Inside the Circle (2021) Movie Script

Of course.
I'm gonna take the documents
with me to my house.
I know.
You don't understand how
important this is for me.
Just text me the address.
I'll be there as fast as Superman.
Yes, I'll read them and
study them during the weekend.
On Monday, I'll call you to discuss them.
I know how important this
case is for the firm.
Yeah, I'll be there soon.
I have a surprise for
you. You'll love it.
Gotta go, bye.
Wait, she said yes.
Of course. Why wouldn't
she wanna date a doctor?
You know, that's when
relationships never last.
Why are you so late?
Oh, there was so much traffic.
There was like 100 accidents.
You look like you need a drink.
Let me know how it is.
All right, well, I gotta
go make some drinks.
But you, you keep drinking,
because tonight we celebrate!
What are we celebrating?
I just graduated med school.
Thanks again for lending me your patio.
He met another girl today.
And he's a doctor now?
Oh my God.
But I do need to vent
about my mother-in-law.
Oh, you always need to vent
about your mother-in-law.
Sacramento is the worst
place for a honeymoon.
But Steven said yes?
Of course he said yes.
He's a mama's boy.
He'll do whatever she says.
But you don't need to agree, do you?
I know.
But that's where she had her honeymoon,
and she really wants it, and
she's paying for everything.
No, no, no, if it was
me, I wouldn't care.
Yeah, well, when you live with someone,
you have to compromise, a lot.
Otherwise, it's not gonna work out.
And I don't wanna end up alone.
And I wanna have kids, at least five.
I just wanna have the
life that I dreamed of
when I was five years old.
Are you listening to me?
Yes, yes. Sorry, I just
got a little distracted.
But yeah, I am so happy for you.
Alright, enough about me.
What about you?
I know you've been dating.
Ugh, that's a nightmare.
I'm just so tired of having bad dates.
It's like every single guy in
this city is a narcissistic,
superficial, egocentrical guy.
It's so frustrating.
And when you feel like you
finally find a good one,
well, those are the worst,
because they lie to your face.
You can't trust anyone.
Who's that guy?
Oh, I don't know, probably
one of Justin's geek friends.
You look like an idiot.
I got it, I got it, I freaking got it.
-Oh yes.
Yo, did you get the pages?
The Owners, Issue Number One.
What the fuck, how?
A friend of a friend of
a friend, of a friend.
Lucky bastard.
Come on, let's go introduce
you to some ladies, huh?
You, my friend, deserve it.
Positive energy attracts
positive thoughts.
And positive thoughts make
your heart's desires come true.
Stop reciting Kaon, okay.
You just got lucky.
Oh, you know that girl I asked out?
We're going out tomorrow.
You're gonna get caught.
Dude, stop lying.
Eh, we're young and wild.
And stupid. I mean
you are, I'm not.
Ladies, allow me to
introduce you to Giancarlo.
Rocio, Giancarlo.
Natalie, Giancarlo.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Nice shirt.
Oh, thanks.
Cool colors.
Okay, let's go,
Giancarlo. Two more.
Okay, so I'm definitely
gonna rewrite them.
Been going on for the last two months.
Your panties are showing.
I'm sorry, but I needed to say something.
I don't know why no
one has said anything.
Hi, Rocio?
It's Giancarlo. I met you
at Justin's party last week.
He gave me your cellphone number.
Of course, how can I forget you?
Yeah, I, I feel bad
and I wanted to apologize.
What are you doing now?
What do you mean?
Can I pick you up?
No, I have a date.
With who?
That's none of your business.
It's four PM, so it's probably
the first date with him.
What's wrong with you?
I told you, that's none of your business.
Stop saying that you're sorry.
I don't think you're
actually being honest.
Yeah, I'm not, because I'm
not saying anything wrong.
I mean, it's what people like to hear.
A fake apology?
You want me to be honest?
I mean you were very honest
telling me that I had a hole
in my pants and that my
panties were very bright.
Because they were bright red.
Look, Giancarlo, it was nice to meet you,
but I actually need to go.
No, no, no, just wait, just wait.
You just told me to be honest.
Okay, can I ask you a question?
Okay, go ahead.
The date that you're going
on, is it your first date?
Do you like the guy?
Basically, yes, he's attractive,
but as a person, I don't know.
That's why I'm going
out on a date with him.
Do you really wanna go on this date?
In a perfect world, what
do you really wanna do?
Like right now.
Mm, I don't know.
What are you now, a reporter?
Just bear with me, please.
I don't know if you're
trying to manipulate me
or if you're just crazy.
So it was nice talking to
you, Giancarlo, okay, bye.
What do I really want?
Hey, it's me.
I was not expecting the call.
Well, I been thinking a
lot about what you say.
When you asked, what do I wanna do?
And what I wanna do is have a nice walk
and a good conversation.
So, hope you don't disappoint me.
So, the date wasn't that great, huh?
It was fine, I guess.
He was a nice guy.
Do you date a lot?
Mm, not much.
I'm always busy.
What do you do?
I am a lawyer, a business lawyer.
Ooh, that sounds busy.
Yes, it can get a little hectic.
What do you do?
What do I do, or if I date or not?
I'm an app developer.
I have my own company, and no,
I don't date that much anymore.
And what type of apps do you do?
I'm actually developing a very cool one.
But this one, I'm doing it for myself,
not for any company, I do freelance.
I call it Mentira.
It's kind of a lie detector
for your cellphone.
It detects your voice,
like the steadiness of it,
and then decides if you're
telling the truth or not.
Hm, sounds interesting.
But how does it work?
It just speaks through the speakers,
the cellphone speakers,
and then it would say
like "lie" or "true."
So, why don't you date that much anymore?
It's not that I don't date
or I don't like to date.
It just doesn't interest me as much.
Like the other older I
get, the more I realize
that I waste more time
dating than not dating.
Hm, what do you mean?
If I date because I need to date,
I feel like I wasted my time and money.
If I'm not doing it, I do a
lot of things that I love.
And the older I get, the
more the things that I love
that I wanna do.
Okay, but what if time keeps passing
and you don't find your soulmate?
You're gonna end up alone.
You know what, that would be fantastic.
Because it means I did what I love
with the time that I had.
You know, in time, I love to be
in an empty room, I love the quietness
and the solitude of a space.
It gives me peace.
You say that.
But the reality is that
nobody wants to be alone.
Nobody wants to be.
That's why you're here.
No, I'm here because I wanna be here,
not because I don't wanna be alone.
I, I learned over time
to be honest with myself,
in everything I do, with time,
love, life, work, everything.
Well, good for you.
That sounds depressing.
Really, what's depressing?
Wanting to be alone on purpose.
Okay, Miss Relationship Expert,
so how's that working for you?
Well, not great, but at
least I'm trying, you know?
And, one day I'll find true love
and a great husband, and
I'll have beautiful kids.
That sounds good, and
that's depressing.
Wait, why is that depressing?
Because it looks like your
whole idea of happiness
is based on an event that you have
not accomplished just yet.
It means that right now, at this instant,
your life is not fulfilled.
Okay, what would happen if
you never find your husband
or if you would never get
married or can have kids?
What exactly are you doing right now?
Not being completely happy?
I'm happy. Okay, I am.
I'm great, actually.
I have a great job, and I, and I,
am saving to buy a house,
and my mom's healthy
and I am healthy, so yes,
I'm happy, thank you.
We can change topics if you want to.
Yes, let's do that.
Did you fix your pants?
Yes, I did. I stapled them.
What do you mean you stapled them?
I stapled the freaking hole
so my bright red panties
wouldn't shine on everyone's faces.
Yes, I did.
Thank you for the walk.
It was, interesting.
Thank you for calling me.
Have a good night,
okay? Drive safe.
I'll... I'll...
see you around?
Rocio, Rocio, wait, wait.
What happened?
What are you gonna do next Saturday?
What happened with "Mr.
I Don't Like to Date"?
What I said was that I don't like it date
because of the heck of dating
or because I wanna be alone,
or because I wanna score,
if you know what I mean.
No thanks.
Wait, what? No, what?
No, I don't wanna date with you?
But I wanna date you.
I wanna know you.
It's a choice.
What do you really want?
Okay, fine.
Yes. Why, am I making
a bad choice here?
No no, no no, you're
making a great decision.
You're good. Thank you.
For what?
For saying yes.
Oh my God, please stop.
Okay, I'll call you.
You don't need to staple
your pants anymore.
First of all, it's just a pair of pants.
And second of all, who the hell uses
a freaking sewing machine nowadays?
You never know. It
can come in handy.
Do you know how to use one?
Okay, thanks.
I thought it was a nice gesture.
Nope, it wasn't.
What is that?
Oh, that's, uh, sorry.
It's fine.
That's the symbol of
Kaon. He's a superhero.
I love superhero movies and comic books.
Are you one of those guys
that goes to those conventions
and dresses up like superheroes?
Yes, I love those conventions.
And no, I don't dress
up. Too much work.
I'll never understand why people
like that so much, you know?
I don't know. I just
grew up with them.
Making me believe that I could accomplish
anything that I wanted.
This sounds weird, but
if you apply what I call
the superhero philosophy
into your own life, like
you put positive thoughts
into your head and you act on them,
you can make things happen for you.
Like, good things.
Like flying?
Like hope.
You know Superman, yeah?
The S on Superman's
costume represents hope,
and looking at that fictional symbol,
it remind you of a positive word,
like a powerful feeling.
And I think we need a
lot of that nowadays.
Where are we going?
If you don't mind, I
need to go back home.
I left my wallet there.
Oh don't worry. I can
totally pay for both of us.
Oh no, no, I invited you,
and I wanna treat you.
And it's not a male thing.
I just wanna treat you.
Welcome to my superhero art gallery.
I like this one.
I like the colors and the
details of the anatomy.
It's by a famous comic book artist.
I have lot of his stuff.
Very impressive.
What's that?
Oh, I was doing exercise.
With a regular rope?
Yeah, you can do a lot
of stuff with a big rope.
Did you find that
wallet? I'm kinda hungry.
Okay, just one second.
Do you know, the one
you like, that's Kaon?
He's a Latino superhero.
He's very powerful.
Do you wanna hear Kaon's oath?
I guess.
Okay, all right.
The power within you
is the power within me.
It's the power of the universe.
It's the power of us all.
I just, I just love this stuff a lot.
Yeah, sorry, sorry.
Rocio, I found it.
You wanna come out?
Welcome to Giancarlo's Casa Restaurant.
Come on in. I know
the lady's hungry.
Wow, I was not expecting this at all.
For someone that doesn't like to date,
this is very thoughtful.
Well, I'm a romantic gentleman,
and I love a moment like this.
I'll be back.
I can tell that you saw the menu already.
Yeah, I love it.
You know why people love food?
Because it's diverse. Diversity
makes everything better.
Love it.
did you like my menus?
Yeah, they seem very creative.
I just did it to impress you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Sorry that I'm texting.
It's my mom, but I'm done.
It's okay.
You're too young to be a lawyer.
Well, I didn't take any breaks
between high school,
college and law school, so.
I love what I do, and I do what I love.
Nice, good for you.
Ever since I was a little
girl, my mom raised me
to be, you know, independent, to study,
to do something for my
own, be my own boss.
And, I mean I'm working at
this law firm right now,
and I'm happy, I'm
actually learning a lot.
But eventually, I'm gonna
start my own business.
I wanna help people to
become entrepreneurs.
You know, just take this
mentality of working
for someone else, especially as Latinos.
Well, we need people like you.
Smart, and beautiful.
Thank you, and stop hitting on me.
I'm not hitting on you.
I'm just complimenting you,
with a little bit of Latin flavor.
You should stop winking.
You think it makes you look attractive,
but trust me, it doesn't.
I'm joking.
What's the most difficult
case you've had?
Probably the one I just
got a few weeks ago.
It's a tricky one.
This owner of this huge mall complex
wants to terminate the
lease of a restaurant.
Early termination.
And I am convinced that
the reason is racial bias.
The restaurant owner is Latino, so.
I'm very compelled about this one.
Actually, I don't know why
I'm talking about this.
I barely know you.
Do you want ketchup?
I like to put ketchup on the rice.
Just give me one second.
With sushi?
Just in case, hot sauce.
It seems like you're
doing pretty well yourself, aren't you?
Yeah, I have your same mentality.
That's why I have my own company.
Oh, that's so cool. How
many employees do you have?
Just one.
It gets hectic, between
working for other companies
as a freelance, and developing
Mentira, but I love it.
It feels free.
Is that why you don't
wanna have relationships,
because you like to feel free?
Well it's not that I
don't like relationships.
It's just the way we construct the rules
in regards of relationships,
I just, I don't like it.
I don't fit in.
Mm, better.
What do you mean?
Oh, the flavor the ketchup gives
to the rice, it's amazing.
I'm not talking about your ketchup.
I mean, what do you mean
that you don't fit in?
Based on our culture that is influenced
by religious beliefs, to be
in a serious relationship,
you need to be married.
If you're a bit more liberal,
at least you need to live
with a person 24 hours a
day, seven days a week.
And if you decide to have kids,
I mean the normal thing
to do is to marry.
Yes, yes, that's normal.
What's wrong with that?
I mean, that's what's always been.
I mean, we are genetically social beings.
It's in our genes to find a partner
and spend the rest of our lives together.
Yes and no.
Yes, we're genetically social beings
and yes we're looking for a partner,
mostly to mate and to
spend time with them.
In regard to spending the
rest of our lives together,
I don't think so.
That's what they teach us and has been
morally inserted in our minds.
Okay, so what are you saying?
What do you want?
What do I want? I don't
think you'll like my answer.
But, I would love to live with someone
for four days a week,
and the rest of the days,
I wanna be by myself.
Yeah, you definitely
don't fit the norm of what
most of the world thinks
is a healthy relationship.
Okay, let me ask you a question.
Do you want what you
want because you came up
with that decision, or because
you never had a choice,
even before you were born.
Think about it.
Mm, maybe you're right.
But, I want what I want,
no matter the reason.
What's wrong with that way?
And that's how democracy ends.
You can't dictate
love. No one can.
If you do, you will end up
in the 50% divorce statistic.
Love is love, as simple as that.
And I suggest that, if you
find it, don't mess with it.
Because, you will lose the chance to feel
the greatest experience of all.
And it's free.
Money can't buy it.
You know, there's a
lot of people that die
without ever experience love?
And I think that's sad.
And you are too cool and beautiful
to let that happen to you.
Are you sure you don't want ketchup?
I'm sure.
It's good.
I'm good.
Thank you for dinner.
It was, interesting.
And thank you for coming.
I never worked so hard to
make that dinner so nice.
I did it for you.
I never kiss on the first date.
You just need to say so.
And this is kind of our second date.
I count our walk as our first date.
Oh, well.
If that's it, then I guess it's fine.
We want different things in life.
We don't. We want
the same thing.
Just under different conditions.
I'm scared.
Okay, you're overthinking
this way too much.
Just go with the flow.
Go with the flow. I
can do that.
Come here.
I need to go.
Wait, Rocio, wait.
To overcome your fears,
you must face them.
Doing so will make you grow.
What starts as fear
would turn into courage.
And courage is what heroes are made of.
That's a phrase from Kaon.
I wanna break my rule.
I wanna have more dates with you.
Can you break yours?
Which one?
To date someone that doesn't believe in
what you believe in.
You have my number.
Good night.
Good night.
Are you free on Friday night?
Great, can you come to my place?
You did something nice for you,
and I wanna do something nice for you.
What are you gonna do?
You'll see. Just come at seven.
Okay, and please no
questions. Can you come?
Okay, it's a surprise. Bye.
Come in.
Okay, I'm ready.
Breakfast will be ready in five minutes.
Let me wash my face.
Rocio, it's ready!
Do you have ketchup?
It's in the cabinet by the fridge.
I had fun last night.
I never expected for
you to move like that.
I think that's a little
bit inappropriate,
don't you think?
Oh, no no no, I'm not talking
about the sex movements.
I was talking about the dance movements.
Oh, thank you. What
about the sex movements?
The sex movements was fantastic.
Amazing, like, love it.
Do you put ketchup on everything?
Yeah, kind of.
I did something for you.
Because I ripped your
favorite panties last night,
I fixed them up for you.
Isn't this beauty? Look at this.
I put the gift I gave you to good use.
My God, you're too much.
This is nice, right?
Having fun together.
Yeah, it feels nice.
Thank you for last night.
Thank you.
I'm a traditional guy, so I
will ask this just one time.
I know it's silly, and I
won't ask this anymore.
But I'm gonna do it.
Well, Mr. Giancarlo,
I am a traditional woman as well,
and I also think it's very
soon, but what the heck.
You superhero, you.
I don't know. I just did it
so you were more comfortable.
Okay, I can give you a superhero name.
I don't want a superhero name.
What about Super Burleska?
Or Super Sex Dancer?
Or Super Squeeze...
Stop, no, please, no.
You're ruining the moment.
I'm gonna go now.
I'm gonna close the door.
Natalie, please.
Promise me that you're going to behave.
I promise.
Why do you worry so much?
Clearly, you like the guy, so.
Why won't you tell me who it is?
Well, you're gonna
meet him very soon, so.
All right.
Rocio picked up Natalie.
Let's go.
Okay. Hey, don't bring
up comics during dinner.
Natalie's gonna question
your level of maturity.
Trust me.
She's gonna scrutinize your
every move and make sure
you're the perfect candidate
for Rocio to marry.
Look, I don't wanna get married.
I know. You're screwed.
And she definitely didn't
forget meeting you.
I just needed to get
acquainted and meet her.
Come on, let's go.
And no quotes.
What else?
You know what? Just don't talk.
Of course.
Hello, ladies, you both look beautiful.
Thank you.
Hello, hello, hello.
No, you?
That's okay. That's okay.
Natalie was right. I was
an a-hole at the party.
Unintentionally, but it was.
Thank you.
But, let me ask you something.
If you have a hole in your pants,
showing your panties to everyone to see,
wouldn't you want someone to tell you?
I think you like that.
He does have a point.
I know.
No, I'm off the clock.
If you have a talent, you should use...
No no, no quotes, remember?
That wasn't a quote.
Oh please, Innertheans,
Issue Number Eight.
Mateo and Carter talking
about their superpowers.
You need to get laid.
I do.
You'll like him. You'll see.
Oh, and one more thing.
No marriage topics during dinner.
Because he doesn't believe in marriage.
Promise me, Natalie.
Okay, fine, I'll try to have a good time.
Even if I fake it.
You're funny. That's
a good one.
So why don't you wanna get married?
Giancarlo, you don't need to answer that.
No, no, if you want, we
could start a debate here.
No! No, no, please. I don't
wanna hear anymore.
Look, if you wanna talk about
Giancarlo's philosophical
crap, you two can go
ahead and set a date.
I'm with you.
I mean, you're in?
Yeah, deal.
I can't believe it.
To be honest, I didn't think
you two were gonna get along.
Because you love to judge everyone.
Not true.
-Yes you do.
-Yes you do.
Okay, a little.
Well, I'm glad you came with
an open mind to meet me.
You're welcome.
Attencion, attencion,
I'd like to make a toast.
I know both of you very
well, and I know your life
ideologies are a tad bit
different, but seeing you guys
together makes me very happy,
so to Mr. Yin and Mrs. Yang.
Okay, my turn.
All right, but first a question.
No questions.
Rocio, why do you like Giancarlo?
Yeah, why do you like Giancarlo so much?
Well, um...
I like that he's smart.
And independent.
And a gentleman.
Those are good qualities in any man.
But, what I like most about him,
is that he's honest.
And you know what I like about you?
You're smart, independent,
strong and beautiful.
If you can stare into a person's eyes,
you can look at their soul.
And that soul is made by the energy
that builds our universe.
Meaning, if my soul can
connect with your soul,
our universes will collide.
They will create an energy so powerful
that they can never be divided.
Dude, stop reciting Kaon.
What, that wasn't Kaon.
Yes, it is, Issue Number Seven.
Miguel, aka Kaon, tells
Lisa, his girlfriend,
about his love for her, and
that's exactly what he says.
Don't fall for it, Rocio.
He's trying to use plagiarism to woo you.
Oh my God, thank you so much
for taking the time to meet Giancarlo.
It means a lot to me, you know.
You're so busy with your
wedding plans, I know.
No, stop it.
You're my best friend,
and I need to get to know
the man that you love.
I think it's way too early
to talk about the L word.
I do wanna say one thing.
And I'm only saying
this because I love you.
I like Giancarlo. I do.
But if he doesn't wanna get married,
that's gonna be a problem.
I know.
Be smart, Rocio.
Give me your hand.
What do you feel?
It's beating fast.
Because of you.
Yours too.
Feels great.
This is what love feels like.
It's powerful.
I love you, Rocio.
I love you too, Giancarlo.
It feels so good.
Not to be afraid to say the L word.
I got an idea.
I got an idea.
No, no, no.
No, don't ruin the moment.
Oh, we're gonna make
the moment even better.
Prepare to make love to a superhero.
Don't take it.
Um, wait, it's my mom.
All right.
Hi, Mom.
Hey, did you go and deposit the money?
Yeah, I deposited the money in the bank
so you should have it
in your account by now.
Oh good, now I can relax.
Don't worry, Mom.
You're the best. Love you.
I love you too.
Bye, see you soon.
Okay, see you on Friday.
Bye, take care.
I guess.
No, no.
What about now?
No, no, no, no.
That one.
Happy six months.
Six months already?
Yeah, can you believe it?
It's crazy.
I wanted to ask you something,
but I'm not sure if I
should do it or not.
Just let it go for now.
I'm sorry that I even brought it up.
I think you're ready.
For what?
What are you doing?
Remember the first day
you entered my apartment
and you saw a rope making
a circle on the floor?
Well, that's my circle of honesty.
Your what?
Every time I make a big
or important decision,
I make it inside the circle.
All the decisions I
make inside the circle
come from the most honest
feelings within me.
Like what I really wanna do.
And they're never wrong,
no matter the consequences.
That's why I never have regrets
in anything I do in life.
All right, let's try it.
Just ask me anything you want.
Do you love me?
With all my heart.
How are you so sure?
Because I'm inside the circle.
I can't lie.
I mean, if I do, I would lie to myself.
Have you ever cheated?
Yes, and no.
Explain, please.
Ever since I was a teenager,
I always wanted to go
to Cancun, and go wild,
sex wild, you know.
So, the opportunity came
when I was in college.
My girlfriend at the
time didn't wanna go.
So I told her, you know,
we should break up,
because I wanted to be free that week.
She said, do what you need to do.
And I was like, okay.
Cancun was crazy.
You want me to tell you what I did?
No, no, I can only imagine.
Would you ever do that to me?
Oh no no, I already
got my sexual fantasies
out of my system.
I believe you, about you loving me.
I'm not so sure about your
sexual fantasy, though.
That, I won't do with you.
Well maybe, if I like them.
I don't know, let's see.
I think that's enough for now.
Now it's my turn.
Really, that's it?
You can ask me anything you want.
I'm a lawyer.
I'm not too used to too much honesty.
Your turn.
Okay, I'm going in.
I'm a little nervous.
Rocio, speak with your heart.
I know we want different things in life.
And sometimes, you can
be a little immature.
Actually, very,
but I love you.
I really do.
what I really wanted to ask you was,
if you really,
if you would like to move in with me.
Well, no, you need to
say it inside the circle.
Yes, I'm sure.
Oh, come here, my Kaon.
Thank you.
Wanna quickie?
No, no, no quickie.
I need to work, and you need
to finish your DMV app, so.
Trooper, back to your station.
Did you finish Mentira?
No, not yet.
Almost done, though.
Bobore, what are you
gonna do on July 21st?
We need to change that nickname.
It's not growing on me.
And why?
It's the convention in San Diego,
and the production company that does Kaon
will be there for the first time.
Oh, you'll probably be
the only fan they have.
And a loyal one.
I don't know.
It should be cool to be
there for the beginning,
plus you can see other superhero stuff.
That'd be cool.
Okay, but if I get bored,
I'm gonna call Natalie
so she can come down.
Yeah, of course.
When did you say it was again?
July 21st through the 25th.
We can't go. It's my
mom's birthday party.
Can we just celebrate the
weekend before or after?
No, my aunt is making a party.
A lot of people are flying in.
Can you go without me?
I'll make it up to you.
I'll bring her to dinner,
give her a great gift.
I don't wanna miss the convention.
I can't make you go.
I'll make it up to you.
Promise, I know it's important to you.
It's important to my mom.
Really? I don't think
she'd care if I go or not.
Love you, Bobore.
Bobore, que Bobore?
How many times are you
gonna congratulate me?
Really? Why are you
ruining the moment?
The big threes, really?
What are you trying to say?
That I have five more
years to have a baby?
That my clock is ticking?
That my fertility begins to decline
as soon as I'm 30 years old?
That probabilities of having a baby
with a chromosomal abnormality
after 30 is one in 385?
Is that what you're trying to say?
Seriously, sometimes I cannot stand
the comments that you make.
Hey, what are you doing?
I need a big favor.
Can you go to the bank and
transfer some money to my mom?
Right now?
I can't. I'm working.
Working on the DMV app,
and the deadline is tomorrow morning.
I thought you said you were gonna work
on that in the morning.
Yeah, but I decided to sleep
a bit more and start later.
Plus, I mean, the bank
would be closed very soon.
Can you go now and keep
working on that later?
It'll take you less than an hour.
The money, it's to pay my mom's mortgage.
Honey, I'm sorry but I
can't. I need to finish this.
They're beta testing first
thing tomorrow morning,
and they pay me a lot
of money to deliver.
Honey, why can't you
go? It's your mom.
You know what? It's fine.
I'll figure it out, like always.
What happened?
I went to the grocery store.
I need help with the bags.
Were you able to do the transfer?
Like you care.
I do. I just didn't have time.
You know, the coding is
getting more complicated
than it should be.
I don't wanna discuss it.
I am tired, and I don't wanna argue.
You know, sometimes I feel,
Rocio, that working from home
from your point of view
is not really working.
For it means that I
have always extra time.
I never said that.
But you act like that.
Just tell me one time
that I ever called you
at your work to do
something for me, just one.
If you would ever call me to my work
to do something for you, I would do it.
The problem is that you
never wanna do anything
that doesn't relate with you.
Well it's not true,
because I'm always busy.
Always busy.
Why would you ask me why mom
called me the last minute, huh?
Like I know why she did it.
I don't know, okay.
All I know is I'm her
daughter. She needed the money.
And I ask you for help.
You're my boyfriend, okay.
The person that I live with.
You're supposed to be there for me.
If I ask something from
you, you should do it.
End of discussion.
What? Not end of discussion.
What are you talking about?
Because if my job is affected,
who's going to help me
to pay my bills, huh?
Your mom? Oh, I don't think so.
I love your mom. You know I do.
But she needs to leave
her pride at the door
and ask for help with time.
Everybody works in different ways.
You need to understand that.
I do understand when her poor decisions
are affecting other people.
You prick.
I'm not saying it like that.
I'm just, I want her to be
more organized. That's all.
Who are you to tell her
what to do and how to do it?
What she does and how she does it
is up to her, not to you.
Oh yeah?
Don't you think it would
be better if she tell you
at least one week before
the payment was up?
Yeah, yeah, it would have been better.
But it didn't happen
that way. Deal with it.
You know, it's nine PM,
you just came from work.
I'm still working on the app.
We're very busy people, Rocio.
I just want her to ask us
with more time, that's all.
Busy people?
Let me show you busy.
What are you doing?
Let's see.
Barbecue with friends.
Natalie's wedding.
My mom's birthday.
The river trip.
Where are you in all
these pictures, Giancarlo?
This is not about being busy or not.
This is about you not wanting anything
to interfere with your life.
And anything that doesn't interest you,
you just don't care.
Even if I do.
You don't live alone
anymore. You live with me.
And that alone would alter your little
bubble of self-indulgence.
I never pushed anything
on you that you didn't
wanna do or go to, did I, ever?
But you still do it, don't you?
With me or without me.
Do you think I wanted to go
to that stupid LA convention?
No, of course I didn't.
But I did it because I love you.
Because I wanna see that
part of your world with you.
You don't wanna see anybody
else's world, just yours.
You know who does that?
A selfish son of a bitch.
It wasn't a stupid
convention. You know that.
It was awesome.
I need to go to work.
Today we close a deal for Howard.
I am sorry. I wanna
be there for you.
Listen, Giancarlo, I know
the transition is hard.
But when two people live together,
there's going to be compromises.
There's no other way.
You're right.
I love you.
I know.
I love you too.
Did you finish the app?
Yeah. Sent it this morning
before going to sleep.
When was that?
Four AM. But I'm sure
they'll be pleased.
Me too.
You know,
it's hard for me to get
used to you working at home.
I feel like you're wasting time, but,
but I need to understand
that that's the way you work.
I need to respect that.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Really? Let's do one more.
No, because then, if we need to go back,
that'll be three hours and.
We can jump rope at
home. That'd be more fun.
You get bored too easily.
I'm not bored. I'm with you.
Bite me.
I love working out around
these beautiful houses.
Actually, I was thinking to buy a house.
You wanna buy a house now?
Yeah, with you.
Oh, well.
I don't know.
I was thinking to save at
least for one more year.
I mean, we've been living together
for almost a year now.
You've saved a lot of
money, plus my money.
It would be enough.
I don't know. Besides...
Besides what?
Our relationship. I don't
think it's mature enough.
I mean, a serious couple should have
at least one shared bank account.
And if we buy a house
without being married
we won't have the same legal protections.
We will have to buy it as a couple.
Yeah, so that's what we
are. We're just a couple.
You know, we sign the
title as tenants in common.
We just co-own the house, both of us.
Come on, it's not complicated.
We just pay half the mortgage,
half of the down payment.
We both co-own the house.
It's simple.
I don't know. Let
me think about it.
We'll just buy some food,
and we can talk about it.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
What's that?
That's Mentira.
I'm testing it, and it looks
like it's working perfectly.
What's going on?
If we're gonna make the
decision of buying a house
together, we're gonna
make it inside the circle.
I mean, we can use Mentira.
We're doing it old school.
Speak with your heart.
Okay, okay.
Do you wanna buy a house with me?
Do you think that buying a house with me
is a step forward in our relationship?
Of course.
We are already living together,
and we're sharing expenses
and responsibilities.
This one would be a bigger one,
like more commitment to the relationship.
Plus, it'd be our first
investment as a couple.
That's big.
Equal parts?
It's my turn now.
What do you want?
I wanna buy a house, and.
I do wanna buy a house with you.
But I don't wanna buy it like this.
It sounds more like a
business proposition
than a couple moving forward
with their relationship.
Most couples buy a house
because they're married
or they plan to do so.
Because they're gonna build
a future in that house.
But you don't believe in marriage.
And I respect that, but
I don't wanna buy a house
for equity or to diversify my money.
If I was to buy a house with you,
it would be because we're
gonna fill it with love
and a family and a future together.
I love you.
I really do.
Maybe it's, it's like you say.
Love is not enough.
I don't wanna buy a house with you.
At least not right now.
So when?
When would be the right moment?
Feels like never.
Where were you?
I've been calling you all day.
We need to talk.
I've been thinking a lot about us.
About our relationship.
Giancarlo, the love I feel for you,
I never felt before.
But I'm just realizing that
you are never gonna give
me the life I dreamed of.
I don't understand why.
We can buy the house that you want.
We can fill it with children, love,
A cat.
Everything that you want.
We can occupy the same
space as a married couple,
with the same feelings,
the same feelings.
We just don't have that contract.
It's not just the contract.
It's what the contract represents.
It's the wedding, the dress.
It's saying in front of
everybody that we know
that we love each other.
It's saying before God that
we will take care of us
till death tear us apart.
But what's the difference?
I can buy a huge thing saying I love you.
I can say it on the radio,
tell God that I love you.
The commitment I have
for you needs no paper.
No paper, the commitment
is my love for you.
And I wanna live by your side forever.
Not even death will break us apart.
What if we have kids?
What are we gonna tell them?
That we're not married?
You know how many kids grow
up without a dad or a mom?
Every family is different.
You're just stuck with the
ritual that you grew up with,
and you can't get it out of your system.
Stop with the ritual please.
But it's true, Rocio.
It's not about that.
Can't you see?
It's about us.
We want different things.
You don't even want a shared account.
You love dogs. I love cats.
You work from home.
I work at the office.
I love being around people,
and you love your solitude.
Can you still tell me that
our differences are nothing?
That they're insignificant?
And you, Mr. "I
Don't Give a Shit."
Mr. "I Am the Smartest
Person on Planet Earth,"
and I cannot get bothered by
the pettiness of us mortals.
What are you talking about?
You're so full of shit.
I'm the one full of shit?
I'm the one that lives like
everybody else on Planet Earth?
Because if you're not happy,
I want a husband, I want a house,
I want, I want, I want, I want.
That's what you said, I want.
Fuck you.
Fuck me.
You don't want that many things.
You just are, Rocio, you just are.
You're right.
But I can't just be.
Because you, you're the only one
in between me and my happy future.
This relationship, it's like
a high school relationship,
just fucking without a plan.
So much education for what?
Don't bring my education.
Yes, why?
Because you can't comprehend
the simplicity of things.
You just don't see.
Your simplicity, it's on your favor.
I am not a girl anymore.
You are wasting my time.
Really? What about mytime?
What about yourtime?
You already have the life that you dream.
You work from home. You
have your comic shit hobby.
You are fucking me.
You can retire tomorrow
if you would like to.
Your simplicity is in your favor.
No. My simplicity
is in ourfavor.
Because my simplicity is you.
You are my simple life.
Because I love you.
But like I said before, no?
Love is not enough for you,
and it will never be enough.
You're right. It's not enough.
Because love, it's
surrounded by real life.
But you, you don't wanna live on it.
Modern hippie.
I'm in the bedroom!
Come through the back door!
What are you doing?
Maybe, I don't know.
We'll find out in a couple minutes.
Oh yeah, I love being a writer.
And now that I'm being
nominated for an Eisner,
-I should get a higher rate.
Hold on.
Oh shit, aw.
Dude. Dude, what the fuck?
What was that?
That's Mentira, fuck, it smells in here.
Well it's the goddam bacchanal
you gave me the other day.
Shut the door.
Remember when I told you that I was fine
with us wanting different things in life?
Mm-hm, yeah.
The reality is that,
I'm not fine with it.
At all.
And the more time that
pass, the more I realize it.
Where were we?
Hold on. Dude, what the...?
Just tuck it in, man, so
the smell doesn't come out.
Okay, can you just wait?
I need to talk to you now.
Put the phone on mute.
Just tuck it in.
It is on mute.
You know, I hate being interrupted
when I'm taking a shit.
I'm desperate.
Okay, what's going on?
But I thought he wanted a family too?
But he doesn't want it the same way I do.
I don't know why, but getting married
and starting a family, it's
the biggest dream of my life.
And make it quick, this
is a comic book artist.
I don't know what I'm gonna do, you know.
I don't wanna lose her.
Okay, let me tell you something.
Marriage is way overrated.
And at the beginning, it was great.
But now...
not so much.
Would you rather be single then?
Oh no. No, no, no, honey.
Single, me? At my age,
that would just be weird.
Are you crying?
What? I'm not crying.
It's the shit.
I don't know. It looks
like you wanna cry.
Huh, this is very interesting.
And for the first time,
Giancarlo Panetta is confused,
completely clueless about what to do.
I'm never, ever, not gonna be married.
It's just, I need that
peace of mind, you know.
I'm married, and I like
how it sounds. I'm married.
You know, I...
Okay, you know what
you do every time I go
to ask you for advice?
This is what you tell me.
Don't worry, everything's gonna be okay.
You need to grow up.
Well you know what, as your hombre,
you need to stop being
a baby and grow up.
What do you want?
I'm pregnant!
I'm gonna be a mommy.
I wanna be a mommy too.
Oh you will be.
Just don't wait too long,
because we're getting old.
I mean, in 10 years we'll
be middle-aged women.
Oh, come here.
Oh, honey.
I'm so happy for you.
Aw, thank you.
So what do you really want?
Because you know what I want is for you
to get out of my bathroom.
This is when the king uses his throne,
and what the king wants
is what the king wants.
El Campion.
You know what? Your version
of me is actually right.
And you know why I always tell you
the same crap all the time?
Because the moment you stop lying,
you will find the person
you've been looking for.
Hey, sorry.
Listen, I have to tell you something.
I actually never got
nominated for an Eisner.
I know we want different things in life,
and I feel we're growing
further from each other,
but I want to keep that from happening.
My feelings for you are too
strong to let that happen.
The bond of love is too
powerful to be broken.
Rocio Hernandez, will you marry me?
I love you, but you're
just doing this for me.
I'm doing this for both of us.
We're in the circle of honesty.
Look me in the eye, and tell me that...
you believe in marriage.
I believe what marriage
represents and stands for.
But, I don't believe in
marriage the same way you do.
I can't marry you, Giancarlo.
I'm sorry.
For both of us.
You look as beautiful as always.
And you look beautiful as well.
No. No, no, no, don't hide
it. Let me see this.
Oh, the ring looks beautiful.
What about you?
Are you seeing someone?
Why do I even ask?
You are who you are.
And you are who you are,
and you are, glowing.
Did you get him inside the circle?
No, he said it was a child's game,
and because it comes from you, so.
I'm happy for you. I really am.
I wish you a... beautiful life.
I do too.
I gotta go.
Love never dies.
It transforms. It evolves.
But it will always be love.
I love you.
I love you too.
You okay?
You've been quiet all day.
I'm fine.
This is the day that
I've been waiting for
my whole life, right?
Yes, it's so exciting.
It's your dream.
It's gonna be a beautiful, beautiful day.
And... God, you look
absolutely gorgeous.
I can't wait to see you
walk down that aisle.
You're gonna be married today.
Oh, you look so pretty.
It's your day.
Hold on.
Are you sure you're okay?
Just give me one second, okay?
Um, do you wanna talk?
I'm here if you wanna talk.
Anything you wanna say is...
Your mom's waiting for us too.
Okay, just give me one second.
I'm okay.
Where are you going?
Everything's fine.
Like the shirt.
Did you change him?
I don't know where the shits come from.
I already told you to stop saying
that word in front of him.
Your mom is ready?
Yes, she's actually waiting for us.
I been thinking for a while now.
I don't need this.
Are you sure?
It was your idea to get
engaged indefinitely.
I know.
But I have everything I wanted.
Got it.
Okay, ready? Let's go.