Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell (2023) Movie Script

What did you say?
Eternal life.
Fuck off!
You're crazy.
You've yet to understand it.
Are you fucking kidding?
Have you sold everything?
Well, almost.
What about the PS4 console? Sell it to me.
No, that's coming with me.
I know a lot of guys like you,
who leave the city for the mountains.
But sooner or later,
they will come crawling back.
Fuck, they will run out of money,
that's why.
Like I said, you've yet to understand it.
There's fucking nothing to understand.
Sir, please buy something from me.
I know how guys like you think.
Believing in eternal life,
searching for life's purpose,
the meaning of existence,
trusting in some kind of god or deity,
following some cult movement.
In the deadlock,
Serbia's Captain, Kolarov,
stepped up with a beautiful free-kick.
And the Serbian fans are on their feet!
That's all you ever think about, isn't it?
You can say whatever you want.
How can you be superstitious
in this day and age?
You've been so quiet.
Say something.
The existence of faith is ambiguous.
You are just like him!
I want to believe, but I can't.
I've tried searching for it many times,
but my mind holds me back.
Stop! That's enough!
Hello. Have you tried our draft beer?
I'm promoting De Me beer.
And I'd like to offer a taste
of our new IPA, Ba Hoa.
- Ba Hoa?
- Yes.
I have my own drink.
Ours is made
from a combination of three florals.
You're going to enjoy its plumeria aroma
and signature bitter taste.
Why not give it a try?
If you like it, I'll make you deal.
It's raining!
Oh, my God!
Come see, there's a child.
How strange.
Two motorcycles collided.
The man died instantly.
The woman was badly injured.
But the kid riding pillion
got up like nothing happened.
Not even a scratch.
You're starting to think like me.
Sir, here's your mango.
I've checked,
and number 1 is available now.
But please wait another ten minutes
for number 11.
It's all right.
We'll go wait in our rooms.
All right, sir.
I'll get them ready for you.
How about you, sir? Any special requests?
If there's nothing else, sirs,
please head upstairs.
I'll arrange for the masseuses.
- Sure, give us five minutes.
- Of course.
Are you Tm?
I must be mistaken.
Please lie down.
Your phone is ringing.
Shall I get it for you?
No need.
You're not answering
because it's your girlfriend?
God is calling.
It's my client.
So, today,
does my god want it hard or soft?
Somewhere in between.
Is God stuck?
Let me help you.
Can you ask him to answer the call?
It's a family emergency.
Sir, your friend insists
you answer the phone.
- Shall I get it for you?
- Okay.
- Uncle Thin!
- Yeah.
How are you feeling?
- Does it hurt?
- I feel pain over here.
Let me take a look.
It's okay.
This bruise will heal in a few days.
Where is my mom?
Your mom's one floor below us.
I want to see her.
The nurse won't allow it.
I want to see my mom.
Let me see my mom!
Watch this.
Which card is this?
The black two. One, two.
What about this?
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
The red seven.
What about this one?
- The king of
- Red.
No, black.
I got it wrong. It's black.
Hello, I'm listening.
I'm almost done.
I'm taking care of the final details.
Tomorrow morning, okay?
About 7:00 a.m.
These are the belongings of the deceased.
The patient was admitted
with multiple injuries and brain damage.
Her death was due to
not getting care fast enough.
This is the autopsy report.
Please read it and sign on the next page.
What is your relationship
with the deceased?
Hnh is my sister-in-law.
Fill this up and sign below.
I'll take care of the rest.
Two banh mi, please.
That'll be 30,000 dong.
Here you go.
A Viettel 50 phone top-up card, please.
I've taken care of all the procedures
and paperwork, including the van.
I hired a private service.
It was much cheaper.
We'll settle it at home.
o's fine.
Got to go.
These are traditional wedding cakes.
There are various folklores about
the love shared between husband and wife,
each blessing the newlyweds
to stay loyal and loving.
Here we have tea and wine
as offerings for the ancestral altar,
so that the ancestors witness the ceremony
and bless the couple.
We pray
that they will grant us
a favorable and joyous ceremony.
Here is a rooster
with some red sticky rice.
The stickiness of the rice symbolizes
the everlasting bond
and mutual understanding
- Move aside!
- between the newlyweds.
Ladies and gentlemen,
a roasted pig,
to bless the couple
with wealth and prosperity
and for a baby soon to come.
Here is a rooster
with some red sticky rice.
The stickiness of the rice symbolizes
the everlasting bond
and mutual understanding between
Can I borrow your kettle?
I'll return it soon.
Uncle Thin.
Hey, Uncle Thin!
When is Mom coming home?
When is she coming back, Uncle Thin?
Go back to sleep.
I'll wake you when she arrives.
Please don't close the door.
I'll keep the door open for your mom.
The last letter is also anonymous,
which says,
"Hello, I am writing
to send my thoughts to a friend,
"who from now on
I will no longer live with,
"gossip with or eat meals with.
"You are the kind of person
that not only me
"but anyone who knows you will like you.
"The way you talk
makes others want to be friends with you.
"The way you comfort others feels so warm.
"You and I were in the same class
for a few years.
"I used to call you 'Dad.'"
Please rise.
Dear brothers and sisters,
God brought us into this world,
and it is Him whom we shall return to
when we depart.
The closing of the casket reminds us
that Teresa Nguyn Th Hnh
has departed from this worldly dwelling.
We look to God and pray she will be
reunited with Him in His heavenly kingdom.
My dear brothers and sisters,
in our earthly form,
we are torn between our flesh and spirit.
The spirit may be willing
but the flesh is weak.
I know Hnh possessed a strong faith.
I remember a few years ago,
she asked me to pray for her.
She was six months pregnant
with her first child.
After the sonogram,
the doctor said the baby had no limbs
and advised her to have an abortion.
When she came to me,
she was crying profusely.
She told me she was ready
to welcome the baby
regardless of its condition.
That was the faith of Hnh.
A faith comparable
to that of the Virgin Mary.
"Behold, the Lord's servant.
"May it be done to me
according to your word."
Come, let me wash your hands.
Can I ride the bicycle?
Go for it.
Hop on.
All good?
How many battles has this rooster fought?
This is not a fighting rooster.
It's a bait rooster.
What do you mean?
You see, it looks like a red junglefowl.
It has a white earlobe,
a single comb, colorful feathers.
We use it to lure other red junglefowl.
By the way,
how much did Hnh's funeral cost?
The procedural fee was two million.
The hearse and funeral clothing
were not included in the hospital package.
It added up to 16 million.
Hold it for me. I'll get the money.
Let's share the cost equally.
You've already helped me a lot.
I'll take care of this.
It's okay.
Tm isn't around.
Let me give you a hand.
Here's eight million.
Are you free this afternoon?
I'm planning to take o out somewhere.
Do you remember the old man
who prepared Hnh's burial shroud?
The old man with a grey beard.
Not really.
I was hoping
you could give him some money.
I tried to pay him but he refused,
saying we're like family.
You're a stranger,
maybe he'll take it from you.
Please give him two million on my behalf.
What's his name?
Mr. Lu.
He's old and alone.
He only has this shrouding job,
but he wouldn't take my money.
Do you want to feed the chickens?
Come here.
Put these in the cage.
This one too.
Whose is that, Trung?
My father's, from the old days.
It looks run-down
but the engine is still intact.
Still holds memories?
Back then,
he used to take me everywhere on it.
I clean it every now and then.
Feel free to use it if you want.
- Trung.
- Yes?
Where does Mr. Lu live?
Remember the way down the paddy field?
Follow the path and you'll see 6th Street.
There'll be a cluster of wooden houses.
Just ask anyone.
Everybody knows Mr. Lu.
Want to tag along?
I'm going with Uncle.
Hold on.
Put this helmet on.
My father loves me
Because I look like my mother
My mother loves me
Because I look like my father
Everyone loves one another in our family
We miss each other when we're apart
We laugh when we're together
Who taught you this song?
My teachers taught me.
Excuse me, where does Mr. Lu live?
Over there, follow that way down.
Three baby buffalo!
Mr. Lu's house.
Uncle Thin,
let me play with those friends.
All right, you can go.
Mr. Lu!
Mr. Lu!
Who are you?
I'm Thin, Hnh's brother-in-law.
- Please come in.
- Thank you.
Where do you live?
My old house was close
to Phan Bi Chu school.
But it was sold.
Why did you sell it?
My parents migrated to the States.
I went to live in Saigon.
Mr. Lu.
Here's some money for taking care of Hnh.
I already told Trung I wouldn't charge.
It's the least I can do for the neighbors.
I don't take anyone's money.
My children sometimes complain
that my job is too strenuous.
But if I quit, who'll replace me?
When will you go back to Saigon?
Maybe early next week.
I'll stay with my family a few more days
to pray for Hnh.
Hnh's husband left years ago.
Has he returned?
Not yet.
Why did he leave?
I don't really know.
Where did you learn shrouding?
At the military medical school in Saigon.
For three months.
Then, I was assigned to Dc M town.
Our unit was located in Dc M.
Let's go to the living room.
Once I completed my medical course,
I was assigned
to the unit in Dc M, Lam Sn.
I was trained there to prepare for battle.
My first battle
was at Vng R battlefield.
It was incredibly fierce.
We had three battalions
fighting over three days and three nights.
We had to withdraw our troops.
Our strategy resulted
in a lot of casualties.
Fighting is all I've known.
That's why sometimes I feel
I should return to combat.
I've never needed
anything else ever since.
Not even money.
Money is merely dust, isn't it?
I fought until the last drop of blood.
In a way, this job
now gives me some meaning.
So I'm fine.
It was an honor
to fight till the bitter end.
Although we requested
armored vehicles and artillery
to fight the Viet Cong,
we couldn't defeat them
because their units
were encamped within the stone caves.
They shot us down easily.
It was a one-sided fight
and cost us many lives.
But I had to fight that tough battle.
I assumed it would be straightforward.
Who knew it would last
three days and nights?
We advanced, then were forced to retreat
at Hc Nhm village, now called Vng R.
We tried in vain to advance further.
We ended up retreating to the base camp
and providing cover
for other units along Ph Yn.
When someone died,
the unit returned the body to the family
and held a funeral for the fallen.
The family members
had to deal with their own grief.
As the fighting carried on,
we foresaw that the longer it lasted,
the more precarious
the situation would become.
But we had to keep on fighting.
We were all fresh recruits.
We had already spent three years,
six months and three days in uniform
by the time we got our discharge orders.
After my discharge,
I returned home and stayed there.
It was February.
I stayed from February until
March, April
Until August, eight months.
After eight months, they asked me
to join the military again.
My unit offered me a position,
but I declined.
I went straight to the police instead.
It's not mandatory to re-enlist
if you've been in the military before.
The war was ongoing,
but in truth, fighting is not that scary.
Obviously, if you were unemployed,
you couldn't escape the draft.
I felt I made the right choice.
At that time, I really struggled.
I was barely
22, 23 years old.
If we signed up for service,
it was for six months minimum.
When I do something, I give it my all,
so I knew I'd be stuck in the war.
I asked to join the police instead.
Being a former soldier, they agreed
to recruit me as a police officer.
The battles were bloody.
There were many victims.
Even as a police officer,
I was frequently asked to fight.
We had to.
Mr. Lu!
Hello. How can I help you?
Tomorrow we will celebrate
the naming ceremony of my firstborn.
Please join us.
- At what time?
- 12:00 p.m.
Sure, I'll come by tomorrow.
Thank you.
passengers feel like
they're stepping into another world.
For many of them, their time on this train
is really precious
because they want to experience
the facilities provided on the train.
The train has a cozy wooden interior
with a vintage design.
The windows were designed
to look like the frames of paintings.
The paintings are the landscape outside.
can stop on the way
to enjoy the landscape.
specifically for the train,
from seats, lighting to other interiors
are designed
in a European-Asian mixed style
Well, I have some certificates
from my time in the army.
This is the Certificate of Discharge.
This is the entry certificate
for freshly recruited policemen.
This is a Declaration of Appearance
and Military Service.
These days, no one pays attention
to these kinds of papers.
Nobody brings it up
because it's like a secret.
Certificate for Conduct Evaluation
in the army.
Look at this.
"Lieutenant Colonel Phan Trng Thin,
"the Commanding Officer
of the 47th Unit of the Infantry,
"confirms that Nguyn Vn Lu,
born in Bc Ninh Province,
"joined the force."
This is an important artefact.
If I pass away,
these papers need to be burned.
My lover was V Th Hng.
She's over there.
V Th Hng.
I've left it as it is.
Everyone from the 47th Infantry Unit
is in this photo.
The 47th Infantry Unit.
These were my parents.
I was still a kid.
They've passed away.
This is me with Bishop Jean Cassaigne,
a Frenchman.
And this is the bullet that struck me
during the Vng R battle.
Let me see.
The gift of war.
I am blessed,
God has kept me alive till today.
Look at how the bullet lodged in my rib.
Now it lives on as a scar.
The first sorrowful mystery,
the agony in the garden.
We ask for forgiveness.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
on Earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning, is now,
and ever shall be, world without end.
We hope, in the name of merciful God,
that Teresa's soul
may forever rest in peace,
witnessing the bright face of God
with great joy.
Look at my hand.
- What color is this?
- Red!
Where do the dinosaurs live, Uncle?
They are extinct.
What does "extinct" mean?
It means they do not exist
on Earth anymore.
So they died, right, Uncle?
Now go to sleep.
I'm not sleepy.
Show me some more magic.
Here, look at my hand.
Do you hear anything?
It's a bell!
That's not all.
Stand up.
Go to the cabinet.
Take the bell.
Look at this.
Ring it.
Say "water."
Ring the bell.
Let's go to bed.
Time to sleep.
I'll blow the candle out.
Uncle Thin.
Uncle Thin!
What is it?
Where is heaven, Uncle?
is a really beautiful place.
Only good people can enter.
So, what is faith, Uncle?
Why do you ask?
Because the priest said
that my mom had a strong faith.
Faith is also what I'm searching for.
What is its shape?
It has no form.
No form?
Have you ever
lent your toys to a classmate?
And did you think
that your friend would give it back?
Of course!
Why did you think so?
I know my friend is a good person.
Faith is a little bit like that.
That's enough.
Let's go to sleep.
Uncle Thin, I miss Mom.
Your mom
is in heaven now.
Can you take me to heaven to see Mom?
Now sleep.
At the time He was betrayed
and entered willingly into His passion,
He took bread, gave thanks,
broke it,
gave it to His disciples and said,
"Take this, all of you, and eat it.
"For this is my body
"which has been given up for you."
Since moving to Saigon,
I've rarely had opportunities
to come home.
A lot has changed.
Why are you here?
I teach kids at a school nearby.
At the parish behind the church?
I sat at the back during the funeral mass.
Could hardly believe my eyes.
I almost mistook you for someone else.
By the way
There's something I'm curious about.
Why did you enter the convent?
Excuse me, I have to help the sisters.
They are waiting for me.
I want to apologize.
I didn't mean
to offend you.
Regarding your choice
I'd like to congratulate you.
Thank you.
Your outfit,
it's lovely.
I have to go now.
Which school do you teach at?
It's Gia Lnh Home.
Is that on the way to Di Linh Leprosarium?
I know the place.
Third time's the charm.
I finally got you.
Look, it must weigh at least a kilo.
I'm planning a feast for the guests.
Tonight marks the last day of prayer.
Just this is not enough.
I'll buy something else
at the market later.
Hold the rooster for me.
Hold it tight.
Why did you wake up so early this morning?
I don't know why.
I've been waking up at 3:00 a.m.
It must be the funeral
messing with your body clock.
It's been going on for months.
At this hour,
I feel strange.
Here, hold this one.
It'll be easier for you.
It's familiar with humans.
Around that time,
I hear a voice.
Something that comes from within me,
repeating over and over again.
Have you seen a doctor?
What did the doctor say?
Chronic fatigue syndrome due to overwork.
I don't think Tm left for another woman,
like people gossiped about.
There's something
most people don't know about Tm.
Tm attended seminary.
During discernment, his spiritual father
advised him to pursue marriage instead.
Honestly, I can't wrap my head around
this idea of divine will.
It's conflicting.
"What God has joined together
let no man separate."
But He called Tm away
and took Hnh back to heaven.
Maybe He has a divine purpose
for o in the future.
Let me keep it.
You don't have to go to the market.
I'll go fishing at the lake.
There'll be enough food for tonight.
Right. All right.
May the Lord bless our love
today and forever.
I wonder
if God still exists today.
Why do you ask?
If God exists,
a good and almighty God,
He wouldn't let
something like this happen.
We entrust everything to God's mercy.
I believe that everything is God's plan.
Are you cold?
Are you cold?
Who are you looking for?
I'd like to meet the head nun here.
May I ask what for?
I made an appointment last night.
I would like to enroll my nephew here.
I see. Please come in.
Thank you.
In white, in yolks
Into beaks, into feet
A tiny little beak
Tiny little feet
Gleaming yellow feathers
Bright black eyes
Oh, little chick
I love you so much
Let's put on your sandals.
Let's go.
Go round fast in a circle
and dance well, okay?
Calm down!
Stand in four rows!
Calm down!
- Say hello.
- Hello, sister.
Hello to you too.
How many classes are there, Tho?
Now we have 113 kids
divided into four classes.
Most of the kids
are K'ho ethnic minorities?
Yes, and there are seven Kinh among them.
It must be tiring,
taking care of a whole class every day.
Not at all, I'm actually happy
because I get to be
close to them every day.
You're right.
After all, one must be pure like a child
to enter the kingdom of heaven.
Stay here and play with your friends
and the sisters.
I'll pick you up in a few days. Okay?
I told the head nun
about his family circumstances.
I was surprised
that she didn't charge any fees.
Do you want to come and play?
I really admire you and the sisters here.
You live your life
according to the three vows.
Chastity, poverty and obedience.
Anyway, do you have any news
of o's father?
Shall we start making a circle?
Let's keep going round.
You kept it.
You hid so well.
You can keep it.
Where did you get it?
It's a secret.
"Every time a bell rings
"an angel gets his wings."
Every time I watch that part,
I cry like a baby.
Why don't they make movies
like that anymore?
I wonder why too.
Are you all right?
It's okay.
If you're not ready,
I can wait.
Are you crying?
whatever your dad said,
don't overthink it.
Once I arrive in Saigon, I'll get a job.
Your dad will have to change his mind.
Will you wait for me?
I'm not sure.
I feel
like I'm drifting.
I find myself
and suffocated.
As though
there's a dense cloud enveloping me.
It's preventing me
from reaching the light.
I cannot exist simultaneously
in the light
and in the dark.
This world
has tempted me long enough.
I'll have to decide.
My love is like a thousand waves
Endlessly pining for the shore
Reliving the flood of memories
Of love in bygone days
I still ache for you every lonely night
My love for you remains the same
After all, even time cannot fade
Even though you're adrift
In a place far away from me
My darling, I wish you'd find
Your way back to my side
On countless lonely nights
I search for you on the old street
There it seems our nights together
Still shimmer vividly
Here, it seems our kisses exchanged
Still murmur warmly
We were once that much in love
With each other
You're faraway with another
Are you well, my darling?
My heart aches for you
With each sorrowful night that passes
Despite the cold darkness creeping over me
I'm still searching
For a familiar face from the past
What's wrong?
I don't know. It stalled.
The gasoline seems to be leaking.
Is the engine still starting?
Hang on.
It ran out of gasoline.
No gasoline?
Where are you going?
I'm going to a place near Sn in.
Just at the entrance.
- You're going to Sn in village?
- Yes.
I'm looking for someone there.
Where in Sn in?
At the edge of the village.
Who are you looking for?
I'm looking for my brother.
- What's his name?
- Tm.
- Tm?
- Yes.
Does he live near Sn in?
I don't know.
I haven't seen him in a long time.
Near Sn in.
You live in the area?
I'm going to Sn in too.
- You're on empty, right?
- Yes.
You should get a bottle. Here.
- This is gasoline?
- No, this is wine.
I'm not going around
with a bottle of gasoline.
- You're going to Sn in?
- Yes.
Where exactly?
I think a little after the welcome sign.
The sign at the entrance?
- Yes, that's right.
- Right.
Does he run a business there?
I heard that he's working in sericulture.
Where do you live?
My family used to live in Di Linh.
But everyone migrated to the States,
so I moved to Saigon.
I see.
Try to start it.
I'll help push from behind.
Let the gasoline run down.
The tank is locked.
Open it. Slowly.
Thank you.
Hello, could you take a look
at my motorbike?
I'll check it in a bit.
All right.
Who sells the drinks?
Hey, we have a customer.
He wants to buy a drink.
One moment.
Excuse me.
Do you know this man?
He looks like c,
Mrs. Hai's son from the next village.
Does he look like c to you?
What would you like?
- A Red Bull.
- Okay.
Have a look.
Does this man look like c,
Mrs. Hai's son?
He looks kind of similar,
but that's not him.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Hello, madam.
Madam, do you know the man in the picture?
What's your name?
I'm Thin.
Why are you looking for him now?
Do you know him?
I'm talking about you.
Have you forsaken your soul?
You have too many burdens to bear.
all you need is one thing.
Don't mind her.
She talks like that to everyone.
It's all right.
No one can fully empathize
with the soul.
It is beyond human comprehension.
When my soul left my body,
just for a few seconds
I witnessed the misery of souls.
In this earthly world,
I smelt a pungent, rotting odor.
do you know why we can't pick it up?
Because we're used to it.
suppose we go around the wet market.
The air is putrid,
but the vendors don't even smell it.
These souls, they are so delicate.
And weightless.
But when they inhale
the scent of this Earth,
they suffer.
Yet for them, the greatest suffering
was knowing I had to return to this flesh.
Their gazes were filled
with deep mourning.
I recognized
some folks I once knew.
They were deeply pious and full of virtue,
they were still being purged
of their sins.
they begged me
to exhort their children and grandchildren
to seek salvation
by being devoted to prayer
and attending the Holy Mass.
When I came back to life,
and I felt so miserable,
I felt I needed to speak up about this.
The brevity of suffering
compared to eternity
is but a fleeting moment,
barely anything.
Tell me,
what shall it profit a man
if he gains the whole world
and loses his own soul?
Come inside.
Don't be shy.
Make yourself at home.
You look so much like Tm.
I never knew Tm had a younger brother.
Please have some tea and snacks.
Do you take lunch to Tm every day?
No, only sometimes.
If he goes to work early
and I can't prepare it on time,
I take the lunch to him later.
Thin, can you help me hold him?
Sure, let me.
Wait a little while.
I'll prepare lunch, then we can go.
He's usually here at this time.
Thin, hold him for me, please.
I'll go look around.
Uncle Thin!
Uncle Thin!
Wake up.
Wake up!
What's going on?
Why are you sleeping here?
I'm waiting for Tm.
Tm? Who's Tm?
I don't know any Tm here.
Move aside so I can open the door.
Why are you still here?
So, there's no one named Tm here?
No such person. This is my farm.
Move your motorbike
so I can open the door.