Intruder (2016) Movie Script

It's really coming down hard.
What's it like over there?
I'm on my way to rehearsal.
Traffic's a nightmare.
I hate this weather.
Tell me about it.
It's bloody horrible.
Makes the whole city feel crazy.
Well, at least you've got
a man in the house.
Speaking of which, how's
Robert doing?
Yeah, he's good.
He's actually out of town
this week.
He got a new client, so he'll
be in Japan.
That's a long flight.
Yeah, I
He travels so much.
This place just feels
so big when he's gone.
The power just went out.
Let me call you back.
I'll be here.
Okay, bye.
You're still having a hard
time with that?
Vincent, hi.
I always thought your little
hands were too fat for Dvorak.
Sorry, I thought I was alone.
No, I'm working late too.
Well, I hope I didn't disturb
No, I love listening to you
I'm still trying to master
this legato.
Dupree made it look so easy.
Well, I think she had more
but honestly, I think you're
more talented.
I love this theater late at night.
It's so empty..
...and so still.
In the quiet
I feel like I can find my muse.
So when you're playing..
...really pay attention to
your breathing
and really listen to your body
and, Elizabeth, just play.
I'm trying.
Mm, maybe you should fucking
try harder.
Elizabeth! You startled me.
I was so focused on the front
door, I didn't even see you there.
No, my apologies,
that was my fault. Sorry.
You going somewhere?
As a matter of fact I am.
I am off on a weekend outing
to the coast..
...with a 36-year-old doctor,
I might add.
Ooh! Sounds serious.
Or scandalous,
depending on how you look at it.
I hope it's scandalous.
Honestly, me too.
The London Philharmonic?
Oh, my God!
You made it in, didn't you?
Yeah, yeah.
I was gonna tell you,
but I just found out myself
but yeah, they've accepted my
to their expansion program.
Ah, a summer in London
studying with the finest.
I'm jealous.
No, don't be.
I hear it rains even more over
I'm so happy for you.
Thank you.
Hey, how about we celebrate
when I get back? Monday?
A true ladies' night in.
I'll cook dinner at my place.
What do you say, neighbor?
That sounds great.
Great, it's settled then.
The castle is yours until my
Thank you, madam.
Hey, at least tell me
you're celebrating this weekend?
Oh, I am.
I'm treating myself to a nice
relaxing weekend at home.
Perfect. No Justin?
Uh, no. Unfortunately.
Domestic problems?
Ah, just boyfriend drama.
Oh, don't worry about him,
he's harmless.
They always are in the
beginning, and then it changes.
Anyway, have a great weekend.
You too.
Elizabeth, it's me.
I bet you're staying home this
weekend, being a vegetable.
Hopefully with a nice bottle
of wine.
But look, that's not why I
Oswald needs a place to crash
this weekend.
I know it's a lot to ask,
but you're my only hope
and you don't even have to
call me back
'cause I'm already on my way
I swear I will make this up
to you.
I'll see you in a bit.
I guess that settles that then.
Honey, it's mom.
Ah, the London Philharmonic
my clever girl.
Dad and I are so proud of you.
It gives us an excuse to come
and visit the family this summer.
Hmm, how exciting.
Anyway, love, don't forget
to call me this weekend.
Better yet, let's talk on the
I finally figured out
that video chat thing.
I love you. Bye.
It's Justin.
I really need to talk to you.
It's important.
Look, I know I said some things
that didn't sit well with you
and I'm sorry, but avoiding me
is not gonna make this any better.
I'll be back in town tomorrow
and really want to see you.
It's killing me that you're
not picking up.
It's 2:30 right now.
If I get in early, I'll text you..
...or just stop by.
I'm serious about..
So am I.
And in other news, the body
of Emily Bishop
was found late last evening
in her home in Sylvan Highlands.
The police investigation
is currently under way.
The death is the fourth in 6
to rock the city of Portland
and its surrounding areas.
Police Chief Horace McFadden
says that since..
Hang on!
Elizabeth, you live in
Portland, Oregon
for God sakes, not Detroit.
Oh, please! How many locks
do you have on your door again?
9. But I live in a different
Oswald, my man.
Welcome back.
Thanks for taking care of Oz
for me.
I'll be back Sunday evening
to get him.
Monday, for sure.
God sakes, I don't want to keep
interrupting your personal time.
It's fine. Come on, let's go
sit down.
So, Marty, I've been
waiting for you to tell me
what's really been bothering you.
You never bring Oz over unannounced.
I'll tell you, I just needed
to work up the courage.
Sounds serious.
Whenever you're ready.
I have to leave the symphony.
In the middle of the season?
Why? What's happened?
My son happened.
What's wrong with him?
Nothing is wrong with him.
Between shows and rehearsals
and travels
and more rehearsals, I'm never
I missed his first steps, E.
I'm never gonna get that back.
Honey, Marty
we can fix this, I promise.
We've been through worse together.
Oz, you hungry?
Dinner is up.
It's Fancy Feast for you,
young man.
Hey, sis, what's going on?
I just thought I'd call and
say hi.
Can you believe this storm?
It's crazy.
Where are you?
Just passing over Bridal Falls.
You gonna be at mom and dad's
on Monday?
Uh. it looks like it.
Everything alright?
Um, sort of.
I don't think I like the sound
of that.
No, really, no, everything's fine.
Everything's alright.
What's, what's your drive like?
It's pouring rain, visibility
Weatherman's promising a huge
Standard Oregon fair.
Well, then, I should let you go.
You've got to concentrate on
the road.
No, I can, I can talk for a bit.
Oswald's here.
Marty's cat? Is Marty okay?
Yeah. Yeah, she's fine.
Good God, how long has she
had that cat?
Seems like forever.
Uh, hello?
What are you doing?
I'm staring at a piece of
lint behind the water heater.
I don't know what I'm doing.
You're doing a security check,
aren't you?
I should have known, you're
such a little girl.
Maybe I am.
What for?
Something got you spooked?
Ah, yeah, no.
No, it's fine, it's nothing.
Do you remember all those stories
that dad used to tell us when
we were young?
Uh, dad told us a lot of stories, E.
Yeah, but I'm talking about
the scary ones.
Uh, I know, I remember.
Do you think he enjoyed watching
our imaginations squirm?
I just found Rusty.
Your old teddy bear.
Yeah, he was hiding under the
Oh, Jesus Christ!
My alarm..
My alarm went off and
scared the hell out of me.
Listen, it sounds like you
have everything under control
over there, I'm gonna, gonna go.
It's, uh, treacherous driving
out here.
Okay, maybe you're right.
I think I'll have another
glass of wine.
I'll see you at mom and dad's.
Uh, talk soon.
Okay, drive safe, bye.
Here we go.
Ozzie, behave.
I'll be back in a jiffy.
Hey, is, is your name Elizabeth?
Do I know you?
Uh, no, sorry.
Um, you don't know me,
we.. we haven't met
but I, I live in the neighborhood
or I guess, you live in mine.
Yeah, I.. I live in the big
blue house
um, with the white trim on it.
Oh, I know that house!
Yeah, that's a great spot.
I walk past it every day.
Yeah, it's a great neighborhood.
I love it.
I live off of JoLa's coffee.
Ah, it's the best coffee in
the city.
I love their pastries.
They're super buttery, but
my God, they're delicious.
I think it was last week, I
saw you there.
I was, I was just waiting for
my order.
I.. I couldn't help overhear
you talking.
You know what, you're right.
Justin and I were there
celebrating some good news.
What better place to do it,
than JoLa's, right?
Yeah, it's perfect.
Justin's your boyfriend?
Uh, yeah, if you mean the guy
with the beard, that's him.
Oh, my name's John, by the way.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
So, how long have you lived
on Berkeley?
Uh, about 3 years now.
I got you beat.
I've been there 4.
It's such a beautiful
Yeah, I like it.
Isn't it crazy though that
we've lived
on the same street for 3, 4
years, and here we are
just meeting by chance?
I blame the internet, you know
that whole online dating thing?
Hm, my friend Marty's
into meeting people online.
Me, I could never do it.
It kills the romance for me.
Yeah, well, for some of us shy
it's kinda one of the only
ways to really
get ourselves out there,
you know?
I hear you.
So, any luck?
Ah, no..
No luck.
But they say, the fun
is in the trying, so..
Hm, I don't know
it just always seemed like such
an awkward way to meet people.
Then, I'm the kind of person I
don't even like to send e-mails.
I actually still have one of
those old
answering machines from the 1980s
that my parents used to own.
Does it still work?
Oh, yeah.
I remember those.
Justin calls me analog.
He thinks I'm that old-fashioned.
I think that's cool.
I mean, you know, everyone
these days is so obsessed
with their phone and texting.
There's no eye contact any
more, you know?
I know. Not me though.
I like to see the world around me.
Well, hey, it was nice to meet you.
Likewise, John.
It's always nice to meet a
Maybe I'll see you around.
Yeah, that'd be great.
Have a good one.
Elizabeth? E?
You home?
Holy shit!
I'm almost happy to see you.
Oh, God.
So was that make-up sex or
break-up sex?
I don't know yet, haven't decided.
Fair enough.
You'll never guess who I ran
Professor Renwood.
Apparently he's heading up
the new agricultural division
responsible for documenting
my research.
Wait, not the same Professor
who denied you a referral?
The same.
Now I'm his boss.
You're kidding.
How ironic is that?
Perfect example of poetic justice.
This is delicious.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
None for you?
I'm not hungry.
So, have you given any more
of coming to London with me?
I can't go. Not right now.
It's not up to me.
But it is up to you, it's
your project.
And that's why I can't leave
just now.
I know this trip is important
to you, to your career
and I think that's why it's been
so crazy for both of us
but if I leave now,
I could be jeopardizing
the future of my research
and of my project.
And if you don't go to London..'ll regret it the rest
of your life.
No, it's worse than that.
I could lose my seat with the
And I could lose my tenure at
the university.
I'm sorry.
I know how you had your heart
set on us being together in
Well, I should have expected
this, right?
This is what happens when two
ambitious people fall in love.
Look, E..
...I've been thinking
and maybe we should think
about moving in together
when you get back?
Shacking up? Really?
You'll have a contract position
at the Philharmonic.
I'll have tenure at the
We'll have enough money, and
we can be workaholics together.
I guess I'm officially
accepting your bad news.
I love you.
Hm. Whatever.
Hey, Oswald, good buddy.
I heard you were in town.
Hm. Did you go by your house,
or did you come straight here?
Nah, I came straight here.
You gonna go home?
Yeah, I gotta make sure
Charlie didn't tear up the place.
You remember Charlie, don't
you, Oswald?
Hmm. Be careful, you know,
what they say, dogs get jealous.
Yeah, right.
I'm gonna go take a shower.
You're gonna let yourself out?
Yes, I can.
Speaking of letting yourself
out, young lady..
...maybe it's time you find
another hiding spot for your spare key?
Like where?
Like nowhere.
Under the flower pot went out
in the '90s.
Why don't you keep it?
So, are you coming back tonight?
I don't know.
You want me to?
Hmm, honestly, honey, it's okay.
I think I've already moved on.
So we're officially calling
that make-up sex then?
I guess so.
Lock the door on your way out.
Oh, Justin!
Don't forget about dinner with
the parents on Monday night.
Uh, this is the first
I've heard of it.
Well, can you make it?
Your mother would never
forgive me if I didn't.
Of course, I'll be there.
Okay. See you tonight.
Hey, E, I forgot I picked you
some wildflowers.
The usual?
Turkey, cranberry sandwich
and an Americano.
Do you want an extra shot with
It's only a buck.
I'll have that up in about
15 minutes for you
if you want to go take a seat.
Hey, Dakota.
What's going on?
Hanging out.
Where's your mom?
Over there.
Oh, yeah? High five.
I'll see you later, alright?
Yeah. Bye.
Your food is ready.
That was quick.
Yeah, I threw in a chocolate
chip cookie.
I know that's why you like
to come back.
See you tomorrow.
So you wanted to see me?
Yes, I wanna ask you for
some advice.
Let me guess, you're having
second thoughts
about going to England.
You are such a disappointment
to me.
You have so much talent.
You actually have so much
talent that I envy
And now you're asking me
to stand here and bear witness
to you throwing your life away
over some stupid person,
over some stupid situation?
I just wonder if there are
other priorities
to take into consideration.
This is your only opportunity!
Don't squander your fucking
What are you doing here?
Uh, did you loose this?
My wallet.
Hold on a second.
Come on in.
Oh, great.
Come in, come in.
Hey, you must have dropped it
when you were at the Laundromat.
I found it when I was
going to dry my clothes.
It's all there, I promise.
Wow, I can't believe I..
Yeah, it was on top of the washer.
Your address was in your ID,
it's on your license, so..
Oh, right.
Uh, uh, thank you.
This is great.
I, uh.. Uh, thank God it was you
who found it, right?
You're soaking wet,
let me get you a towel.
Oh, that'd be great, thanks.
I figured since were neighbors
I might as well just bring it by.
Of course, thank you.
Do you mind if I take my coat
Stay a while, it's the least
I can do.
Oh, thanks.
I lost my wallet once too.
It was such a pain in the ass
getting everything replaced
and canceled.
Yeah, I need to be more careful.
It must have just fallen out
of my pocket or something.
It's a cool pad.
Thank you.
It's cozy.
You're a musician?
Yeah, I'm actually with
the Portland Philharmonic.
Really? That's interesting.
How so?
I don't know, I guess
I just have never met
a classical musician before.
People normally have
like boring jobs.
Like Starbucks or, or dental
You know, like real life jobs?
I have a real life job.
You know, yeah, I, but you
actually like your job.
Yeah. I guess I lucked out.
So how did you get into music?
It was my parents really.
They were the ones that got me
into music when I was young.
Oh, cool.
Parents are, are special.
Are you close with your family?
No, I'm not, actually.
Oh, um, can I get you
a cup of tea
or something hot to drink?
No, I'm fine, actually.
What about a glass of water?
Yeah, well, that'd be great.
So what line of work are you in?
I write. A blog.
I write a blog.
I didn't know that
that was a real job.
Yeah, no, neither did I,
until I tried it out.
You know, the more people
read my stuff
the more clicks I get, and that
in turn gets me more advertisers
and somehow I get a check
at the end of the month.
Hey, if it works.
Seems to be.
So what's the blog about?
Uh, basic stuff, relationships,
that sort of thing, how to meet
the person of your dreams.
Speaking of which, can I ask you
a personal question?
Sure, if it's not too weird.
No, I don't think so.
I mean, I just wanted to know
about your boyfriend.
Justin. Yeah, what about him?
Uh, how'd you guys meet?
And, uh, what does he do?
Or where did you guys meet?
Sorry, I know that's a really
weird question.
But believe it or not, there's
thousand of guys out there
that wanna know answers
to questions like that.
So how does a guy like
that get a girl like you?
Well, what's a girl like me?
Come on, don't make me say it.
You know, I'm.. I'm
the shy type, remember?
Ozzie, be nice!
Don't worry, he'll warm up to you.
It's cool, all cats hate me.
Don't worry about it.
Cats hate everybody, right?
You don't have to answer
that question right now.
I put you on the spot, I'm sorry.
Maybe just think about it?
Maybe next time, uh,
we could do an interview.
And you could shed some light on
the whole dating thing for me.
My readers would really like it.
Sure, sounds good.
Actually maybe you should
talk to Justin as well. I mean..
Besides, it'd be cool
for you guys to meet.
Yeah, that, that would be great.
And I was thinking earlier
I know this really hot violin
player, single mom
currently looking for the next
exciting thing in her life.
Maybe the 4 of us could go
grab a coffee some time.
That would be, that would be great.
I'd, I'd look forward to it.
Thank you.
Okay. Oh, John?
I need that.
Oh, yeah, of course, sorry.
And thanks again so much
for finding my wallet.
Yeah. Hey, no worries.
Okay, I'm really leaving this time.
Okay. You're a life saver.
Take care.
Oswald? Ozzie?
Where is that cat?
Oz? Tch, tch, tch.
Here, kitty.
Oz, you hiding?
Hey, you hiding?
Oh, no.
Stupid little bastard got out
Ozzie. Oswald.
Oswald. Ozzie.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Kitty, kitty, kitty, come on.
Stupid cat.
I'm sorry.
I, I didn't see anybody there.
Why would you?
I love the rain.
It's invigorating.
Have you seen a cat anywhere?
I lost my cat.
You mean your friend's cat?
Wait, how did you know that?
I.. I've gotta go.
You know, they hate the rain.
It's probably waiting for you
at your front door.
You have got to be kidding me.
It's just been one thing after
another this weekend.
Did you at least see Justin?
Yeah, he came over this afternoon.
He's not coming to London with
me, by the way.
Is there more you want
to tell me about that or..
No, not really.
I'll fill you in later.
I see.
Dare I say, "Boys will be boys"
or does that not apply here?
Nope, it applies.
Well, it's still not too late
to find another suitor.
Mum. No.
I'm kidding, dear.
Justin is a catch, you should
keep him.
I'll be sure to mention
that to him.
Storm is really kicking in.
I'm worried about Justin, he was
supposed to come over tonight
but he's a no-show.
He hasn't even phoned.
There's still time.
It's early for you young types.
You're still a spring chick,
yourself, mum.
Give yourself some credit.
It's not me you have
to convince about that
it's your father.
Well, he's still with you,
isn't he?
Good point.
I talked to David yesterday,
by the way.
Oh, good. What did he have
to say? Anything interesting?
No, not really.
He's just giving me a hard
time, as per usual.
Great. Hang on, mum.
Having a bit of a minor
disaster over here.
You want me to have
your father come over?
You think he'd mind
traipsing across town
to rescue his little
girl in the rain?
Please, he lives for
that sort of stuff.
Especially for his little girl.
I don't think dad would
ever let me live it down
if I couldn't even change a
light bulb.
Neither would your brother.
Okay, hold on a sec.
I'm not going anywhere,
take your time.
Okay, I'm back.
So Carol is coming on Monday.
I forgot to mention that
on your answering machine.
David's girlfriend.
You remember, she came
for Christmas briefly.
Oh! Oh, the biology major.
Yeah, I liked her.
Good. Should I be expecting
Justin as well?
I hope so, if he can make it.
He's just so absorbed in his work.
Mum, I'm gonna have to call
you back.
Things are getting pretty
hectic over here.
Domestic difficulties
getting the best of you?
Yeah, you have no idea.
I can wait.
Go do what you have to do.
You sure?
Believe me, I've got
nothing better to do
as pathetic as it may sound.
Well, what is going on over there?
Oh, nothing, I'm just
taking care of a juvenile cat
and cleaning up bloody mess.
Well, maybe I should have
sent your father, after all.
Oh, I'm glad you're enjoying this.
Okay, oh, voila.
That may be my cue to say goodnight.
Okay, night, mum.
Love you, and so does your
father. Let's chat tomorrow.
Okay. Bye.
Goodnight, honey.
It's late.
Justin, where are you?
This is Justin.
Leave a message after the beep.
Bless you.
Somebody! Help me! Anybody!
Here's your food.
Thank you.
Yeah, you're welcome.
No cookie?
No, not this time.
By the way, I, um, I just moved
into the neighborhood.