Insomnium (2017) Movie Script

(Foreign Language)
(Foreign Language)
That mountain came out of nowhere.
Shut up dude.
It's not funny.
Kim, if it's not funny,
why are you smiling?
This ain't working.
So, stand up.
What are you doing?
Put your arm around me, come on.
Oh Christ.
Stand up now.
On the count of three,
I want you to hop.
One, two, three.
Watch the leg.
Thanks, babe.
Here's good.
Yeah, oh, let me help.
Alright, there we go.
Home sweet home.
Guys, I'm sorry about
all this.
It's a real trip.
It's alright man.
Now we get to make fun of you
for the rest of your life.
Hey, where's that bottle of wine?
No more vicodin for this guy.
It's a life giving bottle.
Really at it's best, I'm sure.
It's so sweet.
Phin said the sweetest thing today.
We were making love, you remember this?
He had his face in the pillow
and he turns to me and he goes,
you know George,
I just thought how sweet it was..
everybody clear their minds.
If I get like a huge boner right now,
should I just suppress it or let it flow?
It's not gonna work if you're like this.
Everybody has to focus on shit
or it's not gonna happen.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's just so fucking
romantic in here right now.
You don't really believe
in this shit, do you?
I played it three times with my cousin.
It worked like twice.
What happened?
I don't want,
I don't want to talk about it.
Come on.
It's probably
not even freaky anyways.
Probably lamest thing I've ever heard.
You know what,
I don't even want to hear it.
I'm sure it's boring as shit.
If I tell you guys,
you'll totally chicken out.
Go ahead.
I was staying with my
cousin Becca in New York.
And we hang out every night,
had friends over and stuff.
And there was this one guy, Davy,
that I made out with a couple of times.
But by this point,
he was freaking me out.
He comes over really early and
we don't know what to do with him.
And she comes up with a brilliant idea of
let's do a bunch of shots and play Ouija.
The weird thing was that
every time Davy touched the planchet.
Wait, what's a planchet?
Okay, go on.
And it just starts freaking out.
And then it starts flying to the nine,
to the one,
to the five
over and over again.
Nine, one, five.
Becca goes and she starts fixing her makeup
and the buzzer rings.
It's time to go so I
let Becca know this and
when she walks out of her room,
she is as white as a ghost.
And I shit you not,
it is 9:15.
Oh my god, I just got the chills.
Look at my arms.
Okay, I have the strangest suspicion
that I've actually heard this story before.
It's weird is people always
ignore the first part of the coincidence.
They focus on the second part.
Okay, what,
what he's talking about?
What time were your
friends supposed to show?
When you were playing the game,
what time were they supposed
to show to your house?
Maybe around nine o'clock
we were going out, but
Right, exactly.
it has nothing to do with.
They got their what, at 9:15.
15 minutes late.
If you were to put money down,
what time somebody was gonna show,
if they were supposed to be there at nine,
you would say 9:15.
Dude, you're a buzzkill.
And as for the first part,
you guys subconsciously put your focus
on the nine, one, five.
Nine, one, five,
because you knew something different
was gonna happen.
Is that your theory?
Uh huh.
It's not what happened.
I'm starting to like this idea.
I mean come on,
my grandma went batshit before she died,
like hid all of her jewelry and shit.
She seriously thought like the communists
were coming to get her.
I mean come on, I'm in for the money.
Let's fucking do this.
You sure?
Well, yeah.
Here we go.
Okay, let's do it.
clear your heads.
Big money, let's go.
Now just
put one of your hands
on the board
really lightly and
Is there anyone out there?
Grandma, where's your necklace?
Is there anyone that wants to communicate?
This is bullshit.
Jesus Christ.
I'm nervous, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's supposed to move.
There's, um...
there's definitely an energy.
Who was that?
Was that you, Phin?
Phin, you moved it.
You moved it.
I swear.
Who's S-R?
Anybody know an S-R,
My grandma.
No, he's..
You met her.
She made you those socks.
Oh my god.
I think we need to clear the board.
It's spelling hash.
No, no, no, it's
George don't.
Yeah, done.
No, no, hold up.
Hold up. Hold up.
No, dude, you're on your own on this one.
Oh my god, Phin.
That's not funny.
Come on.
He's had a lot to drink.
Something happened to him, Phin.
Phin stop dicking around.
Babe, will you get rid of the game?
Fuck yeah.
Olivia, just put on a movie.
A funny movie.
Something to clear the air, please.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, a funny movie.
Wake up Phin.
That's wrong.
Since when did you start smoking in bed?
Since I can't walk to the porch.
Well then maybe you should quit.
I can try it.
She's in there with him.
Why, he fell asleep.
While I was getting you situated,
she took him into his room
and I heard them laughing.
I think she likes him.
What? It's exciting.
You're right, it is.
How you doing?
Still scared?
I mean it was really, really weird.
Yeah, I know.
I don't know.
But hey,
you know what was super, super sexy?
When Phin passed out,
and everybody freaked
out and you were like
"Kimmy, put the game away.
"Olivia, put a funny movie on."
Put Top Secret on.
I bet you're gonna make regional manager
in like five years.
Come on, don't say that.
Don't ever say that.
No, since when did you get so bossy?
I'm not bossy, I'm just
crabby, that's all.
You're Mr. Crabby.
You don't have the do anything.
I'm just
Don't worry.
I will be very,
I mean it's good, it's okay.
Oh, come on.
Kai said
I would have amazing orgasms this week.
Oh wow, you know what,
then why don't you go give Kai,
the psychic,
a booty call because
I'm Mr. Gimp
and I'm going to sleep.
Bite off my head because I want to do it.
Come here, come here, just
Poo bear, come here.
I'm sorry.
Come here.
Wake up.
Wake up.
What the fuck?
What's going on?
Come in, come in.
Kimmy, I'm sorry.
Can I have a ride home?
Okay, what happened?
I just need a ride home, please, okay?
What the fuck did he do?
I don't know.
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no, listen,
I don't know what's going on,
but I am way too nervy to drive.
So why don't you just take my car.
I'll get it from you tomorrow.
Thank you so much.
I just, I don't know
if he's trying to be funny or what,
but I just need to get out of here.
I need to get to my dogs.
I just gotta go.
Okay. Okay.
I know he's not really himself tonight.
Will you just text me when you get home?
Call me, I don't care.
You promise?
Okay. Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey, cock state,
wake up.
It's like summer break.
I hope you don't mind,
I borrowed one of your pills.
Oh, great.
Yeah, dude.
This is awesome.
You got all this time off.
You getting paid for this, right?
Like it's a free vacation?
I don't know man.
I haven't figured it out yet.
Yeah well, it's like one o'clock already.
You slept later than me today.
Yeah, well I'm tired.
You need anything?
Want some food or you want to move into the
living room?
No, not yet.
What did you do last night, Phin?
What didn't I do?
I did all sorts of stuff
with that girl last night.
No, I mean
after that.
I went to bed.
Woke up this morning,
took a shower,
smoked a bowl and came in here.
No, I mean what did you do to Olivia, Phin?
Besides eating her pink taco,
I didn't do shit.
Well she woke up in
the middle of the night
freaked out,
Okay, you did something to her.
Maybe I fucking drooled on her.
I don't know.
Dammit Phin,
you really spooked her man.
What do you want me to say?
I mean I don't remember anything.
You fucked up.
What is that?
It's Kim calling me.
Just shut up.
Big girlfriend.
Shut up.
Big girlfriend in the fucking sky.
Hey babe.
Hi honey.
You have everything you need?
Yeah, I'm just trying to finally wake up.
Okay, well,
just relax babe.
I'm gonna try to get out of here early
and get over to you.
There's something I want to talk to you about.
Oh, too rough.
Oh, come on guys.
What if Dan saw?
I gotta go.
God, she's already pissy
for last night, Phin.
Why do you gotta push all the time?
Man, your grumpy when you're injured.
You're like an old man.
I'm three months younger than you,
dick hole.
Hold on, I got something
that'll make you feel better.
Dig in.
No, it's too early for that.
Come on man, you got a busted leg.
It's medicine, it'll make you feel better.
Don't take it like a puss either.
Smoke it.
I'll write you a little
song while we're in here.
Hey guys.
I have Chinese
I organized your plates.
Organized my plates?
Thank you.
Is he asleep?
Yeah, I think so.
So, um,
Dan asked me today
if I wanted to go to this
conference thing in Vegas.
But the thing is I would
have to leave on Thursday
and I told him that I would ask you first,
and get back to him tomorrow.
Yeah, no.
You should go.
You should go.
You wanted to go.
Yeah, but that was before you got hurt.
I'm fine.
Phin doesn't do anything.
He'll take care of me.
I'm fine.
Are you sure?
Uh huh.
Okay, because Dan said that this would be
a great opportunity to get in good
with Fielding,
and you know that I've been trying to get..
I totally get it.
Fielding, he's,
it's great.
It's great.
It's the greatest thing ever.
I knew you'd be wonderful about it.
one more favor?
Uh huh.
Let me
take you
into your room.
And let me have my way with you.
Cause you owe me from last night.
I do.
But I'm scared.
You should be.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Stop it you lunatic.
I have to pee.
Hurry up woman.
you just watch out.
I'm watching that behind.
George, George.
George, oh my god.
Does he think he's being funny?
Phin is fucking crazy.
Kim, Kim,
go to back to bed.
Kim, go back to bed.
Do something.
I'll call you if I need you.
Go back to bed.
Hey man.
What the fuck?
I got this fucking thing in my hand,
I'm gonna throw it at your goddamn face,
now wake up.
Dude, turn the fucking light off.
Okay, man.
(Foreign Language)
Liar, liar, liar.
(Foreign Language)
Oh fuck me man.
What the fuck's wrong with you?
It's not funny man.
That was awesome.
No, it's not awesome.
You know what dude, first of all,
okay, you scared the shit out of Kim last night.
I mean whatever you're doing,
it's fucking weird.
It's just weird.
Maybe that's why I woke up in the tub.
What have you been on man?
besides pot, booze,
No, I did have this crazy ass dream though.
I was like sitting there and my mom,
she left me with my nanny,
which is kind of weird
cause I never had a nanny.
Stop, Phin, stop.
Just first of all,
stop fucking saying nanny, please.
So anyway nanny is sitting there
nannying the shit out of me
in nannyland.
She falls asleep,
and I look up and there's this like
white bird sitting on the windowsill.
It's got something like tied around its foot.
So I go to try to figure out what it is.
And I'm sitting there, and I follow it out,
and it leads me to this old theater.
And I see my mom walking in.
I'm like, oh wow.
So I sit there and I'm waiting for her.
And all I'm doing is I keep writing the word fly
in the dirt over and over and over again.
Wow, Phin.
That's great, that's fucking exciting.
I see my mom walk out
and she's with some dude.
And this guy's,
I mean he's not my dad.
I mean it's just like some smooth looking
son of a bitch.
So I'm like pissed.
And I get home and I get to the kitchen.
My parents are like going at it,
like fighting.
And my mom turns to me and she like
where the hell have you been.
And I get so mad,
like I just get this overwhelming feeling.
I look over and there's this pair of scissors
sitting on the table.
I get so mad I like grab the scissors
and go right at her.
And all of a sudden,
there's this like crazy burst
of like electrical energy.
And everything goes fucking red.
That is pretty fucked up.
Thank you.
That's why I had to tell you.
Wow, thanks.
You're welcome.
What the fuck have you been on?
Fuck you dude,
I'm not on,
It's the same shit I get from the pharmacy
every week.
That's it?
That's it.
Do me a favor, 24 hours,
don't do it.
Let's just see what happens.
If I don't smoke weed,
I can't sleep.
That's great.
Because it's when you're
sleeping we have the problem.
It took me three hours to
calm Kim down last night.
She seriously thinking about not going
to the conference in Vegas.
And I know you don't want her to not,
24 hours.
Just one night.
The yard looks good.
How's life?
Oh, I've been having strange dreams lately.
It's nice to be young.
do you ever think about having just like
a couple people over tonight
just for some drinks?
Not too loud on the base.
Oh no, not at all.
We'll totally take care of that.
I'm just gonna go grab some stuff.
But let me know if we
get too loud.
I'll see you later.
Thanks again for the light.
See ya.
Now, come on.
Thank you God.
Babe, fuck.
Babe get up.
Get up.
You're late, you're late.
Get up.
What time is it?
It's 9:30.
Oh shit.
Are you serious?
Yeah, come on.
Oh my god, I told Joelle
I would meet her at 9:30.
She's gonna drive me to the airport.
I have to be there super early.
You know Dan wants us there
by five.
It's ridiculous.
Where's my phone?
It's right here.
Thank you.
What's with all the music?
It's Phin.
I told him he could have
some people over, okay.
Okay, why?
To celebrate my leaving?
No, no,
because I asked him not
to smoke pot for 24 hours
to see if that works.
It's sort of a no pot
for a party exchange.
way to be proactive.
Are you kidding?
Getting Phin not to smoke for 24 hours.
It's a fete in itself.
Yeah, amazing.
You know, just make sure that he sees someone
because there was something
seriously wrong with him.
Okay I get it.
I mean if I have to come back here
after a five day business trip, I..
I understand.
I got it, I got it.
I have to go.
Now come back here.
No, no, you're freezing.
Please, one more.
I have to go.
I'm already late.
Okay, George, here.
I'm going to rock your balls
and cock off completely
out of your pants.
Get ready for greatness.
Okay, here we go.
Football's coming at your fat fingers.
That was good man.
That was actually really good.
Pretty good.
We don't even have football.
Good job, Dre.
I need to ask you one question.
I'll ask you a question.
George, where are the fucking pretzels, huh?
I'm pretzel less.
But can I ask you a question real quick?
Do you know anything about
Sleepwalking, yeah.
My sister, Mona,
used to sleepwalk when we were kids.
She would stand at the foots
of the bunk beds here
and just scare all the shits out of them.
I'm really hungry, George.
Like I could eat the
whole fucking fat buffalo.
But when she was,
did she ever look into your eyes,
you know what I mean,
when she was sleeping, did she ever
look right into your eyes?
No, no, look
if you're asleep,
there's no
You're look like this.
You know.
She's like that?
There's no looking.
You're sleeping and not looking.
Yeah that's weird.
What the fuck?
Hey, you pussies come inside.
The girls want to give us manicures.
Uno memento.
Oh fuck Phin.
One night.
George, wait.
Oh shit.
Hold on, I'll be back.
George wait.
George, hey, come on man look,
okay, I'm not smoking my weed.
This is her weed.
I smoked her weed, that's it.
It's not the point Phin.
The point is I'm trying to help you.
So you throw parties,
screw up my last night with Kim,
and you go ahead and fucking smoke anyways.
Dude, look,
I have a little insomnia, okay.
Who cares.
Why would you care, Phin?
Alright, look, I'm sorry okay.
I got drunk.
I made a bad decision, alright.
Yeah, I'm sorry too.
I'm sorry for giving a fuck.
Dude, don't fucking be like that.
You're on your own now pal.
You know you actually used to be fucking fun.
You remember those days.
How about that for fun, Phin?
You're a fucking prick, you know that.
I'm going to bed.
Close the door.
Hey babe, Vegas.
You got there okay?
How was the flight?
What's under your nails?
What's that?
Look, okay.
I know we haven't discussed it
because something always comes up,
but have you given any consideration
to what we were talking about?
I mean if we keep putting it off..
You hear that?
Hear what?
Will you please pay attention to me?
Yeah, no, I'm sorry.
I'm just, just the morning,
I need some coffee.
The morning.
Oh my god, what is wrong with you?
I just,
I just need some more time that's all.
Okay, how much more time do you need?
Another 15 months?
Just some time.
Can we talk about this when you get back?
Fuck, do you hear that?
Okay, okay fine.
But we're actually going to have a conversation
about it okay,
so I would appreciate some serious consideration.
You got it.
Okay. I'll call you later.
Why are you acting like
such a fucking space cadet?
I'm sorry.
I just.
Kim, you ready?
My film is in 20 minutes.
Yeah, just a second, Dan.
I'm sorry for jumping down your throat.
It's just
I have been super crabby
and so stressed out.
And Fielding was here early today and I..
Kim, come on.
Let's hustle.
I get it.
Go to Dan.
It's fine. Go have fun.
We'll just talk about,
I'm gonna call you back in a little bit.
Alright, I'll talk to you later then.
Love you, bye.
Okay, bye.
(Foreign Language)
What the fuck?
Wake up.
Hey man, wake up.
(Foreign Language)
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
What is this shit?
You tell me buddy.
Get me out of this fucking thing.
What are you doing?
What's wrong with you?
You need to see somebody Phin.
I can't afford to.
Not all of us have nice little jobs
that provide us with great insurance.
Man, I'm tired as shit.
Because you're up all night
acting like a freak instead of sleeping.
And it's weird and creepy,
and starting to get very annoying.
Well I didn't smoke weed at all yesterday,
so that blows that theory.
Maybe you should just lock me in my room,
that way I'd quit bothering you.
Great. Great. That's great.
You don't want to fix it man, huh.
You want to figure this out?
Do you have any suggestions?
I would gladly listen to them right now.
Dude, this ain't never gonna work.
Yes it will.
They don't give a shit.
Social security card,
insurance card.
Any questions, I'm sitting right here.
did you check out the tits on the receptionist?
No, I didn't.
What the fuck is with this music?
I don't know.
I like it.
Birth date?
Birth date?
We've been friends since high school,
you don't know my birthday?
I'm a guy.
I don't remember birthdays.
When's my birthday smart man?
November fourth.
Yeah, well you're gay.
Oh, I am.
That's me.
Oh man.
It feels good to finally
get out of the house.
If I'd known this would have worked,
I'd have gotten that ingrown toenail
taken care of last year.
Well, here goes nothing.
Dude, you think that's a good idea
taking that with beer?
I don't know.
All I know is I'm tired as fuck.
I can't get that receptionist's tits
out of my mind.
You know,
maybe we're just like
talking about this too much.
I mean just making it a bigger deal
that what it is.
And that's all I ever think about anymore
is sleeping or not sleeping.
And that's all we ever talk about.
So let's just shut up about it.
Yeah, fine.
I won't say anything else.
The other night,
when you were doing the scratching thing,
I didn't want to bring this up,
but you said something.
Yeah, what?
I don't know.
But you were pissed off about something.
It was in a different language.
I don't know what it means.
Dude, I'm monolingual.
Whatever it was,
it was fucking freaky, okay.
And all of..
What did I just say?
I'm tired of talking about
this shit all the time.
Come on man.
Can we focus on something
else like pussy or anything?
Yeah, great, fine.
But you're the one who's
talking in fucking tongues.
Hey babe, I was just about to call you.
You were?
That's hilarious.
Yeah, I'm gonna talk to Phin tomorrow, promise.
Why bother?
We should all live together,
Just the three of us.
You, me, and Phin forever.
It'll be cute.
You know what Kim,
you're being a little mean drunk,
so I'm gonna hang up the phone right now.
And you know what,
Dan told me not to tell you this,
but I can't lie to you
and not tell you would be lying.
Yeah, Dan was here.
You know I won 3,000 bucks
on the freaking slots
in between freaking calls
to you.
Answer your phone.
Check your fucking computer for once, really.
Anyway, Vanna from marketing comes down
with these like crazy
We started dancing and
I got
I sort of,
you know made out with someone.
Who was it?
I don't know.
Who cares, I was drunk.
I care.
Who the fuck was it?
George, George, you know what,
I can't.
I can't.
I can't.
You know what.
We can talk about it tomorrow.
No, no, no, no.
We can fucking talk about this right now.
Because you're in a fucking cast
and you can't do anything.
And I go to Vegas and have a fucking meltdown
and you don't answer my goddamn phone calls.
So see how you like it.
God dammit.
(Foreign Language)
Get the fuck off me.
George, what,
what did I do?
I lost her man.
She's gone.
I'm sorry.
Fuck, I didn't know man.
If it makes you feel any better,
my ex-fiance has the fucking..
How the fuck can you compare that right now?
Like you cared about Kim more than I did her
just like fucking grown ups?
It was four years ago, man.
It was just some fucking singer.
Some fucking singer who fucked both of us over.
Where you going?
That's good stuff man.
Come on man,
you just lost your girl.
I'm a fucking zombie.
And we're both laying on the goddam floor.
I am sorry about Kim.
I really am.
Your up.
George, Georgie.
Try to keep her from getting.
You just can't use your..
He has a broken arm and leg
and a lot of other stuff going on.
Can you blame him?
Give him a break.
When's he coming back anyways?
Why don't you come to my office?
I got a package for you to sign.
Shh, don't.
Get out of here.
Relax sexy.
You don't see him.
But I can still hear you, you douche.
Georgie, I am so sorry.
What was that?
Shut up.
Look, I know you're in there.
I just want to talk.
Please, Georgie.
I went to Vegas.
I panicked.
I got drunk and I made a mistake.
I'm so, so sorry.
But it's not like I'm into Dan.
It was just sex.
Georgie, come on.
I'm leaving.
Just text me, or
call me, or something.
Organize this bitch.
And then the thour buff,
the clouds she waited all alone,
day after day,
hour after hour
for the prince to rescue her
as he had promised.
And then one day,
a white bird flew into her window
and perched itself atop of her mirror.
At first she tried to scare it away
until she noticed a small scrap of paper
tied to it's leg.
There written in gold letters
was just one word, fly.
She looked out the window,
through the clouds,
around the low,
but all she could see was
Hey, you're walking.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
We heard some sounds downstairs.
Da da da.
I fall down.
No big deal.
It's okay.
George, it's late.
Please, go to bed.
Have a good night.
I got it.
I'm not a charity case.
How was therapy, George?
It sucks.
It's therapy.
It's painful.
Thanks for the ride, man.
I appreciate it.
Whatever man, no problem.
It's interesting, the whole.
It's really nice of you.
Like it's actually interesting.
Wait two second.
Where are you going?
Just a second.
No, I will be home soon.
I gotta ask you a question.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to bother you.
The other day,
you were arguing with my landlord.
I just want to know.
Da, from Russia,
near my town.
Big shot doctor.
Wife disappeared.
Police investigate.
Suddenly they are both gone.
They, who do you mean they?
Who's they?
Both of them.
No, no, no, no, that doesn't make sense.
You said that the wife died,
but Mr. Romanovsky.
He means the doctor and who else,
the children maybe?
No, doctor and daughter.
You mean Mr. Romanovsky.
Very rude.
I give my regards to his family.
Very nice.
He say I have no family.
You make mistake.
I say how is little Sophie.
He say mind your business.
Very rude.
Now, I must go.
Victor needs his cream.
Wait, one more question.
Let her go.
Come on.
God dammit.
See, now you hurt yourself.
No, I fine.
No, I'm good.
What was that all about?
He Phin, wake up.
Darn it, wake up.
I just found out some crazy shit.
Romanovsky used to be a doctor in Russia
with a beautiful wife and daughter.
And they just disappeared.
Romanovsky doesn't have a family.
I know.
That's my point.
Where'd they go?
Man, Romanovsky's awesome.
You've been speaking Russian in your sleep.
The whole neighborhood speaks Russian.
You went to one sleep specialist and you bailed.
I've been helping you out for weeks now.
You can indulge me in this one thing.
God, alright.
What do you want?
I'm gonna sneak up stairs.
I'm gonna look around and
see if I can find anything.
I need you to be awake by noon.
Get me some coffee.
Wake up.
I bookmarked a page for you.
It's gross.
It's the only thing that works.
Sit right here.
Just, now just wake up.
I wouldn't have to use it all the time.
Shit man.
Now just keep playing.
Phineas, play that
Don't stop playing.
I got it, alright.
My fucking fingers hurt.
My face hurts.
What is that?
I gotta stay up somehow.
Hey, Mr. Romanovsky.
Sorry to bother you.
We're having a little problem
with the kitchen sink.
What happened?
I don't know.
Just started leaking.
Just started leaking.
Yeah, just started leaking.
(Foreign Language)
If something breaks,
just call.
Don't fix.
You only make worse.
I'm sorry, Mr. Romanovsky.
That's my fault.
I thought I could just wrench it back together.
I go get part.
Be back.
Alright man, listen.
He's gonna be at the store for an hour.
Keep playing.
Unless you see him, keep playing.
Oh dear god.
What's he doing to you?
Sophie, she's fucking hooked up to something.
She's up there right now
in a coma.
I think she just woke up.
That's great.
Dude, Phin,
she hummed your song.
The song you've been playing
over and over and over again.
She heard it.
Dude, she's in a fucking coma or not.
I don't fucking know what she's in.
But here's what I think man.
I think
that she's trying to reach you in her sleep.
We've got to do something.
Dude, she's sick.
Romanovsky is awesome.
Will you please go on, crazy.
I just want to take a fucking nap.
Dude, Phin I'm trying to fucking help you.
She is up there right now.
Holy shit.
I don't get it.
from the Ouija thing.
Oh shit.
Yes, this is George Fishburn.
Yes, this is a person of very significant importancy.
I'm an anonymous man.
Hi, I'm a suspect.
I know of certain things my landlord.
This is George Fishburn.
I live downstairs from a man.
He took his daughter.
I'd like to report.
Hi, my name is George.
My name is George Fishburn.
I know about suspicious activities.
It's so early.
It's kind of important though.
No, no, please come in.
I'll make us coffee.
Thanks, thanks.
He hasn't been sleeping at all.
I knew something happened.
Yeah, and that's why I came over.
I was gonna bring the devil board.
No, George.
That thing is stupid.
It just opened a window.
What you're looking for
is more of a doorway.
What do you mean doorway?
What do you mean by that?
I don't know.
It usually has to do with
chicken sacrifice,
pig's blood,
eye of newt.
I don't know.
I used to be into all this
stuff when I was in high school,
but I'm not a witch or anything.
But that's why I came over here
because I knew you were into spiritual stuff.
And I just
fucking running out ideas here.
Listen, I've had a friend took
me to a psychic library once.
Why don't you let me get dressed.
We can head over there and
find out what they know.
No, that's great.
You want to slow down on the coffee?
You look terrible.
I feel like
I'm sorry that was a total waste of time.
I know I think it's a prerequisite
to be a psychic librarian,
you've got to be completely insane.
Yeah, well.
How are you holding up?
I mean about Kim.
I mean that's, I'm okay.
The whole thing with Phin
puts it in perspective,
I guess, you know.
Why have you talked to her?
Not in a while.
You know.
I'll let you go, George.
Take care of yourself.
Hold on Olivia.
I know you didn't want to talk about it, but
I have to ask you.
That night with Phin,
what did he say?
He didn't say anything.
He just sat there and stared at his hands.
Nothing, that's it.
I mean you had to be there.
It was,
it was mainly the eyes.
Eat something.
Phineas, wake up.
Let's get out of here, man.
I couldn't figure anything out.
Let's go over to Andre's or something.
Oh no.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
I can't believe it's been three months.
The police, they just no clue.
My head
can't keep things.
Hey it's okay.
Guys' thanks
for the help, you know.
You didn't really have to.
No problem Georgie pan.
I have to get back though.
I have to coming over.
Wait, you moved in?
I didn't know that.
I needed a place to stay.
So Georgie here let me take Phin's old room.
That's great.
Until we find him.
You don't have to be
all emotional about it.
It's fine.
I know there's a chance I'm
not gonna see him again.
His mom keeps calling me.
And she wants to come out.
I don't even know what's right in my head anymore.
George, you're doing a great job.
You are.
Thanks guys.
Guys, I've got to go.
You're taking off.
I'm teaching a yoga class in like minutes.
I'm so super late.
Thank you Olive Branch.
I'll see you later.
Call me, okay.
Alright, will do.
That was nice.
She's nice.
George, you should definitely call her.
That'll be weird, man, you know.
Life is weird.
I didn't think you'd actually answer the phone.
I just
wanted to say to for today.
I want to see if you
want to do it again.
Not the
same activity, of course.
Something different.
A movie maybe.
No, tomorrow's great.
do it.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Good night, George.
I feel like toasted shit.
Grease man.
Grease absorbs alcohol.
Yeah, so fuck it,
orange juice.
Did you hear Diana leave this morning?
Just woke up.
Slept like shit.
Yeah, not shit, huh.
Just a second, huh.
That was Di.
She say
you scare all the shits out of her last night.
No, I already told you man,
I didn't see her.
I don't know.
She must be crazy I guess, George.
She tell me you were her in the kitchen last night
all like,
like yeah.
I don't know.
I mean I probably would have left with her.
I mean if I was with her if I wasn't so drunk.
Yeah, seriously.
She went crazy.
She get pinching the fats
under my arm
to wake me up.
Here, let me get you some water.
Okay, just, here.
Let me get.
Oh shit.
What was I saying?
What the fuck was I doing?
What the fuck was I doing?
You got to get out of here.
You got to get your stuff.
She can get to me,
she can get to you.
Not one more night.
This is non fucking negotiable.
What are you doing?
I just did laundry, George.
Listen, you need to..
Fuck your laundry, Andre.
Dammit, George.
You gotta go.
Why, just because you said some shit
in your sleep?
What fuck was I saying?
Call Diane.
Does she know what I'm saying?
I don know.
I don't know, George.
I'm sorry.
Would Diana know?
Come on, maybe.
We thought you woke up.
You were just dreaming, George.
Would you call her?
Would you call her and tell her to come over?
Would she talk to me?
I don't know.
She's a superstitious chick, George.
Give her a little time maybe.
You could tie me up.
You could put a fucking gun in my mouth.
Just call her, please, for me.
Just call her.
Okay, I'll call her, George.
It's not like it's going to bring,
I mean did you ever consider
maybe it's better if you didn't know.
Hold on to your pants.
Andre has everything under control.
Honey, Diana, baby,
it's okay.
You just relax, okay.
If he makes a move, I stab him.
Come here sweetie.
Alright, honey.
It's okay, sweetie, baby.
Okay, see.
It's George.
Hi Georgie.
I'm sorry for freaking you out last night.
It wasn't
on purpose.
It's really important
that you tell me what I said
to you last night, okay.
Okay, baby.
Look, I protect you.
Okay, I'm gonna go for ice cream.
And then you,
Oh god, George.