Innocent Shots (2024) Movie Script

My nigga, you wild as hell.
Now what you tell shorty?
She look like she ready to get her funk ass down.
- Mm-hmm, you know it.
Yeah, you already know what it is with me.
I kept it real with her right off the rip.
I told her, I said,
"Look, if you ain't fucking or sucking tonight,
"get the fuck up out the sex.
"What the fuck you think this is?"
- I know you ain't tell her that shit, man.
- And you know, you know she straight right up too.
You know what I mean? Yeah.
Yeah, real bosses in this bitch.
We up now.
- Yeah. - We locked in, my nigga.
But we got this shit on lock.
- Right. - Woo!
Yes I heard.
- You already know.
Hey, but for real, man.
Lemme get up with you in the morning though.
Got a little hot sauce about to drop by on me
and we gonna bust that move in the morning.
- You slick motherfucker, boy!
You pulled that waitress?
I feel you. I feel you, man.
- That shit's going. - Man!
Turn out one time for your boy.
I knew she was going.
- Yeah, I'm about to, whew.
Man, I'm about to go lay it down, my dog.
- Yeah. - So we can get back
to the money in the money.
I mean, I mean the money in the morning, my G.
- Fucked up. - I'm about to get with you.
Double now.
- For life. - For life.
- Boy, nigga.
I had a time tonight!
Woo, shit. - Oh boy.
You be safe my nigga. - All right.
- This nigga. - I'm good though.
What's up though?
Fucked up.
Hell nah, shit.
- Yeah.
- Listen to me!
We just need to know where that money is, Mike.
This shit's a whole lot bigger than
that bullshit we got going on in the neighborhood.
Now either you gonna tell us where that money is
or the people we work for will come collect.
- We can't leave here without that money, Mike.
The people we work for they ain't no for an answer.
- Like I said
I don't know what fuck the y'all talking about!
But y'all got me fucked up.
You know what?
Man, just untie me right now.
You know, maybe I won't put a bullet
in your motherfucking neck.
- Mike, we've been deep since we was kids.
We ain't never ran in y'all house.
I never tried to take what wasn't ours.
We tried to show love where we could.
But this shit?
I can't fucking let it go.
- You're fucking with our business, Mike.
You putting my life in danger.
Look at me!
You think is this up to you?
I choose us every time.
They coming for what we own.
Be smart.
- We ain't here to hurt you, bro.
We just need to know where the fuck that money at.
- Y'all piss off.
Fuck you!
It's gonna be the way it go now.
You know what time it is with us.
Do what you gonna do.
With that block, we got that shit sold up.
And them shooters?
Them shooters,
they ain't gonna stop 'til your fucking heart stop.
- All that tough shit gonna get you killed, boy.
Where the fucking money, Mike?
- Man, I wouldn't give it to you
if I fucking had it anyway.
The fuck you think this is, huh?
Y'all niggas don't put no fear in my heart.
I ain't scared of you, nigga.
You's a bitch, like I said.
- Fuck all that.
We can knock this motherfucker and send a message.
That's the problem.
Motherfuckers in the hood ain't understanding.
You soft too.
Both of y'all are some bitches.
You ain't shit but an errand boy for your cousin
and your cousin soft.
See that block,
that block belong to us.
And you, you already bought that shit you pumpin'.
So now what, nigga?
Now what?
Way too much talking!
We gonna send a message to the homies.
Take a picture
Take a picture
Them bitches on my line taking photos, photos
Them feds on my ass taking photos, photos
Know that I'm the man they taking photos, photos
Real street nigga you can see it up close, up close
Counting up paper fly nigga
Ain't a hoe doe, take a picture
A 100 round in the Draco 'cause I'm solo, take a picture
New chain with a new charm got my throat froze
Take a picture got diamonds all in my logo
- Bobby? Bobby?
- I know you was out all last night.
I heard you come in my house in the middle of the night.
Look, I got a few things
I need you to do around the house today.
- What you need me to do, Mom?
- Well, what's with all the attitude
and don't be shaking your damn head at me.
- Ma.
- Look, first I need you to take out the trash.
You too old for me to be reminding you
of the man things to do around the house.
And then I need you to bring the boxes from the attic
like I've been asking you to for the last two weeks.
Boy, you ain't that damn busy.
- Wow, you ain't gotta tell me how to be the man.
- Mm-hmm.
Look, I need it done today.
I wanna clear up some space up there
'cause I want a different look for the living room.
- Mom, you want me to rearrange the furniture again?
I just moved the couch like, two weeks ago.
- And? Is that a problem?
I want a different look this week.
- I got you, Mom
- Look and get my nephew over here to help you.
Is there a problem?
- No, Ma, we good.
- Okay then what's with all the energy?
- Ma, I didn't say it was a problem.
- Are y'all still arguing?
I heard y'all in the living room the other night.
- I got a lot on my mind.
- Well look, I sure hope y'all
ain't into some more bullshit running these streets.
Okay, I done told you y'all are heading down a dead end
and baby, I'm gonna let you know
that money ain't gonna last forever.
Y'all both need to get a damn job.
- Mama, Shame's outside.
I'm gonna go out there and holler at him for a second.
- Shame? I thought that boy went to college.
You still dealing with him?
Look, that boy ain't never been up to no good.
I don't trust him.
- That ain't cool, mama.
We been cool since the 10th grade.
Yeah, he went to college for a little bit
but college ain't for everybody.
- Now you know you sound like a damn light-skinned fool.
College ain't for everybody?
You mean getting a free education
while doing what you up to do ain't for everybody?
It sound like
he made a bad mistake coming back here.
I mean look, that boy ain't never been up to no good.
You need to watch yourself.
- Ma, that's his business.
You just cool.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You heard what I said, you need to watch yourself.
That boy ain't right.
I got you, Ma.
- Bobby, watch yourself.
I done told you I don't trust him.
That boy ain't never been up to no damn good.
He just don't listen.
Street nigga better ask 'bout me they know bout me
I'm a OG these young niggas on go 'bout me
Take a picture it'll last longer better catch the moment
Gripping the 40 gotta a couple shooters don't run up on me
Flipping that work and that young nigga robbing
Taking my pictures you know that they watching
Laying low you know they be plotting
I'm a boss boy you know they be rocking
Fucking with dope and you know they be peeping
Some of them hating and some of them thieving
Got my lil' shooters I'm fucking wit heathens
Unloading them clips ain't none of them breathing
- You good, bro? - Yeah, homie.
- Aight. - What you got rolled up?
- Come on, man.
You know I don't smoke on the side, nigga.
You hitting this shit?
- Hell yeah, man.
Mom's stressing me the fuck out.
I'm feeling like two men in the truck working double time.
- Damn, y'all moving?
You know I got the look connect on the moving company.
- Hell nah, man. You know how she is, bro.
Wanna rearrange shit in the crib every two, three days.
Don't wanna lift a damn finger.
Gotta be working double time, G.
- Yeah, be like that sometime bro.
Shit, that's my douche.
- I ain't even tripping though.
She let me do what I do.
- I already know.
Hey bro, I'm trying to get like you.
I heard you was running a bank.
- Nigga, I'm just trying to make some shake.
Last thing I need is that lady asking me
for something I ain't got to give her.
- For shit sure.
Brown man we gotta handle our business all the time.
- That's a fact.
Seemed like yesterday it was just Friday nights,
throwing touchdowns.
Cheerleaders screaming our name.
My name anyway.
- Fool, yeah bro.
You just tried to get off on that last part.
You do know I'm the one
with the college on that shit, right?
- Yeah, how you back in this motherfucker?
- Bro, shit was too slow, nigga.
I don't let this shit hold me back.
I got a better plan.
- What was bigger than the dreams
we had since we was kids though?
What was bigger than the NFL?
- Bro, that shit ain't really cracked out
what it's supposed to be.
They already know what they want.
Shit, I'd rather put my bitch on my own.
- I feel it, bro.
We was just kids, man, having fun and shit.
That shit was like corporate America
- Facts.
Just like these streets
went from catching touchdowns to catching bodies.
- Babe, gimme that bottle.
- Where that bitch at?
What's wrong with you?
What you thinking about?
- Nothing.
Nothing, just got some shit on my mind.
I'm good though.
- Okay, I'm just saying, out of it.
You need something from me?
- Nah, nah, no I'm cool.
- Okay.
- Look, roll another blunt up though.
Trying to stay level-headed right now.
- Mm-hmm.
- Doing a lot of dumb shit with my cousin.
- Who? Bobby?
- Yeah.
- What the fuck that nigga do?
He on that flaky shit again?
- We just took a loss.
Not personal like the way he handled that shit
because he just too cool about it.
- Some bad dope came in?
- Somebody hit the spot.
- Damn.
- Shit, took a couple bands I wanted and stashes.
Not major, but that money, that money is for the running.
- Well, that sound like a easy fix.
What you need me to do? Bust a move?
- Nah babe. It's not like that.
- Mm.
- I don't, I don't like the fact
that he would ruin a relationship with these people.
- You know me, I like to pay it full and on time.
- Yeah. So basically you just feel like
he's way too comfortable.
- Too comfortable, too comfortable
and that shit don't work for me.
You know I need that shit to stay copacetic.
- I know you pressed him about it.
So what'd he say?
- Nothing.
You know how Bobby freeze up when I apply pressure?
- Yep.
Well, babe look,
to sound like you just gonna have to do that shit for him
and hold his hand as usual.
- I'll be right back.
Lemme check on something.
- Okay.
Left that bitch alone and I really didn't need her
Pull up with the sticks robbing Paul and Peter
Met a bad bitch I told her nice to meet ya
I'm getting real hot like a space heater
Empty out the clip then I'm loading the feeder
I'm back up out the dark
Yeah let's run it like cheetahs
She running up a bag then you know she a keeper
Increasing the money and I ran up a check
And I did it I proved it
Glock on my hip and I'm running with shooters
You know that they foolish
Got a bad lil' bitch
She running a check and you know that she boujee
Straight from the bottom not minding my manners
You know that I'm ruthless
I'm locked and I'm focused
I'm taking my time, taking what mine
Make it all mine
Came up from nothing they doubted my grind
I made it out strong I made it out fine
Picked up the pace you know that hate it
Hear the debating shit is amazing
You know that I run through the paper
And I fuck up a check and I never be saving
All in a rush spending it all, spending no time
Talking no money calling with drama
All out of time blocking her line
I'm all three, you know that I'm different
Feeling my vibe deep in your mind
Watching the signs, see that you lying
Think that I'm blind
Pull up with that heater in a two-seater
Left that bitch alone and I really didn't need her
Pull up with the sticks robbing Paul and Peter
Met a bad bitch I told her nice to meet ya
I'm getting real hot like a space heater
Empty out the clip then I'm loading the feeder
I'm back up out the dark
Yeah, let's run it like cheetahs
She running up a bag then you know she a keeper
I'm on fire like water on plugs
Killing these niggas
I got no respect like fuck you, lil' buzz
I pull on the block, load up the Glock, dot on a op
Solid like rock, none of you popped, apparently not
Fucking with shooters you know what we on
Can't fuck with these rappers not getting along
Do none of that talking
No cash in my palms
All of these haters I'm bearing my arms
Feeling the heat and you know I'm on fire
She feeling the vibe, she really admire
Selling it raw, I need a new buyer
Don't trust that nigga he talk through the wire
Keep it a hundred
Can't fuck with y'all
Y'all doing too much
Pressing them bitches you all on they line
You doing too much
I cut 'em off, might run 'em off
They ain't talking right
All of that talking with that back and forward
Might get offed tonight
Pull up with that heater in a two-seater
Left that bitch alone and I really didn't need her
Pull up with the sticks robbing Paul and Peter
Met a bad bitch I told her nice to meet ya
I'm getting real hot like a space heater
- Hey Lil' Homie, take this bag around back for me.
Hey and make sure you put that lock back on the gate.
Alright for sure.
- Let's try him again.
Your call has been forwarded
to an automated-
- Where the fuck is Mike?
I'm gonna need you to drive today.
I don't know where the fuck Mike at.
Alright, bet homie.
You know I'm gonna help in a bit.
Yeah what you know
Pulling the vibe, never been high
Baby, you know
Know that I'm riding
Know where to find
Baby, you know
Working, grinding, feeling my time
Baby, you know
I see that you're fire I know that you're riding
Baby I know
I know, I know, I know you know
I know, I know, I know you know
I know, I know, I know you know
I know, I know, I know you know
- Hey stranger.
Where you been?
I've been around. What you up to today?
- Not much.
Just finishing up some studying right now.
I'm actually getting ready to head out to my photo shoot.
You should come see me model.
I think you'd like that.
- Mm, I would come today but I gotta meet my cousin later.
We gotta discuss a few things that need to get done.
- I know, I know.
I just wanna start bringing you into my world if you let me.
So what are you doing tomorrow?
I'm not sure yet for sure.
- Do you wanna maybe do brunch?
- I think I could pencil you
into my schedule for a brunch date.
- Well, I feel so honored that you can find time
for little old me.
Alrighty, love.
I'm about to head out.
I'll talk to you later, okay?
Okay, call me when you're done.
- Okay, I will.
Feeling my time and baby, you know
I see that you're fire
I know that you're riding baby I know
I know, I know, I know you know
I know, I know, I know you know
- Yo cous, where you at?
Hey, meet me at the spot.
I'm about to pull up.
- Hey. - Hey.
- You ready to work? - I'm always ready, Greg.
What you got for me today?
- I got some different looks on the rack today.
I wanted to try a different style so lemme know
what color you choose so I can just light it for you.
- Okay, that's fine.
Can we do this today?
Of course.
I know you too well.
I knew you was gonna pick that one.
But yeah, take your time though.
I'm gonna get everything set up for you.
- Okay.
Keep a couple models, they never basic
She feeling my vibe
I'm really the man and it's time to go and face it
I know that they hating, the feeling amazing
I know they doubted
I waited my time and I had to be patient
Picked up the pace
You talking 'bout dreams I'm living out mines
Riding the wave, counting up green
I feel it's my time
I come from the bottom 'cause on the couch
I slept on the floor
Come from the bottom
And I ran up a check out there flipping that dope
Talking them numbers you got my attention
All of these hundreds you know I be getting it
Running up money I need me a Bentley
- Alright, there you go.
Raise your chin a little higher for me.
Okay, see.
You know something I noticed though?
- What?
- You don't post enough your social media platforms.
- Why you say that?
- Well, I think that's why you're not getting
the traffic that you deserve.
I mean we were working for awhile now.
I always felt like you could take it to another level.
- I mean you know I've got a million things going on.
I'm trying to finish school
and I'm trying to build this business.
But I guess I can post more on social media.
- Listen, you ain't gotta stop doing what you're doing,
you know, just incorporate posting in your daily life.
Oh, hold on a second.
I want you to take this
and I want you to start vlogging your life.
You bring the people into your world.
They'll love that.
That way you aren't changing anything you do every day.
You're just filming your life.
I know it's not your usual, but trust me.
- But do you think that's a good idea?
I feel like my life is pretty boring.
I don't do anything
that people will actually find interesting.
- Hey look, trust me, they'll love it.
Look, they need know you human too.
I mean your social media is all professional and everything
but it is missing the authenticity.
- Okay, I'll do it.
- It won't hurt.
I think you'll like it though.
Look, it is good that we working
but I need you to be posting two, three times a day.
- Alright, great.
You know I trust you.
You've never steered me wrong.
- I just wanna see you win.
They never basic
She feeling my vibe I'm really the man
And it's time to go and face it
I know that they hating, the feeling amazing
I know they doubted
I waited my time and I had to be patient
- So what you come up with?
What's the plan?
- What you mean, cous?
I told you we good.
We can make that money back easy.
If not, he don't mind waiting
the extra week for a couple bets.
Being solid in this shit, bro.
They ain't tripping.
You pressed the issue to grab Mike.
That could have been anybody in the spot.
- Cous, this about principles.
It ain't about the money.
I need for you to see the bigger picture.
You trying to expand, cous.
We need to keep this trust
and we gotta demand respect in the hood.
- That relationship is my relationship.
Like I said before, we good.
Demand respect?
We ain't had no problems in the hood, bro.
We been petty people with Mike and Marcus since we was kids.
It ain't that serious, cous.
- Well, it's that serious now.
You gotta grow out that child's frame of mind, cous.
It grown man business now.
You gonna fuck around and get me killed being naive.
- Childish? Naive? - Yeah.
- I'm a grown ass man, cous.
Remember I put this shit together.
I put you in position.
You made your statement last night.
You gotta live with that.
- So what the fuck you trying to say, Bobby?
- Look, I'm with you to the end, cous.
I ain't tripping but you press play.
So don't tell me how I'm even gonna get you killed.
You out here making decisions on your own.
- Somebody gotta show heart.
Cous, you keep that dope coming in.
But you don't speak
on how I'm handling business in the streets.
- Whatever, man.
- Listen, cous, we started this shit way back.
Just me and you trying to survive.
Young boys trying to fill them empty shoes,
trying to be the man of the house.
So just remember Grandma raised me
'cause I ain't have my mama either.
You and Aunt Anna's the only family I got
since Grandma died.
We ain't gotta agree. We family.
- Yeah, we family for real.
That'll never change.
- But last night did happen.
Eventually word gonna get out.
I doubt will anybody connect it back to us.
Like you said, it ain't never been that serious,
but I do think we need to be a little bit more proactive.
- More proactive. What you mean?
- I'm just saying I got my eyes and ears for the street.
Anybody start moving active for me
can't just sit back and see what happen, cous.
- Okay, fuck it.
Gonna stand ten at all times.
- That's all I'm saying.
- What are you ordering?
Are we drinking this early?
- I mean, we can drink if you want.
I ain't really hungry right now.
- What's wrong Bobby?
I know you haven't eaten.
- Nothing wrong.
I just don't really have much of an appetite right now.
- I hear you.
How did it go with your cousin yesterday?
- I mean everything cool.
We talked.
- Well, I guess it's good.
Oh, you missed it.
Yesterday was so amazing.
When my photographer sends me the photos,
I definitely want you to check 'em out.
- Make sure I see 'em before the world does.
- That's why you should have been there, but I got you.
My mentor seems to believe
I could really do some big things.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
He's encouraging me to post more and to build my brand.
And I know you have a business mind,
so I'm definitely gonna need your thoughts.
He actually gave me this camera
and he told me to start vlogging.
But I don't know,
between school and trying to build this business,
I already have enough on my plate.
- Hmm, I never played with one of these before.
- Look at you.
Looking like a little hood photographer.
Should I pose?
- I mean, I guess.
It's dope.
I really could see myself getting one.
- I mean you could hold onto this one for a few days
and kind of learn how it works.
Maybe you can help me with my vlog.
- Hmm, okay.
I mean it's like I can have fun with it,
but my lifestyle won't allow me
to have leisure time for this.
- I know, but I want you
to start thinking about your future.
That lifestyle is definitely not gonna last forever.
And I know you're smart enough to know that.
That's why I always invite you to come see what I do.
I wanna start putting you in environments
that I know you're thriving
and be around people
that have helped direct you on the right path.
- I mean, it does look good in my hand.
- Ah, what's good family?
- Where your cousin at?
- Family?
Family where?
You tell me I ain't talked to him all day.
- Interesting.
I talked to him the other day and he told me
that y'all supposed to be moving around today.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
All good though.
Definitely be seeing you around.
- Oh my gosh. These are amazing.
- I told you, I told you.
I knew you was gonna like the look and you killed it.
- We make magic every single time.
Bobby, hey!
You came.
- I'm a man of my word. - I hear you.
I'm just happy to see you here, that's all.
- What's up, man? - What's up?
So you the mystery man taking all of her time?
It's nice to meet you, bro.
- I guess. - Bobby, have a seat.
I want you to see the pictures I was telling you about.
- Oh yeah, that's dope.
I like those.
- I knew you would like 'em.
Greg directed the shots and he chose the outfits.
He's amazing.
He's the person I told you that's been motivated me
to take things to the next level.
Greg, this is Bobby.
I've been so anxious for you two to meet.
- Nice to meet you, bro. - Same here.
- Oh yeah, and Bobby fell in love
with the camera you gave me.
I think I might have a future photographer on my hands.
- Oh yeah? - Mm-hmm.
- You into photography?
- I mean, I wouldn't say all that.
I played with the camera a few times.
I like the way it worked.
- Yeah, most def. Most def.
You should stop by the studio more, right?
I can show you what I do.
- Yes, I personally would love that.
Greg's been a great mentor to me.
Not just as a model but as a entrepreneur as well.
- You know, I think most people
only see me as a photographer man.
But I think I'm more than that, you know?
I create images that build a brand for people
and their businesses too.
I find myself helping with branding and marketing.
Man, I've been doing this so long,
I could probably help start a business.
- Yeah, well, you've definitely been an inspiration
to me and Bobby, he's so talented.
I just wanna get him in environments
where you know, he can showcase his capabilities.
Right. Where you from?
- From the West Side.
- Okay, all right.
I'm a little hood baby myself, man.
I'm from East Atlanta, born and raised.
Yeah, and I know what it's like
coming from places like that but I can help you.
- No doubt.
It's like I like the camera.
I don't know if I have the time, you know?
For it, but I want something different in my life, you know?
- Nah, no, I understand, man.
I understand.
You know, I remember
coming from a place like that, you know?
I know what mood to make but wanting a better life.
But yeah, man, if you as talented
as Ava says you are, sky's the limit.
You know? You just gotta want it bad enough.
- Well, I know you have clients coming in,
I just wanted right properly introduce you two.
- All right, hey man.
It was definitely nice meeting you, bro.
Hope to see more of you.
Look forward to see what the future holds for you, bro.
- I think you will. - Bye Greg.
Bobby, you have so much potential
and I wanna see you prove
that you're more than what this world believes you are.
And I know you want better for yourself,
but you gotta let go of those things and those people
and start thinking about your future
and Greg,
Greg can really help you with that.
He can relate to where you're coming from
and he understands what you'll have to go through
to get to where you wanna be.
I've listened to him for years
and I think he'd be very beneficial for you as well.
I just want you to be great.
- Why the fuck ain't he answering the phone, man?
Fuck it.
- I don't know.
I think I wanna try this photography thing
and see where it take me.
I feel like it could lead me to other places, you know?
- Maybe you should. You never know.
Cous, you never answer your phone.
Hey, how you doing?
I'm cousin Lake.
I'm sure Bobby ain't told you shit about big cous yet, huh?
- Ava, this my crazy ass cousin, Lake.
- Nice to meet you, Lake.
Yeah, yeah.
So what, nigga? You a photographer now?
- I'm gonna get with you later on.
Lemme holler at my cousin real quick.
- Okay, be safe.
- Yo, it's too much shit going on.
I'm finna be sent to the voicemail, cous.
- Y'all been out handling the business, man.
I can't be sitting by the phone
waiting on you to call.
What's up?
- Fuck all that.
We ain't finished talking about what we needed to do.
- I told you, we good.
- You too comfortable, cous.
Look, I meant what I said.
We need to keep that trust.
We gotta lock the hood up.
Shit, I got an idea.
- An idea?
What the fuck you talking about?
- Yeah, nigga, an idea.
You not the only smart motherfucker in the operation.
Look, I say we go into Marcus' spot.
I been watching how he move.
Without Mike, he been wide open.
I say we catch him leaving.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You talking about robbing Marcus and starting a fucking war?
You don't think that's gonna put more heat on us?
You call that smart?
- Yeah, bro, you gotta shake shit up.
Here to put the hood in they place
and they know not to fuck around.
We gotta show the hood who running this shit, cous.
- Man, fuck who running this shit, bro.
Look who getting the bag.
This shit stupid.
- And if we don't, who gonna be running that shit next?
How long before motherfuckers start feeling
like they can run our shit
and take withdrawals whenever they feel like it?
You trying to be the neighborhood bitch?
- The fuck are you talking about?
We don't even know who hit the spot.
Yo, this whole plan is stupid.
Like I said before, we good.
- We not good. I don't like the way you moving, cous.
You gonna make me put pressure on you.
You walking around here with square bitches
holding cameras and shit and I'm in the trenches.
This shit's my life, cous.
You either gonna make this shake or we got a problem.
- Do what you do then, Lake.
Yo, Shame hit me back when you get this, bro.
Shit just got real.
- What the fuck you want, man?
- Where's Marcus?
Marcus! Marcus!
I didn't even see it.
What's good, family?
Long time no see.
What the three five going for?
I know you got a little deal going on.
- Three five?
What the fuck I look like, the weed man?
Goofy ass nigga.
- My bad, damn.
Look bro, shit, the hood dry right now.
I just smoked the last on my side.
I thought you probably had something
or knew somebody close by who had it.
- Oh, nigga, you trippin'.
You sound like 12 right now.
- Hell nah, nigga.
Ain't no shit like that.
Shit, I was just rolling through.
Saw your car out there.
Shit, where am I stop at?
We ain't never had no static.
We been cool.
At least I thought.
Shit, I just been ducked off
doing my little football and shit.
- Hmm, I hear you.
How that football shit going anyway?
What the fuck you doing back in the hood?
- That shit was all right.
Now I ain't really fucking with motherfuckers
from the hood like that.
- Shit, I hear your name.
I couldn't even get a call back from that baseball shit.
So I started fucking around and had to run my bag up.
- See, that's what I'm trying to do.
Trying to get my feet wet, man.
Get my ass on something.
- I hear you. I can respect it.
- Man, you always have done your thing back in school.
Just never really crossed that line with you.
I always knew how you feel about my boy.
Yeah, your boy Bobby.
You niggas don't fuck with me at all.
That's why I stay focused though.
Just put my mind on my paper. You dig?
- Shit, ain't nothing wrong with that.
I just, Bobby cool though.
I never really fuck with that Lake nigga like that though.
Dude always been on some fucked shit.
- All them niggas the same to me.
Family gonna ride together regardless.
- Yeah, I can see that.
I just know Bobby look better though.
Bobby cool, man.
I fuck with him.
He ain't really be on no extra shit.
That's why I fuck with him.
Other than that probably will be on the same shit.
- I hear you.
What them niggas got going on anyway?
I be seeing Lake rolling through the hood
like he on smoke or something.
- Bro, I have no idea.
For real, for real.
Get over Bobby on some cool shit,
but other than that I try to mind my business.
Tell me something though.
How can I get a bag with you?
You know they doing what they do
but I ain't really fucking with Bobby on the street shit.
You know back in the hood
I really need to get back on my feet, bro.
- I don't know about all that, bro.
I mean you cool and all.
We ain't never had no issues
but a friend of everybody is a friend of nobody. You dig?
Pick a side, nigga.
- Man, Bobby cool, man.
Like I said but it ain't like that.
Bro, I just need some money
and I ain't getting wrapped up in shit Lake got going on.
To be honest, fuck him.
I feel you.
Bro, I'm just trying to get my hands on something
so I can get out the way.
- We'll see.
But keep them niggas outta my lane and out my business.
- I got you. - Get the fuck out my house.
- Get the fuck up, nigga. - Get the fuck out.
I'm telling you, man.
We should kill this nigga, man.
- Snake ass.
- What up, brother?
I saw you car, bro. You good?
- Yeah I'm good, bro.
Just had some shit happen with my buddy earlier.
Just trying to make sure I wasn't tripping.
- Some shit like what, bro?
Man, you know how cousin get.
He just been tripping out lately.
My cousin been on edge.
- Yeah, I already know how he get.
You gotta be more careful, bro.
Look, I know that's your cousin
but that nigga be tripping out.
That's why I try to keep my distance.
You already know that though.
- I already know, bro.
I always been able to keep him cool
but lately he ain't listening to me either.
But he been a hothead since we was kids
but it's like I try my best to keep him outta this bullshit.
I don't feel like he listening right now.
I fear what this might lead to, bro.
- Just make sure you watch yourself, bro.
You got too much going on to get your hands up
caught fucking around with him, cousin or not, bro.
- Yeah, for real. - Real talk.
- We've been locked in since kids,
he family and I hate for him to feel
like I turned his back on him
but like you said cousin or not,
I can't get fucked up in no bullshit.
- Bro, fuck 'em.
You gotta look out for you.
Fuck that family shit.
But other than that though,
everything else been cool though, right?
Yeah, everything good.
Just trying to take this shit to another level.
- I feel that I'm on the same shit, bro.
Ever since I got back to the hood, man.
This drive shit ain't been cutting it for me though.
I don't know but I'm thinking about getting with you.
I mean I know you said you want Lake,
y'all got y'all little operation going on but, bro,
I need some money and if I was to come to anybody, bro,
it'd definitely be you.
Shit, you know you my day one.
- You trying to jump in the game later ain't you, bro?
You see how this shit doing for me.
This shit crazy.
I been looking to switch it up myself.
- Shit, I feel like I ain't got no choice, man.
It's like the,
it's like the walls starting to close in on me.
Bur I feel like if
I don't figure something out soon and shit,
it might be too late.
I know shit been crazy for you, bro.
I feel like that's because you've been pledging your loyalty
into a selfish motherfucker
only looking out for himself.
Bro, at the bare minimum, bro,
you can help put me on my feet, bro.
- You talking 'bout loyalty.
He might even be a loose cannon
but he always had my back so I ain't even gonna say all that
but for sure you know I fuck with you.
I got your back.
Just get with me later though.
- For sure, look bro, I ain't mean no disrespect by that.
I was just saying.
Shit, hit my line though. Get me posted.
- Who was that?
- It's my day one homie, Shame.
He's just calling me back from yesterday.
- Mm, I don't really like that conversation.
It sounds like I heard an ulterior motive.
Just be careful.
- I don't think it's like that.
He just been looking out for me, you know?
I know he always had his problem with Lake,
but it is what it is.
- I don't know.
I hear you,
but sometimes you have to trust a female's intuition
and it sounded like it followed up with the request.
Maybe you know him better than I do
but it just doesn't sit well with me.
- I, I think he in a tough spot.
He just came to who he thought he could count on.
Trust me, I got you.
Taking my chances
Keep your advice dripping this ice
My dollars are dancing
- How long does all of this last?
- What do you mean?
- I mean all of this.
How long does it last?
I asked because you know
I've been standing by your side since high school.
I seen the good, the bad, the ups, the downs and the ugly.
But I just been thinking
when and how do we move forward?
What's next for us?
- Girl, are you pregnant?
- Boy, what? No!
You tripping.
I'm serious though.
We ain't getting no younger
and I'm starting to want something different.
I mean, we live our best for the most part.
We go where we want, do what we want, eat what we want.
But what's next?
I mean,
I feel what you asking.
I'm just here.
I don't know what's next, to be honest.
I know I can trust that you all people on my side.
I know I'm gonna always do what I need for us to survive.
Baby, I know what I want
but I'm just still trying to figure it out, you know?
- Look, I'm not staying go get a corporate job
and wear a suit and tie or nothing that's, that's OD.
But I do wanna stable home.
I want kids one day.
I want a better environment.
- Me too.
Babe, Look, I'm doing what I got to
and you know I'm thinking about my exit.
- I believe in you.
I just want you to know where my mind is.
- Baby, I got you.
I promise you everything will be how it's supposed to be
and I know you've got my back.
Just know I'm locked in.
Yo, what up?
Alright, bro.
Babe, I'ma move out real quick.
Okay, bye.
Oh, nah.
I know I ain't seeing what I think I'm seeing.
Oh, he gonna have to see me.
Why the fuck you meeting with this clown?
- I think I got a plan that can work for everybody.
- A plan for everybody?
You ain't putting outsides in the business.
What you talking about?
- Cous you been pressed about making that money back.
Shame need to get on his feet.
I figure we can put some work in this hand,
we can move that shit a lot faster.
Think about it.
- Pressed? Cous, you trippin'.
You putting outsides in the business?
What the fuck going on, Bobby?
- Me and Shame been rocking since high school.
You don't need to trip, cous.
I know y'all got tension or whatever
but the same way you got my back
it the same way he got my back.
Think about it.
This shit could work for everybody.
- Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.
Got your back? You my cousin!
That's just your homie.
Cous, you wild.
You wild.
I know we family and shit but you been moving reckless.
I told you I'm not gonna let you put my life on the line
'cause you got a good heart!
- I can imagine you not knowing how to move
'cause it's your family.
But his energy,
his energy starting to feel real dangerous, bro.
I could be wrong but I feel like
if you don't start making your next move
he gonna put you in a fucked up situation.
Look, I get it, bro.
You want his blessing.
Dude don't give a fuck about what you're trying to do.
Nigga's trying to control shit
but the shit ain't going down like that.
- Man, I've been kicking it with Shorty.
She trying to put me on a different wave.
I've been thinking about switching my situations.
It's like she put the camera in my hand, bro.
Now all I can think about
is all these different possibilities,
all the ways to make money.
Change the narrative.
- Bro, let me help you run up the money you need
so you can focus on what you really wanna focus on.
You not gonna be able to do that with Lake.
Bro, I can handle the Lake side of the operation.
All I need you to do is connect me with your people
then you can leave on the up.
You just need somebody you can trust.
Lake starting to sound
more like a threatening family than me
and if you really want to leave the game,
you gotta be able to do that
without getting sucked back into it.
Everybody not looking out for your best interest.
At least like I am.
So what are you thinking?
- I don't know.
Maybe we can do this?
Or maybe we can do this then.
- I feel like any of 'em will work.
You seem distracted, Ava.
What's on your mind?
- I don't know, honestly.
Bobby, he has so much going on
and sometimes I fear the worst.
- Well, you know what comes with the lifestyle he chooses.
He knew what he was signing up for.
- I know, but sometimes I fear that his loyalty
is gonna lead to his death or a life in prison.
- I can understand how you feel
but he has to see the bigger picture.
These are decisions he has to make.
I came from that same type of environment
and you know that I ran them streets.
I got comfortable taking risks,
numb to all the violence,
and it gets to the point
where it's almost uncomfortable to leave the game.
You find so much peace in the chaos,
you don't even realize
the damage you're doing to your people, to yourself.
Bobby has to learn to love himself in a way
where he makes decisions for his longevity
and not just his survival.
A dollar bill is a mean addiction
worse than the drugs you be selling.
- But Bobby, he has such a good heart,
and I don't think the people around him understand that.
I mean maybe they do
and just choose to take it for granted
out of greed and selfishness.
- That's all selfishness.
All of it.
That greed, that greed will keep him obedient
and he's fueling that obedience with his loyalty.
They all blind to that
that cycle of poverty
numb to the the murder
and the time behind bars.
Don't send us greater.
- I might be a little bit biased
but Bobby has so much potential
and I know that if he put his mind to it,
he can overcome the same way you did.
- Like I said, that's his choice.
I made my choice because I believed in me.
It won't be easy
and there'll be times where it'll feel easier
to just go back to what he knows.
But he has to believe it's worth it.
Listen Ava, your job is to stay focused.
You cannot make that decision for him.
He has to see the value, he has to move different.
- Hello?
Bobby, I'm working right now.
I'll talk to you later.
- Listen, if he truly cares,
if he truly cares, he'll understand.
Ava, it is not your job to pull him up.
It's his job to catch up.
You want a man
that's eventually gonna leave the home, right?
You can't do that by dragging him along.
Give him some time to figure this out
and if he,
if he doesn't then it's time for you to move on.
- Auntie?
- Boy you still haven't replaced that key you lost?
You should not be knocking on my door like that.
- No, I didn't, titi.
Alright look, I'm going through this week though.
But why you around here, baby?
Bobby's not here.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah I'm okay, titi.
I just, just got a lot on my mind.
I'm just carrying a little.
- I understand.
Ripping and run these streets will drive a person crazy.
But what's on your mind?
- Oh yeah, teacher's wrong.
Teacher tell me like,
how would you feel somebody you depending on and trusted
started making decisions that impacted you without you?
So I got a friend, he going through some similar stuff
and it's just been on my head ever since.
- A friend, huh?
Hmm, well, has that friend talked to the person.
I mean, has there been any open dialogue?
People do not understand
that a simple conversation is always the cure for conflict.
- See, I don't think there's more room
for talking at this point.
Honestly, I feel like
everybody's looking out for themselves.
- Baby, some people don't understand
that vulnerability is the key.
I mean we put our armor on in fear
but we refuse to take the armor off out of fear.
I mean friends and family are never,
and I mean never worthy of the sacrifice
that we be choosing to make.
- Yeah, you're right, auntie.
- But you know I love you
and I mean even through all the shit
that I know you be going through.
I know your heart is pure, baby.
You got my blood running through you.
I can see the good in you
even when you don't see it in yourself.
But just remember what is important is family.
It's cold out here in this world. All right?
- All right. - All right, baby.
And I need you to get your damn key, okay?
Keep coming over here banging on my damn door.
Gonna make me shoot you, boy.
No, don't do that.
All right, now.
Be careful out here in these streets. All right?
- Yes ma'am. - All right.
- What's up, Mom?
- Lake just came by. - Lake?
Mama, lemme call you right back.
Hey bro, Lake just stopped by.
I think he trying to send a message.
- Shit, sounds like a threat to me.
I think we need to start considering our options.
That'll give us the opportunity to run up the money,
establish a new operation without Lake getting in the way.
- Bro, I know you ain't thinking about setting up my cousin.
It ain't even going down like that.
- Bro, Lake making his own decision
so whatever happens between them two,
that shit is outta our hands, bro.
Nigga, you need to focus on the end goal.
You thinking about other shit.
- Yo, who this?
Lake, what's popping?
It's Shame.
Man, I had to reach out, man,
because I felt like I was the reason
y'all had that conflict.
You know I've been back in the hood for a little minute,
man, trying to get some motion going.
So I asked Bobby to help me get on my feet
and he told me that y'all took a loss.
He also said y'all been having friction.
I don't know, Lake,
it sounds like he's losing trust if you ask me
but I felt like it'll be a good opportunity
for all of us if y'all plug me in.
Look, I don't know if you know or not
but Bobby's trying to focus on his photography so we agreed
that I should take the operation so he could walk away.
What? What the fuck you just say?
- Listen, bro.
Look I see what Bobby was talking about.
You don't like to listen for shit.
Look bro, I ain't trying to cut you out.
That's why I'm calling.
When we get the business up and running,
shit, I want you to come work for me.
I got you a supervisor position.
You got me fucked up, Shame.
- Alright so he want to hang up and shit.
Damn, I forgot to get that nigga T-shirt size.
Yeah, I'll text him.
I think he wear a large or it could be a medium.
Yeah, I'll just text him.
- How the fuck this nigga get my number?
Oh, he about to see me.
What the fuck you doing, Bobby?
You putting motherfuckers in play?
We built this shit!
We, you ain't built shit by yourself!
I need that contact tonight!
- What the fuck are you talking about, cous?
What the fuck is this-
- Fuck all that!
Shit to me now, cous.
- You my fuckin' family.
I don't know what the fuck
you on right now but you trippin'!
- Listen, I ain't trippin'
about your decision for wanting a better life.
Look, we all want that shit.
But you not gonna to put
my life on the line for your friend.
This business shit deeper than that.
It's up to me now.
- You're my fucking brother.
I never put your life in fucking danger!
But you tweaking right now.
I'll set the fucking meeting up.
- Hey, Lil' Homie.
Why the fuck you forget to put the locks on the gate, man?
- We need to get that shit fixed, bro.
- What's good, bro?
- It's good. What can I do for you today, my guy?
- Look, I was just wondering if you
put any thoughts of what I asked you about.
Like I said I'm trying to get back on my feet so,
shit, trying to see where I can help you.
- Help? You need my help.
You can't help my situation.
- No doubt.
Look, I'm not trying to be disrespectful, bro.
No shit like that.
I'm just trying to show you I'm serious about this shit.
Where Mike at?
- I ain't seen him.
The fuck is you asking about Mike for?
- Hey, I'm just asking, homie.
He normally disappear for this long?
Look, I ain't trying to get in y'all business, bro.
I see it, I'm just asking.
I'm gonna be real with you though.
I'm starting to smell fire.
Lake and Bobby got robbed a few days ago
and Lake's been tripping out.
I heard, I heard they held the plug big time too.
All I'm saying is you need to put your ear to the streets.
Late last night the authorities
discovered a man who was shot and killed
in an abandoned warehouse near the West End.
It has been reported that the body has been there
nearly a week and has been identified as Michael Turner.
No other information has been released
but they seem to be working to uncover more details.
- Hey Bobby, did you hear about the body
they found in abandoned warehouse not too far from you.
I think they said his name is Michael Turner.
I'm not sure if you knew him or not
but it caught my attention this morning
and I thought I'd check on you.
I wanna apologize
for how I rushed you off the phone the other day.
I have a lot going on
and I've just been feeling a lot of pressure.
I know that isn't an excuse
but I don't want it to cause any problems between us.
I miss you and I hope you forgive me.
Well, I'm about to get my day started.
Give me a call whenever you can
or maybe I'll try again later.
Be safe, Bobby.
Hey Bobby, did you hear about the body
they found in an abandoned warehouse not too far from you?
I think they said his name is Michael Turner.
I'm not sure if you knew him or not
but it caught my attention this morning
and I thought I'd check on you.
I want to apologize
for how I got you off the phone the other day.
- Have you heard? - Yeah, I heard.
- Yo.
Bro, you heard
they done found Mike dead at the warehouse?
- Nah, where you hear that? - What?
Nigga, the whole hood talking about this shit.
I ain't gonna lie, I heard Marcus on coke.
He trying to down some too.
You better be careful out there.
- Nah, for sure. - For sure.
- What he say?
- Cold hood though, bro.
Hood getting hot, bro.
I think we just slow down on this game plan for a second
with Mike getting killed,
I don't know who is who.
- I don't see how that affects what we got going on, bro.
Actually, actually that works out in our favor
'cause now Marcus gonna try to target Lake, yeah.
- I can't let that shit go down, bro.
Bro, it ain't worth it.
- Bro, I think you just need
to focus on your little camera shit.
Nigga, I told you I'll handle the Lake situation
shit, I already been working on Marcus.
I already dropped a bug in his ear.
I got his trust so when Lake is out the way
I team up with Marcus, we can eliminate competition.
Bro, you safe.
I just need you to make this motherfucking meeting happen
and stay your ass out the way.
- If Marcus killed Lake,
you think he gonna feel comfortable with me walking around?
No! He gonna want me dead too!
- Nigga wants to deal us a kid
and I got Marcus' operation under my control.
Shit, I'll kill Marcus myself.
Like I said, you just stay out the way.
You ain't listening, bro.
- Operation?
Your control?
Bro, I thought you just said you needed to get on your feet.
Sound like you got a plan for power.
- But unlike you,
I actually understand this shit a little better.
You can't halfway do this shit.
Nigga, ain't no innocent shots.
Bullets fly and motherfuckers get killed!
Nigga, it's the streets!
You been trying to be a good guy in a dirty game
and you wonder why you in this fucked up situation.
You need to sit back and let bosses talk
or get caught up in the middle.
Bro, I still see you as a friend
but only you can keep that shit this way.
You know what I need.
- Y'all know what it is.
Anybody look like they had
something to do with that shit, did.
- Got you, big homie.
You already know I'm on go.
- Go get my door.
What the fuck you want?
Hey, all them little mind games you playing
gonna get you fucked up.
- I ain't know no bullshit, Marcus.
Come on, bro.
You know I fuck with y'all.
I heard they confirmed what I thought about Mike
so I pulled up on Lake and Bobby
to see if I could get some more info.
Bobby sound lost,
but I definitely feel like Lake
had something to do with that shit.
Bro, he told me himself he's gunning
to take takeover Bobby's operation
and implied that he's looking to get rid of our competition.
I'll follow him myself to find out
what you need to know to get to him.
I just want your blessing, bro.
Do you?
Hey, when you hear something run that shit back to me.
- For sure.
- Yo.
- Hey LJ.
A lot been going on in the hood right now, man.
I think it's time you meet my cousin Lake
just in case something happen to me.
That way we can keep the operation running.
Also we had a little situation.
A little short on the bread
but I wanna see what I got in good faith.
A little short?
All right I'm gonna send my driver.
Just make sure he know the rules, all right?
- All right, I got you.
Yo, I set up the meeting.
Tomorrow at noon.
Hey cous, come by yourself.
Just take in the bag, let them lead the conversation.
You ain't gotta prove yourself, cous.
I'll hit you tomorrow with the details on the location.
Yo, I set up the meeting.
Tomorrow at noon.
- Yo?
Yo, I'm about to send you the location.
- All right, bet.
I'm Lake.
- So you the cousin?
- Yeah, that's me.
- It's all there?
- Yeah, yeah of course.
Yeah, it's all there, every bit.
- Nice car you got.
- Come on.
Bobby! Where are you?
I just got a call from the hospital.
Lake is in critical condition. He's been shot!
Bobby! Bobby!
- I'm assuming you know them niggas who killed my driver.
Yeah, I need a name by midnight
and I'm assuming you can understand
how critical it is that you cooperate.
- I told you, I told you you could trust me.
We got Lake's ass up outta here and we can go, my bad.
- We?
- What situation? Get your ass down, boy.
None of you bitch ass niggas move.
Don't move!
- What the fuck, nigga?
You niggas killed my driver.
- Who the fuck is this, nigga?
Who am I?
- Listen, bro.
I'm Bobby's best friend.
I was just the one working to help Bobby.
He told you about me, right?
- Yeah, I know all about you.
- All this bullshit beef between Lake and Bobby was going on
way before I got in the mix.
I was just the motherfucker smart enough
to put the business first, man.
These motherfuckers was too emotional
to do what they had to do to get the money.
- So you passed them out?
- Shit, man, you need somebody like me.
These motherfuckers not cut like me.
That's why you having problems in your operation, bro.
Money's short.
Beef in the hood.
Shit, sound like I did you a favor exposing the bullshit.
- And I need a snake like you around?
- Yeah.
- Get your bitch ass, boy.
Jay said you out, nigga.
Go focus on your goddamn little dream.
You already got the motherfucking driver shot, nigga,
with your bitch ass.
Almost got the whole family fucked up.
I don't know why Jay spared your bitch ass like what?
I'd fire your bitch ass up right now, man.
Fucking photographer.
Get your ass.
I hope that work out for your bitch ass.
You out though
and don't bring your bitch ass
back to that motherfucking hospital neither.
I think I'm ready to leave all this shit alone.
Just focus on me and you
and becoming a better man.
Who are you?
- Hmm, so you Tanisha nice to meet you.
- I asked who you were and how do you know my name?
- You're miss lifeline and I think you know who I am.
- You're him.
You see what they did to him.
What you gonna do about it?
Ain't this your responsibility?
- Hmm.
What did I do is a better question and no,
this is not my responsibility
but I handled it as a courtesy for Bobby.
It's for taking care of things as long as he did.
But it's about to be some changes.
- Changes?
Well, I respect you for what you did
and I hope these changes keep him safe.
Bobby ain't who you think he is
and I blame him for this shit.
Lake wants a different situation
and he deserves it and we want what we work for.
- I want to introduce myself, alone.
- I ain't too trusting with people right now,
but I'm trusting you.
- Hmm, glad to see you pulled through.
I heard a lot of good things about you.
You good?
I know exactly what happened.
- Where's Bobby?
- I sent him home.
I wanted to talk to you myself.
Me and Bobby made a lot of money together but,
but I think our partnership has ran its course
outta respect for Bobby and what he's done,
I'ma allow him to pursue his dreams.
- So what do we owe you?
- Nothing and there's no more we.
Focus on getting better.
I'll be seeing you soon.
Mama's baby boy
I'm mama's baby boy
Told her don't cry if I die
I'm big five and you know them young niggas gonna war
I'm mama's baby boy
I came up I count a check I got respect
Ma you know I'm too street at my core
I'm mama's baby boy
Big dream I stayed focused I put it in motion
I couldn't see ya struggling no more
I'm mama's baby boy
I felt the pain
I seen the pain, I went insane
I couldn't see ya hurting no more
Tears in my eyes I hopped off the plane
And jumped in the Mazi
I'm feeling the pain gotta keep pushing
Not giving up hardly
Talking them numbers I put in that work
I can't be that modest
Fuck them lil' niggas
I know that they hating it's time to be honest
I ran up a check and I did it I proved it
I fucked wit' them niggas I did all my duties
I swore to the block and I gave it my all
I gave them my heart and they played me down small
Slick called me trying to talk to me
Can't ya see boy I'm out my mind
I'm focused on grinding I got no mo' time
I did it alone you know I ain't lying
Cous been calling trying to ease my pain
Mama gone shit don't feel the same
Catching these flights gotta head out to Cali
Rolling up papers to clear out my brain
I got family I ain't heard from
I look at them differently
I'm a beast boy
Fuck ya little pity don't feel for me
I'm mama's baby boy
Told her don't cry if I die
I'm big five and you know them young niggas gone war
I'm mama's baby boy
I came up I count a check I got respect
Ma you know I'm too street at my core
I'm mama's baby boy
Big dream I stayed focused I put it in motion
I couldn't see ya struggling no more
I'm mama's baby boy
I felt the pain I seen the pain
I went insane I couldn't see ya hurting no more
Lost my mama got a baby coming
I'm sick to stomach
I didn't buy that house yet
I'm ready to vomit
All my shooters stupid, I'm really the dumbest
So why play with me
You keep all your comments