Inshallah a Boy (2023) Movie Script

Nawal, where are you?
You know it's the right time
for us to try.
We already tried yesterday.
The doctor said we need to try
on all my fertile days.
Maybe it worked yesterday?
Besides, it's my problem,
not yours, right?
I'm the one who's on medication.
Please, Nawal, let me sleep.
I'm exhausted.
We'll try again tomorrow.
Adnan, come on, get up!
Are you awake?
Wake your father up,
otherwise, you guys will be late!
I tried, but he doesn't want to wake up.
Hurry up and get dressed!
Come on, you'll be late.
Get up!
Wake your dad up.
you promised to take me to the mall.
Come on, now.
Mom will get pissed.
Adnan, what's wrong?
Come on, get up.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you.
My sincere condolences, sister Um Nora.
May Allah give you the strength,
to overcome this ordeal.
When a woman loses her husband,
she actually loses her lover, partner,
and everything in her life.
Let's pray to God
for mercy and forgiveness on him.
Repeat after me:
Dear God, please have mercy, forgive him
and shroud him with Your blessings.
The light of this house is extinguished
and it is draped in darkness.
Dear God, give him a better home
than this home,
and allow him into paradise
along with the righteous.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Sister Nawal, dear sisters,
a widow is obliged before God,
to safeguard her husband's reputation
and honor.
She may not leave her house
for four lunar months and 10 days.
But if you have duties
or responsibilities,
then you may leave
the house to do them.
But you must return before sunset.
Because, dear sisters,
devils roam the world after sunset.
And you must avoid gatherings
to avoid succumbing to temptation.
Did you hear from your employers,
when do they expect you to return to work?
After the wake is over.
You couldn't ask for more time?
They barely managed without me.
I fear if I take more days off,
they will replace me.
What about Nora?
She needs time.
Honestly, I don't know...
She stays with Feryal after school,
as usual.
Of course, I will take care of Nora,
as always.
Bring her over whenever you want,
I'm available.
Thank you, dear.
I know you're always there.
My sweetheart.
These are the pajamas
Adnan had on.
And these are the keys to the pick-up.
It's parked downstairs.
This is his golden tooth.
If you wish,
I'll let Ghayda sleep over tonight?
Better let her go home and rest.
She's been on her feet all day.
You are strong and pious.
This is God's will, right?
Hello Rifqi, come in.
Peace be upon you.
- Thank you.
- Call the kids.
They will eat later.
Come in, please, come in.
Am I going to school tomorrow?
Is everyone coming tomorrow?
And the day after tomorrow, as well.
Are my cousins also coming?
Will Dad be upset if I missed school?
Finish your dinner.
Did Dad die or pass away?
Dying and passing away
are the same thing.
Because he got tired.
Come on, finish up your food quickly
so you can wash up and go to bed.
Wake up, we're late!
I'm up.
Are you done?
Get ready!
One minute.
You don't have a minute,
we have to leave now.
I'm ready.
Well done for getting ready quickly.
Tie up your laces.
How did Dad teach you?
Two rabbits' ears,
then we cross them like this...
Don't move.
Watch how I tie it.
Here's the pick-up.
Come on, we don't want to miss the bus.
The topic for the coming hour
is dedicated to the problem
of water scarcity in Jordan.
International reports warn against
critical defiencies in water supply,
which is an issue that neither previous
nor current government were able to...
May he rest in peace, dear.
My heartfelt condolences.
Thank you.
You have to be strong.
If you need anything,
we're here for you.
I was worried that you'd ask
for more days off.
It's been three days and she won't let
anyone bathe her but you.
Colette is on the veranda!
How are you, gorgeous?
What's up, dear?
Did you miss me?
I missed you, too.
How are you, Nawal?
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
I wanted to call you,
but I felt it might be inappropriate.
No worries.
- Give it to me love.
- Shall we get started?
How are you, gorgeous?
Are you this happy
because your friend is back?
I didn't expect you to show up today,
I thought you'd take a few more days off.
- Just to rest a bit.
- I feel better today.
If you need anything, I'm here for you,
you know that.
Enough with your shy attitude,
I'm serious.
We've known each other
for over four years now.
How are you, Lauren?
I'm sorry for your loss, honey.
May he rest in peace.
You never get fed up with repeating
the same thing over and over again.
I told you a million times,
even if your dad and I approve,
the church will not approve,
They need a compelling reason.
Not now for God's sake.
Her rambling is more than enough.
All men like to play around.
Do as other women do.
Even Bill Clinton cheated on his wife!
What did she do? Nothing.
And there she is, a respectable lady
appreciated by everyone.
How much did I put up with your dad
and his senseless behavior?
Just for your sake
and to keep this family intact.
You need to put up with it and be patient,
that's it!
All he does is screw around,
and you're telling me to put up with it?
This isn't a compelling reason
for the priest?
You need witnesses, smartass!
Should I set up a photoshoot of
him in bed with another woman?
Or what do you think if I send
his shirts to the priest
to smell the other women's perfumes?
What better proof do you want, Mom?
Stop this nonsense!
Mocking the priest, too!
What's so funny?
I didn't mean it.
Why didn't you marry me off
when I was 14?
It's legal here.
It would've been the only life I'd know
and could've been happy with!
This way, I wouldn't have displeased
the church or caused you a scandal.
Forget about her food for now.
Fix her manicure before you leave.
The guests are arriving
early in the morning.
We don't want to create a scene.
She's on an empty stomach.
Do as I say.
Screaming won't help.
Then what would you do
if you were in my shoes?
There's a key to every man.
Am I married to a human or a lock?
Why make it difficult?
He's a player, with or without a key.
Eventually God will guide him
to the right path.
This is the hope I should cling to?
That God will guide him?
And what if God doesn't guide him?
Should I wait for him
till he's done with all the sluts in town?
I'd never live like my mom,
stuck in this house waiting
for his majesty to return to me.
It's better than spending
the rest of your life alone.
Oh, I wish I was the bag!
My love.
You're late.
There was traffic, and the bus was late
and I was worried it would get dark.
- Here you go, I made you fried tomatoes.
- Thank you.
Your brother tried calling you
several times.
He said you're not picking up.
I didn't hear it ring.
Ok, I'll call him now.
- Thanks, Feryal.
- Take care.
I can't hear you.
I was worried that something
had happened to you.
No, don't worry, all is well.
Rifqi called me, he wants to come by
to check on you and Nora.
Okay, we're home,
you're welcome to come.
Okay, I will call him now.
Okay. Bye.
Take it easy,
the food isn't going anywhere.
I want to watch cartoons.
What was that noise?
No, no, don't get close!
Get out, hurry!
Hold on, hold on.
- How are you, Nora?
- Fine.
My love.
How are you, sister?
- Come in, Rifqi.
- Hello.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
How are you?
- There is a mouse in the kitchen!
- Seriously?
- I hope you're not afraid of it.
- No, I'm brave, I'm not afraid.
Such a good girl,
I love you so much.
Look what I got you.
When will you come
for a sleepover?
During the school break, God willing.
That's right.
- I want to see full marks this year, ok?
- Ok.
Come in.
How are you today, Nawal?
Better, I hope?
- Thank God, I'm fine.
- Thank God.
If you need anything, I'm here.
We're already burdening you.
No trouble at all.
If we don't support each other, who will?
We're family.
As I said, whatever you or Nora need,
consider it my responsibility.
Thank you, Rifqi.
We're all family
and we will all help.
May he rest in peace.
I was thinking of reciting the Quran
in his memory, every Monday.
let's recite the Quran every Monday.
I don't know what to do.
This came as a shock.
- No might except by God...
- God doesn't forget anyone.
I forgot to ask,
what would you like to drink?
Did you see any of Adnan's colleagues
at the wake?
I don't know, many people came.
I didn't notice.
Did you know that he wasn't getting paid
the last 4 months?
No. Who told you that?
Go sit over there.
Adnan told me,
because there are 4 instalments...
God will make it up...
What instalments?
I don't know what to say,
I'm embarrassed.
Regarding the pick-up...
Adnan still owes me 4 instalments.
He never mentioned it.
If I wasn't in need for the money,
I wouldn't have mentioned it,
but I'm in a financially tight situation
and Adnan promised to pay me soon.
It's weird he never mentioned anything.
I have the promissory notes
if you would like to see them.
No, I didn't mean,
why weren't his employers
paying him?
He never mentioned it.
Don't worry about it.
I'll find a buyer for the pick-up soon,
we'll sell it,
I'll take my payments, and distribute
the rest among the inheritors.
But I don't want to sell the pick-up.
I thought this would be better
than you paying the debt.
Don't worry, I'll manage.
What do you need the pick-up for?
You don't know how to drive.
Do what you see best.
Anyways, everything will be clear
after the inheritance paperwork.
But what did Adnan leave behind,
besides this apartment and the pick-up?
Just the apartment and the pick-up.
Okay, just wanted to check, as I'll start
the inheritance procedures tomorrow.
I got you.
The apartment is in Adnan's name,
but he is not the sole owner.
You're his brother,
the closest person to him...
and you surely know
that the down payment for the apartment
was from my inheritance,
from my late father,
and on top of it, I sold all my jewelry
to cover the full payment.
The monthly instalments
were settled from both our salaries.
Of course, sister,
and I'm sure you have a document
that proves your ownership stake.
Yes, Adnan had a lawyer draft an agreement
a few years ago.
Then why isn't the apartment
in your name?
Because the mortgage was made against
his employment contract.
I don't have a contract,
I don't work for a company.
Can I see the agreement
Adnan's lawyer did?
I'll bring it right away.
And please get the family record book.
Adnan swore that he
did it and signed it.
I don't understand why he didn't sign it.
What are you doing?
He must have forgotten.
I will sign on his behalf!
Just like that, you'll sign it
and solve the problem?
This whole document is useless
without the official stamps!
What should I do now?
I have no idea.
Let's see what Rifqi has to say.
Can I call to check on you...
Hurry up, Nora.
Yes, Mrs. Souad.
I'm on my way.
Ok, sure.
- Get in, I will drive you.
- I'm so sorry.
The traffic in Amman
is becoming unbearable!
Come on, move!
Ahmad told me about the agreement.
What do you plan to do now?
In regard to what?
The pick-up instalments.
I still don't know.
Do you have any jewelry to sell?
I don't know, I will sort it out.
I'll get out here,
I don't want to miss the bus.
Our esteemed lady, Colette,
or as we used to call you,
"Madame Colette".
The efforts, sacrifices and love
that you have given us
I'm a week late.
Do you think I'm pregnant?
Have you tested?
Did you tell your mom?
I'm not ready.
Maybe that's the solution?
When he becomes a father,
he'll change and will be responsible.
If a baby is going to change him,
I don't want a baby in the first place.
I don't even feel
I have a maternal instinct,
or the desire to give birth.
No one is born with this feeling,
it grows on you after you have a child.
If you didn't want to be a mother,
why did you get married then?
Because I liked him,
and I wanted to have sex with him.
Our twisted logic says
that if a woman likes a man
and wants to have sex with him,
the only solution is to marry him.
And getting married,
means having children.
So, in order to have sex,
you should get stuck in this vortex,
and ruin your life forever.
It makes a loud explosion!
he wished he could drive.
Why's the place such a mess?
How did you get in?
I took the keys from Feryal.
I've been calling you all morning,
why aren't you answering?
He drove me crazy
asking for the pick-up instalments.
I was at work.
You know I can't answer calls
while I am at work.
Then go tell him that.
It ran away!
It's as if it knew!
I'll catch it eventually.
- Welcome, Rifqi.
- Hi, Nawal.
Uncle wants to kill the mouse.
Mice are impure,
they only come to dirty houses.
But we clean the apartment every day.
Your uncle doesn't mean
that our home is dirty.
The mouse could have entered
from the drains, or from the staircase.
We have to get rid of it
so it won't get us sick.
- How did you do in the religion quiz?
- I did well!
Did you figure out the issue
with Adnan's salary?
I wanted to pass by his workplace today,
but I didn't have time.
I'll go in the next couple of days.
I'm sorry for being too pushy,
I honestly don't mean to,
but as I told you, I'm pressed for cash
and have no other solutions.
If Adnan was alive,
he would have saved me from this rut.
The problem is that I don't have the cash
to pay you right away.
This is why I suggested selling
the pick-up.
And I told you,
I don't want to sell it.
Ok, as you wish.
The pick-up issue is clear now.
I'll sort it out and pay you back.
I finalized the inheritance document
Since you didn't find the agreement,
my sisters and I
inherit half the apartment
and half the pick-up.
I found the agreement,
but Adnan forgot to sign.
That means there is no contract.
I'm not lying to you!
Besides, how would you like me
to divide the apartment?
Calm down,
we haven't decided on anything yet,
why are you nervous?
I'm just trying to explain
the situation to you.
If the inheritance was in cash,
you could take it all,
but it's only this apartment
where my daughter and I live.
Dear Nawal, it's not about the money.
This is our right,
and this is how things work.
I suggest selling the apartment,
you settle the instalments,
and we then distribute the shares.
What if I had a boy?
Would you have been able to do that?
Nawal, please, no need for this attitude.
We all have our problems,
and we all want them resolved.
If you have another solution,
please spit it out!
If we leave this apartment,
we have nowhere else to live!
Where will we go?
My dear sister-in-law,
I'm still here for you.
Will I leave my niece homeless?
Ahmad and I will manage,
don't worry.
Listen up,
this is my home
and I'm not selling it.
I have nothing more to add!
- Calm down, calm down.
- Sit properly!
Calm down, we're family.
We'll definitely find a solution.
I could easily leave the house
that I am renting
and move here with
my wife and children.
Will that be better?
Turn off the TV!
did you fear mice
when you were a child?
When I was a child, I feared nothing.
Then why are you afraid of them now?
Because everyone is afraid of them.
But they're small and harmless.
And they carry diseases
and they're disgusting,
and stop blabbering.
Dad's phone!
Come on, sleep.
Can you unlock this phone?
Is it your phone?
Yes, why?
Did you forget the password?
The number is registered
under your name?
No, my husband's.
How can I know it's your husband's?
What do you mean?
I stole it?
First, I must format it
in order to unlock it.
Second, I don't need trouble.
Your first excuse was sufficient, thanks.
You're welcome.
May Adnan rest in peace.
I apologize that we didn't pay our
respects, but no one informed us.
Thank you.
I'm here to ask about Adnan's
last salary and social security.
Adnan left us over 4 months ago.
We don't owe him anything!
Four months?
Do you know to which company he moved?
Actually, ma'am, he left on bad terms,
and since then, we lost contact.
What kind of bad terms?
Was he fired?
He's passed away now,
may he rest in peace.
With all honesty, he was tired lately
and had health issues.
We can raise some funds.
I can ask his colleagues to contribute.
No, no need,
I just want his social security
and tax documents.
Ok, I'll get them for you.
Why are you staring at me like this
and leaving Aunt Colette alone?
Hassan is with her.
Are you drinking cinnamon?
Since we live in the Middle Ages
in this country,
abortion pills are forbidden.
So, it's confirmed?
Why should your baby pay the price?
I don't want a baby that resembles him.
Get in, I'll drive you home.
That's not possible.
I want us to talk outside work,
and you won't let me drive you home
and you don't answer my messages.
Excuse me sister, where is the residence
of the late Adnan Mansour Khalaf?
- I'm his wife.
- Can you please sign here?
What's that?
This is a notification to appear in court.
- For what?
- A case to divide property.
Filed by the brother of the deceased.
Please sign here.
Thank you.
- What's going on?
- Rifqi wants to kick me out of our home.
What a shame!
Did you inherit any cash?
What do you mean
there's nothing we can do?
I'll tell the judge
that he's throwing us on the streets!
Keep the door shut!
No, no...
No, I won't argue with anyone.
I won't argue with anyone.
I'll just calmly tell him what happened.
He wants to sell the apartment
to get cash.
Can you afford to rent?
I couldn't find it.
Don't worry, he's probably taking a nap,
to wake up at night like yesterday.
Grab your sandwich,
we're eating in the TV room,
so we won't disturb Mr. Mouse.
- No, thanks.
- Come on.
Thank you.
That's all you needed.
As if the misery you're in isn't enough!
Thanks for that.
That's not what I meant!
You're a widow with a daughter,
suitors won't be lining up by your door.
Besides, if you sell the apartment,
the girl will move to Rifqi's place.
Are you fine with your daughter
living away from you?
No one can talk some sense into Rifqi?
What does--
what does your brother think?
Finish your sandwich, Nora.
When is the court hearing?
He's definitely in a hurry.
Have faith in God.
He will guide you.
Take a bath now, perform ablution,
pray for "guidance,"
and hopefully God will send you a sign
of relief.
Um Nora!
I'm not the only late one!
He just called me, he'll be here shortly.
Are they going to give him
the apartment today?
Trust in God.
Everything God wills is good.
What will happen if Rifqi
decides to sell the apartment?
You can live with me until
I find you a decent husband.
- And lose Nora's custody!
- Rifqi and his wife will do their best!
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Rifqi.
Good morning, Um Nora.
The inheritors are his wife, his daughter,
his brother, and his two sisters.
The brother represents the family
that lives abroad.
The assets are clear.
Anyone has more information
they would like to add?
Amongst the documents I submitted
to Your Honor
there is the contract of the pick-up
that my husband bought from his brother.
It shows the instalments
he has already paid.
That's right sister,
Rifqi attached the contract,
and you still have 4 instalments to pay.
Are there other inheritors
I didn't mention?
Or debts I missed mentioning?
If not, then this should be fairly
In fact, Your Honor...
my husband borrowed
from me my inheritance
and my gold dowry,
which we used as
the down payment for the apartment.
I also used to pay from my salary
to cover the bank mortgage.
Do you have proof of that?
A contract between you and your husband?
A bank letter?
No, I don't.
If you don't have a document,
then I can't record this officially.
Did any of you witness or hear
that the deceased borrowed money
from his wife?
The deceased never mentioned this to me.
Did the deceased have any
other source of income?
He used to manage his affairs by himself.
He was a man always
up to his responsibilities.
Sister, the family of the deceased
has a right to a share of his inheritance
in the case the husband does not have
a son with his wife.
In other words, they are responsible
before God and the public
for taking care of the wife
and her children.
What responsibility, Your Honor?
He wants to sell our home
to cash out his share!
But he is obliged to support
your daughter,
and if he refuses, you can sue him.
Your Honor, can we talk in private?
Please step outside
till I call you back in.
Go ahead.
Sir, I'm pregnant.
Why did you want to say this in private?
Anyway, this is the jurisdiction
of the Sharia court.
Take a pregnancy test
and show them the result
so they can adjust the inheritance.
Then you come back here.
Please call back Rifqi Khalaf,
case number 47.
Concerning the inheritance
of the late Adnan Mansour Khalaf
who passed away on 21 February, 2019,
and according to the documents provided,
the deceased left the following behind:
1) An apartment worth
30,000 Jordanian dinars.
2) A debt of 1,000 dinars
of pick-up instalments
owed to his brother, Rifqi Mansour Khalaf.
3) Termination of marriage dowry of
500 dinars as per the marriage contract.
4) House furniture
as per the marriage contract,
considered a delayed dowry.
But due to the pregnancy of his wife
Nawal Tayseer Abdullah,
we have decided to postpone the request
for distribution of the inheritance
until we receive
the amended inheritance.
We tried to call you many times today.
Your phone isn't working?
Sister, even if your phone is silent,
keep an eye on it.
If something happens to the girl,
God forbid,
or the house catches fire,
how can we reach you?
Yes, true.
Nawal, I'm not here to tell you
what to do or not to do
but your responsibilities increased
since my late brother died.
and thanks to you,
I will have less responsibilities!
- Bless the Prophet! Guys, calm down.
- Blessed be the Prophet,
but everyone should mind
their own business.
I have the right to intervene
when I see my niece out till midnight,
and her mother doesn't pick up the phone.
Your niece, whom you want
to kick out from her home?
Nawal, I'm not here to make trouble.
Nora is always welcome at my place!
We also have rights, too, just like you.
Why should my sisters be deprived
of their brother's inheritance?
But they're both married
and have their houses!
Regarding the home,
it's all clear,
and inshallah you will
give birth to a boy.
And regarding the pick-up,
when will you repay me?
- Two or 3 more months!
- No, I can't wait that long!
I don't get it,
why is it suddenly so urgent?
Did you even ask yourself
who paid for the burial and wake?
Peace be upon you.
And upon you.
- How are you, Siham?
- Good, and you?
I'm okay.
Is everything okay?
What is it?
I'm here for a blood pregnancy test.
- Are you pregnant?
- I'm not sure, I want to check.
Trust in God, the child comes
and his sustenance comes with him.
- When will the results be out?
- Don't worry, I will expedite it.
- Don't worry at all.
- Thank you.
If the court finds out
that the report is fabricated...
They won't find out!
What do you mean they won't find out!
Eventually in 2 or 3 months,
it will be obvious.
I cant help you,
this will get us both in trouble.
Hello, honey.
- Congrats, I'm so happy for you.
- Thank you.
Come in.
Welcome sister, come in,
you're no stranger.
I wish you'd brought more meat.
I hope Nora didn't give you a hard time.
Not at all,
no trouble at all.
Where is she?
Her uncle picked her up
after she finished her homework.
Why did you let him take her?
What's wrong with her visiting her uncle?
Nawal, for God's sake,
give me a break from all this.
I would have asked you
if you answered your phone!
Come on, go to your room, get going.
Come on, clear this room.
No grumbling!
Don't bother, I'm leaving.
Go on, get up...
Nawal, I don't understand what the
problem is.
He took her over for an hour
and will return her home. Don't worry!
It's not about him taking her or not.
It's the injustice of it all
while I am helpless!
Today, it's a visit, later,
when he forces me
to sell our home,
he'll take her for good!
You're overthinking this,
it's not worth it.
When are we going to court
so we can get done with his nagging?
In a couple of days.
I'm selling the bedroom furniture
to pay for the pick-up.
- You won't get much for it.
- I don't care.
I'll sort out
the remaining instalments later.
Do you have a buyer?
You're so stubborn.
I'll find someone tomorrow.
Sister, I want you to remain strong, ok?
Come in.
Nawal, I'm glad you arrived.
There's a man in this building
looking for the pick-up's owner.
Movers are getting furniture
and they need to park
in the pick-up's spot.
Ok, I'll take care of it.
Ok, bye, I am in a hurry.
Talk to you later.
Step one, empty the water in the toilet.
Invite a pregnant friend of yours over
and offer her all sorts of liquids...
I'm going to have a brother.
Get inside.
We don't know yet.
As soon as I find out,
I promise to tell you.
But look,
until then, we won't tell anyone.
It's our secret, deal?
Why are you watching TV now?
Go wash up and get changed
so you'll have dinner and sleep early.
I don't want to sleep early!
I want to play after dinner!
You've been playing all day,
haven't you had enough?
I haven't, and I don't want
to go to their place again.
Can we go to McDonald's?
It's late already and
I can't drive the car.
We'll prepare homemade fries
better than McDonald's.
No, I want to go to McDonald's,
like Dad used to take us.
I promise you we'll go next week.
Besides, I can't enter the kitchen alone.
Did you forget about the mouse?
Excuse me, Mrs. Souad.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm so embarrassed to ask, but...
I have lots of commitments
and I need an advanced payment.
If possible.
Why do you need it?
I have to pay off
my late husband's pick-up instalments
and if I don't pay,
they will confiscate it.
Ok, dear, I'll talk to Lauren's father
when he returns.
If it were just a few dinars
I would have taken care of it,
but the salary is his responsibility.
Ok, thanks.
Just five minutes. I just need to rest a
bit, then we'll wake her up.
When will you reply to my messages?
Or should I give up?
What's wrong with you today?
You're out of charge.
I don't understand,
what is it that you want?
Aren't we friends?
I'm just worried about you.
Don't worry.
Besides, we're colleagues,
not friends.
I thought we were more than that.
I know what you're going through
isn't easy,
that's why I keep checking on you.
I don't want anything from you.
It's just that...
You can tell me.
Everything is new to me.
My entire life is in turmoil,
everything is new to me.
A new problem pops up every day
and I must handle it,
and I'm clueless.
For example, Adnan's pick-up is blocking
the building's foyer,
and I don't know
how to drive to move it.
This is your problem?
I can park it for you.
Thanks, you're so kind.
My brother will do it.
If you wish,
I can teach you how to drive.
Do you need anything?
Are you okay?
What do you want?
I need your help...
a favor.
What favor?
Can you take a pregnancy test
at the lab...
under my name?
What for?
I told the judge I was pregnant.
Inheritance issues.
I need to be pregnant,
otherwise, Adnan's family
will confiscate the apartment.
Nora and I will be homeless.
I prayed for "guidance"
and I got a sign that I'm pregnant.
And are you really pregnant,
Virgin Mary?
I don't know.
You can't not know,
you're either pregnant or you're not.
By the way, if you download any app,
there are millions of men
ready to get you pregnant.
Just watch out not to hook up
with my stupid husband.
I'm kidding, don't take it seriously.
There's no way I'd do that.
It's a sin!
If it's a sin,
why did you lie to the judge?
Are you really pregnant?
You just want the apartment,
I mean...
lying is a sin...
sex is a sin...
abortion is a sin...
but every sin has a motive
and a justification.
I think that making you and your
daughter homeless is the sin,
and maybe God
will see it the same way.
I'll help you,
but I need your help, too.
I need you to find a doctor
to give me an abortion,
and I want you to
come along with me.
You can always say you miscarried.
I just need a positive test.
Oh, I wish I was the purse!
What's this?
- Get your stuff, quick.
- Hi, honey!
How are you, Feryal?
So, Madam Nawal, why don't you share
with me your good news?
I'm so happy for you.
Nora told me you're pregnant,
but I didn't tell anyone,
by the Quran, no one
and I told her not to tell anyone,
to avoid the evil eye.
Your brother passed by
and dropped off empty boxes.
What are these boxes for?
Are you moving out?
You didn't answer me.
Are you selling his clothes?
Stop it!
I have a headache.
Super Nora!
I kept my husband's clothes for 10 years
after he passed, before I gave them away.
Remove this damn thing!
- Sit down! Sit down!
- Let me see.
I don't want to hear a word!
I can't take it anymore!
Show me!
Who taught you this silly game?
All young girls play it.
It encourages them to like the hijab.
Calm down, you shouldn't stress,
it's bad for the baby.
Were you this nervous
when pregnant with Nora?
I was shit!
Leave me the fuck alone!
Show me.
Does it hurt here?
It's ok.
A driving lesson tomorrow?
SWIPE RIGHWhat's with the hygiene?
Couldn't you find a cleaner clinic?
Today, you don't have much of a choice.
Do I have to go in with you?
Today, you don't have
much of a choice.
Come in.
Abla, right?
- Yes.
- Can you please shut the door?
Lock it.
Abla, you need to sign this paper
using your real name and national number.
It states that you bear full
in case something goes wrong.
You also need to know if there's a pulse,
I will not kill the embryo.
As agreed with the woman over the phone
it's 1,500 dinars to be paid in advance.
why won't you operate
if there's a pulse?
A pulse means there's a soul,
and killing a soul is a crime.
So, before the pulse, it's not a sin?
It's a sin both ways, but killing
a soul is a bigger crime before God.
Are you sure?
I want to get it over and done.
Thank you, Nawal.
Take care of yourself.
I will call to check on you.
If you need anything, just call me.
Take this.
Take it, buy something for Nora.
We are all in the same shit.
Your Honor, she recently discovered
her pregnancy
and I'm glad to have a nephew,
but she's not paying the instalments
Why was the test taken at a private lab?
I don't understand, where should I do it?
This test has to be done
by a medical jurisprudence.
But no one told me...
No problem, we'll redirect you
to a medical jurisprudence.
The deceased had a debt and she...
Why didn't you inform
the court about the
pregnancy when you filed
for the list of inheritors?
I didn't know, Your Honor,
no one informed me, you can ask them.
- No one told me.
- I wasn't sure back then.
What debt are you talking about?
Four pick-up instalments
that she refuses to pay!
I didn't refuse. Your Honor, this was
a debt between him and his brother.
I'm not obliged to pay it on his terms!
Debt is part of the inheritance,
and the inheritors should pay it.
- I'm going to sell my bedroom furniture
- What will that cover?
- How will you pay the rest?
- I will sort it out, next month
Answer the question!
I'm answering, don't interrupt me!
Are you just going to stand there?
He has nothing to do with it!
If you're not listening to your brother
or me, who will you listen to?
Quiet, guys, please.
I want you to answer the question,
when will you pay me?
Quiet sir! I am the one
who asks the questions here, not you!
You have 2 options:
- You can either pay him...
- How will she pay, sir?
Her salary is barely sufficient,
and she works until midnight,
which means she can't take a second job!
- Don't interrupt!
- So you know my circumstances,
and still adamant
that I either pay the entire amount...
- I told you to sell the pick-up!
- And I told you I don't want to!
She still wants to learn how to drive!
You're not giving me a chance
to breathe!
Since Adnan passed away and you...
If any of you interrupts me again,
I will imprison you!
Give her a week,
if she doesn't pay, then you sell
the pick-up and close the debt,
and the rest of the money will go
to the court treasury
until you give birth.
Give them a transfer letter
to a medical jurisprudence.
Let's go do the damn test
and be done with it.
I can't now,
I have to go back to work.
Find the time. I don't want him to
keep nagging, he's driving me crazy!
Load it, guys, I'll be right behind you.
Here's 200 as agreed.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
My Name is Samira
Send me your picture
Do you have one without hijab?
Why are you still awake, honey?
I can't sleep.
Come sleep next to me.
Where is Madam?
Madam is sleeping.
- And Madam Lauren?
- Madam Lauren left.
- Where to?
- Her husband came and take her.
Sorry, the number you have dialled
is not available at the moment...
If you open your mouth
and mention what happened with Lauren,
I swear I'll kill you.
Where's Lauren?
At her home.
It's none of your business!
Bathe her
and feed her before you leave,
and tomorrow,
come collect your money
and hand over the job to the new nurse.
What happened with Souad?
Drive quickly,
I don't want anyone to see us.
Ok, calm down.
Who'd recognize you anyway
with this scowl?
Finally, a smile.
You worried me over the phone.
Again, what do we do now?
One foot on the gas pedal,
the other on the clutch,
at the same time.
At the same time, gently.
Or reverse...
Yes, reverse.
Gently, gently.
When you reverse,
look backwards.
It stalled because you didn't
step on the clutch.
I need a favor.
I need some money.
How much do you need?
500 dinars.
I'm not going to ask what for,
but what happened with Souad?
I promise to pay you back next month.
Souad asked me to find a new nurse.
I always wanted to see you
outside work.
Do you know how much
I wished for this moment?
I never imagined it's that long.
I know that you reciprocate my feelings,
for a while now.
Do you want to sleep with me?
I want more than that...
I want a life with you.
I love you.
I want to go back home.
I'll get out here.
I'll get you the money tomorrow.
Her uncle called and said
he'll pick her up from school
and drop her back in the evening.
Why the hell did you leave
your house at night!
I'm telling you Rifqi took Nora.
It's your fault. Who's the man
that dropped you home today?
A colleague who works at Souad's.
I was tired, so he drove me home.
This is what you tell me instead
of defending me and draw him limits?
I can't take this anymore,
there's a new problem every day!
At this rate,
you're going to lose everything.
- It's all my fault.
- Yes, it's your fault!
How much did you repay him?
The man has responsibilities,
many ends to meet.
It's not his problem
that your husband was fired.
Just sell the damn pick-up
and pay him back!
I sold my bedroom furniture to pay him!
You didn't even do the pregnancy test
to shut him up about the inheritance!
And your daughter when she sees her mother
so stubborn and fighting with her uncle,
what kind of woman
will she grow up to be?
At least she won't be a coward!
- What is it that you want now?
- I want my daughter!
She is at her uncle's, no need
to make a big fuss about it!
- I'm going to the police.
- That's all we need. Listen to me!
- I am going to the police!
- I said, sit down!
Listen to me!
You will stay here tonight
and I swear, if you leave,
I'll break your legs, understood!
There are a million widows out there,
some get remarried,
others raise their kids quietly,
except you!
Give me Nora!
Honey, sweetheart...
What's wrong?
Why are you crying?
I'm fine, honey, I'm fine.
Did you have breakfast?
Is your bag ready?
Ask the teacher to let you read
from your desk mate's book.
Come on, sweetheart, wash your face
so you won't be late to school.
I'll see you tonight.
I promise.
Bye, honey.
Lauren, are you awake?
How are you feeling?
I tried calling you a hundred times,
but your phone's switched off.
Who did this to her?
Get out.
Who gave you permission
to go in and see her?
Who did that to her?
It's none of your business!
Did you stand by and watch silently?
Better than spending six months
in prison after what you two did.
Did you think this would go by
so smoothly?
My stupid daughter
thinks that she's a superwoman
who can say and do whatever pleases.
It's your fault.
You did this to her.
I did this to her?
Just pray that her husband
doesn't sue you both.
Where are you going?
Get out.
Give me my money.
- Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
She's waking up!
- You're fine.
- You're fine.
Are you ok?
Are you Um Nora?
Are you the wife of the late
Adnan Mansour Khalaf?
- Sign here.
- What's this?
A notification for an urgent case
filed against you by Rifqi Mansour Khalaf
for custody of the deceased's daughter.
I'm not signing.
Sister, you must sign it.
I'm not signing!
The defendant was notified
and she refused to sign.
The court hearing is tomorrow at 9 AM.
You better show up.
Sister, your brother-in-law
filed an urgent case against you
demanding custody of your daughter
from your late husband,
claiming that you're incompetent.
What do you mean by incompetent?
I'm sorry, Your Honor,
but what did I do wrong?
Being out from morning to evening
renders you unfit to raise the child.
But I go to work, Your Honor.
That was the case
when my husband was alive,
because we needed my salary
to pay the bills.
- Where do you work?
- In a house in Amman.
I am caregiver for an old lady
who suffers from Alzheimer's.
Does it mean you leave the house
to provide for your family?
Of course!
Who takes care of the child
during your absence?
My neighbor, an old lady.
I pay her a monthly salary
and my daughter spends 3 hours
after school at her place.
Did Mr. Rifqi ever talk to you
about picking up the child late?
No. Besides, Your Honor, is it ok
that he picks her up from school
and keeps her at his place for two days
without informing me, her mother?
He neither answers his phone,
nor allow me to check on her,
and until now, he didn't return her!
Where's the problem, Your Honor,
if my niece, who is like a daughter to me
and reminds me of my late brother,
spends time with her family?
I informed her uncle!
Frankly, Your Honor, I'm worried
about her mother's behavior.
Additionally, she claims to be pregnant
and still hasn't done the test
requested by court.
First, the pregnancy issue
is not within this jurisdiction.
Second, your behavior is unacceptable.
Her mother is still the legal guardian
and you have no right to take the girl
without informing her.
Also, your reasons for claiming custody
are weak.
Sister, you need to pay attention
to your behavior,
starting with doing
the pregnancy test. Clear?
What's wrong with you now?
You won today.
What does he want?
He wants you to do the test
so we can figure out where we stand.
Tell him to leave me in peace.
I want to see my daughter.
No! We will do it now
and get done with it! Move!
How long before
the test results are out?
- What test?
- Pregnancy test.
An hour to an hour and a half,
at the latest.
- Let's wait!
- I'm going home!
Sister, let's wait until the result is out
and then we'll go home together!
I'm not your sister.
Sweetheart. I am here.
Let me see your face.
Say bye to your cousins
before we leave.
These are three pick-up instalments.
- One more to go.
- Thank you, just in time.
Did Rifqi leave
the pick-up promissory notes?
Wait for me here for a bit, honey.
How about you go play on the swings a bit?
Just for five minutes.
Give me your bag.
Why did you come now?
I have enough problems as it is.
You're not answering my calls.
Here's the money you requested.
I'm sorry, Hassan.
It's not going to work out--
I just can't--
I wasn't late, see?
It looks like it's going to rain.
Oh, I wish I was the purse!
Wait here, honey.
You are so rude!
Where's your mom?
Here's the test result.
Rifqi can't do anything
for the coming 9 months.
But until you give birth, you remain
in mourning and return home early.
I will keep my eye on you!
Your phone stays on all the time,
even if I call you a hundred times a day,
you will answer every time, understood?