Inside Man: Most Wanted (2019) Movie Script

Let's go! Come on!
Keep it movin'!
Come on!
Move! Move!
I got ya.
It's all right.
It's all right.
You're okay. Put pressure on it.
Go, go!
Down! Down!
Let's go, Tully.
Put your hands up!
Move it!
- Good. How are you?
- Good, yeah.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the tour
for the Federal Reserve
will begin in a few minutes.
Jeez. What kind of pests
are in there?
Big bugs.
Rock and roll.
Is that...
Is that the alarm?
I don't know.
Is it on fire
or what?
Let's go.
We need to go.
Everybody just stay calm.
It's just a false alarm.
This way, please.
Make sure everything's
shut down.
All right everybody.
No need to panic.
If everyone will just please keep
moving toward the main exit.
Stay calm, stay calm.
Everybody out.
All right, everyone.
Come through here.
- All out?
- That's everyone.
- Let's go, folks. Let's go.
- Okay, no need to be alarmed.
- Move it.
- Miss, we really have to go now.
- All right.
- I know, but take 'em this way.
Just wait a second.
what are you doin'?
All right,
back the fuck up.
Wait up, guys.
Okay, okay.
Don't shoot.
Move, move, move!
What's goin' on?
- Come on!
- Move, move.
I said move!
Get down! Come on!
This is a robbery!
- Everybody on the floor!
- Get down!
- Now!
- Come on!
- Get down. Now.
- I said get down!
Get down now.
- Please help me!
- Shut up!
Stay back, stay back.
No, listen to me,
I'm tellin' ya now.
Redirect him
to another entrance.
- Talk to me, Sam.
- 43-year-old male...
Myron Keenanweather.
- Came in for kidney stone removal.
- Myron.
When he heard they wanted
ten grand he lost the plot.
He grabbed the doctor
and a scalpel.
Oh, thanks.
- History of psychiatric problems?
- Well, no, not that we know of.
But we're lookin' into it.
Oh, and, a nurse says
they loaded him with fentanyl
before he went nuts.
Then how in the hell is he still standin'?
Well, you know,
he's a biggish fella.
- Big guy?
- Well...
- How do I look?
- You look terrific.
- Yeah?
- Now get in there.
All right.
Hey, guys.
Hey, relax a little, huh?
Hey, Daryl,
come on, loosen up.
Ricky, take
a backseat, brother.
Let's give the man
some room.
Hi, Myron. I'm Remy.
How ya doin'?
- I'm-
- How ya doin', Doc?
Get back! Get back!
Just stay back!
Okay. I'll stay right here.
Listen, can we talk some?
Find a way to get you
what you want,
let your friend there
go home?
I got nothing
to say to cops.
Cop? Oh, this?
Now I'm just me.
Just me and you talkin', brother.
Say, they didn't tell you
it was gonna cost you $10,000
when they walked you in here stripped
you down for a sponge bath?
No, they goddamned didn't!
Well, that sounds like lousy
bedside manners to me, guys.
This medical insurance,
it's a scam!
I feel ya, brother.
Hey, how ya doin', darlin'?
Myron, we're just gonna get
this young lady outta here, all right?
Now, it's just you and me.
Say, I know this place
where you can get those kidney
stones cut out for free
down on Gentilly Boulevard.
Where's that?
Gentilly Boulevard? Oh.
That's my hometown, New Orleans Parish.
They got this waka-Voodoo madam,
Madam Hong,
with a lotta pretty
obliging friends upstairs,
if you know what I'm sayin',
and there's dental service
down in her kitchen.
That's crazy.
Dude! Madam Hong
was more than 118 years old,
born before
goddamn electricity.
You believe that shit?
So when my molars were killin' me,
I knocked on her door...
All right, guys.
Cuff him.
- Let me help you, sir.
- Thank you.
Madam Hong?
Pulled teeth in a kitchen?
Where'd you get
that shit, Remy?
Shit, I never lie to a perp.
That Madam Hong
ran a notorious brothel
but had a soft spot
for periodontology.
Good work, Sam.
- Hey, Sam?
- Yeah?
- I'm five for five this year, baby!
- Yeah.
Five for five this year.
Effective negotiators determine
their BATNAs before talks begin
so they can control
the outcome.
- Yes?
- What's a BATNA?
"Best Alternative
to a Negotiated Agreement."
In other words, what's your bottom line
if you fail to reach an agreement?
And at what threshold
would you reject an offer?
Now, one of the most famous,
most studied cases,
right here on our wall,
Detective Keith Frazier
and the Nazi Diamond Heist.
It's legendary.
It's a case study at Harvard Law.
- Yes?
- What was his BATNA?
Detective Frazier's BATNA was
to give up the money,
if it was necessary
for the safety of the hostages.
So, for him it was a win, even though
the suspects all got away...
- Yes, Ansh? I'm right in the middle...
- Sorry. I'm sorry.
The deputy director and I think
the district attorney
are looking for you,
and I don't know what they want
but they were asking for you.
- In my office?
- Yeah.
And they're on the way
here now.
Okay, here they are.
Deputy Director Briggs.
Mr. District Attorney.
Agent Stewart.
I'd like the room, please.
Yes, sir.
Sir? Is there
something I can...
NYPD has a bank robbery
in progress.
Okay. That's a local
law enforcement issue.
Not if
it's The Federal Reserve.
Someone is trying to rob
The Federal Reserve?
That makes it
a Bureau matter.
Indications are that hostages
have been taken.
I'm giving you primary.
Thank you, sir.
The Rapid Response is rolling out now.
Take the reins.
Get me a result.
Yes, sir. I will.
And how about no "boys-club-bullshit"
this time?
You're primary. Do your job.
Do this right,
and we'll revisit
your aspirations.
Just don't fuck it up.
Yes, sir.
- Hey, Remy? We got a twofer.
- One second.
Someone's robbin' The Federal Reserve
and they got hostages.
Oh, where's Mansfield?
He's not gonna let me take a bank.
Oh, ain't it your lucky day?
Mansfield's off sick.
The FBI's got the nuts
but we're at the table.
So, it's time for you
to step up.
Oh, that's great.
You bought a toy gun.
Don't you worry,
It packs a punch.
It won't kill him.
But it will make you wish
you were dead.
We are not here for you.
We are here
for something else.
You are in the wrong place
at the wrong time!
But, if you get in my way,
want to be a hero,
you will end up
in the morgue!
Do not test me on this!
- Joseph!
- Yup.
- Ja!
- Uh-huh.
- Up! Move!
- All right.
- Up! Up! Up!
- Up, up, up. Move.
Come, come, come, come!
Move! Move! Move!
Everybody turn over
your cell phones and strip down.
- You will wear these.
- Forward! Out!
- Move!
- Go! Go! Go!
Hurry up! Now!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
- Move.
- Put this on. Now.
Let me see your phone.
Phone in the bag, come on.
- Cell phone, now!
- Give me the phone.
- I said give me your phone.
- Go!
- Give it to me!
- Go. Come on!
- Put it in the bag. Let's go.
- Look down.
- Faster. Faster.
- Put it in the bag, let's go.
- I said, "Look down."
- Move!
- Give it to me. Put this on.
- Aw.
Put it in.
Don't look at me like that.
Joey! Johnny.
Bring me the manager.
- Got him.
- Manager.
Manager, come here. No.
- There you are. Come on, let's go!
- Get up!
Get up!
Stand still!
I need your keys.
I don't have any keys.
You must be mistaken.
I am not mistaken.
Well, even if I had keys,
you could never get outta here.
I mean,
there's no escape.
There's no other way out.
Oh, no.
She asked you nicely.
I will not.
The key.
It's that one.
You know what to do.
We don't need you.
We need only your hands.
Holy shit!
You came for the gold?
That doesn't make any sense.
You can't get this outta here.
Unlock that one.
There's nothing
through there.
It's just an old storeroom.
It's not used.
I've never been down here.
I can't imagine
what this is.
Folks, all right, please.
Step away.
Sense of urgency
here with police...
Step away
from the barricade, sir.
...asking us
to move further back.
- One of the officers that was in the...
- Folks, please. is joining us.
- Sir, what happened?
- Well, you know...
Move back! Let's go!
Agent Stewart?
Command Headquarters
will be powering up in moments.
We dropped a basic perimeter,
coordinating with NYPD.
They have a hostage negotiator
on the way.
- The helm is yours.
- Great, thank you.
Where are the bank staff
and the civilians who got out?
They left the scene
before we secured it.
It's New York.
No one wants to be involved.
Okay, well, how about
the released hostages?
Holding in an office
we commandeered near here.
You don't have any idea
why you would be released?
I don't know why
they let us go.
There was a big guy.
He had a strange foreign accent.
I thought they
were gonna merc us.
Okay. Can you tell me anything
else about this accent?
Uh... European, maybe?
Can you be any more specific
than that?
No, I...
There was a lotta noise.
Okay. Did he seem
like he was in charge?
No there's a woman
running it.
Can you describe her?
Nothing about her?
She had a mask?
All right,
everybody listen up.
Agent Harding
grab a marker, please.
I talked to the guard.
He says that he heard
foreign accents,
and he thinks a woman
is running the show.
Wait, so we got a Bonnie,
no Clyde.
That's kinda
refreshing, right?
Is it?
Yeah, you know, it's...
It's not. It's...
Okay, I'm sorry.
Yeah, so we're reviewing security
cam footage up to the point
they cut the circuits, pulling faces
and setting the FERET to work.
- Hopefully we'll get something, right?
- All right. Good.
He also says they made them
wear masks and coveralls,
so that means this could be a copycat.
Okay, people?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Wait, I'm sorry, copycat of what?
Ansh, wow, you really oughta try taking
my entire class sometime.
- It's...
- Come on, Nazi Diamond Heist,
remember? They made
everybody put on
the same clothes and masks
so that if we breach
we can't tell perp
from hostage.
Okay, so she weeds out
the employees but keeps the manager,
the tourists, no guards,
no patriotic New Yorkers.
Yeah. But the tourists, foreign nationals,
they're gonna be confused.
They are gonna scare easily
and they're gonna be compliant,
plus now they're gonna know
we want a peaceful resolution
at all costs 'cause
we have a dozen embassies
- watching our asses.
- Yeah.
Did you check
the plates on the truck?
- I haven't but I will. First...
- Yeah.
How y'all doin'?
How you doin'?
- Hi.
- Remy Darbonne...
- Detective Darbonne.
- Detective Darbonne?
Yes, ma'am. Your NYPD hostage negotiator.
How you doin'?
I'm doin' great.
Wow, what are you, 12?
I set the record for NYPD's age, rank,
no-jump 10-56 calls.
A lotta people
came home alive.
That's good to hear.
How'd you do it?
Shit. I could talk
a scared cat in the water.
Catch a baby from a tree.
Goddamn, that boy good.
Mama named him Remy.
Did people just jump
to keep you quiet?
I'm woke now.
Pleasure to meet you,
Dr. Stewart.
Uh... Yeah.
- Yeah. I do my research.
- Great.
Well, "Agent Stewart's"
fine here.
Sure. Sure.
Quite the rep, though, huh?
"Pahk the cah in Hahvad Yahd?"
Tell me, is it all private jets
and white collar clubs?
I went to Harvard.
Not from Harvard.
Come on, you're Ivy League.
The secret handshakes
and all that bullshit?
You probably got
a golf handicap, am I right?
- It's 12.
- Bio reads like 9-11's Greatest Hits.
Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen.
Middle East,
that's my specialty.
Ain't too many bank jobs
out there, though, huh?
No Pashto. Yes, ma'am...
you're in my backyard now.
Detective Darbonne,
I'm primary on this
which makes you
unit command negotiator.
- Great. 'Cause you're in my chair.
- Oh!
- All right.
- Back seat, then. You drive.
I just pick out the music.
Somethin' to save the hostages by...
No? Not feelin' it? I'll come up
with some more choices for you.
Can anybody get me
a vest, please?
One more time.
Okay, I'm following procedure here.
It could be terrorism.
- Okay, Cher.
- Cher?
Save the New Orleans-speak,
Remy. Big Easy you ain't.
Oh, I gotta
stay loose, now.
Keep myself rockin'
and rollin'.
Hey, you know
it's a bank robbery, right?
It's not a terror scare. Terrorists don't
take hostages to steal gold.
Yeah, well, maybe. Maybe not.
I do think it's a copycat.
So far,
they have the same M.O.
as the Nazi Diamond Heist five years ago.
- Boom.
- Party just got bigger.
All right. I'll follow
your modus operandi for now.
Oh, well, thanks, Whodi.
I'll be your Whodi, Cher.
I ain't got no problem
with strong women.
The door-kickers are here
which means we're runnin' outta time.
- You know their C.O.?
- Yeah, a real hard ass.
Go talk to him.
SWAT can take overwatch
but nothing more.
All right,
so the most important thing...
You ready?
They're starting.
Okay. Brynn?
- Detective.
- Thank you.
Direct dial to all phones
in the bank.
Monitoring vocal stress meter
and relay all running.
This is how
the FBI rolls, huh?
Uh, English?
- Where's the translator?
- On the way.
- You don't need one.
- Really? You speak German?
You think she's robbin'
a bank in New York
and can't speak English?
She's stallin', all right?
Don't start with a loss.
Make her speak English.
You know what?
Be my guest.
How 'bout those Yankees, huh?
The Red Sox were killin' it though, man.
I'm not sure who's gonna win.
Who do you think's gonna win?
- What is wasser? What's wasser?
- I think it's water.
Yes, water.
We'll do all we can for you.
Your phones are patched through now,
so just pick it up.
But you gotta talk to us
in English, okay?
I know you can speak English.
My name's Remy.
She'll call back.
She'll call back
with her demands.
She'll call.
She will.
Okay. In English,
but no baseball. And no names.
Listen, I gotta
call you somethin'.
Call me "Most Wanted."
Where's the other one,
the woman?
I wanna speak to her.
So, you're Most Wanted?
I will be.
I want water and food for 20.
And I want you
to bring it in yourself.
Okay, we can get you
food and water,
but I can't come
inside the bank.
That's against policy
for federal agents.
And I want two armored trucks
by midnight.
You have about eight hours.
We trade for what?
How about you release
some hostages?
I already released some.
Well, come on,
the guards and the employees?
That was more just to keep
your numbers down, right?
I'm not bargaining with you.
Let me be perfectly clear.
I will kill one hostage
per hour starting at midnight
if you don't cooperate.
You don't wanna make
that threat.
Under U.S. Title 18 you're
asking for life in prison.
Code 1208, Detaining and
Threatening Hostages, that one?
Yeah, I'm aware.
Okay, listen. We're gonna do
everything we can for you.
But it's my job to keep
the hostages safe no matter what.
And if you can
promise me that,
I can promise you
I'll get you out by midnight.
SWAT's gonna storm the place
before they let hostages get shot.
Then we need to do
some negotiating.
Listen, maybe you should've said,
"I'll try to get you out."
You know, you don't make
promises you can't keep.
Really? You coaching me now?
No, we're just on the same side,
we want the same thing,
just probably got different ways
of doin' it, that's all.
Delta Six is
command of target.
They're on the move now.
- Get back.
- Yes, sir.
Hey! Sam.
Hey, we got you water.
All right, let's go folks, come on.
Back on the sidewalk.
Here we go, come on.
Get back.
Right now. Move back.
Go! Go! Go!
There you go. All right.
- Back off.
- Everything's good.
Everything's cool.
Just come on down.
Just grab your water.
Target in sight.
Ripe as a melon.
Cool it. Eyes only.
There you go.
Hey, how about I just come inside
and peek at the hostages?
- Make sure everybody's okay?
- Back off!
All right, come on down.
Go, go, go pick 'em up.
Let's go.
Pick 'em up, pick 'em up,
pick 'em up!
- Hey, lemme...
- I said, back off!
Whoa, whoa. Okay, okay.
They treatin' you okay?
Hey, look, listen...
- Shut the fuck up!
- Okay.
- No talking.
- Okay, I'm sorry, brother.
I'm sorry, man. It's just...
It's just my way. I talk too much.
- I...
- I said back the fuck off!
- Hey, hey.
- Get up.
You stay calm, we stay calm,
all right?
Get up. Get up.
Listen, who put you
up to this?
- What's her name? Gimme a name.
- Enough!
Oh, hey. How you doin'?
Most Wanted.
Okay. Look, uh,
it's a good start.
You gave me somethin'
talkin' in English,
I gave you somethin'
with the water.
Let me see the hostages.
Thought you
couldn't come inside.
Oh, I can come inside,
darlin'. I'm NYPD.
Very cute.
I'll talk to you when I'm ready.
Hey, how 'bout you
talk to me right now?
Just a little?
I'm on your side.
Of course you are.
I am.
Come on, talk to me.
What's next? What do you need?
What can I get you?
A way out.
A way out. Okay.
Okay, let's focus on that.
I'm gonna find you a way out.
She's desperate.
Well, she's robbin' a bank.
Yeah, but
there's somethin' else.
Less than six percent
of bank robbers are women.
She's got a story,
I can feel it
but we gotta make her believe
that she can get out far away from here.
So she can feel secure.
"So she can feel secure"?
Is this psych profile based
on your knowledge of criminals or women?
I just know people, Brynn.
It's just my thing.
Shit's gettin' real.
What's your BATNA?
You're all textbook.
I know you got one.
Yeah, I do.
Quick resolution.
First and foremost,
the hostages,
all safe in exchange
for whatever it takes.
Even the gold?
Yeah, if we have to.
SWAT will tell you they can do
a snatch and grab,
take out the thieves,
keep it like,
80% of the hostages alive.
No. I want them all.
Get ready.
Thank you.
A way out.
That's what she wants.
I wanna talk
about your exit out.
I will need travel visas
for five,
and a plane out to Marrakech
big enough for the gold.
I can do that.
I have some friends down at State.
I know you do,
Dr. Brynn Stewart.
I told you my name.
How do you know Brynn?
'Cause I do my homework.
Remy, you make sure
FBI knows I'm serious,
or I will take a stand here
and kill hostages.
This has to work.
No exceptions.
Well, sounds like
you made a friend.
How does she know your name?
It's not that hard.
I mean, I'm on the FBI website.
Maybe our Most Wanted
is that smart, huh?
You got somethin' to say,
say it.
I think she chose you.
- Chose me?
- Mmm-hmm.
It's time.
Move everyone to the back room.
All right!
Everybody move!
- Get up!
- Get up!
- Get up!
- Get up! Up!
- No, no, don't shoot!
- Go! Go!
Go! Move! Move!
What you got?
Dalton Russell.
Isn't this the guy that pulled off
the first Nazi Diamond Heist?
Yup. Those thieves all went by Stevie,
Steven, Steve, et cetera...
and they were all wearing
a mask just like this one.
But a year later, one of those Stevies
was arrested for assault.
Freaked out, copped a plea
and ID'd Dalton Russell.
So, what do
we know about him?
Nothing. The name could even
be an alias,
and he hasn't resurfaced
in so long he's presumed dead.
Hey, I've got
better specs on the bank.
Uh, 122 vault compartments
and $250 billion in gold reserves.
- Give or take.
- Give or take?
Who has a bank and doesn't know
how much is in it?
It hasn't been audited
since 1952.
They don't want us to know
how much is in the bank.
Dalton Russell
left the bank currency
and only robbed
the safe deposit box.
I remember.
The bank owner
that hid the diamonds. Right?
Nazi sympathizer,
Arthur Case.
So, where is he?
Convicted of war crimes.
He's been in house arrest
for years and years.
Ansh, can you see
what the latest intel on him is?
And now we got thieves
speaking German.
Yeah, I don't know.
I still think you're fishin'
for trout in a saltwater stream.
I'm guessing that's bad?
Freshwater fish.
Smells like money.
Not there.
Not there.
Ooh. Definitely not here.
Water all over here.
Fool, do you know
what you're doin'?
Hey, Pretzel, I'm not just
a pretty face, okay?
Right here.
- Progress?
- Very good.
We will be ready.
Will your boy?
He's the best.
In case I miss.
Don't miss.
Second Street subway, that was tough.
This, this is like fuckin'
Pretzel's mom.
It's a walk in the park.
Stand back.
What'd you bring us?
Hot dogs. Brats.
That's German, right?
You spend
a lot of time there?
Where are my armored trucks?
How are things
looking at the airport?
One thing at a time, okay?
We're workin' on it. Whoa!
How are you doin'?
What are you, hostage or thief?
- Hostage.
- Good.
You don't wanna be a thief facin'
a lifetime in prison, you understand?
You tell the FBI
I'm for real?
I told 'em.
But I gotta get inside that bank
and make sure everybody's okay.
No way.
This your first bank robbery?
Am I not doin' good?
Nah, it just...
it seems like you'd rather be
somewhere else.
- Wouldn't you?
- Sure.
It's my day off.
Promised myself a rib eye steak
and some good bad company.
- Bad timing for both of us, then.
- Yeah.
You make any promises
you gotta keep?
Promises? Nope.
Just a plan to get the gold,
get rich and get out.
It's not complicated, Remy.
You know, it's funny.
That's what my mama used to say
when I was a kid, and...
I'd ask her, "Mama,
why you go to church so much?"
She'd say,
"It's not complicated, Remy."
Why did your mama
go to church?
Pray. Learn how to be good.
Then I grew up...
and found out she really went to church
to get away from my pops.
And it was
always complicated.
Could we talk?
It is complicated.
Well, good job, Detective.
Yeah, she wouldn't
let me in.
I know.
And SWAT's gettin' itchy.
And I just had a very unpleasant call
with the district attorney.
Tell 'em to take a smoke.
We still got six more hours.
Oh, shit.
- What?
- What is it?
Arthur Case died like a month ago
under house arrest.
Natural causes.
But check this out.
Dietrich Case, his son,
is a Berlin banker
and a flagship member of OHF,
some kind of like
neo-Nazi organization.
He's implicated in multiple
criminal enterprises here and in Europe,
- so I'm thinking...
- It's not a copycat robbery.
These thieves are connected
to the first robbery.
- Father dies.
- Diamonds lost.
Most Wanted said,
"This has got to work, no exceptions."
Now, do we have any idea
why she would say that?
I don't know. Maybe she wants us
to know something that...
Ansh, just keep digging.
- Yeah, okay.
- Dig faster. Whoa!
Let's go, let's go!
Come on, move it back.
Keep goin'.
Okay. That's it, good.
Two trucks, keys inside,
no one in back, just like you asked.
Now you do something for us.
You can come and check
on the other hostages now if you want.
Good! Good.
Remy will come in.
- No. Has to be you.
- Why me?
Those are my terms.
You decide.
I told you, federal agents
can't come inside.
You know?
Not without a SWAT team.
Now or never.
Take it or leave it.
What was that?
Was that gunfire?
It was just a noise.
Goddamn it!
That was gunfire.
Shit. Ah! Shit.
- I'm going in.
- What?
My BATNA is safe hostages
at all costs, so I'm goin' in.
Your boss
is not gonna approve.
- Dale! Wire me up.
- You're damn right he's not.
Oh, fuck, man. Hey.
Hey! What happened
to non-lethal weapons?
Jesus Christ.
What the hell
have you done, Joseph?
- He was taking our gold.
- We needed him.
He was a thief.
We're stealing gold, genius.
We're all fucking thieves!
Go back to your work.
For fuck's sake.
Jesus Christ!
You listen to me.
You wanted me to plan this,
so I did.
You want the gold?
I will get it for you.
But for this to work, you have
to do as I say. Do you understand?
You sure about this?
Remy, this is the only way
we're gonna get it done.
All right. Let's go.
All right, when you get inside
the bank, keep your hands up,
don't ask any questions
too soon.
Try and get a good look
at the big German guy.
What, are you worried?
They don't need another hostage.
No, you're what I call
a blue chip.
No need to raise
the stakes.
Aw. Thanks, Remy.
I didn't know you cared.
You didn't think I cared?
Yeah, you know, I figured you for the guy
that doesn't make attachments.
Like you said, you gotta
keep it loose, right?
Eat out, come home to a big screen TV,
binge watch Netflix,
lots of Amazon orders
Got your life and your women
on speed dial.
Like I said, Cher,
I like a strong woman.
It's all clear!
Come on! Get in here!
- I'm not armed.
- Yeah.
- She's clean.
- This way.
It should've been me.
How's morale in here?
Well, they've been sitting on the floor
all day with guns in their faces,
so, you know, not great.
Can we go home now?
Why don't you
let the women go?
'Cause we need them to help us
carry the gold out to the trucks.
There's a lot of it.
- How have you guys been treated?
- Good.
- Ma'am, please.
- I'm okay.
- Okay, that's enough.
- Have you eaten?
- You've seen them. Let's go.
- Can we go home?
- No.
- No, no, please.
Put these on. Now.
No more questions.
You don't wanna do this.
Oh, we're keeping you.
You can't take
a federal agent hostage.
No? Watch me.
All right,
they just changed the script.
Everybody back to work.
We had gunfire before,
and now a federal agent's hostage.
Alpha Team,
get me eyes in there.
What the hell's he doin'?
Commander! Do not interfere.
I got this.
- You gave up a federal agent.
- Gave? She insisted.
Yeah? Well, we're not gonna wait 'til
they start shootin' hostages, Remy.
Listen to me. I'm unit command on this.
Get that through your head.
I'm unit command on this.
Not you.
This isn't gonna work.
I'm not part of the bargain.
You are now.
I need you inside.
Need me?
Is this part
of Dietrich Case's plan?
What the hell
do you know?
I know his father died
in house arrest, so...
maybe he's got a score
to settle?
- Don't test me.
- I'm not testing you.
I am trying to help you.
If you really wanna help me,
then you have to do exactly as I say.
I'm counting on you.
Why me?
Newark? Nothing good happens
in Newark.
Do you understand
I can get us both out of here
but only if you cooperate?
Remy! I got someone
you gotta meet.
Says she knows someone
in the bank.
Family talk to liaison, Sam.
Says she knows
one of the bank robbers.
Okay, Ava. Tell us
about this bank robber.
Yeah, his name's
Bobby Jenkins.
Bobby Jenkins.
And how do you know him?
We dated. A little.
But not anymore?
Not since he did this.
You report him?
What's the point?
All right, and you think
he's got somethin' to do with this?
I didn't believe him.
You know, he talked about it
like it was a movie.
Even had a code name. He said
he'd go by Joey on the big day.
Joey, Joe, Jackie, Josie,
they all had code names.
And then, boom, there it is,
right there on the news.
Real as all hell.
Real as all hell.
How long were you
with him for?
Couple of weeks.
Just long enough for me
to find out he was a douchebag.
How'd you guys meet?
I'm a student
at the architectural college,
so I help out at the library,
archives, records, you know?
'Bout a month ago, Bobby comes
in looking for some plans.
Says he's an engineer
with a job to research.
What plans?
Architectural plans.
So they can tunnel in, I bet.
No. Yeah,
we spoke to the engineer
and they can't tunnel.
Hudson River.
No, they're wrong.
What do you mean
they're wrong?
There's a defunct subway dig
from the 1890s.
It's supposed to be dry
on the northeast corner.
All right, darlin' this way, all right?
Just sit right there.
- Sam is gonna get you that coffee.
- Okay.
All right, I need you to pull
the original city plans
on the Reserve
Construction Subway.
We missed somethin'.
Get the engineers on standby.
Let 'em know we'll tell 'em exact
location when we're ready, all right?
All right. Got it.
- This all right?
- Yeah.
- You up for this?
- Yeah.
- All right. Boom.
- Boom.
It's hot, honey.
Any word on Brynn?
No. She checks out, though.
Been a Columbia student
for two years.
Well, if she's right,
the trucks are just a decoy.
Yeah, I need you
to take a look at this.
See, I've got the same woman
coming in the bank
four times in two days.
Watch this.
Most Wanted.
We got you.
- You run facial recognition?
- Yeah. Already did.
No priors, but...
I got a passport hit.
Dual citizenship,
American and German.
Her name is Ariella Barash.
- Make the call.
- Yeah.
- Let her go.
- Can't. I need her.
FBI agent gets us on the plane
and out of the country.
She's worth more
than a dozen civilians.
- Then let a dozen civilians go.
- I will. At the airport.
Lemme talk to her.
Keep it short.
I'm okay, Remy.
Look we found her.
Her name is Ariella Barash.
Yeah. Yeah,
they're treating me fine.
I'll help them get on a plane
with safe passage
and the gold.
That's all they want.
No, no.
There's no plane needed.
Look, they might be
tryin' to tunnel out.
I don't think you're taking
my demands seriously, Remy.
I am.
Do not hurt her.
I won't.
She's my insurance.
All right, find out all you can
on the Barash family,
and see if you can get
an address in Germany.
All right.
Be patient.
Goddamn it!
Unlock this!
Hey, hey!
Fuck you both!
Oh, very clever.
Now you're a hostage.
I'm not stayin'.
Not alive.
I can oblige you.
Remy didn't order this.
Did he?
Did he?
We have to finish.
And them?
What are we going to do?
Most Wanted.
How did you get my cell?
This is not part
of our arrangement.
Yeah? Well, neither
was sending SWAT in.
Wait, I did not send SWAT in.
And now you have a problem.
Listen to me.
Look, calm down...
You can pick them up
at the front door after I'm done.
Don't do nothin' stupid.
Come on. No, no.
Please. Come on.
Come on.
God, no! No!
Stand down! Stand down!
No! Get your men
back right now!
Get your men back right now!
Get your men
outta the goddamned bank.
You're gonna be all right.
All right, listen, we got the plane,
we got the trucks.
Get the gold and go. Okay?
You guys all right?
Get the medics.
Get the medics in.
- My leg.
- You're all right. Come on, come on.
- Hey, hey!
- What?
Get this on right now.
Come on.
- All right.
- Put it on! Put it on!
- Hold on!
- Come on!
All right, we're good.
We're good. We're good.
SWAT was not my call.
- I know.
- Ah!
- Are you finished?
- Am I finished?
You mean am I ready?
I'm talkin'
about your tunnel.
Why ask for armored trucks
when you're diggin' a tunnel?
Is this Plan A,
is this Plan B?
You tell me
what's goin' on here.
Look, all you need to know
is that in 30 minutes from now
each hostage is gonna leave
with gold for the trucks.
I'll call you
when we're coming out.
Okay. Okay, you're in charge.
All right, I just...
I just want the hostages safe.
They will be.
Brynn, too.
When was the last time
you been to Germany?
Spoke to Dietrich Case?
Don't fuck with me, Remy.
Then what can you tell me
about Dalton Russell?
Presumed dead.
Isn't that what FBI told you?
Why are you here?
To steal gold.
I do not believe you.
What do you want?
Dalton Russell.
Or should I say
David Barash?
Tell me what you want!
What do I want?
My father is dead.
I want you to make amends,
or you'll never see
your brother again.
Okay, this is the oldest.
Atlantic Avenue Tunnel.
- Built in 1844.
- Wow.
It was forgotten until 1980,
when they found it
near a subsequent dig
on the northeast corner of the bank
under Maiden Lane.
- Still there?
- It's possible.
But what do your experts say?
Yeah, we got a team
heading down there now.
They say if it is, it's a rat graveyard,
sealed up decades ago
when they constructed
the new subway line.
There's water on every side.
If they dig in the wrong spot, then...
Boom. Hudson River.
Holy shit.
Holy fuckin' shit!
What? What is it?
I got it.
- It's dry.
- Sweet.
It's dry. He did it.
- It's done?
- Damn right it's done.
And that's what you get
when you hire me.
I'm the fuckin' best.
I managed to go
right through all...
What are you doing?
He's dispensable.
He's a local.
are still needed.
What the fuck, Joseph!
You could've taken him hostage.
He'd talk, Jodie,
you know that.
I had it covered.
Goddamn it, this was not the plan.
No witnesses,
we take more gold,
and don't forget
why you are here.
He scares me
more than the cops.
You and Joe
get the other hostages.
Everything is
gonna be fine. Go.
You can do this.
Yeah, I know. I have to.
You know, if you stop now and plea out
I can offer you leniency.
It'll put years back
on your life.
You sure you wanna do that?
I'm sure.
The Federal Bureau
of Investigation can save me?
That's correct.
You still believe
in American superiority
but you are no longer
a strong nation.
You are a laughing stock.
U.S. power is cheap rhetoric.
All the gold around you
belongs to many other countries.
Without us...
you are bankrupt.
You plead with me,
maybe I offer you leniency.
Whoa! Ariella had a brother.
It's David Barash.
David, a.k.a. Dalton Russell?
Yeah, I don't know.
It could be.
The Barash family had a grandfather
who was killed in World War II.
Check that out.
All right, see if we can get
the banking oversight guy on the phone.
I wanna know exactly what was stored
in those vaults from Germany.
On it.
That's some fine digging
there, man.
I should call you
the rabbit-eared bandicoot.
Wait, wait.
Um... Bandicoot?
Really? You're callin' me
a bandicoot?
It's a compliment.
I don't think so.
You know, bandicoot,
the small, little furry animals
- that dig the burrows like hell?
- I know what a bandicoot is.
Can you just call me
by my name?
Which is Ansh.
- Ansh?
- Yeah.
- How do you not know my name?
- Your name's Ansh?
- Yeah.
- All this time it's Ansh?
- Yeah.
- Man, you sound like a IKEA stool.
Brother, you sound like
a New Age air freshener.
- Wow, oh, okay.
- "Ansh, for men."
- It's Indian.
- Indian?
Yeah. Like, you know, Kshatriyas caste?
You know what a caste is?
Yeah, yeah. I was in
the Queens Bridge Crew, brother.
That is not the same thing.
That's a hell of a creep,
your rapey
fellow thief, Joseph.
I didn't choose him.
I would never choose him.
Okay. Who did?
Come on, you want me
to trust you?
You know what was clever
about the Nazi Diamond Heist?
Tell me.
They robbed a whole bank
the way a pickpocket lifts a wallet,
or a magician hides a card.
They toyed with perception.
You distract the brain, the prefrontal cortex,
with a complex problem,
like, say, a bank robbery.
Focus attention on the big picture
and then, bam,
create an unexpected event
that steals attention.
And you can't resist.
The brain's primitive sensory
cortices light up with the distraction.
You change the framing
of someone's perception,
you change their reality.
It's what makes sleight-of-hand
so effective.
You speak multiple languages,
you know neurology,
you know firearms,
obviously well educated,
and I'm guessing, what, career military?
Or career magician.
You and Dalton Russell
planned it together.
The Nazi Diamond Heist
was you, too.
It's time.
- I have to go.
- But, wait, why do this again?
Diamonds, gold.
They mean nothing.
The only true currency
is family.
That's the only thing
worth dying for.
What family?
If anything goes wrong,
wait as I instructed.
Ariella, wait.
You'll be fine, Brynn.
World War II G.I.s restored
a lotta artwork to rightful owners,
and brought back
S.S. Commander Himmler's stolen gold
to the States in 1945.
That's great work, man.
Thank you.
Remy? This is Mr. Gallagher,
Director of Federal Oversight
for Banking in New York.
How are you doin'?
Remy Darbonne, NYPD Unit Commander.
How long will this last?
Sir, step inside for me.
Can you confirm that
the Federal Reservestores Nazi gold
from 1945 in your vaults?
Our holdings and clientele
are confidential.
Now, I know you got a whole bunch
of rules and regulations,
and secrets, but right now, right here,
with lives on the line,
I don't give a shit
about any of that.
So, tell me, is there Nazi gold
in that bank?
You know what connects
World War II Germany, Dietrich Case,
David Barash, and a record
of lazy bank audits to this robbery?
Uh... Gold?
Nazi gold.
It's still down there.
Oh, man. That's fucked up.
Nazi gold in an American bank.
When my pops gave me
this watch...
the only thing worth a damn
he ever owned...
he said gold was the only thing
that matters.
He said gold's the only thing
you can trust.
Never ages, never changes,
doesn't judge, doesn't care.
Maybe that's why
we love it so much.
How much do you figure is down there?
Today's value?
Uh, with 70 years'
worth of inflation,
that's gotta be more than,
what, 200 mil?
Give or take.
- Give or take, huh?
- Yeah.
Sam, I like this guy.
- Hi! Can I talk to Ariella?
- No!
- Back away from the door.
- Okay.
Mask back on.
Hold onto this. It's a SIM card
with a single 49 country code number.
- Germany.
- Comes with instructions.
You know where to go,
but if anything happens to Ariella,
you turn it on. And wait.
- You understand these instructions?
- Yeah. Yeah.
As you can see, the situation
is still very tense.
- The FBI agents are still attempting...
- Here, buddy.
- negotiate with the bank robbers.
- Thanks.
So, why do you think
she's robbing the bank?
You know why southern women
still wear those
big ol' colorful hats
when they're goin' to church?
Because of God?
My mom and them
would gather
in their shiny hats
and dresses
was because God
and all their neighbors
were watchin' them.
I think Ariella Barash is robbin'
the bank because someone's watchin' her.
And I ain't just talkin'
about the Lord.
Just be careful.
They're sensitive.
Will it work?
It will. It has to.
They ready upstairs?
- Yes. Everything's in place.
- Good.
Come here.
- You know what to do.
- Yeah.
So, you wanna take
more gold.
Yeah. We take
what we can carry.
You've seen how much
is in there.
Come here.
Looking for this?
I'll be sure and tell
Dietrich Case you died a coward.
Murdering pig!
Ariella, come on.
Just lemme out.
Josie's gonna let you out.
You'll be fine...
Oh, my God!
Come on, move!
Go, go, go!
- All right, all right.
- Back off. Back off.
- You all ready?
- Yeah. Get the doors. Get the doors.
Hey! Somebody!
Check! Check!
To the left!
Right's clear!
Oh, shit!
Oh! Oh, shit.
Hey, come here!
Hey! Hey!
Come, open the door!
Open the door!
Come on! Please!
The water!
Come on! Please let me out!
Let yourself out!
- Please!
- Fuck!
Come on!
Open the door.
Come open the door!
Fuck you!
- Fuck you!
- Fuck you!
Hold your fire!
Hey! Hey, hey!
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
Hands up. Hands up.
Right there.
Go on.
All right, Sam.
Don't let them go.
-- The robbers are mixed in.
- Let's see your hands.
- Let's go. Let's go.
- Let's see your hands.
Hey, you! Hands!
- Let me see your face!
- Please!
Okay, okay. Sam!
Get this lady outta here.
- Hey!
- Let me see your hands!
Hey, you! Hands!
Show me your hands!
Come here!
- Brynn, you there?
- Remy!
Remy, over here!
- Remy!
- You're here!
- Remy!
- I'm coming! I'm coming.
- The key! Can you reach down?
- Where's the key?
I can't reach it. Right where you are.
Go straight down!
Did you get it?
Put it in the lock.
Hurry up!
- Remy!
- I got it!
Remy, behind you!
- Remy!
- No!
Come on. Come on!
Come on! Come on.
Gotta lock the door!
- You okay? You okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
Look, let's not make
a big deal out of it.
Well, I mean, let's not make
nothing of it.
You're somethin' else.
No, there's no chance.
What a fuckin' circus!
- We got it done.
- You got lucky.
Put yourself at risk,
and by extension, my Bureau.
You can put that
goddamned promotion on ice.
- Hey, Brynn?
- Remy, can you just give me a minute?
Mr. District Attorney,
can we get a statement?
Well, I am pleased to announce,
most importantly,
that all the hostages
are safe.
- Also, no gold was stolen...
- Correct.
...thanks to the superlative work
of law enforcement units.
should be applauded
for their tireless efforts
and their bravery.
- Hey, guys, be careful with that, okay?
- Okay.
- Hey.
- How you doin'?
Where's Ava?
Remy, go home.
Take a break.
- Get dry.
- Where's the girl?
You know what kids are like.
I told her to stay. She didn't.
Yeah, she took off
when everything went boom, man.
392, you write that?
No. Not me.
Hey, Al, you write this?
No, sir.
Oh, shit.
In the Nazi heist, the diamonds were
in safe deposit box 392.
Open 392.
- You know there are laws...
- Shut up and open it!
There, open that.
Thank you kindly, sir.
Now back on up. Appreciate you.
Why leave it?
- Sam, you got that bag?
- Yeah.
Oh, goddamn.
That's the bank's.
Bag it, and sign it up.
"This is why."
"This is why," what?
"To Ariella, Act Three,
Love David."
There you go.
David, Ariella and Ava.
They're family.
Young man, I've been here
for hours.
I just want to go home.
I don't think you had
anything to do with this,
but maybe you can
tell me who did?
One of them took a gun
and put it to my head.
- To your head?
- Yes.
Why am I here?
Can you tell us anything
about what's goin' on?
They got you good, huh?
- You all right?
- No, I'm not okay.
Yeah, of course you're not.
Do you know anything
about the robbery?
You can't hold me here.
My record with this bank
is impeccable!
Not anymore.
Did you rob
the bank, Edward?
Yeah, that's me. When I'm not
tailoring suits, I'm robbin' banks.
I had to pick up some water,
or whatever they wanted.
Oh, you're the guy
that had the water.
- You remember him, right, Sam?
- That's right.
- The guy with the water.
- I'm so sorry, sir.
I want to go home.
You can go home soon.
You can have your nice tea and crumpets,
or whatever it is you drink.
Why is it that you don't seem
happy we saved you? I don't understand.
- I don't understand.
- You don't understand?
Twenty years inside,
you understand that?
- But...
- How 'bout you don't give me
no attitude,
I don't give you no attitude.
- All right?
- But I actually want a lawyer.
If you
heard 'em speak?
If you made them
speak German, maybe?
- Can you speak German, Armand?
- You can't hold me here.
- Armand?
- No, I cannot speak German.
No? Don't recognize that?
Are you the missing thief?
This one,
it symbolizes freedom.
Can you sing the anthem?
I don't know the American anthem.
I don't know!
Detective, I think
we're done here.
- That's enough, Detective.
- Just answer...
Excuse me, sir,
I'm not finished...
Ma'am, you're free to go.
Excuse me, ma'am, if you just
wait outside for five minutes
- I'll be back, all right?
- Thank you, Sergeant.
I'll talk to you in like five minutes,
all right?
What the...
What are you doin', sir, huh?
These are foreign nationals.
You have to let them go.
Two of the robbers have still gotta be
in there with the hostages.
- We cannot let them go.
- The robbery failed.
- The tunnel collapsed.
- It doesn't matter!
- They're in here, man! I'm telling you.
- It flooded!
They all drowned.
Nothing was actually stolen!
FBI will keep tabs
on every last hostage,
- but for now they all go home!
- Fine.
Hey, Remy.
- Hey, beautiful.
- What can I get ya?
- Coffee, please.
- Sure thing.
- Diamonds.
- Right.
And she says,
"This is why."
- Hamlet?
- All right, listen to this.
"The undiscovered country
from those who are born
"no travelers return,
puzzles the will."
Yeah, well, that's death.
"The undiscovered country."
Hamlet's wondering if it's worth killin' himself
to avoid all the troubles.
'Cause maybe
he's better off dead.
Okay, so...
she thought it could've been
a possible suicide run.
Yeah, but then why do it?
I mean, if you wanna avoid death,
just stay home.
Maybe it wasn't her life
that she was tryin' to protect?
- The brother?
- Maybe she was tryin' to protect him.
I thought he was dead.
Maybe, the maybe
of all maybes.
I've been dealt a fuckin' bullshit hand
from the start here.
Well, hey!
We're good to get in the vault.
- Anything else for you?
- Let me have a bagel.
A book, a family picture, a gold bar,
and a bracelet made of gold.
Shit, I think I know
what happened.
The gold was stolen.
It was hidden inside the bank.
Eh, the cleanup crew was real efficient.
Cleared all this away.
Well, that's the job,
ain't it?
They molded the gold bars
into other things...
and were meant
to hide it here.
I don't understand.
Sam, I want you to try
and locate the cleanup crew.
Wait, forget about it.
You're not gonna find 'em.
- Why?
- Because they're the bank robbers!
That's why the explosion
was up here,
not to blow the safe
but to cause this chaos.
It allowed them to hide
the gold under the rubble.
Where's the brass at?
They hid the gold as brass.
Right under our feet.
Ain't nobody gonna look at the cleanup
crew takin' out the garbage.
They're good. Very good.
The brass is the gold, Sam.
Brass is gold.
The coroner pulled three bodies
outta here. All male.
- Ariella?
- No.
The engineer said she must've been
dragged back into the Hudson.
Oh, my God.
I left New Orleans
to get away from the floods.
I don't think they were ever
tryin' to tunnel out, Sam.
Let the water in to make it
look like the robbery failed.
Yeah, but Ariella
didn't make it.
Was that a mistake?
Just doesn't add up.
Hey, Sam? Get me a ladder.
What is it?
Looks like some kinda
storage area.
Might've been her sanctuary
while she was waitin'
for the water to go down.
She was up there,
the whole time?
When it was done,
out of the red overalls...
in with the cleanup crew...
she walks right past us.
Holy shit.
Brynn Stewart, I presume.
I'm Dietrich Case.
- Ariella's dead?
- Yes.
A clever Plan B to keep
her brother alive.
- Where is he?
- Berlin.
Waiting for my confirmation.
Smart, those two.
Ariella, she was
the brilliant one,
the dangerous one,
and the bitch
who donated my family's diamonds
to that Zeppelin Museum,
all for Germany's
Imagine that.
After all these years...
Himmler's gold.
Nazi gold,
to replace Nazi diamonds.
My father's legacy.
A poetic resolution.
- "Justice is mine."
- Okay, enough.
It's your end, make the call.
Of course.
This must be a risk for you.
You must have
your own incentive.
- Am I right?
- I do.
Personal ambition?
Ariella told me you face
some opposition within the FBI.
That's why she knew
you would do this.
'Cause you are a woman, or...
some other failing?
Either way,
I applaud your conviction.
Morality is not absolute
and I find self-interest is...
I did have my own incentive.
On the ground now!
On the ground!
Federal agents!
Put your weapons down.
- Don't move.
- Right now. On the ground.
- Stay there.
- Keep 'em where I can see 'em.
Keep your
fucking poetic justice.
You're under arrest,
Dietrich Case.
Ariella was never gonna
let you have the gold.
And I was never gonna
let her brother live.
Good job, Agent Stewart.
Thank you, sir.
Let's wrap this up.
Coffee, huh?
Been lookin' for you.
- Disappeared on me, Brynn.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry
I couldn't tell you.
So, you cut a deal
with Ariella?
She told me if I cooperated,
she'd give me Dietrich Case.
I found out later
it was a swap,
that gold
for her brother's life.
So you knew.
You knew
when you went in there...
and broke the rules
that she'd do this.
Ariella told me her plan
in the bank.
She'd arrange for the gold
to be delivered to these docks,
and for Dietrich
to come and get it.
She needed the FBI
to take him down.
And Ariella knew I'd do it
because I wanted the win.
You just wanted the win.
"You wanted the win." Wow.
Yeah. I guess I thought
I could talk a scared cat into water.
Yeah, that shit's harder
than it looks.
I almost pulled it off.
I really thought
she'd make it out.
And now
they're both dead.
"The undiscovered country."
Ah, it's just
somethin' I read.
But I don't think
she is dead.
But I think a lotta people are gonna die
when she realizes her brother's gone.
You wanna hear
my theory on it, Cher?
Only if you tell it to me
over a cup of coffee, Whodi.
That sounds good.
You like Birch Coffee?
- Wanna get some Irish coffee?
- A'ight.
Nice car.