Introduction (2021) Movie Script

Produced by Jeonwonsa Film
written and directed by Hong Sangsoo
I'll do anything.
I'll sing your praises, Lord.
I'll give up half my wealth.
I'll give it to a poor orphanage.
I really will, I promise.
if you give me one more chance,
I promise to live in this way.
You can wait in there.
It won't take long.
I'll come out soon.
- Have fun on your own.
- I will.
What should I do?
Look at your phone, video clips.
No, that's so boring!
Don't worry about me. Good luck.
Well, I had some good luck.
Oh my.
- How long has it been?
- Have you been well?
- How've you been?
- Fine.
He's with a patient. Wait just a bit.
- Sit down there.
- Okay.
- Something to drink?
- Sure.
- Herb tonic?
- Okay.
Sure, have a seat.
Why won't it get better?
Might just be your constitution.
Watch what you eat. Avoid cold foods.
Right, cold food causes me problems.
It gives me diarrhea.
So I try not to eat ice cream,
but I can't help it.
You mustn't do that.
Be careful what you eat.
Anyway, take some herbal medicine,
and come back for more acupuncture.
- More?
- Yes.
All right.
Just relax here for a bit.
Oh, it's you! Wow, it's been so long.
- You've been well?
- Yes.
- It's been a long time.
- It has.
- Sorry to just drop in.
- No problem.
I was passing by
on my way up from the countryside.
- Were you shooting a film?
- Yes.
Have a seat.
Just a minute.
Sit down here.
So you were shooting in the countryside?
Well, I had some good luck.
- Anything bothering you?
- No, I feel fine.
It's been so long. Hasn't it?
Let me shake your hand.
Just a minute.
Bring us some tea.
What kind?
What would you like Herbal tonic?
- Herbal tonic sounds nice.
- It's very good.
- Herbal tonic, please.
- I'll bring it.
- Nothing bothering you, really?
- I'm fine.
Since you're here,
let me at least feel your pulse.
Very well.
I'll roll this up.
Wait just a bit. Did you get tea?
I'll just be a minute. Sorry.
- How about having lunch?
- That sounds nice.
I've something to discuss, too.
Then rest here for now.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
No, just resting my eyes.
Don't sleep, he'll be out soon.
Someone he knows stopped by suddenly.
You know who he is?
No, I don't.
An actor. A famous actor.
You don't know him? A famous theatre actor.
I see.
- I think I've seen him.
- Right?
In theatre circles, he's a god.
A real genius.
- Really?
- Yes.
More tea?
Oh my.
You didn't finish. Drink up.
- It's good.
- It's great tea.
It's a bit bitter.
Yes, it is...
You're just the same.
Even more handsome!
- You were always handsome.
- Thank you.
- Wait just a bit more!
- Okay.
Doctor, are you there?
He's not here.
He went upstairs for a sec.
He'll be right back.
Need anything?
It just hurts a bit.
Try to bear it.
- He'll take them out soon.
- Okay.
You've grown so tall.
And you smoke.
I just started recently.
You've been well?
It's been so long.
I missed you.
But you're skin and bones.
Me? No I'm not.
You should gain some weight.
And don't smoke.
- I'll quit.
- Yes, you should.
What's with this snow all of a sudden?
Still, I like it.
Did he ask you to come?
Yes, he called late last night.
- Wasn't sure whether to answer.
- I see.
What did he say?
He asked how I was,
and told me to stop by today.
I see.
You should come more often.
He's your dad, after all.
Yes, he is.
You're skin and bones.
Remember what you told me years ago?
You said you love me, remember?
That's right.
You did.
You still love me?
Yes, I still do.
That's great. What a relief!
What's that round thing?
Part of the tree?
It's odd-looking.
Looks like the branches are piled up.
Like they'd blow down in the wind.
It looks so funny.
How did it get that way?
Right, I've never seen a tree like that.
It's nice having a canal by the house.
It's a nice neighborhood.
The canal is so pretty.
Picturesque, right?
You're lucky.
Your first time living abroad.
- Want a throat drop?
- Sure.
But nothing's fixed yet.
Who knows what'll happen.
You'll be fine. Your mind's made up.
You're strong.
Mom, say something nice about me.
We may owe her a lot.
I think she'll like it, too.
She doesn't seem to have many friends.
So with you,
she'll have someone to talk to.
Me, seriously?
She's really smart.
Seems that way.
She was a good student.
Quite successful.
We were all shocked
when she said she'd be an artist.
How long since her divorce?
I don't know.
Two years, maybe.
I'll have to ask her.
I doubt she'll like me.
Though I hope she does.
Why think that?
She's so pretty. But she seems nice.
Would I ever introduce you to someone mean?
We used to be close.
Now, well...
I think she's changed with age.
Yeah, you said so.
Why won't it open?
Because it's Germany?
Will I be okay?
You'll be okay.
All right.
You'll sleep well here.
You may end up oversleeping.
It's warm, so it should be okay.
What do you think?
It's really nice. It's perfect.
Please, no need for formal speech.
I'm very young.
Really? I'm not that old myself.
Let's just use whatever
comes out naturally. Sit.
Thank you.
Here they don't have
formal or informal speech.
It's a pain having formal speech in Korean.
I agree.
You'll study fashion?
Yes, I'll give it a try.
Won't be easy.
Try your best.
- It'll be hard.
- Of course.
You know Jean Lequier, right?
Yes, he's famous, right?
I think I heard of him.
I'm personally quite close to him.
So you don't know him?
He's very famous here.
He said it, too. Fashion is really tough.
Over here, he's considered the best.
But that's what he says.
It's really tough.
Why do you want to study fashion?
I've just always liked clothes
since I was little.
You never studied fashion?
No, I studied something else.
I see.
I'll smoke by the window!
I'll join you.
Want anything?
No, that tea is enough. Thanks.
You're doing okay?
My studio is under repair, so it's tiring.
Everything else is fine.
Major repairs?
They're taking out a wall
to widen it, it's good.
I'll show you later, though it's a mess.
I see.
You go out each day to paint?
Sure, I'll start again
when the repairs are done.
I see.
Painting every day keeps me healthy.
Nothing else works for me.
Anyway, thanks.
- I really owe you one.
- It's nothing.
Thank you.
No, she can stay a long time.
I'm hardly home anyway. It's fine.
She can stay until finding a room.
No, until she enters school.
I'm really grateful.
It's good for me, too.
I'll have someone to talk to that way.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Can I go meet a friend?
A friend?
You have a friend here?
It seems Youngho came. He texted me.
Your friend came?
Youngho came here? How?
I don't know. He just texted me.
He's downtown now.
Is this far from here?
Not far. It's downtown.
10-15 minutes?
- Your boyfriend?
- Yes.
Downtown where?
He booked a hotel.
He can afford a hotel?
The cheap hotels here are really cheap.
You're going alone? Now?
It's getting late.
Why not bring him here?
I think I'd better go there.
I'll be careful.
Is it safe to go alone?
It's fine.
Even at midnight it's no problem.
What time will you meet?
I'll call him when I get there.
This subway station is nearby, right?
Yeah, right behind us.
Cut through the park and cross the bridge.
Thank you.
Mom, I think I'm going to go, okay?
He's so impractical.
Don't you think?
He's not usually.
I guess he couldn't help it.
Should I come?
No, it's fine. I'll go myself.
- You'll be okay?
- Yes.
He's quite something.
It hasn't been a day,
and he comes after you.
Kids these days are different.
They're so impulsive.
We were the same.
And life needs a little impulsiveness.
Don't you think?
You're so pretty.
Thank you.
Did you wait long?
It's you.
You found it okay?
It's close. Just five subway stops.
Really? That's good.
Why'd you come without calling?
To see you, of course.
Did you tell your mom?
No, I said I'd be in the countryside.
It's okay, I'll fly right back.
Why'd you do it?
Why not just call?
We agreed to phone each other.
I felt so sad.
I just couldn't bear it.
I happened to pass by a travel agency.
So I just went in and bought a ticket.
Must've been expensive.
I don't know, maybe.
It probably wasn't that much.
Did you have money?
Did you eat? Want dinner?
Should we go eat?
I'll buy you some warm food.
Sounds good.
Shall we go?
I hate being separated.
Me too.
Why did you have to come all the way here?
I came to study.
Should I study here too?
Can you come?
Who knows?
But I'd like to study here.
That'd be great!
But can you really?
I'll have to give it a try.
Need to ask my mom.
Does she have money?
That's what I mean.
But maybe I can ask my dad.
Right, he's a doctor.
He's got lots of money. Mom said so.
Would he help you?
If he doesn't help his son study abroad,
he's just a shit.
He's swimming in cash.
He has nothing to spend it on anyway.
Greed for money is bottomless.
But he may do it. I think he's changed.
That would be so fantastic!
Having you here would be amazing.
I'd love that.
There's really no one here.
It's nice having no people,
but they need business.
The food here is great.
People will come back eventually.
When will your son arrive?
Should be soon,
he was halfway here
when we left the hotel.
I hope I can help him.
He knows I'm here?
It just occurred to me suddenly.
The two of us will be here drinking,
but I might as well
do something useful for my son.
It was because of you he started acting.
But why can't I remember what I said?
He went to see his dad, and met you.
You said he should become an actor.
But I didn't say he should be an actor.
I probably said
he's handsome enough to be an actor.
Anyway, that's when it all started.
You have to take responsibility!
But why can't I remember?
For him it was a big deal,
but for you it was a casual comment.
It's natural.
You remember his face?
Yes, sure.
You'll see when he comes.
He has big eyes, right?
Yes, the only thing he got from me.
Your eyes are so beautiful.
Thank you.
- Look at the sea.
- Yeah.
It must be there, right?
I guess so.
It's okay that I came?
Why should I be here?
I asked you to come.
It's better for me.
You think?
Let's go in, then.
I'll just sit and listen.
I've something to tell you, too.
Let's talk after we finish.
Really? About what?
I'll tell you later.
The sea is so nice! So clean.
Coming here from Seoul,
don't you feel cleaner?
Everyone's all scared to go out.
Now that we're here, I'm so glad we came.
It's beautiful.
It's true.
And it'll be good for you to meet him too.
Could be useful.
I guess. He's an acting legend.
Maybe I can pick up something from him.
I came because of my mom,
but he seemed like a good guy, anyway.
Why'd she call you?
I suppose it's something
about my career path.
She's never called me out like this before.
I don't know, we'll see.
I'm curious what they'll say.
He's a legend, so...
Let's go in.
Here he is, my son.
Come here. Sit down.
Who is this?
My friend. Shin Jeongsoo.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
So you came?
It's been a long time.
What'll you have? Want some soju?
- Sure.
- Okay, soju.
Before we drink, I need you two
to promise me something.
If you drink, don't get drunk.
Promise me that.
Yes, okay.
You promised.
I'll be angry if you get drunk.
All right? I mean it.
I promise.
Very well, then. Soju or beer?
I'll have soju.
I'll have soju, too.
Thank you.
So what if they get drunk?
Why the military discipline?
But he brought a stranger to the table.
He wasn't invited to this place.
You're right. I apologize.
It's fine. Sit down, now.
Have a drink.
Thank you.
Don't get drunk.
- You too.
- Yes.
Another shot, then.
Oh my, we're all out.
I'll order it. Ma'am, another soju!
A long trip, right?
Were you surprised she called?
Yes, a bit.
But it's fine. That's how she is.
You drink well. You're a strong drinker?
No, I don't drink much.
How much can you drink?
Usually one bottle, when I drink casually.
Just the right amount.
You drink a whole bottle?
I can handle that much.
Here. Fill my glass up.
Use informal speech. We're very young.
Well, in good time.
Your son is handsome.
Isn't he handsome?
Now I remember!
You remember now?
I feel great.
Isn't my son handsome?
The light is great today.
Isn't it pretty?
A shame only we can see it.
- You doing okay?
- I'm fine!
Can I have a cigarette?
- You don't have any?
- I didn't bring them.
Have another drink.
Thank you.
- Ma'am, can we have stew?
- Okay!
Are you okay?
Sure, I'm fine.
If you're fine, then I'm fine.
Drink slowly. No need to rush.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- One for me, too.
- Sure.
Thank you.
Why'd you quit acting, Youngho?
You wanted to be an actor.
It's true. How did you know?
I heard from your mom.
So you're quitting?
Yes, I am. It's too hard for me.
What is?
What's so hard? I'm curious.
There was a difficult situation.
What was that? Can you tell me?
I'm curious.
It's not really worth telling.
Tell me and we'll see.
That's why your mom called you.
Did she say something?
She didn't say much.
You say it. Tell him about it.
Let's hear what he has to say.
He was doing a student film,
and there was a kiss scene.
In the end he decided he couldn't do it.
He was dating someone at the time,
and he felt bad for his girlfriend.
So he said he couldn't do it.
Since then, he says
he's not cut out for acting.
That's what he thinks.
Is that so?
Oh my.
What do you think?
I really don't know what to do.
You really feel that way?
You can't do a kiss scene?
Because of your girlfriend?
Yes, I felt that way.
Now too? What about now?
You can't be an actor
because of that one thing?
It feels uncomfortable.
It's not like I'm saying
you need to be an actor,
but if that's the only reason,
you should think it over more seriously.
I did think it over.
Your girlfriend didn't want you to do it?
She seemed to feel that way.
She said if
I had to do it she'd understand.
But I think it bothered her inside.
Your girlfriend?
She felt that way?
Yes, I think so.
She must have really loved you.
It's fine that she loves you and all,
but to stop you
from acting because of that?
If she loved you, she'd understand.
That's what love is.
I was the one who felt uncomfortable.
- You?
- Yes.
Anyway, it's great that
you love each other so much.
At first I thought if everyone
else does it, I should too.
But I came to think it over because of her.
So what did you think about?
If a man embraces a woman
that act carries a certain
absolute meaning.
Whatever the reason or excuse may be,
faking such an act seems wrong.
Embracing a woman?
I'm a man, and when
I embrace a woman, it's for real.
With no affection or love,
I'm embracing a real woman.
To fake that sort of act,
it felt morally wrong to me.
Something I shouldn't do.
- Morally wrong?
- Yes.
That's wrong? What's wrong about it?
Isn't it wrong?
Where's the wrong in it?
A real person embracing another,
even if it's not sincere...
In that embrace,
where's the wrong in that?
It's not wrong?
OK, I understand what you mean.
Whether sincere or just
playing around, it's all love.
Who cares if it's playing around
or acting or fake?
When a man embraces a woman,
it's all love.
However small, there's nothing but good!
It's so precious!
So good and beautiful!
How can that be wrong?
What should we do about you?
A young man like you,
what's your problem?
Excuse me a moment.
Excuse me as well.
He's so sensitive,
what will I do with him?
I'm sorry. I lost my temper.
No, no.
Don't be sorry.
I'm thankful to you.
I lost my temper.
No, thank you.
Sorry, but do I know you?
Who's there?
It's really you!
I stared at you for the longest time.
We have a strange fate, don't we?
You'll end up in the water there.
Come here.
I know.
If I fall in the water, so be it.
What are you doing there?
Trying to die, maybe.
I'm sick. I'm not well.
Things are hard for me.
First come here, and let's talk.
I didn't think I'd come back up.
Right. Come here.
Why are you here?
Because of my mom.
Your mom?
She's here?
Yeah, she's in that hotel.
- I'm staying there too.
- Really?
But you're sick?
My eyes.
It's called uveitis.
I've tried everything,
but it won't go away.
Is it painful?
I just can't see well.
This side is a bit clearer,
it comes and goes.
But this one is totally clouded,
like a fog.
It's been a year and a half.
Treatment isn't working?
The doctors don't know the cause.
I just keep putting in a strong steroid.
It makes my eyes fester.
Then change doctors.
I have, several times.
What about your husband?
We split up.
He's in Germany?
Sure, he's a German.
He left because you're sick?
Yeah, I think so.
He found another woman.
She's Korean, too.
- Really?
- Yeah.
And your studies?
I can't study like this, it's too hard.
You can get better.
I think this condition
was punishment for breaking up with you.
I keep thinking that.
But there was nothing I could do about it.
It's so cold here. Let's go in.
Your mom is in there?
- Just a quick visit.
- I see.
Don't worry too much.
People recover from worse things,
you can get better.
You think?
But nothing I do helps.
Don't worry, I'll fix it.
Don't worry.
I hope my eyes get better. Like yours.
- They will.
- Yeah.
You silly.
Hey, wake up. Stop sleeping.
Let's walk on the beach
before heading back.
Yeah, shall we?
Did you sober up?
I feel a bit better.
I felt like hell before.
But why did he keep forcing us to drink?
- He had it in for us.
- He did.
You don't want to go back?
Of course not.
Let's walk.
Let's walk.
This air is so fresh.
So grateful!
Is that the hotel
where your mom's staying?
Yeah, it is.
Isn't it big?
She's on the 3rd floor.
She's out on the balcony!
Isn't that your mom?
Right, it's her.
I think she's looking at us.
Or not?
I don't think so.
If so, she'd wave.
But it seems like she's looking at us.
Don't you think?
It seems like it.
Who knows?
Wave to her.
Let's not bother her. Leave her.
Your mom's so young.
She looks young, anyway.
Aren't you cold?
This is so cold!
Come on out, you'll catch a cold!
Just a bit longer.
What are you doing?
My god.
It's so cold!
You okay?
- I drank some water.
- You did?
I'm so cold.
Come here.
I'm so cold.
Get dressed.
Cast: Shin Seokho Park Miso
Kim Youngho Ki Joobong
Ye Jiwon Seo Younghwa
Kim Minhee Cho Yunhee Ha Seongguk
production staff: Kim Minhee Shin Seokho
Park Miso Kang Taewoo
recordist: Seo Jihoon
written, directed, cinematographed,
edited, music composed by Hong Sangsoo
world sales by Finecut
English subtitled by Darcy Paquet
produced by Jeonwonsa Film