Inseparable Bros (2019) Movie Script

a MYUNG FILM and JOY RABBIT production
This film began with the true story of
CHOI Seung-gyu and PARK Jong-ryul
SHIN Ha-kyun
So what time can you come
on the weekend?
You can't take care of him
on the weekend?
Well, we can do that,
but he should be with
his family on the weekend.
He's a nephew once removed,
that's not really family, pastor.
I see...
I'm a priest, actually.
Ah, right.
Written and directed by
YOOK Sang-hyo
Your dead mom will understand,
how much I did for you.
Let's not see each other again.
House of Responsibility.
Can you read?
Once you're born,
you have the responsibility
to live till the end.
Did you say hello to others?
Let's go.
Grab him!
Yo, Boar!
Stop that.
You cripple bastard!
I'm a quadriplegic,
I can't feel pain.
You're too stupid to understand.
It means I can't feel pain
even if you beat me.
Give it a go!
Grab a rock and hit me!
That's it?
You got too scared
to do it right.
It doesn't hurt at all, punk.
Try again properly.
If you don't, I'll kill you.
Do it.
Hit me!
- Pull it, over there.
- Thank you for coming.
No, it's too high.
Thank you for coming,
please enjoy your meal.
- Thank you for everything.
- It's all thanks to you.
Hold onto it tight.
All done.
We should eat too.
Se-ha, isn't it nice to be out?
Cheer up, will you?
Let's see.
Anyung's rolls are the best,
and Boar has the best chicken.
They only get to eat theirs,
but we get the best of everyone.
- We're the best, right?
- Yup, yup.
Dig in.
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Ghost, amen.
Lord, thank you for
blessing us with this food.
Let's eat.
- Look at the time!
- Go help him!
I gotta go make some money.
- Do I look like a priest?
- Yup.
I'll make a ton!
How about some praise
to the Lord?
Father! Someone has fallen
into the water!
- Run over there!
- Get up!
Check the children!
Hurry up!
Let's move!
Where is he?
A boy in a wheelchair fell in!
Another boy went in
to save him!
They're coming out!
There they come!
Dong-gu! Dong-gu!
Dong-gu! I'll be right there!
Wait for me! Come on!
Wake up!
Hurry, hurry!
No fried eggs
for the last one up!
- Wait for me!
- Hurry!
Anyung, Anyung.
- The priest's name?
- Father Park.
My name?
- Kang Se-ha.
- Kang Se-ha.
You're lost,
what do you do?
Be sad.
What if someone lures you
with goodies?
- You have to say no.
- No.
What if someone
calls you a dummy?
Wanna die? Let's fight!
Good, if anyone ignores us,
we'll give them hell.
Bro, let's go to pool later.
Wow, those are Heelys!
Se-ha, Dong-gu coming!
Move please!
This really isn't right!
Bride and groom coming together
under the Lord's gaze, this is overdone.
Not even a word...
Okay, I'll write it again.
- It's empty.
- Yup.
Did you really receive
a request for ordination?
You don't even have
your own cathedral.
It is weird, right?
Don't pour him anymore.
Don't order him stuff like that!
You got him to break my smokes!
Listen, Se-ha.
It's my first wedding mass
in a long time.
I gotta move people to
get them to donate.
How long will we
continue to eat eggs?
Right, Dong-gu?
Yup, right.
Please stop drinking.
This is the medicine
for my soul, it's okay.
- It's empty.
- Yup.
Dong-gu, turn page.
Dong-gu, come on.
- Turn the page.
- Um...
The words of the Lord
I'd like to convey today are,
'always love one person,'
definitely not those.
'Always disappoint one person.'
Just like our feelings,
love won't last forever.
But if you can accept the faults
of your spouse,
that love will last forever.
So do not be disappointed
with love,
love even the disappointment
of your spouse.
Because we're such
frail beings, we get hurt,
cause disappointment
and fall in despair.
If you are able to take in
the shortcomings and understand,
then we can empower each other.
To support one another
in the worst of times,
the Lord has brought
these two frail souls,
to this matrimony today.
Sleeping on stomach
could cause suffocation
- Bro.
- Yeah?
- Is Father gone?
- Yes, to heaven.
- Did he throw us away?
- No.
He'll become a star
and watch over us.
Is your mom a star too?
She could've met him already.
My mom too?
I told you,
if you listen to me,
she'll come back.
I listen to you good.
Okay, let's sleep.
- Bro.
- Yeah?
You won't leave, right?
I can't go anyway
if you don't push my wheelchair.
Good night, bro.
WARNING: Rent is 6 months overdue
How much will you withdraw?
Okay, could you fill out
this withdraw form?
- We can't fill it out.
- Pardon?
We can't fill it out.
Um, ah, right.
Your companion can
fill it out for you.
Do you accept to being
his representative?
Just fill out the checkmarked fields.
We can't write it!
It's okay,
he can do it for you, here.
Kang Se-ha
Oh, oh my...
I need your signature here...
- Dong-gu, get my seal.
- Seal.
That's green, small
and flat on the end.
The seal is black,
size of your thumb,
as tall as a lollipop,
with a round tip like your head.
Round head...
- Seal.
- No.
That's thin and long.
It's got an eraser on top,
and pointy on the other end.
The seal is shorter, thicker
and overall round.
No, it's not flat or fat
with a cover.
The seal is dipped in this,
not this thing.
It's black, size of your thumb,
look for that!
Allow me.
How about this?
Why not consider the rest
as donation?
Not credit, but donation.
I can give you tax return form,
it's completely tax deductible.
Not that...
How about volunteer hours?
My daughter needs it for
performance assessment...
Of course I can,
I'm an expert at that.
Give me the dates,
I'll give her enough hours.
What grade is she in?
It's for performance assessment,
so $5 per hour,
$100 for 20 hours.
Volunteer report is extra $30,
so a total of $130.
I need photo proof too...
$10 for playing, $20 for feeding,
and $30 for washing.
Feeding for me.
Foreign school application?
Yes, I need a certification
in English.
Then $50 extra for translation,
pick it up next week.
$50 extra.
I graduated from Stanford.
But it's tough out there,
so I gotta fill up my resume.
You'll need a lot of
volunteer experience.
I'll give you a discount,
how about a paying gig?
- What kind?
- It's a translation gig.
Could you write me
a volunteer report then?
That requires some creativity,
it will need some skill.
- Sad or funny?
- Both.
Combination of the two,
with some pathos, possible?
The report and translation even out,
200 hours for $500.
- Do you need a photo?
- I need it.
What the hell are you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
It's a give and take with
those who need volunteer hours.
Look at this guy talk.
This is exploitation of the disabled.
How could a disabled man
exploit another?
And had you got us the funding,
I wouldn't have done this!
Beggars can't be choosers,
the funding's cut off here.
What? Why?
Where'd the funding come from
without the priest?
With that, this facility
will be shut down.
Even after his death,
nothing's changed here.
What about everyone here?
Without the man in charge,
should we all just die?
Should a top level
social worker say that?
That's a good point.
I've been transferred to
the youth department,
you must feel good.
Yeah, totally.
And you got a big burden
off your chest.
The landlord wants you out.
He'll take the rent
out of the deposit.
What about us?!
You'll be moved to different facilities.
Good, that's good!
I won't be responsible for them,
thank you very much!
You still don't get it?
It means you and Dong-gu
will be separated.
You got physically disability,
he's got developmental disability.
You'll go to different facilities.
I tried to stop this,
but there's no other way.
No donations, we don't meet
support criteria.
Good bye.
Bro, let's go to pool.
Bro, let's go to pool.
Go away, don't bother me
when I'm thinking!
Quiet down!
6th Geumcheon Citizen
Swimming Tournament
Excuse me,
please stay back.
Lee Jung-hyun!
Go, Lee Jung-hyun!
There's a tournament today,
no public swimming.
You see us everyday,
let him swim.
But not today.
Then can he use the kiddie pool?
Look at his forehead.
If he doesn't swim,
he'll bang some more.
I'm just a part-timer.
If you're not competing,
you can't be here in a swimsuit.
Please leave.
We won't get in the way...
Dong-gu! Dong-gu!
Grab him!
- Pull him out!
- Get him!
What's he doing here?
- Pull him out!
- Quickly!
How is he so fast?
He's good.
I got him!
You're good!
1st Place: $1,000
Beloved Child of Others
Can we have
some more beer?
Here's your beer!
I'll clean this up for you.
- 2 more please.
- 2 more?
Your contract for part-time job
at Geumcheon Pool has expired...
- Mi-hyun?
- Yes?
Star Bachelor Housing
Sports Center Part-Time Job
Hello, this is Nam Mi-hyun.
- Not too hot, Dong-gu.
- Not too hot.
How did you get
my number?
Let's have some coffee
before we chat.
When I mentioned reporting you
for abusing a disabled man,
the pool staff freely gave it to me.
Why are they giving away
private info?
I noticed your pool job's over,
looking for a new one?
Why is that any of your business?
Dong-gu will attend next month's
swimming tournament.
Why don't you coach him
as his pacemaker?
You saw what he's capable of,
we split the prize money 80-20.
It's not even much.
Will you continue to work
part-time jobs?
Earn some volunteer hours
and start your career, no?
If you coach a disabled swimmer
and win a competition,
that'd be a perfect narrative
for a sports foundation job.
Very greedy.
With a volunteer report too?
Okay, 60-40 with the report,
shall we seal the deal?
You're fast this time.
A bit harder!
One! Two!
Three! Four!
One! Two!
Three! Four!
Raise your elbow higher!
Slice through the water
like a butter knife!
Butter knife!
Two! Three! Four!
One! Two!
Three! Four!
2018 Incheon City
Masters Swimming Meet
The deadline is over,
you're too late.
As per manifesto of human rights
for people with disabilities
one must use discretion
to extend the deadline...
I didn't know swim meets
were part of human rights.
The applicants for
50m freestyle are overflowing.
I turned people away
for being 5 minutes late.
Excuse me, I'm needed
at the city hall.
By any chance!
Do any of your children
need volunteer hours?
I could make that happen.
Dong-gu, follow him!
That way, super fast!
Super fast!
What do you think
you're doing?
A wheelchair is faster than
an elevator with gravity,
and I'm begging you
to let him compete.
You're trying to
run away from us!
Who's running away?
Forget it, I will not
break the rules for anything.
Never, ever!
He's so annoying...
Lift me!
How could you treat
a quadriplegic like this?!
I was late to the deadline
because I'm disabled!
That's no reason to push me!
You pushed him?!
Mi-hyun, call the city,
Department of Welfare,
then call National Human
Rights Commission!
I've had it.
Do you have to go this far?
If I don't do this, will anyone
pay attention to us?
Take some photos.
Everyone, I need to take
some photo evidence!
Dolphins don't learn to swim.
Us humans all know
how to swim,
but our ability has diminished
after living on the land.
Dong-gu is a pure soul,
who can swim like the dolphins.
Mr. Park Dong-gu may be
cutting through the water,
but Mr. Kang Se-ha is the one
who motivates him to reach the goal.
With their living facility
on the verge of getting demolished,
they're in danger of
being separated,
but they'll prove why they deserve
to be with each other with a win.
Swimmers, please get to
the starting position.
Do your best!
Dong-gu, take it slow,
I mean, really fast!
- Butter knife!
- Do just like the training!
Good! Slice the water!
Straight arms!
Don't lift your head too much!
- What's he doing?
- Why did he stop?
Dong-gu, get over here!
Keep swimming!
I just don't understand!
You could've kept going!
Stop it.
Tell me, why did you stop?
I was scared.
You dummy, what's there
to be scared of?
You wanna fight?!
Dong-gu is not a dummy!
What are you doing?
You're gonna hit me?
Get back here!
Come on, just participating
in the competition is a big deal.
There are plenty of abled bodies
who can't swim at all.
At least we got
people's attention.
Let's go!
He should've won,
we lost the prize money.
Not even the local paper
wants an interview.
Did you really go to
college to swim?
You couldn't even teach him
how to turn properly.
You're blaming me?
Why are you shouting at me?!
I thought you two were one!
Aren't you the one
using him for money?
What? Use him?
Did I hear that right?
You should watch your tone.
I'm older than Dong-gu,
and much older than you!
You should mind some manners.
Should I be courteous
and angry at the same time?!
I'm already pissed as is...
Dong-gu will do better!
I will win! Sorry!
- Hey!
- Dong-gu!
- Dong-gu will do good!
- Okay, okay.
I will win! I will win!
- Okay, you will.
- I will win! I will win!
That's enough, today is
Dong-gu's cheer up day.
I may be poor,
but I'm buying beef for all.
Have whatever you want.
This pork looks really good,
pork belly and neck fillet.
- Dong-gu.
- Meat please.
Good, meat is good for swimming.
- Dong-gu, here.
- Wow, beef.
No meat, there's no meat!
Give me, hurry!
- You got a stain.
- No, there isn't.
Sesame leaf.
Was I right?
Sea snail.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Next! Next!
Okay! That's the day.
That's your next competition.
You have to finish
no matter what.
- Got it?
- Yup.
- Copy.
- Copy.
- Bro.
- Yeah?
Sorry, I will do better next time.
Dong-gu, what were you
scared of?
- I can't see.
- Couldn't see what?
Why all of sudden?
I just... think of her.
Okay, let's sleep.
You can't go nowhere
if I don't push wheelchair?
That's right,
not even a little.
Good night, bro.
Pass! Pass!
You gotta at least have
your own chair wherever you go.
Like me.
- They play well.
- Of course.
If they let us be,
we can live well.
But it's not easy.
Have you ever liked someone?
A volunteer who came by
in middle school.
She treated me well.
I asked her to be
my girlfriend.
Dang, did she say yes?
She didn't show up after that.
If you can walk again
with stem cell therapy,
what'd you do?
I want to run when I'm
late for an appointment.
Will you keep getting
Dong-gu to compete?
Why? Gonna accuse me
of using him again?
He'll need a job if he
wants to live as an adult.
He needs some trophies
to work as a coach somewhere.
Me too! Me too!
Let me play!
Good afternoon, everyone!
We're here to take you
to your new home.
Please cooperate with us.
Are you Mr. Kang Se-ha?
Who is Park Dong-gu?
You two have requested
for independence,
but we'll need to
take everyone else.
We've received
their parents' consent.
Se-ha! Do something!
Save us, captain!
Let's begin!
This way.
- Hello!
- Hello there.
- No, it's okay.
- No...
You're going somewhere great.
They're not criminals!
Let him go,
you're endangering them!
This place'll be demolished,
it's more dangerous here.
I'm not going!
This is my home!
Right, captain?
No good bye, captain.
Father told us to live here!
I know!
If you stay there for a bit,
in time...
No, bro, don't throw
them out...
Bro, bro...
We live together,
no throw out.
- Don't throw out...
- Don't do that.
Stop it!
Stop crying!
I'm no captain.
What's with you all?
I'm tired too.
Leave! Just get the hell out!
The demolition starts tomorrow.
You two can't stay here.
Dong-gu, go slow,
easy, easy.
Se-ha, all right, good.
Hold on.
Get the wheelchair first.
Don't order me around,
it's coming.
Let's go.
Why did you wait so long to call?
You should answer it for once,
I called so many times.
How poor are you to live
in an elevator-less apartment?
Shut it, talking makes you heavier,
pushing is hard enough.
Why did you have to
send Mi-hyun away?
She's busy with part-time work,
she's not a freeloader.
Dong-gu, he's not coming
back down again.
He'll live on the third floor forever.
Push properly,
Dong-gu's tired!
So tired.
Washroom is here.
It's bigger than it looks.
I kept the toilet paper rolls
to recycle.
The chicken's not finished
so I didn't toss it.
I'm glad I cleaned up
You're the first men
to come to my place.
we should've gone
with those men.
You had it easy at the facility.
Cleaning and laundry are
the hardest part of living alone.
You two can sleep
in the living room.
Oh my, I'm already heartbroken.
Bro don't like dirty.
Dong-gu, why don't you
forget him and live with me?
Will you apply for motorized
wheelchair again?
I'll think about it some more.
As people with disability,
you have a good chance for
the affordable housing lottery.
But it requires $10,000 deposit.
The community center can
co-sign for a loan,
so don't worry too much.
And to be independent,
you'll need a job.
Your occupation is...
We'll look for it in time.
But first,
this is an application
for the apartment lottery.
Please fill out the marked fields.
Here's your welfare card.
Could I write that?
And you are...
- Friend...
- Volunteer.
Wanna watch a movie?
If he can win that,
anyone on earth can!
Just get me some beer.
Holy cow!
He's so good at
the claw machine!
Are you wearing new shoes
for the trip to the theater?
Don't you know better?
My shoes are forever new.
Not being able to walk
isn't the only depressing thing.
Aimlessly walking in place...
is also pretty pathetic.
You're being weak,
aren't you headstrong?
Screw that,
I got nothing.
I'm just faking it.
Seeing you guys, I thought
I could show my weak side.
You said the Father said that,
'the weak must live together,
that's why you're
actually strong.'
He was drunk and rambling.
The weak only gets stepped on.
Will I get stepped on too?
Stop this nonsense
and let's go for a walk.
He's so good...
Be careful! Be careful!
I'm dizzy...
Who was that actor?
From that movie?
The complainer.
No, his real name.
Dong-gu, my baby...
You're all grown up...
Dong-gu, my boy...
Those who come for their
disabled children out of the blue
come for the renunciation
of inheritance.
You can do more damage by
interfering with his stipend.
You sure can talk
for a young guy.
I'm not quite young,
I just look young.
You expect me to believe you
with just that photo?
How could I not
recognize my son?
I'll do a DNA test
if you need it.
You threw him out
with just a swimming bag,
so why now?
We even applied for housing
to be self-reliant.
Have you asked him?
Asked him what?
Have you asked Dong-gu?
I heard it all from the lady
who worked at the facility.
All this time, Dong-gu fed you,
cleaned you, clothed you,
and pushed your wheelchair too.
He even helped you
go to the washroom.
I told him lies after lies,
about you coming back because
I didn't want to hurt him.
And now, that's all
you got to say?
Are you accusing me
of abusing a disabled man?!
How dare you say that?!
Let's talk later.
take him later.
- What right do you have?!
- I'm his mom!
I'm taking him no matter what.
rice cake was your favorite.
I made them myself,
like before.
Do you remember
making these?
You played with the dough
beside me.
I wait at pool,
mom didn't come.
I eat well,
go to school and wait.
I wait everyday.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
It's all my fault...
I will never...
ever leave you.
Dong-gu, please...
That lady applied to be
Dong-gu's guardian.
His guardian?
She wants his custody?
It'll be hard but let him go.
Will you fight her in court?
She's still his mom and family.
What about Boar?
Were they orphans
to be with us?
Did their family take care of them?
Why did Boar's dad hit him
and damage his eardrum?
Why hasn't Anyoung
seen his brother even once?!
You know you're wrong!
We're not family to them,
we're burden!
You're preaching to the choir.
I just wanted to talk.
Dong-gu's opinion matters the most.
Who he wants to live with,
he's an adult after all.
Hello, what drink would you like?
2 Americanos and
an orange juice.
Biggest size.
Ah, okay.
Would you like
ice coffee or hot?
1 ice, 1 hot with 2 ice cubes.
I see...
Is it for here?
I'll drink it here
and take it out later.
How long have you lived together?
How long.
How long have you
lived with Kang Se-ha?
- 20 years!
- 20.
Who do you want to
live with?
Kang Se-ha or Jang Jung-soon?
Jang Jung-soon.
That's your mom!
You need to answer instantly
when you're asked.
Just as you've thought about it.
Instant answer.
- Who do you want to live with?
- I want to live bro!
Good, with the name.
I want to live with
Jang Jung-soon!
No, my name!
Kang Jung-soon?
Forget it!
I'm tired of this.
Dong-gu, who do you
have fun with?
What's his name?
Wow, you're good.
Will you live with Se-ha?
See? He wants to
live with you.
As you saw, the two of them
lived together for a long time.
I'd like to request
Mr. Song Seok-du as our witness.
How do you know
Kang Se-ha and Park Dong-gu?
I was Kang Se-ha's
college junior.
I worked in another field,
and started studying in my 30s.
And after college?
I worked at a district office,
and I oversaw the facility
where Mr. Kang lived.
Having seen them for a long time,
what's their relationship like?
By bringing together men with
different disabilities,
they've complimented
each other superbly,
it's an exemplary case.
Your Honor, that is all.
This flyer proves that
Mrs. Jang looked for him.
Missing Child:
Park Dong-gu (7)
Was it Mr. Park's decision to
enter the swimming competition
for regular people?
By 'regular' you mean
abled people?
It was his will.
Pull up the photo please.
Donation Account
Wasn't Mr. Park used to resolve
their housing situation?
Dong-gu loves swimming,
so Se-ha...
Your Honor, we'd like to add
Mr. Jo Sung-il as our witness.
You're approved.
I'm a Stanford grad,
looking for work.
I volunteered at Mr. Kang's
House of Responsibility.
- What did you do there?
- I translated.
What kind?
Other volunteers needed
English recommendation letters
for foreign colleges,
so I translated those.
- What did you get in return?
- I received volunteer hours.
But I paid $5 per hour,
so total of $500 for 100 hours.
Kang is an immoral man who
exploited people's good will,
in order to collect a sizable sum.
I'd like to ask if he has
the right to be a legal guardian.
Silence in the courtroom,
we'll adjourn for today.
We'll pick up on
July 10 at 10 AM.
Son of a bitch!
Just give me some.
- Who is it?
- Hot.
Hello there...
I'll leave these here and go.
Was this approved
by the lawyers?
You can't just barge
in here without notifying us!
We gave you time to meet him
before the trial tomorrow.
I'm sorry,
I'll leave after this.
Does he starve
when he's with me?
Dong-gu, I made all
your favorites,
so don't eat ramen,
and have these.
What's wrong with ramen?
Look at his physique,
he grew up fine with it!
And he happens to like it!
You tossed him too early
to know that.
You accusations are too much.
Too much? But not
throwing him out?
Do you know how hard it is
to live with a random person?!
That's why...
That's why I'm doing this.
Like you said, I haven't done
a single thing for 20 years,
that's why I want to
make it up to him.
But what right do you have
to stop that?
Will you be happy if he
takes care of you all your life?!
No screaming at bro.
- Who do you want to live with?
- Kang Se-ha!
- Who is Kang Se-ha?
- Bro.
Who would you like
to live with?
Kang Se-ha.
- Why live with him?
- Because it's fun.
- Good, just say that.
- Yup, I'm no dummy.
Of course, you're not a dummy!
It's time to see mom.
Did you throw away
your son Park Dong-gu?
Why did you?
After his dad died suddenly,
I was desperate.
I couldn't bring him
to my workplace,
I thought we'd all die
if we stayed together.
Where did you leave
Mr. Park Dong-gu?
Dongdaemun swimming pool.
May 5, 1993,
how could I ever forget that day?
Has your current family
ever lived with a man with
developmental disability?
Will you throw him out again
if he becomes a nuisance?
my client is being intimidated
with a made up scenario.
You became a quadriplegic at 2
after a freaking accident,
and after your mother's death at 10,
you've been passed around,
and met Mr. Park 20 years ago
at House of Responsibility, right?
You did a very good
background check.
Had your mother
not passed away,
who would you be
living with now?
But my mother did pass away.
Very well.
You're a licensed social worker,
am I correct?
Do you think he should live
with other disabled people,
or regular...
I meant, abled family members?
Which one do you think
would be more desirable?
Did you choose your family
before birth?
Living together as people
with disability isn't the issue.
But what if fire breaks out?
Isn't that too dangerous?
Then we'll call 911.
Are abled people
immuned to fire?
But she's his mom,
of the same bloodline.
She loves him
just as much as you do.
Her family is harmonious,
and financially stable too!
So why do those perfect people
need Dong-gu?
My priest once said to us,
'the weak must help each other.
The weak can help others
because they're weak.
Thinking only about oneself
will lead to death,
but helping and thinking
together will prevent death!'
If I used Dong-gu,
he also used me.
If he helped me,
I also helped him.
That's how we lived together.
Mr. Kang Se-ha,
return to your seat.
Lastly, Mr. Park Dong-gu,
please come forward.
I'd like to hear from him.
Your Honor, Mr. Park has
a mental age of 5.
He's also under the influence
of Mr. Kang Se-ha, so if he...
Mr. Park is an adult,
and it is imperative to hear about
his own opinion on the matter.
Do you have an objection?
No, Your Honor.
Could you look at me?
- What is your name?
- Park Dong-gu.
I see, allow me
to ask you a question.
Who would you like to be
your legal guardian?
My apologies, allow me
to rephrase that.
Who do you want to live with?
That's hard, right?
Let's try something.
Could you step forward?
Please give him a hand.
Could you have him
face the crowd?
Can you see the people?
When I ask you a question,
could you point to someone?
Okay, Mr. Park Dong-gu,
who do you want to live with?
Did he forget again?
Se-ha, say something.
Your Honor, I think
Dong-gu forgot...
I mean, he's confused.
Could you ask him slowly
one more time?
Could you ask him slowly?!
- Your Honor!
- Please quiet down.
- But, Your Honor!
- Be quiet!
I'll check if he's
confused or not.
Sit down!
Mr. Park Dong-gu,
do you know who you're
pointing to?
- Priest's name?
- Father Park.
- My name?
- Kang Se-ha!
You're lost, what do you do?
Be sad.
- Flush.
- Yup.
Bro, let's go to pool.
Dong-gu, live with your mom now.
That's what you wanted.
Dong-gu, let's go.
Bro, you're not coming?
Of course not.
I'll live here,
and you'll live with mom.
You can't go anywhere
if I don't push wheelchair.
Even if you don't,
Song and the coach can.
Here we go!
What do you want to eat first?
Aren't you playing favoritism?
Why is there so much food?
It's not favoritism,
I'm just thankful for this.
Didn't you buy new clothes?
Let him be.
Let's eat.
Dong-gu, sweetie.
This is BBQ beef,
you love this.
Have some side dishes too.
Tada! It's your present!
It's okay, take it.
This is your home.
and your sister Cho-rong.
We are family.
Let's eat!
Oh my, Dong-gu,
it's okay.
My apologies,
it's nothing at all.
Dong-gu, this way.
Give me some tissues.
Dong-gu, you don't
need to work.
So stay right here
and relax, okay?
Do you understand?
Stay right here.
My good boy,
that's it.
Hey! Watch it!
Sorry about that.
Could we respect each other?
Use nice words too, okay?
Here, here.
Why did you take my egg?
It's mine!
Byung-nam, stop that.
- Eat yours!
- Byung-nam!
Stop it!
Don't fight!
Where's my egg?
I'll bring you one!
Your egg is right here.
Congratulations! You've won
the affordable housing lottery!
Forget it, don't eat.
We just washed that.
Stay away from each other!
You got food on it!
203 volunteer hours.
Wow, that's a lot.
Have you read this
volunteer report?
No, my reference uploaded it
to the site, so I didn't see it.
That's right.
It's written here,
'Volunteer Nam Mi-hyun is
superficial and too honest,
but worked hard to teach
swimming to the disabled.
And while we were with her,
we forgot that we were disabled.'
What does this mean?
I guess he was quite forgetful.
The facility is called
House of Responsibility,
what does it mean?
A person has the responsibility
to live till the end.
That's what I learned.
Take care!
Have you been well?
I brought your favorite.
How is bro?
Se-ha's doing well
at another facility.
I'm at my place.
At a bachelor pad,
eating canned food.
And bro? Is he...
By himself...
He's at a great place,
it's called House of Love.
He's got plenty of friends,
and good doctors too.
Look at this.
This is where he lives,
isn't it great?
He can't be alone.
He can't eat,
and poop by himself.
Coach, if you...
push his wheelchair...
Not by himself.
Not by himself.
Not by himself!!
Not by himself!
Not by himself!
Dong-gu, what's wrong?
- Not by himself!
- Dong-gu!
- Not by himself!
- Dong-gu, don't!
- Not by himself!
- Dong-gu, please!
Not by himself!
Please leave, he's not
ready for you yet.
- Not by himself!
- Dong-gu!
- Not by himself!
- Dong-gu!
He did it so that
we can be together.
He had it all wrong!
Dong-gu wants to be with you,
but he testified that way because
he wanted me by your side.
- Are you listening?
- End call!
There's no fire.
Could you light this?
There's no fire here!
Why isn't this working?
What are you doing?
Please go outside!
Watch out!
Out of the way!
Where would you like to go?
House of Responsibility...
House of Responsibility.
House of Responsibility.
House of Responsibility.
House of Responsibility?
No search results
Responsible House.
Bro, Kang Se-ha...
I'm not getting any hits,
what's the address?
House of Responsibility.
What a day.
Geumcheon District
Sports Center
It's the pool.
Right? I knew it was here.
It comes to $23,
cash or credit card?
Become millionaires with
Pororo and Chrome!
Buddy! Buddy!
It's Pororo!
Good bye.
Regular Closures
Demolition Notice
How am I supposed to
know that?
Don't say that.
You took him, you're
responsible for him!
If there's some place
he likes to go...
He can't even ride a bus,
where'd he go?
If he ever gives you a call...
He doesn't even know
how to call.
I don't care,
don't ever call me!
Mr. Kang!
Siri, end call!
Is someone missing?
Why did you answer her
like that?
Give me some beer.
Mr. Yook!
Mr. Yook!
Dong-gu! Dong-gu!
It's not easy taking care of
a quadriplegic man.
Your attitude's all wrong,
you can't work with that.
He opened his eyes!
Se-ha, are you okay?
Dammit, I thought you were
Father Park.
Sorry that you're still alive.
You okay?
Are you in pain?
I got no sensation,
how could I be in pain?
Where's Dong-gu?
They haven't found him yet.
Dude, I think he's
at our old home.
What are you doing here?
Mom's here...
Mom's here,
are you hurt?
- Mom.
- Yeah, baby.
The motorized wheelchair
you requested just arrived.
See this straw thing?
Bite it like so.
Then it'll move everywhere.
I like my wheelchair.
Think about us who push
you around all day.
Idiot Swimming coach
What took you so long
to answer?
Dong-gu's competing today,
you coming?
Why should I go there?
Go if you want to.
Who do you think
he's competing for?
I know you don't mean it,
just get over there.
We gotta help him finish,
and have another custody battle.
Cheer for him on my behalf,
I'm hanging up.
Don't hang up! Don't!
Okay, here, here,
this way.
Nice cold beer.
Here, here, good!
Come on, just a bit more!
You can do this!
Almost home!
Almost there, here.
Goal, you did it!
Give it, you bastard.
Okay, okay.
Here it is.
Why? Something's on my face?
Oh, straw...
Look at me, stay here,
I'll get it from the kitchen.
Eh? There are plenty
of straws here...
Yo wheelchair!
Use the sidewalk!
You wanna die?
Screw sidewalk!
It's got an engine
and tires too!
Get to Geumcheon pool
right away.
Dummy, Dung-gu,
Dong-gu, swim!
Dummy, Dung-gu,
Dong-gu, best!
Gold Medal
Yo dummy!
Do your best!
Are you okay?
Geumcheon Sports Center
Siri, you bitch!
I don't know how to
respond to that.
Make a call,
call the coach.
Idiot Swimming Coach!
Leave a message at the tone.
Ms. Nam, listen carefully!
Tell Dong-gu's mom to
stand at the finish line.
Only then he'll finish the lap.
He's been looking for
his mom even at the pool.
So make sure
she's standing there.
If you don't do this,
I'm taking back your hours.
Swimmers, please get to
your starting position.
Oh my, Dong-gu.
No, Dong-gu, don't,
Dong-gu, please!
It's okay, don't do that.
Can you do this?
Should we just go home?
Let's go home.
Mr. Park, is something wrong?
I'm really sorry,
I don't think he can do this.
We better just go home,
I'm so sorry.
Dong-gu, don't do that!
What the hell are you doing?
I'm really sorry,
let's go home, Dong-gu.
Hey, wait!
Let's go home,
that's a good boy.
Swimmers, get ready please.
You don't have to do this.
You want to do it?
Okay, okay,
let's take this off.
Very good, that's it.
Are you okay?
You gotta win!
Gold medal!
We'll now begin the match.
Dong-gu! You can do this!
Good luck!
Dong-gu, go over there
and come back.
I'll stand right here.
Come here.
Mom's right here.
Come here, Dong-gu!
You idiot! Swim!
Bro, I'll do better next time.
That's it!
Dong-gu, thank you.
Is it good?
Good, right?
Eat slowly.
Drink some water.
Let's go home.
That's enough.
Drink one of these
after drinking beer.
Try not to drink at all.
All ready!
We should go too.
Bro, eat ramen.
Your turn.
Dong-gu! How are you?!
- Hello.
- Yeah, hello.
- Why are you here?
- To hang out.
It's clean.
- Clean up.
- You cleaned up?
Why are you eating ramen?
It's my payday,
so I came to treat you.
It's hot,
really hot.
Beer, your beer.
Your favorite.
- Kimchi.
- You want some too?
- Kimchi, kimchi.
- Kimchi?
Yes, ramen.
Your beer.
It's hot, be careful.
It's hot.
It's hot, one more bite.
- Bro, bro.
- Bro?
That was in his mouth!
- Eat.
- Tuna, tuna.
Life is just a bowl of cherries,
sometimes it's afraid,
filled with worries
Don't be afraid,
just be strong
When everything is so unfair,
you stumble and fall
Just pick yourself up and sing
If one day you lose your way,
just remember one thing
When you're under a cloud,
just visit music and sing
If one day you lose your way,
just remember that I'm here to stay
Don't give up, keep your chin up,
and be happy!
Life is just a bowl of cherries,
sometimes it's afraid
filled with worries
Don't be afraid, when things
go wrong, just be strong
Everything is so unfair,
and you stumble and fall
Just pick yourself up and sing
If one day you lose your way,
just remember one thing
When you're under a cloud,
just visit music and sing
If one day you lose your way,
just remember one thing,
just visit music and sing
Just remember that
I'm here to stay
Don't you give up,
keep your chin up
Don't you give up,
keep your chin up
Let's all be happy!