Inspector Zenigata (2017) Movie Script

Tonight at midnight
blow up
The bomb hasn't been found yet.
East Area, can you hear me? Respond.
Ueno Tower Building
South Area, how is it?
West Area search is complete.
MPD Division 1
Sakuraba Natsuki
No suspicious objects were found.
MPD Division 1
Kunikida Shintaro
North Area search is complete.
Nothing suspicious found.
- Continue searching.
- Yes, sir.
MPD Division 1
Shitara Hiroshi
What's going on?
Getting a message like this.
Tonight at midnight
I'll blow up the
Ueno Tower Building
I'm in front of the Ueno Tower Building.
As of 11pm, nothing suspicious
has been found here.
The people around are watching anxiously.
At 8.05 pm today,
A message saying, "Tonight at midnight
I'll blow up the Ueno Tower Building"
was sent to the building.
The police still haven't
identified the sender...
Tokyo Empire Museum
A bomb?
Ground Floor
Security Guard Office
Give me a break.
That's scary, right next door.
- Good work.
- Good work.
We only need the minimum staff today.
- It's busy out there, hurry home.
- Yes, sir.
- I'll be off then.
- Good work.
- See you.
- Bye.
Ueno Tower Building
Ground Floor Entrance Lobby
- Kaneda, that way.
- Okay.
27th Floor East Side Corridor
- Anything there?
- Nothing.
How are things there?
33rd Floor Plumbing Passage
Basement 3 Car Park
10 minutes left.
I hope it's just a prank.
Even if it is, it's unforgivable.
- For now, keep focused.
- Right.
Wait, I'm your senpai...
Tokyo Empire Museum
West Entrance
Basement 1 Control Room
East Area, can you hear me? Respond.
Ueno Tower Building
Anything over there?
2 minutes to midnight.
Everyone evacuate to a safe area.
- Evacuate!
- Evacuate!
Everybody out!
- Ah, damn it!
- Let's go!
- Evacuate!
- We're out of time!
- Hurry!
- Quickly!
The time in the cuprit's warning,
midnight is approaching.
10 seconds to midnight.
9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 -
4 - 3 - 2 - 1 -
- What the hell?
- Fireworks?
What's going on?
- What's that?
- E- Explosions?
Confirm the situation.
Yes, sir!
What was all that about?
- The security's switched off.
- What?
- Hurry and check!
- Yes, sir!
The 2nd floor Gallimard painting!
The fireworks at the next building
were launched using a timer.
I see.
It was a prank after all.
But why do something so elaborate?
There's a report from
the Tokyo Empire Museum!
Through here!
The Gallimard painting
exhibited here has vanished.
What's this?
I've taken the treasure
"I've taken the treasure, Lupin the 3rd"?
Lupin the 3rd?
D- Disaster!
He's here.
- He was missing, so...
- Ambulance!
Yes, sir!
The international phantom thief
Lupin the 3rd has finally reappeared.
He stole a Gallimard painting
worth 1.5 billion yen
from the Tokyo Empire Museum...
Security guard Hattori Takashi-san
interrupted his escape,
and was apparently killed in the struggle.
The MPD have released a warrant
for Lupin the 3rd's arrest
on suspicion of Hattori-san's murder,
and a nationwide manhunt has begun.
Police HQ
Lupin the 3rd has finally
reappeared in Japan.
As you know, Lupin the 3rd is
an international master thief.
MPD Division 1 Superintendent
However, there are
no photographs of him
and we have no knowledge
of his real face.
This time, he sent a bomb threat
to the Ueno Tower Building
so security would be relaxed
in the neighbouring museum.
He then entered using the PIN key,
distracted the guards with fireworks,
and cut off the security.
During that time,
he stole a Gallimard painting
worth 1.5 billion yen.
But while making his escape
he encountered security guard
Hattori Takashi-san,
and killed him in a struggle.
The surveillance footage is fragmentary
but records Lupin's movements.
Above all, we must catch him.
This despicable criminal, Lupin the 3rd!
You're making a big mistake.
This troublemaker...
Who's that?
Who are you?
My name is Inspector Zenigata,
of the International Police.
MPD International Investigator
Zenigata Koichi
- Inspector Zenigata?!
- Ah~ That's you.
I've heard rumours.
What brings you here?
What "big mistake"?
Where there is Lupin the 3rd,
there is Zenigata!
...this is not Lupin's crime.
What makes you think that?
The culprit this time killed someone.
Lupin is certainly a thief,
but he'd never commit
such a senseless murder.
I see.
But even Lupin,
confused by the guard's
sudden appearance,
- might kill...
- I have...
I have devoted my life as a detective
to arresting that man.
Outrageously distracting
the guards with fireworks.
That is certainly like Lupin.
But it's only "like" him.
That it reached the point of murder
is evidence this wasn't Lupin's work.
I see.
You're a full-time Lupin investigator.
I don't know for sure,
since you're often overseas,
but from what I hear
I seems Lupin has escaped you
every single time.
Well~ I won't deny that.
Lupin is a formidable opponent.
But this case has
nothing to do with Lupin.
I can smell it...
The stench of a rogue
using Lupin's name.
We can't let him get away with that!
Right, everyone?!
Shall we throw him out, sir?
In that case,
I'll let you conduct
your own investigation.
Thank you very much.
You'll need subordinates.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Please support the superb
Inspector Zenigata's investigation.
We will!
I'll expect great things.
Catch the true culprit, who isn't Lupin.
I understand.
We'll be sure to catch this villain.
Leave everything to me, Zenigata!
This man is Zenigata Koichi,
a famous detective who risks his life
to arrest Lupin the 3rd.
He's a stubborn, honest man
who won't forgive evil.
You already knew that?
But I wonder if you know
what he gets up to
when he's not chasing Lupin?
It seems he charges in and
solves cases in his own way.
Shall I show you?
This is a story of
Lupin the 3rd's eternal rival,
the lovable Inspector Zenigata.
Are you sure about this?
Letting Zenigata investigate.
I've heard he's like a softshell turtle.
If I'd refused, he'd have
interfered with our investigation.
MPD International
Investigation Section
That makes sense.
But why did you lend him subordinates?
It's fine.
Kunikida has been a liability
since he came here.
I've told the other, Sakuraba,
to report Zenigata's movements to me.
She's an excellent detective.
I should have guessed.
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
Excuse us.
Good work.
Here goes.
What are you so happy about?
It's Inspector Zenigata, isn't it?
He also works for Interpol,
and they said he's a superb detective.
I don't know about that.
Lupin always escapes from him.
I know that,
but it's still an honour
to work with him.
I think we just drew the short straw.
Where shall we start?
The crime lab already...
- Report.
- Yes, sir.
It's here.
Now, let's investigate
the culprit's route from scratch.
Everything is written in the report.
That's no good.
It's meaningless unless
I see it for myself.
MPD Investigative
Division 1
Jogasaki here.
How's it going with Zenigata?
He's single-mindedly carrying out
on-site verification.
The culprit entered through here...
He stole the painting that was here...
125 by 90.
He fought the security guard here.
Are these the culprit's footprints?
After that, he interviewed the staff
and thoroughly checked
the CCTV footage.
Ah, stop!
Show me that again.
I see.
Is Inspector Zenigata really superb?
Judging from your story,
there shouldn't be any problems.
Just let him do what he wants.
In the end, we haven't
found anything new.
Inspector, can we try
investigating another angle?
If we just stick to the museum...
No, we can't do that.
Why not?
I can't get over this place.
I feel like there's something here.
It's a detective's intuition.
- Eh?
- Eh?
How about we try something else?
- Kunikida!
- Yes, sir.
Are you confident in your fitness?
Ready... Start!
- Hurry!
- Yes, sir!
- Faster!
- Yes, sir!
- Quickly!
- Yes, sir!
Don't fall!
- Try again.
- Yes, sir!
Yes, sir!
Stop... Thief...
That's right, Sakuraba.
You're the security guard.
You block his way
and get killed in the fight,
and the culprit escapes!
Move it!
Sorry it's a conditioned reflex.
Move it!
Stop... Let go...
That's it.
- Now, run, Kunikida!
- Yes, sir!
- Hurry up!
- Yes, sir!
Keep going!
- Which way?
- This way, idiot!
Sakuraba, good work.
- Quickly.
- Yes, sir.
Almost there.
7 minutes 10 seconds.
Let's try it again.
7 minutes 4 seconds.
Run like you're gonna die.
7 minutes precisely.
I'm exhausted.
What's going on here?
- Next!
- Okay!
MPD Judo Dojo
From the painting being stolen
to the culprit's departure
took about 5 minutes.
But however many times we tried,
Kunikida couldn't break 7 minutes.
The painting is big and heavy
and couldn't be moved quickly.
And the culprit didn't just flee,
he fought a security guard.
So that means...
In other words...
As I thought, the culprit wasn't Lupin.
So that's where you hid it, Mitamura.
I suspected
the culprit was someone
from within the museum.
How did I know?
Because the culprit only took
5 minutes to escape,
despite stopping to fight
a security guard.
We tried it many times
but it was utterly impossible.
So how was it done?
There's just one explanation.
The culprit wasn't carrying the painting.
Fighting the security guard
must have been a miscalculation.
That lost you time.
Aren't you Mitamura?!
Don't get in my way!
Damn it.
So you hastily changed your plan,
hid the painting and fled.
Only an insider could do that.
In which case, it was simple.
The footprints from
the struggle with the guard
showed the culprit knew judo.
I learned from the interviews
you had gambling debts.
After that I simply waited
for you to show me the hiding place.
Mitamura Eiichi!
Give yourself up quietly.
Damn it...
Ah, yes, sir!
I'm arresting you on suspicion
of robbery with violence...
- Kunikida-san!
- Damn you~!
Mitamura Eiichi!
I'm arresting you on suspicion
of robbery with violence!
I was right, Inspector Zenigata is incredible.
Oh, here he comes!
Are you Zenigata-san?
You're Inspector Zenigata, right?
Yeah, that's me.
The culprit wasn't Lupin the 3rd, was it?
Yeah, he just used Lupin's name
to throw off the investigation.
You solved it brilliantly.
Please tell us your thoughts.
The arrest wasn't all down to me.
Because the Japanese police are excellent.
Because the Japanese police are excellent.
From humanity's first day,
evil hasn't flourished unopposed.
I intend to arrest Lupin
and ever other villain.
What's he talking about?
Fine by me.
It's his achievement.
I don't understand him anymore.
I never understood him from the start.
Well well well...
This is embarrassing.
I got a bit worked up there.
You were here?
You've done well this time.
You were pretty good on TV, too.
How about switching to
a public relations job?
Ah... No.
I pride myself on working
to arrest criminals in the field.
He didn't notice the sarcasm.
You were a great help.
Let me reward you.
There's no need... Yes!
I'll say it again and again.
The Japanese police are
the world's greatest.
Whatever the villain,
we, the police, will arrest them!
The greatest...
In that case,
I think I'll have a little fun.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
That's the fifth toast.
Is that all?
Who cares, we're celebrating?
Your reasoning was amazing, Inspector.
Not at all, I was just doing my job.
Compared to that, I'm useless.
I couldn't even handcuff him...
It's always the same!
Even though I was
assigned to Division 1.
Don't be like that.
It's thanks to your hard work
we were able to arrest him.
You're the only one saying that.
No one else trusts me.
- That's certainly true.
- Right?
I'm your senpai!
Um... Inspector Zenigata.
May I ask you something?
What is it?
You saw from the start
it wasn't Lupin's crime, didn't you?
In that case,
why did you investigate so frantically
to arrest a criminal who wasn't Lupin?
Whether he was Lupin
or not didn't matter.
He killed someone.
Can you forgive a rogue
who disrespects human life?
If we detectives didn't stop him
who the hell would?!
Ah, no...
I said too much again.
shall we visit one more place?
It's a truly refreshing morning.
Everyone, let's keep on striving today.
I'll leave you in peace.
He's so loud from so early.
Ah, my apologies.
Good morning.
Oh, Kunikida!
What's that?
It's addressed to our department.
What is this?
A doll?
It's holding something.
"People of the greatest police force,"
"I invite you to a wonderful quiz show."
"Mr Question".
Quiz show?
It's just a stupid prank.
This stinks.
Did my invitation reach you safely?
Who are you?
Now now, before you ask that
you should say your own name.
That's good manners...
I'm Zenigata.
Ah, I know you!
The detective interviewed on TV.
I saw that.
You're tall and looked cool.
What's your name?
My name?
It was on the invitation.
Mr Question, huh?
Ping-pong! Correct!
I want a contest with the police.
- A contest?
- That's right.
I want to match wits with you.
You said, didn't you?
That the Japanese police are great.
So you'll accept, won't you?
- We don't have time to play games...
- Taran-taraa~
Quiz time. Question 1.
Are you listening?!
If you put something down,
which direction will it be stolen from?
When you know, look that way.
- See you!
- Hey, wait!
What was that about?
Look it the direction
it would be stolen from?
A riddle at this time of the morning.
It's just nonsense.
A direction for stealing...
I've got it!
It's the south-east!
It's a pun on "theft". (tounan)
Stop wasting time.
The south-east...
That way is south,
so it's there.
But it doesn't look like
anything's happening there.
- What was that?
- An explosion?!
What building is that?!
I think it's Hibiya Square,
it's under construction!
- Let's go!
- Yes, sir!
Squads 1 and 2, mobilise.
Cooperate with the local officers.
Mobilise the explosive ordnance team.
Send that doll to the crime lab!
- Which way?
- This way!
- Go!
- Yes, sir!
I'll answer it.
A different voice from earlier?
I'm Superintendent Jogasaki.
Well, anyone will do.
Trace the call.
Was it you?
The explosion at Hibiya Square.
Wasn't it fun?
What is it you want?
I told you!
I want a contest with the police.
And with my perfect win,
I'll show the world how
incompetent the police are.
It'll be fun!
Now, how about the next quiz question?
Next? Stop playing games!
This is no time for a quiz!
The show has only just begun.
I've planted more bombs
somewhere in Tokyo.
The precious lives of innocent citizens
are in the hands of
the incompetent police.
Now listen here...!
Quiz time.
Question 2!
There's another one?!
Message to all investigators,
if we solve the next question
the culprit says we'll know which building
the next bomb is in.
I'll read you the question.
- Kunikida-san, write it down!
- Okay!
I'm your senpai!
Here goes!
In English, inu is dog,
usagi is rabbit,
and tora is tiger.
So what's kappa?
So what's kappa?
That's the question?
The time limit is 30 minutes,
so 9:30.
That's when the bomb will explode.
30 minutes?!
That's not much time!
Kappa... Kappa!
What's kappa in English?
Let me think...
Does anyone here know English?
Ah, you're pretty good.
Let's call a quiz expert!
There's no such thing!
Kappa, kappa, kappa...
I don't have a clue!
Just a moment,
This is another riddle, like earlier.
- Thinking normally won't do.
- That's true.
So if it's a riddle...
Kappa... river...
Dish, flowing river...
Ah, could it be...!
It doesn't mean the kappa creature,
it means the kappa
you wear when it rains.
Ah, in that case
we can get the English.
- The answer is...
- Raincoat!
That's it, Sakuraba, good work!
Not at all...
Ah, wait a minute.
If the answer is raincoat,
where on earth is the bomb?
That's a point...
Ah! There!
There's a big advertisement
on the Shinagawa Coat Tower.
It's a security company...
They call it the Raincoat Building!
I get it... Let's go there!
Zenigata's group are heading
to the Shinagawa Coat Tower.
We can't leave it all to them.
All nearby investigators should go there.
Message from the jurisdiction.
Hibiya Square that was bombed earlier
had no construction on today,
so no one was hurt.
A blessing in disguise.
The forensic results
should be back soon.
Focus on the residue
and type of bomb.
Set up investigation HQ!
25 minutes left.
- This is the Raincoat Building?
- Yes.
There's a bomb in here somewhere.
Shinagawa Coat Tower
"Raincoat Building"
But where?
Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
It's Zenigata.
Looks like you made it here.
So the police aren't all fools.
He's watching?
Is he somewhere nearby?
Maybe there's a camera monitoring?
So there's a bomb in this building?
That's right, spot on.
Well done.
Where did you put it in here?
Since you made it here, I'll reward you.
It's in the toilets.
And one you wouldn't
normally be allowed in.
That's a big hint.
The bomb's in the toilets.
- Toilets?
- Yeah.
And one I wouldn't normally go in.
So the women's toilets.
- I'll evacuate the building!
- Do it!
We'll search the women's toilets.
Women's toilets?!
10 minutes left...
Excuse me... Police.
Ground Floor
Security Centre
It's likely there's a bomb in this building.
- A bomb?!
- Yes.
3rd Floor Women's Toilets
Excuse me!
Everyone, calm down and listen.
There's a bomb in... Argh!
I'm not a pervert...
5th Floor Women's Toilets
Everyone, please leave quickly!
There's a bomb in this building!
I'm not anyone suspicious...
8th Floor Women's Toilets
Damn... Where is it?!
Attention please.
An emergency requires us
to evacuate the building.
Please leave the building
as quickly as possible.
Please leave the building
as quickly as possible.
Everyone, please hurry and leave.
Ground Floor Lobby
The exits are that way.
Everyone, please leave.
The exits are that way.
Quickly, please.
Don't worry, please don't rush.
Please leave the building
as quickly as possible.
12th Floor Meeting Room
- Everyone, evacuate!
- Evacuate!
Leave everything as it is.
26th Floor Offices
Stay calm.
21st Floor
Emergency Stairway
Damn it!
11th Floor Women's Toilets
7 minutes left.
Hurry and leave!
13th Floor
Emergency Stairway
Please keep calm and evacuate.
This way, please.
The exits are this way.
Ground Floor Lobby
Stay calm, you'll be fine.
MPD Investigation HQ
Regarding the doll from earlier,
it's a standard commercial product.
However, cat hair was found on it.
- Cat hair?
- Yes.
- Superintendent!
- What's up?
I checked the security
cameras at Hibiya Square...
There was no construction today,
but someone entered
in work clothes early this morning.
Here's the video.
It's a man!
Between 175 and 180 cm tall.
According to the forensic results,
the explosive was most likely
a C4 plastic bomb.
- C4, huh?
- Yes.
Look through past bomb-related arrests
for men between 175 and 180 cm tall
who use mainly C4 bombs!
16th Floor Women's Toilets
Where is it?!
3 minutes left!
17th Floor Central Corridor
Take care, head that way.
Stay calm, don't run.
21st Floor Offices
Keep calm, you'll be fine.
18th Floor Women's Toilets
Damn it, where is it?
Hurry! Are you okay?
19th Floor
North Side Corridor
20th Floor
South Side Corridor
Damn it...
21st Floor
Emergency Stairway
Everyone, hurry!
This way.
Evacuate quickly, please.
This way...
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Hurry and leave, please.
One minute left.
22nd Floor Women's Toilets
Is anyone in there?
Found it!
What should I...
Still playing games?!
It stopped...
Everyone, get out!
What the hell?!
24th Floor Women's Toilets
there's been an explosion
at Shinagawa Coat Tower.
What's Zenigata playing at?!
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
This way.
- Are you okay?
- Look after him.
Inspector Zenigata.
Are you okay?
What's going on?
Even though I disarmed the bomb...
- You did?
- Yeah.
What was that explosion?!
Who said there was only one bomb?
Should a great policeman
think that way?
Don't you dare.
Time for the next quiz!
We can't end it here, can we?
Ah, don't worry.
The next one is a lower level,
with only one bomb.
But the time limit is 45 minutes.
- Wait, damn you!
- Taran-taraa~
Quiz time, question 3.
In a town where
you can eat your fill...
where can you see the following?
That's where the bomb is.
Good luck.
Save the citizens.
In a town where you eat a lot,
a place you can see these.
"Hint: If you become elderly, you'll know."
What does it mean?
- I'll tell HQ.
- Yeah.
A town where you eat a lot...
- What town is it?
- Eat a lot...
Is it Omori? Ota Ward.
That's right, both the "O"s
mean a large amount.
It's a pun?
What about that hint, then?
Become elderly...
Become an old man or woman.
If you take on years (toshi)...
That's it!
Take "to" and "shi"
from these meaningless words.
Goat... Swan!
Bear cub, giraffe!
It's a zoo?!
Hey, is there a zoo in Omori?
No, there are no zoos in Omori.
Then where is it?
Ah... Are these constellations?
- Constellations?
- Yeah.
Capricorn, Cygnus,
Ursa Minor, Camelopardalis.
I get it...
There's a Camelopardalis?
It's near the North Star.
- It is?
- Yes.
And this would normally say "bear",
but it specifically says "bear cub".
You're right...
There's no "bear" constellation...
But there's a Little Bear.
So a place you can see constellations...
There's a planetarium in Omori!
The bomb must be there!
Good work, Kunikida!
You come with me to the planetarium.
- Sakuraba!
- Yes, sir.
The bomb is in
the 22nd floor toilets.
Make sure nothing's touched until
the disposal team get there.
Will do.
- Let's go, Kunikida!
- Yes, sir!
Okay, understood.
The bomb is in Omori
International Planetarium!
Get over there immediately!
Omori International Planetarium
Someone's in there!
Everyone stay together and keep moving.
There was an explosion
in Raincoat Tower.
There's been an explosion
in Raincoat Tower.
Out of the way!
- Make way, please!
- Let us through!
Stand aside!
Excuse me, coming through!
Excuse me, sorry!
- Kunikida, go around!
- Yes, sir!
Everyone, thank you for your concern...
Looks like it's going well.
More and more people are arriving...
This is it...
This is Sakuraba of Division 1.
Crime lab, please.
The constellation Camelopardalis
is near the North Star...
Everyone, be quiet.
We need to evacuate
the building immediately.
I see.
Everybody listen,
come outside with me.
Keep walking, follow the lead child.
- Please evacuate immediately.
- Stay in line!
The exit hall is that way.
This way, this way.
Everyone follow the child in front.
15 minutes left.
Superintendent, phone call from Sakuraba.
What's up?
The culprit is probably
a man named Fuchigami.
What do you mean?
3 years ago, in Minami-Shinjuku,
I was involved in investigating
the attempted bombing of an eatery...
Good work.
In here.
The form of the bomb at that time
matches the one in Shinagawa Coat Tower.
The forensic team have confirmed it.
There's no doubt.
Fuchigami, Fuchigami...
Fuchigami Jozaburo, 52 years old,
height 176 cm, C4 bomb.
He certainly fits the criteria.
Fuchigami was released 6 months ago.
Good work, Sakuraba, pursue that man.
Yes, sir!
Cooperate with the jurisdiction
to find Fuchigami!
Yes, sir!
We finally know who the bomber is.
Whoa! Incredible!
Oh, it's you.
There's a huge noise on TV and online!
I told you there would be.
Yeah, it's awesome.
Thanks to working with you,
the stupid police are...
What are you talking about?
It's all thanks to your skills.
You're a bomb-making genius.
You're just saying that
to make me happy.
This is where the real show begins.
We're just getting started.
Let's carefully relish
our revenge on the police.
Today is a great day!
We're still not there?
We have to go around this park.
Running would be quicker! Stop!
Yes, sir.
Ah, that's right.
This is the last bomb.
Ah, thank you very much.
What's the plan this time?
You'll soon find out.
Because it's the final stage.
You're a secretive guy.
I hope it's good.
Yes, please look forward to it.
I had better get going.
To finish the job.
Counting on you...
Sorry, excuse us.
The stupid police are in uproar.
It's wonderful!
I'm a genius~!
Right on time.
The work of a genius.
With this, everything is cleansed,
burned away.
I'm back.
- This is him?
- Yes.
A report's come in!
There's been an explosion at
a warehouse in Heiwajima, Ota Ward.
- Heiwajima?
- Yes.
Find out if it's connected to
the bombings today.
How's the planetarium?
Coming through!
We are currently evacuating visitors.
There's an elementary class
on a social studies field trip...
Where's the bomb?!
Hey, have you found it?!
- This way!
- Okay!
It's there!
It'll stop if you enter the disarm code!
Where's the code?
It's Zenigata!
Well well,
seems you took longer than expected.
What's the disarm code?
Tell me.
Quiz time, last question.
Circle, triangle, square,
red, green, yellow...
what fruit can be all of those?
There's no such...!
Good luck.
What did he say?
What fruit can be
a circle, triangle, square,
red, green and yellow?
There's no such fruit...
There's no such thing.
So the answer is pear.
Nashi? (=pear/none)
That means...
There is no answer.
There is no disarm code.
The culprit didn't want it
to be stopped!
It can't be stopped!
It'll explode in 3 minutes!
The bomb can't be disarmed.
Evacuate all investigators!
Yes, sir!
Everybody out!
Hurry, please hurry.
Kunikida, hurry!
This way, this way...
What's wrong?
You go on ahead.
- What?
- Let's go!
Who's there?!
Someone help me!
It hurts...
Are you okay?!
Help me!
It's dangerous, stay back!
There's a student missing.
- They're still inside?
- He's in there.
Wait! It's too late.
It's about to blow up!
Let go! They're still inside!
Inspector Zenigata's in there, too!
It's too dangerous!
- Let me go!
- No!
20 seconds to explosion.
There's a child still in there.
Inspector Zenigata hasn't
come out either.
Inspector Zenigata...
Move back, back...
Someone's coming out.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you so much.
Thank you!
There's no need to thank me.
I just did what any detective should.
I'm glad you're safe, kid.
Thank you, sir.
What a relief.
Don't you worry!
I won't die until I've arrested Lupin.
Inspector Zenigata
and the child are both safe!
There's been an explosion at
Omori International Planetarium.
Investigators are cooperating with...
I'm at Omori International Planetarium.
Quickly confirm if there are any injuries.
What's going on?
This man Fuchigami is the culprit.
I don't know if it
was accident or suicide,
but he's been killed
by one of his own bombs.
The warehouse was badly burned,
so no evidence is left.
It's not him.
This isn't Mr Question.
It wasn't this man's voice on the phone.
Are you sure?
But how do you know?
Detective's intuition.
There's something I want you to know.
This isn't a Public Security matter,
so what do you want?
MPD Public Security Department
Abe Takahiro
We had to move
to determine
if there was a terrorist
organization involved.
But it seems not.
We received information from
a securities company.
The 3 buildings where
the explosions occurred
are all owned by the Shinto Group.
Why are you telling me this?
Is this the time to worry about that?
What will you do, Inspector Zenigata?
So that's it...
Short selling shares?!
Yes, the securities company
have made a complaint.
The explosions have reduced
the value of Shinto Group shares,
and someone has made
a huge profit short selling them.
I see...
What's short selling?
You know, right?
Short selling of shares
is when you borrow shares from
a securities companies and sell them,
then when the price drops,
you buy them back at a profit...
I don't get it at all.
Anyway, it's a stock trading method
and not a crime in itself.
So who made the money from it?
Ozu Yuichi,
Ozu Global Ink CEO
of several related companies.
He's been called an industry revolutionary,
always cutting into new fields
like biotechnology
and rocket engineering.
This man is involved somehow
in today's bombings.
It's likely he destroyed
the value of Shinto Group shares
in order to make a profit.
He made a profit
of 2 billion by short selling.
Ozu's business genetically
modifying corn failed,
causing him major losses.
These incidents were
meant to fill that hole?
It's very likely.
Interview Ozu about this.
Bring him in for voluntary questioning.
- Sakuraba, let's go.
- Yes, sir.
I think I can become a god
Who's a god?!
This isn't a game.
Sakuraba and the others
are going after Ozu.
Looks like the case is solved.
- Let's go.
- Huh?
It's not solved yet.
I'm borrowing this!
Where are we going?
You're Ozu Yuichi-san, correct?
Yes, what of it?
We'd like a word with you
in relation to today's
bombing incidents.
I decline.
This is voluntary, right?
In that case, I don't have to comply.
Or do you have a warrant?
I well know the events you mean.
I saw on TV... Truly tragic.
But they have nothing to do with me.
- But...
- I'm in a hurry.
I'm about to leave for Singapore.
I'm weary of life in Japan.
It's easier to do business over there.
For 3 years...
Or perhaps even 5.
So that's that.
Please tell me, Inspector,
where are we going?
If that man Ozu was the mastermind,
he's a formidable opponent.
We need to prepare thoroughly
so we won't be at a disadvantage.
Short selling isn't a crime,
so we need evidence
that he killed Fuchigami.
Definitive proof no one can deny.
Are we going to the warehouse
where Fuchigami was killed?
But any evidence was
destroyed in the blast...
Superintendent, this is Sakuraba.
Ozu refused to accompany us.
Just as I thought.
What's he up to now?
He's heading to the airport.
To fly to Singapore.
If he does that, we'll never catch him.
Regroup and come back.
Yes, sir.
Are you giving up?
Are you giving up, Sakuraba?
I don't want to, but right now...
If we let him get away like this,
he'll commit more crimes
and cause more suffering.
We exist to eliminate that suffering.
I won't give up.
I'll chase any villain to
the ends of the earth.
Inspector Zenigata.
Let's make sure to find that proof.
We're going back to HQ.
Good work.
Almost everything inside was
destroyed in the explosion.
I see.
Ah, good work.
This is all there is.
No clues of any kind.
Let's do this!
Yes, sir.
I won't give up.
I'll chase any villain to
the ends of the earth.
Do you live here?
That reminds me, we thought
the culprit had a cat.
I see.
Even a villain like that
was your master...
Yes, sir.
W- What's that?
Narita International Airport
This morning, a warehouse
in Heiwajima, Ota Ward,
was destroyed in an explosion.
The body of Fuchigami Jozaburo,
who was arrested 3 years ago
for an attempted bombing
in Minami-Shinjuku,
was found in the wreckage.
Fuchigami is also
suspected of involvement
in the recent serial bombings.
The police are continuing
their investigation.
Hey, Mr Question.
Who might you be?
If I say Zenigata, you'll know.
No, I have no police acquaintances...
Ah, is this a patrol?
Good work.
I'm in a hurry.
I believe you killed Fuchigami.
You approached Fuchigami
to make bombs for you.
Used them to cause Shinto Group
share prices to crash,
and gained huge profits by short selling.
Then in order to silence Fuchigami,
you killed him.
You said you were challenging the police,
but in the end it was about money.
And now you're going abroad.
Good for you, eh?
Who's that?
I don't know anything about bombs.
May I go now?
Let's take revenge
on the police together.
With your bomb-making skill,
we can do it.
Seems Fuchigami was a cautious man.
Well, after a long spell
in prison it's only natural.
After you asked him to make bombs,
he recorded all your conversations.
Are you the one who emailed me?
Pleased to meet you.
My name is Ozu.
Is it true?
You said you want
me to make bombs.
Yes, by all means.
I'd like to borrow your power.
Is that so?
Let's take revenge
on the police together.
With your bomb-making skill,
we can do it.
Was it insurance
in case something happened,
or did he plan to blackmail you?
We can't know his true intentions now.
The explosion destroyed the warehouse,
but this evidence remained.
W- What's that?
It's a memory card.
There might be something on it.
Let's take revenge
on the police together.
Definitive proof you were
involved in the bombings.
Do you get it now, Ozu?!!
This is why I hated it.
Asking help from a moron
who could only make bombs.
Nothing but a worm,
but he played games with me.
- Kunikida!
- Yes, sir!
- You go that way!
- Yes, sir!
Are you okay?
What happened?
A man suddenly bumped into me.
- Where did he go?!
- T- That way...
Thank you!
Kunikida here.
Ozu fled to the Terminal 2 car park.
The Terminal 2 car park.
I'll be right there!
Ozu! You can't run anymore!
Give yourself up...quietly!
Who do you think you're talking to?
"You can't run anymore",
"Give yourself up quietly".
Argh, damn it!
I was bored, so I made a quiz.
Well, I enjoyed it more than I expected.
Even so, I still don't get it.
Why do I have to be chased?!
I was working on the genetic
manipulation of corn
to solve the problem
of world hunger.
It could potentially save many lives.
If I can raise the funds,
I can relaunch the business.
So that means...
It will be of great
benefit to humanity!
So I can't afford
to let the police catch me here.
Well, I have to rush.
Let go.
I said let go!
I won't.
E- Even if I die, I won't let go.
I won't give up.
I'll chase any villain to
the ends of the earth.
I won't give up...
I...won't give up.
Let go!
I won't...
Inspector Zenigata...
Good work, Kunikida.
It's my turn now.
Here to avenge your subordinate?
How noble of you.
From that muscular stride,
I take it you're skilled at judo.
In which case...
if you grab me I'm in trouble.
Inspector Zenigata...
You've done well.
But you've reached your limit.
How about giving up?
I'm a detective.
I live to capture villains like you.
And yet... keep saying stupid things.
Stupid things?
Your work...
...will benefit humanity?
You'll save many lives?
I simply stated a fact.
And're a criminal
who killed a human being.
You have no right to talk about life.
Life is a much more
incredibly significant thing!
Life is significant?
He was a demon bomber
with a criminal record...
His life was cheap!
This is why stubborn
people are a nuisance.
Open your mind!
Look at the bigger picture!
This ends here.
Ozu Yuichi!
I'm arresting you for homicide
and the use of explosives!
Good work, Sakuraba!
I hate giving up, too.
Is that so?
That's the junior I'm proud of.
What are you talking about?
The police have arrested
Ozu Yuichi, a company manager,
in connection with the bombing
incidents earlier today.
Ozu is suspected of planting explosives
in Shinto Group buildings
and a warehouse in Ota...
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Impressive work solving the case.
Thank you.
However, your sense of justice
is too extreme for me.
Excuse me, but...
We may work together sometime.
My regards in advance for then.
Are you okay?
I cut the inside of my mouth.
It's an honourable injury, though.
Blowing your own trumpet?
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Looking good.
- Good morning.
- Zenigata-kun...
You did well this time.
Not at all...
You're an excellent detective.
It's a waste for you
to confine yourself to Japan.
How about it?
Why not take a recruitment
test for the CIA or FBI?
I deeply appreciate the thought.
However, I'm prepared to bury myself
in my beloved Japan
for my beloved MPD.
He really doesn't notice sarcasm.
Well then, everyone,
let's keep on striving today.
Big trouble!
Inspector Zenigata,
Lupin has sent a notice.
What?! Where to?!
He plans to steal jewels
belonging to the Italian royal family.
I have to leave Japan for a while.
Go ahead!
Don't bother coming back...
I wish I could go with him.
Me too.
Just you wait, Lupin.
I'll get you this time!