Innocent Lies (1995) Movie Script

How are you?
Do you speak English?
Well, I do my best
Just the woman I need.
The mobilization
started 2 days ago
They're distributing gas masks.
Is it the same in your country?
Yeah. But there's a channel
between us and you lot
You knew him?
Yeah. I was working with him
as an interpreter
He often spoke about
you and Angela
But he retired 3 years ago
He told my father
he was on a case
I thought he was
with his sister in Wales.
Put those down.
Daddy, might we have time
to go to the beach?
How long are you staying?
Just until tomorrow.
This woman, is she the center
of his investigation?
Officially, no.
I don't understand it.
If Joe was on a case
why did he up and kill himself?
Pretty face.
Wouldn't mind meetin' her
Dangerous woman
Is that a fact, now?
A fact, believe me.
Just my type, then.
I won't be long
Can I help you, Inspector?
Uh, I'm not here
as a policeman.
I'm here as a friend
of Joe Green's.
I see.
How well did you know him?
Inside out.
Uh, I was an orphan, you see
And, uh, he was
He was the nearest thing
I ever had to a father.
Since his death, I've had
a very uneasy feeling
Here in my stomach
That's your heart, Inspector.
Why did he ask
to be buried here?
Did he never
talk to you about me?
His room across the river
Is full of photographs
of you and your family.
Let me tell you a secret.
He was in love with me.
My late husband
barely touched me
And one day
when I really needed someone
Joe was there.
Of course, it was impossible
between us in other respects
But I loved his hands
His face
His smell
You think he was here
because of my son, don't you?
Well, you're wrong.
My son's not a murderer.
Your late boss
seemed to suspect
That Jeremy killed
his twin brother
In cold blood.
Stupid. It was an accident.
Did you notice the big conservatory
here as you came in?
That's where our tragedy happened
all those years ago
The children were
playing bows and arrows
In the dark.
No one could have
prevented it. No one.
For a child to be responsible
for the death of his own twin
At such a tender age.
Imagine the horror of that
Carry me
You're still young, Inspector
I hope one day you'll discover
There's more to truth
and justice than mere reason.
There's impulse and chaos
The human animal
The human heart
Yeah, I know
it's part of my job.
So that's what keeps you so cool
Uh, the bride-to-be
my daughter, Celia
Just returned
from the United States.
Celia, let me present
Inspector Cross from London.
He's here for the funeral
of a close friend.
I'm so sorry. How do you do?
You can put me down.
And this is Mr Christopher Wood
from Wisconsin
He's Celia's new fiance.
It's only me.
But you're supposed
to be in Oxford
I'm on a research trip.
Dom Perignon or not?
Inspector Cross
my son Jeremy and his
Wife. Maud. How do you do?
How do?
How do to you, too.
And you must be the new fiance.
I'm not that new.
But you're a bit
of a surprise to me.
And so are you to me.
Join the club.
Don't go.
Hello, Jeremy.
My darling sister.
Playing hide and seek again,
are we?
And when is
the happy event to be?
Next week.
Fair enough.
We're due back in Oxford the day after
tomorrow, aren't we, darling?
Are we?
Eh, we have to stop. Stop?
Joe didn't kill himself.
How would you know?
He wasn't crazy, you know.
There was somethin'
about this family
that he just couldn't let go.
The daughter's fiance was killed
in a car crash 3 years ago
Joe seemed convinced
it was a murder
but that wasn't
why he stayed and stayed.
Are you part
of the police or what?
Officially, no.
I just help my father
from time to time.
Pardon.So sorry to be late.
Mr Montfort, the department prefect
also my father
This is Inspector Cross
How do? Good.
Uh, Joe Green, how did he die?
Suicide, without question.
His own gun.
No suspicious circumstances
But if you like to check again
you have all my blessings
What's he sayin'?
He says he'll be delighted to have dinner
with you before you leave
Right. Thanks very much.
Come on.
Hold me, Jeremy. I'm cold.
If my sister
had deceived me like that
I don't know what I'd do.
It wasn't Celia. It was Mother.
Divide and rule
has always been her style.
Have you told her
we're getting divorced?
But I do need you.
You know that.
For what?
It's all for outsiders.
There's nothing for you.
You married a whore
just to kill your mother.
I like you very much, Jeremy
but 3 years is enough
30 all
Mr Graves retires
Mr Wood wins by default
3 games to 2
for something special?
Uh, the gents
Look, uh, while I'm here
Do you mind if I ask you
a couple of questions?
Fire away.
It's about your sister's ex-fiance
Alistair Jennings
My best friend. What about him?
You were here when he died?
Once is enough, surely.
I've been through all this with some
pest of a policeman called Green
Who also died.
Pass that over, would you?
Good man.
Inspector, when I was 11 years old
I killed my twin brother
Entirely my fault
Stupid, dangerous game
in the dark.
But I make no excuses.
7 years later, my closest friend
died in a car crash
Do you know
what real friendship is?
Perhaps I could
have prevented it.
I've suffered enough
Do enjoy the rest of your stay.
Now I'm at the Hotel Du Phare
Joe Green's old room, number 17
You remember it?
Someone saw you leave.
Madame Beaucalt, the owner.
Very good witness.
Careful how you answer.
You don't have a sadistic streak
do you, by any chance?
Oh, several, yeah
One or two more and I get a promotion
Duty calls
Let's pick this up
where we left off, huh?
Soon. Later.
I've been looking
for you all morning.
What is it?
Well, nothing special
I just found a boy who saw Joe Green die
Why didn't you say so before?
Ask him again.
No, it's hopeless.
He's told us all he knows.
We're just confusing him.
Mother's absolutely livid.
She'd do anything
to get rid of me.
So would I
Get away from this house.
Call the police.
You have no right
You asked me to stay, remember?
I hadn't asked you
for anything.
Alright. You recognize this?
You asked to see Joe Green
the day he died. What happened?
I never saw him.
I waited for him
and he never came
I swear to you.
You were supposed to get married
3 years ago, what stopped you?
My fiance died
In a car crash, engineered
by your brother. No.
That's what Joe Green thought
I suppose he was right
No wonder you're terrified.
That's insane.
My brother isn't a killer.
Why didn't you invite him to the wedding?
Why did you want to see Green?
He was investigating my family
I wanted to ask him to find out
Exactly who he was looking for
Wouldn't you?
Alright, listen to me
Now, just listen to me.
I'm after a murderer
the same as Joe was
I'll give you
a very simple choice.
You either stand in my way
or you help me
That's fair enough, yeah?
The road was
perfectly straight.
The car veered off
and hit a tree.
It was a sunny day.
Alistair was 24 years old
It was a week
before our wedding.
Celia, I have to leave
for London tomorrow.
Do you want me to stay?
I'm stayin'
The whole family's crazy.
Did you know that Lady Helena
was mixed up with the Nazis?
She's not the only one.
They are becoming
quite fashionable, you know
Joe. Joe knew something
I don't believe all this
love-story nonsense
It just got too hot for her
when he was around
Listen, my friend
Lady Helena
called Scotland Yard
To lodge a formal complaint
against you
And they called me
And they want you out of here
You have no case.
Where is your evidence?
For what?
I'll find the evidence.
There is an airplane at 8:00
tomorrow morning.
Solange will make
the arrangements for you.
There's something
I have to tell you.
Go on.
I found a book in Green's room
with a list of certain people
in the area
and your name
and Solange's were included.
It's kind of you
but a bit late.
Unfortunately, it's not the first
of these lists to come my way
Goodbye, Inspector
Solange, what's up?
Up? Nothing's up
not at all. I'm fine
Never been better
Daddy, why is she crying?
Well, why shouldn't she?
It's a woman's privilege.
Don't you ever cry?
I can't stay here any longer.
I'm leaving as soon as I can.
Where will you go?
Anywhere would be
better than this.
I'm so happy for you both.
May you be as peaceful and contented
together as Maud and I are
To the happy couple.
The happy couple.
My only regret is there's
to be no chocolate cream
For the wedding breakfast.
Such a shame your parents
are unable to join us, Maud.
Whereabouts are they, exactly?
I'm not sure?
Not sure?
That sounds a little heedless.
They've had to
move around a lot recently.
Like Gypsies?
And why is that?
It doesn't matter.
Well, it clearly
matters to you.
Let's drop the subject
shall we?
I don't think you like me very much
do you, dear?
Not much, no.
Now why is that, I wonder?
Mother, you're evil.
Because you live in your own
little world, like a goldfish
Does the word Nazi
mean anything to you at all?
Much more than it did.
Mother wants to rule the world
The same as she ruled
her family. Ignore her
Perhaps you and I
can find an opportunity
To discuss this in more detail
now that you're here
But Jeremy and I
will be leaving tomorrow.
Won't we?
Oh, No
You can't desert us now,
can they, sweetheart?
Sometimes you feel
so far away from me.
You still sure
you wanna get married?
Of course.
You're like a little boy.
Now, 5 more nights, that's all
Delicious agony
Jeremy, you frightened me
A wedding gift
Now you're absolutely perfect
How beautiful
Thank you
To remind you of me
we're not children anymore
Why not?
My little hot-water bottle
Better now?
A little
Who is it?
Christopher, let me in
It's very bad luck
To see the wedding dress
before the big day
If you wanna talk to me
I'll be awake
Don't touch me
I don't want it anymore
I'm marrying Christopher
in 6 days time
We're leaving straight away
for New York
I won't let you.
I don't want to see
you again, Jeremy. Ever
I won't let you.
She belongs to me.
Come in. Come in.
Give me your coat.
It's soaked.
Let me take your coat.
I want you to stay in France.
I can't.
I've been recalled to London.
I'm in the doghouse.
I've no evidence. I've no case.
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
Jeremy could kill me.
My daughter's asleep in there.
If you really want help, Celia
There's a nice
traditional way to get it.
You simply make a statement
against your brother.
It's your choice, Celia.
You either start
talking sense to me
Or you go away
and leave me in peace
Please stay
Angela, what are you doing?
Go..Go back to bed, Angela
But daddy, I can't sleep.
Go on.
You shouldn't be up
at this time of night.
That's enough, honey.
Now shut your eyes.
Your wife married you
under an assumed name.
She's a Jewish upstart
It made her a lot of friends
in North Oxford
Don't be flippant.
It's bad enough
that she's a tart.
She's also one of the chosen.
Ah, yes.
Helena Graves, uber alles
You're ridiculous.
Oh, be quiet.
A Jew in our family
endangers my position.
Your position?
No more champagne soirees
With your fancy
fascist friend, Mosely
And the Duke and Duchess
of Windsor
If you knew how little
all that matters to me.
Well, it should.
Our family needs
For God's sake
this isn't a family
You and Father never
spoke to each other
From one year's end
to the next
You did your utmost
to keep Celia and me apart.
You forced her
to go to America.
Celia had to leave Europe
to get away from you.
You made her life impossible
after Alistair's death.
She needed me.
I've heard enough of this.
You have no place here.
I want you back in England
by tomorrow night.
And if this wedding is a catastrophe
as the last one was
I shall strangle you
with my bare hands.
Do you understand me?
You will leave my house.
I have every right
to attend my sister's wedding.
If you and that Jewish slut
aren't out of here by noon tomorrow
I shall call the police
More policemen.
What a good idea.
Don't play with me, Jeremy.
I'm not playing, Mother.
I haven't played for years.
Jeremy, don't imagine that I shall
go on protecting you forever
Just because you're my son.
There's no love in you, Mother
No love at all.
And I cannot swim over
And neither
have I the wings
To fly
I wish I had
A lonesome boatman
To ferry me over
My love and I
Do you think you will ever come back
to France again?
Don't know
Maybe you could come to England
You could teach me French
Are you always like this
with women, or is it only me?
What a waste
Just as I'm getting
the hang of you
We could have been
a good team, you and I
Apparently she was strangled
between 10:00 and midnight
There is no sign
of a break-in.
They found 2 sets
of fingerprints on the door
One will belong to the valet
who found her
And the others will be
The killer's
Or hers
The killer could be a woman. No?
Judith Sarah Sonnenberg
Born Berlin
October 17th 1912
This is yours, isn't it?
Not a good time
to lose your passport.
Where did you find it?
Helena's room.
You married
under a false name. Why?
Because I'm Jewish
Good daughter-in-law material
especially for a Nazi
She hired private detectives
to follow me everywhere.
Even the house of my parents
was burgled. Twice.
And now
you're being blackmailed.
I saw you yesterday
with Louis Bernard.
It must take a lot of money to
shut up a little twister like him
The money I give Louis
is to help him
Get my parents out of Germany
This has nothing to do with
your murder investigation.
When did you
come to France?
What the hell do you want
to know this for?
Just answer the question!
Just give me my passport!
Where did you
meet your husband?
He picked me up
at a hotel in Nice.
He even helped me
get false papers.
Now, please,
I want to be alone.
Where are your parents now
Mrs Graves?
I've heard nothing for 3 weeks
Destroy this. I hope
you get them out safely.
Nobody here could possibly
have murdered my mother.
You think so?
But, problem is
no one has broken in
The servants
were out of the house
That only leaves
This is intolerable!
This must be
a terrible shock for you.
I'm very sorry.
Thank you, Inspector.
Have a seat.
The valet, Albert
thought he overheard
A violent argument
after dinner
Between Lady Helena
and her son
Maybe Miss Graves
heard something.
Did you?
Could you tell us where you were
yesterday evening?
In bed. Reading.
You went to bed
directly after dinner?
Directly after dinner
The housekeeper brought
my wedding dress to my room
And then?
And then..I went to bed
So where's this
damned housekeeper, then?
I don't know.
Right. That'll be all for now, Miss Graves
I have nothing further to add
If you change
your mind, I'm here.
Did you know your mother
had Nazi connections?
Of course.
Does it surprise you?
What do you mean
if she changes her mind?
I don't know.
No special meaning.
Forget it
Forget what?
Since this morning
you can't even look me in the eyes
Just give me
a simple answer
I'm strong. I can take it.
Get off my back.
I can't take on
the Jewish problem
The refugee problem the Spanish Civil War
Hitler, Mussolini, you know?
I'm only human!
You've really
landed me in it now.
Are you sorry
you kissed me, Inspector?
Where did you learn
to play games like these?
Off your mother?
Can I?
Thank you
Where were you last night?
Gambling. Why?
Never mind why. Where?
At that little whorehouse
across the river
Know it?
The Hotel du Port?
Du Port
You should try it sometime, Inspector
Girls, Cabaret
Cockfighting in the basement.
Something for everyone.
Plenty of good
character witnesses, eh?
The odd tart.
A few drunken sailors.
Oh, and a friend of my wife's
Louis Bernard.
True officer and gentleman.
Sounds like
a cast-iron alibi.
Now you put it like that
I suppose it is a little leaky
Your mother was strangled
With the catgut
from your racket.
Anything to say?
To you?
Nothing in particular.
No. No.
No, No!
Angela, Angela, stop that.
Stop that, Angela.
He's confirming
Jeremy's story
Hey! Just cut that out.
I bet Jeremy bribed him
to set up that alibi.
Then he must also
have bribed the landlord
The barman
and all the girls.
I checked.
Well, now you can check
with the ferryman.
Jeremy Graves made the crossing
when he said he did
But there is
something better
Celia came across
on the ferry before
And went back around 10:30
So she was lying to us.
Yes, I know.
She came to see me.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because..I don't know
Because it doesn't make
any difference, does it?
But it means you deliberately
covered up for her.
Let me do things my way.
I'm the detective
around here, not you.
Oh, no
I won't cover up for you
And that streetwalker
Nobody's askin' you
to cover up.
Simmer down
You're getting hysterical over nothin'
Oh, really?
May I remind you,
in case you forgot already
That she got back
to the house
In good time
to kill her mother.
Why can't you do
your job properly?
If you are lying to me, you must
have a damn good reason
Oh, for Christ's sake!
We're not married, are we?
What are you doin'
creatin' a scene?
If you wanna know the truth
about Celia Graves, yes!
I trust her. She needs
my protection. Got it?
Anything else
you wanna know?
And I cannot swim over
And neither have
I the wings
To fly
I wish I had
A lonesome boatman
Anna, I just cannot
cope any longer
Yes, I know,
but that's not the point.
Christ, why can't
you understand, you know?
And there's been
another murder here.
I..I don't need the child
under my feet
She's too young to be
dragged through all this.
Thanks a million.
There's plenty of poor people
in the world
Who'd be grateful for that.
Angie, what's the matter?
You haven't spoken a word to me
since we got here
What have I done wrong?
Miss your mother?
I'm so sorry.
I'm so busy and so late.
First of all, the bad news.
Alistair Jennings car
Talmi's men have
discovered nothing at all
To suggest sabotage.
3 years after the event
I'm hardly surprised
So this is the bad news?
Uh, now
the even worse news.
This, just back
from the laboratory.
The blood and hairs
match Lady Helena's perfectly.
But this was not
the murder weapon.
Too fragile.
So you're telling me this was all
deliberately set up to frame Jeremy?
Somebody wants
to get rid of him.
And somebody's making a monkey out of me
Who is it?
One night in jail.
What's the matter?
You didn't like the food?
Listen, Inspector
I'm a tolerant man
But now
you're ruining my walk
And that's serious.
Somebody's trying to wipe you off
the face of the earth
Haven't an enemy
in the world.
Present company excepted
of course.
What about your sister?
Has she any reason
to hate you?
Quite the reverse.
I don't understand you.
Not your job, Inspector
Not anymore.
Queensberry rules, Inspector
Leave my sister alone.
I've already written to Home Office
last night on prison notepaper
By the time you get back to England
your career will be over
I'll recommend you
for a position in the sewers.
See you down there.
Tell me about this
Tell me
Say something
Say something. Celia
Nothing's gonna be held against you
It's all over for me
Your brother's shopping me
to Whitehall
Just for Christ's sakes
Stop me
from going round the bend.
I thought you'd protect me.
That's what I hoped.
You don't care about me.
You know I do.
That's not enough
You're not ready for me.
Damn you!
It's alright
about the wedding
Christopher's fine
Just don't
go back to America.
Stay in Europe with me, please
It's finished, Jeremy.
You and I are finished.
But I can't just disappear
not exist
Mother's dead.
She's dead.
Do you miss her?
Do you?
You make me
frightened of myself.
There's no way out.
Don't you know
how much you mean to me?
You're my life.
I don't want you anymore.
Your love, your voice
Your..your eyes on me.
You're killing me.
You can't do this.
Nothing can pull us apart.
Not even you, Celia.
You belong to me!
Always. Remember?
She belongs to me
She belongs to me
Try to hit the yellow
Just give me
an answer, can't you?
I'm going back to America.
You don't need me.
Are you sure
you want to know?
Does it excite you?
Tell me.
Not yet.
I'm not ready.
You know..You know
You know
you can tell me now.
You know
you can tell me now.
The two of us
We made Alistair
kill himself
3 days before the wedding.
We let him see us
making love
I watched him
Watching us.
That was the best
it's ever been.
Like tempting the devil.
Tell me the rest.
Tell me the rest.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Ask me.
Ask me and I'll tell you everything
you want to know
What else did you do?
What else did you do?
Did you kill your mother?
Did you kill your mother?
Both of you murdered her
Both of you.
What are you doing?
Jeremy, Jeremy.
They caught her trying to escape
across the border
I'll handle this.
Just leave. She's mine.
They've found
enough evidence to hang you.
Your stockings
you wash them, you dry them
You put them
in your housekeeper's room
And then you leave your mother's blood
and hair all over one of them!
You think
I can cover up for you?
What kind of man do you think I am
for Christ's sake?
What can I do now?
It's too late. It's too late.
Unless you're lying to me.
Unless you weren't there.
Unless your brother
killed Helena on his own.
Just say the word
and you'll be released.
Say it.
Don't let me die.
You're comin' with me.
Come on!
You're on your own.
There's a train
for Le Havre in 10 minutes
From there you can
go back to New York
Go. Go. Move!
I'm lost
I need you
Both our lives are over
We're one person
you and I
Get back! Stay back!