Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus (2019) Movie Script

I used to look up at space
with hope and wonder
in my eyes.
Until space looked back.
Invader Zim,
alien soldier of the Irken Empire
sent by his diabolical masters,
the Almighty Tallest,
to infiltrate Earth
and prepare it for
the coming invasion.
Disguised as one of us,
he moved into my neighborhood,
he went to my school,
and with the help
of his vile mechanical servants,
plotted to destroy
everything we have,
everything we are.
And then...
he vanished.
My name is Dib Membrane.
I'm 12 years old.
And I'm all that stands
between Zim
and the annihilation
of our world.
Prepare your starving,
gurgling child-bellies
for the awesome eventuality
of dinner!
Foodio 3000 hopes you love
what I have made.
Also, what is love?
Looks great, Dad.
I'm gonna eat that food.
Hold up now, daughter!
Isn't it time your brother joined us?
Oh, man, no.
Since Zim vanished,
Dib's been in his room for,
like, a million years.
I hardly recognize him anymore.
He just sits there in that chair
getting grosser...
He sure does,
but try to be
more understanding.
Dib's finally letting go
of his silly obsession
with aliens and ghosts
and all his other
non-scientific nonsense.
And it's not easy for him.
Imagine if you stopped believing in,
oh, video games.
Don't even joke about that, Dad.
Honey, letting go of silly ideas
is just part of growing up.
Why, as a child,
I thought sharks were my friends.
I know better now.
So, try to be more supportive.
He's your brother, after all.
Okay, Dad.
Hey, Dib!
Dad says come to dinner!
You know
I can't leave my post, Gaz.
Just shove the food in here.
Where's the shoving stick?
I can't shove without
the shoving stick.
Zim's still out there, Gaz,
so I have to wait
and watch.
No one else will.
They could never see the truth.
Why, though? Brainwashing?
Mind control?
Brain-erasing ghosts?
Nobody believes me now,
but I'll make them see.
I'll expose Zim to the world,
and open humanity's eyes
to the danger they were in all along.
Even Dad, world-famous
man of science will say,
"I believe you, Dib.
I'm sorry I ever doubted you."
That's the worst
Dad impression ever,
but, Dib, let it go.
Zim's been gone a long time,
and as far as you know,
he might just be gone for good.
I'd be willing to bet
that Zim will never, ever...
Oh, wait, there he is.
It's Zim!
He's back!
And he's doing stretches!
Nobody stretches like that
unless they're warming up for evil!
This is it! The...
moment I've been...
waiting for!
What are you doing?
Gotta get to Zim!
Dib, no. Look at you.
The world's not ready to see
what you've become.
You're hideous!
The smell!
The world...
needs me!
Take a bath first!
Take a bath!
Yes, it is I, and... Hmm?
Oh, wait, sorry.
You'll have to move along,
hideous goblin.
I'm posing dramatically
for when the Dib shows up.
- I am Dib.
- What?
- Ugh, ugh, ugh! Ugh!
- But...
- Give me a sec here.
- We know each other.
I've been expecting you, Dib!
I can tell.
You set up sprinklers
and everything.
You can't prove anything!
- Anyhow, I...
- Where have you been, Zim?
I've been monitoring
your house, the school,
that taco place
you love so much.
No, no.
GIR loves that place.
I think it's dirty.
- I ate a baby there.
- He did.
What have you been up to, Zim?
Phase one
of my evil plan, human.
Phase one.
Computer! Laugh with me!
I don't want to.
You've been in your house
sitting in the toilet all this time?
- Yes.
- Like, the whole time?
That's right.
Did you have to sit in the toilet?
Do not try to understand
the ways of my people, Dib!
From the moment
my mission began
on this horrible planet,
you've been there,
haunting my every move
like a squak
in my shmoopsquizz.
- A what in your huh?
- Uh-huh!
And while the rest of your kind
were easily fooled,
you were able to see through
my brilliant disguise.
- Eh?
- The neighbor boy's an alien!
Never mind, Martha.
- He's normal.
- Okay.
I knew if I vanished
for long enough,
you'd just watch and wait,
your neglected body
growing smelly
and useless.
But that was only Phase One
of my evil plan.
Well, keep watching, Dookie-Dib.
Watch helplessly as I begin...
Phase Two!
- Hah!
- No!
I'm switching people's mail around.
That's illegal. No!
I'm reading
someone's newspaper.
I don't pay for a subscription.
Nobody reads newspapers anymore,
but, no, stop!
Minimoose, get in on this mayhem!
That's my mom's pizza sticker.
She is crazy for pizza.
Hey, what... what are you...
Hey, that... that's...
Hey, don't... Wait.
Don't! Don't!
Me! Me!
Let me do one.
I launched that pug into space.
I thought you liked that pig.
- Why I do that?
- What's the matter, human?
Why aren't you stopping me?
Can't fight back.
Sat too long.
Chair fused to butt.
More chair than man now.
Humans are such fragile, goopy things.
No Irken would ever
become a chair.
Wait! Was that Phase Two?
Of course it was!
Probably. Uh...
You know what?
Now I'm not sure.
Either way,
you're helpless to stop me,
So long!
Welcome home, son.
Excellent work, me.
All is going according to plan,
but there's still much to do, GIR.
Yes, sir!
I bloop you, Schmoopsy!
Open a connection with
the Almighty Tallest,
my leaders and biggest fans.
Preparing to call The Tallest.
You see, GIR, The Tallest...
Now calling The Tallest!
The Tallest
haven't heard from me,
their greatest
and most incredible invader,
in a very long time.
They'll be sick with worry.
Hey, remember Invader Zim?
- Who?
- Zim.
Screamed a lot?
The guy that sends us the donuts?
No, that's Invader Jim.
He's great.
Oh, wait. Zim.
- We hate him!
- Yeah, that's him.
Remember the time
we lied and told him
we were sending him on
a secret mission to Earth,
but really we were just getting
rid of him because he's awful?
Yeah. We're hilarious.
My Tallest,
there's an incoming transmission.
Yep, life's been pretty great
ever since
Zim vanished for good.
Anyhow, send that transmission through.
I wonder who it could ever be.
It is I, Zim!
My Tallest, you will be overjoyed to know
Phase One of my most ingenious plan
to prepare Earth
for your arrival was a success.
Zim, we thought you were dead.
Could a dead Zim do this?
my Earthly arch-nemesis
is now a sad chair,
leaving me free to complete
the most diabolical phase of my plan,
Phase Two,
wherein I, uh...
Uh, uh, uh...
Computer, put them on hold.
Oh, no.
I really can't remember
what Phase Two is.
I must have sat in that toilet too long.
Think, Zim. Think.
We don't care, Zim.
Why didn't I write it down?
Wait! Computer,
play back any recordings
of me discussing Phase Two.
One recording found.
Would you like me to record any
and all mention of Phase Two?
No, thank you.
Zim forgets nothing.
Hmm, besides reminding me
how cool I look and sound,
that was of no help.
He knows we can still see
and hear him, right?
I liked when he was dead.
I remember Phase Two!
You do? Good work, GIR! Tell me.
You gonna order a million pizzas,
and then I gotta roll around
in them pizzas,
and that's the story
about how I turn into a giant pizza.
This isn't the time
for the giant pizza story, GIR.
And that will never happen!
Silence! I need to think!
Just calm down and...
Computer, did you put The Tallest on hold?
- Hmm?
- Huh?
I don't think they heard anything.
Yes, they did.
I am Irk's finest Invader.
If The Tallest find out
I failed to dominate the Earth
because I forgot Phase Two,
who knows what they'll do?
Invader Zim,
you were once our best,
most amazing Invader,
but now, you're dumb.
Also, stupid.
As punishment,
you will be stripped of your Invader rank,
re-encoded as nothing.
But you can't! I am Zim!
Control Brains, re-encode.
It is done, My Tallest.
Zim, you will live out
the rest of your long, sad days as...
Wait, no, never mind.
GIR, time is of the essence.
The Tallest could be here any day now...
...and Dib won't stay a chair forever.
Go to my scheming lab,
and bring me everything
that could be Phase Two.
Useless dookie!
I need more time
to remember Phase Two.
Computer, how much longer do I have
before The Tallest arrive?
Information unknown.
Access The Tallest's computers
and retrieve their flight plan.
Ooh, yes, right away, sir.
Are you doing an accent?
I get bored.
P.S. There is insufficient power
to access the flight plan.
Then find more power,
and be sneaky about it.
Activating sneaky mode.
Flight plan retrieved.
Along this line is every world
the Irken Armada plans to conquer,
but where's Earth?
The Tallest said it was
the most important mission of all.
Computer, zoom out.
Zooming out.
Keep zooming out
until you find out
how far The Tallest are
from Earth.
Zooming out.
Zooming out.
Zooming out.
Zooming out.
Zooming out.
Zooming out.
- Hurry it up.
- Zooming out.
- Zooming out.
- Vmonos!
I must begin Phase Two
before Dib gets back into
annoying fighting shape.
Zooming out.
Zooming out.
Zooming out.
Zooming out.
Hmm, I'm sure it's there,
- somewhere.
- Zooming out.
Zooming out.
Zooming out.
Zooming out.
Zooming out.
Zooming out.
I was in bad shape,
then I got too in shape,
now I'm back to normal shape.
Oh, man, Dib, not the coat.
It makes me look mysterious.
Now, step aside.
I've got a Zim to stop.
All right, test children.
These bracelets are just prototypes,
so try not to breathe or think
while the energy field is...
What? Oh.
Behold, my boy child!
I can't remember the last time
I saw you this excited
about science.
My new
Peace Day edition Membracelet.
Tomorrow at my big keynote event,
I reveal it to the world.
And when Peace Day comes,
the children of the Earth
will hold hands and...
Wait a minute.
The alien-hunting briefcase?
Oh, son.
Not this nonsense again.
Dad, trying to save the Earth
from Zim's alien evil
is not nonsense.
Without me, there might not be
an Earth to hold hands around.
Son, there are no aliens.
I've tried to be patient with
your unscientific interests...
...bigfeets, ghosts,
You saw those sting marks,
and you know I eat
a lot of honey now.
Well, as a man of science,
I need proof,
and I just haven't seen...
Proof? Proof?
How do you need
more proof than this?
Everything I've collected from
my countless battles with Zim,
from my daring travels
into the unknown things
your science has closed its eyes to.
It makes it very difficult
to get to the lawnmower.
That's Tak's ship,
an alien spaceship
I captured from
one of Zim's alien enemies.
Shouldn't spaceships fly?
It will, as soon
as it lets me fix it.
Dib, your face is stupid.
It's a fine, fake spaceship
you've built there, son, but...
Fake? It's not...
Dad, nobody believes me,
so I'm used to defending
our world on my own,
but I wish, just once,
you'd have my back.
Wishing isn't very scientific, son.
This ends today, Zim!
I'm ready for
everything you got!
Welcome back once again...
- Uh...
- ...countdown to Peace Day...
Prepare to come on in!
I'm Ian Cornish, your host,
on this beautiful, sunny day.
And joining us for our
countdown to Peace Day
is Bloaty the Pig.
What do you have for us, Bloaty?
Hey, Zim's evil robot.
- Where's Zim?
- Mmm-mmm.
This my special pizza
I make just for Peace Day.
It got ten kinds of pizza
inside the pizza,
so that's pretty good.
Where's Zim?
I don't know!
I worry about
that boy so much.
You want some nachos?
Uh, no, thank you.
Hey, keep it down out here.
I'm trying to be miserable
in my cheesy cocoon of misery.
What's going on in here?
What's all this junk?
Yeah, they're all experiments
that I was hoping would be
Phase Two of my plan.
Is that supposed to be my dad?
Oh, hello, son!
I figured he could replace
your actual dad.
And then, I don't know,
ground you forever or something.
I just couldn't get it
to make pudding
the way you love so much.
It ruined the illusion!
I don't love pudding.
What's that smell?
The smell's all me.
What you gonna do about it?
I'm gonna lock you up, is what!
Fine, I don't care.
Wait, really? Why?
This is the flight path
of the Irken Armada.
And there,
shmillions of light years
away from that path
is Earth.
Do you see what this means, human?
That your leaders only fly
in a straight line?
The Tallest aren't coming!
So, you really give up?
I actually finally win?
Earth is safe.
I've lost the respect of My Tallest!
Come on, man.
There may come a time
when we at Membrane Labs
stop making the world more amazing.
You know, my dad doesn't respect
what I do, either.
That time is not now.
He thinks I'm crazy
like the rest of the world,
the world I just saved
without anybody knowing.
at the Membrane Labs Keynote,
we make history again.
Membrane Labs.
Who wants a better everything?
Wait a minute, the keynote.
Dad's announcing
the new Membracelet tomorrow.
The whole world'll be watching.
If I could somehow take control
of Dad's keynote stream,
I can expose a real alien, you,
live in front of the entire planet.
I believe you, Dib.
I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
Whoo! Yeah, yeah!
You just might still
be good for something, Zim.
What do you say?
Fine. I don't care.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I am so very proud
to announce...
the new Peace Day edition
why is Zim here?
Don't worry about it, Gaz.
It's... I'll explain later.
This is Dad's big night.
Don't even think of doing
anything dumb, or...
Gaz, don't worry. Just go.
Enjoy the show.
I'm sure it's gonna be something special.
Whew. Okay, Zim.
Did you use your alien stuff
to take over the control room?
Oh, yeah.
Give me a minute.
...apps such as Peanut Simulator...
I updated your bracelet.
Just hit that button,
and you'll be in control
of everything.
Is this update squeaking?
I guess so.
I can't believe I'm saying it,
but this is your greatest work ever.
As you know,
tomorrow is Peace Day,
and nobody is as excited for
the big celebration as I am.
I am!
Not scientifically possible!
Children. We discovered they generate
an energy field of limitless,
chaotic potential.
We call that child energy "Childergy."
The new Membracelet
harnesses that childergy
and channels it outward
as pure peace and joy.
- Ooh.
- Tomorrow,
children will hold hands...
...encircling the planet
in Membracelets
to bring about a peace
unlike any
the world has ever known.
Get ready to see the truth, world,
but specifically, Dad.
Oh, no.
Greetings, fellow humans.
Zim? Wait, what?
Where's my dad?
I'm, eh, Professor Zim.
Oh, so that other guy just retired
and put me in charge,
and I just made some
exciting new changes to the bracelet.
- Eww!
- No!
Wait! Zim's an alien!
He's so cool.
We should all do
everything he says,
no matter how evil it sounds.
Hail Zim!
Yes, be joyous, you fools.
Buy my bracelet,
and get ready for
the most peaceful Peace Day
your grotesque eyeballs
have ever seen!
The bracelet comes in four colors!
Please say that was
just a horrible nightmare.
- Son!
- Dad?
Breakfast is ready.
Yes! Yes!
Yes, yes!
Good morning, Da...
Oh, no!
Happy Peace Day, son!
You is grounded forever.
Bweakfast is da most
science-y meal of da day.
Doop, doop, doop
Doop, doop, doop, do
If Foodio 3000 could just perhaps...
No, foody guy!
I taking care of it.
These my kids
and science and stuff.
Gaz, I'm so sorry.
Zim tricked me.
I didn't mean for any of this to...
You didn't mean
to ruin Dad's big show,
get him kidnapped,
and hand Zim the keys
to Membrane Labs
while you and I are held prisoner
by something that looks like
Dad having an allergic reaction
to radioactive bees?
Eh, something the matter, honey?
Nah, it's cool, Dad.
How can you be so calm?
That thing isn't Dad.
- Yeah, look.
- Just go along with...
You're not our dad!
Oh, man, here we go.
That's a terrible thing
to say, son.
Oh, Dib, always kidding.
Of course, he's our dad.
Great breakfast, Dad.
Is it good pudding?
It's the worst pudding
I've ever had in my life.
Thanks, honey.
It's not easy taking care
of two kids on my own...
It's so rewarding.
You're a clone.
Our real dad's been kidnapped by Zim.
Son, it not nice to say bad things
about your best friend.
Zim is not my best friend.
- He's wonderful.
- No, he's the worst.
- You love Zim?
- No!
I hate him! He's the most...
I love Zim.
We need to get out of here.
And find Dad, but Clembrane's fast.
- Clembrane?
- Clone, membrane.
And yeah, I already tried
busting out every possible way.
No luck.
You tried escaping without me?
Let's focus on the now, Dib.
Every move I made,
he was there to stop me.
Remember, kids,
I'm here for you if you ever
need to talk about stuff...
Stay in school.
Brush your teeth.
That's good advice, Dad.
Ooh, it's time for Peace Day now!
If you're just tuning in
to our Peace Day coverage...'re watching Zim,
the new head of Membrane Labs,
personally overseeing the sale
of his new Membracelet
from one of the new mobile M-Labs Stores
deployed all around the world.
So, this show is just
Zim laughing the whole time?
And that concludes
the laughing portion
of the program.
People of Earth,
of which I am one,
because I am human
and inferior and disgusting
just like you are,
Happy Peace Day!
My amazing new Peace Day Bracelet
is a huge success!
You, barely sentient bag
of meat and juice,
what do you think
of my new bracelet?
I love it!
It's a lot more alive
than I expected, though.
It sure is.
Already, children around the world
are beginning to hold hands.
Soon, the ring of children
will connect right here,
and my greatest plan
shall be revealed!
He really does seem
to love his job.
Wait a minute.
That place looks familiar.
Is that...
Get off my lawn!
Hi, Dib!
What are you doing here?
I live here!
You're gonna have to speak up!
You won't get away with this!
- You won't get a...
- What?
- You won't get awa...
- What?
- You won't get away...
- What?
- You...
- What?
Dib, check out how huge
your head looks on TV.
I'm here for you, buddy.
Come here.
Work harder, children.
Don't you want world peace?
Work harder for Zim.
Hi, Dib.
Look at them, GIR.
All this time
trying to subjugate the humans,
and all I had to do
was charge them for it.
But the children of Earth
are letting me down.
I need you to use the power
of your Irken robot brain
to create a song about peace.
One so inspiring, the children will have
no choice but to peace harder!
Like this?
- Mmm-hmm?
- No, GIR.
Try again.
I think I know.
Yes. Yes.
Peace is nice
Peace is nice
Peace is better than
Chicken and rice!
Peace, peace, peace
Nice, nice, nice
Peace, peace
Chicken, chicken
Rice, rice, rice
Peace is nice
Peace is nice
Peace is better than
Chicken and rice!
Peace, peace, peace
Rice, rice, rice
Peace is nice
Peace is nice
Peace is better than
Chicken and rice
Peace, peace, peace
Peace, peace
Chicken, chicken
Rice, rice, rice
Peace is nice...
It's working!
It's working!
Zim's done something to the bracelets!
Don't hold hands!
Relax. It's Zim we're talking about.
Whatever he's got planned,
it's not gonna work.
Ha! Nothing happened, Zim!
Of course nothing happened, human.
It's not enough
to simply attach
a space-phasing
alien horror blob
to these bracelets.
"Space phasing"?
You'd also need something
with the power to harness
the dark energy of space
to activate them.
Only one being
in the known universe
has such a power.
My creation, Minimoose.
Behold my victory!
Look at me being wrong.
What have you done, Zim?
I've teleported the Earth
to a part of space
directly in the path
of the Irken Armada.
Now The Tallest
have to visit me next.
- Where's our dad?
- You what?
I can't believe I fell for
your sad, shmoopy act!
My shmoop was no act.
I truly felt I had failed The Tallest,
but then you told me
about the power of the bracelet,
inspiring me.
It's funny, really.
Laughter, GIR.
And I owe it all to...
I smell pudding. you!
Is that part of your brilliant plan, Zim?
Eh, probably.
I mean, I'm so incredible,
even I don't know everything I do.
Computer, what is that thing
in space that just happened?
Thing is a Florpus Hole
created by the incredibly stupid
teleportation of an entire planet.
And is "Florpus Hole"
as cool as it sounds?
Florpus Hole will suck in
all nearby worlds,
wherein they will collide violently
with alternate realities.
There, you see?
It's just a shmorpus hole.
Besides, The Tallest'll get here
long before there's any trouble.
Zim, that Florpus
is gonna destroy the Earth,
you included!
If you're so worried
about the Florpus,
just get your dad to help.
I'm over here, everybody.
He's only a shmillion light years away
on Moo-Ping 10,
also known as
Space Prison!
Why don't you hop in your spaceship
and go rescue him?
Oh, wait,
you don't have a spaceship!
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I've got some Tall company
on the way.
My Tallest?
Something appears to have
appeared in our path.
What is it?
A terrifying, deadly space anomaly.
- Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm, interesting.
- Mmm, yeah, okay.
As well as the planet Earth.
Earth? That means Zim!
This is the worst news
I've ever heard.
Sirs, we still have quite
a bit of time to change course.
But we're going straight.
Yeah. Turning's no fun.
Why is this happening?
Make it not happen.
It's been ten years, Gaz.
Ten long years trapped in this house
with the pudding monster.
It's been two days, but yeah.
How come you kids don't play
with the science puppy
I made for you?
Because it's pudding.
I hate this
as much as you do,
but it's not like anyone can
just walk out the front door.
Doop, bee, doop, doop
Doop, doop, bee, doop
Doop, doop
Doop, bee, doop
Doop, bee, doop
Doop, doop, doop, bee, doop
Doop, doop, doop
Bee, doop, doop
Okay, it's not like we can
just walk out the front door,
but maybe we can... Hmm.
Hey, Dad.
Stop calling him "Dad!"
Now, pay close attention
to that ham,
'cause it's not the last time
you're gonna see that ham
in the story.
you and Dib need more
father-son time together.
Just look at him.
He's all messed up,
needs more
quality time with you.
Ooh, I see what you mean.
You got any suggestions?
This was a good idea, honey.
Science projects bring families together.
How can I help you, son?
You need me to put
some science pudding on it?
Uh, maybe later.
You just keep stirring, uh, Dad.
Festering human,
you have stolen me away
from my rightful owner!
Look, ship, I get that
you don't like me and all,
but we need your help.
I don't help anyone but Tak.
See? It's no use.
- You hate Dib, right?
- Affirmative.
But you hate Zim even more.
I see where
you're going with this.
Helping us break our dad
out of Moopington would...
Wait, do you mean
Moo-Ping 10?
It would make Zim
super unhappy.
Flawless logic.
I will help you.
- On one condition.
- What's that?
Disconnect my seat sensors
so I don't feel your
terrible human butts in me.
We did it, kids.
Hurray for science.
Right. Now, about that pudding...
Don't wait up for us, Clembrane!
You guys have a deadly Florpus Hole now.
- That's new.
- Yeah.
- Let's hurry, ship.
- Don't tell me what to do.
But okay.
Now, this is what
I like to see, GIR.
Pathetic humans fleeing in terror
at the sight of Zim!
Nobody even looking at you.
It's a show of respect.
Their stupid eyes can't handle all this.
Anyhow, terrible work on the signs, GIR,
worse than I expected.
Aww, thank you.
Did you build me
that throne I asked for?
Now, to ascend this throne,
and claim my rightful place as...
Hah! But where are the flames?
I can't rule the world without cool flames
shooting up behind me.
Hit the flames button!
Hmm? Ah-ha!
Wait, are those peanuts?
Try the peanuts button.
All right,
flames, uh, peanuts,
flames, uh, peanuts?
The peanuts!
Oh, whoa, whoa.
The Tallest will be so happy!
We're so unhappy!
Zim's so close,
I can almost smell him.
Sirs, really, it's no big deal.
We can just steer around the...
Wait, why steer around the Earth
when we can just blow it up?
Yeah, we're great at blowing stuff up.
What is that?
- It appears to be a...
- Blow it up!
But, sirs,
there's still the life-destroying
space hole to consider.
Man, this guy.
"I fly the spaceship,
and I sure love steering!"
"Ooh, look at me
steering all over the place.
Look at me steering with
my wittle steering hands."
I like that we're funny.
Your noises are bad.
Also, we're here.
Moo-Ping 10,
prison to the galaxy's
most infamous criminals.
Okay, their defenses
are about to go down.
How do you know?
Just get ready.
All right, now what?
I'll go cause a diversion
and come back
when you've found your dog.
- Our dad.
- Whatever.
That's our diversion.
You ready?
I was born ready, Gaz.
This spy coat isn't just to look cool.
Now we'll never find Dad!
Oh, uh,
normally, you crying
on the floor is hilarious,
but come on.
It's all my fault, Gaz.
Why aren't you saying
I told you so?
'Cause making fun of you
is no fun when you're this sad.
You're my brother, man.
I only torment you
because I know you can handle it.
I've done way worse
than throwing you in a space prison.
This is nothing.
Get up!
I was supposed to save the world, Gaz,
not help Zim destroy it.
I was gonna show people the truth.
I knew if they saw
something amazing,
even if it was horrible,
like Zim,
people would just wake up,
and stop obsessing
over all the little things
and see that there was
something bigger out there,
something to unite against.
Instead of fighting each other,
the world would know
there was...
Hey, Dib!
Shut up and look!
- Dad!
- Son!
- Aww!
- I didn't want to
interrupt your lovely, imaginary speech.
Well, the last thing
I remember was something
hitting me on the head
and starting
this incredible hallucination.
No, this is all really happening.
Zim used your bracelets
to teleport the Earth
to another part
of the universe!
Do you know how?
Uh, he's not gonna know how.
Son, the Membracelet
is just for running apps
and world peace,
but, oh, theoretically... could use it to, say,
create a galactic star gate of sorts, yes.
That's crazy, yo.
Well, we knew it was possible,
but only with the addition
of a purely theoretical
alien horror blob energized
by a purely theoretical
tiny purple space moose.
But all those things don't exist,
so we didn't worry about it.
Dad, if you had that purple space moose,
could you use it
to teleport the Earth
back where it belongs?
Theoretically, mmm-hmm.
Too bad we're in prison.
Three human butts is too many,
so I brought this.
Hop in.
This is all so real!
- Not a hallucination.
- Shotgun!
See you later!
Only enough room in there
for you guys, I guess.
Hang on
to your disgusting butts!
What's with you and butts?
Okay, okay.
Okay, enough running and screaming.
Let's mix it up a bit.
Maybe bow down before me or something.
Hmm, leaping is good.
Well, that was very convincing.
Because it's real, Dad!
How could
anything that horrifying be real?
Dad, the Earth's minutes away
from being destroyed!
Why are you laughing?
Minimoose is a funny name.
Normally, I'd say
"Don't touch me,"
but maybe a little help?
This isn't good.
I truly believe
I'm falling to a hideous death!
Hang on, Dad!
Don't let go!
Don't worry.
None of this is real.
I'll prove everything to you.
Just hang on!
You'll be proud of me!
you don't have to prove anything.
I'm always proud of you.
I did it, GIR.
The humans cower in fear
before my superior Irken might,
and just in time.
Is that The Tallest
I see approa...
Give me the moose.
Huh? Huh? Huh?
Zim, that moose is the only thing
that can save Earth
from your Florpus!
Get your own moose, human!
This one's mine!
Hah, I think you're cool too, Minimoose.
Stop! We're running out of time!
You're ugly when you lie, Dib!
I'm not lying!
Then why are you ugly?
- Give me the moose.
- No!
- Give me the moose.
- No!
- Give me the moose.
- No!
I liked you better
when you were a chair!
And I liked you better
when you were a toilet!
I was not a toilet!
Leprechaun cat, no...
I was hiding in the toilet.
Well, he's dead.
GIR, all this evil is doing
a number on my throat.
Fetch me a soothing lozenge!
Why are you wearing those shirts?
I never hired any of you!
Don't worry, son.
I've got your back.
Spencer! Devon!
- Maria!
- Come on!
GIR, avenge your robot brothers and Maria.
Yes, my master!
You're terrible, GIR!
It's over, Zim.
Oh, it is?
Well, now I'm sad. Wait!
Have you forgotten?
You're grounded!
And you, get away from my son!
...what's happening?
What is this thing?
- He's you, Dad.
- What?
Who's me, son? I'm me.
But who's that? Pudding break.
I'm very confused right now.
So, it has been revealed.
You've discovered the clone
is not actually
your real father!
You told me he wasn't my real father.
Pudding break over.
Oh, this feels so real!
We need that moose, Dad!
Nothing's uglier
than moose jealousy, Dib.
Ooh, what the... Where did...
Yours is the worst...
butt of them...
butt of them all, Zim.
Do you still have
that ham I gave you?
Of course!
The ham!
There's that ham again.
Great work, honey, but...
Honey, fighting doodn't solve anything.
Also, I found this little moose thing.
Look at it. Isn't it funny?
I command you
to return the moose
and destroy
the Membrane family!
But... they my family.
And that guy,
it's like looking into a mirror.
Oh, I don't know about...
I should've known you'd fail me!
You couldn't even learn
to make pudding the right way.
Hey! You leave Clembrane alone!
It's the best pudding I've ever had
in my life.
Excellent. Now, just...
It's happening!
Use the moose!
Uh, right.
Use the moose.
Um, okay.
Everyone, hold hands again.
Your lives depend on it!
Okay! Hold my hand.
No way! Be serious!
Now, come on, everyone. Faster!
I did my best.
It's no use, Dib.
You've lost.
The Irken Armada is already here.
Forward cannons now at full power.
Almost have it.
Dad, hurry!
We're entering the Florpus!
Zim has won!
No pressure, Dad,
Cut me some slack!
This is my first moose!
It's just realities colliding
like my computer said.
And tearing
Earth apart, you moron!
Hmm, um...
Um, um, uh, eh. Oh.
Uh, there...
Oh, no.
I've got it!
My Tallest, the Earth...
It's gone.
That's great news.
- Crisis averted.
- Hurray!
Now we don't have to turn.
Sirs, there's still
the horrifying space hole
straight ahead.
Why are you so negative?
prepare your eating faces
for incalculable nutrition!
Good work, Foodio.
Thank you, Gazlene.
I hope you can taste
the love simulation I made it with.
Just one final ingwedient.
Family and pudding
and science and wobots and stuff.
So, does he live here now or what?
I'm still very confused.
Enjoying your losers' meal,
eh, Dib?
"Losers"? Your plan failed.
Did it, Dib? Did it?
What if I told you
my plan all along
was to steal
this whatever-it-is?
Phase Two.
It was Phase Two all along.
Is that the ceramic clown puppy
from our living room?
Who's laughing now, Dib?
I am, see?
Why didn't you invite
your little green friend
in for dinner, son?
Dad, that was Zim,
the alien who almost destroyed
the world, remember?
Son, of course I remember.
I remember
getting hit on the head
and dreaming up
all that crazy stuff.
What's happening?
Is everything over?
Yes, GIR, I'm just waiting for The Tallest
to answer this call so I can
tell them all about my success.
Did we win?
Did we win?
Did we win?
Did we win?
Did we win?
Did we win?
Did we win?
Did we win?
Did we win?
Did we win?
Did we win?
Of course. Zim always wins...
No thanks to you
working with the enemy.
Heh, good one, Minimoose.
I can't stay mad at you.
Ah, here we go.
My Tallest,
I am pleased to report
my plan was a success and I now
have Dib's puppy clown thing,
which was my plan all along.
Does this please you?
That sounded like a yes to me.
Yay! I missed you so much!