Inside Man (2023) Movie Script

We're here for a reason.
Put on this earth
for a higher purpose.
I have to believe that.
I have to believe
that there's a higher purpose
for me being here on this
corner at this time of day.
Looking at those
fucking doors again.
[James] I'm worried
that you get too close.
-Yeah, I'm getting close.
-Too close to that world.
You don't kill anybody. Don't
shoot him in the face, okay?
Where's his fucking money?
[Bobby] But I'm early
and in no rush whatsoever
to find
out what that purpose is.
The why can wait, but the how,
that's actually a pretty
good story.
You tell them
you're an architect.
You can go with a doctor
or a lawyer if you want,
but I'm telling you
the chicks can somehow sniff
those out right away.
Why don't you just
tell them the truth?
The second
you tell them you're a cop,
you can see the hamster wheel
start turning.
They go through every
bad thing they've done,
Wondering how it can be used
against them.
So you tell them
that you're an architect.
It's a desk job.
Relatable, safe,
but distinguished enough.
Not scare them off.
And architects make money,
so that helps.
What happens when they find out
you're lying?
Never happens.
[radio chatter]
I got to say, you know...
Sounds good and all but I mean
dating sounds like a nightmare.
It is. You're a lucky man.
Married to a great woman.
Trouble at home?
I don't want to talk about it.
It's the job.
You need to find a balance.
I used to buy her flowers,
you know, just because.
And then it was only on
special occasions, right?
But those became
too few to count,
and then it was only
when I fucked up,
and, you know,
I fucked up a lot.
So eventually, you know,
flowers didn't mean
anything anymore,
so I stopped.
Sounds like you do
want to talk about it.
Bobby, go back
home to your wife,
get her some flowers
and get that balance back.
Shut your mouth.
Hey, don't you talk
to her like that.
Why don't you shut
your mouth too?
I got you flowers.
Maybe you should
just leave, man.
[Bobby] I should have taken
his advice. But instead...
Bobby, stop!
[Bobby] I decided to
redecorate my kitchen.
Stop! Stop.
Stop! Bobby, please, stop!
[Bobby] There's a moment
right before you're fully awake
where there's
a slight chance that you
could still be dreaming.
And then comes the moment
when you realize you're not.
I've been married
for almost ten years
and a cop for almost twelve.
Well, how do you know that
he doesn't have
a license for that?
No, no, that's
because you think that.
You think that. See, you
can't make assumptions.
Yeah. Yeah.
Hey, there's a fresh pot
over there if you're interested.
I got to call you back.
Okay. Bye bye.
You're going
to be here for a while,
you should make the most of it.
Oh, yeah? How do I do that?
Start typing. See what happens.
Tell you exactly
what's going to happen.
I'm going to make one typo
and this typewriter
is going straight
out the goddamn window.
Maybe. Maybe. You'll like it.
Who knows, maybe you're
the next Ernest Hemingway.
Yeah, I'm going to get
a cup of coffee
and get that window open.
That's a start.
They let me keep my badge,
but took my gun.
I guess it was a smart move
or else my brains
would be all over this
coffee machine right now.
Hey, you got a minute?
I put the guy in the hospital.
And they put me behind a desk.
-[woman] Pat to Baker's office.
-[Rick] It's Rick.
-How are you doing, Pam?
-Good, Rick and you?
-Yeah, I'm okay.
-What can I do for you?
Is the chief around?
Sure. Just hold a minute.
Okay. Thank you.
You got till I get off hold.
You need to give me
something more than paperwork
to keep me busy. I mean, I'm
losing my mind behind that desk.
I really feel for you,
what you're going through
with Mary.
It breaks my heart.
But my hands are tied.
You're lucky that they're
allowing you in this building.
Lucky. Rick, you got
to do something.
First of all, it's captain.
It's not Rick.
Second of all,
I did do something.
And you know what?
That's why you're standing
in my office and you're
not standing
on an unemployment line.
He was sleeping
with my wife, Rick.
And what did you do?
-You disfigured him?
-I broke his nose.
Okay? Let's not get
too dramatic here.
-Captain Callahan?
-Yes, Pam.
Can you hold for
a teensy bit longer?
Okay, sweetheart.
You have a teensy bit longer.
Listen, I know. I just,
sometimes I get
a bit of a hot head.
Hot head?
You went fucking nuclear.
You should have seen him, Rick.
I mean,
You should have just
walked out of there
like I suggest that
you walk out of here now.
I don't have time to
babysit your conscience.
I'm under a lot of stress
with this department.
-Captain Callahan?
I'm going to
put you through now.
Okay, thank you. Hold.
Close the door behind you, okay?
Hey, Captain Callahan.
Hi, sir. How you doing?
Welcome back
Welcome back, welcome back
Welcome back
[disco music playing]
[man 1] I told you, this was
some Grade-A shit.
[man 2] It's great man,
some Grade-A shit.
[man 1] You know what?
Fucking take it or leave it.
In a situation like this,
I'm required
to step in and regulate.
But I was too drunk
to give a shit.
Cut you the--
[Bobby] Chris Rosenberg.
He might have looked
like a dirtbag drug dealer
mainly because that's
exactly what he was.
He was pretty good at it, too.
So good, in fact, that one day
someone noticed.
Roy DeMeo.
If the devil
decided to walk to Earth,
he'd do it as Roy DeMeo
and no one would be the wiser.
Roy loved his big brother,
I mean, he fucking
idolized him.
But Roy's life changed forever
in the spring of '51
when Anthony came back
from Korea in a body bag.
By the time
he was out of high school,
Roy had a pretty good
loan shark and racket going.
Business was good,
mainly because everyone
knew not to mess with Roy.
By the late '60s,
Roy was running
with the Gambino family.
Anthony Gaggi.
Everybody called him Nino.
He was a capo
in the Gambino family.
Roy had his fingers
in everything
from loan sharking
to grand theft auto
to drug dealing.
The Gambinos frowned
upon the last one,
but Roy became one
of their top earners.
So they kept him
as their dirty little secret.
Roy took Chris under his wing.
He saw something in him.
Chris became
Roy's right hand man.
But that night,
I didn't know any of that.
All I knew was some asshole
was about to get killed
by another asshole.
And in that moment,
something in the me just...
[Bobby] I took out
every raw deal I can dealt
in my life until then.
Right into this poor
bastard's fucking face.
[punches continue]
Ah, fuck, I didn't mean to...
Thanks. You got a car?
So, what do you do, Bobby?
I'm an architect.
Architect? You build
houses and shit?
Yeah, I don't buy it.
You're just too shitty
to be an architect.
Well, you know,
I'm a shitty architect.
-Thanks for the ride.
-Oh, yeah.
And, uh, you know, thanks
for stepping in back there.
Oh, yeah, don't mention it.
if you didn't, either.
Mum's the word.
You know...
...for a degenerate scumbag...
-I'll see you around.
...this guy was all right.
[Chris] Mum's the word.
[woman] It was a Cadillac. Gold.
We just bought it.
When you say gold,
you mean yellow?
What difference does it make?
I saw the guy,
he was about 5'9, 5'10.
You know, that real
distinguished type, with the...
-Ma'am. Ma'am.
-a mustache.
Not trying to be rude,
but nine times out of ten
you know what happens
when a car gets stolen?
It stays stolen.
Look, I'll take a report,
but I can't
promise you any miracles.
So what the fuck
am I paying taxes for?
You ever hear
of the Gemini Lounge?
The place on Flatlands?
Yeah, it's a mob watering hole.
You think any big fish
swim around in there?
Big, small, probably
a couple of barracudas also.
[Bobby] I was looking at pieces
of a puzzle
with no idea
how they fit together.
But it was enough
to get me off my ass.
I felt like
I had a purpose again.
All I had to do was prove it.
How fucking hard could that be?
Go away. I'm busy.
Do you know how knocking works?
First you knock on the door.
You wait for the other person
on the other side of the door
to respond to you.
What did you do?
-I got a lead.
-You got a what?
I met this guy last night.
-Good for you.
-I did some digging.
And he's part
of Roy DeMeo's crew.
Roy DeMeo. Do you even
have a fucking clue who he is?
-I think I got something here.
-You know what you got?
You got a ton of paperwork
on your desk. A mountain.
And if you don't get
going processing that shit
it's going to
become two mountains.
I mean,
these are mobsters, Rick.
We got stacks of files
on these guys.
Just gathering dust.
Bobby, you know
what mobsters are?
They're fucking animals.
You know what they do?
They kill each other.
And you know what?
They got my blessing.
We can set something up here,
something big.
I mean, I can go undercover.
-Yeah. Remember that Queens job?
I was on that job
for three months.
Nobody could have done that
better than me. You know that.
You know what I got here?
You see this?
This is paperwork telling me
that this is the end
of the police department
as we know it.
I got budget cuts.
I got layoffs,
I got financial problems.
We were on thin ice.
Get this out of
your fucking head.
Bobby, I love you, but get
this out of your head, please.
[Bobby] If I ever needed proof
that I was a colossal asshole,
this was it.
I was at my wit's end. I mean,
the bottom of the barrel.
Especially when it came to her.
What are you doing here, Bobby?
Can I see her?
You really scared her.
Did you know about it?
You mean Bobby, what did
you think was gonna
happen? Come on.
I mean, I don't know.
I definitely didn't think
she was gonna
go off and fuck another guy.
Hey, listen to me. They didn't.
She didn't.
She needed someone,
and he was there, okay?
You weren't, Bobby.
Can I just talk to her? Mary.
Mary, can I just talk
to you for five minutes?
Just five minutes, please.
Come on.
Come here. I'm right here.
Wow, wow, you look, uh,
you look great.
Listen, I want you
to know that, uh,
I know how I get sometimes.
And I'm working really hard
to not be that way.
You know, the captain says
I'm getting a promotion.
Just around the corner.
I mean, things are goin' up.
I quit drinking.
I'm doing pushups every day.
You know I want
to get better for you.
I know, I know.
Broken record, right?
But this time
it's different, I swear, just...
Just give me one
more chance. Mary,
Bobby, I...
I don't have anything more
to give you.
-I can't do this.
-Hey, hey.
You can't do what, Mary?
You can't do what?
Just look me in the eyes.
Look me in the eyes
and tell me that you don't
love me anymore, huh?
Just tell me that you don't
love me anymore.
Tell me that you're willing to
throw away the last ten years.
And I'll leave.
I'm just asking you for
one more chance, Mary.
All right, all right. Go inside.
Bobby, come on stop it.
Just give her some time, okay,
-Just some time.
I needed to get busy and quick.
If I wanted everyone's respect
back, especially Mary's,
I was going to have to take it,
not wait for their permission.
And if I was
going to do it at all,
I would have to do it right.
It's I had Chris's
routine down to T.
I even knew his favorite brand
of cigarettes.
It was now or fucking never.
This was really
where the barracuda swam.
It was time I went fishing.
[disco music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Bobby] Joseph Guglielmo.
They called him Dracula.
You don't get a nickname
like that for giving
off warm, fuzzy vibes.
-Goddamn it, Joe!
-Now what?
You gotta call the Armenian.
The girls' toilet's
back up again.
-Ah, jeez.
-I'm wearing sandals.
You better tell him
to come quick so I could
-drown him in that bowl.
-Okay, all right. All right.
What'll it be?
Um, just a bourbon.
Gina stuck out like a daisy
among the weeds in there.
She was a niece or someone's
cousin or something
and completely crazy to be
working in a place like that.
[man] Hey, Gina, come here.
I want to talk to you.
-Ugh, yeah?
-When we going out on that
dinner date you and me, huh?
Um, last time I checked,
hell still hasn't frozen over.
[man chuckles]
That orangutan was Luca Santi.
The only thing bigger than
his mouth was his debt to Roy.
So what's a pretty girl
like you know about hell?
Keep pushing your luck
and you'll find out.
Holy shit.
That's that fucking guy,
you see that fucking guy.
That's the guy I was
telling you about.
-Loverboy over here.
-With the thing, the architect.
Fuck you guys.
Get lost.
-Bobby. Bobby.
-Bobby, right?
The architect.
Yeah, well, you know,
not anymore.
Oh, you get shit-canned?
Is that why're you here
drowning your sorrows?
Uh, let's just say that,
you know,
building shit houses
wasn't for me.
You know what is for you.
Hey, Gina. Gina.
Get this fucking guy
whatever he wants, all right?
Want another?
So, what are
you doing here, Bobby?
Well, you know,
a bar is a bar, right?
Bar is a bar, that's right.
But what are you doing here?
This is a lounge.
What's the difference?
It's a good question.
Gina. Joseph. Bobby.
Bobby, Gina. Joseph.
Gina's the pretty one.
-Hey, I'm pretty.
-Yeah, your mother's a liar.
-Architect huh?
Nice. A lot of school for that?
I'm more of the
learn by doing type.
-I like that.
-Want another one?
Oh, please.
-Make it a double.
You sure you're
in the right place?
He's in the right place.
Listen, later on tonight,
my buddies got a place
right next door.
Going to play cards.
You should come by.
Yeah, cards. Okay.
Get him the fuck
out of here. Cheers.
[Joseph] You don't fucking
play cards anyway.
-I should get going here.
-Nah, come on.
What, you got
somewhere you got to be?
Fuck it. All right.
-Come on.
-Thanks for the drink.
Ignore these guys. Hey, guys.
Bobby, this is the guys.
This is the guy I was telling
you about, the architect.
This is Louis. This is Gianni.
This is Freddie. Guys, Bobby.
Hey, take a seat.
How you doing, Bobby?
[Bobby] Freddie DiNome.
Freddie was a pro
race car driver
who was probably born
with a wrench in his hand.
He ran a body shop
and was pretty much
the head of the crew's
auto theft ring.
He also stood so close to
your face when he talked
to you that you could
have guessed what he had
had for lunch that day.
Chris says you got his back
the other night.
[Bobby] On account of how bad
his breath was,
my guess was always shit.
I'm telling you, you should
have seen this guy's face
after Bobby was done with him.
looked like fucking mincemeat.
Did he kill him?
Louis Russo and Gianni Russo.
The Gemini brothers.
Roy DeMeo was the devil.
Louie and Gianni
were his top demons.
They were good thieves
and good killers.
Perfect soldiers.
No, no, I didn't kill him.
I mean, he was still
breathing when I left.
-Ah, barely.
I didn't mean to hurt him
so fucking bad.
But how bad did
you mean to hurt him?
You know, just enough so that
he couldn't remember
his own fucking name for
a couple of weeks. I don't know.
-Tough guy.
-We got a Marciano over here.
Marciano over here.
This guy hasn't stopped
talking about you.
Non-fucking-stop he's been
going on about you.
Listen, listen, we can
always use an extra
pair of hands around here.
What you think of
a career change, kid?
[Bobby] You know, I had to
hold back a bit.
Not seem too eager.
You guys are fucking
all right and all,
I mean you know...
Bobby, we're cool
enough for you.
We want to make sure
we're all right for you.
[man] Chris, we're all right.
We're talking about
working in the shade, right?
-The fucking shade?
-What is this, Motown?
What the fuck you talkin' about?
Fucking tell you, definitely
pushing a lot more than pencils,
that's for sure.
Making some good fucking dough.
What would I be doing?
Whatever the fuck it takes.
You in?
I fucking had you, right?
I fucking had you.
-He fucked it up.
-I knew these guys.
And I knew I had them.
[Bobby] We keep it out of
the books. Off the record.
James can wipe my files,
set me up with a new identity.
If I get one whiff,
that the whole thing's
going south.
I bail, okay? You have my word.
And no one's the wiser.
The answer is still no.
Do you know what
the fuck you're dealing with?
Listen, I've been looking
into a few things and I'm
telling you, this could be huge.
You know what? This might be
a goddamn game to you.
Maybe you're trying
to impress Mary
and get killed
by these scumbags,
but it ain't
going to impress me, okay?
I'm a better man than I've
shown in the past few weeks.
Let me prove it.
[Rick sighs]
All right? Let me see
what you got. All right.
Yeah, I mean, I pulled
files on all these guys.
They're all just sitting there.
And I got ins with them.
I got my fucking hooks in.
You know?
You know who you're
dealing with, right?
I'm gonna come
on board with you.
You make sure you tell me every
fucking thing that goes on.
I won't let you down, Rick.
Captain, you have my word.
He has to disappear completely.
All his fucking files.
That's not going
to be easy, Captain.
I can't just snap my fingers.
Jimmy, do it.
[Jimmy] You're lucky these guys
aren't from a different borough.
Otherwise my hands
would be tied.
Nobody's to know what
the hell we're doing.
You know it,
he knows it. I know it,
one other person.
The Chief of Internal Affairs.
That's just in case we fuck up
and step on
our cocks, you understand?
All I'm saying is these guys
don't fuck around.
I don't fuck around.
And his fucking balls
are on the line.
You ready, son?
By the way, you're going
to be ridin' shotgun.
Protect his ass.
We're gonna be roommates.
-[baby crying]
-[argument through walls]
[Jimmy] Cozy.
Yeah, you can have the bedroom.
How generous.
Well, let's get to work.
James was thorough.
I had to give him that.
Robert DeBono.
You didn't tell 'em
your last name, did you?
Hey, do you think that
I should leave this behind?
You know, just in case those
fuckers try and frisk me?
You think they checked
you out already?
I didn't put in an application,
James, but, yeah,
I'm pretty
sure I'm in the clear.
You're pretty sure? Heh.
You're pretty sure?
Did anybody ever
mention the Gemini Method?
See all those guys
in those photos?
They went into that apartment
at the back of the club.
They never came out.
A method. The Gemini Method.
It all happens
in that apartment.
It was clear where
Roy DeMeo fit in all this.
But if I was going to get
to him, I had to impress
his flunkies first.
And if I did get to him,
we needed to get him on tape.
I'm going to
get fucking electrocuted.
So, listen, do me a favor.
Don't get it wet.
Don't go in the fucking rain.
What do you want from me?
What I need you to do is
get this guy, Roy DeMeo.
I want him on tape,
giving an order.
If we get that done,
we can get the fuck out
of here and have
a friggin' party.
Cap? Cap, if you want me
to take good pictures,
-I'm going to need more cars.
Yeah to alternate.
I need at least four cars.
Jimmy. You want
a fucking helicopter, too?
These guys are not stupid.
They're going to notice
the same car
on the fucking same
street every day.
They're going to get curious.
They're going to come over,
they're going to see a guy
with a fucking camera
in the car.
I'll give you two fucking cars,
and then I'm going to give you
a longer lens
so could stay two fucking
blocks away. Okay?
I got two cars.
That's what I got now.
-Bobby! Let's go.
All right. Hey, he's here,
he's here. Are you ready?
Bobby, give me a second.
I'll be right there, all right?
Okay. All right.
What the fuck? Let's go!
-Hey, what you going
to a wedding?
I want to make
a good impression.
Whatever. You drivin'. Come on.
All right.
DeMeo had no problem
selling this stuff,
but he never wanted
to see his guys doing it.
-You want some?
-No, no, I'm good.
If it wasn't booze or tobacco,
he better not catch
you putting it
anywhere near your lips.
And especially not
up your nose.
If there was one thing
wise guys really
got a kick out of,
it was nicknames.
Freddie was known
as Broadway Freddie,
a relic from his
alleged racing days.
[Chris] Hey!
[Freddie] Hey, boys. What up?
A fucking grease monkey.
Look at his broad.
-She's got a fat fucking ass.
You like it, kid?
[Bobby] Oh, man.
Very much.
-Te amo.
-Too much. Too much.
Hey, you know
anything about cars, kid?
Aside from driving them,
not much.
I mean, I know how
to change a flat tire.
Freddie here's going
to teach you a lot more
than how to change
a fucking flat.
So I guess you never
boosted a car then, huh?
-You guessed right.
Why don't you take this
screwdriver and follow me?
All right.
First things first,
jam it in the ignition
and fucking smack
it like your old lady.
[Chris] Hey.
-[Bobby grunts]
-[Chris chuckles]
All right, good.
Now start her up.
He's got performance anxiety.
It's your first time.
It happens, kid.
This here is plan B.
Cut those two wires in there.
And fucking tie them together.
Yep. Those two.
All right, good. Now cut those
two fucking wires. Those two.
Don't fucking touch them.
Good, now make them kiss.
All right, all right, all right.
Fuckin' boy is a natural.
Look at that. Told you.
I hate to admit it, but,
I kind of felt pretty
goddamn proud of myself.
These guys would steal eight,
even ten cars a day.
And no shit boxes, either.
These had to be top
of the line vehicles.
I always wanted a Corvette.
It killed me to even put
a fucking scratch
on that thing.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Mick,
Mick, get over here!
Fuckin' Bobby,
already gonna fuck up.
Hey, get out of the car,
get outta the car.
[Bobby] This wasn't good.
I felt like he just caught me
with my dick in his wife.
This is Tony's car, right?
Who the fuck is Tony?
Should we go get him?
Hold it. This guy,
he's got it, he's got it.
Keep speaking, Tony.
What do you talk--
Tony's the fucking guy
told me to take the--
Is he out of his fuckin' mind?
You're a rat. Yeah you are.
You fuckin' rat!
Come on you fuckin' pussies!
Huh, c'mon!
-[man] Fuck you!
-[Bobby] Oh yeah, fuck me!
Fuckin' say something
I'll fuck you up right now.
I hadn't felt that good
since my team made
the finals in Little League.
[man] Now we're going to get
in fucking trouble
because of you.
[Bobby] And that's exactly
how this felt. Like a team.
You couldn't get a fucking
Lincoln or a Cadillac,
somethin' fuckin' nice?
A fuckin' Lincoln?
Hey, this car's a beauty!
Finally, someone with some
fucking taste around here.
[man] Oooh, all right!
That was the first of many.
Roy's going to be real happy.
Believe that.
[Bobby] That was the first time
any of them mentioned Roy.
-Those Irish pricks make you?
-[Chris] Make them?
They didn't know
what fucking hit 'em.
Yeah, was it anybody we know?
Fucking tourists. I don't know.
It's DeBono, right?
-Your name?
-Oh, yeah.
-Bobby Bones.
-Bobby Bones.
-I like it. Bobby Bones.
-Bobby fucking Bones. I like it.
Mobsters and their nicknames.
-Here's to the Irish.
-[phone rings]
I got it.
Boys. Time to go.
Where they goin'?
We're gonna go next door.
[Bobby] Next door to
the Gemini Lounge was
an apartment where
the gang would get together.
There he was.
Roy DeMeo.
The air got thicker
the closer I got to him.
Sit down.
Heard you've been
doing a good job.
He's been doing great.
[Bobby] I started to sweat
and suddenly was very
aware of that goddamn wire.
You having a good time
with my guys?
Oh, yeah. I mean,
great bunch of guys.
You know, I was a butcher's
apprentice when I was a kid.
He's the one who taught me
between a good piece
of meat and a bad one.
How to cut through
the joints, not the bones.
You know, Muslims and Jews,
they don't eat pork.
You knew that, right?
They think it's a dirty animal
because they roll around
in their shit.
Even fuck in their shit,
They're considered
the dirtiest of the dirty.
The pig, not the Muslims
and Jews.
You bring me a pig.
And I cut him up
with absolute pleasure.
I mean, nothing I love
more than a dead pig
at the end of my knife.
You know why?
Because I'm fucking Catholic.
Fuckin' with you.
-You hungry?
All right. We're gonna eat.
Chris, put this in the freezer.
Keeping an eye on you, Bobby,
I'm hearing good things.
[Bobby] Roy fucking DeMeo
liked what he saw.
I was floored.
I had dinner with them
that night like
we were old college buddies.
I wouldn't see Roy for
almost a month after that,
but what I got from him
and the crew that night
set up a pretty solid
foundation for our case.
That was a fucking crazy day.
It's the life, I'm tellin' you.
Roy's a fucking good guy, too.
-I mean, he's cool.
-Yeah, he's something.
Here's for that first impression
you wanted, you did good.
That was more cash
than I made in a month.
All right,
I'll see you tomorrow.
Sweet dreams, Bobby.
That was fucking crazy.
What happened in that apartment?
We're gonna need more film.
We're going to need
a bigger board.
[upbeat music playing]
[Bobby] The next few weeks
felt like work.
Hard work.
We were hitting Roy's
quota of ten cars a day,
and I was quickly
becoming an expert.
One of their biggest operations
was shipping luxury cars
off to Kuwait.
I mean, everybody was paid off.
We're going out
We're gonna kill it again
We're going out
We're gonna kill it again
We're going out
We're gonna kill it again
And again
And again and again
Jesus. Motherfucker!
I didn't hear you coming, man.
-We heard you coming.
-Yeah, I know, I know,
it's been,
it's been a rough week.
Mother in law has been
living with us.
Say no more.
All right, we'll tell
Roy you said hi.
[Bobby] They hustled porn
and any other sleazy thing
you can think of.
And a few things you wish
you never knew existed.
We're going out
We're gonna kill it again
I spent most of my time
with Chris, driving mostly.
But when he was high,
he had a pretty big mouth,
and he was high all the time.
Meeting in an alley like
a bunch of fucking amateurs.
That's why I don't do business
with junkies.
[Nobby] We go from nickels
and dimes to full keys.
And there was no shortage
of customers.
Yo. How you doing, Chris?
I'm all right, I'm all right.
Hey, how are we doing?
-This is Deb.
-[Chris] There she is.
-This is Roxanne.
-How are you doing, Roxanne?
-[Ronny] The fuck's your name?
-That's fucking
Jennifer, I guess.
-It's Jennifer, Chris.
This is my boy Bobby. Pleasure
make your acquaintance.
[Ronny] Yo, yo, yo, did you hear
I had a fucking heart attack.
-For real?
-Dude, I woke up,
I fucking had a heart attack.
My heart's pounding
like this, I don't know
what the fuck's going on.
My dick's not getting hard,
I'm like, what the fuck?
Next thing you know,
swear to God, I woke up.
Scary shit, you're like
30 years old. What the hell,
-how the fuck is that possible?
-Was it the coke?
I don't think
it's the coke, man.
It's not my fucking coke.
If you had a heart attack,
'cause you're buying coke,
you're fucking buying coke
from somebody else.
You know I'd never buy coke
from anyone else, motherfucker,
I just want to tell you...
[Bobby] That fucking hero cop
was back in my head.
He told me girls
can sniff out bullshit.
I'll take it, man,
this is some good shit.
[Chris] What else would
I bring you. Come on.
Hey, your girl all right.
She's kind of having
a little bit of
a staring contest with me, huh?
Maybe she likes you, Bobby.
Give me the dough.
Give me the fucking dough.
Hey. I don't like this
[Ronny] What don't you like?
-I don't like him.
-She doesn't like him.
Oh, you don't like me?
You know what?
I don't fucking like you.
-You don't have to like him.
Where'd he find you?
Give me the fucking money,
Ronny. Sick of this bullshit.
Disrespectful women. God damn.
[Ronny] Sorry.
-Fuck you!
-Get the fuck outta here.
After a while, I started
to get a bit worried.
Not that I'd blow
my cover or anything,
but I actually
started having fun.
Your own fucking house!
[Gina] It'll be the last time
I see your face here
this month, Garo.
What the hell do
you want me to say?
It's an old building.
It's going to have problems.
Oh, is that what
you want me to tell Roy?
That the building's
got problems?
You don't have to
tell him anything.
-I'm going to fix it.
-Oh, you'll fix it, huh?
[Bobby] Place was falling apart.
That's Garo, the landlord.
He was always trying to fix
the plumbing and failing.
Oh, you'll fix it, hon.
No more problems,
but no more rent. You got it?
-[Bobby] Gina held her own.
I was impressed, but more than
a little messed up, so I needed
to get my head straight.
-Jesus, Bobby. You scared me.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
How did you know
I was going to be here?
I'm a detective, remember?
No, you know, it's Monday.
I figured, you know, I know
you like to shop on Mondays.
There's less crowds,
so I figured I'd drop by
and see if you still did.
I'm sorry.
Hey. No, I got it.
I got it. I got it.
I want you to know
how sorry I am.
You know, I mean,
I want you to know that...
showing up at your door
like that the other day and,
let's call
a spade of spade, right?
I've been a miserable bastard.
I'm embarrassed.
And I'm sorry that
I haven't been by,
but I got something
going on with work.
-You know, I mean,
-Oh, yeah.
it's top secret, but no,
it's one of the biggest things
of my career.
I just wanted to let you know.
-Bobby, I have to go. I'm sorry.
-Listen, listen,
you don't have to go.
Just talk to me for two seconds.
I want to go.
-Just two goddamn seconds.
Come on.
-[man] Hey.
-Hey, are you okay, miss?
-She's fine. Okay?
Listen, pal,
like I'm going to call the cops.
Yeah, call your mother, asshole.
Okay, listen, Mary, please.
Lady does not want to hear
what you have to say.
Mary. Mary. Hey, please,
will you--will you just
talk to me?
Just, just let me hear what--
Just-- Mary!
[engine starts]
-You okay?
-Yeah, I just gotta
stay focused.
I hate dealing with this
fucking piece of shit.
Oh. Oh. Bobby. Hey.
The fuck are you doing?
Bobby, relax.
You're doing a good job.
Good? We don't have
jack fucking shit yet.
I mean, this is fucking
taking too long.
Man, these guys are
going to fucking bury me.
You fucking crazy?
You got rolls and rolls
of this shit.
Look, just get DeMeo
to say he pulls the strings
and we go home.
All right, relax.
-Calm down.
-Yeah. Yeah.
You read my mind.
-Where is everybody?
[Bobby] Nino Gaggi in the flesh.
Even though he was a capo
in the Gambino family,
Nino pretty much
babysat Roy and his crew.
If they stepped out of line,
Roy would get
an ear full of shit.
You the new guy, huh?
Yes, sir.
[chuckles] Fuck, I like
this kid already. "Sir."
Very good. What's your name?
-Bobby. Bobby what?
Bobby DeBono.
Oh, okay, how are ya?
All right. Roy tells me
good things about you.
[Bobby] Thank you.
All right, well,
just keep your head down,
your ears pricked, and mm-hmm.
You keep coming with the "sirs,"
you could do very good.
-[Bobby] Nino smiled a lot.
Which almost made you
forget that he was
a fucking stone cold killer.
-Tell him I'll call him later.
-All right.
Bobby, come with me. Joseph,
let me know when the guys come.
And close the fucking door.
There's a breeze in here.
I told you a million
fucking times.
Sit down.
[Bobby] I've only been scared
maybe three times in my life.
This was one of them.
Did you, uh,
did you ever do any time?
You know that guy
you guys beat up?
-You and Chris?
He's in the hospital.
He's not talking right now
because he can't talk.
But when he gets out,
you might have a problem.
Yeah. Honestly,
I didn't mean to...
Did you ever kill anybody?
[Bobby] It wasn't because
he scared me or intimidated me.
But there was something
about him, something familiar.
So I did something that
I never thought I'd do
when asked
that specific question.
I told the truth.
How many?
Just one.
What happened?
He was trying to kill me.
Why was he trying to kill you?
He was disrespecting my sister.
So I clocked him in front
of the other kids.
He was a bigger kid
and he chased me onto the roof.
And we were struggling, but,
there's that moment, you know,
where you make a choice
and I just...
threw him off the fucking roof.
And they call it a suicide.
I, uh,
I never told that
to anybody before.
So you did it...
to honor your sister,
did she know
what you did for her?
She didn't say much about it.
You know, she was, uh...
she was dead.
She, uh, she killed herself
earlier that summer, so...
Kid was just mouthing off
about my dead sister
and I couldn't let it slide.
How old were you?
What did it feel like?
Didn't feel like anything.
[phone rings]
Come with me. Come on.
[Bobby] Something was up.
For a second, I thought
Roy made me for sure.
[Roy] Come on.
[Bobby] He was eyeing me
like a hawk back there.
Guys, come with me.
I'll call you later, Chris.
-Come on. Come on, come on.
[Bobby] Whatever was going down
was going down soon.
And by the look
on Chris's face,
it was going
to be something big.
-What's up?
-We got to wait.
-For what?
For the guys to get back.
Come with me.
I wanna pick your brain
about something.
Hey, what's up?
Ever since Roy got made,
things have been uh, different.
You know, Paul treats him
like a prince on account of
the Westies deal
with the rest of us...
we're basically slinging shit.
[Bobby] Let me fill you in
on what he's talking about.
DeMeo had a hard time
getting made.
But when he helped
put the Irish mob,
also known as the Westies,
in bed with the Gambinos,
Paul Castellano
was tickled pink
and decided it was time.
Now, sometimes we do things
we ain't supposed to do
and Roy, God bless him,
he turns a blind eye.
And sometimes you get
the chance to cut yourself
a bigger piece of the pie.
But this time, we're goin'
for a bigger fucking pie.
Well, how much bigger?
I got a guy down in Florida.
And it stays between us, right?
Yeah, of course.
They're bringing
some grade-A shit.
Like actual fucking coke.
Not the bullshit
that we're dealing.
And you're not telling Roy?
I'm not telling anybody.
So what do you think?
I mean, what's the problem?
They're bringing a lot
of fucking powder, Bobby.
More than I can move on my own
comfortably, I got to admit.
So, I was thinkin',
I'll bring you in.
We could share it.
Man, ah...
I mean, I don't know, Chris.
I mean...
I don't know if I'm ready
for something like that.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, you're not ready,
you're not ready.
It's all good.
What am I going to do, right?
I thought you'd be
more excited about this.
I thought you'd jump at it.
But I guess I was wrong.
Mum better be the fucking word,
though, right?
Mum's my favorite
fucking word. Come on.
All right, good.
Let's get out of here.
[Bobby] No fucking way.
Chris could have made a deal
with the Russians,
for all I cared.
I was after Roy.
All right, Roy.
I'll see you later.
[Freddie] Bobby. Front seat.
[Bobby] One of the things
I learned quick was that
sitting in the passenger seat
with a maniac
in the backseat behind you
was the worst possible position
to be in during a road trip.
[engine starts]
We were headed out of the city.
James was going to have
to sit this one out,
or we were going
to get made for sure.
No, I don't
know what's going on, but...
I know.
Come here.
Open the trunk.
Remember him?
[Bobby] It was the guy
I fucked up that night
with Chris in the bathroom.
If there was one thing
Roy would not tolerate,
it was loose ends.
Everything is so clear
when you look back at it.
I should have killed them
all right then and there.
But in situations like this,
instead of doing
what you should do,
you do what you have to do.
I remembered that kid
on the roof.
And I remembered my sister.
Freddy, close the trunk.
Let's go. Go.
Get back in the car.
And I felt nothing.
[Roy] Go, back in the car.
Let's go.
[Roy on tape] Remember him?
Where'd they take you?
Oh, man, I don't
want to talk about it.
What's that supposed to mean?
Give me, give me the tape.
Just let it go, okay?
Where the fuck is the tape?
Just let it go, okay?
You want me to call
the captain and tell them that
you think I should
just let it go?
We are going to get
everything we need to put
these guys away for the rest
of their fucking lives, okay?
But right now, you just
need to trust me. Okay?
Just let it go.
All right? Let it go.
I couldn't face her anymore.
Not until it was all over.
Even just sitting here might be
putting her in danger,
but I had to see her again.
Her smile was the only thing
keeping me going.
I had to find a way back to it.
Hey. Mister Nice Guy.
Yeah, hey, um, is Chris here?
No, I haven't seen him
since yesterday.
What's with the long face?
It's, uh, it's nothin'
I know a lie when I hear one.
Well, girl trouble.
I knew it. Always is.
What, you think
it's that simple?
Yeah. I could have his legs
blown off and still not feel
as bad as when there's
girl trouble.
I'll let you be
in my ear for a bit.
Hey, Bobby. Let's go.
We're going for a drive.
[Bobby] We were paying
Luca Santi visit.
His debt was ballooning,
and the twins were ordered to
give him what they called
a final warning.
Get the fuck down. Sit down.
Guys, come on,
calm down, please.
Listen, guys,
I had a good month.
A really good month.
A couple more months like this
and I'll have this, all--
Where's the fuckin' money?
I'm good for it. Roy knows this.
-Roy don't want your word.
-He wants his fucking money.
I know. Just give me a chance.
Give me a chance.
You could have three good months
and you're still going to be
fucking short.
-You understand that?
-Come on guys, please.
Put your hand on the book.
-Put your hand on the book.
-Come on, guys.
It doesn't have to be like this.
I'll take care of you.
Your hand, put it on
the fuckin' book!
Bobby, hold him down.
Bobby, get the fuck over there.
-Hold him the fuck down.
-[Gianni] Come on.
Guys, give me a chance to
make this right, please.
Luca, it's your neck
or your fucking hand? Which one?
Listen, you got to understand,
you can come into the bar,
you can have a drink,
you can try to look up
Gina's skirt, okay?
But if you don't pay Roy,
I'm going to cut your
fucking tongue out
and I'm going to feed it
to that hooker you call
your fucking wife.
You understand?
I'll see you next week, Luca.
Nothing was phasing me anymore.
I mean, what was going on
in my fucking head?
The fuck you doing?
You lost your fucking mind.
Huh? Have you?
If someone sees us,
we're fucking dead.
Yeah, you know what? I'm taking
the fucking night off.
Hey, Fuck.
Ooh, you're finally letting
your hair down. I like it.
-Roy in his office?
-No, it's his kid's
birthday today.
Oh, well, happy birthday.
What time do you get off?
You tell me.
[Bobby] It wasn't
the best course of action,
it was pretty fucking good.
We're gonna stay
In paradise
Lost in the waves
Lost in your eyes
[Gina moans]
[both panting]
My wife, she, uh, she left me.
You got any kids?
Nah, never got around to it.
That's a good thing, right?
Don't want any rugrats getting
mixed up in all that bullshit.
Hey, Roy has kids?
Yeah, three of them.
[chuckles] I just never took him
for a family man.
Mm. A lot of people don't.
family is at the top
of Roy's priorities.
You know who he is, right?
I mean, you know what he does.
And you're okay with it?
I gotta close up.
Thanks for the talk.
[Bobby] I couldn't tell
if she was just a bartender
or in on everything.
All I knew was
that I was getting lost.
[Rick] Wow. Yeah.
You've been real busy.
I see you guys are
really, really busy.
Yes, sir.
You know why I'm here
at two o'clock
in the fucking morning?
You think I came over to here
to have fucking coffee with you?
Let me tell you,
I got a call from Jim
and Jim is very
concerned about you.
I don't know what he told you,
okay, but everything
is under control.
Is it really under control?
-Is it really?
Jim, tell him what you told me.
I said I'm worried
that you're getting too close.
Are you getting
too close, Bobby?
Yeah, I'm getting close.
I mean, how else are we going
to get these guys?
Across the street?
Too close to that world.
Bobby. Where the fuck
is your wire?
-Well, I already took it off.
-How are you going to get
a recording with this scumbag--
I was afraid they were
going to find it.
And then you tell Jimmy
that you're taking off tonight?
What? No, uh...
I don't, I don't,
I don't remember what I said.
[Bobby on tape]
Taking the fucking night off.
Okay? Don't wait up.
Listen to me.
Now, you stop this bullshit.
You get DeMeo on the tape
giving one order,
just one order we'll wrap
this whole place up.
Take all these pictures,
all these tapes
and all the files on my desk,
so I could present it
to the department.
You gotta understand something.
I'm telling you right now,
if I fucking have to
come back here,
I'm shutting this whole
fucking thing down.
I don't know what's going on
in your fucked up head,
but I don't like
the way you're acting.
I want you to watch this
fucking guy, okay? Please.
It's getting late,
so I'm gonna go to bed.
[loud knocking]
[whispers] That's not the knock.
[knocking continues]
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
keep it down. Okay?
Listen, my girl's
asleep in there.
I fucked up. Bobby,
I fucked up bad.
Calm down. Calm-calm down.
What happened?
I don't know. The deal
was going like clockwork.
I don't know what came over me.
[Bobby] Fuck. The Colombians.
Not only did he kill
his Cuban contacts
from Florida,
but one of the dealers
he killed was related
to the head of a fucking
Colombian drug cartel.
His cousin.
And worst of all, the other one
was his goddamn girlfriend.
Chris killed everybody.
Okay. All right?
Where are the bodies?
I called the guys.
I had to cut them in.
What are you doing here then?
I got to lay low for a while.
Here? Are you out of your mind?
They're fucking looking for me.
If they find me,
they'll fucking kill me.
[Bobby] I was already looking
at a dead man,
but I was also
seeing an opportunity.
Just go to Roy.
I can't do that.
Listen, maybe he can
make some calls.
Pull some fucking strings
for you. I'll go there
with you. Chris.
I gave them his name.
I gave them his name.
I told him my name
was Chris DeMeo.
Chris fucking DeMeo.
I wasn't thinking.
Right. Let's go to Roy.
You don't know Roy.
[Bobby] Chris? Chris?
I'll fucking call you. Okay?
Hey. Give me the wire.
I know. What do
you want me to do?
Okay, everybody's here.
That's good.
One big happy family.
Except for one.
I want you to think real hard
about what you do
and say when I walk out of here.
Because Roy's going to tell me,
and I'm telling you,
I am promising you
that I have almost
no fucking fuse left.
Do you understand?
Huh, you understand?
You find this son of a bitch.
You understand? You find him.
-Okay? I took you under my wing.
You go down for this,
we go down. Okay?
And there's only one
other way out of it. Okay?
And I pray to God
it doesn't happen.
It's not going to happen.
You got to understand something.
-I raised him like my own.
-Oh, please.
The next time we talk
this fucking kid
better be out of
the picture, Roy.
Or there's no talk.
Better get him.
[Bobby] Roy's true colors
really showed
when he was pissed.
And that day,
his color was bright red.
It was obvious that
the shit hit the fan.
Seen Chris?
No, no, no, why?
-You guys are close, right?
Find him.
-Bring him to me.
-[Bobby] He actually
looked concerned.
-Just bring him here, okay.
-Okay, yeah.
-If you talk to him,
you call me.
-[Joseph] You got it, boss.
But I knew what would happen
to Chris if he came back here.
Everybody did.
[man] No one's seen him.
I spent the next few days
turning over every dirty stone
I could think of.
It was like looking for
a junkie in a haystack.
Now, while I was
out looking for Chris,
the crew had other business
to attend to.
-[Gina] Hey.
-Luca Santi.
Hi, Luca.
I thought I finally had Gina
figured out, but I was way off.
They called it
the Gemini Method.
Gina would lead
the marks to the door.
A pretty face can really get
a guy's guard down.
Roy made sure everyone knew
what they were doing.
I don't know how many times
they did it,
but it had to be a lot.
They perfected it.
[Gina] Come on.
[Bobby] Roy had had it
with Luka's shortcomings
and decided it was time
to take him out.
Roy would start things off
by popping the poor bastard
in the head.
And someone had to wrap
the head in a towel to keep
the bleeding under control.
A knife in the heart
would not only make sure
that the bastard was dead,
but a dead heart would also
stop the bleeding.
Gina, you okay?
-Drag him to the bathtub.
[Bobby] They'd hang the body
over the bathtub
and drain it dry.
These fucking guys
sat around eating pizza
while the body drained
in the tub.
Roy had one philosophy
no body, no crime.
So he did what he did best.
He made that bastard disappear.
The last step was dumping
the parts
into separate dumpsters
around town that were special
for food waste.
They all got put
in a special part of the dump
where they were buried
because food rots.
And even if they brought dogs,
the smell was so bad that
they wouldn't find shit.
No body, no crime.
About a week went by.
Still no sign of Chris.
The guys weren't really
scouring the earth
for him either.
Roy was getting paranoid.
The Colombians wanted blood.
Chris's blood.
He sent his family out of town
and locked himself up
in his house.
One day, Roy spots a guy
parked outside
for a little too long,
and he absolutely loses it.
He was sure the Colombians
had sent a hitman
to take him out.
Roy was MIA
for a while after that.
Turns out the kid wasn't even
a Colombian hitman after all.
He was just a kid who went
door to door
selling vacuums to help
pay for college.
-Roy was actually
torn up about it.
-He didn't leave
his house for days.
Plus he had Paul Castellano
and the entire
Gambino family telling him that
if he didn't kill Chris
that he would take his place.
And nobody knew
where Chris was.
For a week I was looking
for that son of a bitch.
But in the end...
...he found me.
[dramatic music playing]
[Chris] Don't worry.
You ain't gonna wake him.
It's over, Chris.
You're right, Bobby, it is.
You killed a police officer,
man, that's my fucking partner.
I fucking trusted you, Bobby.
What you don't understand--
No. Shut up. Shut the fuck up.
You mother--
Fuck! You're fucking cop, Bobby.
I came to you for your help,
for your guidance.
And you've got
a fucking family tree.
Don't even know what Roy's gonna
do to you when he finds out.
This a lot bigger than
a, a few dead Colombians.
Don't you?
Listen to me, Chris.
We are in the same boat here,
We're both fucking dead.
We can make a deal, okay?
Listen, just listen to me.
You just give them
all up, all right?
We're going to put you
in witness protection.
I can make that fucking call
right now,
you're fucking dead otherwise.
I may be a lot of things, Bobby,
but a rat ain't one of them.
I need you to sit down now.
Sit the fuck down, Bobby.
I'm sitting down, Chris.
All right?
Chris. Chris, listen to me.
You call Roy right now,
and I swear to God,
he is going to
kill us both. Okay?
-[Roy] Chris.
-Jesus Christ.
-Yeah, it's me.
Where the fuck have you been?
Look, I can't really say
where I've been, but--
Where are you?
Look, just listen to me, okay?
I got something
that's going to knock
your fucking socks off.
I know I fucked up big, okay?
But what I got,
it's going to make you
forgive me
-for all of it.
-Forgive you?
Get your ass over here, Chris.
I'm leaving soon.
-Okay. I'm bringing Bob--
[dial tone]
Let's go, Bobby.
Okay. All right.
That was the longest
ride of my life.
I knew I was dead on arrival.
A million things were
racing through my head.
But one of them was
muting all the others.
I didn't care
about the cheating.
I didn't care about anything.
I just wanted Mary back.
But in that moment,
in that moment, I realized...
that I didn't deserve her.
Why did he have a gun on you?
He was out of his mind.
I mean, he was going to
come here and kill everybody.
I mean, he showed
up my door acting like
a fucking lunatic,
saying he was going to use me
as a decoy. I mean, he was
going to shoot you, Roy.
He said he was going
to fucking blow away
fucking everybody, including me.
I mean, he was
fucking out of control.
Ah, fuck.
Put him in the car.
-It's just fucked, man.
Put him in the car.
[Bobby] He didn't say a word
the entire drive.
If I was going to make
a move, it was going to
have to be soon.
But machine guns were
going to be a problem.
[Roy] Will you open the trunk?
Sorry, kid.
Roy loved Chris like a son.
Don't shoot him
in the face, okay?
Get out of the way.
[Bobby] I found out later that
in order to appease
the Colombians, they had
to leave them out there.
You know, make
a big fucking show of it.
Make the news and all that.
I wasn't scared sitting
in the front this time.
Felt like a cat
with nine fucking lives.
Come by the apartment
tomorrow night.
Eight o'clock.
-For what?
-Play some cards.
James was dead. Chris was dead.
The whole thing was
a shit show.
I never stepped one foot
inside the Gemini Lounge again.
You good?
That's goodbye.
I don't, I don't understand.
I told you I was working
that job, get some extra cash
on the side, and, um,
I just wanted you to have it.
You might hear some things
about me in the next
couple of days.
What is going on, Bobby?
I just want you to know
that I'm so sorry.
For everything, and...
I really hope...
that you find the happiness
that you deserve, honey.
The department did not take us
going over their heads lightly.
We got a fellow officer killed.
They had no choice but to make
an example out of Rick and me.
If it wasn't for all
the evidence we got,
things could have
turned out a lot worse for us.
But none of it
saw the light of day.
The Department decided
to save face
and filed everything away.
It looked
like business as usual,
but things were never the same.
Roy was getting
too much FBI attention
and was convinced that
his days were numbered.
He was right.
Paul Costellano
ordered the hit.
And in the end,
his two most loyal soldiers
did the deed.
As for me, I couldn't
let it all be for nothing.
I made a call
and set up a meeting.
I found someone who wanted
the same thing I did.
I didn't know
what they looked like,
but they assured me
that they knew me. So I waited.
Life is funny
Skies are sunny
Bees make honey
Who needs money
Seriously? You?
A fuckin' plumber.
We had the place
bugged for years.
Costellano's place,
Most of Gambino's joints,
half of New York.
Let me ask you something.
How the hell did you fool us?
We had you filed
as Bobby fucking Bones.
It's all there.
So goddamn stupid.
Why the hell didn't you
come to us from the start?
DeMeo is dead, but there's
still a lot of work to do.
Bodies are turning up
every week.
All right, look, come with me.
You put everything on record.
You go into witness protection.
And you disappear for the rest
of your fucking life.
And we can get to work.
You know, at the beginning
of this thing,
the captain told me
I was just a...
dumb fucking cop
who was in over his head.
And you know what?
He was right.
Keeps on breeding
Nation bleeding
Still more feeding
Life is funny
Skies are sunny
Bees make honey
Oh yeah
World pollution
There's no solution
Institution, electrocution
Just black or white
Rich or poor
Them and us
Stop the war
I'd love to change
The world
But I don't know what to do
So I leave it up to you