Intersections (2013) Movie Script

Please help me!
You gonna do something, or just stand there?
We'll get you out of here.
Who are you?
My name is Saleh.
What are you doing out here?
My motorbike broke down.
I came for the bus.
What happened?
We had a flat.
They stopped to help us.
Then he flew over the rise
and hit everyone,
killing those two over there.
And a guy crushed under the bus.
Of course, he says that.
He caused this.
I did him a favor.
We need to cover over the bodies.
You find something?
What is it?
A body.
What else?
Nothing else.
Are you sure?
Something in the bag we can use?
I don't pillage the dead.
Move. Let me see.
What do you do, bedouin?
I fix things.
What kind of things?
Things needing repair.
Get out the way.
Try it now.
Start it again?
Something to say?
Listen up.
Maybe you don't like
the way I look at her?
Another man's wife.
- It's not my business.
- Damn right.
- Where're you from?
- El Fecht.
El Fecht is 200 km from here.
Nothing's in El Fecht.
I'm in El Fecht.
So what brings
a repairman from El Fecht
to the middle of the desert?
My motorbike, sir.
Your motorbike?
Are you being funny?
No, sir.
Let's visit this bike.
See how broken it truly is.
It's a 2-hour journey by foot.
But if it serves a purpose,
I'll gladly go.
You're either very simple
or very cunning.
I don't wish to upset you, sir.
Do you pray?
Are you afraid of God?
Saleh, what does Saleh mean?
The man who can do.
What can you do?
Where are the other diamonds?
In Essaouira.
Where in Essaouira?
You'll take us there
and put them in my hands
or I'll kill you.
What'd you do to the engine?
Nothing, sir.
Nothing, sir?
Go take a look.
I'll try now.
No, you stay. I'll do it.
So now, it starts?
Don't fuck with me!
First it didn't start, now it starts?
What'd you do to it?
Answer me!
- Look...
- Show me the problem!
Try calling mommy to rescue you.
Don't. They did nothing.
Says who? You?
Empty your pockets.
One hand, slowly.
Show me what you have.
Go on. That's right.
Your jacket, take it off.
You drive. Her and me.
Any more problems, you die.
I said, take your jacket off.
Keep cool.
My God!
Give me the satellite phone.
Brahim, it's Saleh.
Are you home?
I'm coming now.
Registration documents, please.
You're late, why?
We had a problem.
What? The baby?
No, he's with me.
It's Ayub.
He's dead.
A car accident.
There was nothing I could do.
And the cops?
I got away before they came.
Where are you now?
On the road to Essaouira.
A guy's taking me and the baby.
A guy?
- What guy?
- I'll explain later.
But he has got diamonds.
Uncut diamonds.
Diamonds? Are you sure?
Yes, a lot of them.
Hold on, is he armed?
That's the problem.
Okay, here's what you do.
When you get to Essaouira...
Kiss. I love you.
Both have US passports.
Dolan. First name, Scott.
45, Caucasian.
One female.
Surname: Dolan. First name: Taylor.
In his pocket.
2 tubes.
You want to hold him?
Your bitch mother tell you about me?
Or how she stole my money
and helped put me in jail?
But Daddy's a smart man.
- Give him to me.
- You're mine now.
In Marseille,
we'll put things back in order.
You and me, together.
Who hit you? Who did this?
Call an ambulance! Hurry!
Don't sleep.
Where's the baby? Where is he?
Odette, it's me.
Are you there?
Do you have him? My baby?
Yes, he's safe in my arms now.
And Cyril?
God rest his soul.
No, nothing.