Intrusion (2021) Movie Script

How was the jog?
It was good.
Hurry up and get out of there.
This place is supposed to be fun.
You look beautiful.
-All right.
-All right.
-You ready?
Let's go.
Wow. No phones?
This is a real-deal date night. Okay.
"Gestalt" is a person. Sorry.
-And a word.
-That's an interesting theory.
-It's also one of those fact thingies.
-I'm gonna challenge you.
"Gestalt. An organized whole
that is perceived as more than" Damn it.
-Are you sure you wanna keep fighting?
-Yeah, yeah.
It's just that I'm so much better
than you. I'm sorry.
By the way,
speaking of an organized whole
Beg your pardon?
I was referring to our housewarming party.
-But in the weirdest way possible.
-I sent out that Evite this morning.
Oh, yes. Thank you for doing that.
So, did you, uh did you feel anything?
I noticed you checking in the shower.
Okay. That makes sense.
Now, that's why you were
looking at me like that at the house.
Listen to me.
If it happens again,
we'll deal with it again.
Loser still has to do the laundry.
I hate you so much.
-I hate you too.
Come here.
All right. Gimme that.
You're still good
with the party on the 18th?
'Cause that's what I put on the Evite.
Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
I think that's perfect.
Any later than that,
and it gets too close to Thanksgiving--
Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
Wait a minute. Come here.
I'm proud of what we built.
-Well, you built it.
-Yeah. But I built it for you.
-I built it for us.
-How about a movie?
Movie? I thought this was a date night.
That is a much better idea.
Did you leave the back door open?
No. The back door was closed--
Hey. You okay?
Yeah. I, um
What if they tried to hurt us?
No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.
Listen, they just
they just wanted our stuff.
Okay. Then why didn't they take anything?
I don't know.
It's kind of embarrassing, really.
Yeah. I mean, what's wrong with our stuff?
We have good stuff.
I'm gonna have one more look around. Okay?
I'll be right up.
I think it's getting
a little better.
I don't always feel so mad at her.
-The breathing exercises
I think about having to change schools
and everything,
and I just get pissed
at her all over again.
Well, moving can be difficult.
It sucks.
Well, it depends where you move to.
You know,
you might even like the East Coast. I did.
-Did you grow up there?
-No. No.
I grew up in India,
and then I moved to Boston for university.
-What made you stay?
-My husband. We met there.
What did he do to convince you?
Maybe it'd work on my mom.
Well, he, um,
wooed me with a cheap souvenir.
Uh, he bought me a clock
on our first date.
That's kind of a weird gift.
-No offense.
-I still have that clock.
So, basically,
you're saying I should bribe her?
Basically, I'm saying
maybe you should not be so pissed at her.
Not for trying to be a good mom.
Were your kids pissed at you
for moving here?
Mm. We We don't We don't have any kids.
You know, I can get you in on
Hi, Mom. Thanks.
How about the 23rd? You wanna get some
-Hi. Can I help you?
-Mr. Parsons.
Detective Morse.
Corrales PD.
Hi. Yeah, um Come on in.
Two cell phones and one laptop.
That's it?
Pretty specific list of items they took.
Why'd you and your wife
leave your cell phones behind?
We used to be tied to 'em. Especially me.
And we decided when we moved
that when we're together,
nothing should get in the way of it.
-How long the two of you been married?
-Twelve years.
And when did you move to Corrales?
Came out about a year ago to break ground,
and then we finally moved in
about two months ago.
Boston's a rat race, and we were looking
for the exact opposite.
Make any enemies
since you've been here?
Uh, um
I don't think what happened
was anything personal.Why? Do you?
Part of what we're trying to figure out.
What about back in Boston?
Back in Boston?
Did you leave
any enemies behind there?
None that would fly across the country
to to break into my home. No.
It's a nice place.
It's big.
You design it yourself?
I'm just surprised you didn't install
an alarm system, that's all.
Well, I was under the impression
that Corrales was safe.
How long were you and your wife gone
from the house that night?
-Couple hours.
-So, two?
-Yeah. Like, two or three.
-Which? Two or three?
I'm trying to put together
a timeline here. So, I'd need to know--
My wife is rattled about what happened.
Okay? And I know you are doing your job.
-I am.
-My job's to make her feel safe.
So what can I tell her you guys are doing
that might make that happen?
Sounds like you need a plumber.
I'll add it to the list.
You tell her
we're tracking a few leads.
-So, good news.
The lump you felt was probably
just a residual build-up of scar tissue.
-I see no indication of cancer returning.
Okay. I just, um
I just just wanted to be really sure.
Of course. Here, you can keep a copy.
Yeah. Thank you.
How are you feeling otherwise?
I'm I'm okay. Just just very tired.
I, um, heard about the break-in.
Corrales is a small town.
What you don't hear about at church,
you read about in the police log.
I know this is your field,
but if you ever need to speak to someone--
Oh. No. No.
Thank you so much. I'm I'm okay.
-You're sure?
-Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
My my husband, he helps in that way.
A lot, actually.
He's really good at, um, at being there
and dealing with all my stuff.
He could have walked away.
Most people would have in that position.
And I was impossible
to be around sometimes,
but he stayed with me
and supported me through all of it.
-In here.
Actually, wait a second.
-What's happening?
Okay. Come on in.
-You fixed our pictures.
-Yeah. And the shelf.
And the hallway light,
and the the desk chair.
But, hey, who's counting? Right?
Wow. Look at you.
Oh. Hold on.
This wasn't here before. Was it?
No. I added some new ones.
Aren't you the best?
Yeah. Well, nothing inspires you
like a good burglary.
Hey. I noticed
the light and locks you installed.
-Are you expecting to need them?
-It's just me being me.
I also bought us two new phones.
And I installed
a location tracker app, so,
you know, if you ever get worried
about being alone
Did you also get a new computer?
Come on. You can't be mad at me for this.
I just wanted to be sure
before I said something to you.
But we can't hide things
from each other, Meera.
We We're not that couple.
You're You're right.
I just didn't wanna worry you
if there was nothing to be worried about.
I need to know these things.
How else am I gonna take care of you?
Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah. Everything's fine.
I'm sorry.
Come here.
I love you so much.
I love you too.
The power's out.
Looks like it rained earlier.
The storm probably knocked it out.
I'll check the generator.
Thank you.
Okay. You're You're okay.
-Where are they?
-I don't know. Shh.
-Okay. Come on. Come on. Come on.
Listen. Stay here. I'll be right back.
-No, no, no. Please don't go. Please.
-Stay. No. I'll be right back.
All right. Stay.
Okay. Come on.
Come on.
-They're over here!
-Get him!
-Get his gun!
-Get him! Get him!
Go! Run! Go, go, go!
Get him!
-Go! Go!
Open the door!
-Here. Take these keys and get to the car.
-What? What?
I'll lower you down.
-Come on. Please. I've got you. I got you.
-Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
-Ahh! Henry! Henry!
-I've got you. Hold on! Hold on!
-Grab onto my arm. I'll lower you down.
-Henry. Henry.
It's okay. Ready?
-I'm okay. I'm okay.
-Henry! Henry!
-Henry! What's happening?
-Get him!
No! No! Don't!
-No! Please. Leave him alone! Please.
-Run! Run! Go!
-Oh my God!
No. No.
I'm sorry.
All right, buddy. Come out with me.
How long had it been there in the house?
I had it back in Boston too.
I thought we were not "that couple."
Would you have let me keep it in the house
if you had known about it?
-That is exactly why I did not tell you.
It's gone now.
-The cops have it.
Instead of it being stashed
in one of my plants.
I thought it was a good idea.
A fantastic idea.Every home
should have a hidden weapons cache.
It was one gun.
And we're lucky we had it.
Okay. They're here.
Here they are.
-Who who are they?
-They're from Eagle Point.
It's a trailer park across town.
Poor community.
A lot more crime than around here.
He was a career criminal.
Mostly drug-related.
Same for these other two.
We plan on questioning him if we can.
He's in the ICU at Saint Mary's.
-It's not looking good.
-Wait. They're they're still alive?
-Just him.
-Troopers are gonna wanna talk to him too.
-I'm sure.
-What are you talking about?
Who are these people?
I know some of their names and faces,
some of the stuff that they've done,
but beyond that
I might even peg them
for what happened to you folks. Maybe.
You know it seems to fit
but there's another matter.
A girl from around here
has been missing for a month.
Christine Cobb.
Freshman at the community college.
State Police think that these men have
something to do with her disappearance.
And the thing is,
if this guy doesn't pull through,
they might never find her.
Gosh. Her poor family.
I don't think you understand, ma'am.
These men are her family.
Fixed my drafting table.
You're leaving?
Yeah. I'm just gonna get the rest
of the stuff for the housewarming party.
You still wanna have it?
Yeah. Yeah. I think it'd be good for us.
Don't you?
I'm not gonna be gone long,
I'm just going downtown to Grayson's.
They close at eight on Sundays.
Are you okay staying here?
Or you could just not worry
about the party.
-Or fixing furniture.
For God's sakes,
you're acting like nothing happened.
Yes. I am trying to.
-You killed these people.
-Who were going to kill us.
But still, does that
does that even register for you?
Of course, it does!
It makes me sick to my stomach!
Apparently, not enough
to make you shirk on social obligations.
-We have to get past this.
-It just happened! Okay?
What if there are more of them out there?
How how do we get past that?
You're you're scared.
I am too.
But we we have been scared before,
and we got through it
together by fixing the damage.
By inviting friends over,
I'm just I'm I'm
I'm just trying
to get back to normal. That's it.
I can I can go to the store another day.
No. No, no, no. Just
Just, um
Just go.
You sure?
Yeah. I'm sure. I'll be okay.
I love you, you know.
I love you too.
You've reached Henry Parsons.
Please leave a message.
Hey. Hey. It's me. It's me.
Well, you're not gonna have
much luck paying
'cause you left your wallet here.
Uh, hopefully, you'll listen to this
before you get there.
Okay. Bye.
Um, you know, I--
You know what? I think I'm gonna try
and catch up to you with it.
Where are you going?
Hey! Where you been?
Did you go for a drive or something?
I tried calling you.
Oh shit. Yeah.
It went straight to voicemail. Sorry.
Is something wrong?
I I got into an accident.
Oh my Oh my God. Are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
I I was just trying to catch up to you,
and you turned off away from town
towards a hospital.
Yeah. I made a wrong turn.
I barely made it to to Grayson's on time.
Oh, right.
I realized it, but, thankfully,
the owner said
I could come back next week, so
-Gotta love small towns. Huh?
Where's your car now?
Uh, they towed it to a body shop.
I just took an Uber home.
Okay. I'll take care of it.
Don't worry.
Good thing is you're okay. Right?
Have a good night!
Yeah. Good night.
Oh, I almost forgot. Um
-I'm sorry about your party.
The housewarming party?
I I got the Evite cancellation.
Oh. Okay.
Heard about your accident. You okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
This new?
Leather seats. In-dash GPS.
Well, it's my husband's.
There's, uh,
something I think you should know.
The man who broke into your house,
the one that was still alive?
He's not anymore.
Um. Well, um
Wasn't he in the ICU or something?
And showing signs of improvement.
I figured you might feel better
knowing that it's over.
Thank you.
When did he die?
Sunday night.
Take care.
Oh God.
The hell are you doing?
-Don't tell me "nothing."
Why are you snooping around?
I'm not. I just I
I just came to visit someone--
I seen your car here the other day too.
My car? I don't--
I've never been here before.
Mind your business. Do you hear me?
Okay. Okay. I-I'm sorry. I--
What is that?
-This is not mine.
-Give me that.
That's not mine.
You've been videotaping me?
No, no, no. I just--
I'm telling you it's it's not mine. I--
No. Please. Please. Please. Please.
-Don't come back here.
-Okay. Okay. Okay.
My daughter, Christine
I saw the way he looked at her.
So instead of trying to blame me,
try believing me.
-Oh. Hi.
Oh God.
Looks good. Doesn't it?
My office.
I pretty much fixed all the damage.
Oh. I, uh, haven't
I haven't checked it yet.
Oh. It's a blocked number.
-I don't know who that is, actually.
-Oh, hey.
Using the, uh, tracking app.
-Oh yeah. I I did. Yeah.
-I did too, actually.
-What were you doing across town earlier?
Oh. Um
Uh. You know, I, um, texted you,
and I got a little worried.
Thing said you were near Eagle Point or
Oh. Sorry. I actually did come
in here earlier. I I was gonna vacuum.
-With what?
-Well, that's what I was saying.
I I came in here
and didn't need to do anything.
-So, I'm just gonna go and freshen up.
Oh, hey, I got your car fixed.
Thank you.
Not hungry?
I'm fine.
You never really answered me.
About what you
you were doing across town earlier.
Nothing. Just
-Just driving.
-To where?
Um. Ho-home.
From where?
From work.
Seems like a real roundabout way home.
Don't you think?
You're not hiding anything from me.
Are you?
What What would I hide from you?
What would I hide from you, Henry?
Oh. Um
I I I haven't even been back
to the doctors.
I thought there was
a s-specialist or something
you've been going to around there.
Something you didn't wanna tell me. Hm.
I am I am so sorry.
-Meera. Hey. It's Joanne.
-Oh, hi.
I'm sorry to call so early. But we need
to change your schedule around a bit.
Mrs. Hernandez called. She needs
to switch her weekly sessions to Thursdays
-because she has a
I can switch her, but then, I'd have to
Um. When when was this?
Hey. Wanna get out
of the car, man? Come on.
-I got it.
-Let me go!
Let me go or I swear
Let go! I didn't mean to hurt her!
You don't understand.
That bitch wanted to!
Meera, are you still there?
Yeah. Y-Yes.
I'm I'm I'm here. I'm here. Um
I'll come by later
and take care of everything.
Thank you so much.
-Applesauce in the mix?
Okay. If you say so.
Where where have you been?
I've been trying to call you.
They found that missing girl.
Uh, they they did? Is she okay?
I don't think so.
How do you know?
Why does he have
one of your envelopes, Henry?
-The man who broke into our house.
I went to his trailer.
Two days after you did.
I need you to tell me
you have nothing to do
with any of this, Henry.
I need you to tell me why you had
a gun that you never told me about,
or why you have some s-secret password
on your filing cabinet.
And I really need to know why you have
a picture of that missing girl, Henry.
I couldn't do it.
I thought I could, but I couldn't.
Do-- Uh
Do do what, Henry? Do what?
I thought if we tightened our belt
for a while,
and, you know,
got a good rate from the bank, um
What are you talking about?
This house. Meera, look look at it.
Did you ever ask yourself
how we were able to afford it?
Well, you you make a good living.
Yeah. I do now.
But that wasn't always the case.
And I didn't wanna say anything
'cause I didn't wanna worry you, but
our insurance had only covered
so much of your treatments.
We were running on fumes for a while.
Okay. Then, um, how did we afford it?
I had to find a way
to bring construction costs down.
The first step was
taking over as contractor,
and the second step was
making the IRS think
I pretty much built it alone.
But you had dozens of people building it.
Yeah. And that girl's father
was one of them.
And I knew he was a junkie,
but I didn't know he was violent
until one day
his daughter drops by the job site,
the same day
that photo must have been taken.
And she crashed his truck, like,
jumped the curb or something.
And he just starts wailing on her
in front of everybody.
I couldn't believe it. And I fired him,
right there on the spot.
And he promised me
that I was gonna pay for it,
which I did, literally, for
almost a year.
Every month, in that envelope,
which is what I was hoping
I'd find at his trailer, 'cause I think
it's the only proof there is.
But I don't understand.
If money was the issue in the first place,
why would you pay him?
I was committing fraud.
I could've gone to prison.
-So could have he.
-But he didn't care.
This is a guy who, instead of worrying
about his missing daughter,
he decided
to break into our house be-because
Because why?
'Cause I stopped paying him.
Jesus, Henry.
Look. All I all I ever wanted was for us
to be happy. It's why I built the house.
We were given a chance
to grow old together, and I
I wanted to do that
somewhere that felt like a home.
N-Not Not a house. A home.
And I I made some mistakes.
But now you know what they are.
I got nothing else to hide.
And as as for the, uh,
the code on my filing cabinet,
I wouldn't exactly call it a secret.
It's 0-8-1-2.
August 12th.
Our anniversary.
I'm sorry.
to be here Wednesday--
Please hold.
-This package came in the mail for you.
-What's that?
Oh yeah. Thanks.
Do you wanna keep it? It's a video camera.
-Why would I keep it?
-Maybe for your son.
Oh. Well you know,
I assume he'd just use his phone. Right?
Okay. Bye.
-Okay. This looks good. Right?
Yeah, yeah. Definitely. Hey, um,
maybe try putting all the big ones
on the same side?
Kinda like it not being too matchy-matchy.
I just design things for a living.
What do I know?
Not how to shut up and clean, apparently.
Yeah. Biryani, pot roast.
Oh, and the salad.
-Yeah. That should be good.
-Plus the whore d'oeuvres.
The what?
Uh, whore d'oeuvres?
What? Huh?
-Uh, it's hors d'oeuvres.
-What did I say?
-You did not say that.
-Okay. Spell it.
-Uh, uh
Not so smart, after all. Are we?
-Just trust me. It's hors d'oeuvres.
Please tell me
you've called it that in public.
-Oh my God, you're crazy.
-Uh, someone's here early.
Oh. That's Bill and Joanne.
Okay. I'm gonna go check in
on the biryani, and the "whores."
Hey, Henry.
-Hey. I hope we're not too early.
-You're right on time. Come on up.
It's like these guys
Hey, guys. I just wanted you to know
that dessert will be out in a minute.
Thanks. The game's
pretty much over anyway.
Uh. You can-- I'll take the rest.
Don't worry. Thank you so much.
Tune in tonight
for our special report
on an Eagle Point man
who was arraigned today in district court
for charges of animal cruelty.
The lead investigator in the case made
the following statement earlier today.
Officers found several dogs locked up
in Mr. Oxbow's shed.
Most had severe cuts and bite marks
from being forced to participate
in illegal dog fights.
And one dog,
a female, was found dead at the scene.
Clint Oxbow was also a person of interest
in the disappearance
of local college student Christine Cobb
but has since been dismissed as a suspect.
This is Dylan Cobb. I know what
you police think of me and my family,
but none of that matters anymore.
The only thing that matters now
is me finding my little girl.
Listen to me very carefully.
I've been in that house before,
before the other night.
I worked on it when it was being built.
My daughter, Christine, came over one day,
and I saw the way he looked at her.
So, when she came up missing,
the son of a bitch
was the first person I thought of.
We waited till one night nobody was home.
Took my dog, Hershel.
Sure enough,
barking like crazy,
especially in the office.
That guy's got
more evidence in that house.
I know it! So instead of trying--
-Here you go. Shh.
-You got it.
-All right.
Nice stretch of land you got here, Henry.
A lot of privacy.
Oh God.
Oh my God.
Hello, Christine?
Oh my God.
No, no, no. Stop.
It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
-Just trust me. Okay?
Listen to me. There are people upstairs.
I'm gonna get some help. Okay?
-Trust me.
You're gonna be okay.
I'll be right back. I'll be right back.
What what are you?
Um I'm I'm
your husband.
It's just the urges that
I've always had.
Well, I I didn't wanna be this way.
I didn't choose to be this way.
This is why you built this house.
It was not for us.
This is how there is an us.
What are you doing, Meera?
Meera, please put put it away, put the--
Meera, put the phone down.
Put down that phone.
After everything I've done for you.
No, no, no.
I have always been there for you,
no matter what.
No, no, no.
Henry, this isn't at all the same thing.
This isn't the same thing.
Let me ask you.
Did you choose for those things to happen?
The cancer?
The infertility that it caused?
-The depression? No.
Your biology and your genetics,
they chose for you.
And mine chose this.
now you're going to be here for me.
No. Henry.
No, no, no, no, no.
Henry, don't let me-- Don't leave me!
Help! Someone help! Help me!
Henry! Henry!
Yeah. I tripped, and I banged
my nose helping Meera to bed.
Is she feeling okay?
Yeah, yeah. She's fine,
just one too many mojitos
is all, you know?
Anyway, I'm, uh
I'm sorry I have to do this,
but I think
we're gonna have to call it a night.
-Yeah, yeah.
-Thank you.
-Bye, guys. Drive safe.
Good night, guys. Drive safe.
Who are you?
My name isMeera.
You know him?
I I thought I did.
What What did he doWhat'd he do to you?
I don't know.
I barely remember.
I just remember being out one night,
and then I woke up here like this.
I don't even know
how long it's been.
He comes down here
and he just sits there
with the bat.
And all he ever says is,
"I decide when."
Please help me.
Okay, okay.
Let's get this out. You're okay.
Okay. Okay.
-It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
You're okay. You're okay. You're okay.
It's okay.
He's coming.
Meera? Honey?
We can get through this.
I know I know we can.
And we can find a way
to trust each other again,
'cause there's there's no more secrets,
and and there's nothing else to hide.
No. This way. This way. This way.
You know,
you used to lie on the floor for
for hours.
Yeah. You were too weak.
You couldn't get up.
Remember that, Meera?
'Cause I do.
Yeah. Because I had to carry you to bed
every night.
Bring you your food,
bring you to the bathroom.
You see, that's what you do
for the people that you love.
You don't turn on 'em. Okay?
You don't abandon them
when things get get hard or
or uncomfortable.
So you're gonna choose her over me? Hmm?
Over over us?
O-Okay. All right.
You're gonna save her?
Take care of her?
You can't even take care of yourself.
Christine, listen to me.
-No! Run! Go. Run!
Help me! Help!
Help! Help! Help!
No! Help!
No! Please!
Please! Please! Please!
Please! No! No! No!
Please. Please. Please. Please. Please.
I told you. I told you.
I decide when.
No. Please. No!
But who'll take care of you?
I will.
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
-It's okay. It's okay.
-Come on.
Go. Go. Go.