Invaders from Mars (1953) Movie Script

The Invaders from Mars
Heaven, once subject
superstitions and fears
becoming better known.
The distance of Venus,
Mars' atmosphere,
the size of Jupiter
and the speed of Mercury,
we know them.
But Heaven has kept his secret.
What life, if there is one,
exists on these other planets?
Y does it like us humans?
Inferior beings?
Dangerously or higher?
Continually seek
the answer to this question,
Such is the concern
Of famous scientists
or unknown ...
Scholars from major universities
or to smaller,
Scholars ...
of all ages.
What are you doing, honey?
Nothing, Mary.
I'll make the coffee.
It is 4 am.
4 hours! The alarm clock rang.
You dreamed.
It is about 7:30,
as usual.
It's that rascal ...
David ...
I did not want to wake you up.
You saw earlier?
Orion is at its zenith.
It will not happen in six years.
Let me see.
It's not worth it?
It's true we see the well.
We always see Rigel,
but locate the great nebula ...
While the two in bed!
I told him that ...
I've already learned for a husband,
my son should follow in his footsteps?
Come on, David, in bed.
- A few more minutes.
- No, it's much too early.
And will not move forward
to hear your mother in the kitchen.
No, your father. I earlier
I wake up, before I sleep.
Good night, David.
Good night, Mom.
Good night, Dad.
You sleep, huh?
Good night, my son.
- Dad!
- What was there, son?
One trick landed in the sandpit.
Something bright!
- Huh?
- I'll show you!
You had to stay in bed?
I was sleeping. It woke me up.
A light that illuminated everything!
It landed right there!
You dreamed! If it was a meteor,
everyone would be awake.
But it did not fall!
It has landed!
- A spaceship?
- How big?
- As big as ...
- A plane?
I do not see anything outside.
Not anymore. But ...
Go back to bed, my boy.
All that is in your imagination.
- I saw it!
- How was it?
Difficult to specify.
A light that has weakened.
Then a buzz.
Tomorrow, wake up, if there are
a saucer, it will notify
General Mayberry.
- But ...
- Tomorrow!
Be reasonable.
Good night.
- What's going on?
- Go back to sleep.
- David calmed down?
- Yes! Sorry to have woken up.
- Why do you rise?
- Nothing. I come back.
George! What's going on?
David said he saw
something in the landing field.
This is absurd,
but he seemed sure of himself?
He said he saw
bright light and ...
Imagine, this is not his style.
My job is top secret,
I must report any discrepancies.
- It puts the sounds ...
- Sounds?
But I can not tell you.
I'd better go see.
Where is your son now?
He sleeps.
I did not wake up.
Your husband has put his slippers,
he came out and it disappeared?
Go see if you find it!
Your husband has never disappeared
But no!
You know,
scholars are so distracted ...
My husband is an engineer.
It's not a wacky!
Instead go see ...
We must know all the facts.
Our report was to be done.
Come on, Blaine.
There's one, for sure.
Flying saucers!
And then what?
Let's go.
He is not here.
I'd love a coffee.
- George MacLean!
- It's been there.
Take the north,
I take this side.
Farewell coffee.
- Did you sleep well, darling?
- Yes. What time is it?
Almost eight hours.
- Where is Daddy?
- He left early.
- He promised me ...
- Enough. Your mother is tired ...
We'll drink coffee?
Are you there?
I was worried!
He was not at the factory?
- Where were you?
- I went to see Bill Wilson.
- In your pajamas?
- In pajamas, actually.
- But ...
- End point.
- Your other slipper?
- End point!
Notify the police ...
What police officers?
I was afraid. I warned
the police. They're looking for.
- David, will tell them ...
- Stay where you are!
They are outside?
Yes. What's going on?
What has he?
Do me the pleasure
to take care of your onions.
These police will question me.
Their answer?
- You can tell them well ...
- It's coming for coffee?
Outside, you saw something?
You will not start
with your saucers!
- Dad!
- What now?
On your neck, it looks like a ...
A scratch
of barbed wire ...
There are none ...
Of barbed wire,
I tell you!
File get dressed!
Yes, hurry up.
You have errands to run.
I'm sorry ...
This is your husband?
George MacLean. Heartbroken
my wife has disturbed you.
- It does not matter.
- You ... you feel good?
Yes, very well.
We will not report.
Everything is forgotten,
is not it, Mary?
- Coffee?
- Do not talk nonsense.
These gentlemen
have an important task.
Yes, you too.
Yes, I know.
See you.
You waiting for?
Looks like you plotting.
Do not talk nonsense!
I told you to get dressed!
What is happening?
- I want to see mom.
- She dresses.
- What do you want?
- Nothing.
What are you doing?
Nothing. I play.
Go and play with Andy.
I warn you:
defense of storytelling
what you claim to have seen.
Got it?
Who was that?
Your son.
He told me he was going to Andy.
We start in town?
You go first
accompany me outside.
I have something to show you.
Mr. Wilson is there?
No, my husband left
until tonight. Why?
Party? My father told me
he saw him this morning!
You must be mistaken, my dear.
You're the first to come this morning.
What's going on?
Ms. Wilson,
Kathy has disappeared.
Disappeared? What do you mean?
In the sandpit.
I saw through the telescope.
Swallowed up!
Where is she? What has happened?
It's true! The floor was opened ...
David, answer me!
Where is she?
Kathy! Where were you?
I went to pick flowers.
You dare to come and terrorize me!
Sorry ...
- Making up stories like that!
- I'm sorry.
Ms. Wilson,
there is fire you!
Look, David ...
Unnecessary. We spilled gasoline.
There was fire
Were stored gasoline in the garage!
There is a spilled bottle
and that's what burns!
You played in the basement?
The 4-3-5-5-9, please.
Hello, David.
Sorry, Professor Kelston is out.
When he returns?
In my opinion, not before
this afternoon.
Well, never mind. Thank you.
Here, Mr. Mitchell. The fun!
Jim! Jim!
They had Kathy!
They had my father!
I saw it land there and ...
- Minute. You saw what land?
- A spaceship.
I saw it!
Are you kidding?
It's true, I say!
The police,
them they did the same.
Believe me! You gotta help me.
We have to help Dad.
Okay, but calm down.
- Where are you going?
- Call.
Do not call Dad!
Do not worry. I come back.
I want to see the Chief.
It must be important.
I must see him.
What's bothering you?
You can tell me, to me.
I refer to the Head.
When one wants to see the Chief,
I must first explain why.
I have no time.
Let me see it!
- You would not believe me.
- And the Chief?
What's going on?
You're in luck.
This kid is determined to see you.
It appears that I would not believe.
- You're the Chef?
- It's me.
What do you want?
You talk one on one.
What do you want?
It's hard to explain, but ...
How's your name?
David MacLean.
The son of George MacLean?
Yes, but my father
must know nothing about.
Let go of me. They got him!
He'll kill me if I say!
I warn her father.
- What is he?
- He lost his head.
Come, now, calm down.
I saw his neck!
Do not let him call my father!
They'll do
as Kathy, I know!
- Going out?
- You have completed?
Yes, he is terrified!
Maybe there should be ...
No way to join his father.
I'll get it.
Sergeant Finley.
I have a kid
which is totally freaked out.
I know the kids.
This is terrorized.
Thank you.
- Who are you?
- Dr. Blake, David.
I'm not sick!
I know, but you have a history
to tell.
A Secret History.
A doctor is like a priest.
We can tell him everything.
I'm here for.
I can see your neck?
It unlocks or something?
Of course.
Do not be shy.
- How are you?
- Yes, I think.
I only talk to you.
Are you?
Yes, we will agree.
Do not you, David?
If necessary, shout.
It all started last night ...
It's true! They are there.
I do not know what they do to people.
But they are changed?
Rather! My father, person
does it comes close!
it looked like an alien.
Just ask Mom.
That's what I'll do.
You believe me, then?
I do not know.
It sounds so amazing ...
- Wait for me.
- You leave me?
I'll be right back.
Unnecessary. I will not fly.
I know. But the settlement,
that's the rule.
I have never seen it.
Two police have reported
the disappearance of G. MacLean
and searched the surrounding area?
They should report it
although it reappeared?
We must record everything.
And 5 copies.
- The Leader is there?
- He has not returned.
I can call?
Do so.
I am Ms. MacLean.
Glad to see you.
Your Head told me
David was there.
Indeed. It is a little panicked.
Wait. I'll get it.
David, I know him well!
He called me but I was out.
He came to the observatory
before the security measures.
No ... not David. It's a boy
that down to earth.
But of course, Pat.
David told me he had seen
a spaceship.
Come on, David.
- Stop your nonsense!
- Thou hast quite bored.
This child will not come out of here.
Who are you?
Dr. Blake.
Your son was entrusted to me.
The Chief said ...
This child is here.
It is watered
journal of science fiction!
It has more control over him.
I point
that your son has a fever.
His pulse is abnormally rapid.
It has all the symptoms of polio.
I'll do admit
to hospital.
We will follow!
If it gets better, we'll talk.
Listen to me.
Stop telling nonsense.
Got it?
We have to take him to ...
Too bad. It's too late.
Mom too!
They not panic easily!
They are nice! They did
suffer something awful!
Come, little one.
I'll take you to the hospital.
No, he did nothing.
Keltson told me about you.
You do not leave lead
by your imagination.
- You know Mr. Kelston?
- My favorite astronomer.
Come, let us go hence.
- But the Chief ...
- Tell him he's with me.
Hello, miss?
Kelston. Priority A 14.
Closed circuit. 1-2-7.
What does it mean?
We'll save my parents?
I hope, David.
General Mayberry?
It reminds me of an emergency.
The following number: WJ 738.
I thought, he will laugh.
I'm not kidding!
How do you think they came?
Probably with what David
said he saw.
A spaceship!
Maybe a flagship
in free orbit
above the atmosphere.
But he, where is it?
David, land,
what planet
is closest to ours?
But which
is closest to us
because its orbit?
In March.
At 50 million km. And we,
we turn around the sun.
More than 150 000 km / h!
Leaving our orbit,
it would be faster on Mars.
We look through a telescope?
If Mars left its orbit,
they reach us!
A 150 000 km / h
friction burn them, right?
In space, no atmosphere,
therefore no friction.
Where would a space ship?
- In the ground, I saw it!
- It's inconceivable!
This is what our forefathers
said aircraft.
We know nothing of these people ...
if they are people.
What do you mean?
Here we go.
I am deprived of the telescope.
Opportunity makes the thief.
There is not enough oxygen
on Mars and it's too cold
for men to survive.
Therefore, one theory
cities are underground.
Where people live so
in spaceships.
You do not believe it?
- I am a scientist.
- We can not prove it.
No less than otherwise.
Martians may well have been raising
synthetic beings to save themselves.
Synthetic beings?
They are called "mutants".
But what are they looking here?
With us?
Ok, an update.
A rocket? I thought
it was an atomic plant.
It is an atomic device.
The most powerful rocket
Once launched far enough
in space,
it will exist.
Shortly, there will
interplanetary stations
operating at the Atomic Energy
and remote.
If attacked, it supports a
button and you destroy the opponent.
It is because of these rockets ...
Put yourself in their place.
You are Martian.
Thanks to your mutant, you found
a way to save your race.
You have giant vessels
with enough oxygen to them.
This launches another planet
rockets that threaten
your survival zone.
You would not react?
This is unimaginable!
As was the airplane.
What does David's father?
He is an engineer at the plant.
Where they make it?
My father never wants to talk about it.
Because that's when we made
the engine of the rocket.
Why pick
Kathy Wilson?
For nothing, David.
Except that his father is Dr. Wilson.
- Physicist?
- The father of the rocket.
They burned his house.
How did they do it
set fire?
What have they done to my parents?
You know them.
- They are nice.
- I can not answer you.
But we will eventually find.
See the place
where you saw the light.
The railing!
She ran along the whole sandpit!
I had not noticed.
It disappeared!
I increase the magnification.
Tags too!
Closer, Dr. Kelston!
- The General Mayberry!
- What you called?
It controls the entire sector.
Dad wants to stop the Martians.
Dad! Oh! As Kathy!
Not his father!
They control his father
and General.
Here, Kelston. Priority A-14.
Coral 1-2-7 Bluffs.
This is urgent!
Colonel Fielding!
Call the Staff
the Pentagon. I come back.
Two other companies for the plant.
3 others in Coral Bluffs.
Two other Centre Magnesium.
Load in person ...
Else, sir?
Well, sir.
The Chief of Police.
The Chief has been gone for a while.
No way of contacting him.
We called the radio
of his car.
Blaine and Jackson have also disappeared.
I do not know where they are.
our absolute discretion.
Thank you, sir.
It was Colonel Fielding
who commands the troops.
It has launched
a search on Mac Lean,
Chief, Ms. MacLean, Blaine,
Mayberry and General Jackson.
Luckily I will not stop
The general
it gets angry easily!
Then you came.
That's it.
Thank you, David.
This is a very clear story.
Where is the little Kathy?
One who set fire to her?
She lives next door. Mr. Turner
knows where she is. It is their neighbor.
You will all join me.
The poor,
it is almost crazy.
He has something. She lost
his house and his little girl!
She died suddenly?
In seconds.
She played as usual,
and then she collapsed.
Thank you, Mr. Turner.
A moment.
What was the diagnosis of death?
Cerebral hemorrhage.
- I see. Thank you.
- Where is Rinaldi?
I think it is still
the phone.
I would like to examine
this little girl.
Embolism in a child
this is absurd.
But if his neck was the brand ...
My driver will take you there.
If you need
to cross our dams doctor
Jones will help you.
- We will be at Mac Lean.
- Thank you.
The order was sent to?
This is,
just after the barrier.
Try to be precise.
- Where over the fence?
- I do not know.
When we saw the General fall,
it was from another angle.
I'll show you.
It is quite ready like that,
You will see better.
Yes, it is there.
The bridge crossing the sandpit
as the barrier.
This is where they took Kathy.
I can take a look?
Is there a kind of trap?
If this is the case,
it is well hidden.
No, there is no trap.
We should see a crack,
However, there is nothing.
What do you think?
Do I believe
a spaceship is pressed?
In my turn, a question.
Could burrow
without exploding?
If they have a radius ...
As X-rays?
A radioactive beam
capable of drilling the ground.
We'll soon find out.
Where is he gone?
You are aware?
- Yes, but ...
- No "but". Everything is true.
Glad to see you, Roth.
This is our expert
in electronics.
Is it possible that a ship
will be buried under there?
Yes, with infrared waves
we do not know master.
These beings are not
of our planet ...
If they have infrared
as we have radio waves,
they can melt the ground
or anything.
A very destructive weapon?
Yes. And we would
no parade.
Your orders, sir?
Protect facilities
sector against any attack
and explore the basement
of the sand pit.
Where General Mayberry
has he gone?
Here, at the end of the barrier.
Take that.
Rinaldi comes close.
Rinaldi! Always
to take risks.
20 years have been for nothing.
This sound!
Give them to me.
- They got him!
- Do not go!
20 years he is with me.
They will have none other.
If it's war they want,
they will!
As soon as the other fixtures
will be there, steer-by 3 more
and keep the sector.
That no approach
by without my order.
The remaining projectors
sweep the area.
These devils
can emerge anywhere.
I said that no one should ...
This is your doctor.
Found something?
An interesting thing.
The autopsy revealed that object
that caused the embolism.
What do you think?
Looks like a crystal
attached to a part of platinum.
- Where?
- At the base of the skull.
It is this world which explodes,
to caused his death.
Mom ... Dad ...
Do not worry. They do not use it
to kill people.
A revolutionary surgery.
This small gear attached to the brain
is intended to control it.
It has experienced
on white mice ...
These Martians tlcommanderaient
those they have made?
In every detail?
And, once reached their goal,
them they would explode ...
the brain?
His parents went there.
We can reproduce it.
With this receiver
it would capture their wavelength.
And their message?
this would only pulses.
But localiserait source.
- At work, Captain.
- Yes, sir.
Hurry, out of pity.
Fielding, I listen.
Bravo ...
No, nothing else.
We just blow up the factory.
Stop! Do not move!
Do not touch him!
You, come here!
What did he?
He was fine and ...
Yes, go ahead.
Take them to the morgue.
They arrested two cops.
Both marked on the neck.
They blew up the factory.
- We killed them?
- No.
They died
as the small.
Provided they are my parents
before they commit a crime!
I do not want them to die!
- Stop or I'll shoot!
- Targets feet.
I am General Mayberry!
Damn, it's true!
We stop.
Let go of that. Hands up!
What was that?
Their suitcases were stuffed
of nitroglycerin.
To you, sir.
Fielding, I listen.
Both to shreds.
Yes, the rockets are intact.
No new instructions.
Our men ...
In principle, it comforts you.
Okay, Major Cleary.
If they have this radius,
I do not know what will our tanks.
They surround the area.
Order to place two charges
where Rinaldi disappeared.
Order to encircle the area.
Encirclement sector.
- It's here.
- Go ahead, dig.
Brainard? What has he?
There, Dr. Wilson.
I did not find you here.
We are shocked
of what happened to Kathy.
- What you say, except ...
- Thank you, Brainard.
You prefer to work?
You do not want ...
Be somewhere else?
No, thank you.
I love working at night.
We must continue.
Good night, Brainard.
No Parking!
My car has an ignition problem.
You could take a look?
I'm not mechanical,
but I will see.
Press the accelerator.
The ignition is on?
Oh ... Excuse me.
Left running.
Corporal, rush to the hospital!
There was a shelter down there.
Your lamp.
- I go there.
- This I command!
You guys, follow me.
- All right, sir?
- Yes, I think.
Go down with a rope.
It's deep.
Go ahead, go down.
What do you think?
They have a radius.
Capable of drilling and liquefied
the earth. It is phosphorescent.
Yes, the brightness down quickly.
Because the radius has disappeared.
Where did they take Rinaldi?
They had to drill a tunnel
they have blocked behind them.
There is not much more advanced
before being lowered.
You are ready to hoist ourselves?
All right, go ahead.
They moved elsewhere.
Found something?
We connected the crystal
a variable oscillator.
It has not been damaged,
we should catch waves.
These creatures could not go far.
WXBY. Here, Sergeant Funston.
I listen.
Do not quit.
Dr. Blake?
- It's me.
- This is for you.
Who is it operating?
He knows how it connects.
Call me when it's over.
His parents are on the table.
It would be better warn him.
I think so.
- Are you cold, David?
- Okay. If only ...
Want news
your parents?
Let's go for a walk.
Found your parents.
They are not like Kathy?
They are not dead.
- I can see them?
- Not yet.
Dr. Mtzler the works.
This is a good neurosurgeon.
A neurosurgeon?
It should be able to withdraw
crystal and ...
And it will not happen
what happened to Kathy!
No, everything will be fine.
I'll know when?
- The doctor is not there yet.
- Not there yet?
Patience. He just Middletown.
An hour away!
Only he can operate.
In an hour,
Martians can ...
Do not worry.
Everything will be fine.
But nobody can
identify anything!
These Martians,
we must stop them ...
Roth! Fielding!
Here! Come here!
- We stay here?
- Yes. A minute.
Let me go! Let me go!
Colonel Fielding!
Still looking.
They are here.
Nothing. They have already left.
It does a minute!
Digging other holes
will not help.
Stop! Leave me!
Here! They are here!
A charge here. do draw
the tanks of the other side.
They will believe
they are looking elsewhere.
They will perhaps enjoy.
Sergeant Rinaldi!
How's your name?
You know me!
Not you ... You!
How is your name?
Dr. Blake, you know.
What are they doing up there?
What are they doing?
Who is it?
The human race
in its higher form.
Those are his slaves,
they exist only to serve.
You will become like them.
What are they doing up there?
I do not know.
Tell her
Let's go.
Let go there!
Tell them to let go!
If you received
my parents, I ...
Hurry! Hurry up!
Colonel Fielding! Colonel!
It's the boy! Come!
What is this thing?
Blast it!
Pat! You have nothing?
They will take off!
Explosives! Whereof
do all fart until March!
Where is David?
- And Rinaldi?
- I do not know.
Give me all these tunnels
scrutinized. And hurry!
You are given the signal.
Once it's ready, it blew up.
I took him up there.
Colonel Fielding!
Look for the small and Rinaldi!
At the signal, returning at a run!
What has he?
I heard a noise.
Crawling with monkeys.
Made clear.
Remove all except Jack.
We will remember them.
Colonel warned.
How long?
It's ready.
What fixed delay does one?
6 minutes.
That's enough to go up.
We shoot!
Then block access.
A grenade!
These monkeys can no longer
touch the detonator.
Colonel Fielding!
They blocked the way out.
Should be delayed
the detonator!
We can no longer access it!
How long?
About 3 minutes.
Aim at mouth
to stop them!
The disintegrating.
There they are!
It's the boy!
Everything is going to jump.
We must get out of here.
Rinaldi! Alive!
- Take it, fast!
- Why?
The outcome is blocked.
This thing will save us.
- How many more?
- More than 2 minutes.
- We have how many?
- 90 seconds.
- It comes out at the moment.
- Stay with him.
You know you use it?
Help him.
Stand back, boys.
Right. The small, first.
Rinaldi, now.
Go! Everything is going to jump!
Hurry up!
Mom! Dad!
Are you okay?
Of course we're fine!
What happens, son,
you were scared of lightning?
No, that's not it!
You went to the hospital?
Of course not, we slept.
There is no reason to be afraid.
What's wrong?
It was horrible, I thought
that something had come.
They were green and hairy,
and the fence was gone.
What fence?
That of the sand pit.
Well, let's take a look ...
It's gone now.
Well, here we go
and we are always the same.
You dreamed my boy!
I hope so.
Sleep well, my boy ...