Instant Daddy (2023) Movie Script

Push as hard as you can!
Saint Clara!
Saint Ines!
Saint Mary, Full of Grace!
Saint Fuck
Push harder!
The baby is not breathing.
Oh, God
Oh, God
Why would you give him to us
then take him back?
Oh, God
Why did you
Where's my baby?
They told me
it's a miracle that I'm alive.
Thanks to all the saints
my mother swore at,
and the lucky bracelet
all the way from Siquijor.
Can you believe it?
Jesus had it worse than me.
He had to wait three days
before coming back to life,
while Valentin Roxas
didn't have to wait three minutes.
Probably why
everything in my life happens instantly.
Passing by in the blink of an eye.
Quickies speedily
in and out in an instant.
There's no chance for happy endings.
I don't believe in "happy ever after."
For me, life's a series of endings.
And most of the time, life is tragic.
Like what happened to my family.
Son, Mother has to be away for a while.
I need to work.
I promise we will go to Magic Island
when I get back.
We will make a wish together.
Please, don't leave me.
I'm begging you.
I love you so much, Luisa.
I've still got things I want to do
and goals to accomplish!
I don't want to rot on this island!
You promised you won't ever leave me!
You also promised to give me a good life.
Goodbye, Carding!
Forgive me!
Luisa! Luisa!
My mother went away to work in Dubai.
At least that's what I thought.
And because mother is not around,
father tried hard to compensate
for her absence.
"Dear Val, how are you, my sweet boy?"
"Don't worry,
I'm doing well here in Dubai."
"The deserts are hot and wide."
"But they have tall buildings here too."
"I've met some friendly Filipinos
who help me here with work."
"I always get to ride
on a camel's back, son."
"Riding a camel makes me dizzy."
"When I get back,
I'm taking you to Magic Island."
"I promise you that."
"Always be a good boy.
I love you very much, Son."
"Love, Mother."
Keep going, Val!
There's more.
"P.S. Always listen to your father, okay?
"Go to bed early
and eat your vegetables."
-You go first.
-I don't want to!
You can do it, son!
Don't be scared.
Just an ant's bite.
Hi, Val!
Two years passed.
Three more, until six years have gone by.
Letters arrived,
but no shadow of mother Marietta
made it back.
That's when I realized
she's never coming back.
Let's race?
Hi, Val.
Hi, Kate.
I think she likes you.
Shut up, Winston!
Cut the squash into smaller pieces.
Or else I might choke on them.
Can I go with Winston to Manila?
He said his aunt's paying for college.
School fees are expensive there.
We can't afford it.
I can work while studying.
That's no good. You can't do that.
Just stay here. It's fine here.
I don't want to stay, Dad.
I want a different life.
You told me to be brave, didn't you?
I need to believe in myself.
I will be brave but not in this place.
There's no future here, Dad.
Probably why mother left.
You'd better watch what you say.
She's not coming back, right?
She abandoned us, didn't she?
She abandoned you!
You tell me to be strong,
but you're a coward!
You can't accept
that mother's gone and left us!
How dare you?
But it's true! Right, Dad?
Those letters didn't come from Mother.
You made it all up!
Not for my sake, but for yours!
You're still dreaming
mother will come home someday.
Go ahead!
Get out!
Leave me like your mother!
Nothing satisfies you!
Go and pack up!
Who do you think you are,
talking down on me?
You'll come crawling back to this place
when you're starving!
That will never happen, Dad.
See you, Uncle.
Please give this to Val.
Don't tell him it's from me.
Okay, Uncle. Take care.
Also this.
Thanks. Be safe!
See what I mean?
Life's a series of endings.
It's that messed up.
So if I were to choose,
I won't have a family.
I won't get married.
I'm not getting into a relationship
I'll just regret later.
Like what happened to my parents.
Like what happened to us.
I can live on free tastes.
Eat all you can! Try everything!
Varied, so I won't get sick of them.
Wait a minute.
What's wrong?
These chairs aren't very comfy.
They'll have to do.
I'm kind of short right now.
I'll make it up to you. I promise.
I said "I love you!" Don't you want me?
It's not that, Juvy.
-Julie. Julie!
I meant Julie!
You know I'll do anything for you.
You're the best, Tricia!
Who's Tricia? It's Noreen!
Not even close!
Where are you going, miss?
It's me Julie.
You haven't changed one bit.
Julie? Julie who?
Julie! "Okay, fine".
Where are you going?
Should I start the meter?
Wait. Val.
I'm pregnant.
Hey, congrats!
You didn't need to tell me.
What happened to us was a one-time thing.
"One-time thing?"
That was at least three times.
Was it?
Well, you didn't have to tell me the news.
Will I be the godfather?
What if I tell you
you're the dad?
Is this a prank?
I'm serious.
I swear to God.
Anyway, can I borrow a hundred?
I've pay the cab
I hired to follow you.
I had to wait till you finished
Only a hundred!
Yeah, fine.
Come on.
Take it.
Next week.
Just hang on, don't pee there!
Bro, it's undeniable.
She has your eyes.
And forehead.
And ears.
Even the eyebrows.
Lips, too.
Why don't you check
the roof of her mouth, too?
What's the matter with Julie?
Did she leave you anything
besides her child?
Whatever she left me then
is gone thanks to penicillin.
A smartass through and through.
What do you plan to do with the kid?
If you don't want the kid, I can take her.
Rico and I have been wanting
a baby anyway.
Where did you find that girl?
Where else? On FindHer!
I only heard about the app.
I don't have an account.
You know I'm royal to you.
Promise! Royal!
It's "loyal," you idiot.
You're not royal blood.
And that's not my baby.
I don't have a child.
Is that your little project?
What do you plan to do? Have firstborns
in every city of Metro Manila?
Julie's still on FindHer. Look.
"Julie Villabos"?
I messaged her.
I asked her if we can talk about the baby.
Hold her for a second.
-Take her.
She's sleeping.
The mother is a masseuse.
Why do you have to announce it?
The drivers are invested in this.
What do you intend to do?
I'll give it back to her.
Why don't you bring her to the province?
I'm sure uncle will be delighted.
What? Are you crazy?
I swore not to go back there
'til I've made something of myself.
Now, you want to bring him
a mouth to feed?
It was just a suggestion.
And speaking of,
I've sent him the money.
You're acting like children.
Making me your messenger.
Why don't you talk it out?
Take the kid! Hey!
Deal with it!
You have to forgive me.
I can't take care of you.
You won't be good
if you stay with me.
Hi, Juliet!
No kids allowed.
-You're so cute.
Hey, hey, hey. Wait.
I said, adults only.
You're not listening.
-No kids.
Stay here, okay?
Don't move.
I'll come back for you
after I find your mom.
Jul- Oh, sorry.
Babe. How are you?
Sorry I couldn't call you sooner.
I just bought phone credits.
Are you in need of
magical caresses?
Is Julie available?
Sir, Julie's not working here anymore.
She ran off with her boyfriend.
Didn't she tell you?
You see, she got knocked up!
That's why she's looking
to start a new life abroad
with her boyfriend.
She was such a good worker.
What an irresponsible mother.
Sir, I heard you.
You know something.
What is it?
Oh, no. That's not what I said.
Isn't it?
Raid! Don't run!
Go! Go! Go!
Oh, God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
I'm not with them!
Don't move!
Come out now!
My child!
Val, get the other umbrella.
-I'll get it.
Be careful.
Take cover.
I'll do it.
I can't believe you!
You horndog!
Baby, Val only went there
to leave the baby with its mother.
But he didn't.
No need.
I'll take care of her.
Update for Dear Whitney.
Val came to his senses.
He wants to take care of the baby.
What'd you say?
What will you name her?
I don't know. Whatever.
How about we name her after a flower?
We could go for "Makahiya,"
"Malambing," "Malumanay,"
but thorny.
Or we could go with "Kampupot."
Sounds cooler.
How about "Bougainvillea," babe?
Or, Dama de--
Isn't that a motel?
Hold this.
We'll name you Mirasol.
Whose birthday is it?
Here it is, baby! It's coming!
Here we are.
You're okay. Drink up.
All right. Okay!
Thank you.
Hey, what's wrong?
What's the matter?
Bro, what the hell?
I need to sleep.
I'm working on it.
Baby, what's wrong?
Don't you like your milk?
Maybe it's not hungry.
Check her diaper.
Mirasol Roxas, I baptize you
in the Name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.
I'm the father.
Sorry, yeah.
Okay. Okay.
May we call on the child's godfathers.
There are a lot of people who love you.
Please come closer.
-Don't stare too long!
-Nice one Val!
Bring it in sideways,
place against the wall.
Be with your Papa.
Come here.
Thank you. Thanks, Kate.
Auntie Kate needs to check on something.
Okay, no problem.
Those are my pillows.
They're bringing in your pillows.
You old dog!
That's why you moved next door!
It's nothing like that.
Come here!
Thanks for helping me out, Winston.
I'll pay you back. I promise.
Oh, come on.
I'll do anything for my niece!
No, but I really appreciate it, Winston.
Say "Winston" one more time
and I'll start counting.
Okay. Thank you, Whitney!
That's more like it!
Your Uncle Whitney.
Okay, you wanna fly?
You'll come back to life
in five,
I'm good! I'm alive!
-I'm okay.
I'm alive.
I love you!
Happy birthday, my baby!
Thank you, Papa!
You're coughing again.
Follow me.
Thanks, honey.
The doctor will be mad
if you don't take those.
You're very sickly.
Because you never go to the hospital.
Your magic bracelet can cure me just fine.
-Let's take these.
Next, water.
Here they come!
Happy birthday, my baby!
Thank you,
Uncle Jhony and Uncle Mitoy!
Time to blow out the candles!
You really want to be mommy and daddy!
Is she yours?
So what?
Don't you wanna share?
You, you want to keep getting sick?
Do you plan on having
an early meet and greet with St. Peter?
Blow out your candles!
Thank you, Winston.
It's Whitney.
Honey, make a wish!
-Happy birthday!
-Happy birthday!
Why wasn't Auntie Kate at my birthday?
It's a Sunday.
She went home to her province.
You came from the same province, right?
Why don't we go visit Auntie Kate?
Then we can travel back home together.
So we can all go to Magic Island.
And I can finally meet Grampa Lito.
Maybe next time, honey.
You always say that.
Don't you miss Grampa Lito?
A letter from mother!
"Sorry Mother's not there."
"Her superhero duties are very urgent."
"Right now, I'm an archaeologist."
"I'm at the Sahara Desert
excavating ancient dinosaur eggs."
"I hope I find some."
"I love you very much, my sweet baby."
"Love, Mama Julie."
There's more.
Read the rest of it.
Eat well and go to bed early
so you're always strong and healthy."
Mama's been to so many places, Papa?
I hope we finally go to Magic Island
when she gets back.
Right, Father?
Is that a bird?
I see. Here's a duck.
It's flying! It's coming for the bird!
This one's a fish.
A fish?
Okay, here. A dark fish.
Why is it called "Magic Island"?
Stories said
that everyone who visits it gets one wish.
So it's like a genie?
What did you wish for when you were a kid?
My mother said,
we would go together.
But we never went.
That's okay, Papa. I'll go with you.
We'll make a wish, okay?
I didn't know what to wish for back then.
I didn't want to waste it.
You only get one.
-Just one wish?
Oh, no.
Don't genies give out three wishes?
Now I need to think really hard.
I'll wish that I could be
with both you and Mama
even if you don't get married.
Or maybe not.
It's hard to pick, Papa.
-Oh, I know!
I'll wish to be just like you
when I grow up.
Be a taxi driver?
Then what?
To be someone who never leaves me behind.
When I have my own baby,
I'll never leave them.
I'll always be by their side, too.
That's what I meant.
Get some rest.
You're gonna be up early tomorrow.
And your mother said to sleep early.
Yes, Papa.
Okay, let's go.
Good night. I love you!
That's still farther!
Miss Smarty-pants!
Shut your eyes! Sleep!
Good morning, Mira.
Dad, did you know that
you're not supposed to go
beyond 400mg of caffeine a day?
It's bad for your health
if you go over.
Only one to two cups a day.
How many have you had? Four?
Sorry. I'll keep that in mind.
I read somewhere that
the reason we wear uniforms
is so we feel that we're
"birds of one feather."
Is it the same with taxi drivers?
I don't know about that.
Do you know how old the Earth is?
It's 4.5 billion years old!
The Earth is so old!
Will the Earth die like people do?
I really don't know. Sorry.
I didn't see you there, ma'am.
May I have a word with you,
Mr. Roxas?
Do you have a moment?
In my office.
Oh no, ma'am.
I've changed.
I don't do that anymore.
I only wanted to talk to you about Mira!
Okay, ma'am.
I just wanted to clarify.
Please shut the door. The AC is on.
Yes, ma'am!
Why was Mira absent last Friday?
Sorry, Mrs. Galon.
Sorry, Ms. Ga-lon.
I got sick last Friday.
She had to take care of me.
What about last Thursday?
We planted trees in Batangas.
-Last Tuesday?
-At Mt. Pulag.
Wednesday last week?
She's Reyna Emperatriz
in the Mayflower.
Mr. Roxas.
Something is odd about Mira.
What's 'odd' about her?
My Mama got this from a mission in Mars
when she was an astronaut.
Can you see?
The rock has red streaks.
Mira was telling her classmates
that her mother
became a Royal Guard
for Queen Elizabeth.
And that she saved the Queen
from a terrorist attack.
Is that true?
Papa said nobody's ever been to Mars.
That's what they say.
Papa said it's top secret,
that's why it's not on the news.
Your father said that it came from Mars?
Yes, ma'am!
She said her mother blocked a solar flare
in outer space
to keep it from reaching Earth.
Mr. Roxas!
Papa has that same rock.
He got it from a beach in Zambales.
Mama brought this from Mars!
Why don't you believe me?
My dad said it came from Mars!
Ms. Ga-lon,
I know what I'm doing.
Hi, Auntie Kate!
Hang on.
I have a surprise for you.
Wow, it's so cute!
What's its name?
You can name it anything you want.
Is it a girl or a boy?
You can pick whatever you like.
Okay. I'll call it Sam.
It can be a girl's name or a boy's name.
Thank you, Auntie Kate!
You look tired.
I'm okay. Just busy with the census.
My pipes are dripping again.
I wonder if you'd take a look.
Hey, just message me.
I should turn in for the night. Bye.
All right.
The signal's back. It's all good.
I'll tell you if I need more repairs.
Thanks. I'd like that.
Can you do it?
You bet! Speakers.
You're on a roll!
Night classes give you an edge.
It's for Mira.
Val, how about this?
No problem!
Put it in the car.
-Thank you!
-No problem.
Speakers, right?
Uncle Lito is gone.
Is he going to be okay?
I don't know.
Thank you.
Thanks, sir.
Hello, is this Val?
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Sure. I'll come pick it up.
Problem with the LCD, right?
Are you okay, mister?
Look at him!
You fainted because of low
red blood cells.
No sleep,
I told you, Papa!
Uncle Doc, he hasn't
been sleeping for days.
I know because I don't hear him snoring.
But I can hear him crying.
Probably why he's dehydrated.
Mira, what did I tell you
about making up stories?
What? It's true.
If you hadn't fainted,
you wouldn't came to me.
I just got busy, doc.
You see Uncle Doc, he's afraid of needles.
Is he still taking his medicine?
Make sure he takes them, okay?
If he doesn't, spank him.
Okay, Uncle Doc.
I'm taking all my vitamins, though.
-Is that so?
Here are your vitamins.
They're sweet.
Don't miss anything, okay?
Yes, Doc!
Here's your medicine, Val.
Mira, go with your auntie.
We need to speak.
Okay, Doc.
I know this is hard for you, Val.
But to be honest, you need to face this.
Not just for Mira.
But for your own sake.
What's the update, Doc?
Bad news, actually.
The pressure is fluctuating,
and any time the aneurysm can burst.
How long do we have, Doc?
I can't tell you.
That's why it's important
to check in, Val.
So we can monitor.
They're big, right?
Yes, they are.
I bet they're yummy.
How did it go?
Let's eat!
Another ending.
But I can't let it affect my daughter.
I need to find Julie.
You must be out of your mind.
If she wanted to see her daughter,
she would have already done it ages ago.
What about Val, babe?
He wants to see his father.
But he never visited him.
Sure he would send him money,
but he couldn't face him.
In the end, his old man died alone.
The problem is your pride.
By the way, Val.
I asked Mom to see to Uncle's grave.
When will you visit him?
Thanks for taking care
of the arrangements.
Maybe I could ask Kate for help.
To help find Julie.
She might be in the census.
There it goes. He changed the topic.
You know what, bro,
if you'd worn a condom,
you wouldn't be here.
That hurt, baby.
The girl is sleeping.
Census has records of every resident
that lived in a place, right?
Yes, with their age and address.
It's all there.
Why do you ask?
Can you check you look up Julie Villabos?
In Metro Manila.
I'm looking for Mira's mother.
Are you joking?
I have savings.
I set aside some money for Mira, too.
If it helps, I can pay for it.
It's not about the payment.
Thing is, it's confidential.
I'll see what I can do.
I swear, Kate can't say no to you!
She's practically committing
a crime for you.
She's really into you.
You're such a hottie!
I can't with you!
Get out of here!
That's Julie Villabos.
Who is that?
Hello? That's not me!
Do I look like I have a kid?
Get away!
Got something?
Copy. I sent you a picture
of a Julie from Malabon.
Julie Villabos?
She's not here.
She's dead.
This is the new Julie.
Your rice is burning!
Papa, I fell in P.E. class today.
Who pushed you? Tell me!
Chill out, Pa.
I'm okay. Not even a scratch!
I've got my trusty magic bracelet
so I got up in no time.
Auntie Kate!
Honey, I'll catch up.
Thanks for helping me out.
How's it going?
We've got nothing.
But I'll figure it out.
I have to go somewhere.
You have to go. Okay.
-Take care.
Thanks. Thanks again.
Your game is weak, Pa.
You need some sick pick-up lines.
Are you the sun?
Because I'm blinded by your beauty.
You're so full of ideas!
Where'd you learn all that?
It's time, Pa.
Take your medicine.
You're so stubborn.
why don't you ask Auntie Kate
if she's medicine?
you grow strong whenever you see her!
What are you saying?
You and your silly pick-up lines.
Go to sleep!
-Good night.
-Okay, Pa.
Hello, Whitney?
-We're going south?
We'll try south tomorrow.
We'll go around Las Pias and Paraaque
I'm just asking.
Stop calling me. My phone keeps ringing.
I swear you're fussing too much.
Whatever! Bye!
Whitney? What now? I already told you--
It's Julie.
Julie Villabos.
It's Julie Villabos.
I left you my daughter, remember?
My goodness!
You named her Mira?
If this is a prank,
I'm hanging up.
I'm serious.
It's really me.
Julie Villabos.
Mirasol Motel.
I can't believe that after so many years,
she decides to show up.
I don't know what I'm supposed to feel.
How about happy?
Isn't that great?
You're finally gonna be a happy family.
I don't know.
I'm really confused.
I'm just doing this for Mira.
She's wanted to be with her mother
for the longest time.
She can't wait to see Julie tomorrow.
I'm finally going to meet Mama?
I'm finally going to meet Mama!
Yes, you're finally going to see her.
Sam, I'm finally going to see Mama!
I can't wait to see Mama!
Where's Mama?
She's probably late, honey.
If she's not here in 30 minutes,
we're leaving.
That's not your mother.
She looks rich.
Your mother can't even pay
for her cab fare.
Mira, honey?
You're so big now!
You're so pretty, Mama!
Papa, it's Mama!
How are you, Val?
You look different.
Speak for yourself.
You're looking fancy.
I have a jewelry shop in the US now.
Mama, do monkeys in the Philippines
and Amazonian Forest look the same?
I don't know, honey.
Your favorite, cotton candy.
Buy one.
What have you told Mira?
As far as she's concerned,
we separated
because you chose to be a superhero.
A superhero?
Mama! Look!
What's that?
Cotton candy.
I forgot I don't have a watch.
I think that's them.
It's them.
It's a high step.
Be careful.
What are you doing here?
Yeah, baby. What are we doing here?
Aren't we allowed in here?
Kate invited us for some drinks.
Me? I invited you?
Isn't that right, bestie?
We're drinking.
That's right.
I invited them for drinks.
I wasn't informed.
Mama Julie,
this is Mommy Whitney,
Daddy Rico, and Auntie Kate.
My friends.
I know Rico.
He's the one who gave me your number.
That's why you look familiar!
One time, she came by Dos.
She's looking for Val.
I thought she needed a plumber.
So I gave his number.
You're helpful.
Yes. Thank you.
You missed all the cues, babe.
You're so stupid.
We're going in.
Let's go, Mama Julie!
Okay, I'm coming.
Where are you going?
I thought you were drinking with Kate?
Oh, right.
-Okay then.
-Let's get the drinks.
I don't have cash on me.
These are all yours, honey?
Yes, Mama. Mine and Papa's.
I even have a bulletin board
of all your letters.
Yes! Like the time--
Like the time you were with those animals
in the desert,
and you travelled to other planets--
To Mars!
these are all the postcards I sent you?
These are all your letters to me.
And those are the people
you met in your travels.
You're amazing, Mama!
Mama, tell me more about your adventures!
But honey,
it seems like you already know
all about me.
Why don't you tell me about yourself?
Look, that's you.
At the Eiffel Tower!
There you are in the Sahara Desert.
Mira's asleep.
Thank you.
You didn't make me out to be the bad guy.
Don't thank me, Julie.
I'm doing all this for Mira.
You left our child with me.
With no name.
I don't even know her birthday.
Did you know we're celebrating
it on the day you left her with me?
How long will you be here for?
So I know how long you're
gonna keep up this charade.
It depends.
It depends?
I need to know, Julie.
So I can plan ahead
what to tell our daughter!
Look how you make problems.
Where will you sleep?
We can't share a bed.
Our daughter's here.
I'm married!
He's waiting for me at the hotel.
So you ended up with the foreigner?
No. This is a different guy.
How did you find me, by the way?
On Facebook.
I saw you're still working at Dos.
So I came by to see you.
Julie, what took you so long?
My ride is here.
It's your favorite.
Papa, when is Mommy coming?
What are you guys having?
This is breakfast, honey.
This is my Mommy Julie.
She met the Queen.
This is my Mommy Julie.
She gave me the Martian rock.
Teacher! Meet my Mommy Julie.
She's the one who hatched dinosaur eggs.
Hello, ma'am.
Good morning po, ma'am!
This is my Mommy Julie.
She blocked the solar flare
to keep Earth safe.
That's enough, honey. Bye.
Have you told Julie yet?
She's leaving soon anyway.
It's for the best.
I never liked that Julie.
You never like anyone
who's prettier than you, baby.
But I approve of Kate.
But Val and Julie have history.
But him and Kate have a spark!
-But if we're---
-Hey! Cut it out!
Stop quarrelling over me!
I don't want to be blamed if you break up.
Besides, Julie's married.
We'll see him
because they're leaving on Wednesday.
I swear, that woman!
She's leaving again?
Papa's still taller.
Papa needs to tip-toe.
It can't be.
Mama, don't leave.
Don't leave me.
There's something I need
to do in the US, honey.
But I won't be gone too long. I promise.
Please don't leave me.
I don't want you to be a superhero.
Listen carefully, okay?
I'm not really a superhero.
Your Papa just made it all up
to protect you from the truth.
The truth is,
I left you in his taxi
because I wanted to go to the US.
I'll be back soon. I promise.
Always remember,
I love you very much.
You are always in my heart.
Is it true that you lied to me, Papa?
Mira, honey.
I cooked you adobo. It's your favorite.
Dinner time, Mira.
Forgive me, honey.
Please open the door.
Mira, honey.
I know you're in there.
Sorry if Papa lied to you.
I didn't want you to feel like
your mother abandoned you.
You see, when I was a kid,
when my mother left me
I kept asking myself
if something was wrong with me
if that's why she never came back.
I never want you to feel that way
because I love you.
You know, when I was your age,
my father lied to me, too.
He wrote me those letters, too.
Pretending like they came from Mom.
I understand it now.
How a parent could spare
their child the truth
so they never have to see them sad.
I understand why you're upset, baby.
You know why I'm scared to get married?
Because I don't want
to go through the same thing
my parents did.
But when God gave you to me
I never regretted a single moment of it.
I love you so very much.
I really, really love you so.
I hope you never forget that, baby.
Papa. I'm sorry, Papa.
-Sorry, Papa.
-Sorry, Mira.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
It's not your fault.
It's okay.
There, there.
There, there.
It's okay, honey.
I love you, my baby.
Are you sick?
Do you care?
Why are you back
after making me look bad?
I didn't go.
Jax and I both decided
it's best if I stay here for a few months
to be with Mira.
Your first good idea.
I'll go help her get dressed.
Was that Uncle Jax?
I want to ask you something.
Would you like to come live
with me in the US?
So we'll always be together.
I want to, but
I don't wanna be away from Papa.
And Mommy Whitney, Daddy Rico,
Uncle Mitoy, Uncle Jhony,
and Auntie Kate.
Are they coming with us?
I don't think so, honey.
But they can come visit you.
Or we can come back and visit them.
Oh, I see.
I still need to go with Papa
to Magic Island.
Magic Island?
You should come with us!
I've always wanted to go there
with you and Papa.
Do you want to go shopping after this?
We'll buy anything you like.
All right. Try some of the sushi.
You had this?
No. What is it?
This one's called California Maki.
Oh no, it fell!
You can still eat that.
Can I tell you something?
I always ask myself
if I was a good father to Mira.
Don't be silly, Val.
You're a great father to Mira.
You treat Mira like a princess.
you only lied to her
so she wouldn't get hurt.
But she still got hurt
when she found out the truth.
you're a good father
And for sure,
you'll be a good husband, too.
I wish
you were Mira's mother instead.
Okay, okay.
Thank you, Kate.
Did you enjoy your date
with your Mom yesterday?
It was okay.
You've got so many new toys.
Yes, look at this bear.
I thought you were busy today.
I cancelled.
Can we talk?
About what? Go ahead.
I was hoping we could speak in private.
Want some twisted doughnuts? I made some.
-Let's go?
Okay, Auntie Kate.
I'm taking Mira with me to the US.
What do you mean?
Jax and I can't have a child.
Mira's my only bio--
Are you crazy?
You left your child with me
then you show up to take her away?
Like I borrowed her?
What were you thinking?
Can't you let her be with me
for the next years?
You wish.
I have a right
because I gave birth to her.
That's all you did!
I'm the one who raised her.
Took care of her.
You know nothing about what happened.
You don't know what's going on.
So you'd better go back
to where you came from
and leave us alone.
You didn't care.
Going to America was more important.
I'll make sure I get custody of Mira.
Mark my words.
Remember, stop sleeping on the job!
You didn't meet your quota!
Mind your quota!
Baby! Baby!
Hey. Where's your daughter?
She's with Kate. They're girl-bonding.
Good. I thought she was with that woman.
She might abduct Mira.
Good day, sir.
Stop right there.
What's that?
Are you here for a job?
I have a letter for
Valentin Roxas.
Give me that.
That's mine.
Who's this from?
From the court.
Looks like you've got a case.
Actually, I don't but I might
when I strangle someone
who opens other's mail!
No, sir! I didn't read it.
I just deliver letters
issued by the court.
Sign here.
Receiving copy.
Sign it.
Good luck on your case, sir.
Julie filed for custody.
She's getting on my nerves!
Why don't you just tell her
the truth, bro?
After she threw him under the bus?
No, Val. We're gonna fight back.
I'm a social worker for family court.
I will be conducting a case study
for the custody case
of Mrs. Julie Firt for Mira Roxas.
I just have a few questions to ask you.
Val loves his daughter very much.
That's right! He really does!
He does everything for Mira.
And I mean everything!
And how would you describe Mrs. Firt?
A harlot! An irresponsible mother!
How could she do this? Despicable!
She makes me sick!
I hate her so!
She was never a good mother!
Did Mr. Roxas pay you to say those things?
Hey, lady.
You think we're people you can bride?
Babe, it's "bribe."
Bribe, babe. This isn't a wedding.
So how is Val able
to support his daughter?
Ma'am, Val is just so hardworking.
He takes on all these side hustles.
He helps people in any way he can.
He always offers to fix my pipes.
Because they're always--
My pipes are always leaking.
The child's detached from reality!
Imagine, she said her mother
collects dinosaur eggs!
I can find no fault
in my buddy Val whatsoever.
He drives Mira to and from school.
Sometimes he even offers
her teacher a free ride.
Because their house is on the way.
Be clear next time.
Why did you leave Mira behind?
I deeply regret that decision.
And that's irrelevant now.
The important thing is,
I can now afford to provide for Mira.
Her life will be more comfortable
with me than with
Than with Val.
Sir, why should you have custody of Mira?
Why shouldn't I?
She's my daughter.
I love her very much.
I will do everything
to give her a good life.
Isn't that enough?
I'm sorry you have to go through this.
But if you could choose,
would you rather go with
your mom or your dad?
Attorney, do you think
they'll grant me custody of Mira?
Usually, when the child is illegitimate,
like Mira,
the mother gets custody.
But to be honest with you,
the court can still decide
to grant Val custody.
You're an absentee mother, Julie.
Could I appeal for that?
Why don't you just draft an agreement
for custody--
I want to take Mira with me to the US!
Didn't you tell me
you used to be a masseuse?
Are you even sure Val
is Mira's real father?
What on earth am I saying? Of course!
Of course!
Actually, attorney,
I'm not sure if Val's the father.
Are you serious?
This is Zian of QC family court.
I would like to inform you
that the court has ordered
that you undergo a paternity test.
What for?
I already know I'm Mira's father.
I'm sorry, sir. It's a court order. Sorry!
Are you okay?
-Let's eat!
You'll do anything.
Yes, I have something to do.
I told you to take it easy.
I'm sorry.
Val, you have nothing to worry about.
Jax and I will take good care of Mira.
We'll be there for her.
May I talk to Mira in private?
Just for a while.
No problem, ma'am.
I can't believe
you're not really my father.
You're my dad!
I don't want anybody else.
I love you very much!
I love you very much!
I love you very much!
In all of the world.
do you really want to go with Mama?
They also asked me
that during the interview.
And I said,
I love Mama but
I love you the most.
Don't cry, Papa.
Please don't cry, Papa.
Would you rather I go with you?
Let's go to Magic Island!
Really, honey?
You're coming with me?
Yes, we're coming!
-Of course!
-Can we go now?
Where's Mira?
Val! Val!
Don't take my daughter away!
Go after him! Get my daughter!
Hurry up!
You guys doing good back there?
Operation Take Mira Away.
During those times
one thing was on my mind.
She's my daughter.
She's my daughter.
That will never change.
And I need to make
the most of the little
remaining time I have with her.
Hold on to me.
Did you grow up here?
I think I want to grow up here, too.
Are you sure?
Are you really sure?
Dad once told me that the sunflower
is a symbol of true love.
Because it always turns to face the sun.
Always facing towards the light.
For as long as it lives,
it adores the sun.
I feel the same way about you.
You're the sunflower, I'm the light.
I'm sorry
I couldn't visit sooner.
I think I understand you now, Dad.
I'm sorry, Dad.
By the way!
I'm here with your granddaughter.
This is Mira.
Isn't she pretty? Look at that.
-Does she look like me?
-No way!
Hello, Grandpa!
Too bad I didn't meet you in person.
But I know you're a good person
and very kind
because Papa is good and kind, too.
Wow. You butter me up!
I love him very much
and he loves me very much, too.
we're going to Magic Island.
Are you excited?
Your dream's finally gonna come true.
Auntie Kate! Mommy Whitney!
Don't worry,
I won't take you away from your father.
Papa, is it that one?
Let's go!
I can't keep up!
I've no idea what I'm doing!
What's next?
It just loops.
Thanks for coming with us.
Why didn't you tell me?
I thought you were leaving soon.
And I really just wanted Mira
to get to know you.
Thank you for everything.
Even after knowing the truth,
you still chose to remain Mira's father.
Mira's my daughter.
That will never change.
Let me take this off the grill.
All right.
Okay, it's ready.
Lunch is ready. Let's eat! Let's eat!
Perfect post-workout meal.
Was that a work out?
Here we go!
You guys are perfect.
I've been saying that!
Papa won't step up his game!
He's so slow.
Ah, he's slow.
Don't you know he's scared
of commitment, so don't push him.
What if I'm not anymore?
Oh, my God!
Go, Papa!
What will I call you, Auntie Kate?
Mommy Whitney's my mommy.
Mama Julie's my Mama.
What should I call you?
I know! Mamshiecake!
Yes, nakshie Mira?
Nakshie? Nakshie?
I love it!
-Okay, let's dig in!
-Let's go!
-Are you okay?
-I'm okay?
What happened to you?
I just feel dizzy.
You sure?
It's your first time in a boat!
And it's scorching hot today.
You're probably hungry?
Come here.
-You sure you're okay?
-Yes, I'm okay.
Hurry up!
How are you feeling?
Are you still dizzy?
I'm okay, Pa.
No, here, I'll carry you.
Just rest till we get there.
Does your head still hurt?
You okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
They say
that right in the center of Magic Island,
underneath this hill,
lies the heart of a fairy.
She's always waiting
for someone to visit her.
In exchange,
as you close your eyes,
and calm your heart,
she will hear you.
Whisper a wish to the wind and sea.
That's what my mom and dad told me.
Are you ready to make your wish?
Honey, did you say your wish yet?
That's a long wish you're making.
What happened? Mira?
Honey? Honey? Honey?
Honey! Honey!
Honey, please.
Honey, wait.
She will open her eyes.
She will open them.
Honey, open your eyes.
I promise, she'll open her eyes.
Mira, please don't. Not yet, honey.
I need to monitor Mira.
Brain aneurysm is a traitor.
It could burst at any time.
Once ruptured, survival rate is at 50%.
Honey! Honey!
Please not yet, honey.
My child, please don't leave me!
Not yet, honey!
Mira! Mira!
Mira! Mira!
You really are the best, Mira.
You taught me how to be strong,
be brave, and take a chance.
I didn't know you were preparing me
for when you're gone.
Why did you have to leave so soon?
It's true what they say.
No parent should have to bury their child.
It shatters my heart, Mira.
It hurts so much.
She'll always be here with you.
But I promise you,
I will be okay, honey.
I'll always remember you here. Smiling.
Just as bubbly and making sure
I drink my medicine.
Get some rest
where you're far from all the pain.
Where there is no sickness.
I love you, my child.