Into the Mirror (2018) Movie Script

[soft music]
[music continues]
[ominous music]
Good work with the report
last week, mate.
Edison's transfer account?
Wake up, pretty boy.
I'm trying to pay you
a fucking compliment, mate. Huh?
You know, Harry. If you spent
some time working
rather than doing the rounds
maculating your employees,
this office might
be taken seriously.
Yeah, no one's talking
to you, Blu.
Beer on me tonight, huh?
- Okay.
- That's the spirit.
Honestly, well done on
that account, mate.
Brass balls, eh?
Oh, hi, Daniel.
- Morning Chris.
- How are you?
- I'm good, thanks. How are you?
- Good.
- Glad it's Friday.
- Yes.
- Coffee?
- Yes, please. Thank you.
Oh, by the way, mate,
congratulations on that
transfer account.
- Thank you.
- Honestly, it's good work.
So how are you
finding the place?
Yeah, it's, um, it's good.
Yeah, everyone's friendly,
and I'm enjoying the work.
Good. Good, I'm glad.
- Uh, here you go.
- Thank you.
Uh, look,
if you ever need anything,
here's my card.
Your welcome. Have a nice day.
Yeah, you, too.
[party horn]
- congratulations!
- Thanks.
So I guess you're going
to be staying here longer then?
- It looks that way.
- Cool.
- Chris is nice.
- Oy, yeah. He's lovely.
Unlike Harry. You just have
to ignore him.
He's like that with everyone.
Talking of the devil,
I need to make him
a cup of coffee.
- Yeah, back to work.
- Yeah.
Oh, Dan?
- Oh, thank you.
- No, worries, "brass balls."
[synthesizer music]
[phone buzzing]
[ominous music]
[door opens]
- Hey.
- Hey.
Danny boy.
Everything alright, mate?
- Yeah.
- Uh-huh?
Yeah. Uh-huh.
Well, see you out there, mate.
- Alright?
- Yeah.
Sorry, can you spare me?
Cheers, mate.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Am I, uh, interrupting?
What do you think? Hm?
Girl in there?
Yeah, she's nice.
She is.
Who are you fucking then?
Go on, who are you fucking?
- No one.
- No one?
You've been in London, what,
three months?
You need to get laid, mate.
You need to get laid.
Hey, hey, hey. I'm just joking,
I'm just joking.
I need you around, mate.
Okay, come on. Come on.
- Give us two minutes.
- Alright.
Okay. I'll see you
in there, alright?
Lover boy, right? Lover boy.
[Blu] Daniel!
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Yeah.
- You look nice.
- Thanks.
So do you.
So why are you sneaking out?
How did you know
I was doing that?
I was spying on you
from across the road.
I'm joking.
I just wanted to hide
from the new lot
and sat here
with a friend at the bar.
Oh, okay.
There's my ride.
Do you want to join us
for a dance and drink?
Uh, I need to get back,
but next time.
- Thanks for the offer.
- Well, if you want to come,
address is on the back.
See ya.
[calm music]
[Daniel] Hi,
this is Daniel Reed.
Sorry I can't get
to the phone right now.
Leave a name, number,
and a brief message,
I'll get back to you.
Dan, it's me.
I've been meaning
to find something.
Look, I know
it's a couple of months
since it all happened,
and well...
I just want to try and sort
things out between us.
It'll be your mum's birthday
next week.
I think it's the right time.
Remember that time
when you were seven,
we had that day at the beach.
I found the old video.
I miss her, Daniel.
I miss you, too.
Your mum always understood you
better than I did.
The door's always open.
[dance music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
Good morning, handsome.
Let me guess, "Where am I?
What did I do?
How did I get here?"
Yeah, something like that.
You know, you were a hit
in there earlier.
It's okay to be one
of the lost ones.
You don't have
to be lost forever.
- Daniel.
- I know.
- Thanks for the cig.
- It's yours.
See you.
See you soon.
[dreamy music]
[ominous music]
[bell ringing]
- Hey, you.
- Hey.
Brought you some breakfast.
Do you want to come in?
How do you know
where I live, Blu?
You told me last night, stupid.
Last night?
Lost and Found?
No, thanks.
Why are you here, Blu?
Tonight's your big night.
I can't remember last night,
I was so drunk.
Shut up and eat your breakfast.
Everything's fine.
Hey, Jen. You okay?
Look can you get
there early tonight?
- I'm going to be late.
- Yeah, that's fine.
How's Daniel?
Yeah, he's fine.
I've made sure he's got
everything he needs,
so it's all good.
Good. Well, take care of it,
would you?
- Yeah.
- Good.
- Okay, love you.
- Love you.
Love you, bye!
Who was that?
- Jen.
- Jen?
Yeah, I, um...
Whatever I said to you
last night...
I was joking.
Do you seriously don't remember
last night?
Daniel, it's fine.
I'm not going to treat
this like a joke
like those twats
at the office.
Look, it's okay.
I think you should leave.
Daniel, it's fine.
- I understand.
- You understand?
Just go, please.
[soft music]
[soft music]
[Daniel's dad] Daniel, it's me.
Um, I just want to try
and sort things out between us.
Your mum always understood
you better than I did.
I miss her, Daniel.
And I miss you, too.
The door's always open.
[ominous music]
[women's voice echoing]
[water draining]
[dance music]
You don't have
to be lost forever.
[ominous music]
[women] Can I help you?
Yeah, I've come to speak
to Blu.
[women] I think you should
leave right now.
No, no, no. I know Blu.
I work with her.
This is Lost and Found, right?
Look, I was here last night.
I've got a Lost and Found card.
[dance music]
There she is.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Daniel.
I needed to come and say
that I'm really sorry
I shouted--
Daniel, it's fine.
Everything I said
last night to you--
You don't need
to explain yourself.
I understand.
Good luck.
Hi, Daniel.
You're covered I see.
Yeah, that was a--
A wild night.
You're always welcomed here.
You're part of the family now.
Thank you.
See you soon.
Hey, Dad.
[music continues]
[ominous music]
[slow dance music]
- Good morning, Daniel.
- Hi, Jan. How are you?
I'm well, thank you. And you?
I'm good, thank you.
- What time is it?
- It is 10 past eight.
Ten past eight, thank you.
Hey, cheeky chops!
Jan. Jan!
- Oh, thank god it's Friday.
- Yeah.
That's a really lovely dress
by the way.
Oh, thank you.
I only got it yesterday.
Have a nice day.
You, too.
Have a lovey day, Daniel.
He's a nice boy, isn't he,
cheeky chops?
What do you think?
You were smiling, right?
I haven't seen you smile
like that for a while.
Not for me anyway.
- Save it, Harry.
- Well, don't you like him?
Don't worry, we all do.
Your post is on your desk.
Alright, did you open it?
Yeah, right.
Well, you know what?
I was working.
Uh, Blu, coffee.
You either evolve,
or you fucking die, yeah.
Evolve or die, I've said it
to you before.
Alright, you think about that.
[phone buzzes]
Danny boy. Drinks tonight,
nine o'clock.
And no sneaking away.
No sneaking off like last time.
[slurred speech]
What? What are you on?
[slow music]
[music continues]
[dance music]
Evening, ladies.
[all] Evening, Gingee.
I said, evening ladies!
[all] Evening, Gingee!
Okay, Jen, how's it going?
I don't know.
I think I'm just about done.
Why, how do I look?
There are no words.
And that is why I love you.
[music continues]
[slow music]
["It's Not Enough"]
[music continues]
- Daniel.
- Sorry.
Daniel, wait.
I can't even walk in these,
and my wig--
And I just feel so...
You look fantastic.
You know,
I've kept this in
all these years.
I don't...
I've never told anyone.
Its that one person.
And she understood.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why I'm telling
you this...
I'm just really scared.
It's okay.
These things take time.
Oh, god. I'm sorry.
Look at you. You're here!
Not everyone feels comfortable
the first time.
You make a beautiful
young woman.
[ominous music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[woman] Daniel.
[ominous music]
Oh, Danny.
I was like you once.
She's proud.
Follow this path,
and don't get lost.
[soft music]
[music continues]