Inuyasha - Tenka hadou no ken (2003) Movie Script

Do you insist on going, Father?
Will you stop me, Sesshomaru?
I won't try to stop you.
However, before you go...
please entrust the swords,
Sounga and Tetsusaiga, to me.
And if I say I won't,
will you kill me, your own father?
Do you desire power so much?
Why do you seek power?
The path I walk is
the Way of Supreme Conquest.
And it is power that will
reveal the way for me.
The Way of Supreme Conquest, huh?
Tell me Sesshomaru...
Have you someone to protect?
Someone to protect?
I, Sesshomaru, have no need
of such.
Please wait, Lord Takemaru!
The Princess is in labor!
She is going to have a child
fathered by a demon!
There is no need
for decorum!
A man must not enter!
Lord Takemaru...?
Have you someone to protect?
You must not do this!
Do not be rash!
Please reconsider!
The wounds from your battle
with Ryukotsusei have not healed!
I cannot let her die!
- But...!
- Besides...
I am not long for this world.
A lunar eclipse...
A perfect night to
slay a demon.
Who is it?
It is I, Takemaru of Setsuna.
Thank goodness
you are here.
Gather the men outside
and leave immediately.
There is no one who can
defy him.
My Lady Izayoi, I have long felt
a deep attachment towards you.
Even if your heart has been
captured by a demon...!
My feelings for you will
never change.
Izayoi! I am coming!
Wind Scar!
Izayoi! Izayoi!
So you've come, demon!
A little late, though.
Lady Izayoi is in
a place beyond your reach.
I sent her there myself.
Set it afire!
Burn down this mansion...
along with its occupants
and the demon!
I'm counting on you, Tenseiga!
I have no regrets since
I am fighting you.
Let us journey together
to the netherworld!
My dear...!
The infant's name.
The infant shall be named Inuyasha.
Now go!
You must live. Live long.
Together with Inuyasha.
My name is Kagome Higurashi.
My name is Kagome Higurashi.
My name is Kagome Higurashi.
I was your average middle schooler,
until one day, I fell into an ancient well
in our family shrine
until one day, I fell into an ancient well
in our family shrine
What took you so long?
I've been starving!
And passed through time
into the feudal era.
What took you so long?
I've been starving!
And passed through time
into the feudal era.
There, I met a half demon named Inuyasha
who is part demon and part human.
There, I met a half demon named Inuyasha
who is part demon and part human.
No thanks!
There, I met a half demon named Inuyasha
who is part demon and part human.
There, I met a half demon named Inuyasha
who is part demon and part human.
Got anything better?
Got anything better?
He's so moody and spoiled,
but oh so strong!
Got anything better?
He's so moody and spoiled,
but oh so strong!
He's so moody and spoiled,
but oh so strong!
- Hey, I went to a lot of trouble
- All I'm saying is
Inuyasha has a demon brother
named Sesshomaru
who covets the Tetsusaiga, a sword
passed down from their father.
Even though he already has
a sword, the Tenseiga.
I said, I'll protect you!
Presently, our group includes
Miroku, a monk who has a Wind Tunnel
in his palm which will swallow up anything.
Hey Inuyasha!
And Sango the Demon Slayer.
Hey Inuyasha!
And Sango the Demon Slayer.
Along with Shippo,
the young fox demon,
we journey in search of
the Shikon Jewel shards.
You didn't have to eat it all!
At first, it was hard living
in the feudal era,
You didn't have to eat it all!
At first, it was hard living
in the feudal era,
But I've grown accustomed to it
And through great teamwork,
I'm managing fine.
- You lecherous monk!
- But Sango
- You lecherous monk!
- But Sango
Sit boy!
And besides, I get to return to
the present time once in a while like this.
There it comes!
I'll get it!
Watch it, Kagome!
Hey! Where's the ball?!
Did someone just call you, Kagome?
Didn't something just
pass us by?
Yeah! Just try and hurt Kagome
with somethin' like this!
Hey Kagome!
Over here! Hey!
What's wrong, Kagome?
What did you mean by "sit"?
Did I say that?
You sure did!
Oh... I meant vinegar is good.
You know vinegar is good
for you, right?
Grandpa always tells me to sip vinegar
'cause it's good for your health.
But... oww...
I think I drank too much
and now I have a tummy ache.
- 'Scuse me, okay?
- Are you all right?
I'm home.
Welcome back, Sota.
What's that?
Oh that...
A family shrine treasure a sword passed
down from generation to generation
known as the Sword of Murakumo.
That's what it is.
The Sword of Murakumo is the alternate
name for the Sword of Kusanagi
which appears in the annals
of the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki.
In other words, it is
a national treasure.
Geez! Why'd you come
to my school?!
I didn't want anything
to happen to you.
I have to watch out for you
since you always get into scrapes.
This time period isn't as
dangerous as yours.
I was just playing volleyball
it's a sport.
Rather, it's like exercise.
Is it a game like kemari?
Yes, that's precisely it!
Have you ever played?
I don't have nice memories
about it.
That was the time I saw
my mother's tears.
- What?
- Is something wrong?
No, it's nothing.
By the way, can't you do something
about the Beads of Subjugation?
If you keep telling me to "sit,"
my body won't hold up.
Do I say "sit" that often...?
Oops, sorry!
I didn't mean that.
It's too late!
This is the grave of
Inuyasha's mother?
She was very beautiful.
It's been many years since
Lady Izayoi passed away.
But Master Inuyasha still misses her.
Did you place those
flowers there, Myoga?
Oh no...
It was probably Master Inuyasha.
So there is a kind side of him.
He is half human.
He can't help but have some traits
that are unbecoming of demons.
So being kind is not a good thing?
Now then, the Sword of Murakumo
is the magical sword
that Prince Susano Oh found inside the
beast, Yamata no Orochi, which he slew.
And we take it out once in a while
and give it an airing.
But there is rust on this sword
and I can't remove it from
its sheathe.
I've made space for it here.
There's something written on this.
It says Sword of Murakumo.
But doesn't this last
character mean "fang"?
Then it must be read Sounga.
Hah! So it's a fake!
No, that's impossible!
This is a sword of true value,
found by our forefather's
forefather generations ago
in the ancient well.
That makes it sound even
more fake.
No! There is a scroll which
describes the event.
Now where was it?
Oh, isn't that it?
This sword bites!
Don't be silly!
Hey, when did I bite?
This sword can speak!
I am the one speaking.
Not Sounga.
Oh! Only in our shrine could
such a treasured sword be found!
Oh no....
The 700 year old seal
will be broken.
What?! A 700 year old seal?
Sounga will be free of me.
Is there a strong demon nearby?
A demon?
Oh dear.. . What a bind I'm in!
The Sounga is a terrible demon sword!
Terrible things will happen.. !
Hey Sounga!
Where are you going?!
Wait! Hey!
It went away.
Our family treasure!
- What's that?
- Looks like a sword?
- A sword?
- But can a sword fly?!
- Something's coming!
- Huh? Where, where?
What's that?!
What's that?!
Man, it hurts...
I said I'm sorry.
Now put the hat on.
A strong demonic aura!
Stand back!
Finally, it's calmed down.
Well, well!
If it isn't Tetsusaiga!
It's been a long time.
Could you be Inuyasha?
I don't know any swords!
Well, I don't blame you
for not remembering.
You were just a newborn back then.
I am Saya.
The sheathe of Sounga,
the famous sword of Supreme Conquest
wielded by your father.
My father?
Oh no....
It's acting up again!
This sword....
I have a really bad feeling about it.
Hey Inuyasha!
Hurry and take hold of Sounga!
Otherwise, terrible things will happen!
I don't take orders from you!
Oh, it's too late!
It's freed itself!
This is...
What is this?
Can the two of you see it?
This is the future
of this land
which Sounga will bring about.
This is... the future?
Sounga's frightening power will
make the skies dark and
cause the lands to decay.
And people will die.
What do we do
to prevent this from happening?
Take Sounga and
leave this land.
However, a human must
not wield Sounga.
And if a human did
take hold of it?
It will be the end
of this world.
Anyone wielding the Sounga
will continue killing until
every other human is killed,
whether it takes decades
or centuries.
Humans are more egotistical
and greedy
than any other living creature.
When a human possesses
the power of the Sounga,
he becomes more evil
than any demon alive.
Can't be helped. I'll put the sword
back in its sheathe.
I'm so relieved!
Here, your hat.
Stay away!
What IS this sword anyway?!
So you are his son?
Are you... Sounga?!
And you think you are strong
enough to subdue me?
Obey me!
And I shall make you supreme ruler
of these lands.
I ain't interested in
such a thing!
There's a better place
for you to be!
I'll take you there!
I'll go get rid of this!
Get rid of it?
It's my old man's sword!
I should be able to do
something about it!
Don't follow me!
I'm going, Kagome.
What a relief!
It's a burden off my shoulders
and I can breathe easy.
Stupid Inuyasha!
Acting so proud!
Trying to do everything
by yourself!
Why can't you rely
on me a bit more?!
Hey... You're the sheathe
of that sword, aren't you?
That I am...
Then you can suppress
the power of the sword?
Well, I wonder....
You can, can't you?
I can't say until I try...
Then it's decided.
What is that?
It's coming from
the Bone Eater's Well.
T That's ridiculous!
What's the matter, Lord Sesshomaru?
Lord Sesshomaru laughed!
Something bad is about
to happen.
Is that you, Inuyasha?
Shippo, get away!
Get... away!
Inuyasha, what's wrong with you?!
Stop! Inuyasha!
A demon! A demon is coming!
Everyone run! A demon!
He's not the usual Inuyasha.
Whatever happened to him?
What's going on?! That's Sounga!
Kill them! Kill them!
Stop, Inuyasha!
Come back to your senses!
What's wrong, Inuyasha?
Kill them!
Kill them, I said.
Snap out of it, Inuyasha!
Do it! Kill them!
Silence its noisy cries!
Do it!
Why you!
So you won't heed my words?
Kill them! Kill them!
Miroku... take them away quickly!
- What's happened to Inuyasha?
- I don't know.
Something is wrong with him!
Stay back! Get away from me!
I'll send you all to hell!
Oh no!
It's the Dragon Twister!
Everyone, take to the skies!
Kirara! Please go!
Dragon Twister!
How frightening!
Such incomprehensible power!
That was the Dragon Twister,
the attack of a dragon from hell!
Its destructive power surpasses
even the Backlash Wave.
We must stop Inuyasha quickly!
If we approach him now,
we'll all be killed!
Let's wait for Kagome.
That's all we can do
at this point.
It's quiet now.
It used up its power
with that Dragon Twister.
And now it needs to recoup, huh?
What happened here?
Did Inuyasha use
the Dragon Twister?
W Who was it that
just spoke?
It was me!
Anything wrong with that?
Am I bothering you?
He's awfully touchy, this guy.
It's you, Saya!
Why does Inuyasha have
the Sounga?
It's been awhile, Myoga!
Still running away from things?
Answer my question!
Well, things have happened.
You're the one who told me
you'd take care of things
for about 700 years.
You slacked off again, huh?!
What're you saying?
I kept strict guard
for 200 years!
The numbers don't add up!
Umm... Maybe passing through the Bone
Eater's well had something to do with it?
The Bone Eater's Well?
Oh Kagome! You're back!
Now we're all together.
Let's follow the trail
of the Dragon Twister.
Is it that sword which
awakened us?
We have protected this land
for ages.
This is an forgivable act!
Now, you shall taste the power
and wrath of the great Ogre tribe!
Prepare to die!
Good, Inuyasha.
Your heart is steadily trying
to become one with mine.
Lord Sesshomaru!
Please wait!
Lord Sesshomaru!
Where are you headed?
Is it close, Tenseiga?
But this scent....
Kagome, look!
Dead demons!
I'll go take a look.
You stay here, Kagome.
I hope it's safe.
It hasn't been long
since it died.
I still sense an evil aura
close by.
Is it Sounga's aura?
Huh? Well.. . Yes.
It's supposed to be dead!
I just remembered!
Those slain by Sounga come back
as soul less undead creatures!
It's still alive!
Wind Tunnel!
Are you all right?!
Their corpses contain
potent miasma!
You shouldn't take them in.
I wish you'd said so sooner!
What'll we do then?
Fire! Burning them is the best way!
That's my cue!
Fox Fire!
Not enough fire power.
Are you all right?
Thank you!
Never mind me.
Go and find Inuyasha!
- But...
- I'll look after Miroku.
If more of these appear,
we won't be able to handle them.
All right, I understand.
So it is you, Inuyasha.
How did one like you come
to possess the Sounga?
Don't tell me that another one of
Father's swords chose you?
How would I know?!
I'd gladly give this one to you...
but it seems you're gonna have
to take it by force.
I intended to anyway.
Master Jaken...
Lord Sesshomaru and Inuyasha
are siblings,
but they really don't get along, do they?
Must you state the obvious?!
But Lord Sesshomaru is
very angry.
Has Inuyasha's possession
of the sword upset him that much?
But in retrospect, Lord Sesshomaru's
father was so heartless!
Entrusting the powerful swords
only to Inuyasha....
and leaving Lord Sesshomaru
the useless Tenseiga!
You are not fit to wield
the Sounga or the Tetsusaiga!
The fact that Father's blood flows through
your veins is unforgivable.
Who cares about that!
Sesshomaru, do you covet
the Sounga?
When our blades clash,
I can read you completely.
Even about Inuyasha cutting
off your left arm.
Shut your damn mouth for a second!
He must be there!
Oh, it's you Kagome.
Totosai, it's been awhile.
Oh Saya, you're here too, eh?
You're all acquaintances?
Totosai, you must have
guessed already...
I never thought that
Sounga would return...
Inuyasha has it now.
What? Inuyasha doesn't have
the power to control it.
I had a suspicion about that....
Why did you make such
a dangerous sword?
That wasn't me.
The Great Dog Demon had it
from long ago.
He's right. Unlike Tetsusaiga
and Tenseiga,
Sounga is possessed by the spirit of
an ancient evil demon.
With the Great Dog Demon gone,
the only one who can wield the Sounga
is probably Sesshomaru.
Lord Sesshomaru!
What's the matter, Inuyasha?
Can't win it alone?
Then use my power!
L Lord Sesshomaru is on
the defensive!
Two blood brothers killing each other....
You two are just as foolish
as your father was.
If he had heeded my words,
he would not have met
such a miserable death.
You must hand it to
Lord Sesshomaru!
How can this be?
I have never seen Lord Sesshomaru
brought to his knees!
Such a persistent one!
Not enough blood.
Give me a live sacrifice!
He's coming!
Don't come any closer!
Sit boy!
What is this?!
Damn wench!
Master Jaken!
Oh dear...
Oh, it seems Sounga has
been driven off.
Leave it to Kagome!
Ohh! You're back to
your old self, Inuyasha!
You are free of Sounga.
It's all due to this girl.
Inu... yasha... I came.
I'm sorry.
Hey Kagome!
Dammit! That's why I told
you to stay away!
I'll destroy the Sounga!
I don't want your interference!
It is impossible for you.
Be grateful to that girl.
Master Jaken, wake up!
Lord Sesshomaru is leaving!
Master Inuyasha, I'm so glad
you are safe.
- Myoga...
- Yes?
What was my old man like?
Well... He had tasty blood.
Never mind that!
Was he strong?
Well, he was a great demon, so...
Was he stronger than I am right now?
'Fess up!
The Great Dog Demon was
a thousand times stronger.
He never made the mistake of
allowing Sounga to control him.
I see...
Master Inuyasha!
Take care of Kagome.
Huh? Where do you intend
to go?
Isn't it obvious?
How can I let Sounga
get away?
Well then, take Saya with you.
Err.. . I really don't want to go....
Kagome, I can't involve you.
I'll do something about my
old man's sword myself.
Why did Father leave me,
not the Sounga nor Tetsusaiga...
but the Tenseiga?
Not much of a body,
but better than nothing.
With this, I can use
the Dragon Twister.
I shall destroy both
the Tetsusaiga and the Tenseiga!
Awaken, Takemaru of Setsuna!
I am Sounga.
Why do you call me
from the dead?
I, Sounga, shall save
your wandering soul.
Take revenge with me.
Against the sons of the one
who killed you....
take revenge against
Sesshomaru and Inuyasha.
Unleash your pent up grudge!
The woman who abandoned you....
You loved that woman.
And he stole your woman.
Hate him!
Hate the woman!
Hate his sons!
Otherwise, your soul will
forever be chained here.
Now, I call upon you!
Let us take revenge against
his sons!
I hate Inuyasha.. . And Sesshomaru!
And I hate Izayoi!
A sword which makes a man keep on
killing until the world is destroyed...
In ages past, countless men sought
to be the supreme ruler of this world
and searched for the Sounga,
stole it, and killed each other.
The one who stopped
this senseless cycle...
Was Inuyasha's father?
Oh Kagome, you're conscious!
Where's Inuyasha?
Where did Inuyasha go?
Hah! Who cares about Inuyasha!
Why are you both here?
Well... It's not that
Lord Sesshomaru left us...
- He did, didn't he?
- Uh huh.
Don't say anything!
I can't stay here!
I must catch up to Lord Sesshomaru!
No, Master Jaken.
We must thank Kagome properly.
I didn't ask to be saved!
That girl acted willfully!
The enchanted beads...
You gathered them?
I'm not sure if they're all there.
Thank you.
No, I should thank you for
saving me.
Can no one stop Inuyasha now?
Stupid Inuyasha!
He's such a bother!
It's all your fault, Saya!
Huh? What?
What's the matter?
You said you could seal the Sounga
for about 700 years.
Did I?
But why was the Sounga
at our shrine?
It can't be helped...
Let us tell you the tale.
This goes back about
200 years...
when Inuyasha's father died.
Don't cry, Myoga.
Crying won't bring back
the great Dog Demon.
I know that, but...
By the way, did you take care of the
Tetsusaiga according to his will?
I sealed it behind the black pearl
together with the Master's body.
And I made sure Tenseiga was
passed on to Sesshomaru.
You didn't give it to him yourself?
Why would I do such a
dangerous thing?
I want to live a long life!
Which leaves this problem the Sounga.
Are you sure Master didn't leave
any instructions for the Sounga?
No, he only left instructions
for Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga.
Oh dear...
Knowing the Master, he must have
good reason for this.
But what a problem he
left us with.
The Tetsusaiga which
their father wielded,
along with the Tenseiga and Sounga
were known as the three swords
of supreme conquest,
with the power to dominate
the three worlds.
Three worlds?
Heaven, Hell, and Earth
are the three worlds.
Heaven, where the Buddha and
gods reside.
Hell, the netherworld.
The world of the dead.
And Earth, this world
in which we reside.
Each sword corresponded
to one world...
Heaven's Tenseiga could save
a hundred lives in one sweep.
Sounga of Hell could open
the gateway to the netherworld
and summon a hundred dead souls
in one sweep.
Tetsusaiga, the guardian of men,
could fell a hundred enemies
in one sweep.
And Inuyasha's father possessed
all three swords?
So greedy!
And then what happened?
We couldn't think of
a good solution,
and we were in a dilemma.
How about letting Sesshomaru
have it?
Don't be ridiculous!
He's upset with us
over Tenseiga.
If he finds us,
we'll all be killed.
And Inuyasha is just an infant.
If it's just to keep the Sounga quiet,
I think I could hold on to it
for about 700 years.
I guess I have no choice....
Throw me into the Bone Eater's Well
in the land of Musashi.
- Bone Eater's Well?
- Bone Eater's Well?
I've heard that if a demon's corpse
is thrown into the well,
it will disappear somewhere.
That would work, wouldn't it?
And that's how it came to
be at our shrine?
Now although it's only been
200 years here,
beyond the well,
it's been a good 700 years.
Why is it that Kagome doesn't age when
she passes through the well?
It is the Bone Eater's Well swirling
with demonic aura.
So Saya, is there a way to
defeat the Sounga?
Just one.
With Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga.
Pitted one on one, Sounga
will be stronger.
But with the two swords combined,
it is possible to beat Sounga.
Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga?
If Inuyasha and Sesshomaru
join forces...
Lord Sesshomaru join forces
with Inuyasha?!
Are you crazy?!
Hell will freeze over
before that happens!
I agree with him.
Same here.
Me too.
Saya, can't you seal the Sounga
one more time?
Don't ask the impossible.
I've hung in there for a thousand years,
and I'm exhausted.
Wasn't it 200 hundred years?
I've aged quite a lot.
Kagome, don't be too hopeful
about that.
Exactly! You can't rely on Saya.
Takemaru, use this....
What is it?
Sesshomaru's left arm.
With that arm, you can produce
the Dragon Twister.
You will have no rival
in this universe.
It will do you good
to test it.
The path of the supreme conqueror
who knows no rival, huh?
Rejoice, everyone!
Our castle is in sight!
We celebrate our triumphant
return tonight!
Drink up and make merry!
Huh? W What is it?
Such a strange cloud movement.
Hurry men!
The rain is coming!
Open the gate!
What's going on?!
W Who are you?!
I am called Takemaru of Setsuna.
Dragon Twister!
This arm doesn't heed my
instructions too well.
What was the Sounga doing
in a place like this?
Takemaru of Setsuna...
The Sounga chose that vermin?
You know him?
That's unusual.
This is a human burial site.
Just what's your connection
to this?
I have no connection
to that vermin.
If there is a connection,
it is to you.
Humph... You probably aren't aware.
You were born ignorant,
and you live as an
ignorant half demon.
So then, you can die ignorant!
Die and give me that Tetsusaiga!
Well, it looks like
you've forgotten something!
That Tetsusaiga's barrier rejects you!
That may be so.
But I'll have enough time to
kill that worm!
I'll destroy the old man's sword!
You stay out of it!
You don't even know what
Father looked like!
So don't talk big!
You merely received
Father's sword!
Just what...
can a half demon like you do?!
Sorry if I'm a half demon!
But seeing as I've beaten
you time and again,
you're just a loser dog!
Dragon Strike!
I was expecting somethin' like that!
Backlash Wave!
Sesshomaru, why do
you seek power?
I wanted to defeat you,
the one with supreme power.
Yet you died....
for the sake of a mortal woman
and Inuyasha.
You, the one with the ultimate power....
the one I was supposed to beat!
Inuyasha! You and your mother
caused his miserable death!
W What?!
My Backlash Wave...!
This was as much as the Tokijin
could manage...
I failed in killing him again.
Sheathe... Did you protect me?
Inuyasha never spoke about
his father.
When I asked why,
he'd say because he didn't even know
what his father looked like.
But then, why is he so obsessed
with his father's sword?
Why is he trying to resolve
everything all alone?
That's how boys are.
A boy's father is always at
the forefront of one's consciousness.
How can I put it...?
It's very irritating.
What your father can do,
you can do.
And one day, you'll surpass him.
For boys, a father is
a role model.
Then if one's father is great,
that's tough.
Well, I guess so.
Hey! Keep your hands to yourself
when you talk!
Oh, I got this habit from
my father.
I must overcome it
someday, too.
Forget it!
When you think about it,
Inuyasha's desire to get the
Sacred Jewel shards
to become a full fledged demon
all boils down to his wish to
become a great demon like his father.
You're right. Though he's already
strong enough.
Damn! I don't even "know what
Father looked like, " huh?
You're lucky, Sesshomaru.
You know what the old man looked like.
You've spoken with the old man.
Fallen soldiers all!
Rise from the dead!
Now come anytime!
Sesshomaru and Inuyasha!
I shall wield Father's Sounga
with this arm....
At that moment, I shall have the
same power as Father.
Tetsusaiga, looks like we're gonna
be in a huge battle.
That cloud...
What an ominous air...
It seems as though that is
Sounga's citadel.
Let's hurry!
Kagome, are you serious
about going?
Of course!
But just what is the meaning
of this?
I understand Inuyasha's
involvement in this.
But there's no reason for
you to fight.
So why do you?
Are you fond of fighting?
I am not!
I hate fighting, but I want
to stay by Inuyasha's side.
That's all.
Oh dear....
No matter how old I get,
I will never understand humans.
I completely agree.
Same here.
You are an interesting man....
With Dragon Twister, it would
be over in a second.
But then my hatred will
not subside.
I want those two to
suffer to the fullest.
So many of them.
They're all dead soldiers...
He's killed too many!
That Sounga.. . He used the
Dragon Twister yet again.
There are about 2000 enemy soldiers.
Excluding Myoga, Rin and Momo
from fighting,
there are eight of us
plus two demons.
That's 200 soldiers for each of us.
But how do we kill
the living dead?
If you weaken the demonic aura
around them, they can be destroyed.
It will take time, though.
Hey Miroku...
Why isn't a weak, little guy
like me excluded from fighting?
What are you saying?
We're depending on you...
and your Fox Fire.
Oh... oh I see!
Jaken, fire works well against them!
We're counting on you!
I'll show them the power
of the Staff of Two Heads!
You're trembling with fear!
Silly! I'm trembling with excitement!
I have no business with you guys!
Where's your leader?!
Where's this Takemaru who
has the Sounga?!
Geez, I don't want to waste my strength
on something like this!
Take this!
Staff of Two Heads!
Go, Master Jaken!
Sacred Sutras!
Take this!
Fox Fire!
Aghh! It doesn't work too well!
Move! Move!
Outta my way!
Even a demon's strength will weaken...
And that moment...
is the moment of victory!
They're close.
Dragon Strike!
Is that Sesshomaru?
Takemaru, destroy the Tenseiga.
Shattering the Tenseiga is
a simple task.
The fang of a weak demon...
That's all it is.
Poison Claw!
You're in the way!
A sword I wouldn't miss
if I lost it, but....
That's Lord Sesshomaru's...!
What is this?
You there, Rin!
He wants the Tenseiga!
No! This belongs to Lord Sesshomaru!
Help... Lord Sesshomaru!
Who is that?
Takemaru of Setsuna who fought
with Inuyasha's father 200 years ago.
Hmm.. . You brought something
very interesting.
Huh?! That Sounga has possessed
Takemaru.. . These young girls are just
like Izayoi.
That Izayoi whom you killed.
Who's Izayoi?
Inuyasha's mother!
Then he killed Inuyasha's mother?
If you kill that girl, how will
Inuyasha react?
Hey stop!
Don't come near!
You are both Izayoi!
Females who share an affinity
with demons are all Izayoi!
This guy.. . He's stark crazy!
Move, move!
Useless fool!
So what are you doing here?
When this is over,
we'll settle things for good!
If you live that long!
You'd better not be killed
by anyone else!
How's that?!
Hold it!
That's dirty, Sesshomaru!
Come then!
What're you going to do with that?
It can put up a barrier
or something, right?!
A rusty old sheathe is useless.
How dare you?!
A man shouldn't hurt girls!
Rin, run away...
Don't worry!
Lord Sesshomaru will save
us without fail!
Resign yourselves and
go to the netherworld.
Lord Sesshomaru!
Lord Sesshomaru!
Go! You'll only be
in my way!
Let's go, Rin!
Lord Sesshomaru! Here!
Hurry and go.
You're late.
That left arm...
Yes, it's yours.
Want it back?
No thanks!
Their bodies are imitations...
but their swords are real?!
There's no end to this!
You all...!
Aren't you exhausted, Inuyasha?!
I didn't ask for help!
Don't be so proud, Inuyasha!
This is none of your business!
Yeah, this is none of our business!
But we're your friends!
Heh, just do as you please!
How does it feel?
To be killed by your own hand?
Is that all you were?
You haven't noticed that
you're just Sounga's puppet.
You actually believe that
it's your power...
Such a miserable specter you are.
You'll suffer the same humiliation
your father wrought upon me!
Be honored...
You will be killed
with my father's fang!
This way, Rin!
I'm here!
There're still so many!
Everyone all right?
I'm fine! I can manage!
Oh dear, this is troublesome.
Inuyasha, leave this to us.
Hurry and go to Kagome!
I'll take care of the rest
with my Wind Tunnel.
Now hurry!
A All right.
If you use the Wind Tunnel...
You've all reached your limits.
Besides, if I don't use it
for the woman I love...
what good will it do to have this?
You two!
The enemy's right behind you!
Now you living dead!
Find peace!
Wind Tunnel!
Miroku... I owe you one!
Hang on! Don't die!
What can you do with
a sword that can't kill?!
It can't kill humans,
but it can kill the living dead!
What? Can't even kill a corpse?
Release Kagome!
Thank you, Rin!
That's no good!
Oh! I keep missing.
Move, you klutz!
I guess you can't do
without me, huh?
Don't tell me that
was also "sports"?
No, it wasn't.
Umm... Lord Sesshomaru is still
up there...
Damn him! Showing off
by himself!
Don't stop me!
I have to settle things
with Sounga!
So listen to me!
What is it?
In order to destroy Sounga,
Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga have to
combine forces and work together!
You must combine your Backlash Wave
with Sesshomaru's Dragon Strike,
in order to defeat
Sounga's Dragon Twister.
Hah! No way will Sesshomaru
cooperate with me!
You have to cooperate
with Sesshomaru!
I ain't gonna do that!
There's no other way!
You're brothers! Defer to him
just this once!
Try it!
You can do it, Inuyasha!
You've managed every time
until now.
Hah! Like it's so easy to do!
What's the matter?
The enchanted beads...
We're still connected, aren't we?
What's wrong, Sesshomaru?
Your father's fang is crying!
Do you have someone
to protect?
Your nose is sharp as ever.
You picked up the scent
of my Wind Scar, huh?
Your wind is no more than
a gentle breeze.
Heh, I was hoping to take you
both out at the same time!
Two brothers working together
to avenge their father, huh?
So even demons have feelings?
Who the hell are you to talk?!
Looking at you reminds
me of lzayoi.
A foolish woman who abandoned me and
gave birth to a half breed like you...
Why you
Listen well, Inuyasha...
I am the man who sent your mother
to the netherworld.
Get back!
You're not going to one up
me this time!
This is the perfect opportunity
to kill you both at the same time!
Takemaru, use the Dragon Twister.
Destroy the Tetsusaiga
and Tenseiga.
I don't need you to
tell me that!
Like I'd let you!
You don't know when
to give up, do you?!
I just don't like to give up!
Huh?! Lmpossible...!
Why you!
You still have such power....
This is nothing to
be surprised about!
It's inconceivable in a demon!
Damn right! I'm a half demon!
More egotistical and greedy
than any other living creature...
That's a human being, right?
Well, human blood flows through
my veins
and that's why I just won't give up!
On top of that...
when a human has someone
he has to protect,
his power increases multifold.
That's why I'm able to destroy you now!
I owe it to my mother!
Hurry and leave immediately.
Hurry and leave with
the men outside.
Lady lzayoi...
I do not want you to die.
You tried to protect me...
Takemaru.. ?
What's wrong, Takemaru?
I remember...
I never resented Lady lzayoi.
I always... loved... Lady lzayoi...
It's over.
Hah! I don't know what
you're up to,
but I'm the one who beat him!
It's not over yet.
Persistent bastard!
I shall open the path
to the underworld!
Oh no! Sounga has opened
the gateway to Hell!
What happens when
it's open?
The boundary between the
living and the dead disappears.
We'll all end up dead.
Oh no...!
After all, it's the sword that
controls Hell.
While Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga
exchange blows,
Sounga is trying to absorb
this world into Hell.
Fool! Don't go near there!
What is that?!
The dead of the underworld.
They're calling out to
the souls of the living.
We must hurry and run away,
or your souls will be swallowed up!
But Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are still...
Here it comes!
They cause so much trouble!
What is this?
This feeling deep in my heart?
Sango, you must be strong.
Do not let your heart be
devoured by the darkness!
Everyone! Gather round me!
It's so cold, Master Jaken!
Hey Saya! Can't you do something?!
With my power, this is the limit.
But if you leave my barrier,
all the humans will be taken
over by the dead.
No way! If anything happens to Rin,
I'll be killed by Lord Sesshomaru!
Huh?! Lord Sesshomaru!
You're in my way!
You're such a disappointment.
A vulgar sword deserves
a cast off arm.
You can't wield the Sounga!
I'll be the one to destroy you!
That won't work!
You can't attack him separately!
Kagome! Where are you going?!
Please fight together with Sesshomaru!
No way!
Sesshomaru! Please cooperate
with Inuyasha!
Are you listening, Sesshomaru?!
Yes, Lord Sesshomaru!
There's no need for you to ally
yourself with a half demon like Inuyasha!
Lord Sesshomaru...
Please join forces with Inuyasha.
I give up on both of you nincompoops!
Why you!
Hold this!
Lt'll protect you for
a little while.
W What's happening?!
The hole is expanding!
It's dangerous here, too!
But Kagome and Inuyasha are...!
It's useless...
Dragon Twister!
Backlash Wave!
You're not bad.
This is entertaining!
Damn! I missed!
Wait here!
I'll be back without fail!
All right.
Kid, how's this?
Backlash Wave!
My Backlash Wave isn't working!
Even Lord Sesshomaru is at
a disadvantage when empty handed.
Was that the limit of
Dragon Twister's power?
Tenseiga and Tetsusaiga
are nearby.
So Sounga can't utilize
its full power.
Take this!
I'll send you both to Hell!
You're in the way!
Lord Sesshomaru!
Lord Sesshomaru, you are safe!
He protected himself at the last second
with Tenseiga's barrier.
Hey Myoga, weren't you with Kagome?
Err... Well...
It seemed to me that
Sesshomaru also protected Inuyasha.
I can't produce the Backlash Wave!
Now do you realize how
weak you are, half demon?
Sesshomaru! It is your turn next!
It ain't over yet!
I said...
with human blood flowing
through my veins...
I don't give up!
Then this time, I shall
deliver the final blow!
Fall to Hell with the mortal girl!
Come at me!
I'll counter your attack
with my Backlash Wave!
Dragon Twister!
Go! Backlash Wave!
Fool! As if you can win
with just the Tetsusaiga!
Try as you may to stop me!
But the world of mortals will
be swallowed up by the netherworld!
Shut your mouth!
I have someone to protect!
That's why I can't give up!
Have you someone to protect?
Lord Sesshomaru!
Lord Sesshomaru!
Lord Sesshomaru!
Lord Sesshomaru!
Lord Sesshomaru!
Lord Sesshomaru!
Lord Sesshomaru!
Have you someone to protect?
Someone to protect?
I, Sesshomaru,
have no one to protect!
Did we get him?!
The cloud is being
swallowed up!
- Lord Sesshomaru!
- Lord Sesshomaru!
Kagome! Inuyasha!
You're both okay!
Inuyasha, look!
That's the Sounga!
- Master!
- Master!
What! Father?
Then that's?!
Sesshomaru.. . Inuyasha....
You finally found the answer.
With this, Sounga has been sealed
forever in the netherworld.
There is nothing more
to say to you.
Old man!
The Master believed in his sons
and left everything in their hands.
What do you mean?
The only chance to seal
Sounga, the sword of calamity,
was the moment the gateway
to Hell opened.
And that only became possible
when Tenseiga and Tetsusaiga
combined their powers.
The Master hoped that this
would happen.
Hah! The nerve of him!
- Wait, Lord Sesshomaru!
- Wait, Lord Sesshomaru!
Saya! If you heard the Master's
last wishes,
why didn't you speak up earlier?!
Well, I was just thinking
of those two....
Hah! I'll bet you forgot!
Such lovable old men.
Your father seemed like a kind man.
Think so?
Are you happy you
got to meet him?
Not really.
Wasn't there something you
wanted to say to your father?
Nope. Not at all.
So proud!
Oh, look, larks!
Say Inuyasha...
I thought that Sesshomaru
didn't like people,
but maybe it's not so.
I'm sure he hates them
But Rin is by his side
all the time.
Who cares about that?
Oh yes! Inuyasha, sit up!
C'mon sit up!
I have something nice for you.
What a pain...
Please, close your eyes.
Okay, open.
Arghh! What is this?
Not the Beads of
Subjugation again!
You said something nice!
You were thinking of
something nasty!
L Like what?!
I knew it!
I don't need this thing!
Don't you trust me?
Sure I trust you.
But I don't want you
going off alone again.
I won't!
Hey! Take it off!
Take it off!
Sit boy.