Interrabang (1969) Movie Script

- Stop it, I can't go on.
- More!
You're the most beautiful sergeant
I've ever kissed.
- And she keeps on reading! What is it?
- Lin Yu Tang.
- Read it to me, is it a giallo?
- It isn't as simple as that, leave me alone.
I'll tell you, it's mine...
Who else would read something like that?
Fine, tell me what it's about, then.
It's difficult...
It's about the desire to destroy all
the sad and boring things in life, right?
It all inevitably leads to tragedy.
- I didn't understand a thing!
- Because you're stupid!
The more I read, the more I realise everyone
around me keeps saying the same thing...
It's an old philosophy now, the destruction
of tragedy is a French invention.
- I didn't realise you were so prepared.
- Really? I do like to read, sometimes.
And this is the oldest argument
in the world...
It's important to risk your life, games
are a means to look for and find freedom.
What freedom?
They all die in the end!
I'm sure they do,
because death is absolute freedom.
- You're boring me!
- Quiet! Culture is everything!
The typical dumb conclusion.
Try these.
- Fabrizio!
- What is it?
Give me your mouth,
I'll explain why later.
- What is it?
- I wanted to know if you're still alive?
- My wife's worried, I'll be back.
- Yes, come back, I really want to make love!
You're crazy!
You said the same thing when we did
that shoot in the mountains.
I wonder what she means by 'love'?
The simplest thing in the world,
my dear...
Put yourself in the horizontal,
and wait.
Such a wonderful description
of the art of making love!
- It's obscene!
- What did you say?
I said it's completely obscene.
What? The book you're reading,
or our conversations?
Stop upsetting yourself,
life's just a game, isn't that right, dear?
- A dirty game.
- Listen, they're talking about the fugitives.
- Have they caught them?
- Turn up the volume.
"...after a bloody shoot-out,
two of the men were captured..."
"Three police officers
were left slightly injured..."
"But time is running out for the third fugitive,
unless he's managed to get off the island..."
"Although that seems unlikely with
the coast guard on full alert."
"In a separate incident,
a police officer has gone missing..."
- Have they got them?
- No, one of them is still at large.
One's more than enough
to commit more crimes.
A man fighting for his freedom is stronger
and more ferocious than any animal!
It's nice here...
It's just right for us.
It really is beautiful.
It's also the ideal place for a fugitive.
- Yes, very nice, we have work to do.
- Lower the anchor.
What are you doing?
Don't stand there like a statue!
Hey, you idiot, I'm talking to you!
Are you going to move, or not?
- Can't I think for myself?
- No, you just have to pose.
- It isn't working.
- What about this?
Do something! Raise an arm or two!
Think about it... No, don't think.
- Like this?
- You make me sick.
Lower your arm, like that.
A bit more...
Back a little...
There... Like that.
Not bad for an amateur,
but you're a professional...
So start doing something, you idiot!
Why do I agree to do
these stupid assignments?
- I'm tired, I don't feel like it.
- Come on, the other one.
Couldn't you have prepared
it earlier, you idiot?
Nervous, today?
Stupid but beautiful!
That's great!
A bit further back.
Now give me your body...
You're the most beautiful
piece of plastic in the world!
- Anna thinks I'm horrible.
- As a woman...
You're here as a model
because you're worth it...
But as a woman,
you're the dumbest, most vulgar...
- You're horrifying!
- And as a lover?
I'll spare you my judgement, dear,
it would be in poor taste.
- Valeria's ready for you.
- You women are so stupid...
I can't take much more of this.
I don't need you any more, I want to leave!
I want to be a war correspondent.
With the Negroes, perhaps?
Miles away from your stupidity!
Can we try and get one good shot?
Just one!
Look after this.
What is it? An Inca amulet or
something to do with black magic?
- Why do you have it?
- It's a good luck charm...
It's called an 'lnterrabang',
if you'd looked more closely...
You'd have noticed that it's an exclamation
mark and a question mark combined.
- How fascinating!
- Sure...
To someone as superficial as you
it doesn't mean a thing...
But it's the new symbol of doubt,
the uncertainty in all of us...
The uncertainty of these times,
the uncertainty of the world.
Very deep, my dear...
No, don't move, I'll do it.
That's a good one:
Land in sight
Great expectations.
More land sighted...
Change it, dear.
You're so funny!
Funny and useless.
- What does she want now?
- If you wanted to write that...
You'd have to use an interrabang.
You see? It's the perfect day
for the perfect murder...
You know Valeria, if your sister didn't love
you so much, we could blame the fugitive...
- And get rid of you.
- That isn't funny, you're an idiot!
- Sure, as long as I'm hanging around you.
- Must you torment each other?
- Something stinks around here?
- Me and him?
- Not even if I was dead!
- You see? Death...
It's the second time you've
mentioned death today.
Death hovers over us...
I'm coming!
What are you doing there?
You want me to take some nude shots.
Okay, come on, turn around.
Who is this for?
Playboy, Penthouse?
They'll pay handsomely!
A bit more to the side.
Why are you so distracted?
What are you looking at?
What did you see?
Why were you looking over there?
What did you see?
I don't know if I saw anything.
I don't like this place...
Not now, at least.
- It's true, the silence is frightening.
- It doesn't take much to change nature.
Margerita saw someone.
- How frightening!
- Don't worry about it.
- I prepared some delightful sandwiches.
- I'm thirsty, I need whiskey!
Let's go, slaves!
Fabrizio, let's go.
The airplane won't wait for us.
Eating without an appetite is one of
the four worst things in the world.
And what are the others?
Staying in bed and not sleeping,
waiting for someone who isn't coming...
Trying to like something,
without liking it, like Valeria.
I've got another one, wanting to make
love but having no one to make love to!
- Come on, Fabrizio, what's going on?
- I don't know, it doesn't work.
What's wrong?
How do I know?
It won't start.
- Leave the anchor, it won't start.
- What shall we do?
I don't know, we'll wait.
I'll keep trying.
Come on.
- Come on!
- What a mess!
- It won't start.
- Now what?
We can't deliver the photos
if we miss the flight.
Who cares? It's not our fault.
They'll wait.
- If this piece of junk won't start!
- Aren't we leaving any more?
What did I tell you?
That dumb sailor didn't fill it up!
Now what?
Great, you try...
You're so smart.
Stop, you'll break it!
Someone will come along sooner or later.
- What are you looking at?
- Nature, you know I adore nature!
Be honest, you'd like to see the
fugitive burst out from behind the rocks!
What are you doing?
Let's go for a swim.
Someone's coming!
There's a motorboat.
Come up.
The megaphone.
We're out of fuel!
They can't see us.
We're out of fuel!
They've seen us!
They're coming...
I'll get changed.
What happened?
Nothing, we're victims of a stupid
sailor who left us without fuel.
Could you give me a lift?
To the port, if you don't mind?
- I'll find a boat to bring me back.
- Well that's a stroke of luck.
- Hurry, we might still catch our plane.
- Hurry? I'm running off with her!
- Are you coming, Margerita?
- No, Margerita stays here.
Three women together are a force to be
reckoned with, just don't do anything silly!
Did you see how she was
taken by Fabrizio?
- What do they see in him?
- Exactly like that English journalist said...
I never read what the papers
say about us.
He said he was fun, reliable, stupid,
irresponsible, evil and selfish...
But above all, he's an old man
pretending to be young.
- How come you remember it so well?
- I have a good memory...
- He's terribly charming!
- To those who don't know him...
But to those who know him well,
he can be a nightmare.
- But you're in love, right?
- I think so...
But if I am, it's for him,
and not because he's my husband.
- Besides, he loves me.
- It must be nice being so secure.
- Margerita is diving in!
- Margerita!
Do you know how many
Margerita's there have been?
You mean you're not jealous?
Fabrizio belongs to me, he didn't have
a past, he didn't have a childhood...
He was thirty when we met,
I started his fascination...
His teasing, his presumptuousness,
and his future.
- But Margerita means a lot to him.
- Sure, at the moment, but then?
You know a real photographer
needs a model who's all his own...
It's a difficult match but when
it works, it's marvellous...
- It's incredible luck.
- Incredible luck?
We're so different, I'd never share
anyone, even with incredible luck.
Hey, you!
I saw you earlier.
- I know.
- Come in, the water's hot.
I can't swim.
- What does that mean?
- That I'd drown.
How strange!
I thought you were a sailor!
- I don't like that guy who's with you.
- Pardon?
No, I don't like him.
I don't buy his story about the fuel.
- What's your name?
- Margerita.
Sounds nice...
- What does it mean?
- In Greek it means sunflower.
I don't think he's coming back.
He isn't coming back.
He'll be back.
He won't leave me here.
- What do you do?
- We work together...
- We work and sleep together.
- That's the toughest thing in the world.
I know, but it's great when it works.
- Why does he need you?
- I'm his personal model...
Every good photographer
has to have one...
Private property!
You aren't beautiful.
A real model doesn't have to be beautiful,
she has to be different.
I get it, you can't look like
the others...
- A woman from the future.
- You're well informed for a local...
- How do you know these things?
- I don't live here, I come here to write.
- I write poems.
- Are you important?
- Sure!
- Famous?
No, real poets are never famous,
I use my instincts...
That's why I say you're perfect,
because you're very special.
What are you looking at?
Margerita's already on the attack!
My house is up there.
Come, I'll show you.
Turn around...
Turn around very slowly.
- Describe that boat?
- It's a yellow boat.
- Does it look like the police?
- Yes... Why?
- Nothing.
- What a day!
Come here.
- Who are they?
- Some couple.
Sure, what else should they be doing?
Not bad!
Enjoy yourself.
Swedish or German?
Very pretty!
Small breasts, like the French.
Nice legs.
You scared me.
We're out of fuel,
my husband's gone to get some.
- Who are the others?
- One is my sister, the other's a model...
We came here to do a fashion shoot.
Are you interrogating me?
I'm sorry, we're looking
for those three fugitives...
- Did you hear?
- Yes, are we in a danger?
I hope not, we got two of them,
and we'll have third one soon.
- Is he dangerous?
- No, but you never know.
- Why didn't you send the captain?
- It was all so unexpected...
- And my husband had to make some calls.
- I understand, it's hot today!
If you'll permit me, I can offer you
something cool to drink.
- That would be great!
- Hold on.
- The other two have vanished.
- It's the same old story...
The chauffeur and the boss.
Happens all the time!
- Shall I throw them over?
- Please!
Thanks, lady!
- Thanks, we needed this.
- Thanks again!
- You're welcome!
- Is your captain young?
- Yes, he's young, but he's very good.
- Try to leave as soon as you can.
- You're scaring me.
- No, don't worry.
- What did this guy do?
- A crime of passion...
He was a smart kid, just about to
graduate, and then in a moment of madness...
- Aren't there any houses around here?
- No, they haven't arrived yet...
But it's only a matter of time.
We have to keep looking, goodbye!
He's an interesting guy.
He isn't an easy conquest...
I like men who play hard to get,
they push me.
What about Fabrizio?
He was completely different.
He was very easy!
- We share the same passion.
- Passion for art?
No, a passion for success...
And by success I mean living
without fighting to earn a living.
- Isn't anyone going to help me?
- No.
- Where did he go?
- So you saw him as well?
The police saw you as well.
You weren't exactly discreet.
Why hide?
- Because he's the fugitive.
- A fugitive never stays in one place...
He's a poet.
He has a house up there.
- Did you see it?
- No, we stopped a lot sooner...
- And he wasn't bad!
- You do know there aren't any houses here?
He's a poet, I'm sure of it!
He has the eyes and voice of a poet.
- What else did the lieutenant say?
- That he committed a crime of passion.
He killed for love.
He doesn't sound that bad...
- I told him he was our captain.
- Why?
- You took quite a risk.
- You're right, I don't know why, exactly.
There's someone on the boat!
- It's that guy, I want to meet him.
- Don't go.
I'll see what's going on.
You know the boat won't start.
Don't go.
I said don't go!
Don't go.
I never noticed you have
such a beautiful body.
There are a lot of
things you don't notice.
- And that guy?
- Who? Marco?
- Does he have a great body?
- I don't know, I didn't see it properly.
But I like him.
Is that what you wanted to know?
- What about Fabrizio?
- He likes it when I cheat on him...
- You know as well as I do.
- Yes, okay, it doesn't matter.
- But what's your plan?
- You mean what are our intentions?
I don't know, nothing's certain.
We're okay like this, for now.
He takes the pictures,
and I pose...
He takes more pictures,
and the results just get better.
And after hours and hours...
We find ourselves marvellously
man and woman...
- Woman and man.
- Perfection?
And you should have noticed.
Do you like being stroked,
or does it depend on who by?
Look, Valeria's made it to the boat.
I wonder if she'll get lucky as well.
- Why do you say that?
- I've never seen her with another boy...
Actually, she seems like a boy sometimes.
No, that isn't true, either...
Sometimes she's very feminine,
and gracious...
Desirable, even!
Perhaps she's the typical
definition of unisex.
Do you like being stroked,
or does it depend on who by?
- Did you cheat on Fabrizio?
- When?
- Today, with Marco?
- He's a great kisser.
I tried to, but he didn't want to.
I liked that, a lot.
- Poor Fabrizio.
- Why? You've never cheated on him?
Sure, you can cheat on your husband,
but his lover can't.
What about the ones who aren't married?
It's so good to cheat on someone...
- This is the age of betrayal.
- And you feel like a child of this age?
Of course!
The little girl is coming back,
nothing happened...
No, she's no woman...
Sex doesn't exist anymore!
This is the great conquest...
Forget about the moon!
Man can die, drown, disappear...
We don't need them!
You, her, all women, but not me!
Where are you going?
- Where are you going?
- I want to dive off those rocks!
- It's dangerous.
- You know I love danger!
- What was he doing on the boat?
- He was just curious.
- What's he like?
- Interesting.
Is he handsome?
- He's handsome.
- Is he young?
He's young.
- Would you like to make love to him?
- I'd like to.
So why didn't you?
You could have.
- Because he didn't ask.
- And if he had?
- Why all the questions?
- Margerita thinks you're strange.
- I know.
- She says you aren't a woman.
- Maybe she's right.
- What do you mean?
If you have to ask to be a women,
then I'll never be one.
Is that all?
You had me worried for a moment.
I thought it might be a hormonal problem.
But if you don't ask, you'll never know.
It's one of the oldest laws in the world.
And that's the sad truth.
Ask as much as you can to have it all.
For you, not for me.
- Do you have a boyfriend?
- Sure I do.
- Do you love him?
- I think so.
- Why haven't we been introduced?
- Because you wouldn't like him.
- What does he do?
- I've never asked him.
- How does he get by?
- He manages.
- Would he marry you?
- If I had money we'd live together...
But you've got the money,
including mine.
What do you have against me?
- Is it so hard for you to tell me?
- No, it's very easy...
I hate you.
I hate you with all my might.
- Is it Fabrizio?
- No!
- What is that idiot up to?
- He probably ran off with that girl.
- Do you think he's so easy?
- Easy as can be and very available!
I'm cold!
- What's wrong?
- I don't feel well.
- Is the sergeant expecting someone?
- I'm cold.
- You were in the water too long.
- No, it's different...
I'm cold with fear.
I want to go away from here.
Well, what about that guy?
Shall we humour him?
That idiot's trying to scare us.
I don't like it here anymore,
I want to go away.
Away... Away!
I saw something I've never
seen before...
I never thought death would scare me...
But now I know I could never look
at my victim in the face.
- What are you talking about?
- There's a dead body behind those rocks...
- A policeman.
- Don't joke!
I'm not!
The policeman they mentioned
on the radio.
- Don't go, he might be there.
- Who?
- I'm sure it was him.
- I know what I'm doing.
Don't leave me alone...
"In time to watch her grow,
more a vine than a branch..."
"She had a flamboyant beauty that
could not last more than twenty years"
Why are you so quiet?
Come on, say something...
Say: "The sea".
- "The sea", and?
- The sea!
I get it.
"Your voice is firm, cold..."
"Without pandering violins,
that bear down on your emotions."
"She was like you,
she was real."
Do you know any more?
- Yes, sure, I write a lot of them.
- What inspires you?
Phrases, words, the sounds of a poet.
And me?
Won't you say something about me?
- You're one of those...
- I knew it!
You're one of those women who
plays only one role in life...
The beautiful beast.
I didn't understand a word!
But he's cute, isn't he?
You have the kind of skin renaissance
painters used to depict angels...
The lateral ones.
Damn it, when is he coming back?
You're better off drowning your
sorrows in a bottle of whiskey.
Where have they gone?
I don't like being alone with you...
You're becoming less of a woman,
and more of an enemy...
I'm afraid of frigidity.
Frigidity is a sickness,
just like nymphomania.
- I'm not a nymphomaniac!
- I didn't say that.
But some people think I am,
and I hate it!
I enjoy feeling like a woman,
and I like Marco.
- No, you'd better leave Marco alone.
- You're not jealous, are you?
Am I intruding on your property?
Don't be so stupid.
I'm sure Marco is the fugitive...
And I don't want to see you
get in trouble.
So you don't hate me then?
No, not now.
I'm not in the mood.
- We're full of revelations today!
- Surprised?
Well I exist, just like you and Anna.
Maybe more than both of you...
And you're going to find out very soon!
Do you know who got rid of the body?
I saw it, too...
- I saw it, too, and before you.
- I don't believe you.
- He had a big cut on his temple.
- Why didn't you say?
So at least one us doesn't know,
and can stay calm until Fabrizio returns.
That bastard isn't coming back...
He isn't coming back!
She isn't answering?
Who knows where she's gone?
What is she up to?
I don't like this silence.
Where could she be?
She's probably looking for the body with
Marco, she still thinks he's innocent.
- What can we do?
- Nothing, all we can do is wait.
I knew you'd come.
Why do you always swim
in your clothes?
- Otherwise it would be too easy.
- And you don't like things to be too easy.
- Why do you cover yourself?
- I'm scared of the sun.
Sure, you don't know about
the fear in the shadows...
The long shadows in a church...
Or a cell.
- Where are you going?
- To search...
Margerita wasn't joking: she saw
a dead body, and I believe her.
What are you looking at?
Don't play games with me.
- What do you want from us?
- What I said...
I'm helping you look.
But it's funny!
- What?
- We're looking for a dead body...
Like kids searching for buried treasure.
I don't understand you.
I'm just saying that if this
body does suddenly appear...
It won't even frighten us that much.
Besides, what's the point?
A dead man, amongst
all these dead things...
What difference does one make,
when millions die all the time?
I'd like to die here.
Will you kill me?
- Why do you want to die?
- Because that's living.
I'm the one who wants to...
It's me who decides, always.
I had a woman I believed in,
but I've lost her now.
And there's nothing you
can do about it?
Sure I could,
but I don't want to.
Will you kill me?
You know where the body is?
It's there!
No, there!
I don't know where it is... I don't know
where it is because I didn't kill him!
I also had a woman once!
What is he up to?
And now I don't have one any more!
- Take it, it's my good luck charm.
- Is it a gift?
No, gifts are too definitive,
I don't like that word.
- I'm going, goodbye, Valeria.
- Goodbye, Marco.
Good luck.
That bastard isn't coming back,
and we're in danger!
Don't talk nonsense.
Marco just happens to be here, like us.
Sure, he swam here and at any minute
he'll head back to the continent.
- They'll catch him, you'll see.
- The police?
- Sure, but we won't be alive to see it.
- Stop it...
If you're trying to scare me,
I'm already in pieces.
Did you know Valeria
saw the dead cop as well?
Nothing surprises me any more.
Marco saw it as well...
- In fact, he knows where it is now.
- Did you see it?
No, thank God I at least have
this advantage over both of you.
Am I seeing things?
That's the police boat from before!
Valeria! The megaphone!
It's the police!
Valeria hurry!
The megaphone!
Call them!
- I don't see the woman.
- The captain is also missing.
Lucky youth!
If I could go back in time...
Three months of work, and done!
They call that work!
Nice breasts!
Wait here, I'll go and see.
That idiot has a lot of explaining to do!
She has to tell us why
she didn't call the police.
You're here!
What are you playing at?
- Why didn't you call the police?
- Someone's taken the batteries...
The horn doesn't work, either.
This isn't funny any more.
It's obvious,
I know who it was...
- He's waiting for the right moment.
- Who? Fabrizio?
Fabrizio has nothing to do with this...
That fool doesn't give a damn!
That's his part in all of this.
It's his damned habit of never
missing a chance!
I'm talking about Marco.
We can't go on like this.
If something is going to happen...
Then let it happen!
I'm going to look for him, then we'll know.
Pointless heroism.
Let's wait a little longer...
- Or we can go back in the dinghy.
- Sure, and spend the night at sea!
- Then we'll wait, he'll be back.
- It'll be too late.
- Do you know where Marco is?
- I'm not telling you.
It doesn't matter.
- I know where to find him.
- Don't go...
Don't go!
It's too dangerous, you fool!
You're here.
I'm here.
What do you want?
- Why did you come?
- I knew you were waiting for someone.
Not just someone,
I was waiting for you.
You're beautiful.
You're the most beautiful of all!
Let go of me!
I want to know who you are?
- Someone who loves you.
- I want to know who you are?
I'm Marco!
Why don't you kill us?
- It's not the right time.
- What are you waiting for?
When the boat can leave,
I'll kill all of you!
Tell me about yourself.
Tell me how you killed your woman?
I didn't kill her.
To me she was already dead.
Don't move.
I've got something very
important to tell you...
I have to kill you...
In the name of someone who hates you,
someone you made suffer...
Every woman has made someone suffer,
perhaps a man, or perhaps another woman...
For me it's like getting a clear order
from those who've suffered.
I have to kill you.
I have to kill you!
It could have been so much easier.
Just like that...
Don't move, stay as you are.
Don't wake up, okay?
You have such a beautiful name!
Don't be stupid!
Did you take care of Margerita?
Did you do it?
Or didn't you have the nerve?
Margerita is...
And Valeria?
It will be her turn soon.
Then, I wasn't mistaken...
The first impression is always
the right one...
Your poems confused me.
You read a lot in there,
to kill the boredom.
Do you know who Francis Scott
Fitzgerald was? He was a writer...
A man I'd like to have resembled.
I'm rich, you know!
I know... Do you know what Scott
Fitzgerald would've said about you?
That you have the nose of an aristocrat,
but you have a vulgar heart.
- And what's your heart like?
- It's a strange heart...
Weak, sick...
- A broken heart, or the heart of a coward?
- A lonely heart.
We'll take you to the continent,
10,000 Lira, and protection up to Milan!
I'm sorry, but I can't accept,
we'll never make it!
I know it's difficult but I must kill you.
I want to kill you.
I can kill you.
I must kill you.
No, not in the dark, I'm scared!
Sooner or later, we're all given
an important task to do...
Try to understand.
Listen carefully.
How did it go?
You're finally back.
It's been nerve-racking waiting
for you, but it worked.
Let's hurry.
- You take the wheel.
- The dinghy?
We'll leave it here,
it will make it more believable.
- Put some fuel in the tank.
- What's the point?
- You know it's full.
- I'll pull up the anchor.
Do something!
Finish it!
Finish it!
- Look straight ahead, don't turn around.
- Why?
There's blood in the water.
It's terrible.
Now it's our turn,
and this is the hardest part.
I wouldn't go back to the port, too many
people saw you leave as a group.
We'll stick to the original plan,
isn't that the golden rule?
Never change plans.
It's the police.
We're being followed.
Was this also part of your plan?
I planned for it.
Slow down...
Actually, no, head towards them.
Something wrong?
You should never have left
us alone with that psychopath!
Please, explain yourself?
- Margerita, Anna and Fabrizio...
- Calm down.
- We were here thirty minutes ago.
- Calm down.
We tried to call you but then
he arrived and tried to steal the boat!
The others are still there.
- Do you need any help?
- No, we can make it there ourselves.
We're going to have a look, you two make
yourselves available to the authorities.
Of course...
- I don't get it?
- I do...
Well, lieutenant...
As you've heard, it seems
he's killed some more people.
It's a shame because we picked him up
an hour ago on the other side of the island...
Otherwise I might well have believed him.
- Are you going to let them go?
- Where can they go?
I'm really curious to know how
this is going to end.
There are a lot of crazy
people out there.
They've gone, we've done it.
We'll have to give a statement...
They might question us but we'll go
to Milan straight after, and then...
There's a safe full of diamonds
and a large cheque...
I know where it is.
We'll go to Lebanon...
We'll start a new life there.
A life I knew how to play
right down to the last.
No more tragedy, no more drama,
just love, dancing, living, playing, everything!
And you with me.
You, my man, my invention.
And what if I don't want
to run away with you?
Why wouldn't you?
I wouldn't feel like your invention anymore.
Okay, you win,
you're not my invention anymore...
You're just my man.
And then?
And if I wanted a lot more
than we agreed on?
Okay, a lot more.
And then?
And if I realised I couldn't love you
any more, after all that's happened.
But you love me, right?
Of course I love you.
- But if...
- But if?
- But if I'm not who you think I am?
- I don't understand.
- If I'm not faithful, loyal?
- Faith, loyalty? They're all part of the game.
- What if I've already betrayed you?
- I know you did, with Margerita.
- With Margerita and Fabrizio.
- What about Fabrizio?
Yes, most of all with Fabrizio.
If I wasn't the cynic you thought I was...
If I didn't love you enough
to kill someone...
If I'd told Fabrizio
all about your plan...
And he had offered me less.
- Why would you do that?
- Just for fun...
To see how far you'd go...
Until the others find out what
you're really like.
I don't see how that changes anything...
You killed Anna and Margerita.
Did you see their bodies?
- All that blood from Fabrizio?
- Why?
Did you see his blood in the sea?
- At least tell me they were scared?
- Yes, I thought they were going crazy.
It's a shame, I thought I'd finally
found a good game.
Interrabang, it rhymes
strangely with boomerang.
What are you doing?
Revised June 2012
Special thanks to LordRetsudo