Into the White (2012) Movie Script

Inspired by real events.
In the winter of 1940 fought
Brits and Germans Norway.
The goal was to gain control over
iron ore supply from Norway.
There was fighting between German bombers
and British fighter planes.
- Is there any casualties? Strunk?
- No.
- Schwartz?
- I have been hit in the elbow.
- Hauk!
- Hauk is dead.
Sergeant, take some of Overkonstablens
wounds. Disinfect and connect it.
I go over and find out
which way to go.
Am I going to die?
I will surely not die?
They have been injured in the elbow,
Overkonstabel. In the elbow.
Why he flew far? We said
all he had to turn back.
It should not hang them in.
Mr. Lieutenant? Lieutenant!
- Schopis!
- I'm down here!
During the snow!
What happened?
I fell down there.
That was what happened.
- Joseph, your book.
- What have you got?
I waited for six hours
at Alexanderplatz.
Finally, Hitler came by.
It's his autograph.
Biscuits, chocolate, sausage,
sauerkraut and beer.
- Beer?
- You never know, Mr. Lieutenant.
Yes. You are right.
What do we do now?
We march to the coast,
find our army and go to war again.
Hauk fell for his country.
"In time of need
raises as heroes -
- Filled with contempt for death,
determination and a cool head. "
"But ..."
"But there must be an external
incident to call genius. "
"Fate auction,
forcing one man to their knees -
- Makes sudden another
for a determined completely. "
It is as if Hitler speaks to me.
Speaking to us.
Do you understand it?
We were alone against three enemy planes,
and we survived.
And we got shot one of them. It is
Minus 20 degrees, and we do not freeze.
Turn off the light.
We use the battery.
We can not just go
in a random direction.
- The sled is too heavy!
- Loosen the belt.
- What?
- Loosen the belt!
Do we have water?
Strunk, turn up the oven.
Norwegians are thorough people.
There are only two.
Can you hear it?
I hate this place.
I hereby declare
this shit hole of German.
- Stop!
- Who's there?
Stop! Stand!
Who are you?
- A British officer and a soldier.
- What are you doing here?
Our plane was shot down
about three miles from here.
- And who are you?
- We are German pilots.
We were also shot down.
So ...
- Come on.
- Mr. Lieutenant?
Thank you.
It is probably not possible,
that you can get a cup of tea?
Lieutenant Horst Schopis.
Sergeant Wolfgang Strunk
and Constable Joseph Schwartz.
I'm Captain Davenport,
and this is my gunner Smith.
- Where slept in the night?
- In the plane.
- And you?
- In a snow cave.
This is probably a hunting lodge.
There is room for all of us.
- Smith and I can sleep over here.
- No.
- It is our beds.
- Your beds?
We're all just arrived.
How can it be your beds?
It is best, I sleep over there. We were
friendly to invite you inside.
Yes, but this
is a Norwegian cabin.
Who do you think the owners any
will share it with? You or me?
In a German-occupied country, it's me.
And sooner or later
this is German.
So go over there and sit.
I am a British officer, and I have
not to heed to sound your orders.
It's five o'clock, and you are now
officially the Third Reich prisoners.
I order you to go over.
- To hell with the Third Reich.
- Shut up!
- You say never again.
- It's an unusual situation.
- We must work together.
- Yes, we must.
But I must make it our prisoners.
Lieutenant, we should not shoot them?
- No.
- In English, please.
- Why not?
- We are not wild Hottentots.
- In English.
- Quiet.
They kill us if they get the chance.
I'm sure.
Well, then go ahead.
- Should I shoot them?
- Yes.
Yes. You have my permission.
Come on.
Do you want to shoot me?
But they would also
be useful as hostages.
They can lay a false trail in the snow,
when we go from here.
- So I should let them live?
- Yes.
It is probably the best.
You should be left with a rattle,
not a gun.
The hands on the bed. It was not
a request. The hands on the bed.
We are unarmed. Unarmed.
- We put it on the stove.
- Give it to me.
We provide fire and lighter.
I got it from my father when I was
15. It would bring me luck.
Held, Captain?
Look around you.
When we leave,
you get lighter.
I promise you.
No. I'll take the lighter. Come to
me when there is a need for it.
- I'm going nowhere.
- You complain about the small things.
It is not a small thing, and so
far as I can see, you create problems.
Fucking Germans.
Let me make this real.
You are prisoners of war.
I will be here,
until the weather gets better.
Tomorrow we march towards the coast,
and then end up in a prison camp.
- Is that clear?
- Complete. Not true, Smith?
It was short but concise.
It is the British side,
and it is the German side.
You must ask for permission every time
I will leave the British side.
Otherwise we shoot you.
Is that clear?
In such a case, and in accordance
with the Geneva Convention -
- We are entitled to a bed,
three meals a day -
- And sports facilities.
be treated fairly.
I will not say
You're good to equitably.
Under these circumstances,
one bullet in your head may seem just.
I get the same food as us.
And your lodgings are also
the same as ours.
And about sports ...
Let me introduce you
the beautiful Norwegian countryside.
Any questions?
Where is the toilet?
The toilet is out there on the left.
Here. Toilet paper.
It is not toilet paper.
Smaller pieces.
Irritating them as much as possible.
Induce them.
Make them stressed and insecure.
Yes, sir.
Strunk goes with you.
And bring firewood back.
What was your name again?
Me, Smith.
One more time.
Me, Smith. You ...?
- What's your name?
- Strunk.
Well, Ostrich?
What do you think about Norway?
I thought it enough.
I can not.
Is it true that the Germans
do not eat anything other than sausages?
Hey, Ostrich,
Why freezer not you?
Maybe you're too stupid to
to feel the cold.
Are you okay?
Help him.
I need to change the dressing.
- Him the great do not understand English.
- They may not German, Smith.
Who's with me?
- Is it bad?
- No, no.
- But I have to clean the wound.
- There is inflammation of the wound.
Do not
go over the line without permission.
As you will.
It's nothing.
I just wanted to help.
I am a British officer, and Smith here
is a private in the Air Force.
We refuse
to sit on the floor and eat.
Why create problems?
We will eat at the table like you.
Is it a problem?
No. Not at all.
- Sit down finally.
- Thank you, Smith.
Well ... Enjoy your meal.
- It tastes good.
- This? Are you kidding me?
- You become strong by it.
- So you eat it.
- Germans can march and hold it.
- Well? I have not demanding what?
Why invaded In that Poland?
Germany was not enough?
And you go to bed now.
- So now you want it?
- No.
But the little Nazi
Nor should enjoy it.
You should learn
your soldier manners and discipline.
It is none of your business.
Captain Davenport ...
You are right. It concerns not me.
Also it may be,
my soldier just followed my orders.
Why can not we just sit
and talk civilized together?
Just speak.
A conversation.
About what?
Okay. What about politics?
It's a bad idea.
Yes. Germany is known for
to build the world's best cars.
At least the boring cars.
British cars have elegance and style.
- Yes. But they always breaks down.
- So what?
Would you marry a woman,
because she always served food at. 19?
- I would not blame her.
- What about sensuality and adventure?
Without the unexpected
people start to get bored.
What do you think Germans about Jesse Owens?
Ham the black, who beat
your best-man at the Olympics.
- He was talented and deserved the victory.
- Cross.
We sit and argue about small things -
- When the only thing we want is
to come home to our ladies.
- What?
- Girls.
I have since ladies in Germany, right?
Tonight I had a date
with the bartender Sheila from the base.
Blue eyes, bright red hair -
- And a figure
you turn around and look after.
They tried all
to get their hands on her, but without success.
- But you did manage to get her?
- Yes. I won her.
Or she actually won me.
I'm darts champion in town.
Three times in a row.
Then Sheila,
give me a beer and says:
"Smith, I like you.
Turns me in darts, I'm yours. "
- And did you hit her so?
- She hit me three times in a row.
Completely without cheating.
The day before we left, she gave me
a note over the counter.
What was it?
"I am very pleased
until you get better at darts. "
"Come to me, as soon as you
back. Love Sheila. "
And then I shot us down.
What about him klepperten over there?
Does he have a woman in his life?
Strunk has a family.
Three children and a beautiful wife.
- He ever talk to them?
- Strunk makes his family honor.
He worked for the family business,
which has 2,000 employees.
And then he joined
volunteering to Luftwaffe.
- Why he volunteered?
- In order to serve his country.
And Hitler jr., Who is
love of your life? Your mother?
His mother is dead.
And what about you? Do you have a woman,
waiting at home?
- Have not we all?
- I have since.
Speaking of women,
then washing out.
- You and Smith.
- You did not answer.
Yes, I did.
In doing the dishes now.
- Unfortunately we can not.
- Why not?
The kitchen is over on the German side.
Your compass contains alcohol.
It may turn inflammation down.
Teacher In nothing Luftwaffe?
Of course, but so would
we do not have a compass, Davenport.
Our position is 62 degrees,
0 minutes and 33 seconds.
- So are we ...
- Four kilometers.
- Planning the trip tomorrow?
- Yes.
West is on the way.
- No, it's that way.
- Two kilometers ...
I should have checked the compass,
before I smashed it.
West is the direction
and I can prove.
- Is your scarf of silk?
- Of course.
Can I borrow it?
May I ask permission
to cross the border?
Silken makes the needle magnetic.
You were right, Lieutenant.
What a fine, small compass.
It is common knowledge in the Luftwaffe.
I must piss.
How would I run to?
You will not win this war, buddy.
What the hell's the sausages,
you eat? Antifreeze?
You win the pissing contest, Dunk.
Strunk? Strunk?
It is two o'clock.
It's your turn to keep watch.
No! No.
- Joseph ...
- No!
I dreamed Brits ate me.
They laughed as they ate me.
- They sleep.
- I do not trust them.
That we do not need.
We are armed.
We bombs British ships
and shoots British planes.
- Why can not we just shoot them?
- They are useful as hostages.
Where is your gun?
I have that in hand.
So it is up.
We're leaving in half an hour.
We'd rather stay here,
if you do not mind.
Need a mirror?
Why not?
But then I
having barberhvlen afterwards.
We are here somewhere.
We go this way,
across the hill.
Have you seen the weather?
This is a pure, untamed wilderness.
Captain, we have run out of food, and
there is almost no burn back.
- We're leaving now.
- Lieutenant. I have a suggestion.
- We can go their separate ways.
- No.
Why not?
- There are rules of warfare.
- Why are you so obsessed with rules?
It do not understand. Therefore, we
large, while Britain crumbles.
- Nonsense. The empire is doing fine.
- Fine? Wake up, Captain.
Come on. This way.
Strunk, I can not.
Follow the trail.
Over here!
We have to go back.
Go back to the hut.
Let's just face it.
We are going to die here.
Lieutenant, why did we not?
I do not understand.
- All the other ...
- Enough, overkonstabel.
Why did we not?
We had our orders.
I made a decision.
- But ...
- There is nothing more to say about it.
How will we survive?
We have beds and bars.
We can take wood
from the floor and the walls.
You there. Help him.
I know what we can eat.
- Should we really eat moss?
- It is delicious and vitamin rich.
Madregel number one: Is it
vitamin rich, it tastes bad.
It tastes good.
Not bad.
It would be good with meat.
We can go hunting.
- You do not like soup?
- It's okay, idiot.
But little meat would decorate.
Old Adolf is probably also a vegetarian?
- I'm not a vegetarian.
- Why are you so thin?
Smith, are you really
the local darts champion?
- That's right.
- No, he's not.
Give me three balls, your penguin,
and I'll prove it to you.
Stand up.
Yes, come on, Schwartz.
Point to one of Joseph's buttons.
- What?
- Point to one of Joseph's buttons.
That one.
Stand still.
It was pure luck.
Stand still.
You can not
do it three times in a row.
- You were right, Lieutenant.
- It was on purpose!
You should see your face.
Not to enter into it, but your
Soup has given me diarrhea.
- What?
- Can I go to shit?
I must be on the toilet.
- All right, Smith.
- Thank you.
Captain Davenport.
Thank you.
Come and shoot them.
Reindeer! Come and shoot them!
Damn it, then!
Ten-fifteen reindeer.
Just outside the hut, damn it!
Yes, I know.
They're gone now.
You, Joseph ...
I must say that Chapter two
was just hard enough at my ass.
Now you have done in the nettles.
I'll kill you.
- Move!
- Joseph! Give me your weapon.
- Move!
- I said, put the weapon.
- You're a dead man.
- Say sorry.
You are completely out of yourself.
Give me the weapon.
You are a proud German soldier.
The Luftwaffe's order
and discipline a matter of honor.
- Do not forsake now.
- Move!
- You're a dead man!
- Commander gave you an order.
It must you obey.
Listen to your Commander
and put the weapon from you.
Do you really disobey
against your platoon?
I did not give you permission to
to cross the line, Captain.
The weapons down on the floor!
Push them over.
Good work, Smith.
You go over there.
Taking in us to capture?
- Yes.
- In this case we have the right ...
- Yes, I know.
- Yes.
But you also accept,
it is your responsibility?
Well. Now we swap places.
- Please take Joseph.
- He's doing fine over there.
Let him be there.
But pray Strunk
bear all potential weapons above.
Do it.
Also ax.
I have a few questions.
I have invaded most
of Europe. However, not England.
How does it feel?
I do not know.
I'm just a pilot.
Think thoroughly about.
- I feel bad.
- Why did you do it?
When do you think Hitler becomes
satisfied? When he has taken China?
- Maybe.
- What the hell does he want with China?
- They speak the Chinese over there.
- You're probably right in.
One last question: Why do you think
You have the right to invade all?
- Maybe we are just like you.
- I understand not at all.
- I also invaded the world.
- No.
What about India?
What with all the colonies?
I traveled out with a gun and a Bible
and did just what I wanted.
- Why are we here.
- Nonsense.
Is it? We are here to protect
Norwegians against you.
I want the earth
and that which is in the.
- What the hell were we with it?
- You do not know? Resources.
Raw materials for industry.
Ships, planes and bombs.
Therefore, we are both here.
The story, Robert.
We will all get hold of raw materials.
There's nothing to eat.
What will you do about it?
We get more moss.
I go out and shoot a Norwegian
reindeer. Are you satisfied?
- Take Strunk with.
- Why?
That's an order.
Up, Ostrich. Op.
Here. You will need an extra gun
to go hunting with.
Take this too.
- I think that's a bad idea.
- I asked you not. Come on.
This is where the reindeer were.
I told you.
Ax, thank you.
Help me!
- I told you.
- Spare me your know-all attitude.
What are you doing?
- It was not very sporty.
- This is war, not a game.
Take it, but help me.
Why is it so important for you
to have control all the time?
For that is how
it is. Not too?
Look at me.
Look at me!
Good shot.
- Did you say something?
- Yes.
Why do not you
said something before?
You never say anything interesting.
What the hell's wrong with you?
- I am a failure.
- Nonsense. Keep on keeping on.
Yes, I am.
- What on earth do you mean?
- I'm a lousy pilot.
- I'm good, and you shot me down.
- My first trip ended in a plane crash.
Three dead.
I got three months in prison.
But when the war broke out,
they gave me a second chance.
On the next trip
I rushed into a hangar.
I lost a husband on this trip.
And look at Joseph.
Will not you help?
Why did you join voluntarily,
Strunk? You're almost 40 years.
- You served very well.
- It was my duty.
Would you like to lead a company
with 2,000 employees?
Paperwork, responsibility,
long working hours.
- No way.
- That's right. So I signed up.
And then you meet me.
Come on.
Strunk! Bar.
Take it!
- Down with the gun.
- Do it yourself.
- How did he get it?
- It's a long story.
I lower my gun,
if you do the same.
And end up in a German prison camp? No thanks.
- Do it, Smith.
- We must work together.
We forget the guns,
included a ceasefire and ...
And live like one big,
happy family?
Trust me, Smith.
Okay. On three.
A. Two.
- That's it.
- Yes. When you throw your second gun.
Make it so, Smith.
How. That was it.
We should probably rip it.
They go hunting at home.
Yes, but here we have people.
What do you think they do?
Get a knife to me.
Come on. It can not
be so difficult.
First we cut the head off.
- Do you like to cook?
- I've never tried it before.
Have you ever helped your mother?
She did never food.
But it's nice.
Can you smell it?
I'm afraid it's gangrene.
Are you sure?
I'm sorry.
Oh god.
We'll have to amputate
his arm and get him to the hospital.
How do we do it?
With the ax.
We must have warmed some water.
Take anything that can burn.
Beds, floorboards, what
at any time. Smith, get some snow.
So disinfects we ax, and saw ...
We should have stopped the blood.
- Can you help me with the jacket?
- Mr. Lieutenant, I found something.
It is dried meat.
- Why hide that?
- So Germans would not find it.
Should we not have something to drink now?
Good idea.
- Joseph?
- Wake up.
We found schnapps,
and we must drink the chapter
Come on.
Cheers, Joseph.
- Heja, Liverpool.
- Down with snaps.
We must win.
Drink some more.
- Yes, we win.
- Drink you nothing?
- Come, Smith, they win.
- Drink the driver.
Drink of Germany.
Germany Germany
above all,
above all in the world
when it is always in defense and despite
fraternal stick together
- Should I do it?
- Thank you.
But no thanks.
Did we win?
Yes. Just went back to sleep.
- Everything is in order.
- What are you doing?
Will you just ...?
What should we do with your arm?
I do not know.
Throw it out.
We can not.
It is Joseph's arm.
What should he do with it?
It is a bit of a nut to crack.
We must do something.
We could pack something around it -
- And bury it outside.
We bury the arm
and holding a small ceremony.
Perhaps Josef like to be with.
Perhaps it is best to ... wait.
Hell indeed.
Come here.
Can not we get something to drink now?
The rest is fine.
Let's talk tomorrow. Thank you.
I came across a dead German aircraft.
Here at Heilstuguvatn.
Well, that's where they went.
And the crew?
I do not know.
We must look for them tomorrow.
Your turn, Smith.
Tell us -
- How impressed
the beautiful Sheila.
- No way.
- Come on.
- Sheila.
- Sheila, Sheila, Sheila!
Okay. I showed her my cock,
and then she fainted.
It can happen if you do not
are used to carry strong glasses.
Come on, Smith.
Say it now.
How did you do it?
Okay. I sang to her.
Song you?
I asked myself up on the bar and singing.
It did peas.
- And what song you?
- "Over the Rainbow".
I had heard that she well
liked "Wizard of Oz".
May we hear?
- No.
- Come on.
- You can not sing.
- Yes.
- So sing.
- Sing.
Sing! Sing!
Sing! Sing! Sing!
I must piss.
And no competition this time.
- Liar!
- Liar!
I guess I can ...
somewhere over the rainbow
far up there
is a country
I've heard about
once in a lullaby
somewhere over the rainbow
is the sky blue
and dreams
you dared 'to dream
come true
a star
will hear my desire
and then I wake up
a cloudless place
where all the anguish
melts away
high above the chimneys peak
will find me
somewhere over the rainbow
where birds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
so why can not I?
Have something
you can show us, Captain?
Yes, I have actually.
And I do not hesitate to say,
it completely -
- Will surpass
your excellent performances.
Well what is it?
Close your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Where do they come from?
I would save them,
for we came out to the sea.
But this moment
seems more appropriate.
I can see the sea
through this small tube of enjoyment.
I can see the sea
through this small tube of enjoyment.
Gentlemen, it has been
a pleasure and an honor.
If you could do something else,
what would it be?
- It was a stupid question.
- Why?
Imagine if the company burned down,
and your parents said:
"There is no future here.
You must find something else. "
Why should I talk to you
about it? You have no principles.
- I have plenty. Do you hear?
- No.
Do what makes you happy.
What about liability?
What about responsibility
to be happy?
Raise your left arm.
You always do as they are told.
No one told me to become a soldier.
You did only
to get away from the family business.
It was plague or cholera.
So now I ask you:
When you do something,
that makes you happy?
Good night.
What happened?
- Is it gone?
- They got gangrene.
- They would be dead.
- It makes terribly sorry.
Look at me!
They have sacrificed his arm to master.
He would be proud of you.
Here. Eat some chocolate.
There are plenty.
Shall we go home now?
Yes, we're going home now.
I think
Smith and you must leave now.
Are you sure?
Josef feel better,
but we will just slow you.
- I have a suggestion.
- Yes, Smith?
I am looking for a better way.
I'll stay here and make a sled
to Joseph, and so off we go.
- Can you ski, Smith?
- I've tried it as a child.
So you are an expert. Excellent.
- I'll go with you.
- Good.
There are wonderful here.
It is quite certain.
You could be here
the war was over.
You should maybe do.
But you'd probably get homesick.
My wife left me a week ago.
She left me just ...
For my best friend.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to impress her -
- And I went too far.
And ...
Here we are.
She comes back to you, old man.
They just traveled from Germany.
So you think it
being here seriously?
We could put a pair of skis below.
And fasten them with nails.
What do you think?
- Yes!
- Why did you say yes?
- I won.
- No, you did not.
- I always wanted to be a painter.
- Of course you have.
Then do it.
- What about money?
- Go to Paris and paint tourists.
Find a cheap room and be
bohemian. The girls love it.
- There is war.
- Yes or no, Dunk?
- My father will be very disappointed.
- Maybe not.
You do not know my father.
He knows shown neither do you.
It is easier to take the road.
Here's the plan.
We pick up the other, and then we
slowly around the mountain there.
We are looking for signs. Are we
in British territory, is in the south.
- And vice versa.
- Good idea.
We'd better go.
I'm starting to like you.
Go? I'll show you,
how to ski.
- Is it going too fast for you?
- Of course, sausage German.
rulers, Britannia ...
Wake up!
Stupid Englishman.
Hands in the air!
Do not shoot. I'm British.
What? Brite?
Scour him.
It's okay.
You're safe.
You're safe now.
Hands in the air!
Drop the guns!
I am a British officer.
Stand up!
One day I will find his family.
I have a few things to say them.
We have a lot to talk about,
when we come down from the mountain.
Let's go.
Come on.
So I shot each other down
on 27 April.
- Reply.
- Yes.
You and your gunner Smith slept on the plane.
And the next day arrived I
to the same cabin as the Germans.
- Yes.
- Is not that a little strange?
And I was held captive in the cabin,
because they had some weapons.
But you had a Luger,
and we found one to the hut.
- Yes.
- I do not understand.
Why shot in them?
This information goes to the Norwegian
Army and on to your head.
I'm no expert, but I think
I will be regarded as traitors.
Both of them. Yes.
The lieutenant would like to leave something.
- Was there anything, Lieutenant?
- Yes.
- It belongs to Davenport.
- It's just a lighter.
- And now you will give him back?
- Yes.
Why did his lighter?
I took it from him.
Was that it, Lieutenant?
- Yes.
- Follow with.
Lieutenant Schopis
tells the same story.
They kept you trapped -
- But I do not believe you.
I find the slightest evidence of
collaboration, I'm coming after ...
Your twisted, small ostegnasker.
While I've been waiting for sunshine -
- We have struggled to survive
in a cabin with some Germans.
And most of us survived.
And now I
got my lighter back.
And so it is no longer.
Anything else?
Let's go, Smith.
Come on.
This way.
Horst Schopis spent seven years
as a prisoner of war in Canada.
A few days after
they returned to England, -
- Drew Davenport and Smith
the mission of Trondheim.
Once again, they were shot down.
Davenport was captured and spent
the rest of the war in a German prison camp.
Smith died in the attack.
Strunk is buried at
war cemetery in Trondheim.
Joseph spent the rest of the war
in a prison camp in Canada.
In 1977, Horst received a call
at his home in Munich.
It was Davenport.
He invited Horst to London.
Little by
met the two former enemies.
As friends.
Translation: Jesper Buhl
Scandinavian Text Service 2012