Intervention (2022) Movie Script

So where are you?
Stay calm.
You're in a room.
What else?
Right, whatever you do, you
have to promise to stay calm.
And please, just
don't shut me off.
Your name is Laura Green.
You're 19 and you live in
Mire, a small town in Somerset.
You're single and sell antiques.
We are the same person.
I am you.
You had an accident
a few months ago
and as a result you have
dissociative amnesia.
In normal speak, that means
that we can't remember shit.
When we go to sleep,
it's all gone.
Are you still there?
I hope so because this next
part is really important.
On this computer
are the fragments,
the clues that can help
us get our memories back.
Remember who you are.
It's the only way
you'll find the truth.
She was in my dreams again.
That girl.
Those beasts.
Five of them.
You need to make it stop.
Your name is Laura Green.
You're 19 and you live in Mire.
I am you.
You had an accident
a few months ago.
When we go to sleep,
it's all gone.
Remember who you are.
It's the only way
to find the truth.
You can do this.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Laura
Happy birthday to you
- Woo! Happy birthday, Laura!
- Woo!
You know me?
You may not remember, but
yes, we are your friends.
I'm Sophie.
More like best
friends. Right, Olivia?
Wait. What's your name?
We're friends?
You remember?
I saw her on Instar.
What about you?
I'm Diana. Hey!
We're friends.
So, how do we know each other?
We were friends
from high school.
You used to call me Lady Di.
Oh, whatever, Lady Di.
We've been friends since
reception with Miss Tooley.
I don't suppose you remember
Toothless Tooley?
Our mothers were friends, so
we kind of grew up together.
And like I said, I'm Sophie.
Or "Soph", to you.
The piano.
That's right. What else?
I don't know. It
just came to me.
You used to play so well.
Do you remember what
you used to play for me?
My head's completely empty.
I thought something
might surface.
You know it's like
tradition, right?
Today is Laura Green day.
Girl, you must
remember something.
All those crazy parties?
Come on, we had so much fun.
You were the life and
soul of the party, always.
Still nothing?
Will you stop asking me that?
Look, perhaps we
should slow down a bit.
It's just...
It's just so good to see you.
We want our Laura
back, that's all.
We'll try to be more careful.
I want it all back,
too, but I'm really sorry,
I can't remember
who any of you are.
We thought that
perhaps we might have
a breakthrough on your birthday.
You always used to love
celebrating your birthday.
You did so well last
time, we thought that...
We've spoken like this before?
What Olivia is trying to say
is that we're all here
to help you, Laura.
Answer my question.
Maybe let's start with
what you do remember.
I can remember things like
how I like to wear my hair,
the type of music that I like,
and that I have to take
these pills everyday.
My favorite meal is a
linguine with garlic prawns.
I just, I just know that.
But for the life of me, I
can't remember the other stuff.
Like, like you guys.
That's encouraging.
Well, in that case,
you owe me money.
A shit ton of it.
But I'll settle for your Beemer.
Nice try.
I can still make you laugh.
Seriously, all I've got is this
stupid video of me
telling me that I'm me.
Do you know how
fucked up that is?
It's like everyday is
the first day of my life
and I have to get to know
myself all over again.
And then sometimes, I think,
how do I even know
if that's real?
And true.
Look on the bright side, though.
If you have a bad day,
you don't remember.
Silver linings, you know?
Olivia's right.
There's plenty I wish
I didn't remember.
I have a question.
Why are we meeting like
this and not in person,
if it's my birthday?
It's what you wanted.
This is the only way we could
see you without, you know...
- Isolation.
- Making you uncomfortable.
We still wanted to
celebrate your birthday.
Why would I want to be isolated?
She means safe.
You wanted to be
somewhere you feel safe.
That's right! Safe.
- Wait, safe from what?
- In your room.
Who would want to hurt you?
Yeah. Yeah, I
guess you're right.
So, this is my room.
As weird as this is, I guess
it would be weirder in person.
And you're right, I
do feel safe in here.
My mother always said
to trust your instincts.
And it's important
for you to feel safe,
particularly in your condition.
Do you know anything
about my life?
I just know that I'm single.
How do you know that?
That video I told you about.
It tells me what I need
to know each morning,
like why I can't remember.
The dissociative amnesia?
Yeah, that's it,
but how do you know?
Well, we all know.
That's why we're here.
To try to help you
regain your memories.
Yeah, I don't even
really know what it is.
Well, when a person blocks
out certain information,
it's usually associated with a
stressful or traumatic event,
and it leaves them
unable to remember
important personal information.
Well, that's what the
doctor told us anyway.
That's why you
can't remember us.
Yeah, I think
she gets it, Carly.
Trauma? You said Trauma.
Did something happen to me?
Maybe this is
too much, too soon.
I have a right to know if
something happened to me.
I think Olivia's right.
You should let the memories
come back when you're ready.
I'm ready now!
Remember that your mind is
still trying to protect you,
gently putting the
pieces back together
in small doses that
you can cope with.
Upsetting this process now
may cause you to regress.
Okay, well, I have pieces.
I've been making
notes on my computer.
That's really good.
Maybe you could
share them with us,
and if there are gaps, we
can help you to fill them in.
Oh, for fuck
sake, just tell her!
What is your problem?
Tell me what?
This is taking forever.
Let's put it to a vote.
I for one think she
can handle this.
I'm not sure.
Do you need a moment?
The Laura I know would never
put up with this bullshit.
I can handle it.
I told you so.
Who knows her best?
We're all here to help.
I'd just like you to
get there by yourself.
It's just so hard.
Let's see your notes.
Um, how do I show you?
There's a thing at the
bottom of your screen
that says "share screen".
Wow, it's such a mess.
Can you give the girl a break?
It's just you
were always so super tidy.
Perhaps it's reflective
of my state of mind.
Looks like you've
been busy, though.
That must be a good thing.
Yes. Indeed.
Great work, Laura.
This is the start of
your journey back to you.
"Five clues."
Do you know what they
are, these five clues?
No idea.
All I know is that I've
scribbled it on these notes
like some kind of crazed maniac.
You're clearly obsessed.
Maybe you've already
told yourself somewhere?
Yes. That's right.
You said you recorded a video
to tell you things
when you wake up.
Maybe you did the
same for the clues?
I don't see anything.
What about the Recycle Bin?
Why would I delete
something that's so important?
Well, um, by accident?
A moment of psychosis?
It could be any
number of things.
Why do we do anything?
Who knows?
But if this is an investigation,
then we might as
well be thorough.
You have to highlight
it, then click "restore".
I've hidden the five
clues in a file called...
Be careful.
They are watching.
Wait, who's "they"?
Why "Nell"?
That's me.
But who's that with
their arm around me?
Is it one of you guys?
No idea. Must've
been taken ages ago.
Do you recognize anyone?
Definitely not me.
Olivia, is it you?
Sorry, what?
Do you recognize the arm?
Are you sure?
It's just...
What do you see?
Nothing. I don't see anything.
What are you keeping from me?
Nothing! I swear, I
don't know anything.
You're not telling me
something. I can feel it.
Who is the other girl in
that photo? Tell me, now!
She doesn't know anything,
okay? Leave her alone.
Laura, enough!
She's here to help.
Admonishing her isn't going
to get you or us anywhere.
As far as I'm aware,
none of you are helping me.
Laura, please.
No, don't do that.
You're all strangers to me.
You show up claiming
to be my friends,
and you expect me
to just accept it?
Like this is completely normal.
Just five friends hanging out.
And then on top of that,
you won't tell me what you
actually know about my life.
It's my life.
Mine, and I deserve
to know what you know.
Otherwise, just fuck off.
Laura, we know how hard
this must be for you,
but trust me,
we all came here today
to try to help you on
your road to recovery.
Nobody here expects you to be
the same old Laura
again overnight.
We just hope that by
reigniting some
repressed memories
we might stir something in you.
We might even bring you back.
How can you possibly
know what it's like?
To wake up in a body that doesn't
even feel like it's yours.
Like you're some
kind of parasite.
Oh, hun.
Don't cry.
You know we love you.
That's the problem, Lady Di.
I don't.
Look, we've always
been there for you.
Stood by you through so much.
You have to believe that.
I just wish you
could remember it all,
so you could see
who you really are.
Somewhere deep
down, I must know.
I'm sorry, guys.
That could be your way back.
Trust those feelings.
I have an anger.
It's like a rage,
deep inside of me,
and it scares me.
Acknowledging how you
truly feel is progress.
When I saw that photo, I
almost couldn't hold it back.
Why would I feel that way?
Stop looking as Laura.
Yes, put her aside for a moment.
Find the truth
in the person you are now.
If Laura is the
cause of your anger,
then try to be the person
who is without anger.
Try to find that place inside
you where there's peace.
I don't know if I can.
Let's try an exercise.
Laura, I want you
to close your eyes.
Now, take a deep breath in,
and let it out slowly
through your mouth.
That's it. Good.
Okay. Now, I want you to
try to tap into that anger.
What is it telling you?
That's it. Good.
Deep breaths, in and out.
There's nothing.
Take a look at
that picture again.
What do you see?
I know that tattoo.
It's the symbol of
the Pagan Goddess.
Do you recognize it?
I have one, too.
We all have one.
Even Olivia.
Olivia, are you there?
Show her.
You, me and Olivia.
We got them together.
Tell her, Olivia.
- Yeah.
- What about you, Sophie?
Or you, Lady Di?
Just you three.
I'm not really into
that voodoo shit.
Why us three?
We are the goddesses of destiny,
represented by the
Spiral Goddess.
See what I mean?
Voodoo shit.
Wiccan, actually.
Are you saying
that we're witches?
This really isn't important.
No, this doesn't make sense.
- It will, if you just let it.
- But, look...
My arm doesn't have a tattoo.
But you said that we
got them together.
I think it was taken just
before you got yours, maybe?
That's it.
So it's one of
you in the picture?
Yes or no?
Tell me right now! Is it you?
Calm, Laura.
Why can't she just tell me?
Olivia, tell me right now!
What the fuck?
I'm not doing this anymore.
Attacking Olivia is
gonna get you nowhere.
This is meant to be a
safe space, remember?
Why are you protecting her?
Carly, tell me. Who is it?
She's not your enemy, Laura.
She's been a good friend to you.
And I am?
No, this was supposed
to answer my questions.
It wasn't supposed to
leave me with more.
Seeing you like this
is painful for all of us.
Everyone processes their
emotions differently.
Trying to help you remember
means she has to remember
and confront her pain, too.
Her pain?
Shit. We need to get her back.
It's important that we
all do this together.
No, maybe I shouldn't
be doing this.
I think I should just
do this by myself.
But together we
can do so much more.
Look at what we achieved today.
You really think that we
achieved something today?
Well, you know more
about that tattoo.
No, now I have one
more unsolved clue
to add to a whole list
of unsolved clues,
which by tomorrow are just
gonna be gone, anyway.
If what I told myself
this morning is even true.
But maybe, this time
we'll find out enough
to have a breakthrough.
Maybe tomorrow
will be different.
You'll wake up
knowing who you are.
Isn't that what you want?
If only.
More than anything.
I'm just...
I'm just so tired.
Careful with those pills!
They have to be taken
in the correct dosage.
They are the only
things keeping me calm.
Carly, can you
get Olivia back, please?
- You're not the boss of me.
- I'll do it.
Carly, take a break.
Are you all right?
I know. I know this is difficult,
but you're doing so well.
Yeah, I know.
I know how much she meant to you
and you're all doing
an impressive job.
That's why we need
you to come back.
Can you do that for me?
For her?
No, it's not a betrayal.
No, it's not a betrayal.
You're helping her.
Trust me. This is working.
Okay, so this is the
furthest we've gotten.
A little while longer
and hopefully we can make
the breakthrough that we
all so desperately want
and finally get to the bottom
of what happened to her.
Yeah, I realize you've
put her behind you.
But do it for Nell.
Can I count on you?
Right, are we all
feeling a bit better now?
I just want to reiterate
that it is perfectly normal
for our emotions to
get the better of us
in a situation like this, but,
I know that together, we will
help Laura find the truth.
I'm sorry, Olive Branch.
I shouldn't have yelled at you.
You called me "Olive Branch".
It used to be your
pet name for me.
And I remembered.
Maybe you can remember, then?
Well, you just called
Olivia, "Olive Branch".
Well, some stuff comes
back, but I don't know why.
It means that you're slowly
starting to access the part
of your brain that's been
cut off since the accident.
I mean, can't you
just try harder?
These things can't
just be coincidences.
I am trying.
Easy, Carly. It's
not that simple.
And what would you know
about any of it, Lady Di?
Enough to know that
you can't force it.
Well, maybe it will
work in this case!
It won't! Not like that.
Right, Sophia?
It could.
I mean, she just remembered
the name thing with Olivia.
That was completely random.
But important, nevertheless.
She's a step closer to knowing.
That doesn't
get us closer to the goal.
To help you remember.
She remembers more
than she did before.
That's something, right?
Oh, for fuck sake.
Don't you get it?
Well, what the fuck do
you think we're doing here?
Can we please stop fighting?
Laura's memories are like a
giant puzzle of broken pieces.
And how do you put a
puzzle back together?
Look at the picture on the box?
You match the
pieces, one-by-one,
until the picture's complete.
It takes lots of time
and lots of Patience.
You can't just force
those pieces together
and hope it makes
up the picture.
I still think
there are key pieces
that will help us
get there faster.
Are you guys the key pieces?
Can you tell us
what you mean by that?
Well, it's like you said.
I remembered something
about Olivia.
Something that's personal.
Maybe each of you is a
key to the whole picture.
Maybe you guys are the clues.
Well, why not?
Before this morning, I didn't
know who any of you are.
How do I even know that you
are who you say you are?
I would never lie to you.
Are you asking us to prove
that we're your real friends?
Now that sounds
like the old Laura.
Yes. Why not?
Well, hold on.
Put yourselves in her shoes.
Imagine you received a
call from four strangers
claiming to be your best
friends, on your birthday,
which you don't even
know that it is.
Maybe you'd be a
little bewildered, too.
Even suspicious?
Why would four people call
up an amnesiac on her birthday
and claim to be her friends?
Maybe they want
something from her.
I don't want anything from her.
Really, Olivia?
We both know that's not true.
Laura did, too.
I did?
What did I know?
I don't want to be a
part of this anymore.
I need to get out.
Here we go again.
Piss off, Lady Di.
You don't even belong here.
Do you want to think
about that for a second?
Because we could be having
this conversation elsewhere.
A place that is
not so comfortable.
You don't have a choice in this,
and you know the
consequences if you don't.
Just something between
Lady Di, Olive Branch and me.
Okay, let's all calm down
and take a deep breath.
Laura doesn't even like you.
For fuck sake.
Are we still in high school?
I don't give a fuck about
being popular any more.
Oh, did you hear
that Laura? It's true.
Come on, ladies.
Let's remember why we're here.
I know why I'm here.
You're a sell-out.
You think I sold you out?
You turned your
back on us and Laura,
who gave you everything.
And yet I'm the
person you come to
when you're in the shit.
Doesn't change the fact
that you walked away.
I needed to walk away.
Besides, it's what you
wanted anyway, wasn't it?
To have Laura all to yourself?
Laura only wanted me for one
thing and it wasn't friendship.
Don't believe her.
She's such a liar.
I didn't see you complaining
when we made you popular,
rather than the pathetic
outcast that you were,
before Laura found you.
I was never an outcast.
I never thought you
were an outcast, Di.
You were just a loser who
peddled drugs to rich kids,
and that's all you ever were.
Carly, stop.
No, maybe this shit
just needs to be said.
This has nothing
to do with Laura.
She doesn't need to hear this.
It has everything
to do with Laura.
She needs to know
that she was betrayed!
By Lady Di.
For a while it was
always the four of us.
Until Diana ruined it.
Yet you wasted no
time in replacing me.
You said earlier that we
hadn't spoken in a while.
Is that why?
Sort of.
It's complicated.
Well, you're here now.
That counts.
Oh, my god. Get over yourself.
But what about you, Sophie?
What about me?
When the others talk,
I can feel the history.
But when you talk, it's
not quite the same.
What do you hear?
Well, you don't sound
like a friend.
And you are older
than all of us.
Laura needs to feel comfortable
that all of us are
who we say we are.
Who are you?
To me.
You know me very well.
You just need to remember.
Maybe you should
help her with that.
The piano.
I used to love watching your
fingers dance across the keys
when you played Chopin for me.
Actually, I have a video.
Here it is.
I don't know how
to put it into words.
I can feel something
It's like a flood of emotions,
but I don't know where
it's coming from.
You have to do better, Laura.
I'm trying.
It's a lot.
The emotions that I'm feeling...
Try to see the whole picture.
Where is it taking you?
This is going nowhere.
It's okay.
I know it's frustrating.
Just keep trying.
You're doing so well.
"You're doing so well."
We're here for you.
Are you?
Are you really?
Or are you just doing this so
that you don't have to feel
guilty that poor pathetic
Laura can't remember shit?
It's not easy for any of
us to see you like this.
We just want Laura back.
Maybe Laura's gone
and you just need to
come to grips with it.
The old Laura is dead.
This is the new version.
Lost and fucked up.
You just need to get used to it.
Old or new, lost and fucked
up, we're still friends.
Why what?
Why even bother with
me, with all of this?
Let go and move on.
Because if any of us were
sitting in the same predicament,
you would do the same.
At least I'm a good person.
Laura was the best of them.
No one could touch her.
You can count on us.
Do you feel you can
fully commit to this now?
I want to get better.
You can do this.
I've always had your back.
Let's finish the puzzle.
Who is she to you?
I don't recognize her.
The photo is blurred.
Maybe it's an old
picture, or something?
You think so?
Why do you think you
included this photo?
I don't know.
Well, it must hold
some importance to you.
I don't remember.
Could it be like
a picture of you?
You know, from ages ago?
No, she doesn't look familiar.
Do you think that
she looks like me?
Laura would die before letting
anyone do that to her hair.
Okay, maybe we don't
fixate on the picture.
It's just a puzzle piece.
An important one,
but we need all of the others
to complete the picture.
They are responsible.
Don't trust them.
Why am I saying that?
They are responsible.
Responsible for what?
Don't trust whom?
Don't trust you?
- Us?
- This is crazy.
We're doing this to help you.
What would we be
responsible for?
I don't know, but
I obviously thought
it was important enough
to warn myself about it.
Do you honestly think
we would hurt you?
Why not?
You were the ones encouraging
me to delve deeper,
and form a complete picture.
Isn't that what
you said, Sophia?
Well, delving deeper means
unearthing the ugly truth.
What if that's the
complete picture?
What if my memories tell a story
that you want to remain buried?
But it's possible that your
memories are being filled in
by what isn't there or what
shouldn't even be there.
And it's making you paranoid.
Yeah, about your friends.
Or you're telling me
the version of the truth
that you want to me to believe.
I don't have any way to
verify what you're saying.
I just have my feelings.
And what are they saying?
That I should trust
them, like you said.
So, we're the ones lying?
Our help is a bunch of lies?
Give me a fucking break.
Not lies, no, but
it's not the truth.
I just know it's
not the whole truth.
Oh, you know!
Well, this morning, you didn't
even know your own name.
You freaked out
when you saw that picture
with the arm around me.
Like I said. It just brought
back some painful memories.
That doesn't make sense
'cause you also said
that we had our tattoos
done at the same time,
but in that picture, my
arm doesn't have one.
We explained that already.
Not really.
Is it her arm?
Look at me.
Olivia, tell me! Is it your arm?
Leave her alone!
Stay out of this, Carly.
Laura, stop!
It's my fucking arm, all right?
You happy now?
This way isn't going
to get you answers.
Shut up, Sophia.
Stop trying to control this and
just let the truth come out.
This is some kind of conspiracy
to keep the truth away from me.
I heard you earlier, Sophie.
I heard what you said
when you called Olivia.
You did?
Can't we just tell her? I
can't take this shit anymore.
Soph, we've got
to put a stop to this.
It's time. We could never
get a better chance.
You've all been lying to me.
I don't trust you.
The accident.
It was you.
I know it was you. Tell me.
Christ, Laura, calm down,
please, and we'll tell you.
Listen to Diana.
If you calm down, we'll
explain everything.
Take some deep breaths
like I showed you.
One, two, three.
And out.
Three, two, one.
That's it.
You're in a safe space.
Trust us, please, for your sake.
Have you been lying
to me all along?
Not lying, but a
version of the truth.
A version?
A more digestible one.
One that can help you to find
out the truth by yourself.
We didn't want to risk
too much too quickly.
So, you lied?
No, I don't trust this.
I don't trust you.
This call is over.
Wait, Laura!
Your shoulder.
Pull down your shirt.
What about it?
Pull down your shirt and see.
On your left.
What is this?
A wound.
I was stabbed?
Yes, by some kind of object.
A knife?
Not likely. Something
blunt but with a pointed end.
We have to take
this slowly, remember.
If I was stabbed,
I want to know why.
Who did it?
I'm worried you might
not be ready for this.
Just tell me. How was I stabbed?
I was the one that found you.
It was early, the sun
hadn't even come up yet.
You found me?
You had lost a lot of blood.
You were in bad shape.
Oh, my god.
Then what happened?
I radioed the station
to call you an ambulance,
and then got you
to the hospital.
The station?
I'm with the police.
I'm a Detective Constable.
Do you know who stabbed me?
Not yet.
Right. So that's
why you're here.
We're not really
friends, are we?
- Not anymore.
- Oh, my god, get over it.
Christ, Carly. Really?
So, there's an investigation?
Yes, but...
Who stabbed me, god damn it?
I was hoping you could tell me.
Don't you remember
anything about that night?
You were in your
underwear when I found you.
A slip.
It was a miracle I
found you when I did.
You're so brave.
But if I was in my
underwear, does that...
Does that mean...
You were raped.
How do you know for sure?
The medical exam
performed at the hospital.
It showed considerable
signs of vaginal tearing,
alongside bruising and bleeding.
And that's what
caused the memory loss?
Sometimes to protect you,
your brain just
shuts itself off.
It won't allow you to remember.
The trauma of the attack,
combined with the blood loss
likely resulted in PTSD, which,
yes, triggered
your present state.
The truth is not an
easy thing to hear.
That's why your mind has shut
it out. It's too much for you.
So that's it?
There's not much to
go on, unfortunately.
Did you search around the area?
What about a rape kit?
We turned up nothing.
Nobody saw anything, apart
you walking aimlessly
down the side of the road.
But what about the rape kit?
Did they do one?
They did a
swab. There was no DNA.
So you've not done any
real police work, then?
You're just hoping on me?
I have done everything possible
to try and solve this case.
You have no idea.
So that's it?
If I don't remember, then
the person who did this to me
just, they get away with it?
That's why we need
you to remember.
I don't have a choice.
That means facing the
trauma of the attack
that brought on your amnesia.
Do you think that
you can do that?
Yeah. I have to.
We can stop whenever
you feel like it.
Just tell me if
it gets too much.
I'm going to show
you a few pictures.
I have to warn you
they're pretty graphic.
You were most likely held down.
The bruising is consistent
with rope or leather straps.
Same with your ankles.
The skin on the inside of
your ankles was rubbed raw,
suggesting that your
legs were held apart,
whilst you were assaulted.
Do these pictures bring
back any recollections at all?
It's like I feel the
pain from the attack,
but it might as well be a
stranger in those pictures.
Take your time.
These pictures may
trigger something.
On the other hand,
it's not unusual for
patients to have total recall
and everything comes
rushing back altogether.
Let's hope so.
Because when I go to bed
tonight, this is all history.
My head feels like
it's gonna explode.
I need a minute.
Of course.
What's so funny?
I've spent so long trying
to remember something,
trying to remember anything...
Who the fuck are you, Sophie?
Or Sophia.
Whatever your name is.
You're not really
my friend, are you?
I'm a psychiatrist.
My psychiatrist?
Yeah, well, I don't
need a psychiatrist.
Only crazy people
need psychiatrists.
Sure! Apart from the
amnesia and delusion.
Dr. Carlton's been
treating you for a while now.
You can trust her. She only
wants what's best for you.
Yeah, well, how can
I trust any of you
when you're constantly
lying to me?
Those are valid feelings.
I haven't lied to you.
Not in the way that you think.
I just haven't given
you the whole truth.
It's a new treatment I've
been experimenting with,
and I truly think it's the key
to you finding out
who you really are.
Right, okay. So, I'm
a Guinea pig, then?
Yeah, that's great.
You only have to look
at how far you've come
to realize that these
unusual tactics are working.
Can you deny that you're
closer to finding out
the truth of who you are
and what happened to you
on the night of the attack?
You've buried the
truth long enough now.
Under so many layers,
you can't distinguish
what's real and what's not.
Friend from stranger.
Or friend from enemies.
Yeah, I'm just not
sure of anything anymore.
I believe that you are
ready to face the truth.
Otherwise, I wouldn't
be doing this.
You have no idea the strength
that lies within you.
I've seen it first-hand.
Just one more clue
could get you there.
Tell me what you see.
A house.
Is there anything familiar?
Are you sure?
Focus your energy.
Trust your instincts.
I want you to take another
look and tell me what you see.
Are you listening to me?
Yes, Sophia.
Dr. Carlton.
What do you see?
A house.
And how does it make you feel?
Why happy?
A girl, maybe.
She's, she's playing outside.
No, wait. She's on a swing.
She's happy.
Swinging back and forth.
Okay, focus on that feeling.
That contented feeling.
So free.
That's good.
Stay with that feeling.
Something's wrong.
Something doesn't feel right.
It's okay. Stay with it.
It's all right. You're safe.
Help me!
It's all right. You're okay.
He's coming.
Who's coming?
He's almost here.
It's all right. Keep calm.
Tell us what you see.
He, he is here.
He wants me.
Okay, describe him for me.
Darkness, where
his face should be.
Red eyes.
Like the devil.
It's okay. Stay calm.
The five-pointed star.
And I'm in the middle.
The five.
They're watching.
Nell! It's okay.
Nell, it's Dr. Carlton.
Nell Prentiss.
It's Sophia.
Listen for my voice.
Come back.
Why are you showing me this?
Do you remember those sessions?
I've done everything
that I could to forget.
Forget what?
That life.
But you recovered.
Do you really think
it's the kind of thing
that someone can recover from?
But you keep telling
yourself that.
Or better yet, why don't you
write another book about it?
I see the hostility
is back again.
I had things right
where I wanted them,
and then you had to come
along and just ruin it.
By masquerading as Laura Green?
That is not who you are.
Masquerading? I'm not
masquerading as anyone.
I am Laura and she is me.
You aren't Laura and
you could never be her.
Please, just tell
us where she is,
and then we don't have
to do this anymore.
She's right here, Olive Branch.
Safe and sound.
Don't call me that.
You are not Laura Green.
You are Nell Prentiss.
Do you remember Nell?
Nell is gone.
You're that little girl
from your nightmares.
We all have nightmares.
Even you, Dr. Carlton.
I still see that little girl,
right here in front of me.
The girl who came
to me, terrified,
unable to speak,
who had been through so much.
You've gotten through
all of this before,
and put it into your past.
I know you can do it again.
You just have to trust me.
The person you're trying
to remember, Laura Green,
isn't actually you.
I know what you're trying to do
and I'm not gonna
fall for it this time.
I am safe,
right here.
I know it doesn't seem like it,
but Dr. Carlton is
trying to help you.
More lies!
At least we're not pretending
to be someone that we're not.
Leave me alone, all of you.
Don't you think this has
gone on for long enough?
Use her real fucking name.
We need to figure out
what happened to Laura
the night of the attack.
I am the one who was
stabbed and raped. I am Laura!
The hell you are!
Carly, just let me do this.
Oh, for fuck sake. I
am so done with this.
Let's start at the beginning.
That house.
The one on Delaney.
You find that familiar, right?
That house used to belong
to the Prentiss family,
Arthur, Mary and their
little girl, Nell.
It had a bad reputation
in the village for years.
Evil, some say.
Neighbors often complained
about pets disappearing
or weird chanting in
the middle of the night.
Voodoo shit.
One night,
police were called out to
reports of a girl screaming,
and what they discovered
was one of the worst crimes
to have ever have
occurred in Mire,
or in the county,
for that matter.
A 12-year-old girl
was discovered
tied down to the floor at
the center of a pentagram.
Around her lay five bodies,
purported members of a
small pagan cult, all dead.
And the craziest bit, though,
was the coroner's report.
They couldn't find
a cause of death.
Their lives had been kind
of sucked out of them.
The little girl that
they found was you, Nell.
You were the victim
of systematic rape
in regular pagan sex ceremonies.
You killed them all.
There was no proof of that.
Given the way she was found,
she wasn't even considered
to be a suspect.
Everyone knows it was her!
What she is.
That was seven years ago.
For six years, I treated her.
We made enough progress that
she could return into society
to live a normal life.
You were 18 when you
moved back to the village.
At first you kept
very much to yourself.
You got a job on my
grandparents' farm.
It was just the two of us.
Then I introduced you to Laura.
And that was it.
You became obsessed.
You started stalking her
online and in real life.
But you didn't stop there.
You copied her hair and
makeup, the way she dressed.
You even began to talk like her.
So pathetic.
Laura loved it.
I tried telling her
you were bad news.
At first Laura
couldn't get enough
of her very own
obsessed stalker.
But later, it was your past
that really interested her.
You were different.
To think that you could be her.
It happened the night
of your 19th birthday.
Laura planned a
surprise party for you.
We were gonna get
drunk, just us girls.
Where was this party?
The house on Delaney.
That house?
Where Nell grew up?
Oh, it was just a joke.
I told Laura it was a bad idea.
A fucked up one.
Oh, whatever.
Laura brought your favorite.
And we took shot after shot,
and you got pretty wasted.
Tried to get you to stop, but,
you insisted on
having a good time.
Be like Laura.
But then you started to cry.
Maybe it was that house?
I tried to console you.
When you finally
stopped, you got angry.
You said that we hated you
and that we were lying to you,
that we weren't
really your friends.
Sound familiar?
You said you
didn't need anybody.
Then you went after
Laura, pushing her,
accusing her of
ruining your life.
- Suddenly there was a knife.
- A weird witch dagger.
Freaked us the fuck out.
You started pointing
it at us, at Laura.
You were crazy with rage.
And then it happened.
There was a fight.
That's how you ended
up getting stabbed.
Laura was defending herself.
We panicked and ran.
- "We"?
- Me and Olivia.
- We thought she killed you.
- But you killed her!
Carly, there is
no evidence of that.
Nell, are you still there?
Nell, it's okay. You're safe.
I can't get it out of my head.
Blood everywhere.
So much blood.
Make it stop.
Please, just make...
Make it stop.
I don't know whether they
are my memories or not.
I can't take it anymore.
Let me out.
I am Laura Green.
I am Laura Green.
No more.
No more.
No more!
We're marked forever, you and I.
Look, I know how hard
this must be for you, Nell.
To realize the person you're
trying to remember so badly
is a manufactured persona
based on someone else entirely.
Someone you would rather be
than the person
that you truly are.
But sooner or later,
we all have to face up
to the truth of
who we really are,
no matter how badly
we want to forget.
You have no idea what
you are talking about.
Okay, so...
To you, Laura is as real
as your mind can make her.
You've convinced yourself
that Nell doesn't exist
and you've replaced
her with a version
that's more appealing to you
and the world around you.
What is identity, I
guess, but a supposition
of social imprints
that we aspire to which
may or may not align
with any of us?
I want you to take a
look at the picture
of the young girl again.
Is it still obscured to you?
You know it's not.
Who do you see?
A girl.
And who is she?
Who the fuck do you think?
Nell, the mind sees
what it wants to see.
You couldn't see the picture
because you didn't want to
and that's why it
appeared blurred.
Just take a look around you now.
What do you see?
My room.
And where is that
room, do you think?
You have no home.
That room is in the secure wing
of Arclight
Psychiatric Hospital.
You've been there for months.
This is the only real
home that I've ever known.
Nell, the laptop. The clues.
It was you.
A breadcrumb trail to
help you find your way back.
But I didn't want to.
You wanted me to.
That's not true.
Subconsciously, you did.
You kept searching
for the truth.
Nell was always
going to come out.
You don't fucking
get it, do you?
That still leaves the question
of what happened to Laura.
Nell, you have to try.
Search deep down.
Tell yourself that
you want to see.
Separate Nell from Laura.
And yet she kept
surfacing, didn't she?
In the clues, in the messages.
You kept searching for the
truth, each and every morning.
She exists on some level, even
if you choose not to see it.
Please, just tell
them, Nell, for me.
I know exactly where she exists.
Bring her back!
If you want to be
cleared of being a suspect
in Laura Green's disappearance,
then you have to tell
me everything you know.
I remember the hall.
It was so vast, it made me
feel small and insignificant.
Like it was the whole wide
world and there I was,
on that stool, in
front of that piano.
You told me that I could be
anyone that I wanted in there.
That I was safe.
Safe from them.
Do you remember that, Sophia?
I do.
And for a while,
I was.
Everything felt good.
When I played, it
all disappeared.
I became a new person.
And it was like
on those keys and
in those notes,
the monsters just,
they went away.
And then you made me leave.
And I had to go back to it all.
The ugliness of society.
The people.
They came back.
And in the middle of the
night, when I was alone,
he came back for me
and took what he wanted.
I couldn't hide anymore.
I tried my best to fit in.
Pretend like nothing
had happened.
Like they didn't come
back every single night
and reenact that ceremony.
And then she appeared,
like an angel.
She was everything
that I wasn't.
Loved by everyone.
And she wanted to
be friends with me.
Not like the other
people in the town
who crossed streets to avoid me.
The kids who called
me "witch girl"
and treated me like an outcast.
She saw what no one else saw.
And it felt really
good to be loved.
Laura never loved you.
I loved you.
You felt threatened by me!
Still delusional, are we?
But I realized
it wasn't me that Laura wanted.
- No.
- Oh, God.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
And what could she
possibly want from you?
She wanted to be me, more
than I wanted to be her.
She craved power!
Anything that would give her
more of it over other people.
And she knew all about my past.
The house on Delaney.
The rituals.
Did she make you
get that tattoo?
Olivia, do you really think
that she didn't know
about your secret?
That you were into
girls and not boys?
She used that.
Laura was just misunderstood.
Is that what you really believe?
I know you hate me and
that this intervention
is some kind of sadistic thrill
for you, but you?
You and Laura
weren't so different.
She just knew how to channel
the hatred for everyone
better than you.
But she used you, too.
She would use everyone
to get what she wanted.
But not anymore.
That doesn't change the
fact that she's missing.
No matter how much
she used people.
You killed her.
Admit it.
Just tell us.
What really happened
that night, Nell?
It was my birthday.
And I was so excited.
I'd never had a
birthday party before.
Laura said that she
was gonna surprise me.
Olivia and Carly as well.
And I finally thought,
this is it. I'm in.
And then when they
took the blindfold off,
I saw that Carly had her phone
out and she was filming me.
I should've known that
something wasn't right
from the very start.
Wait, there's a video?
There was, but I lost
my phone that night.
Why would I lie?
To cover your arse?
I told you, it's gone.
No, it's not.
I went back and got it.
Olivia, what the actual fuck?
Why didn't you tell me?
I'm so sick of this.
You, Laura. All you cared
about is yourselves!
I am tired of always
doing what you two want.
I did it without question.
I'm so sorry
for everything.
For what we did to you.
I'm so ashamed.
Olivia, I will need to
take that phone as evidence.
Sure, but not until I've
shown you what's on it.
Olivia, don't do this.
You know what this means.
I have to.
I hate this house.
It gives me the creeps.
This is Laura's big gig.
Why don't we just leave?
Stop being such a scaredy-cat!
Here she is!
The birthday girl.
Happy birthday.
We're having a party here?
Oh, it's gonna be so great!
Aren't you excited?
It's like a
homecoming for you, isn't it?
Yeah. Bet you've missed it.
Not really.
I don't like this.
We shouldn't be here.
That was in the past.
Here's to your bright future.
I don't drink.
Well, it's your
birthday. You have to.
We all do. It's like tradition.
Isn't it, Olivia?
Yeah, whatever.
Olivia, take this.
Carls, put the camera down
and get your arse over here.
Give me a minute. I'm just
gonna post this to Instar.
Laura, please don't do this.
Olivia, get down here and
make sure she doesn't get free.
I can't.
Oh, shut the fuck
up and do as you're told!
Or else.
I'm so sorry.
Spirits of the ether.
I summon you through
this fertility rite.
Take hold via the chalice
of this young virgin
and come forth.
Please, stop. You
don't know what you're doing.
Oh, shut her the hell up!
Let me feel the power
of your dark magic.
You aren't seriously
gonna put that inside her?
Oh, yeah. Do it.
She's had much worse
than this before.
Haven't you, Nell?
- Stick it to her.
- Jesus.
I think I can feel it.
You're gonna make
me a true goddess,
you pathetic little whore.
Stay away, you psycho bitch!
Holy fuck.
You raped her.
We didn't rape anyone.
Laura did.
I wanted to stop her.
A court will see it differently.
For holding a fucking camera?
You know how Laura could
be. She always got her way.
She made you accessories.
You could've stopped it!
But from the looks of
it, you were enjoying it.
No, no. I hated
every second of it.
You sick fucks.
I always knew there was a
dark side to Laura, but this?
What about Laura?
Arrest her for murder!
Laura is right here.
I don't see her.
Oh, she's here.
With me.
What the fuck
does that even mean?
I knew I was right.
Nell, you must let Laura go.
Let her go?
We are one now.
Together forever.
I need her! You
can't take her away!
You don't need to do this.
Laura is evil.
Dr. Carlton is
right, let her go.
And let her get away with it?
No, no, no, no.
Listen to Olivia.
Choose to be Nell when
you go to bed tonight.
And hopefully tomorrow
you won't have to try
to find her again
in the morning.
She needs to suffer.
Just like I did.
Look at how far you've come.
Don't let it end like this.
Nell, for god sake,
choose yourself.
You are so worthy.
Don't do this.
Don't go back.
I'm sorry, Sophia,
but it's not up to you.
No more breadcrumbs,
Dr. Carlton.
Nice try, Laura.
Where am I?
Oh, my god. I'm trapped.
Okay, okay. You can do this.
You can do this.
Right, whatever you do, you
have to promise to stay calm.
And please, please
don't shut me off.
Your name is Laura Green.
You're 19 and you live in Mire,
a small village in Somerset.
You're single and
you sell antiques.
We are the same person.
I am you.
Others will try to
tell you differently.
That you're somebody
else entirely.
Don't trust them.
This is who you are.
This is where you're safe.
This where you belong.