Inside Game (2019) Movie Script

I throw my hands up
Yes, I surrender to you
- No gamblin' tonight, boys.
But I'm good for you
- Can I get
you gentlemen started
off with a drink?
- How about a bottle
of your finest whiskey?
- Oh, and uh, you know, it'd be
if you could top us off
every time you walk past our
- Are we celebrating something
or are you guys just
relentless alcoholics?
- Both, actually.
- Our boy's gettin' married.
- Congratulations.
- Huh?
No, no, no, not me, the
Italian Ken Doll over here.
- We love each other very much.
- I bet you do.
I'm gonna go put your order in.
- Thank you. But I'm
good for you, for you
- Isn't that a wonderful thing,
findin' the love of your life,
Tommy, hm?
- Ah, what am I doin' guys?
- No idea but I've never
seen your mom happier.
- Seriously, we're happy for ya.
But I can't see myself
- Everything changes tomorrow,
But not our friendship.
I've known you guys my whole
and that doesn't change just
because I put a ring on my
- If you say so, Tommy.
You sat up and said I'll stay
I throw my hands up
Yes, I surrender to you
You're bad for me
- Round two when I get back.
- Jesus Christ, are
you fuckin' kiddin' me?
- He's a beast.
- This ain't what it looks like.
- Hey asshole, that's
my fuckin' girlfriend.
- Not if you're playin'
blackjack all night.
- Shut up you filthy whore.
- Whoa, dude have a little
- Where's the lucky guy?
- Oh, he's havin' um, bachelor's
- If I had been
alone I would've been dead,
but I hadn't been alone in 20
- Three of you
You stick together, you're a
Teamwork will beat any
other individual player.
- We grew up on
100 basketball courts.
Our father's taught a team game.
Five on five, unselfish play.
Fundamentals, teamwork, trust.
We set screens, we got guys
We threw the extra pass
and if our teammate
got beat we came over from
the weak side to help.
- Yes!
- We bled for each
We lied for each other.
We tested loyalty every day.
We never lost.
- Hey, hey, hey, come on Tommy.
- You guys gotta get outta here.
Go, go, go, go, I'm all right.
- You sure?
- Go!
It started in fourth
grade basketball clinic,
and we thought it would last
Yeah, yeah, yeah
- Just a
couple of good Samaritans
who put a stranger in the
to save a guy they never met?
- Who put an asshole in the
to save an innocent man from
an unfair fuckin' ambush.
- You wouldn't lie to a cop
would ya?
- Of course I wouldn't.
Come on.
We divorced 10 months later,
but not because my wife found
I had bathroom sex at my
bachelor party.
The thing about my friends is,
we could always keep a secret.
Hell yes we would lie to a cop.
- Don't forget Mary needs
with her algebra homework.
- Oh my God, that's totally not
- She got a B on her math test.
- What's wrong with a B?
- Nothin', if you're a born
- Mr. Kincate said nobody uses
after high school anyway.
- Wait, who said that?
- He's my volleyball coach.
- Jesus Christ, Baba.
You think they talk that
kinda shit in private school?
- We gotta talk.
- Seriously Pete?
We're havin' lunch.
- Good to see ya Deb, how you
- Great, thank you.
- You know what nobody uses
after high school Mary?
Volleyball, all right?
Let's work on that algebra
- Take any action from
Jack Kincannon lately?
- I wish.
Guy's a fuckin' cash cow.
- Not lately.
- Oh.
Yes, Sir?
To win 50, Detroit minus four.
All right.
We sayin' Kincannon got sharp?
- Guy used to fork over two
a week in college football.
He just took me for 15 grand in
the NBA.
- Well, anybody can get lucky
once Pete.
- For the third week in a row.
- Major line
major line move, major line
- Look.
These are his last 13 games.
- It's like 75% accurate.
- Yeah.
The guy's suddenly an NBA
betting savant
when we both know he don't
know shit about pro hoops.
However, he does know
your old pal Tim Donaghy,
who by the way officiated
all but two of these games.
Whatever Donaghy's up to,
why is he telling Kincannon and
not you?
And what can we do to change
- So, I just applied at The
Hoffman School.
No, I'm serious like, we did.
- Uh,
I just heard Megan tell someone
we applied to The Hoffman
- Oh yeah, we did.
- Well, all right.
That's good to know because uh,
Hoffman's what, $45,000 a year?
- Honey, it's the best
school in the state.
- Well, I thought uh, Millican
- Millican's the best public
- Um, babe, we spent an
extra $200,000 on this house
so we could specifically
be at Millican, yeah?
- Honey, she's gifted.
I don't know what to tell ya.
- Uh, by what standard?
- You're kidding, right?
- No look, she is uh,
she's smart and talented
just like her mother but we
be at Hoffman on my salary
and still keep this house.
- And keep your golf membership.
- Millican is a great school.
I know that because you told me
- You're a shit you know that?
- Dad!
- Christ.
Hey sweetie.
- No, that is not happening.
- I gotta go to work now.
- Yeah, I know.
- Can you put the phone down?
- Have a nice trip, Dad.
- What, seriously?
Hey, happy birthday.
I love you.
She's all pissed
- He's really annoying.
- Off all over again.
- She probably knows you're not
gonna let her go to Hoffman.
And you know, we didn't get her
the one present she asked for.
- What, the Juicy bodysuit?
- Yeah.
Have a good trip.
- All right girls,
Daddy's gotta go to work.
- Too tight, Dad.
- Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Give me a kiss.
- Yuck.
- We grew up in a pocket
of Delaware County called Drexel
where they teach basketball to
the way South Korea teaches
Bounce passes, back screens,
zone D and a half core trap.
The area doesn't produce players
so much as it produces students
at a game.
So it's not a total surprise
one of us grew up to be a ref.
- Fucker.
- Don't get up on account of me.
- All right.
- Listen, we'll talk.
Tommy and I gotta make a run
in to the Big Apple, okay?
- How you been, Pete?
- Ask me again in two weeks.
- All right.
- All right, try to relax, okay?
Hey, what's goin' on Tim?
- Just need an Advil, Doc.
Sittin' this one out tonight?
- It's a game time decision.
- Yeah, we'll see about that.
Help yourself, Tim.
Go ahead Tim, help yourself.
- Basketball and book
Walk into any sports bar in
any golf club, any grade
school Christmas pageant.
The only guys not bettin' games
are the one takin' the bets,
and except for the doctors
and lawyers in town,
they were the ones makin' a
Our boy Baba was top dog.
Hey, we're outside the frat
As far as the IRS knew, Baba
was a professional gambler.
Good years and bad, he'd
report a couple hundred grand
in earnings to avoid any red
But technically speaking,
he wasn't a bookie.
He was a mover.
What's funny about the Vegas
sports books
is they hate to gamble.
Say you're some square college
with 500 bucks and a
hunch on Know the Hoops.
They love you.
Place your bet pretty boy.
But say you're short and you got
500 grand
to get down on 10 different
Forget it.
Fuck off.
You can't get those bets down
Movers, guys like Baba,
they keep the shark guys in the
They'll disguise that 500k and
get it down
in smaller chunks across
20 different alleys.
Big time sports books, small
time bookies,
offshore everywhere.
And for their trouble, they
take 1% of the winnings.
Baba moved millions for
a ruthless numbers freak
who called himself The Chinaman,
I think as a fuck you to the
Guy wasn't even Chinese.
But I meant anyone stupid enough
to call him that to his face.
- You wanna locked pick?
Week 15, Eagles, Giants.
Bet the birds.
- Says who?
- Had a guy in the New York
locker room.
He says he knows for a fact the
are a bunch of total fuckin'
- Fuck you Battista.
- Aw, fuck you and your
New York football Giants.
What do you got here?
- On paper he was
a professional gambler,
but come on now.
- Nice.
- Takin' 1% from
the best sports handicappers in
the world?
How the fuck do you call that
- Yeah.
Yeah, to win, two dimes.
Indiana, Denver.
Like uh, Nuggets plus the
Crazy Paul
Yo, what up babe
This is what we do
- You talk to Donaghy a lot
- On the phone all the time.
- He ever mention Jack
- Not since he moved away.
They used to play golf all the
- I need to see him Tommy.
- Kincannon?
- Donaghy.
Next time he's in town.
- I thought you two couldn't
see each other anymore?
You know, for work.
- We'll figure somethin' out.
Come on me little homey
Lickin' cromies
Taste the flavors
Victory me is me all to a T
So when they can't compete
They ain't gonna miss reason
with G
I used to push
But over that, oh
With a pocketful of stones
They duck and they cast
But now I push
For a flow like bro
- An airport hotel lounge?
What are we, gettin' laid before
- Far from it buddy.
- What the fuck is he doin'
What is wrong with you?
I can't be seen with a bookie
- This is for you bro.
Come on.
- I'm not stayin' Baba, no
- Yeah, I missed you too buddy.
- Hm.
I could lose my job for this.
- Dunce, relax.
All right?
We're just a couple of
friends havin' drinks.
I mean, it's not like I'm
your old friend Jack Kincannon,
It's not like you're givin' me
sharp picks
so I can go off and bet 'em
with my old friend Pete
- I don't know what you're
talkin' about.
The fuck Tommy?
- Well, is it true?
- Is what true?
- Of course it's fuckin' true.
Tim, come on.
It's a drink.
- Huh?
It's just a drink, dunce.
- Tim, it's a drink.
Come on, sit next to me.
Open it.
Come on.
- All right, all right.
- You look good by the way.
How's Kim?
- She's fine.
- Yeah, and the girls?
- They're the same.
- Is Kincannon payin'
you per winning pick?
- Baba, I told you...
- Listen Timmy, we've known
each other a long time, right?
So why don't we just skip to the
where I understand how all this
- Fuck!
- Good, good.
It's all right.
Now, let's get to the part
where I make you a better offer.
What's he payin' you per pick?
- He's not, he just, he,
gets my bets down.
- Okay.
How much you bettin'?
- Two grand a game.
- That's it, just two dimes?
- It's never just two when you
lose the fuckin' thing Baba.
- Oh.
Hey, there she is.
All right, thank you very much.
I'll pay you five per winning
- What if I lose?
- It's a free roll Timmy.
I pay your wins and I eat your
- Five grand per win guaranteed?
- Yes.
It's not gambling anymore,
Think of it as commerce.
- I got caught once.
- Yeah, you did, by me
because I'm the best there is
and you went and picked
the wrong God damn partner.
I mean, what the fuck?
You couldn't have come to us
- Yeah, suddenly you can't trust
- No, no.
I just, I didn't, I didn't
wanna put you guys at risk.
- Risk?
That's adorable.
Listen, Tim, the three
of us, we make this work.
We keep it real small, just
between us.
So we build an airtight system
and then we shut the fuck
up about it, all right?
All right?
We bet small and we spread 'em
so we don't draw any
attention to ourselves.
Tim, Tim, we're not gonna
get caught, all right?
There's a license to print
No risk.
All we're waitin' on
is for you to say yes.
- I wanna talk to Tommy.
How the fuck did he find out?
- I don't know dunce.
Maybe it was the
degenerate gambling addict
you picked for a partner.
- Does Baba pay up?
'Cause Kincannon sure as hell
- Of course Baba pays up.
He's the best there is.
- Tomorrow.
Philly's a four point dog but
Boston will cover the spread.
- Hey.
- Hey coach.
- Real fast boys, you gotta see
Ta da!
You wonder where he got it, huh?
- Holy, where'd you find all
- Oh, easy.
I uh, I Googled uh, Tim
Donaghy, NBA, Cardinal O'Hara,
I got like 10,000 hits.
It's practically a dream come
I'll grab us some beers.
- Practically.
- Oh come on, you know what he
- Nobody dreams of bein' a ref
Nobody studies this game,
practices three hours a day
all through high school
to grow up to officiate,
nobody but a dickhead at least.
- He's still proud of you, bro.
- Yeah.
Practically, huh?
- My dad ain't proud of me like
- Well, he ought to be.
You're 10 years older than
any other pot dealer I know.
- What are we drinkin' to Mr. D?
- What else?
To basketball.
- Basketball.
- Check it out guys.
Iverson signed this for
my kid for his birthday.
- Iverson carries the ball
every time he crosses over.
Don't forget that just 'cause he
his friggin' name all right?
- Where's your line on Philly,
All right.
Uh, give me 20 dimes on
Boston minus the points.
It's Baba4545.
All right, thanks.
- Do we have to
watch the whole game?
- Well, that's why I
bought this thing Steph.
Pro hoops in high def.
- I was hoping we could break
it in with some HD porn.
- Ah, don't worry.
There's plenty of time for that.
- So who's playin' anyway?
- Boston, Philly, huh?
- Yeah.
Hey, did Jack Kincannon bet this
- Nope.
Where we at with Donaghy?
- I'm afraid I killed
the golden goose, Pete.
Scared him off when I told him I
- You told him you knew?
- Well, I had to, you know?
To ask him to work for us.
At first he denied any
then he swore up and down
he'd never do it again.
You know, somethin' about not
wantin' to blow his career.
This uh, this type of shit
don't stay secret long so...
- No, I guess it don't.
- Offense is goin' down.
- You kiddin' me Donaghy?
That's another bullshit call.
- What your mind shit heel
you wanna sit out a couple of
What do you think, hm?
- Fuck you ref!
You suck!
- Santa Claus is here.
Morning sunshine.
- What's up?
Pleasure doin' business boys.
- Whoa what is Tommy's take?
- Half of yours?
- What the fuck did he do half
- Dunce, listen.
From here on out and for
as long as we do this,
you and I cannot be seen
together, okay?
And we definitely cannot
talk on the phone.
As much as it breaks my
fuckin' heart to say this,
if things go well you and I
will never see each other again.
Tommy's gonna be our go between.
We will communicate
with Tommy, using these.
Every Tuesday morning I
will ask you gentlemen
to smash them into little
fuckin' bits
with a ball-peen hammer, dump
those bits into a tub of acid,
don't worry, I'll get you new
You still with me here?
- Yeah, ball-peen fucking hammer
- All right.
Now, Timmy I'm gonna need your
pick the morning of, okay?
That way I have all data finesse
the line.
Please assume whatever numbers
you read in the paper I'll be
to do better by at least a
- Well, uh, how?
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Do I ask you how you do
what the fuck it is you do?
Gentlemen, we only talk in code,
Always assume that someone's
even though you do as I say,
use these little ping
fuckers, nobody will be.
- Uh, what kinda code?
- Very good.
We're gonna use Tommy's
- My brothers?
- Yeah.
- You just said it was only us
- No, no, Tommy for
fuck's sake, for the code.
For, would you put this shit
Jesus Christ.
Your brother Chuck, he
lives in Philly right?
- Right.
- Okay, so he's the home team.
His brother Johnny lives in
That's the away team.
- Oh.
- All right?
Whatever number you happen to
bring up
in any given conversation,
that's the line that Tim's
workin' from, you understand?
- I understand.
- Uh...
- Good.
Guys, nobody can know
about this shit but us.
All right?
You keep your heads
down, your mouths shut,
there's no reason we
can't do this forever.
Oh, for fuck's sake, are you
kiddin' me?
- Tommy, who the fuck are these
- Uh, Steph, back to bed hun.
I'll be in in one minute okay?
- What time is it?
- Is she even legal Tommy?
- Hey, watch your God damn
Hey, uh, these are just some
old friends of mine Steph.
It's okay.
And for your information she's
- I'm 22 asshole.
- Yeah, I know.
Back to bed hun, please.
Hey, what's the matter?
What are you, 14?
Don't worry, don't worry,
don't worry, don't worry.
She's a total pothead.
- Shape up you two fuckin'
assholes, all right?
I got three kids to put through
- Hey.
Guess who I bumped into down
at the New Jersey Airport?
Your brother Johnny.
- In Newark?
- Newark, New Jersey,
Tommy, right?
- What the hell would Johnny
be doin' at the Newark Airport?
- I don't know Tommy,
maybe he's catchin' a fight at
7:30 p.m.
- No, I'm meetin' Johnny for
lunch in like 45 minutes.
- Are you serious dude?
- Hang on, hang on.
- Tommy?
- Hey, relax.
Dunce, I got it.
You saw my brother Johnny
at the New Jersey Airport.
Wheels up at 7:30.
I got it.
- Yeah?
- Bad news Baba.
My brother Johnny got
diagnosed with ball cancer
by a doctor in New Jersey.
He's got seven and a half months
to live.
- Seven and a half months.
- Terrible ain't it?
- Yeah, really fuckin' heart
- Seriously Baba?
- Yeah.
- On a pink phone?
- All right.
Tommy, I'll call you back.
Would you, I just need five
Okay, five minutes.
Hey, it's Baba, can I talk to
- There a problem Baba?
- Look, you got 60 on New
Jersey plus the points
and I'm just movin' your orders
and I'm happy to do it for ya
but I think it might go the
other way.
- You tellin' me how to do my
- I'm just tellin' you what I
- Well, my computer thinks
- Well, my computer's not a
All I'm sayin' is I got
a pretty decent hunch
that I wouldn't wanna bet your
hard earned money against.
- Oh, my money's not hard
mostly 'cause I don't bet
- All right, so what?
60 on New Jersey then?
- Uh uh.
120 on Detroit.
I'm gonna put my money
where your mouth is.
- You won't regret it.
Uh, take the car.
I'll meet ya at home.
Want tacos tonight kiddo?
- I can't get that much cash
without dipping into your
- I understand. Look, and
believe me when I tell
you I know exactly what the fuck
I'm asking you to do here Katie.
Now please, I need 200
large split up evenly
into these five offshore
- Offshore accounts are like
a bad signal to the IRS.
And to do what?
Don't tell me you're gonna
gamble it.
- No, no, no, no, no.
No, it's a, you know, it's
an investment opportunity.
- Investment in what?
- It's a you know, an old
- Oh yeah, turn the game off.
- Donaghy's reffin'.
- That's fucked up.
- No, oh Steph.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Steph, listen.
I wanna say this.
I've been thinkin' a lot
lately about the future.
You know?
About kids,
- Diapers and Disney World?
- Yeah.
- Are you fucking with Tommy?
- No, no, I'm serious Steph.
Maybe it's time I grew up.
You know?
Maybe it's time we settled down.
The two of us.
- I mean, we're about to fuck on
the couch
between a pizza box
and a water bong but...
- Yeah.
- I'm ready if you are.
- Ready.
This person is dead.
- Hey, you ready to make some
- There's only .3 seconds left.
That ain't enough time for a tip
but he's got bother zeros.
- Tommy, Tommy,
please be quiet, okay?
Thank you.
- Isn't the game already over?
- Mm mm.
- Detroit's winning by six.
- Uh, we need Detroit to win by
- Why do we need them to win by
- Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Could we please shut her the
hell up
before she mushes the God damn
- Sorry, he's under a
lotta stress right now.
- Yeah, obviously.
He's three times the size
of a regular douche bag.
- So, we spotted New Jersey
and a half points at the tip
So Detroit is winning the game
but they're not covering their
- Shut,
the fuck,
- Okay now.
One down, one to go.
- All right.
- Since when do you
- What, you got pills?
- Pills, are you kiddin' me
- You on oxi big guy?
- You ain't supposed
to be touchin' any of that shit.
- Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Fuckin' A!
Hey, hang on to this one all
right Tommy?
She's a keeper.
Thank you sweetheart.
It's gonna be a good year.
I'm in the game
Boy there ain't nothin' better
What's my letter
Call me PA
You leave a crooked letter
Competitors gettin' fed up
From never finishing better
I'm coded in Colorado
Hotter than hot letter
Don't stop
Damn, damn, I'm crumblin' like
a gram
But baby stick in the job
Daddy don't understand
You know I let go
- Hey?
There you go.
Baby I'm all man
Uh huh, okay
Y'all what's up
Shut up Don't ask no
We runnin' like an A
No half assin' Oh, did I
- Baba calls you Elvis, the king
of picks.
Haunt you like a bad dream
It's bigger than collasses
Faster than the plane is
No way you can stop it
It's only two
I'm a bad man
Babe, I need 20 minutes all
- Major line move?
- Something like that.
Bad, bad, man
I'm a bad man
Oh, I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad,
bad man
- Well hey!
There he is, happy birthday,
- Thank you, Son.
- How you doin'?
- Yeah, I'm doin' great.
- Hey, say hello to Stephanie.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Welcome to my home.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you so much sweetie.
- Tommy said you liked the good
- Yeah?
- And so it is, so it is.
- Yeah!
- Thank you, Son.
- Come on.
I hope these kids like $50 video
because we got like 10 more in
the trunk.
- Here they are.
- I'll go get the rest.
- All right, thanks.
I was using my brother's
names as code words in one
of the most blatant sports
betting schemes in history.
The least I could do was get
their kids a couple of
- What are you, like Uncle
Santa Claus all of a sudden?
- Oh, come on.
They're good kids.
I haven't seen them in forever.
Hey, there he is.
- Hey Tommy.
- How you doin'?
- Uh, what you up to?
About four foot two?
- Hey, you know when that was
Fuckin' guy.
Hey, get me drink will ya?
- Where you gettin'
all this pocket change?
- The secret is forgettin' to
have kids.
- Forgettin' to have kids, why
didn't I think of that? Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You still makin' runs
for Jimmy Battista?
- Yeah, one or two nights a
- You got a good IT job with
J.P. Morgan.
I just, I hate to see you mess
that up.
- It's just drivin'.
It's easy money.
- He's a bookmaker Tommy.
It's only easy till it isn't.
- Hey, come on.
This ain't high school anymore.
Hey, there she is.
- Listen to me.
You're never too old to screw
up the rest of your life.
Look at me.
Now good luck.
Let's have a drink for my
birthday, what do you say?
Yeah, Zena, come on, make me a
My son bought me a bottle of the
- Hey.
- Hi.
Can't sleep?
- No, I was just uh, just
finishing up some work that's
- You know I could've kicked
your ass
to the curb 20 years ago.
- Really?
Why are you tellin' me now?
- Days like today.
I am so damn glad I didn't.
Major line move indeed.
- Come on.
- On a hell of a hot streak.
- All right, here's your year
end bonus.
January 10th, Philly at the
Fuck the line.
Bet the sixers.
I got a guy inside the garden,
says he convinced the Knicks
are a bunch of total fuckin'
- Fuck you Battista.
- Fuck the Knicker backers.
- Take the Garden State Tommy.
- AC?
- No, church.
- You back at
the tables again Baba?
Sunshine from my window
I gotta get outta this bed
Feel like I can conquer the
Tonight I'm gonna be rich
I'm gonna pick up on bets on
the table
Nothin's gonna hold me back
As long as I got you by my
Baby you know that's all right
Oo, oo
Oo, oo
Oo, oo
Tonight I'm gonna be rich
Yeah, tonight I'm gonna be
- Yes!
Baby, I'm so excited
That I'm gonna be, yeah, rich
Gonna be rich
- You havin' a
good time?
- Hardly.
I'm workin'.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Doin' what?
- You see the giant bald
guy who can't button
his own shirt playin' roulette?
- He sounds beautiful on the
- He's high on oxi.
I'm his driver.
Here's to workin' weekends.
- Here's to drinking on the job.
Handsome, how 'bout I
take a 30 minute break?
- Uh...
I have a pretty serious
girlfriend, so.
- I won't tell if you won't.
- Hey!
- Not your night Baba?
- Where the hell were you?
- Hey, some, some hired escort
just fucked me pro bono.
- Oh, that's great.
Look, I need you to get me some
- No, no, no. I ain't your guy
for that.
- You're a drug dealer Tommy.
- I sell pot.
Pot won't fuck your life up.
- Oh really?
- Yeah, really.
- Yeah?
Are you sure about that?
I'm good to you Tommy.
I give you 500 bucks a pop just
to drive me up here so you can
fuck whores
behind a dumpster while I
give the wheel a couple spins.
- Hey, I fucked her in the
- Oh, you're a real class act.
You gonna do this for me or not?
- Very nice babe, very nice.
- Hey, fuck nuts.
- Hey.
- How are ya?
Good to see ya.
- So uh, you got my apple
- Yeah, I got your apples
and they're itching
- He's cute.
- Me like a mother fuck...
- Don't stop on our account
Oh, I'm Priya.
I'm win Tim.
- Yeah?
- Mm hm.
- And you are?
- With you.
My name's Sasha.
What do you say we uh,
take that shirt off?
I've never seen $40,000 in real
- You two sit tight all right?
Come here.
You told them about the money?
- So what?
It's not like I told them the
truth about where we got it.
- Well, what did you tell 'em?
- I told 'em you were a pot
- Timmy, how fuckin' dumb do you
be to tell a couple of hookers
that I just flew across
the country with...
Oh, Jesus Christ.
With $40,000 in drug
money taped to my chest?
- How dumb do you have
to be to strap $40,000
to your tits for a
domestic fucking flight?
- There's a 10k limit on cash
- That's for international
This is Arizona, dude.
- Huh?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Ah, fuck.
- And they're not hookers
they act like hookers when they
get drunk.
Sasha's an old friend.
I just thought, you know,
one last hurrah before
you tie the knot again.
Come on Tommy.
Let's go get drunk.
Come on.
We're back.
- Hey.
- Oh hey.
- Hi.
- Ah.
- What's this?
- Volume of NBA wages
went ballistic last month.
There's a global shift with most
of the money changing hands
The point spreads were
acting just as crazy.
- Meaning what?
- Meaning heads up.
Central suspects possible
link to organized crime.
This thing looks sophisticated.
- So um, me and Kim are
goin' through a rough patch.
She says all I do is work and
play golf,
and family's not my first
- Uh, she has a point.
- Maybe a little.
Look, I know I can be a
scumbag Tommy but Christ,
what does she expect?
You know, it's not like I
don't love her and the girls.
It's just I, I need the
fuckin' action, you know?
- Yeah.
Hey, speakin' of, how
does it all work any way?
With the picks?
- My job puts me on the inside,
So, I know things that regular
guys don't.
Unreported injuries, bad blood
between refs and players.
- So you're 78% accurate
on locker room info?
- It's a, it's a complicated
game Tommy.
It's full of judgment calls,
Let me ask you, do you
the defensive three second rule?
Nobody does.
- Selective enforcement?
- Maybe or maybe it's
just natural tendencies
that happen to break my way, hm?
- That influenced the outcome of
a game?
You ever feel bad about that?
- About what?
The naked chicks on my couch
of the 40 grand in my carryon?
- Sure.
But there's always somebody on
the other side of these bets,
- Yeah, you're right there is.
A fucking gambler, Tommy.
Seriously though, I mean
who's the victim here?
The players?
They're gettin' paid
millions of dollars a year,
they only play defense
in the fourth quarter
and they spend the entire
game bitchin' me out.
The fans?
Come on.
I mean, they're gettin'
a pro game either way.
- I thought you loved this game?
- I love the game we played as
Tommy, we learned a team game.
Five on five, unselfish play,
all for one, one for all.
I mean, pro hoops is anything
but that.
It's star driven.
Offensive skills showcase.
I mean you can't play his zone
but you can take a third step on
a fast break if you jam the
mother fucker.
It's basically cheating Tommy.
- Well, I'd play that game if I
- Yeah, well I am playing that
the only way they'll
let me and guess what?
I'm jammin' the mother fucker.
We cannot let Baba fuck it up.
- Listen to this.
- I need answer numb
The Bobcats and line just jumped
two fuckin' point for no reason
at all.
Well, we all know this ain't
magic, right?
Some of 'em got their hands
inside the NBA's cookie jar
and we need to find
out who the fuck it is.
Have I made myself clear?
Or are you just stupid?
- I want a run down on every NBA
for the last six weeks where
the line jump more than two
- What are we looking for?
- People.
- Oh!
- You're not even trying, Dad.
- No, I am sweetheart.
I just suck at shuffleboard.
- Oh, okay.
- Yo!
- Oh, Uncle Tommy's here
Why don't you go upstairs,
get yourself a snack okay?
Come back down in 20 minute.
- What's up Mary B?
Donaghy said the line
moves are a huge red flag.
He's worried you're bettin'
too much on his game.
- Oh, okay.
What do you say Tommy?
- I don't wanna get caught.
- Mm, mm hm.
He give you his pick for
- Chuck's comin' to dinner at
six p.m.
- Good, very good.
Okay, so Elvis likes Denver
minus six.
- Yeah.
- What do you think I should do?
- You should bet hard on Denver
minus six.
- Mm hm.
We could but wouldn't it be
for us to bet Denver minus
- Sure but the line is six.
- Come here.
Have a seat Tommy.
I'm gonna show ya how I
make the fuckin' donuts.
Is everybody there?
- We're all here big guy.
What do you got?
- Okay listen.
Denver's layin' six to Utah.
Bet Utah hard getting
anything more than three.
You got that Buckley?
- Balls to the
walls on Utah to win.
Got it.
- Balls on the
fuckin' railroad track.
- Got it.
- Okay, now get
the fuckin' position
and report back so I can keep
- You just bet the wrong team
- Maybe, maybe not.
But remember the point is
Denver minus three, okay?
Watch this.
See what I just did there?
- You bet $80,000 on Utah plus
six to win.
- Now close your eyes and wait
for it.
- Wait for what?
- Close your fuckin' eyes.
Go ahead.
- Major
line move, major line move,
major line move.
- It's droppin'
at five and a half.
- That's right, and the
whole world is watching.
You see Tommy, these
six offshore websites,
they report line changes in real
80k in 20 seconds on
a random ass Tuesday
night regular season game,
that can only happen for one
The smart money, the pro
money, the steam is on Utah.
- Ah.
- Right now two
things are happening.
A, the halfway intelligent
are getting their money down on
as fast as possible to get
that number while it lasts,
because B, the sports
books are now adjusting
their lines downward to
attract clueless squares
to put their money down on
the wrong side of the bet.
- Utah to win 10 grand.
- Which is actually the right
- Hey, now he gets it.
- And only three people
on the planet know about it.
- Major line move,
major line move, major line
- The line's at four and a half.
- Yeah, it'll take awhile to get
to three.
- But Baba...
- You wanna play
some shuffleboard?
- Hey, this is exactly what
Donaghy's worried about.
Red flag city.
- You fuckin' worry too
much, that's the problem.
- Jazz Nuggets just dropped.
That's the third game this week.
- Better you than me.
- It's every NBA game
for the last six weeks
where the line moved more than
two points.
- Shit.
- Three and a half.
- We're gonna bury this mother
the second it hits three.
Hey Buckley, change of plans.
I need you to max bet Denver for
Everything you can get
me all the way up to six.
Loop in the other guys okay?
I want updates ASAP.
- On it.
- Nice.
We're only letting three for
the first million in play.
- You just bet a million
- Yeah, so far.
- So far?
- Yeah.
- How you doin' Baba?
- Hey, what do you got the
Denver game at?
- Five and a half.
- 'Kay, can you give me 100
on Denver minus the points?
- I'll do 70.
- Okay, bet it.
How'd we do?
- 10 dimes at four and a half.
- Very interesting story.
Listen kid, next time text.
Every last dollar counts Tommy.
- Major line
major line move, major line
- It's up to six and a half.
- Oh.
Remind me, where did we start
- Six.
- Isn't that nice?
A little half point swing.
Hey, remind our good friend
Elvis Presley
to stick to singin'.
- Wait so, what the fuck
is up with Cammy's wrist?
- It's not his wrist, it's a
- A big day for Nay-Nay huh?
- No, Nay-Nay has got some kind
of a knee.
- Wait, they're both hurt?
- Mm hm.
- So, who do they have left for
- Jamal Sampson.
- Who?
- Exactly.
Big day for Carlos Boozer.
- Hey, change of plans brother.
Chuck hurt himself at work.
Can't make dinner tonight.
Johnny's in.
- No, no, no, no, no.
It has to be Chuck!
- No, trust me it's Johnny all
Dinner doesn't start for another
- Dinner started at 10 a.m.
- Look, just tell the chef
what's up.
Either way Johnny's comin'.
- Yeah, what?
- Dinner's fucked bro.
- How bad?
We're eatin' with the wrong guy.
- Well, you can't win 'em all
- Yeah, but...
- Listen, we were three
for four last week,
we'll be three for four this
I'm tellin' you we can't fuckin'
Hey, by the way when can you get
another bag of that stuff that
you got me?
- The bag I brought you this
- Yeah, that one.
He's lookin' good
He's lookin' good
He's got rings of diamonds
The face of the world
Holdin' toothpicks are
part of bein' a girl
Rose number ain't got a hold
on me
Choose a pattern
Or go on and be extinct
It ain't good
All the man is bad
Looking good
Looking good
Looking good
- What is this shit Baba?
Are you usin' again?
- Baby doll, no, no, no, no.
I just, you know, I play
a little online poker
before my Ambien kicks in.
What's the big fuckin' deal?
- What the hell is wrong with
You playin' a game of chance
against a computer program?
- All right, hey, I gamble for a
- Bullshit, you're a mover.
You haven't gambled in 15
fuckin' years.
- I was up 20 grand last night.
- The computer says you're down
- Hm?
- Oh my God.
- No.
- I'm gonna be sick.
- No, no, hey, hey baby doll?
No, hey, look, no, no, sweetie,
that's, hey, hey, that's not our
No, that's not, that's
The Chinaman's money.
It's just, technically it's his
Look, sweetheart it's
just a little holdover
until I can catch another hot
- Oh my God.
You disgusting fuck.
He know he's making you that
- No, no, kitten, listen,
Come on, it's under control, all
- We got a good thing here Baba.
We built this together
over 20 God damn years.
Jesus Christ your fuckin' kids
are sleepin' right upstairs.
I never gave up on you before.
Do not fuck it up now.
- I won't.
Hey, hey.
I won't.
Come here.
- Donaghy called that reach,
- Yeah.
- So it was definitely a reach?
- I'm no ref but yes,
- All right.
What about this?
There's three in the lane.
- More
like four in the lane.
I'm tellin' you, every
whistle seems legit.
- He's gotta be fixin' these
- Evidence would be nice.
- Don't say it asshole.
- There's only one asshole here.
- Yeah, all right.
I'm tellin' you, don't.
- If only we betted on the
What the hell?
- Wait a fuckin' sec!
- Baba!
- Baba!
Nobody came here to fight Baba.
- Look.
See this?
There's $200,000 here.
All right?
Now, I know I should've
asked before I borrowed it,
but I can make the rest up in a
You fuckin' know that.
- Tell your friend to exit the
- No fuckin' way.
- Get outta the car Tommy.
- Baba...
- It's fine, all right?
You're fine, just do what
the man says all right?
And we'll get outta here.
- What's your name beautiful?
- Tommy.
- Tommy.
Now use your imagination Baba,
and pretend Tommy's your wife,
- Aw, come on!
- Now pretend he's your
firstborn daughter.
- No, no, ah!
- Or your second born.
Now see where this is headed
- Yeah.
- Now I like you Baba.
You are smart, you're discreet,
you're honest 99% of the time.
So you hang onto this for now,
See if your NBA ref friend
can't magically turn it
into 1.2 million for ya.
- What ref?
- You have exactly one week.
- Tommy?
You got a gun?
- Fuck you!
I, I quit.
I fuckin' quit.
- All right.
Tommy, look.
Tommy come on, let's,
just you home all right?
Look, tell Donaghy his next pick
is good for 20 grand but I need
him to guarantee a win okay?
I need a lock.
- He's not that fucking good.
- No, no, Tommy he has to.
All right? He has to or
else they're gonna kill me.
Do you realize this Tommy?
They're gonna fucking kill me.
I can't afford to gamble
I need a fuckin' lock!
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
As you know Mr. Donaghy,
we're with the Organized Crime
But a recent investigation has
us watching
a lot of basketball which is uh,
a bit outside of our comfort
- You come highly recommended as
a subject matter expert
who can also help us
with our request in discretion.
- Of course.
Whatever you need.
- How possible would it
be for a rogue official
to manipulate game outcomes in a
that completely avoids
- Manipulate how?
- We're looking for a
guy who's final scores
tend to favor the big money.
- Shave points is one thing.
To do it well.
- It's a 80% success rate.
- Well, you'd have to
be pretty damn talented.
I can name 30 guys in my
league who couldn't do that.
It's um, highly unlikely but
- So we just need a good enough
who associates with bad enough
- Ah.
Are you um, looking at a D-1
- Pro actually.
- Mm hm.
- Is that your son?
- Timmy, yeah.
I always dreamed of goin'
pro but he actually did it.
- Hey, he went to Cardinal
O'Hara High School in 1985?
He wouldn't happen to know
a guy named James Battista would
- Baba, why?
- I'm just askin'.
- I haven't heard that name in
- All right.
Now you remember what I taught
you, yeah?
Finger right on the needle
- I know.
- Face, follow through.
Try a couple.
Hey Pops.
- Listen Son, I need to know
from you in no uncertain terms.
- Yeah, sure.
- Have you been in touch with
- Baba?
Uh, why?
- I just
need to know that's all.
- No.
- Let's
keep it that way, okay?
- Why, what's up?
- I think
the FBI's looking at his NBA
I wouldn't want anybody
to get the wrong idea.
- All right, game time.
- Go, go, go!
- What happened to your face?
- Baba sucked up bro.
- You got my apples though,
He owes me 50 fucking grand.
- He owes The Chinaman
1.2 million dollars.
- He said if we keep these bets
- We didn't.
Baba's in deep shit though.
Your next pick's gotta be a
- I'm out.
I quit.
- What?
No, no, no, no, no.
Not yet, not now.
- We had a good run Tommy but
this shit...
- He need one more pick dunce.
The pick that saves his God damn
- The fuckin' FBI knows Tommy.
They talked to my father about
This is about my life, you
understand me?
My career, my family.
- How much did they know?
Because I know for a fact that
The Chinaman's gonna kill
He's gonna fuckin' kill him
- Jesus Christ.
This is nuts.
Look I...
I'm sorry.
I can't be a part of this
- Tim...
- No, no.
I'm out.
I'm out.
- No.
- And who the fuck is The
Chinaman, huh?
- We all good fellas?
- Not even close.
- Did you tell him it's
40 grand.
- It's not about the money you
- The FBI's onto us.
- Yeah, no shit. The
fed's have been parked outside
my house for three fuckin'
You know what that means?
It means they're still
lookin' for proof all right?
What we're doin' ain't
remotely fuckin' provable.
Guys, I don't keep records.
All right?
We're talkin' on burner phones
for fuck's sake and Elvis,
you're a genius with a
whistle in your mouth okay?
Nobody can do what you do.
And nobody can prove it
unless we told 'em ourselves.
Just one more game dunce.
Fuckin' please.
- They can't prove any of this?
- Not unless we help 'em.
- I'll do it for 30.
- All right.
Listen, I need it in the
next six days and Timmy,
it's gotta be a lock.
- You all right?
- I just guaranteed a lock
Nobody can guarantee a lock.
- You're the one holdin' the
whistle dude.
- Hello.
- Uh, it's Katie Carrick.
Is he around?
- Hang on, I just
walked in.
No, he's not here.
Why, what's up?
- Uh, it's best if we speak
Have him call me as soon as
- Is anything the matter?
It's my money too, Katie.
- You're not gonna like this
but the important thing is don't
- Yo, Tommy!
- Yeah?
- What the fuck is
- That's a porno site, so what?
- These are hookers Tommy.
- I only look at the pictures.
- Well according to this bitch
you two had sex at the
Flounder's Hotel.
- You weren't supposed to see
- Oh, in that case,
my mistake!
- Steph, wait.
It was meaningless.
- Yeah, to Brandi maybe.
Not to me!
- It was a two star hotel in
I was drunk and stupid and I am
with myself and it'll never
happen again I swear it.
I love you Steph!
I, I love you!
Please, don't go.
I am, this has been really
hard but I'm trying,
I'm trying to be better.
No more gambling, no more
dealing, no more girls.
Just us.
I swear it.
I just need you to stay.
Just tell me what I gotta
do to get you to stay.
- You know how my dad bets the
- Did you know your brother
fucked seven hookers in
- Oh, that's so interesting.
Yeah, did he put that in
his Christmas card to you?
- Mr. M?
- Yeah, hello Timothy, I'm here,
- Uh, my bad.
I was lookin' for Tommy.
- Yeah, you're on speaker champ.
I'll call you back in two
- Did you hear the thing
I said about Chuck?
- Yeah.
- You know Chuck has
never been to Thailand?
You know that right?
Seven in one, what's this guy,
- What the fuck Baba?
- Debbie kicked me out.
- How did you even get in here?
- I knew if I could get
in then so could they.
Listen Steph uh, watch
your back all right?
And uh, let me know if you see
who looks even fuckin' remotely
- We got dinner
with Chuck at seven.
- Tonight?
- Tonight.
- That's less than three hours
from now.
I'm already boxed into
these fuckin' numbers Tommy.
- He says it's water tight.
- All right.
Chuck at seven.
- Do me a favor, Dad.
Say a little prayer for Chuck.
- Chuck's in Punta Cana, Tommy.
- Different Chuck.
- What the hell you boys are up
- Look, Miami's laying
seven at home to Orlando.
Okay? I want you to put
everything that you fuckin'
can on the Heat line
and no more that seven.
All right.
- You got any money at play
- Not yet but my guy
likes Orlando with Miami.
- Orlando?
- Yeah.
- Miami's won nine in a row.
- Miami's layin' seven
with D-Weight on the bench.
- You should go the other way,
- You know I pay 80 bucks a week
for picks
and I'm sharper than you think I
- I'm just sayin', so am I.
- You gotta be kiddin' me.
- You should go the other way,
- You know we love you,
Son, no matter what, right?
Christ Almighty, Tommy, Tommy.
All right, go on.
- To win.
50 dimes on Miami minus seven.
- I'm so sorry about this.
Hey, listen to me, the thing
you talked about before
with your father...
- Oh, you're gonna fuck me
with the extra juice now?
- He's on it.
Miami to go for seven.
- Yeah.
- Baba won't shut the fuck up
about it.
How long is he gonna be here?
- All right, all right fine.
Wait, what?
Minus seven, minus 120?
All right, just bet 48 dimes to
Minus seven on Miami.
It's Baba4545.
What's up Tommy?
- It's magic Heat tonight.
- Hello.
- Hey Son, I just called
to wish you lunch tonight.
- Oh, thanks.
- I'll be watchin'.
- You're uh, you're gonna
watch the Miami game?
- Yeah, it's either that
or the "Seinfeld" reruns.
Plus, somebody from church
said that the points spread
was actin' kinda crazy
and nobody knew why.
- Oh, really?
I uh, hadn't heard anything.
- Oh, of course not.
Anyway, I'll let you get to it.
Have fun out there.
- Yeah, always do.
- I just bet my entire life on
What do you say? You
wanna sweat it in with me?
- Listen Baba,
if you don't mind I'm
kinda in the doghouse here
tryin' to claw my way out.
- Oh yeah, you and me both.
- So.
- I gotta fuckin' go home.
I should go home.
- Okay, good.
Good luck tonight.
- Fuck luck.
Elvis lives.
And I'm losing my mind
- You okay Tim?
And I'm losing my mind
- Dad's here.
- Where were you?
- I was uh, sorry kids.
I've just been busy with work
But everything's gonna be fine.
Elvis Presley lives.
All right.
Good bread, good meat,
good God, let's eat, huh?
- Honey, you look tired.
Maybe you should take a nap.
- I'm fine, I'm totally fine.
Kids, you wanna watch some
Well, what do we got here?
Oh, this looks great.
That's wonderful.
What is it?
- It's a pork chop.
- Yeah?
Well, it's the best
pork chop I've ever had.
- They're left overs.
- Who gives a shit?
It's fuckin' awesome.
- Hey.
- What?
What kinda call was that?
- No, that can't be right.
- Are you kidding me?
What kinda call is that Tim?
You're killin' me out here.
- What the fuck dunce?
How the fuck is that a foul?
- Baba, you are scaring the
Talk to me, please.
What is going on?
- Shh!
- How 'bout I just turn the TV
- Shh, no!
Don't you fuckin' dare Deb.
- Watch me.
- Mom!
- Kids, go upstairs.
Kids I mean it.
Go upstairs.
- He's taking his
now setting up the play.
- Hey, look at, look at me.
- I just wanna, no, hey,
come on, I just wanna watch the
I fucked up really bad.
- Hey!
I've known you half my life
There is nothing we can't fix.
You hear me?
Nothing we can't fix okay?
- He's fouling out the wrong
fucking team.
Don't open the door for anybody!
- I need you to come down
and set a screen, a good one.
And make sure you got...
- Tim?
We're back.
- He looks good out there.
- All right.
- My dad loves you by the way.
- To new beginnings.
- Mm.
Not so fast dirt bag.
You dug yourself a pretty deep
- Dirt bag?
- Mm hm.
- Get her outta here, we need to
- It's okay, she's cool.
- She's not fuckin' cool!
She knows everything Baba.
- Nobody's fuckin' cool!
The game just ended.
- What was the score?
- My dad's gonna be so pissed.
- Holy shit.
- Come on.
- Oh, holy shit.
- You had a heart attack, Dad.
- But the doctors say everything
gonna be okay, right Mary?
Go tell the nurses Daddy's
- Thank you sweetheart.
Don't worry honey, I'll take...
- You actually OD'd on
coke and pills right after
you bankrupted this fuckin'
family you fat fuckin' douche.
- Okay.
Look, honey I can make this
- You just took your last big
in the biggest fuckin'
diaper I've ever seen.
You can't do shit right now.
- No, no, no, no, no.
I'm gonna call The Chinaman.
- Ya need to go to fuckin'
- Debbie, please with the rehab.
- Relax.
I'm takin' care of it.
Look, there's only one way
you make this money back,
unless shorty over here thinks
he can pound two pennies
out of my fat disgrace of a
Settle down Sensei.
Pete and Baba came up together.
Philly, Vegas, Curacao,
booking, bet and moving.
When Baba's his best,
he's the best there is.
When he's not, Pete is.
So my proposition is this.
Let Pete move your money
for half of Baba's rate.
You keep the other half for
If that's not a reliable payment
I don't know what the fuck is.
- You think he'd do the same for
- I'm not doin' shit for that
I'm doin' this for me.
This is a great opportunity Sir,
and I am not enough of
an asshole to fuck it up.
- My husband gave you 10 good
There's 10 more if you want 'em.
- James Battista?
- No fuckin' comment.
- That's a subpoena.
You're going to appear before
a federal grand jury in New
- You came all the way
from New York for that?
- Smart money says cooperate.
- Have a nice ride home asshole.
- Oh, I'm not going home.
My partner and I are just
gettin' started.
Enjoy your ice cream.
- Suck it shut.
- I'm sweatin' this Baba.
I'm sweatin' this hard.
- Look, don't all right?
They might know what we did but
they can't prove that we did it.
- What if Donaghy talks?
- Tommy, Donaghy can't say
without admitting that
he bet his own games.
All right? The second he
does that he ruins his career
and torpedoes his entire fuckin'
- Oh fuck.
That's them.
- Okay, relax.
Tommy, listen, they got nothing,
Believe me, they got nothin'.
We're good.
- Yep?
- Hello Thomas.
- Hello.
- Agent Harris, Federal
Bureau of Investigation.
- Oh.
How can I help you Agent Harris?
- A better question is
how can you help yourself?
That's a subpoena to appear
before a federal grand jury.
U.S. Attorney wants to
ask you a few questions.
- Can I take the Fifth right
or is that somethin' that I
gotta show up in person to do?
- I like you Tommy.
Try not to fuck yourself too
hard on this.
- Tim Donaghy?
Jerry Conrad, FBI.
- Oh, what can I do for you
Agent Conrad?
- Best way to protect yourself
is to tell me your side of the
- Uh, uh, protect myself from
- The other side of the story.
The one that protects Tommy and
You don't know it yet but
you're in a free fall.
How well you land is entirely up
to you.
Either way, you've reffed
your last NBA game.
- Bullshit.
- It's already done.
- Oh hey, sorry I'm late.
I was just at the range.
- The FBI stopped by today.
- The FBI?
Well, what for?
- When are you gonna stop lying?
- No, no, honey I swear to God,
I don't wanna-
- Stop.
They told me everything.
Jesus, Tim.
What have you done to this
- I bet on some of my own games,
Just a few small bets I couldn't
pass up.
And Baba took them.
- Wish I could say I'm
more surprised but, Christ.
You're the kid who cheated on
your SAT's,
so, of course you're fixin' ball
- I never said I fixed, I said I
- I know about the line rows
I've seen the outcomes.
Are you honestly gonna sit
before me, before God and tell
me you never fixed a game?
- Yes, that's what I'm sayin'.
- Okay, good.
Now you look me in the eye
and you tell me that again.
You tell me you never
fixed a God damn game.
You remember who you're talkin'
to Son.
- I never made,
a bad call.
- My whole life I've never been
of anything the way I was proud
of you.
- Really?
'Cause that's news to me.
- You had so much potential.
I tried to nurture it.
I taught ya everything I could.
Respect, rules, integrity.
And you still managed to break
my heart.
- Yeah, just like I knew I
always would.
I always came up short
in your mind didn't I?
Not smart enough, not good
enough, right?
Not fast enough.
I did everything I could
to make you proud of me.
I even became a ref.
It's not somethin' I wanted for
I did it for you.
- It's a respectable job Tim.
- Is it?
- It is the way I do it.
You wanna make me proud?
Your low life friends
got you into this mess,
you gotta get yourself out on
your own.
- We're gonna do just fine, Dad.
We got a plan.
- No!
You need your own plan!
You gotta do what's right for
For your family!
- They are my best friends.
- They are not your friends
This isn't a God damn debate!
Fix this.
You're the only one who can.
- Like old times huh?
Don't worry boss, piece of cake.
- The state will show that
between December, 2006
and March, 2007, the defendant,
Timothy Donaghy, Thomas Martino,
and James Battista
engaged in a conspiracy,
to illegal transmit
wagering information related
to games played within the
National Basketball Association.
Mr. Donaghy, an NBA referee,
transmitted non public,
confidential information
that he obtained during
his official capacity,
to two co conspirators,
to be used for betting on games.
- The fact that they
call it the Princeton Offense,
gives the impression that
you need a 1600 on your SAT's
to execute a simple backdoor
The Philly suburbs
proved that theory wrong.
- Is it true that you make your
as a professional bookmaker?
- Is it true you passed
the New York State Bar
Exam on your third try?
- You don't need to be
to get your teammate an open
You just need big enough balls
to screen it big on his behalf.
- They don't got shit.
All for one Timmy.
All right?
This is ours to lose.
- Did you ever use a
telephone across state lines
to relate betting information
from Timothy Donaghy to
James, Baba, Battista?
- Nah.
That's the life we learned in
We tested loyalty everyday.
We bled for each other,
we lied for each other.
All for one and one for all.
Whatever you wanna call it,
we thought it would last
- Did you ever wager on
games that you officiated
as an employee of the National
Basketball Association?
- Yes.
Yes, I did.
I um...
- It only took
four months to destroy.
- He just fucked us.
- I'm not proud of some
of the things I've done.
But I also believe that my
family's well being was at stake.
It's something I have to make
right, I understand that.
As far back as December, 2006,
I was betting on teams and
games I was officiating.
I placed those bets with
James Battista, Tommy Martino.
- That's bullshit.
That's fuckin', that's...
I'm sorry, that's bullshit.
- Donaghy sold us out
you couldn't fuckin' believe.
Said me and Baba were gangsters
and that we threatened
to kill his family if we
didn't give him picks.
It was obvious bullshit, sure,
but I've never known a better
Every friendship has its
Once Tim's father got involved,
me and Baba didn't stand a
It probably ain't a bad thing
we screwed it all up as fast as
we did.
If we kept goin' any longer,
God knows where we'd be now.
Bottom of a lake maybe
or a tub of fuckin' acid.
So who knows really?
Maybe that fucker saved our
And I got a story to tell.
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow
Devil with the bust
Hey, hey
Come get with us
Devil with the bust
Come get with us
Hey, hey
You don't know
How you make me feel
Can't ya see honey
That things aren't real
If you want me
Prove you're lying
Oh yeah
You gotta get up baby
Yeah, yeah
And get funky tonight
Devil with the bust
Come groove with us now, wow,
Devil with the bust
Come on over with us
Love and heat
Love and heat
Go hand in hand
Yes they do
Love and hate, yes
In the stroller's land
Is not good for a man, no, no,
If you wanna please me
Yeah, yeah
You've got to stand
Yeah, stand
Uh huh
Devil with the bust
Come on and groove with us
Hey, yeah
Devil with the bust
Oh wow, wow
Come and groove with us
Yeah, yeah
Devil with the bust
It's all right
Oh, it's all right
Devil with the bust
Oh, it's all right
Hey, hey, it's all right
Yeah, yeah
Devil with the bust
Come on and groove with us
Hey, now, now
You don't know