Interview (1971) Movie Script

Mr. Ranjit Mallick...
You said you got
your degree in...
Which year did you say?
Mr. Ranjit Mallick...
What is the biggest
event of the day?
Yes, I mean today.
Mr. Ranjit Mallick...
You say you read novels.
Did you read Bibad?
By Samar S. Bose?
Mom, make it fast.
I am getting late.
- Did you take bath?
- No, just washed my face.
You said you weren't feeling well.
It's the weather change.
- Mom, give it to me.
- In a moment.
I've to go early,
but I'll be late.
- It's alright...
- Give it to me.
Don't worry!
You'll reach
before the milk-van.
Mom, give me Ranju's tea.
Take the biscuits.
He doesn't like to eat
anything in the morning.
Give it back to me.
I forgot to add sugar.
How many times did
you pray since morning?
Today Ranju is...
I am praying for him.
Let's see what happens.
Ranju! Hey Ranju!
Wake up!
You are getting late.
What happened?
I brought tea for you. Get up.
Did you forget about today?
You're still sleeping?
- Wake up.
- I am awake.
You didn't wake up.
The tea's getting cold.
- Keep it there.
- Get up!
Fine. I am leaving.
Not now.
I'll talk to you later.
Mom, do you know
what the salary is?
How many times
you told me that?
Don't say it again
and again, son.
I'm scared.
If it doesn't work out...
You know what uncle Shekhar says!
You know...
He didn't forget anything.
He said...
Your father did so much for me
when he was alive.
Why can't I do something for you?
Uncle Shekhar
arranged everything.
The interview is just
a matter of formality.
Do you know what the salary will be?
You will get double
of what you are getting now.
It's even more!
Plus something...
Plus commission...
Come here!
Come here, sir!
The prince of Babughat!
Hilsa fish!
You won't get it anywhere else!
Uncle Shekhar.
Uncle Shekhar!
- When did you come?
- Just now.
But you buy fish
at that end the market.
Why are you here?
I had a fight with
four fishermen.
I can't go there now.
Listen, I am happy
that I met you here.
Your hair...
You should...
You should do...
Come with me.
And remember it.
it's a foreign company.
It's a sales-job.
is the real thing.
- Will I...
- Yes, you can.
No, will I get the job?
I think so.
When you will wear a suit...
and boot and go to them...
Isn't anything else required?
Just smartness will do?
No, I mean...
Your hair must be a bit...
It should be...
I will trim it
before going.
Yes, do that.
You are a smart kid.
I am dealing with these foreigners,
since 23 years.
They are from Scotland.
We have good relation.
I already told you about it.
- At what price did he give?
- I shall go then, uncle.
OK, go.
Be there at 3 o'clock.
At 3 o'clock, be there!
Come at 2:30. At 2:30.
What is this?
A hair-cutting festival?
- It's almost over.
- No! My fish has started decaying.
What's wrong? You can't tie it?
No, sister. It's difficult!
This knot is giving me a huge trouble.
Turn it again.
- Like that?
- Yes.
- Here it is.
- Once more.
- Oh God!
- One more!
Sister, it's hard.
I can't do it.
Don't give up.
Give me.
- Take it.
- Let me see if I can.
God! It's wrinkled.
It's just a rehearsal.
I will manage it there.
- Will you manage it?
- Yes.
I will tie it properly.
- Hold it.
- Wait.
I will tie it on me.
OK. Tie it.
You are good at all these things.
Don't worry.
I will get one
from my friend Dilip.
He has a really a great collection.
- Is it done?
- Almost.
- Wait a minute.
- You are also just like me.
Dilip's uncle also has
a great collection.
Here it is.
Look here.
Look at this.
Sister, you are genius.
Now get up. Get up.
Get up. Stand here.
It's a hot country.
These things are not needed.
Tie this. Tie that.
Get a noose.
- Button the shirt till the neck.
- Wait!
Let me see. Turn around.
What's this!
You didn't wear a shirt?
I will manage it, just tie it.
- Just bend a bit.
- OK.
You are so tall.
- How long I'll have to stay this way?
- Just a moment.
After sometime...
A day will come...
In the coming days...
I will work day and night,
in my vests.
OK Sister!
The tie-problem is solved.
The hair isn't done yet.
But it's not needed.
Sister, go to the cobbler
and get my shoes polished.
I will give you the shoes.
The sole. Will it be necessary?
- Ranju!
- Coming.
You asked me for a pair of socks...
I too have socks.
It's just a stand-bye.
OK. I'll go.
What's this?
I am becoming a foreigner.
Mom, my black shoes.
I'm taking it out.
- What are you doing there?
- They are in this box.
- In the box?
- Yes. You never wear them.
If I keep them outside,
they would've gone ruined.
So you kept them in the box?
Yes. Come and help me.
I can't open it.
Can we open it here?
Move aside!
- What do you want to do?
- I will take it out.
OK, you hold it that way.
I will hold it this way.
Keep it down.
Oh God!
So mom, you kept the shoes inside?
- Yes.
- To protect them!
So that they shouldn't get ruined.
You are a master of sarcasm.
But when you are in trouble
you call your mother!
It's surprising.
What have you done!
You can get anything useful here.
I didn't ask you to involve.
Let me search for it.
It was right here.
You won't get it.
You won't get anything here.
It's my concern.
Do not trouble me.
It's enough if you
get your shoes.
- It's not enough!
- Go away!
OK! It's surprising!
You turned the
house into a dustbin!
- Move aside.
- What are you doing, Ranjit!
- Move aside.
- What are you doing!
Ranjit, what are you doing?
Do you want to break them?
- I will sell them!
- You won't sell anything!
What? Stop it!
It's a good plate.
What are you doing Ranju?
Can't you do this later?
You turn the
house into a dustbin.
Mom, let him do
whatever he wants to.
Bottle! Container!
Box! Box!
My shoe!
Mother, did you see
your son's attitude?
Even before he got the job.
No, I think you can't
control your son now.
I need not.
I need not
control him anymore.
If his girl controls him well!
Listen, does Bulbul know?
What else?
About today's matter.
Does she know that?
About what? About what?
I am talking about your job.
You want to hear it again
and again, right?
Mom, get the dry-cleaning bill
from Band Box.
I have to get my clothes after shaving.
You didn't say anything!
Does she know about it?
- Did you cut the pencil with my blade?
- How would I know it's your blade?
You don't know? Really?
What's wrong with you?
I pay for these blades
and you're wasting them!
I will buy you another blade.
As if this blade,
it's made of gold!
Listen sister!
In the shop next door,
they sell blades!
You can buy one if you like!
Just don't touch mine!
- Ranju, I'm not getting the bill.
- Oh God!
Did you get it?
What happened?
It's a small slip.
"Band Box" is written on it.
A full suit and I guess there
was a shirt as well.
Yes, but did you
really give me this bill?
Mom, I'm giving you
all the laundry bills, no?
Yes, you are right.
Whenever I need them,
I'm asking from you, no?
True, but...
Are you sure...
you gave me that bill?
So you lost it?
Why would I lose it?
It must be somewhere.
But you cannot find it.
I keep all the slips here.
It's not here. You lost it!
No. Why would I lose it?
You didn't take it, did you?
Then... where it is?
Mom! Change the habit
of putting the slips here!
Ranju, behave yourself!
As if no one else does a job.
The bill is 3 months old.
Maybe it's lost?
If I won't get that bill,
I won't get the clothes, got it?
And if I don't get them...
It's a foreign company.
I have to look smart!
Smartness is everything.
Here it is.
When were you supposed
to get your clothes?
3 months ago.
This wouldn't have happened
if you got them on time.
But where would I keep them?
There are moths all over here.
Here it is.
How did I miss it before?
Here it is.
What's going on!
What's going on!
Sir, it's not her
mistake, it's mine.
You might be a bit puzzled, right?
Look, I won't hide anything from you.
The photo that are you are
looking at in the magazine is mine.
But you were staring
at me in such a way...
that I was feeling a bit...
I... am not an actor.
I am not a star.
I am really not!
My name is Ranjit Mallick.
I work in a weekly newspaper.
I live in Bhavanipur.
It's a small job, proof-reading.
From proof-reading to almost
everything that happens in the press,
even getting advertisements.
Mine is quite an uneventful life.
And Mr. Mrinal Sen...
The person who makes movies...
he liked it a lot.
He told me that he will
follow me, from dawn to dusk.
With his camera.
Does it really
make any sense?
He said that I need not
do anything special.
Just to be myself.
Imagine that!
I told Mrinal Sen that
I have an interview for a job.
Yes, today itself.
He said fine!
It'll be a good story.
You didn't understand?
Things will get a bit
interesting with me in it.
How they are running!
They left.
OK, I shall tell you something.
Whatever you saw till now,
is not completely real.
I am real.
I am in a tram. That's real.
My photo is also real.
And my interview
is completely real.
And you saw my mother...
She's not my mother.
She's an actress.
You asked me to bring
Mother Lakshmi's photo.
See this. I got it framed.
And see this!
A sari for Durga.
See this.
What's there to worry about!
In this case,
what my mother
would've done,
she is doing the same.
But trust me
I am my mother's child.
I am just my natural self.
And she's my sister.
She got married a year ago,
but her husband abandoned her.
He's a horrible person.
Just horrible.
He's having an affair...
Anyway, leave it.
I have to go to press.
I haven't given up my job yet.
I have responsibilities.
OK, goodbye.
What's this!
Do you call this cinema?
This is my story.
This is your story.
- Long live...
- Revolution!
- Long live...
- Revolution!
- Long live...
- Revolution!
- Long live...
- Revolution!
In the year 1961...
the communist party...
was divided in two parts.
My father died in that year.
Before his death...
he said in deep agony...
that after whatever...
has happened...
even after 25 years...
there is no chance...
for communism to return.
Last day, today.
You understand?
I am getting a great job.
You didn't say anything?
It's a great thing.
You will get a tip, go now.
There is no chance,
for communism to return.
Things took a drastic turn,
in just 5 years.
History will take its own course.
There will be a revolution.
Maybe some people
be afraid of this revolution...
Mithu. See this.
The president of the Calcutta
laundry union...
announcing in deep regret...
that in protest of the
terrible treatment...
towards employees...
from tomorrow morning...
Means from today...
we are calling for a strike...
for indefinite time.
And now what?
Why are you laughing, Mithu!
Does anyone laugh like that!
It will do? It will do?
Mother, see this.
It was father's.
It's too big for him.
Leave it! Get lost!
- It's a bit loose, isn't it?
- Yes.
Shall I stitch it a bit?
You are impossible.
Shall I?
Look mom, father has a paunch here.
I am telling...
It's too big for you.
Mom, why are you trying so hard?
- It's too big.
- Leave me alone!
Mom, father had
an older trouser, no?
Yes, a grey colored trouser.
At that time father
didn't have a big paunch.
- Yes, I will bring it.
- Bring it.
Now try another one.
Look, dear.
That trouser came
here before my birth.
So what?
You won't get the job
if you wear this to the interview!
It's coming. Check it.
Go on!
Ranju, see this.
The color is great, no?
It was your father's favorite.
You are wasting time.
It's too big.
No, it won't do.
It's all your fault!
You are troubling him,
spoiling his mood!
Listen, mom.
Is there any use in screaming?
Can't we solve
the problem calmly?
I'm thinking...
Instead of going there
wearing father's dress...
Going there
wearing father's dress...
You have dhoti-punjabi.
He can wear it.
And also he looks good in that.
Dhoti... Punjabi...
He has a cotton dhoti.
Doesn't he, mother?
Handloom punjabi won't do.
No. No.
Foreign company.
But you are a Bengali!
Mom, leave that Bengali crap!
It's not a matter of Bengali,
nor your son's wedding. OK?
It's an office and an interview.
These people are strange.
They didn't get
another day to strike!
You have many friends.
You can't find a suit?
Yes, it's a good idea.
Try somewhere.
There's Dilip... Ashok...
See if they can...
Just a second.
Who? Anjana?
When did you return?
And you didn't call me?
Working? No.
I was taking rest for a while.
You went on tour?
Did you make any sketches?
So many of them?
You are a genius!
No matter what, I hate seas.
I prefer still life.
She didn't tell us anything about it,
and suddenly, she gave us
the shock of the lifetime!
Can you believe it Anjana?
A girl like Sudishtna,
to fall in love with someone?
Yes, she married him.
Just a second.
No, I didn't say to you.
It's Ranjit.
Yes, but still it's too long.
You saw him once.
I introduced you to him.
Just a second.
Let me tell him about you.
It's Anjana. She's studies
with me in Arts college.
Tall. Transparent.
And her color is...
I wouldn't say fair,
but her eyes are...
You know, Anjana,
Ranju is getting a bit irritated.
Yes, I made him wait for a long time.
OK then.
We can talk later on, yes!
One more thing... I prefer still life!
God! It was a long conversation.
What can I do?
She doesn't leave me.
I could hear only one side.
She called me
after a long time.
She wasn't here.
Yes, she went to Puri on a trip.
I am sorry!
How did I act?
God! I got scared.
I can be a film-star?
Absolutely Uttam Kumar.
So what were you saying?
Yes, what was I saying?
You got a job.
After that...
Shouldn't I buy a new flat?
You will leave the old house?
After that?
Then we will
shift to that house.
After that?
I will decorate the flat.
After that?
After that?
No. Now you tell me.
I will plant some plants.
After that?
Then, I will destroy
everything that you decorated.
Oh God! Why?
I'll have to redecorate everything.
Everything will be latest.
We will get.
- From where?
- Richardson & co.
I don't wear traditional hat.
Hello! 478899.
What happened?
Who? Kalyan?
The coat's torn?
It's not torn.
It's just a small cut.
I went there
straight from your place.
Few moth holes here and there.
Best. Prominent.
If it was for another place,
it wouldn't have been a problem.
But in this a place...
dress is of primary importance.
Yes. Yes.
I completely forgot it.
It's quite possible.
He must have one.
Can you give me his number?
Just a minute. Write it down.
Sanjay Sen.
It was here.
Yes, it's here.
Sanjay Sen.
No. It's a doctor's number.
Yes, there's one more number.
Sanjay Sen! No!
It's at Ballygunge Circle road.
How would you get his name?
Telephone is in his
grandfather's name.
I don't know
his grandfather's name.
There's another option.
I can go straight to his house.
I don't need his number.
I know his place.
I have to take the right turn.
On the second floor,
of the white building.
It's gone.
I came to meet Sanjay Sen.
It seems that your electric
line is not working.
They are not here.
They left the house a week ago.
Come at the evening,
my son will give you the address.
Great! Great!
Trust me, it will be great.
We weren't getting
any idea till now.
We had a strong tea and that's it.
Tapan, do you
think we can solve it?
It's already solved!
- Isn't his waist bigger than mine?
- No. It's not.
I asked you to bring water!
Listen. Firstly it's not true.
In any case, we will try
his father's or his uncle's.
What are you say?
What father and grandfather?
There is a reason.
Because this is
a foreign family.
They wear only suits.
And there are many
males in that family.
Among so many waists,
one waist must fit you,
otherwise, you have to understand,
that you are not
destined to get this job!
Now get up. Let's go!
- Do you have money?
- Yes.
Fine. Taxi!
Tapan, we are going to Nilankar,
after a long time.
I am feeling awkward.
Why awkward?
You need a suit.
He has a suit. That's all.
We are going just for an ordinary suit.
Ordinary? Ordinary suit?
Your future depends on this suit. OK?
If you can't maintain friendships,
at least keep in touch
once in a while!
Hello, Mr. Mallick!
How do you do?
Looks great on you.
It's not great, but OK.
No, sir!
It suits you better
than anyone else.
Get up! Up!
What's wrong with you?
You have changed,
but you are the same.
It will be good
if you can change yourself.
Get this job, and I'll
take you to our tailor.
I'll get you some suits stitched.
They will look great on you!
Didn't I bring him to the right place?
I know you well.
What are you doing!
Leave me. Stop kidding.
Tapan's just...
Hey, can I use your phone?
I have to call to Bulbul.
Yes, I am Ranjit.
From Nilankar's home.
Yes, I got it.
No, his suit.
It's his brother's suit.
Yes, it's great.
At the museum?
But why museum?
No. No.
You will draw sketches there.
Oh! You have to draw
sketches today itself?
The place is quite good.
OK. Alright.
OK. At 3 o'clock the
interview will be over.
at 4 o'clock...
OK, I'll be there at 4.
At 4 o'clock.
At 4 o'clock?
You said 4 o'clock?
- Alright.
- What?
You will also go there?
One to Bhavanipur,
and one to Esplanade.
Dude, you got the job.
Don't forget about me.
It's a foreign company. That's why.
Let me get the job...
What's this?
Don't be negative!
Let me get the job first.
You said that you got it!
Let me settle there first.
You can settle in 2 days.
No matter what you say
the suit's just great.
Listen. He said that he'll
take you to the tailor.
Get a suit stitched for you.
You know, Ranju...
7 months have gone waste!
The union hasn't give up,
but I don't think there
will a result any time soon.
That's why I was telling
you to keep me in mind.
My stop is here.
Hold it.
It's ironed.
Remember my qualification.
School final. And typing
speed is 45. Goodbye!
- Yes, tell me were you standing?
- Inside the bus.
Inside the bus?
And where was your purse?
- In my shirt-pocket.
- Your shirt-pocket...
Listen, I have an interview.
I have to go now.
- Listen...
- Just a minute.
Where did this incident take place?
- Just after Elgin road.
- After Elgin road. After the bus-stop.
Sit there for a while.
What happened?
Were you in the bus?
Yes, I'm the one
who caught him.
- Were you standing at the back-door?
- Yes.
- What's your name?
- Ranjit Mallick.
- Ranjit Mallick. Father's name?
- Somnath Mallick.
- He has expired.
- Late... Late Somnath Mallick.
- You live at...
- At Bhavanipur.
Bhavanipur, complete address?
It's Mahesh Chaudhary lane.
- Calcutta.
- 20.
- Your own house?
- No, a rented one.
- Rented. The landlord's name?
- I don't know his name.
Duty. It's very crowded.
What are you all doing here?
Disperse the crowd.
It's quite suffocating here.
Go outside! Please go.
- What do you do for a living?
- I work in press.
- Press. Name of the press?
- Sridhar Press.
- Address?
- Gobindo Basu lane.
- Complete address?
- 9, Gobindo Basu lane.
9, Gobindo Basu lane.
- So you work here?
- Yes.
- How do you know him?
- I don't know him...
We were in the bus, his pocket
was picked and I caught the thief.
- Now if you let me go...
- Just a minute.
Let me finish it.
Gobindo Basu lane.
- I should go...
- Just a minute.
- I have an interview.
- Let me note everything down.
Let us observe our formalities.
You saw the stolen purse.
Now you came to help.
Please, wait for some time more.
Why did you come back to this area?
I didn't pick his pocket.
You didn't pick his pocket?
Then why they caught you?
He has differences with me.
I was standing at the gate...
He has differences with you
standing at the gate...
Stop the rubbish and tell
me who else was with you.
- Sir, I was...
- Who else was with you?
- No one else.
- How much money was there in it?
I was standing at the gate and he...
What did you think?
You can do whatever you feel like?
Constable, bring a stick.
Bring a stick.
Scoundrel! I will bash you up.
- Sir, can I go now?
- Just a few more minutes.
Listen, I have an interview.
I have to leave now.
I have given you my address.
I will come back if you need me.
Let me go now.
My suit.
- Can I make a call from here?
- Yes.
Please give me the directory.
Where shall I call!
Whom shall I call!
Do you know,
I lost my belongings in a bus.
State transport!
State transport.
In your bus... Yes.
Near the Elgin road,
Elgin road, yes.
I left a packet...
Inside the packet there's
a suit, a complete suit.
A packet wrapped
in a white paper.
There's a suit in it.
Will you please wait?
I am talking about...
It's important matter.
After I finish you can...
Yes, the bus was running
towards Jogul Rd. Bazaar...
Jogul Rd. Bazaar.
What's wrong with you?
Leave me the line.
This is an important matter and you...
You can talk after I am done.
Yes, I was saying that it was going...
What's wrong with you guys?
You are talking like
an uncultured person.
It's an important matter.
Can't you hear me!
You couldn't hold the
packet in your hands?
Will it still be there?
Someone might have taken it.
My only concern is
what I will tell Mriganko!
Ranju, you shouldn't have
involve, from the beginning.
The thief would have got the money
and I would have been OK!
What will you do now?
What can I do?
It'll all be in vain.
You won't go?
How can I go?
Have you guys eaten?
- You haven't eaten?
- Forget the food!
We have to do something!
What do you think?
I'll call uncle Shekhar,
and let him know that I am not going.
Have you lost your mind?
After doing so much, now...
We can do one thing.
Like... I mean if...
Mithu... What were you saying then?
Oh! You are talking about dhoti-punjabi!
Will you wear dhoti-punjabi and go?
Are you mad?
No, if there is no suit then...
Isn't that their fault?
It's not about fault, Ranju.
There is no other way.
I should tell them I had a suit...
There was a strike, so couldn't get it!
Found another way, but didn't work out!
- That's not possible!!
- Of course it is!
Where there is will there is a way!
Have you read Bibad?
By Samar S. Bose?
Yes! Of course! I have read it.
No, doesn't look like it...
Oh, I thought you will not come.
What? What is this attire?
This has it's own history...
When was the last time you came here?
I came here when I was a kid!
With my father.
I dont remember clearly.
I remember seeing a mummy here.
- It's not here anymore, right?
- It's there. Come.
You got a job. After that...
- Flat.
- Flat?
Shouldn't I buy a new flat?
You will leave the old house?
- After that?
- Then we'll shift to that house.
- After that?
- I will decorate the flat.
After that?
After that?
Now you tell me.
I will plant some plants.
I'll have to redecorate everything.
From the beginning.
Everything will be latest.
- Money?
- We will get.
- From where?
- Richardson & co.
After what I did, he went
and made a fool of himself?
He went to the interview
wearing dhoti-punjabi!
I can't believe it, sister-in-law.
If I knew that he
would do such a thing...
I would've never...
The tea's getting cold.
Ranju is also not here
to bring some sweets.
No, it's alright.
You came here
straight from the office?
You are getting air?
Don't bother, sister-in-law.
It's alright.
I am not worried about Ranju.
I am worried about you.
I thought after all these years
you will find happiness.
That is not written in my fate!
But, whatever you did for us...
Didn't have any results!
Sister-in-law, the problem is...
The kids of this
generation don't have...
any sense of responsibility.
But you know...
He tried his best...
I won't believe it.
Otherwise he wouldn't
made a fool of himself.
- The laundry was closed today.
- I know that.
It wasn't closed. It's on strike.
He could've got it yesterday.
Or the day before.
He got another suit...
But he lost it, right?
When he came home this afternoon...
you should've seen him...
Sister-in-law, he is not
what you think he is.
But trust me...
If you had seen
him at that time!
You would've
felt sorry for him.
No, I would not.
I wouldn't felt sorry for him.
He belongs to
that incorrigible set of...
What happened?
I had an interview.
I might've got the job.
I would've got it.
But the laundry went on strike.
I didn't get my suit.
Somehow I got one,
but I lost it as well.
I had to attend the
interview in a dhoti-punjabi.
At the end...
I didn't get the job.
But still I have a job.
I have a job.
I have to look after my family...
A small family.
But I support them!
My family is dependent on me.
And many others
look after their families.
Like I do.
They take care of them.
Thanks, but you are...
You don't know me.
I have been following you...
Since the beginning.
I am spying on you since morning.
You are...
I am the audience.
You are not at all upset?
- You lost a job.
- No.
- You are not saddened?
- No.
- Why are you lying?
- What?
You said you didn't bothered.
Yes, I am not bothered.
- Then why did you run all day?
- For the suit.
- Why did you need the suit?
- For the interview.
- The interview. Yes!
- I wanted to go to the interview.
Didn't you want to get selected?
In that interview you went?
- So what?
- You are getting grumpy.
And you ask such irritating questions!
- You are hiding.
- No, I am not hiding.
I applied for a job.
I had an interview.
I lost the suit and
I lost the job, that's it.
So what's the big deal?
I have a job.
Wait a minute.
Calm down.
You have a job.
That's what I am saying.
But you wanted a better job.
Yes. A better job.
More money.
Much, much more.
More than double
of what you are getting now.
Plus something.
Plus commission.
I am sorry, but these
are not my words.
These are your words.
You said that to your mother...
I mean...
You mean you wanted to rise in life.
No, I...
You wanted to
change your condition.
You were lying till now?
That you didn't get the job...
but you don't care.
It's a case of sour grapes.
Right, brother?
It's surprising.
I told you, I am not
upset about that job.
I am not upset!
No! No! No!
Tell me something.
If you could have go
to the interview in that suit...
If you were able
to arrange your suit...
Which scoundrel would've
dared to take away your job?
Do you know...
I might've got the job...
I would've got it.
I should've got it.
They said I am a clown.
They said I didn't
dress properly.
I went there in dhoti-punjabi.
My dhoti. My punjabi.
What's this injustice?
They would've been happy
if I wore the suit.
They wanted me to wear a suit.
But what can I do if
I didn't get a suit?
I had everything else.
Talent. Eligibility.
that they wanted.
Except the clothes.
What if I had a lot of money?
If I had two, three..
Even four suits!
If I had a full wardrobe!
If I didn't have
the fear of moth.
If I didn't have
to worry about clothes.
If I had a big bank balance?
Then I would've
got this job easily.
I would've got it if not for money.
That's the reason
I didn't get this job.
It's complete injustice.
It's bogus. It's a lie.
We are forced
to live in a dark society.
And we are forced
to accept these rules.
We should protest against
them, shouldn't we?
We should raise
our voices against them!
We must show them that this
is a lie, it's injustice.
What's this?
Where did you all go?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
You were questioning me.
Where have you gone now?
Can you hear me?
Why did you leave me alone!
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?