Instinct (1999) Movie Script

Dr. Powell, I'm Tom Hanley, U.S.
State Department.
Take the chains off.
He's ours now.
If you have knowledge of a crime, why
don't you go to the police, Annie?
The police are probably
in on it.
You don't know anything
about politics, do you?
You're just a psychiatrist.
You're not versed in this.
Well, I wanna learn.
I wanna know why someone
would wanna kidnap the pope.
I don't want to sit here and have you
try to tell me that this isn't true.
I just... Does it scare you?
The thought that it
might not be true?
No! It doesn't scare me,
because it is true.
They took him seven weeks ago.
They're keeping him on Corsica.
They don't want people
to know that he's missing.
And you're probably gonna say, "Why
Corsica?" No, Corsica makes sense.
Good. Good. It's a
straight shot west of Rome,
about 150 miles.
- Have you ever been there?
- No. But it's on my list.
He's made a partner of her.
You see?
Now, Annie, I want to explore
every possibility.
Now, on the other side
of this page, is it possible...
that this is a photo
of the pope?
Well, it's possible, yeah.
I mean, is it?
Well, I'm just saying,
is it possible that this is a photo of
the pope, taken only eight days ago,
showing him safe in Rome? No!
Has anyone seen that magazine?
Catherine. Catherine.
We're just exploring here,
We're just saying...
It's not what you say.
L-Let me see.
Oh, I...
Oh, I don't know.
Very good.
I... I don't...
If you're afraid, then at least you're aware
of the possibility that you might be ill.
Shouldn't he hold her?
Don't get motherly, Gilbert.
We'll discuss notes
this afternoon.
You're late. I was just...
I need you to take my 10:00 class on Wednesday.
Let me see that photo.
That's risky, Theo.
Very risky.
I've been asked to do the evaluation of Ethan Powell.
You remember who he is?
He used to work here.
Disappeared in Africa.
Killed people.
Yeah, a year ago. Two dead,
three in the hospital.
Mad as a three-cornered hat,
but he's coming home.
We wouldn't want one of our former
professors hanged in Rwanda...
bad press...
so he's coming home.
And the evaluation begins as
soon as he arrives. Which is?
Tomorrow. I need to know everything
about the case in 24 hours,
and I want the research done
by my very best resident.
Ben, that's three-day's work
packed in the next 24 hours.
Well, I guess I wasn't talking about you.
I must've meant Gilbert.
Have him call me at home.
Okay. All right.
Okay. All right, Ben.
Ben, I would be glad
to do the research.
Only if you can handle it.
I can handle it.
That was too easy, Theo.
All right.
This time tomorrow
in my office.
It's locked. Aw, come on!
What? Wait...
Good. Good. You know, I told you
it was the one on the left.
- It's locked!
- It's supposed to be open.
Maxwell, do you copy us?
Come in, Maxwell. Come again.
Maxwell, come in. We're in
the corridor with the Doctor.
- Is it the door on the east or the west side?
- What was that?
- Are you reading this?
- Is something wrong? - No, I didn't copy.
- Is something wrong?
- Mom. Shh. - Foley!
I'm goin' to check this out.
Just relax, all right?
Maxwell, you pickin' this up?
Max. Hey, Doc.
Foley! Stop!
- Foley.
- Get the family out!
Uh, ladies, we need to get
you out of here. What?
Just come with me, please.
What happened?
You know as much as I know at this point.
Let's... This way, please.
It's what the Rwandan
papers called him. Theo.
It's not like any other case, Ben.
- You're three hours early.
- It's an amazing opportunity.
Amazing. I have a class in
here in 15 minutes, you know.
Oh, well, you're gonna
want to hear this, Ben.
Tell me.
He killed two Rwandan park rangers
and injured three others...
with a wooden club.
He was studying the animals there, right?
Not anymore.
The party of foresters and rangers
said he walked among them...
part of the animal group.
It's just possible, Ben, that he was
living with the mountain gorillas...
for nearly two years.
With them.
"Noted anthropologist and
primatologist Ethan Powell...
was reported missing
in October 1994."
Lost for nearly two years,
then found.
But when they tried to contact
Ethan, he turned on them.
Like an animal, they said.
They put him in an African prison for a year.
He hasn't spoken a word since his arrest.
So, what do we have here?
He lives with the animals,
takes on their behavior.
Becomes one.
How does that happen? Exactly.
They want a 30-day evaluation, followed
immediately by a hearing with a judge.
I'll give him a day to rest,
then I'll see him on Thursday.
Uh, Ben, there's something
I want to ask you for.
What is it? Ethan Powell.
The evaluation... I want it.
You don't have nearly enough
experience for a case like this.
You know that, don't you?
Why should I give it to you?
Important issues here, Ben. Yes.
One of them is your career,
I mean, a case like this is all about career,
and you've been thinking about that.
It'd be a leap for you.
What if I can get him to speak?
Get Powell to speak?
Ah. You mustn't confuse
a mute murderer...
with little Annie Belden
and her pope fantasy...
or Rondelli the flasher
or any of those.
What if I can?
Well, then you write a best-seller
about it. Am I right?
I'm ready for this, Ben.
Do you have a title yet?
For the best-seller?
What is it? Tell me.
Is that a yes?
So, how come he doesn't talk?
Well, they say...
that he used to live
with monkeys.
"Where?" Michigan.
Peter. Peter, why?
Look what you did.
Ex-Excuse me.
Our ball. Excuse me.
Excuse me!
Can we have our ball back?
I hear you almost took out
a correctional at the airport.
I hope you try that in here...
Pete, what'd you get, buddy?
Hey, Pete, what card
did you get, man?
Let me see the card!
Let me see.
Let me see. Show me your card.
That ain't my ace.
I want my ace of diamonds
I want my ace of diamonds!
Give me the card!
Show me the card!
You got my ace? You got my ace?
You got my ace. You got my ace!
You got my ace! You got
my ace, don't you?
You got my ace!
That ain't my ace!
I want my ace!
Give me my card.
You got the ace of diamonds.
Show me the card. Let me see the card!
The card!
Ace of diamonds! Show it to me!
Show me the card!
Give me the card.
Card! Ace of diamonds!
You got my card?
I want my card!
Give me my card!
I got it again!
Ace of diamonds!
Mr. Dacks, it looks like
it's Bluto again.
I got it again!
The ace of diamonds!
Bluto, you are one lucky
son of a gun.
Just as long as you're confident
they're sticking to the schedule.
It's the same thing
every day, sir.
Warden, I'm Dr. Theo Caulder.
I'm Jack Keefer.
This is Dr. John Murray, in charge
of our psychotics. How do you do?
What do you think
of our anthill, Dr. Caulder?
- Is Dr. Powell down there?
- No.
The psychotics are not
in the general population.
Uh, could we get you
one of these?
It's got vanilla bean in it this morning.
Uh, no, thank you.
I'd actually like
to get started.
I can give you Powell now in an unused
visitation room and again on Friday.
You and Dr. Murray can work out a schedule
for your time with the other inmates.
The "other inmates"?
I was told you'd be on temporary
staff at our facility, Doctor.
That's the deal.
Well, I was kind of hoping to spend
most of every day with Powell.
This is Harmony Bay, Dr. Caulder.
It was out of date 30 years ago.
It's crumbling under our feet. Two, three
years, they're gonna tear the old girl down.
Meanwhile, we have the toughest
correctional job in the state.
I'm gonna have to ask you to try to
fit in with our scheme of things...
and treat Powell
like every other inmate.
I hope that's okay with you.
Watch the cup for me.
Well, here we are.
Haldol, 20 milligrams,
four times a day?
- How am I supposed to talk to him?
- He doesn't talk, remember?
Dr. Theo Caulder. First interview
with Dr. Ethan Powell.
Dr. Powell,
I'm Dr. Theo Caulder.
I know you've chosen not to speak,
and I respect your decision.
I want to offer to you the
possibility, for your consideration,
that you suspend your silence
just for these sessions,
that you see these sessions
as outside your normal life...
so that you may speak to me,
discussing whatever you like,
then remain silent
for the rest of the day.
These sessions can be
your opportunity...
before you go back
to your silence...
to say to me, to the world,
to your family, whatever you...
whatever you might want to say.
First, Doctor,
I'd like you to say your name.
- Or you can write it on...
- Hey!
Don't do that.
Couple of rules, Doctor:
Don't reach across;
Don't touch the violent ones;
Don't give 'em anything; And don't
take anything from 'em, all right?
- Okay.
- That's what we're here for.
Or you can write it
on that piece of paper.
What is your name?
Doctor, what is your name?
Write it on that paper.
What is your name?
Can I see
what you've written there?
- Go!
- Hey!
Get him up! Stand up!
That's enough.
Okay, okay. That's it, that's it.
That's it, I'm done.
I'm done.
Hello, Dr. Caulder.
How, uh... How did it go?
The patient is overmedicated
and brutalized.
Well, hell, Dr. Caulder,
do you know where you are?
We have room for 700, but we
have over 1,000 of the worst...
And that's not counting
the psychotics, is it, Alan?
Forty-two highfliers, Warden.
Do you know who Dr. Powell was?
Is that a look, son? I want
the medication reduced.
Hey! Come over here! Go ahead and do
your best job you can here, Doctor,
as long as it doesn't conflict
with our rules.
Hey, ape man!
Just give him
what he wants, Ethan.
Hand it over!
Trade you for the ace.
Come on, get him!
Guys! No! Wait!
Please, please! Just check
his pocket, please!
Please, he's got the ace! He's got it!
And it's his ace!
It is his... ace!
- It's his ace.
- It's his ace.
Enjoy, ape man!
Right over there.
Half an hour.
Hi. Miss Powell,
I'm Dr. Caulder.
I need to find a way
to break through.
- We tried that.
- Well, I can do it.
We tried in Africa. We visited the prison there.
He never even looked at us.
- Well, he looked at me.
- He did?
He tried to give me a pencil.
Look, I saw him at the airport.
It destroyed my mother. She's
away, staying with her sister.
She needed a change
of scene and a lot of Xanax.
I'm only here to sell the house,
because she won't live here anymore.
Your father may be very ill.
I thought maybe
he was just in a bad mood.
Do you want your father back?
Back the way he was?
The way he was. Um... Hmm?
Do you mean... distant,
obsessed with his work,
not concerned with his family?
Yes, I want him back.
What do you want?
He can give me a look at man in his
primitive state... ungoverned man.
Look, I don't want you showing him
off like some madman with a club.
I'm writing an evaluation,
not some grocery-store headline.
This evaluation will be good
for your career, won't it?
Does it matter?
If I can open him up,
I might be able to help him.
Help him?
You mean,
get him out of prison?
Your father might belong
in prison. I don't know.
But I don't think anyone
belongs at Harmony Bay.
And I do need your help.
This is where he worked
when he was home.
You were there. Yes. Once.
I was just traveling through.
I showed up and surprised him.
Stayed a couple days.
He was very happy to see me
and very happy to see me go.
Who took these?
Are there any more?
I set the timer for this
one, and I took the rest.
This is my work.
Okay. Why don't you, um, just
take what you need and then go.
Dr. Theo Caulder. Second interview
with patient, Dr. Ethan Powell.
How are we today, Dr. Powell?
Dr. Powell is unresponsive.
I'm gonna ask you to identify
certain objects, Doctor.
You can speak
or write down your answer.
What is this a picture of,
- The patient makes no sign that he can understand.
- And this?
And this?
And this?
What is this a picture of,
Can you write it down?
And this?
And this?
What is this a picture of?
And this?
- Hey, leave him alone! Leave him alone!
- Goddamn it!
- I told you not to do that! Keep your distance!
- Leave the patient!
- Do not cross this line!
- Back away from my patient.
Back away from the patient!
Okay, Doctor.
It's your ass.
Your silence says, "Yes,
I'm still an animal...
"a wild, dangerous animal.
"You can beat me,
you can cage me.
"I'm not human anymore.
"I have nothing to say...
"not to some shrink across
the table, not to any guard,
not even to her."
But she still wants her father.
She wants you back.
What do you say to that?
What do you say to her?
Have I made your fucking day?
Do you wanna die?
Is that what you want?
- Uh, the patient is not responding.
- Quiet.
I'll take that as a no.
Do you want
to stay here forever?
Or do you wanna go home?
Africa? Here?
You wanna go back here?
If I cut your medication, will
you take me there with you?
- You can't cut the medication.
- Shut up!
I will not be yelled at by
some yuppie res... Dr. Murray!
I don't know you very well, but I have
the feeling that you are a tired,
incompetent bag of shit
who has found a place to hide.
You overmedicate these men, and you
turn your back when they're tortured.
If I'm wrong,
I deeply apologize.
If I cut your medication,
help you remember,
will you take me with you?
Can you follow me?
Yes. Yes, I'll follow.
But she still wants her father.
She wants you back.
What do you say to that?
What do you say to her?
How'd you do it?
He chose to speak.
He chose you.
Why you?
I don't know.
But I can get inside
of him now.
I just need you to... help
me to understand who he was.
And if I do, you have to get me
in to see him, to talk to him.
I'll try.
I will. I'll try.

Ben. Dr. Josephson.
I was told you made a
breakthrough on the Powell case.
Good work. Thank you.
You know, I read your paper on voluntary
mutism, so I had a slight advantage.
Oh, you're the one who read it.
I'll leave you two.
Breakfast on Wednesday.
I'll call your office. His
paper on voluntary mutism...
didn't have anything to do with
the Powell case, and you know it.
How's it going? Have you
ever been to Harmony Bay?
Mmm. Thanks, Mike.
Tell me your war stories.
You never mentioned I'd have
to be on staff there, Ben.
Well, it was
a negotiation, Theo.
They're understaffed.
Thanks. You want out?
I want Powell.
He's leading me
into the jungle.
He's leading you?
Well, I... You're doing
the evaluation, not him.
And there's more at stake here,
Theo, than your book.
I know. I know, Ben.
Now that the patient is speaking,
it's a different ball game,
different expectations.
The competency hearing will be scheduled
as soon as you present your evaluation.
And that report... your report... and your
testimony will be very carefully judged,
so you have to be prepared.
Keep focused.
Lead him to the questions
you want answered.
I will.
I will!
You just don't understand. It's not
the usual therapeutic environment.
Then don't be
the usual therapist.
Go on. Sit down.
Welcome, Doctor.
Will you excuse us, gentlemen?
Dr. Theo Caulder. Third interview
with Dr. Ethan Powell.
Doctor, do you know why
you've been sent here?
What a brave lad you are.
You can call me "Doctor."
"Dr. Caulder."
Yes, bwana.
I will call you
"Tabibu Juha Caulder."
Tabibu Juha. Swahili.
It'll help me remember. That's
what you want, isn't it?
It's my memories. That's
what you want, isn't it?
You attacked several officers
at the Miami airport.
In Rwanda you were convicted of murder.
Are you a murderer?
Ah, yes.
Tell me about that.
Tell me about Africa.
I know you always went alone.
Twenty-one trips...
over 12 years,
and you never took
a companion or a colleague.
Never with your wife,
who wanted to go.
Never with your daughter, who
you invited, then uninvited.
What are you up to? Therapy?
My job. I wanna know
why this is difficult.
Are you afraid
to go back there?
Are you afraid to follow?
Try me.
Describe what you see.
Tell me. Tell me what you see.
The Virunga volcanoes.
The great forests of Visoke.
So beautiful.
And there's some flatland,
and there's a river
beyond the trees.
And in the middle
is my base camp.
It's a good camp.
My tent... is there.
It's right there.
- So you're off.
- Already now.
Okay. I'll check the list.
Willie, your father's leaving.
- Willie!
- He will come. He will come.
Willie, come on! Willie?
There you are.
What are you doing?
Come on, your father's leaving.
See? For your wrist.
I've been looking for this.
Okay, off you go now.
The sooner you go, the sooner
I'll get my supplies. Go on.
Ethan? Ethan?
What are you looking at?
There he was...
the silverback, their leader.
I'd been observing this group for
months but had never been this close.
So close, so magnificent.
It was terrifying...
and wonderful.
I thought my presence
was making them nervous,
but it wasn't that,
it was the machine...
the camera...
that didn't belong.
So I stopped using it, and it
was then I began to see them...
for the first time.
I wondered if they missed me
when I left for the night...
this man who watched them
outside their circle.
Did they think of me?
I thought of them,
and I missed them.
I liked them.
I even needed them.
Each day they seemed
to allow me to step closer.
I was excited
by my slow journey toward them.
I felt privileged.
I felt, in a way, as if I was
coming back to something...
I had lost long ago
and was only now remembering.
Suddenly, just like that,
it happened.
I was no longer
outside the group.
For the first time,
I was among them.
I never missed a day.
I walked miles from my camp
to find them.
And stayed with them
longer and longer...
before I'd pull myself away
to go back to camp every night.
In there,
deep in those forests,
away from everything you know,
you've ever been taught...
by school or book
or song or rhyme,
you find peace, Juha, kinship,
harmony, even safety.
You'll find more danger in one
day in any city in the world...
than you will ever find
in those forests.
Do you understand that?
Ah, mixed up.
You're all mixed up.
I wanna go back to my cell now.
Okay, okay. Wait. Wait.
What's the playing card for?
Control of you? By whom?
- By you... takers.
- "Takers"? Explain that.
I wanna go to my cell now.
The session's not over.
Until you say so?
The taker.
You're free to go.
Am I?
And you? Are you free?
Only in my head. You! You!
I know about
the ace of diamonds.
Every prisoner is supposed
to spend a half an hour outside.
Every prisoner, every day.
We can only afford the time and
personnel to do a rotation...
one patient a day... so we make
it random, use the cards.
It doesn't work. It keeps
them focused on something.
The strong take it
from the weak every time.
And the rest of them focus their
anger on the ones who take it...
and not on the guards
or medical staff.
It does work. For us.
It works for us.
Here's charts on ten of them.
You can start there.
Do you ever see them alone?
There isn't time for that.
There's the consulting area.
We do what we can.
You do what you're told.
Go ahead. Hit me again.
I'm easy. And you'll
feel so much better.
What was it you called me?
Tired, incompetent bag of shit?
Christ, you think I never
fought a battle in here?
You want to know
what it was like before me?
We do what we fucking can.
Hi. Hi.
Peter Holden? Uh-huh.
You gonna be our shrink now?
For a while. You got
a resume with you?
- Any credentials or anything?
- Let's go over here, please, Peter.
I'm Dr. Caulder.
You've been charged with one count of murder,
and found incompetent to stand trial.
She had a demon in her
for a while,
my neighbor Mrs. Karsh.
Mm-hmm. It would come and go.
Nobody saw it... except me.
What did it look like,
the demon?
Did you ever see Alien
with Sigourney Weaver?
It looked like a giant insect?
It looked like
Sigourney Weaver.
Hey, Dacks!
Why don't you stop this?
Why? They have to work out their own problems.
He won't kill him.
Oh, this is Phillip!
All right.
All right, guys. Back up.
Back up! Oh, my God! You
got to help him, Doc!
Get him off! Somebody help me, please!
Get him off me!
Get him off me. Help him!
Please help him, Doctor.
Please. Please.
Come on. Stop the bleeding.
Hey, calm down! You got
to stop the bleeding, Doc!
Come on, Doc!
Come on, Doc!
Stop the bleeding, Doc!
Dr. Theo Caulder, continuing
interview with Dr. Ethan Powell.
I've further reduced your Haldol.
Have you felt the effects of that?
Yeah. Thank you.
In our last session, we discovered why
you left your normal routine of study...
and began to travel with the gorillas,
staying with them even at night.
Our next subject to cover is
the reason for... Hey, look.
It fell off the chair.
Mm. Great.
Our next subject to cover
is the reason for...
Are these for me? Yes.
Oh. The reason for the
attack on the rangers...
No pencils? These are safer.
Oh, yeah.
No pencils.
Are you coming back to the
gym today, Tabibu Juha? Yes.
Am I worth it?
All the mess and blood?
I'm here to do an evaluation.
That's what I do.
Am I so interesting?
You lived as an animal
for nearly two years.
I'd say you were
interesting enough, sure.
I lived as a man
living with animals.
I lived as humans lived
10,000 years ago.
Humans knew how to live
in the world then, before...
Before civilization?
No, before you, Juha,
and all your kind.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, I was one of you.
I believed in control.
Some control is necessary.
Is it?
The gorillas, they let you stay with them, even at night.
You were becoming one of them.
Are you listening?
Are you listening to me?
Not one of them.
Not a gorilla.
Don't you see?
They accepted a man.
They reached across.
They took me in as family.
They welcomed a human being
among them.
That's the miracle.
What about the family
you left behind?
What about Lyn?
We leave her outside of this.
Why? And my wife.
Leave them out.
You think I don't know. I know what
I was, what I lost, what I killed.
She's not dead. She wants to see you.
She saw me at the airport.
She saw what I am now.
You let me be dead to her.
You change the subject, Juha,
or walk away from this.
Which do you want?
For now, I want the forest.
Take me there.
In the forest
for all that time.
Did you ever miss
the contact with any humans?
No. They were there.
I may not have seen them, but I
always knew they were there.
If you were learning
their ease...
Their peace.
Their peace. Then why does
this all end in murder?
There were many murders.
Many? Yeah.
There's a zoo not far from
here where I studied...
and many years ago...
and, uh...
they needed a male gorilla,
a wild capture.
And I did that.
I helped capture him.
I didn't even know what murder
was when I was you, Juha.
You know what murder
I'm talking about.
If you don't talk to me about
this, I can't help you.
I don't want you to help me.
What do you want?
I want you to listen.
And then what? Share it.
With? Whoever you share with,
the people you're close to.
Are there any?
Why don't you tell others?
'Cause I'm not for this world,
not anymore.
What world, then?
In your memories, locked away in
your mind for the rest of your life?
Is that all you want?
No, I want to finish this.
- Finish what?
- Telling you what I know.
What makes you think what you know is any
different than what other people know?
I had different teachers.
Okay, okay.
So I'm supposed to...
pass on your work.
Yeah, for all it's worth.
What made you pick me?
A look in your eye.
You seemed to have half a brain.
Thank you. What look?
That look...
curious, searching,
slightly pissed off.
Why didn't you pick
your daughter?
Leave it alone.
Why do you refuse to talk about her?
Leave it.
She wants to see you.
I say we talk about it.
I was wrong about you, Juha.
- Explain that.
- Tell them to open this door. You're not the one, Juha.
- I'm not the one?
- No.
I'm not the one
who cut your medication?
I'm not the one to say if you're competent for
a hearing, a chance of getting outta here?
- I'm the one, Ethan.
- Are you?
I'm the one.
The one in control, huh? Yes.
Who's in control?
So who is in control, huh?
Are you?
Am I?
The guards outside?
The warden in his office?
Yeah? Who's in control?
Testing, testing, testing.
One, two, three, four.
Dr. Ethan Powell,
interviewing Dr. Theo Caulder.
Now, this will be a very simple test.
Pass or fail, life or death.
Ready, Juha? Now, you write on this
paper what I have taken from you.
What have you lost?
Write it! Write it!
Wrong. You never had control.
You only thought you had it.
An illusion, Tabibu Juha!
And what do you control
for sure, huh?
The volume on your stereo, the air
conditioning in your car? What else?
What else? All right.
Another chance. You were nervous.
Too much pressure. Try again.
What have you lost?
What did I take?
Write it. Write it!
You're a fool, Juha.
Did you think you were free?
Where were you going at 2:00 today?
Into the gym, right?
In the morning,
your wake-up call.
In the middle of the night when you wake
up sweating, with your heart pounding.
What is it that has you all tied
up, Juha, tied up in little knots?
Is it ambition?
You're no mystery to me, boy.
I used to be you.
Okay. One last chance.
You think I won't do it?
What's one psychiatrist less
to the world?
I'm already deep in the pit.
So what can they do to me?
Last try. Get it right.
What have you lost?
What did I take from you?
Write it.
Yeah. Congratulations.
You're a student, after all.
And you've lost nothing
but your illusions...
and a little bit of skin.
Hi. Hi.
What happened to your face?
Gets a little rough
in there sometimes.
Well, what happened to it?
Duct tape.
My father did this to you? Yes.
What did he do?
He was teaching me.
Looks like
a pretty tough class.
Are you gonna quit now?
No. I never quit.
Even when I'm doing something
really stupid, I never quit.
Are you like that? No.
I once played solitaire for 48
games straight until I won.
Solitaire, huh? That figures.
I don't have time
for a lot of people.
Do you have time for one?
Don't get nervous.
I didn't mean me.
Uh, want a drink?
Yes. Let's go out.
Two cars. No date.
You know, it's all right if you need
to hold on to somebody for a minute.
It's all right if you don't.
Doc, you won't believe this.
What is it?
Just see for yourself, Doc. You
got to see it for yourself.
Doc, what you doing?
Hey, Doc, what
do you make of it?
What is this?
Not finished.
Ethan... Take your time, Doc.
What are you making here? The
true history of mankind.
It's a true history.
No fiction, no lie.
Africa, two million years ago.
Humans. Then they moved.
Ten thousand years ago,
civilization. You.
This is me?
Yeah, and me too. Us.
Takers. Who are
the blue people?
They're tribal societies...
hunters, gatherers, planters.
They never killed more
animals than they could use.
They never plowed more land
than they needed.
They fought, but they never waged war.
Never exterminated.
They had a place in the world. And
in the world, they were part of it.
And they shared it.
We changed all that.
Now, what, are we supposed to change it back?
What are we supposed to do?
Move where? Out of my way.
What, are we supposed to unbuild the
cities, wander off into the jungle?
A stupid, specious argument.
You figure it out.
I'm busy. You're a pain
in the neck, Ethan.
I know. Now get out.
We have only one thing
to give up... our dominion.
We don't own the world.
We're not kings here, not gods.
Can we give that up?
Too precious, all that control?
Too tempting, being a god?
Where's my card?
I still don't have my card.
Where's my card?
My card! Where... Show me
my... That's not mine.
I want my card. Do you have my card?
I got a box here!
I have a box here
with everybody's name in it!
It is mine! Give me that!
Show me the card!
I want to see
my ace of diamonds.
Can you hit that? Ace of diamonds!
Show it to me!
Bang that hard.
Bang, bang, bang!
I didn't do it.
I have a box here
with everyone's name in it!
All of you are in this box.
I have picked one name.
This is the name of the person
that will go outside today.
We're not using the ace
anymore. Understand?
We're not using
the ace anymore.
Each day I will pick
one name from this box,
and that person
will go outside.
Then I will set his name aside, and
the next day I'll pick a new name.
Everybody will have
their equal turn.
And today it's Lester Rodman.
Where are you? Lester Rodman.
Lester Rodman?
Lester Rodman, where are you?
- Lester Rodman, today you get to go outside.
- All right!
Let's find that ace.
Come on. Who's got that ace?
Who the hell's got it?
'Cause I want it! We're not
using the ace anymore.
Today Lester Rodman goes out... Come on.
Let's see the cards.
Let's see your card. Come on.
You got the ace, Pete?
How about you, Ethan?
You got the ace?
Come on, now.
Let me see that card.
Don't be shy.
Let's see your card.
- Dacks.
- Let me see it.
What was that? Was that a look?
Dacks, damn it, don't.
The cards are finished.
The cards are garbage.
Do you understand?
You throw 'em away. We're
not using the ace anymore.
Everybody goes outside.
Everybody goes.
Everybody goes!
Everybody goes outside!
- Everybody goes!
- Everybody goes outside!
Everybody goes outside!
Everybody goes outside!
- Everybody goes.
- Outside, everybody!
Pick up those pieces!
Everybody goes outside!
Dacks, damn it, you hit him again,
I'll have you up on charges.
Pick 'em up.
Son of a bitch.
Lester Rodman goes today.
Maybe you go tomorrow.
No cards. No ace.
No fighting.
Let's go, Lester.

Haven't you learned anything yet?
I guess not.
That coffee's been burning
for nine hours.
After ten, use the instant.
It's in the top cupboard.
Well, how's
the medical staff today?
Fine, sir. Fine.
You fine, too, Dr. Caulder?
Doing okay. Can I get you
some coffee, Warden?
I'm not here for coffee.
Okay. I'm here to talk about...
that little episode
in the gymnasium today.
We worked out
a different system.
You think you can walk into my institution,
start changing rules and causing riots?
There was no riot. The
prisoners refused orders,
and my guards had to use
force because of you.
The force wasn't necessary. All
the violence came from Mr. Dacks.
He was trying
to provoke Powell.
Powell is dangerous, and he was dealt
with as a dangerous psychotic.
No, no, no.
He offered no danger, none.
Dr. Murray, did Powell
behave in a threatening way...
at any time?
I'll have a talk with Mr. Dacks.
Meanwhile, your little game
compromised my authority...
and the authority of my guards.
Do you know what that means
at a maximum security prison?
You put everyone at risk.
The safety of every man here rests with
me, Caulder, and I can't trust you.
And I want you out.
You have ten days.
And I'm being generous.
I have 15 days left in my evaluation.
I'll leave when I'm finished.
Now you have seven days.
- How does he have the...
- Hang on a second.
How does he have the right
to cut my evaluation time?
He doesn't,
but he has the power
to kick you out...
whenever he wants to
and bring in somebody else.
So write your conclusion.
Wrap it up.
If I have more time, I think
I can get him out of there.
What are you talking about?
The hearing. I think when
the judge hears the man...
who he is, what he has to say... I
think he'll walk out of there.
You're not
his defense attorney.
You're not his pal.
What are you after?
Big time ending for the book?
Not about a book.
It's not about my
career... It should be.
Theo, you walked
into this case...
under my guarantee,
with an opportunity
to further yourself.
Now, are you willing to put
all that at risk possibly,
damage your career possibly,
embarrass me?
Sorry, yes.
Then stop complaining about the
time you have left and use it.
Push the man. Shake him.
- Where does the violence come from?
- I'm not sure...
- The gorillas?
- I'm not sure of the connection.
Well, find it.
The only way he is ever going
to get out of that place...
is for you to make that judge feel
that Powell is sane and safe.
You show where
the violence came from,
and you show
that the violence has gone.
- Can you do that?
- Yes.
Good. You're on your own.
See you later.
I'll call you later.
Hello. This is a surprise.
Sorry. I, uh...
The message said you'd be home after
7:00, so... So you came by to check?
Were you hall monitor
in school?
Yes, I was.
Funny, I never got a sense
of you in your parents' house.
This is definitely more... Messy?
More you.
what did he do to you
this time?
I don't see
any cuts or bruises.
This time it wasn't him.
I only have seven days left
with your father. That's it.
Are they going to take
the case away from you?
It's not a...
not a case anymore.
It's not a book either.
He may break my neck tomorrow, but I
think I'm becoming a friend of his...
and his student.
His Tabibu Juha.
He calls you that?
I think "Tabibu"
means "doctor."
Yes, it does.
What does "Juha" mean?
"Juha" means...
Well, I must be, because I
can't figure this one out.
He knows I can't bring
a gorilla into his cell and...
Where are we going? Fresh
air, a ride in the country.
You'll like it. It's wilderness all the way.
They're waiting for us.
Who? What are you
planning, Juha?
I'm not your idiot anymore.
You finally looked it up. No.
Your daughter told me.
Watch your step.
The gorillas are
in the cage room now.
Jesus Christ.
The old silverback's
been with us the longest.
You remember him, Dr. Powell.
He's the one you...
I'm sorry. We need
to be alone in here.
The restraints?
I'll put them back on him
before we leave.
You understand if he comes out
of that door without them on...
I thought you'd feel
safer here.
I thought if you were around
them, you'd talk to me.
Tell me about the violence,
about the killing.
These are shadows of gorillas.
Born in cages.
Only the old male...
he was free once.
Still alive.
I named him that.
I brought him here.
This cage has broken him.
Broken his heart,
broken his mind.
Made him insane.
I did that.
I understand that, Ethan. I do.
But I need to know
about the killing.
There's a female
just like that one.
Was there ever
any violence among them?
Was there any violence
towards you?
There were warnings.
She was a good mother
and a good teacher.
The baby was always
protected, always instructed.
Always groomed, always...
She used to watch over him,
the way the old silverback
used to watch over...
all of us,
even me.
It's an amazing...
feeling, Theo,
to be watched over.
I discovered
in that look of his...
more than watchfulness...
In fact, he was...
Ethan, what is it?
What is it?
What's wrong?
Shh. Shh.
It was me.
They'd found my things.
Been tracking me.
So I brought them.
I brought the... takers...
and death.
Still he looks at me
without blame.
Because you're not to blame,
not for any of it.
You were just defending
your family.
- Ethan, close it.
- He won't come out.
You see? Even if he can.
Not far from here is a fence, and on the
other side of that fence is freedom,
and he can smell it.
He'll never try to get there,
'cause he's given up.
By now he thinks freedom
is something he dreamed.
And you?
Have you given up?
Because we have a chance to get you
out of here now, a good chance.
This is all I need...
what you've told me.
It's not just something
you dreamed.
It's real.
I'd like you to wear this to the hearing today.
Where'd you get that?
Lyn brought it.
She's still here.
- Ethan, you can do this.
- Leave it alone.
What are you so afraid of?
I don't want to hurt her.
You've already done that.
Remember the first thing you said to me?
The first word? Remember?
You told me to tell
your daughter good-bye.
Tell her yourself.
I don't know what to say.
How are you?
That sounds stupid, I guess.
I miss you.
Your father is a fool.
If you were just born, I would
pick you up and hold you...
and take you everywhere with me
and never walk away from you.
You're such a treasure, Lyn.
You're so much better than your father.
You don't hate.
You don't even hate me.
You know that
when I went away from you,
I always took you
with me, inside.
I would love to believe that.
Well, this is all
I have left for you.
It's the only possession
I kept.
You'll wait in your cell
till I come and get you.
The van'll be here in 25 minutes. The
hearing starts at 4:00. Understand?
You'll change out of
that pretty blue suit...
and turn it over for storage.
- Any questions?
- Sorry, Ethan.
Ethan, there was nothing
we could do.
I said, "Inside"!
Stop hitting him!
Stop hitting him!
- You think that's funny, Nicko?
- Just stop hitting him!
- I got Dacks!
- Oh, you wanna play, Pete?
No, no! Sorry, Mr. Dacks. You
think that's funny, Pete?
Huh? You think that's funny?
It was an accident.
You want to play? Come here.
No, you can't come in here.
You can't come in, Mr. Dacks.
You can't come in.
No, Mr. Dacks. No, don't
be bad, Mr. Dacks.
You wanna play "Can't Come In"?
We'll play.
- No! Mr. Dacks!
- Let's play, Pete.
- No!
- You wanna play, Pete?
- No!
- Well, let's play!
Ow! No! Ow!
You want to play?
Think this is for fun?
Damn it! Lock this place down!
I want this place locked down!
Anderson, secure the block
and cuff that son of a bitch!
Get back in there! Settle down!
Shut up! Shut up!
I heard. You want
to stay for supper?
- I blew it. I lost him.
- He's silent again.
It's over. Let it go.
He was protecting
his family... again.
I should have been with him
every minute.
Let it go.
And don't worry...
about anything.
I'll speak to Josephson,
smooth things over.
I'll help you cut your losses.
And his losses?
It's true, isn't it?
He'll never get out of there.
It was never your job
to get him out of there.
Theo, there is nothing
to be done.
Know when to walk away.
You help the ones you can.
I'm sorry. I've let you down,
and I barged in here...
If you don't let this end,
you'll do yourself damage.
You got involved... emotionally.
It happens.
Now you have to get
your focus back.
You're losing control.
Wouldn't that be nice?
Mealtime! Line 'em up!
- You heard him. Let's go.
- - Single file!
I'm ready, I'm ready,
I'm ready.
Dr. Caulder,
what's wrong with him?
Nicko, back in line.
Dr. Caulder...
Any change?
Not a word in three days.
- Sorry.
- Hey, ape man!
He said mealtime!
Can you leave him there, Dacks?
Keep your hands at your side!
I'm sorry, Ethan.
I don't know if you can hear me,
but this is my last day, so...
I put Dacks up on charges.
I still might be able to get you that
hearing, if you would just speak.
If you would just come back.
Okay, Ethan.
You asked me a question once.
"What has you
all tied up in knots...
when you wake up sweating
in the middle of the night?"
You still wanna know?
I've been thinking about it. I've
been thinking about it a lot.
It's not the work.
I love the work.
I've always loved the work.
It's the game.
The game, Ethan.
And I was so good at it.
I made sure all
the right people liked me.
At night, I'd do
the checklist in my mind.
Am I cool with Ben Hillard?
Am I cool with Dr. Josephson?
Am I cool with all the people
who can help me?
Am I cool with all the people
who can hurt me?
Nobody thought I was weak
or a loser.
There was nobody
I was offending,
nobody I loved.
That game, Ethan.
But guess what?
You taught me how
to live outside of the game.
You taught me how to live.
And you know what
scares me even more?
That I'm going back in.
"Forgive me, Ben.
Put me back in the game.
"I'll make you like me again!
I'll do the work.
I'll do all the work,
just put me back in the game!"
And do you wanna know...
You wanna know the psychology
behind this?
Now, pay attention,
because I'm good at this.
I'm trying not to say
good-bye to you.
I'm trying not to say
I'll miss you.
I'm trying to forget you.
Ethan Powell, case closed.
Case closed!
Look at me.
Come on!
Oh, come on!
- Take the bat off your shoulders, you bum!
- Calm down, Dacks!
Hey, on a three-two count you gotta
protect the plate, you moron!
- Three and one, Dacks, not three and two.
- First base.
I would protect the plate.
We're on first base.
You gotta protect the plate.
Right, the plate.
Protect the plate.
You see? You see? You see?
You take the lumber off
the shelf and you get a hit.
Peter! Hey, come on!
- Pete, put it back in!
- Pete, please!
- Put it back in, Pete!
- Hey, Pete!
Give me the plug, Pete!
Give me the plug!
- Give me the plug now!
- Stop! Stop it!
Peter, give Guard Anderson
the plug. It's his birthday.
That's right, Pete.
It's my birthday.
You wanna give me a present?
Come on, buddy. Let me have it.
- That's it. Let go.
- All right, all right.
Plug it in. Come on.
There you go.
Are you gonna leave it
alone now?
For you. Okay. For me.
Hey, Dr. Caulder's here!
Glad to see you, Doc.
Hey! Caulder's back!
Welcome back, Doctor!
Anything he does out there is
gonna come down on my head,
and I'm gonna come down
on yours!
Heard you were long gone back to the city.
I thought you were all through here.
I came back to talk to Powell. Well,
your highflier's gone out the window!
Went through a hole
in the fence.
We think he scaled the other one.
He must have had some help!
And he even wrote
a little note... to you!
Can you make heads or tails
of that? I sure can't.
You're never gonna find him.
You know where he is?
You're never gonna find him.
If you got any idea where... If you're holding
out on me, you could be aiding an escapee.
That is a felony, and I could
have you arrested for that!
I'm beginning to like it here.
"Dear Theo.
"I'm sorry I'm not there
to say good-bye.
"You were right.
Freedom is not just a dream.
"It's there on the other side of those
fences we build all by ourselves.
"Thank you for giving me hope and
for giving me back my daughter.
"And I thank you, Theo, for
sharing this journey with me.
Your friend, Ethan."