
We'll be back
Even if you say so ...
Yoko teacher
It's all my fault.
I hold all temporary state of mind
Played with Xiao Lian mood ...
Naomi teacher ...
Xiao Lian ...
Come on u up!
Na, and so ah ...
Black cape?
I only have to see and Xiao Lian
Maybe the man is Tommy ...
Duet to the song of the child possessed of adults
Three days later would die ...
Why u still the United States will become the target of it?
U promised me!
I'm not a mom!
How could I be your mother ah!
Cases victims are for some reason
Been missing children resent the
Whatever the reason is
Naomi Tommy u are cursed
Only three days time ...
Will ... Will this be?
Mr. Zhong possession of the town
Although he has passed away
But it seems his son is still alive
That almost all people in the vicinity of the village name
You know that the
Mr. Fu Sheng on the township called it?
Heard it
Mr. Zhong is like a hidden son
It was said that Mr. Fu wins it?
You know Mr. Fu wins it?
Where did you record the song?
Recently, we live in counties
The spate of deaths Nanyilijie
And about the dead children
I do not know why would sing this song
This ... is Tommy Song
Tommy ... is that the circus?
Our family for generations
Hospitals are operating in this land
When other businesses are gradually on track
My father started ...
He always dreamed of childhood circus career
This song is a song he used to attract guests
We often learn these kids when he sang
Play a treasure, a treasure play
Depp to make, to make Depp
Kankuro teacher, Kankuro teacher
come on
Welcome to the township on the circus
Tommy's true colors are amazing ...
Place the fire is ...?
Has now become a space
Nothing left
But should still have what ...
Thing was to maintain the style, right?
What will do the
If it was, then the circus staff quarters
Army building was originally clinic
But after the fire broke out 60 years have passed since
I do not know how there doing now ...
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(Township on the circus)
(Ise happen circus fire)
(Rest in peace, seven innocent souls)
(Crossing the line between life's Great Adventure)
(Toyo boast trainer)
(Township on the circus)
Chun also, Come see this
Tommy will not be in there?
Ah ... but that do not really come out ah
here is
Maybe that is Tommy's room
what happened?
Just like what ...
got it
Tommy ... is this person
(Life-giving dolls Wizards, Tommy)
Wizards given dolls to life ...
He is a ventriloquist division ah?
Not this man
Is not it?
This one
This has the doll ...
I see exactly the same with men
Come to find out with these dolls
Also be sure to stay here somewhere
Naomi ...
Naixian stay here
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We met again it
I did not expect u will choose to come here
Welcome to my home
But to get into someone's home before
The first knock on the door at least one bar
You ... you are ...
I knew it
U really forget
That let me re-introduce it again
This is ... my companions
Xiao Lian ...
Please stop the approaching Xiao Lian
You can not do
Because we have an appointment
Well, everyone
This time it was the aunt to accompany you to play Hello
what happened?
What's the matter?
Naomi! What happened in the end?
Chun also ... they want to come!
Naomi, go here!
Alas, it seems desperate, ah u
This is also almost the pack to pack
U do not need a
Give me disappear
Mr. on the town?
How would you here?
Please tell us
Circus was what happened in the end?
Tommy is the curse of ...
At that time we all admire Tommy ...
Boys and girls, boys and girls
Come out of it, come out of it
Close to the point of it, to make it happen
come on
Welcome to the township on the circus
Hello Tommy magic show to start
However, one day at the circus venue
Several of my friends suddenly disappeared
Tommy this foreigner
There are other circus members
Immediately be treated as guilty of abduction
But these children are still not able to get it back
The children's parents also villagers
Broke into the venue
Let me open
Some people put them in the circus tent fire
From the ashes after fire
Seven children found
And Tommy's body
If that time I did not invite you ...
Together circus, then ...
So ... Tommy is to save these children?
How could such a good person ... under a curse?
Everything That FIRE
Lost circus
All day disconsolate father who
Bizarre event occurred
Not long ago, the villagers also as a squire celebrities
Full majesty of the father ...
Suddenly become like a totally different creatures
That should have been burned
Tommy's black cloak doll
Since then the adults around us ...
Died one after another
Tommy and certainly the children's resentment
Attached to it with a doll body
I was scared ...
At that time I only thought of that ...
But ... ignorant children
Why they will sing that song it?
Tommy's the curse continues
He lost the dolls
This village was a disaster subsided
Near the incident site
Certainly find Tommy's Doll
Can only go near the scene saw the look
U really forget
Mother, turn!
Noisy dead!
Open it up! - noisy dead!
If you did not turn on your born just fine!
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Bait! Bait ah!
Welcome to my world
Looks really painful!
It really is too much ah!
But ... this is because ...
I'm a bad boy ...
is it?
Ni Zhen's thought?
Look, it changed cute
The face of such a lovely child
How willing this murderous do?
No way! ?
Whose voice?
Mom Go to hell!
Etc ... to cherish the goods ah!
Naomi, I tell you a good news
We are two secret
Well ... it come WANTED TO INVITE
Not abiding by the agreement, then to swallow one thousand needles
WANTED TO INVITE Hello! (Meaning with cut fingers)
Come, which gives u
As a token of agreement
take this
See what see?
Come on u Gu La
To obediently get up and go to school yo
And ran barefoot out?
In the end I want to say a few times?
U The dead child!
Next Sunday I can Peini
To time to see a movie, right?
how come
I killed my mother ...
There are little sleep about it?
Shun ...
forget it
What nonsense ah?
Just find a way in today ...
Is enough
If this is the desired Xiao Lian
I ...
how could it be possible
Ni Zhen Xiao Lian of think this is desirable?
What about you belly of the child how to do?
We have parents, right?
You already know it?
So ... For u unborn child
Should also think of a way ... - Shut up
How can people like me become a mother ...
Do not make jokes!
What about you unborn child how should I do?
As a father, how should I do?
Why do not consult me?
Tell me about ah
Do not always bear alone ah ...
Shun ...
Na ...
I am so not reliable?
No such thing, is not the case ...
Now, Chun also, listen to me.
A child ...
My mother ...
Next Sunday I can Peini
Time to go to the movies, right
A child seen the man
The man and resentment adult children
Exchange agreement
Leaving his little finger
To children to hate
Or get in the way of adults to him
Exchange agreement?
If something did not happen Xiao Lian
I certainly can not remember the
So ... Xiao Lian also Naomi u ...
Doll's fingers?
Oh, Chun is also ah?
Naomi, I know where the dolls
and many more
Sorry, I was with him in
Please u write about a single visitor
Is something you forgot?
This ... Kind of.
We always immediately forget it
sorry to bother you
Miss Naomi ...
Please take care of u ...
what happened?
On top of the girl ...
U okay?
Shun ...
Chun ... too!
Push down! - Push down!
Well, the aunt
Come with us.
Welcome to my world
How is this going?
Just let me go back Chun also around!
Today is the third day deadline agreed with Xiao Lian good
In the end you going to do?
If anything
Object fun aunt had only a u
But today it came a surprise guest
Xiao Lian!
Xiao Lian Lian ...?
Little brother, are you okay?
What happened? Here is where?
How can ... how will?
Tommy actually ...
We adore Tommy
This is fantastic! brilliant!
Obediently yo, you are a good boy
I love like you are a good boy
Do not you think so? Black Cat
Then give me some reward it, Mr. Tommy
You do not want it turned into a beautiful doll?
Do not want to join us?
(Life-giving dolls Wizards, Tommy)
One Two Three Indian children
Four five six Indian children
We have seven Indian children
Get out children to pay out!
The children also come!
Come escape, quickly stand up
Do not ... do not ...
Dad ... fast ... stop ...
Now go down
Fast, hurry down!
Fast! fast!
why? why! ?
why! ?
it hurts
help me
Who started the fire?
How could fire? There are children ah
Fire to burn up, ah!
Mr. on the town!
Find a husband wins!
People found!
This time u get the idea?
His father ...
Tommy not to mention the children the object of worship
Simply is a bad scum
Tommy ...
I was so in love with my father
I was so in love with his father
And children play together ...
However, why ...
why? why! ?
why! ? why! ? why! ?
Why! ?
Now, Aunt u and Xiao Lian
I have related these child
We are all companions
I'm not your companion
These children are not
Do not get involved without us
I beg you
The Xiao Lian back to me
(La wrong)
(This? Or this one?)
(Which one?)
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U finally think of it ah?
how about it?
If it was his own story ...
Becomes particularly impressive, right?
Compared to cartoons, pet stories, the story of terminally ill
More than any family movie
Have also come touching it?
shut up!
Mom ... I'm sorry!
I do not really think like that
I've been really looking forward to Sunday ...
Naomi ...
I am sorry
Did not take you to the movies together
Mother had also looking forward to the ...
All whom you want me to die!
it hurts
it hurts
I start with the good
This is not a curse Tommy
But u own curse
Every beat you, I feel thrilled
Shortly after u will understand
Come have a baby now
I do not want!
You ... you bastard ...
Guest you nosebleeds La
Did something happen?
Yes, ah, I was just a kick you ah
It really is a disaster ah
Going to give you some of the glossy paper it?
Oh, it would please you
People just do not blanket!
Also, I am not the store employees
Unfortunately, the owner of the store
Is a super big metamorphosis
So a few days ago, we ...
He killed
Always felt
Very sorry it
Do not make jokes!
Well so do not be afraid
Aunt u should immediately become a member of the
These people ... are you kill?
No, it was not me
All these people ...
Those are children's toys
How toys lying all over it?
Welcome, aunt
Next we ...
To introduce our ...
The new companion for u
U give last time ...
Chance to say goodbye
Xiao Lian!
Know why I brought him to you?
Xiao Lian stay here because it would be more happy
We want to be friends, right?
How would ... should not be like this, right?
Because Xiao Lian and our ...
U mean the same as playing house
Counterfeit parent-child game?
Xiao Lian ...
Naomi teacher I ...
Sure enough, or can not be your mom
The teacher lied
very sorry
I am sorry
I am sorry
I'm sorry
Xiao Lian, final farewell over?
Then we go together
This one
I was not a
What do you do ah! ?
Let me go, let me go!
Fool, fool, you fools!
I can help you forget to do something?
I'll help you find playmates caused so much yeah
stupid stupid stupid!
Can you stop it?
Mr. on the town ...
Mr. black cloak
Can I replace the child?
A small victory?
A small victory!
you are
You are at that time ...
You're losing me of that guy!
I want them together
I would also like to be with you
What? What are you talking about ah
So we can finally be together
Mr. black cloak
Thank you to take care of them now
I do not want you to be grateful that adults do
Miss Naomi, you should not stay here
Hey, etc ... do what ah! ?
Xiao Lian, go Hello!
You do not need a ...
Give me disappear!
Naomi! ?
Xiao Lian! ?
Etc., etc
Naomi teacher, let me move it
I'm sorry, thank you - good
Xiao Lian, go
Xiao Lian you go first
Walk carefully yo
Be careful climbing stairs yo
Are you ok?
Thank you
Thank you La
Xiao Lian, go
Yoko teacher
Can u please help me with this?
Well, I'll go - thank you
To La
Play a treasure, a treasure play ...
Depp to make, so Depp to ...
Kankuro teacher, Kankuro teacher ...
come on
Welcome to the circus village on the ...
Tommy's true colors are amazing ...