Integrity (2019) Movie Script

- Morning, King.
- Morning.
Good morning.
Did you sleep well?
We only have an hour until the hearing.
Take a look at this.
It's the case summary and your statement.
All to remind you...
the important dates in the case
and the date you came to ICAC.
Is there a problem?
Do I really have to take the stand'?
I'm scared.
The judge has already agreed
to let you testify under protection.
Don't worry,
your identity will be kept secret.
Don't lie to me.
Once I'm on the stand,
there are only three questions
Chan Chiu Kwan's lawyer needs to ask
for the whole world to know
that I'm the whistleblower.
What do you want, Jack?
It's pointless. All this...
just to get a down-line firm like Alpha Leader.
Chan Chiu Kwan...
he's probably been paid
in exchange for taking the fall.
The mastermind behind this
will keep smuggling billions worth
of cigarettes every year.
That's the attitude.
You don't want them to win, right?
So take the stand.
This is as far as I can get with the evidence I have.
Once we get Alpha Leader,
we can go deeper.
I've already figured out how Chan
bribed the Customs Department.
It was through a firm called
Millennium International Investment.
All the intel is in this USB stick.
You waited all this time to tell me?
I just found out last night.
Go file a Mareva injunction with the court.
I'll see you in court.
Such a prima donna.
Move out in 30 minutes.
Yes, sir.
I ordered room service.
A breakfast set, eggs, toast and coffee.
That's right. Thank you.
Should I bring it inside for you?
Just leave it here.
Please sign here.
Thank you, sir.
- I'll close the door.
- Thank you, sir.
Call King!
Jack Hui's gone.
In this case of
alleged tobacco smuggling and bribery,
the Department of Justice,
under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance,
is charging Defendants,
Alpha Leader Trader Limited CEO
Chan Chiu Kwan, of bribery,
and Head of Ports and Maritime Command
Chung Ka Ling, of accepting bribes.
The ICAC is offering
the testimony of protected witness, Mr. X.
However, this hearing
was supposed to start two hours ago.
Let me to tell you all how a trial works.
Every trial...
has a plaintiff, a defendant, witnesses and a judge.
I'm here.
The DOJ is here.
But the witness isn't here.
And the 1st Defendant isn't here.
How can we hold a trial?
Your Honor,
The DOJ wishes...
to request a continuance.
We need to order the arrest of the 1st Defendant
and retain the 2nd Defendant in custody.
Arrest him?
I just can't get in touch with my client...
at the moment, I mean.
Besides, he's paid a ten million bail.
What's there to worry about?
So have you gotten in touch with him or not?
Keep your mouth shut if you haven't.
Your turn.
The 2nd Defendant has appeared in court on time.
To postpone the hearing
and remand her in custody
is unfair to her.
You're up, ICAC.
Where's your witness?
Is he in hiding?
Why would he?
He's given us new evidence.
I was going to inform Your Honor about that,
but then the 1st Defendant fled.
For our witness' safety,
I'd like to apply for a leave of absence for today.
How is he in danger?
We're in a court!
He is if he steps into a courtroom.
Your people are loaded...
Cut it out.
Let me see that.
According to the new evidence,
We suspect that Alpha Leader,
whose assets have been
frozen by the court,
and Chan Chiu Kwan's assets are merely shells.
The company that's handling the
smuggling operation's funds
is Millennium International investment.
The DOJ is requesting
the court to freeze its assets.
This is out of the blue.
New evidence all of a sudden?
Are you sure you want to
freeze Millennium's assets?
Do you know who you're prosecuting?
We do, Your Honor.
For being absent without leave,
I hereby order the arrest
of 1st Defendant, Chan Chiu Kwan.
2nd Defendant, Chung Ka Ling,
may remain free on bail under current conditions.
I order a temporary freeze on
Millennium International Investrnent's assets.
The court reconvenes in seven days.
If your witness isn't here by then,
I suspect that...
he'll be gone for good.
Court is adjourned.
Let's go handle the paperwork.
Sit down.
This operation will be conducted by five teams.
Team A, Chief Investigator King Cheung.
This is your case.
You'll be in charge of coordinating the other teams.
Team B, Chief Investigator Shirley Kong,
you deal with the witness.
Team C, Senior Investigator Luk Chi Wah.
You're on operations.
We've got two people
waiting for the search warrant.
They'll go straight to Millennium Investment
once they have it.
We're expecting a large amount
of data and documents,
so team D and E
are on loan from Banks
and Listed Company Investigations team.
They'll help us sort through the documents.
Sir, I'm sorry...
We lost the witness this morning.
According to immigration records,
Jack Hui boarded a plane
out of Hong Kong at 09:30 AM.
The destination is Sydney, Australia.
He knew he was due in court today all this time.
Why didn't he flee earlier?
Why did he wait until today?
he didn't leave on his own accord.
By tomorrow morning,
I want to see footage of Jack Hui in the airport...
his every move from immigration
to the second he boarded the plane.
According to a report released by
the Audit Commission in 2014,
Out of 507 mandatory reporting cases that
the Airport Authority dealt with,
201 of them
remained unresolved after over four years.
- That's why I don't believe...
- Are you done'?
You want to wait until the case
is pulled to get the footage?
Man Jai,
just do as you're told.
I need to you fly to Australia.
See if you can track down Jack Hui
and convince him to come back.
I've contacted the HKETO in Sydney.
They'll send someone to intercept him at the airport.
I hope they can stop him.
I should be going there.
I know Jack better than she does.
Shirley is the expert negotiator. You're not.
I need you to stay here
and go over everything again with me.
We need to see if we can find new evidence
or new witnesses.
But we haven't figured out
why Jack fled Hong Kong.
I believe that
it'll be dangerous to
send a woman over there by herself.
Hui bought the ticket four days ago.
He checked in online last night
and printed his boarding pass.
He fled the hotel at 08:10,
hopped on the MTR and made the plane at 09:30.
The whole escape was well-planned.
Don't worry, he's just an accountant
who got cold feet before taking the stand.
keep your sexism in check.
Anything else?
I just went to the hospital.
While Chan was out on bail,
he was admitted to get treatment
for a heart problem.
This morning, at 06:38,
he took off Without notifying anyone.
The hospital called the police.
This is the surveillance video I got.
What about outside the hospital?
Is there footage of that?
I'll get on it.
Follow his wife and son for suspicious movements.
Don't get sidetracked.
Chan is on the run for sure.
Don't waste any more time on him.
I don't care if we find him.
What I want
is to have enough statement and evidence
to convict Chan
whether he's there to defend himself or not.
Our first priority
is to bring Jack Hui back.
we only have seven days.
track down Chan's wife and son anyway.
- But the boss said...
- Don't worry about him.
Just get on it.
Got it.
Why do you still have a key to the flat?
I haven't finished clearing out my stuff.
Sol made a few copies.
Give me a break.
What if one day...
I decide to bring my boyfriend up here?
What would you do?
I'll snoop on you.
I'll tape the whole thing...
and blackmail you with it.
Ask me again when you
really do find one, Miss Kong.
What if...
you get to Sydney
and you can't find Jack Hui?
I'll call you...
Chief Investigator Chan.
Go check the hospitals' Cardiology Department.
When he was a kid,
he had a heart condition.
I've read his entire file.
It didn't mention that.
I have a higher security clearance than you.
It's only natural that I have more intel.
This isn't your first day at ICAC.
Did you even need to ask?
Shut the door on your way out.
My pass gets me much further upstairs than you, too.
What's wrong?
I can't find Chan's wife and son.
I suspect that they'd planned to flee together.
I rang their doorbell,
but no one answered.
The building's security guard told me
that Mrs. Chan paid six months of management fees
two weeks ago.
Then she wasn't seen again.
I went to her son's school.
The principal told me
that the kid hasn't been to school in two weeks.
The principal even called Mrs. Chan...
asking if the school should keep her son's spot.
But no one answered the call.
The escape was definitely planned.
Anything to add?
The son has probably
lost his spot in the school.
According to 2018 statistics,
there's a serious shortage of spots in
DSS English primary schools.
There are about 18.4 school-age children
- fighting for each spot.
- How many more boxes?
- The Education Bureau predicts
- Two more vans' worth.
It'll get worse in 2019.
Did you find anything?
Someone put all documents out of order on purpose.
Any one of them can be Chung Ka Ling's mother
and Chan Chiu Kwan's father.
There are still over a hundred
overseas firms to sort out.
It'll probably take some time.
Sounds like we need a professional accountant.
It seems like some of the suspected firms
were registered at an internet cafe'
in the Republic of Congo.
The intel are all in this USB stick.
There's something I don't get.
Why did Jack Hui come to us'?
He's a partner in a famous accounting firm.
He's a successful accountant
who makes millions every year.
Did he suddenly grow a conscience?
I've discovered how Chan
bribed the Customs Department.
He did it through a company
called Millennium International.
Mr. Hui.
Mr. Hui.
Mr. Hui.
I'm from the Sydney HKETO.
My name is Erica.
We've been contacted by ICAC
about your commitment as a witness on a case.
The hearing has been postponed.
The court will reconvene in seven days.
The ICAC hopes that you'll return to
Hong Kong to take the stand.
I'm sorry, I came back to Australia
to tend to an emergency.
I can't make it back to Hong Kong for some time.
But you're a key witness to the case.
- If you don't take the stand...
- Sorry...
I really can't help you.
I understand. there a way to contact you here?
Just call my Hong Kong number.
Look into this company for me.
He's on the client list.
Why this company in particular?
Try it.
I've passed you some info.
Change the name on it and print it out.
What's the new name?
Chung Ka Ling.
Is there any way...
for me to see Chung Ka Ling?
The case has entered judicial process.
We shouldn't meet her.
No one's trying to meet her.
We just bumped into her at a restaurant.
Is that okay?
are you sure that I can change this?
Just do as I tell you.
Look into something for me.
Find out where Chung's lawyer is.
Are you sure?
Is it done?
But, King...
this is all made up.
How is it made up?
I gave you all the data.
The data's correct, but...
Then it's fine.
- Why haven't you printed it yet?
- I'm on it.
Got it.
I called Lui's firm.
He's at lunch.
Man Jai!
Where's the airport surveillance video?!
It's on the way!
Give that prick some pressure.
If I don't see it today,
I'm going to his boss tomorrow for it!
It's done.
let's get some dim sum.
This way, please.
What tea would you like?
Pu'er, please.
Yes, sir.
Barrister Lui.
Barrister Lui.
Won't eating here
get you accused of spending beyond your pay grade?
Not at all.
I'm not here to eat.
I'm here to bump into you.
We found this at Millennium International.
We thought you might be interested.
This file...
was meant to go to the court.
What do you mean, "meant to"?
Just take a gander
then I'll explain.
I've tracked down...
an overseas account.
This account's transactions at Millennium
over the past decade
have been rather erratic.
The account holder always bought the same stock.
And that particular stock
always sees erratic fluctuations
on certain trading days.
There's barely any activity on it on most days,
but over those two particular days,
the trading volume was dozens
of times more than usual.
I don't get it.
What does that have to do with the case?
Two things:
I'm asking the SFC for transaction records.
Then we'll know
who was responsible
for those transactions.
If you ask me...
I'm betting that
it's either Alpha Leader or someone associated
with Chan Chiu Kwan.
I'm looking into this overseas firm.
My guess is that this firm
is held by Chung Ka Ling
or someone associated with her.
That would explain everything.
We'll find out how Alpha Leader
transferred money to Chung.
Are you playing a game of chance here'?
Interested in a bet?
What are you betting with'?
Why would Chan Chiu Kwan run if he isn't dirty?
Chung is guilty for sure.
I would consider a plea deal for her testimony.
Chan has skipped bail...
and you want to turn my client
into a prosecution witness?
Who's left for you to prosecute?
The puppet master behind the scenes.
Why don't you...
give your client a call
and talk it outwith her'?
Get me a copy of an agreement.
Agreement for What'?
To turn Chung Ka Ling
into a witness for the prosecution.
Go on.
Excuse me, can you speed up please?
this is not Hong Kong.
Should we wait for Mr. Ma's approval?
Of what?
Come on, King.
The hearing's next week.
If they find out the agreement's fake,
we'll be in huge trouble.
We don't even know
if the hearing is going to happen.
If not, the deal won't be valid.
Mr. Ma said he talked to the judge himself.
The hearing's going ahead on Monday for sure.
Your old boss once said that
he doesn't drink red wine.
Did you really believe him'?
Another complaint from you
and I'm transferring you to a snack stand.
Let's go.
Looks good to me.
Sign here.
No problem.
Bring this back to the office.
I'd like to talk to Ms. Chung alone.
don't say anything that you don't want to ay.
I'd like to hear the whole story from you.
You've already completed your investigation.
What can I possibly add to it?
I want to hear it straight from you.
How did you receive Alpha Leader's bribe?
Chan Chiu Kwan...
he would give me investment tips.
All I need to do is to follow those tips
and buy in at specific times.
Were those transactions done
via Millennium Investments?
What did you have to do
to receive Chan's investment tips?
Give him the customs inspection schedule.
But I didn't know what he used it for.
You're a witness now.
If you don't tell me everything,
I can't help you.
Alpha Leader
is a trading agent for tobacco companies.
It handles the export of multiple tobacco brands.
To export something,
you need official paperwork
from the import country.
With that document,
Alpha Leader can buy duty-free cigarettes
from Hong Kong tobacco companies.
But these cigarettes must be exported.
They can't be sold in Hong Kong.
Cigarettes sold in Hong Kong
are all subject to government taxes.
$38 per pack.
The only way to see whether
Alpha exported their cigarettes
is through spot inspections conducted by customs.
In other words...
they used the schedule you provided
to avoid customs inspections
and they actually didn't export the cigarettes?
Did those duty-free cigarettes
make their way into the local black market?
Of course they did.
All the illicit cigarettes on the market...
where do you think they come from?
A pack of cigarettes costs $57.
After tax,
the tobacco company gets $19 per pack.
That's already a major profit.
Using the document,
Chan paid $10 for each pack of cigarettes.
Then he sells them in the black market for $30.
That's 200% profit.
Why would anyone say no to it?
It's even better than speculating real estate.
Miss Chung,
you get so worked up when you talk about money.
Typical response for someone
dabbling in high-risk corruption.
Do you know who's bankrolling Chan, then?
What do you want?
I want the puppet master.
Someone will get killed.
That's right.
Help me...
You're not allowed to go into
the patient's room without his permission.
"I found Jack Hui in a hospital."
"But I can't get to him."
"How are you?"
"How are you'? Do you need"
"Wife Typing..."
"I'll keep working on it!"
"King Typing..."
"How are you'? Do you need help?"
"King Typing..."
"King Online"
"How are you'? Do you need help?"
"Wife Online"
"King Online"
"King Last Seen Today At 21:10"
Miss Kong.
Miss Kong.
Mr. Hui.
ICAC has the resources to protect you.
If you agree to take the stand,
we can guarantee your safety.
If I wanted to testify,
I wouldn't be in Australia right now.
I'm sorry.
The court has already sent out a subpoena.
You're obligated to appear in court.
If you fail to show up,
the court can charge you with contempt.
A court subpoena has to be mailed
or be directly delivered by a bailiff
to whoever is being summoned.
I haven't received a thing.
Have you eaten'?
I'll buy you breakfast.
Is someone threatening you...
asking you to not take the stand
and to leave Hong Kong?
No one's threatening me.
I just didn't want to go through with it.
Then have you thought about
why you came to ICAC
in the first place?
You saw corruption.
You saw injustice.
And you had to speak up.
You still have goodness in your heart.
I watched the news.
I know that Chan Chiu Kwan jumped bail.
Now that your 1st Defendant is gone,
it doesn't matter
whether I show up or not.
Think of all the money involved.
That's why I believe...
Chan Chiu Kwan isn't the only party in this.
There's someone working behind the scenes.
That's why we need you more than ever.
That's what I was afraid of.
Like you said...
with so much money involved,
what's going to happen'?
Blood will be shed
before this is over.
You don't need me.
You already have what you need.
I gave King all the intel he needs.
Didn't he already file
a Mareva injunction against Millennium?
That's right.
Millennium Investment
launders money for small firms like Alpha Leader.
The whole tobacco smuggling operation
works like a bank.
When you rob a bank...
someone will sound an alarm to the police
without you knowing it.
Millennium does the same thing.
Once the asset freeze is ordered,
it sounds an alarm
and all the dirty money is transferred away.
When those accounts are frozen,
all those firms will be exposed
in the company's books.
To avoid a crisis like that,
those accounts come with a mechanism.
When there's trouble,
the assets will be transferred out through
other investment tools and overseas accounts.
They'll be hidden.
The financial markets.
When you steal an egg,
the safest place to hide it
is in a pile of eggs.
You retrieve it later when no one's looking.
When you have a pile of dirty money,
put it in a place with lots of money.
Within five days
or a week...
someone will retrieve the money.
If you watch closely,
whoever retrieves the egg
in five days...
that's your mastermind.
You don't have any time to waste.
Stop spending time on me.
That's what Hui meant.
That's what we should look into.
I know that already.
Is he coming back with you or not?
I can't force him.
He's not a suspect.
I can't extradite him.
So all this has been in vain.
Have you tried everything?
What's going on?
You've gone silent.
Do you want to quit?
Chief Investigator Chan,
there's always the honey trap.
Shall I give that a try?
Get on a plane tonight.
There's no point staying there.
You hear that?
Do as she says
and track the money.
Hi, this is room 1113.
Can I extend my stay to the next two nights?
Your husband is so good to you.
Oh, he's a piece of shit.
You are doing the right thing,
I understand.
We do have something very exclusive,
would you like to take a look'?
I found footage
of Chan Chiu Kwan leaving the hospital.
What's wrong with Man Jai'?
He got the airport surveillance footage.
I've looked into the license plate.
It's a private vehicle registered to David Chan.
He's an Uber driver.
I got his phone number, too.
I'll take care of the driver.
Help Man Jai with the airport footage.
watch every single frame of video
and flag anything that looks shady, got it'?!
Got it.
It's been a long time, David.
Have you been in my car before?
I have.
I hailed a car in
Happy Valley two days ago at 6 am.
I saw your car was nearby on Uber.
Why didn't you pick me up?
Someone put in a advance booking that day.
Oh, do you take bookings on the side, too?
I do.
Give me your card.
Be sure to call me.
You must've made a ton that day.
You even turned down Uber rides?
About 600 bucks.
That much?
Was it a ride to the border?
Not that far.
Just out to Sai Kung, by the coast.
Is that dash cam of yours any good?
This dash cam?
It's great.
It only cost RMB750.
Comes with front and back cameras.
A 5GB card can record for days.
That's good to know.
drive me to 303 Java Road, ICAC headquarters.
Just stop up ahead.
I'm King Chan, Chief Investigator with ICAC.
You're wanted in connection
with a case of absconding that we're investigating.
You're the one that transported the suspect.
No way. I'm just an Uber driver.
Driving an Uber is legal almost everywhere.
But in Hong Kong?
It's a crime.
Get the dash cam footage on the big screen.
He said that he drove Chan Chiu Kwan to Sai Kung.
See if he's lying.
How's it going with the airport footage?
There are dozens of cameras,
each filled with people passing by.
Spotting Hui is like finding
a needle in a haystack.
Man Jai looks like a man possessed.
Gary is already giving him a hand.
Do you need a break?
Screen 15, stop.
Go back three seconds.
Three seconds!
What's up?
Two days ago, at 06:42,
Chan took a ride from the hospital
to Lung Ha Wan in Sai Kung.
That's all we found.
Go back to the hospital entrance.
Replay the whole trip.
Got it.
Screen 14.
Go back.
I need some coffee.
Go back by 10 frames.
The driver was telling the truth.
We'll send some guys to Lung Ha Wan,
but he's probably boarded a boat already.
Is there a camera in the back?
It's the same footage,
but from the back of the car.
Let me see that angle
starting from the moment he stopped.
Got it.
He had two passengers.
Blow up that image.
Can it go any bigger?
It's a big as it gets.
Any bigger, it'll just be a blur.
Man Jai needs to...
Get me a photo of Ko Ching Man.
Yes, sir.
Giving a false statement
and obstructing justice.
Those can get you indefinite jail time.
Why did you lie?
You had two passengers.
You never asked, man.
Was it him?
That's...that's him.
But his hair was different.
Send someone to tail Ko.
Ko Ching Man, Chan Chiu Kwan's lawyer.
I want to know his whereabouts that day.
Yes, sir.
What did Man Jai want?
He needs you to see something.
I've got nothing to do with this!
I'm just an Uber driver!
Hello, sir,
this is the credit card center
of China Construction Bank (Asia).
Is this Mr. King Chan?
This is him.
A supplementary card in your name
just made a purchase of
10,780 Australian dollars in Australia.
That's 62,896 in Hong Kong dollars.
We'd like to verify the purchase, sir.
Hi, honey.
The credit card center just called.
Someone made a purchase
of 10,780 Australian dollars
and they want to verify it.
What did you buy?
That's tens of thousands of dollars.
What are you up to over there?
You asked me if I've done everything I could,
So I went shopping.
You said we'd come here when we got married,
but we never did.
You win.
I'll cancel your card,
after I cancel my card.
How's it going?
What do you got?
In all these shots of Hui,
these two perverts
are always within 20 feet of him.
Isn't that weird?
Look into those guys.
"Hey, hey, hey."
"Yip Wing Keung. To Chi Ming."
"Have you seen them?"
I've seen them before.
Were they near Jack Hui at the time?
Yip Wing Keung.
To Chi Ming.
I'm still looking into them.
I don't know how Hui is associated to them,
but the whole thing seems fishy.
Keep following Hui.
I know how to find him.
Got it.
Ko Ching Man returns to his residence.
Is the money being transferred?
It's taken care of.
Everything going smoothly?
It's taken care of.
How did this happen?
This isn't what we agreed on.
Are you going to explain or what?
I had no idea...
I didn't know they'd be here this quickly.
What the hell do you want?
What do you mean?
Didn't we have an agreement?
Then what do you want'?
What am I going to tell them in Hong Kong?
I'm talking to you!
Cut it out.
I'm sure Jack will do as promised.
Are you hiding something?
You scared the crap out of me!
Are we in a horror movie?
Who were those two men?
They're friends.
Yip Wing Keung and To Chi Ming.
Are you being threatened
or has someone paid you to flee?
You're the one threatening me right now, lady.
I'm dying.
My... my pills.
Chan Chiu Kwan advised me to leave out of goodwill.
He promised me...
that things will be fine as long as I don't go back.
We can offer that same promise.
We can guarantee your safety.
It's not that simple.
So Chan told you to stay here
and away from Hong Kong?
I have an Australian passport.
What's the problem
if I choose to stay here?
Mr. Yip and Mr. To
were sent by Chan to protect me,
to make sure that I'm safe in Australia.
They came here tonight
because they suspect that
I asked you here to take me back.
They came here to warn me.
They know that you're from ICAC.
Then I'm moving in.
I'm staying hereto protect you...
until the case is over.
Do as you please.
Aren't you moving in?
I need to get my phone.
What the hell do you want, Jack?
I have enough evidence.
You can report them.
What's stopping you?
It's pointless.
Even if you take down Alpha Leader,
there are others pulling the strings.
We have to take it one step at a time.
Let me ask you,
who's smart enough
to take care of everyone in one fell swoop?
Your hunch was right.
The overseas firm you asked me to look into
is registered in the British Virgin Islands.
The company holder is Chung Ka Ling's husband.
You think I was just guessing?
Millennium Investment's accounts
have almost been emptied out.
Someone moved the money
before the court issued the asset freeze order.
- I think it's...
- Someone who was in that courtroom...
leaked the news.
It's Ko Ching Man.
Can you track where the money's gone?
Two offshore accounts.
Likely Hong Kong companies.
But we don't have the time nor
the authority to look into this.
Something else caught my eye.
Six thousand US dollars,
for some reason,
were transferred to a computer.
I'll show you.
For A to transfer money to B,
you need a handler.
It can be a bank's
conversion system
or an underground bank.
Through the handler,
we can see whose money is being transferred.
But B's identity is unknown.
We'd have to dig into it.
This 6,000 dollars
became a set of codes
on the internet
that was transferred into a computer.
What's so weird about that?
I can't just directly transfer money into a computer.
I can only deposit it into a bank
and track that with a computer.
So there's only one explanation for this.
Six thousand US dollars
is roughly the price of one Bitcoin.
Someone bought one Bitcoin
and stored it on a computer.
There are over two billion computers in the world.
We can trace the computer's IP address.
- But...
- We may end up spending three months
just to find out that it was a computer in an internet cafe
in the Republic of Congo.
That's right.
It's going to take time.
Yip Wing Keung and To Chi Ming.
We'll look into their immigration records.
But the Sydney HKETO has limited authority.
We'll probably need the help of local authorities.
Call me when you find something.
Yes, sir.
"Have you unleashed your honey trap yet?"
I've canceled my card,
so the supplementary card's been cut, too.
I win.
My husband
is a real piece of shit.
Have you heard of someone canceling his own card
to stop his wife from using the supplementary card?
What kind of a person does that?
Barrister Ko Ching Man.
ICAC would like to have a chat with you.
Has Chan Chiu Kwan
contacted you in the past two days?
He's skipped bail.
Why would he still need me?
Then are you the last person
he saw before he disappeared?
I have a video to show you.
What's new?
I've been following him since 11:30 yesterday.
He was in his firm the whole morning.
His driver took him to lunch at 13:00.
He met a client.
The client's clean.
After that, he returned to his firm
and stayed there until 19:00.
The driver then took him home.
He didn't go to dinner
or meet anyone else.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
Did he go anywhere else?
He stopped at the pharmacy on the way home.
His driver went to buy sanitary napkins.
That's out of the ordinary!
Look at him.
Do you think a man like him
would sit and wait while his driver
buys sanitary napkins?
What should you do?
Follow the driver.
That's it?
There you are...
in the dashcam footage.
Isn't that just the backs of two men?
It's doubtful this is admissible as evidence...
How about this?
You can go ask the judge.
You must be joking...
Yes, Chief Investigator Chan?
How can I help you?
Millennium's account is still active.
I'm sure it's being operated by an overseas user.
I can't tell who it is from here.
Can you ask Jack about it?
I'll call you later.
This is an interesting sight. People these days...
use their phones to go online.
There aren't many people like you.
You don't need to work
but still stare at a computer all day.
A habit from my old job, I'm afraid.
I'm not comfortable
accessing everything on my phone.
So, tell me...
the thing that you had to
tend to is selling your house?
Will you go back to Hong Kong when it's done?
I don't know.
I'll be safe in two days.
Then you can go back to Hong Kong, too.
Please take your hands
off that computer.
Turn it to me.
Millennium's account
is supposed to be frozen,
but someone is still using it.
That someone is you.
I just wanted to monitor the account.
See if there's any movement
after everything that's happened.
When I know the transactions are done,
then I know when I'm be in the clear.
In two days' time,
the money...
will be back where they belong.
As long as I stay off the stand,
the trial ends,
and I stay out of sight,
then I'll be fine.
You asked me before...
why I decided to report Alpha Leader'?
When I was studying accounting,
I had thought that
all an accountant needed to know was math.
But when I became an accountant,
I realized that
the job isn't just about making calculations.
I also had to balance the books.
That means I had to use certain ways
to give my employers
the numbers that they wanted.
And these numbers have to enable them
to publicly list their companies
and evade taxes.
I used any means necessary
as long as I didn't break the law.
But I still had to lie.
The more I did it,
the more uneasy I felt.
That's why I became a whistleblower.
What's all this?
I just passed you an account name and password.
They're from Jack.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'll call you when something else comes up.
I'm doing the books for a company.
Every year...
they make a boatload of money.
I was thinking,
if they were engaging in corruption,
how would they go about it?
That company
exports cigarettes.
When money comes in,
they take it for a spin on the stock market.
But when it comes back,
it always does so...
with a certain amount missing.
People lose money on the market every day.
That doesn't mean people spend it in bribes.
But that portion...
is consistent every time.
It's always 5%.
It's like a formality.
This proves that
there's something shady behind it.
Do you think...
I should report it?
Suspicion isn't enough.
You need evidence to back it up.
What makes you think they're engaging in bribery?
Who are they bribing?
They're an export firm...
moving duty-free cigarettes.
They can't be making much money,
they're taking the duty-free cigarettes
and selling them in Hong Kong.
That's the likely answer.
The person they're bribing
must be in the Customs Department.
You really ought to work in ICAC.
Who are they bribing in the department, then?
I don't know.
Do you want to look into it for me'?
You want me to be your mole'?
Focus on the game, man.
money's been moved out of Millennium's account.
I'm tracking the money movement.
But since it involves overseas accounts,
I'm going to need more time.
Is someone going against the court's orders?
At the moment, yes.
Three days later, no.
If our case is withdrawn in three days,
then this will be legal.
Millennium's books are complicated as hell.
They're hiding so much.
I believe that there's
a bigger firm behind all this.
Yip Wing Keung, To Chi Ming,
they were sent to watch Jack Hui.
- Ko Ching Man and...
- How are things going with Shirley?
Any chance of bringing Jack Hui back'?
Actually, Jack Hui
isn't important at all.
Numbers don't lie.
If we have enough time...
Taking enough time means...
the case will get dismissed.
Postpone the hearing.
Expand the scope of the investigation.
I'll definitely
find a way
to catch the puppet master.
everyone knows that Alpha is just a down-line firm.
Focus on what's in front of you
and get the witness back.
I don't think Jack will come back.
If Jack Hui doesn't come back
and anything happens,
then those he's associated with
will be in trouble, too.
What the hell are you and Shirley up to?
I have the data,
but I don't have enough time.
Maybe we can consider turning
Chung Ka Ling into a witness for us...
Do you know how high
the marriage and divorce rates are
within ICAC?
They're the highest among
Hong Kong's disciplined services.
- Boss, I'm just one step away...
- Are you trying to help...
I know the allure of solving a case.
That sense of achievement
can make a person act recklessly.
But remember,
we're ICAC.
We're the anti-corruption agency.
We have rules
and a very clear line that we can't cross.
If you insist on pursuing this case
by any means necessary,
then you've already fallen prey to greed.
we have to be cleaner than everyone else.
That's our tradition.
That's our integrity.
We have three days left.
All we need to deal with
are the things we have in front of us.
Stop dragging your feet,
and don't bother postponing the hearing.
What about your family?
Where are they?
My wife left me.
About a year ago...
our daughter died.
I'm sorry...
I have congenital arrhythmia.
My daughter inherited it.
About a year ago,
she fell ill.
I rushed back to Australia,
but I didn't make it in time.
From then on,
my wife and I stopped speaking to each other.
We didn't exchange a single word.
In fact...
we didn't even acknowledge each other's existence.
Maybe she and I both knew that...
If we started speaking,
our daughter would come up in the conversation.
That's how
I lost everything.
So if you still have something
to say to someone,
you should treasure it.
It's much better than silence.
This batch of money is going to Switzerland today.
Is there a problem?
It's okay. No problem.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Transfer a hundred bucks into your account.
I said, transfer a hundred into your account.
Yes, sir...
Transfer error?
I don't know.
The money's there,
but the transfer won't go through.
Then call the bank and ask why!
Yes, sir.
We'll follow your lead.
When do you want to do it?
As soon as possible.
The plan...
We'd already agreed on it.
I saw their car parked outside last night.
License plate CL94GD.
I want a plane ticket to Sydney, Australia.
I don't want Bitcoin.
I want cash.
Can't it wait a little longer?
The alarm's already been sounded.
It's too late to turn back.
Chi Wah called.
He's found Chan Chiu Kwan's wife.
I've followed him for a whole day.
There really is something off
about Ko Ching Man's driver.
He delivered something to this service apartment,
and he seemed to know the guard well.
I've checked the records.
Neither Chan's wife nor his son
is in the guest list.
I showed their photo to the guard,
and he recognized them immediately.
They checked in about three weeks ago.
You're Chan Chiu Kwan's wife, right?
You've got the wrong person.
Should I get a search warrant?
Chan isn't in there.
The person is front of us
is in charge of monitoring his wife and kid.
But we can't do anything right now
because we don't have the evidence.
All we can do is wait.
To be honest...
I agree with what you said last night.
My husband and I are the same.
Those of us in ICAC
have a hard time making friends outside.
Everything we work on
has to be kept strictly confidential.
It's almost like we can't even tell people
we work for ICAC.
Going by what you said,
working for ICAC sounds pretty tough.
You can say that.
This is why people in ICAC
date and marry each other.
But the secrecy happens within ICAC, too.
Unless we're working on the same case,
we can't even talk to each other
about the cases we work on.
That's why there's only silence at home
except when we're bickering.
Back off!
Dont move!
Keep quiet!
Can you both be still?
- Son of a bitch!
- Stop moving!
The money's been transferred to Switzerland.
It's untraceable now.
The total is $2.7 billion.
For the past two days,
I've been watching Bitcoin movements.
It's been crazy.
So what?
Its value has gone up to US$12,000 each.
There were a total of
28,000 transactions in the past two days.
They were worth...
almost $2.7 billion.
Millennium Investment bought
Bitcoin with the money...
then transferred them to Switzerland.
I found the IP address for the
US$6,000 transaction five days ago.
You got it?
Forget about it.
I found out that the IP address
is inside ICAC headquarters.
That one Bitcoin
has been sent to this building.
To whose computer?
Everyone's on a broadband network
with the same IP address.
But the transaction was done on Wi-Fi,
it's untraceable.
This stays between us.
No one else needs to know.
Do you have any idea why they attacked you?
I really don't know.
Has anyone ever tried to attack you before'?
If we showed you some suspects,
could you point them out'?
As I told you...
Someone is going to get killed.
Now I finally know...
that someone is me.
I thought I'd be fine
as long as I stayed out of sight.
But it didn't work.
It's time for a change of plans.
Get Jack on the phone.
Jack's changed his mind.
He's going to take the stand.
Jack Hui's agreed to come back.
Shirley is getting him on the next flight back.
we've found Chan Chiu Kwan's wife and son,
but they're being watched.
They can't say anything.
The information we have now...
are they enough for the court
to convict Chan
even when he's absent?
They are.
The puppet master will come to us himself.
What do you mean?
Jack and Shirley were attacked three hours ago.
They're safe now.
I don't know what's happened.
All I know is that the puppet master
is on the move.
So what?
If we don't stop the puppet master,
I'm damn sure
when the hearing happens two days from now,
all our witnesses
will be gone for good.
The puppet master is bumping them off.
Something's happened to Ko Ching Man.
He fell over 20 stories.
He's lucky he only broke into three pieces.
Get Chan Chiu Kwan's wife and son right now.
You alright?
I'm going in!
Do you want to see her son in the morgue?
Release a statement...
say they're both injured.
They're in the hospital with no critical injury.
Yes, sir.
How are Dai Chek Chai and Chi Wah?
They're in the operating room now.
The burns cover 10% of their bodies,
but they'll live.
After the hearing,
is ICAC going to give me a new identity?
I worked undercover for the commission.
So that's standard procedure,
For the past year or so,
I've been feeding intel to King.
Once there was enough evidence on hand,
I came out as a whistleblower
and officially reported everything to ICAC.
I didn't think that you'd be the one here for me.
I thought it would be King...
instead of you.
According to the authority vested in us by the law,
when we use an informant to gather intel,
we have to start an official file on record
as proof of authorization and for filing expenses.
Otherwise, all the intel gathered
are not admissible in court.
You should know that.
Now what are you going to do?
Make a fake file'?
Or were you expecting me to sort it out'?
"Hui claims that he was
an informant planted by King."
What's your relationship with Jack Hui?
Was he your informant inside Alpha Leader?
Did anyone authorize you to do that?
Do you know how much resources
we poured into this case'?
Do you know how much resources
ICAC used to train you?
So you planted an informant on your own.
But what good is the evidence?
I'll let Shirley know
that we don't need Hui anymore.
You overstepped your bounds.
Letter of resignation.
Think about it.
Let me borrow this.
Chief Ma.
The case has been withdrawn.
Jack Hui doesn't need to take the stand anymore.
Yes, sir.
My boss just informed me
that the case has been withdrawn.
You don't need to come back to Hong Kong anymore.
I'm sorry.
I'm afraid...we can't protect you anymore.
That's fine.
Have you thought about
what you want to do with your future?
I want to apply to ICAC after graduation.
I've filled in an application for you, too.
Are you interested?
Not at all.
We're only in our third year of uni.
As for the future...
In my future...
I'm going to snag Man Jai's girlfriend.
If I fail,
then I don't deserve to live.
Hi there.
She's hooked.
Are you hitting on my girl again?
That's right. So what?
This is the 38th time.
What the hell, man?
Look at this.
I got in.
What are you going to do?
Study for the CPA exam...
How are the lessons going?
Not a problem.
Have you forgotten that I'm the skateboard prince?
No amount of statistics
will help you guess who's come to see you.
It's Chan Chiu Kwan.
Chan's...Chan's here.
He's turning himself in.
Tell that asshole to leave.
The case is over.
He said that he has something to tell you.
He's in the interrogation room now.
Coming at me again?
Ask Seng to check where this text was sent from.
Sorry, Man Jai.
You can go.
The judge has dismissed the case.
I'm not here to turn myself in.
I need your protection.
We don't have any reason to protect you.
I'm the only person that knows the truth.
Have you tracked it?
It was sent from Australia.
We'll have the number soon.
You had two calls.
Both from unlisted numbers.
King Chan?
It's me, Nurse Wong.
How can I help you, ma'am?
You're such a good kid,
giving us such a generous donation
- after all these years. Thank you.
- Donate...?
What donation?
How much did I donate?
Come on, stop pretending.
That anonymous letter.
That's your donation.
Your signature's at the bottom.
Hundreds of millions of dollars! It's incredible.
- I still remember...
- Say, Nurse Wong...
Do you remember the names of the other two kids
that were in the same ward with me
all those years ago?
To Chi Ming and Yip Wing Keung.
Those kids were just as naughty as you were.
Keung ...
He came by the hospital
for a check-up not long ago.
He's not well.
He doesn't have much time left, I'm afraid.
What do you want?
What's wrong with you?
Is it serious?
My heart beats too slowly.
The nurse says
if I don't do as I'm told,
my heart can stop at any time.
It's that serious?
Yeah. And you?
I feel itchy all over.
My skin is all red.
It's a skin allergy.
How long do you have to stay here?
Mama says I'll get well soon
and then I can go home.
Hey. ..let's switch places.
I don't want to go home so soon.
It's so much fun here.
Your illness sounds serious.
If I send your stool sample in as mine,
then they won't let me out for sure.
If I use your stool sample as mine,
then they'll let me out?
That's right.
I'm King Chan.
I'm Jack Hui.
You two are such terrible brats.
How can you play with stool samples?
Next time I'll make you eat them!
You two are dummies, too,
joining in on their dumb plan.
You're all staying here
until your parents come to get you.
When we grow up,
we have to become rich.
We'll donate money to the hospital,
become the boss
and fire that Head Nurse.
This entire mess
was concocted by the boss and that accountant.
They were forcing us down-line firms to pay up.
Now that the boss
can't get his money,
anyone who knows about this...
has to die.
So you stole billions
after planting yourself as an informant.
How long did you plan this for?
ICAC does the same thing
with dirty money they confiscate.
I just went about it in a different way.
Posing as ICAC
because you couldn't get into the real thing?
You'll get yourself killed.
I've repaid my debt to you.
That Bitcoin should cover it.
You think I want it?
Why did you drag Yip and To into it?
They're old friends.
They wanted to help.
You actually have friends?
Yip is dying.
Did you know that?
was that part of your plan all along?
Thank you. Thank you.
It's done.
Will you tell anyone that I gave the order'?
Will you tell anyone that I gave the order'?
What is this?
Some kind of performance?
I don't have a key.
I can't go home.
Let me take the cart.
I don't want to be sexist.
This exposes your sexism, actually.
Then what should I do, Mrs. Chan?
Do as I say.
You don't do as I say, though.
Look, your wife is always right.
Nothing will go wrong if you just do as I say.
I'm pigheaded.
Don't be so self-defeating.
You're not pigheaded.
You're smart. That's why I married you.
But listen,
I'm the smartest of them all.
A little argument
and you cancel my credit card?
I was joking.
I wouldn't dare to do that for real.
What's going to happen to Jack, then?
I don't care.
Isn't he an old friend?
He's probably dead.
The puppet master needed to silence the witnesses.
Jack Hui's partner was found dead
on a farm in Yuen Long this morning.
He was tossed from somewhere high.
The police tracked down a helicopter
that flew by the area
and arrested the heir
of the Southern Tobacco Company.
They believe that he's the puppet master.
What are you up to?
Why did you buy two sets of ski outfits?
I liked them, so I bought a pair.
Why don't you have another child?
I like things that come in pairs.
Where are you, honey?
Daddy can't find you.
Come on out.
If you don't come out
and I catch you,
you're getting a full minute of tickling time.
Are you coming out'?
Alright, I'll keep looking.
If you don't come out,
you're getting five minutes of tickling time.
Let's see if you're coming out now.
Got you, daddy.
One more time,
count to twenty.